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Reviewed: 06/26/03 | Updated: 04/10/04

Great Racing game for the gamecube

Updated Review

This is an arcade racing game in the mould of the Need for Speed or Ridge Racer series released on all platforms. When it was first released it was regarded by many as the best racing game on the Gamecube .
Game Menu Choices

At the beginning of play you choose a car from a limited selection, they are mostly souped up road cars, hence the title ''Burnout''. Once you have chosen the car you can choose mainly from the options of Championship, Single Race or Time Attack, but there is a crash mode where you can practice crashing into oncoming traffic for the largest amount of points attainable. Initially, the selection of cars that you can race with is limited because they have to be unlocked in Championship Mode. Unfortunately there is only one game difficulty level, but you do have the option to change aspect ratio to display the game on a widescreen television or in 60hz PAL mode.

The Game Structure

Burnout 2 is a circuit racing game, so you will be racing through locales such as inner city areas, beach side locations and alpine villages. As you place first through to third in each race you win a cup, and if you win gold you progress to the next race or next grand prix (series of races), although you don't necessarily have to win gold to progress in some races.

To progress in a race you have to perform well by doing a variety of driving moves like narrowly avoiding traffic or drift cornering. As your car performs well in a race, a meter fills up, until it maxes out, at which point you receive a burnout.

It is difficult to perform a burnout because of the oncoming traffic or the layout of the course, but that is the idea of the game, weaving in and out of traffic at maximum speed. If you then empty the meter after a burnout you get another burnout more quickly than normal and so on, until you are able to perform several burnouts per lap or race if you know what you are doing.


Graphically the game is good, it is a gamecube game after all, it doesn't look as good as it could because it is a playstation 2 port. Even so, it is not as good looking as Gran Turismo 3 for example. The game does run smoothly, with no hint of slowdown and maintains a consistent and fast frame rate.


It is a one or two player split screen game, and, as I have said it is fairly easy because you don't have to get gold cups to unlock all the races in Championship Mode. It could be completed in a few days, but the game isn't that easy and has plenty of replay value. Once you have completed the Championship mode there is also an unlockable Custom Championship Mode which adds a little bit more longevity into the game but not much.


The background music is just generic ''Need for Speed'' music and it does support Dolby Pro Logic 2, as most gamecube games do.


This is a great game, just don't expect an experience similar to Gran Turismo, but it is definitely more polished than the recent Need For Speed games, although Need For Speed Underground probably eclipses Burnout 2. As it is now on budget it is a good game to buy if you want a solid arcade racing title for one or two people on the Gamecube. The game won't last long, but it isn't a simulation game and it isn't meant to be. It is also a lot easier to play in comparison to F Zero and Wave Race Blue Storm.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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