Review by Darkness 000

Reviewed: 05/12/03 | Updated: 05/12/03

Driving 300km/h......CRASH!

Developer: Criterion Games

Publisher: Acclaim

Racing Fans Rejoice, Again...But this time, its time for something so incredible since Rush! Burnout 2: Point of Impact, this racing game is Freaking Sweet! The perfect racing game for any racing fans/freak! This is the ultimate in racing, Incredible power and burst of speed...You can feel the power of burning rubber in your hands....err, only if you are good racing...But who isn't?

Graphics 10/10

Well Done RenderWare! The nice environments, Streets and everything in the background. The cars are not as nicely detailed though, but that better not be a factor to stop you from playing this game...But seriously, graphics don't make a game good or bad.


like most racing games, there is no story...don't feel bad, i think a story for this game would kind of ruin it...but hey, it might be just me.

Gameplay 10/10

NOW! This is the MAIN focus for this great game. the game play is so incredible! Start driving and speed like crazy, then quickly hit a curve and you will go flying through the sky!! A Breathtaking Moment!! Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that the crash mode in this game is very similar to Burnout, but this time, its shorter, another cheer to Criterion Games. Drifting in this game is so fun, you'll be doing to so many times!! Okay, ill go into the main points, there are 2 championship modes, a Crash mode, A pursuit mode, and Chase Mode( something like that, i forget at the moment). You do these mini missions in your championship races and unlock them for your own pleasuring time. You unlock many cars, but no upgrading...sad for me. Also there is a turbo meter, you need these meter filled to do a BOOST, The sweetest thing in this game! Speeding is so crazy, especially dodging cars!

Music 6/10

Sadly, i only like 2 songs in this game. Even though there are such few good songs, he 2 songs i like make up for all the music in this game. Its so catchy, you'll hum along, especially while speeding, drifting in your favorite level and favorite music.


You have to buy this fast/crazy racing game. Its the best racing game at the moment IMO. But if you don't buy it, for what ever reason (no money, sort of hate racing games, buy only 1st Party games) you at least have to rent it!!! GREAT!!!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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