Design & ScriptingGuy Miller
Design & ScriptingSimon Phipps
EES Art TeamSteve Bamford
EES Art TeamAmanda Barlow
EES Art TeamMatt Dixon
EES Art TeamPhil Dobson
EES Art TeamMatt Farrell
EES Art TeamOwen Flanagan
EES Art TeamDesmonde Forde
EES Art TeamSteve Gratton
EES Art TeamPhil Hanks
EES Art TeamDrew Kerins
EES Art TeamJustin Lawless
EES Art TeamMike Lindsay
EES Art TeamDavid Navarro
EES Art TeamHenk Nieborg
EES Art TeamTony Palermo
EES Art TeamJon Parr
EES Art TeamPhil Plunkett
EES Art TeamMark Povey
EES Art TeamClive Stevenson
EES Audio TeamNeil Baldwin
EES Audio TeamSteve Camber
EES Audio TeamGuy Cockcroft
EES Production TeamPhil Bennett
EES Production TeamSuzanne Watson
EES Production TeamJon Williams
EES Programming TeamKris Adcock
EES Programming TeamChristopher Allen
EES Programming TeamSteve Bak
EES Programming TeamNarinder Singh Basran
EES Programming TeamStuart Johnson
EES Programming TeamDave Pridmore
EES Programming TeamDaniel Secker
EES Programming TeamJohn Stephens
EES Programming TeamMark Topley
EES Programming TeamJulian Walshaw-Vaughn
EES Programming TeamAndy Ware
EES Quality Assurance TeamAidan Ansdell
EES Quality Assurance TeamStuart Bee
EES Quality Assurance TeamPeter Brozyna
EES Quality Assurance TeamNeil Bushnell
EES Quality Assurance TeamAndy Dilks
EES Quality Assurance TeamJake Gumbleton
EES Quality Assurance TeamBen Kirkman Halford
EES Quality Assurance TeamOliver Madden
EES Quality Assurance TeamNoel Murphy
EES Quality Assurance TeamRichard Nicholls
EES Quality Assurance TeamChris Pilkington
EES Quality Assurance TeamMichael Robinson
EES Quality Assurance TeamAnthony Salway
EES Quality Assurance TeamLouise Sargison
EES Tool ProgrammerDiego Garcia
EES Tool ProgrammerChris Jordan
EES Tool ProgrammerKevin Marks
EES Tool ProgrammerAndy Mitchell
EES Tool ProgrammerRichard Parkin
EES Tool ProgrammerBob Smith
Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Sr. Product ManagerDavid Lee
MusicLondon Philharmonia
MusicJeremy Soule
Senior ProducerStuart Whyte
Voice of Harry PotterTom Attenborough
Voice of Hermoine GrangerJane Avis
Voice of Narrarator (UK)Stephen Fry
Voice of Narrarator (US)Jim Dale
Voice of Ron WeasleyBen Avis
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Production TeamLouise McTighe
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Production TeamBrett Skogen

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