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Reviewed: 10/26/09

Other than the new crash mode, there's really nothing that sets Burnout 2 apart from the original...

The original Burnout for the PS2 and GameCube was a great game on its own. In fact, it was one of the best racing games for its time. With spectacular crashes and heart-pounding races, it's no wonder why I still bought that game after I had bought Burnout 2. The game was so fun, that the two game producers Acclaim and Criterion decided to make a sequel. They succeded, but other than the new crash mode, there's really nothing that sets Burnout 2 apart from the original...

Gameplay 7/10 - The game of Burnout 2 (B2) is simple. Choose your car, your track, and race for the win. Along the way, you earn boost for driving dangerously, but not to the point where you wreck your car and crash. Once you fill up your boost meter with all of these stunts, you are able to use the boost for some extra speed. However, it's extremely easy to attain all of this boost once you get the hang of the entire driving game. You can chain up all of these boost combos, and usually get almost 13 consecutive "Boost OK" messages per race.

Another big thing in B2 are the crashes. Anytime you hit one of the numerous traffic cars throughout the race, you will crash. The camera will pan back, and you'll get to watch your beautiful sports car tumble down the freeway, collecting almost everything in it's path. However, the point of the game IS NOT to crash, which confused a few people when they first tried the series.

Then Criterion and Acclaim decided to make crashing a whole new game mode. In the GC version, there are 30 places where you can crash your car in this mode. The entire layout is simple. Drive your car down into a heavily populated area and crash into a car. You'll see a long crash scene, followed by your "Score". The whole concept seems entertaining at first, yet it dies out quickly after you play every "Junction" once or twice.

The main mode of the game is championship, which takes about 10 hours to complete. It basically involves racing a bunch of tournaments and other types of races such as Pursuit and Face-Off (I'll explain later). You race the same tracks over and over again, unlocking new and faster cars untill you get to the end of the championship. Then you do it all over again in the newly unlocked Custom Series Cars (Tuner Versions of the Regular Cars). After a while, the two Championship modes get extremely repetitive, and you'll be glad that it's a very short ride.

The two other modes, "Pursuit" and "Face-Off" have you driving a cop car ramming into cars to stop them, and facing a new car to try and unlock it. Both modes are unlockable for single player and multiplayer, yet they also die out quickly.

Graphics 10/10 - The graphics in this game are great. From the body parts flying off the car in crashes, to the motion blur, to the reflections on the cars.....everything here is great!

Sound 8/10 - There's nothing more than a few catchy non-lyrical tunes here, and they fit nicley. However, some lisenced music would be nice. Tires screeching and a few random traffic noises round out the sound.

Overall 7.7/10.0 - The game is very short and the unlockables can be received in the same amount of time, however the gameplay is a lot of fun with two people that can play the game well. The crash mode is worth a look, but won't hold your interest for long. The multiplayer is okay, but is pretty dull, and there's nothing really there to make it fun or interesting....

Rent Or Buy RENT - This game is great for a weekend geek-out with your buddies, but not much else. It's short and is extremely easy once you get the hang of it. Rent this one and save the extra $20 on another game...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Burnout 2: Point of Impact (US, 04/09/03)

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