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Reviewed: 06/30/03 | Updated: 06/30/03

Best racing game ever

I have never liked racing games too much, but this game is just amazing. If they had actual licensed cars in it to race, then I'd probably give this game a perfect 10. But getting a 9/10 from ME is a very good score....... There is no story in this game.

Gameplay (9/10 )
Very good. It is easy to turn, and handle. The feeling of getting a burnout X10 is amazing. With over about 30 tracks and cars and races, the greatness just keeps on comin'! The difficulty comes along nicely. It gets a little bit harded every race. And you'll find yourself reraceing every course just to get the gold medals. This can all be accomplished becase the controls are very very good. NICE!

Graphics (9/10)
Fabtacular! lol. The cars look great, and the scenery is highly enjoyable. The crashes in crash mode are awesome. They have a certain look that sets them aside from graphics in regular gameplay. From the insane crashes to the great cars and scenery ( spanning from cold peeks to warm bays ) the graphics will be good every moment you play.

Sound (9/10)
Great. The cars sound terrific, and the crashes sound painfully real. The main menu has a good beat being played too. Every sound you hear will not get old for a long time. Very good, yes very good.

Replayability (9/10)
Several races, tracks to be unlocked, cars to be unlocked, and a mode called crash mode that i will never stop playing. Crash mode is so neat that everyone should at least play this game just to play that highly fabulous mode. Truse me, man, you this game won't be beaten over night. ( well maybe if you play it all 24 hours, possibly) but for casual gamers this should be long. Too others it might be short. Depends who and how good you are.

Overall (9/10)
Every feature got this score ( graphics, sound replayability, controls, and gameplay ) So that is why i give it this score........ Hey i don't care for racing games that much. Me giving this score to this genre is insane......... But this game is just that good.

Rent or Buy.
You choose. I personally would say that this game is a must buy. But there are some people that hate racing games to death. So........... At least rent awesome game. End

Final score is 9 out of 10.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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