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Reviewed: 01/03/03 | Updated: 01/03/03

Nice singeplayer-experience, but multiplayer...

My only other FPS I have on GameCube is TimeSplitters II. I was extremely disappointed with the SingePlayer in this game. My friend came over to my house and he just bought Medal of Honor Frontline. He convinced me to buy it.

Graphics: 7
Nothing really special here, I've seen about 3 different enemies in total. The landscape's are pretty well done, but framerate drops occur (they wont really bother you, however). Nice thing, you can look far, very far in the level. There's a huge variety of levels too. Weapons models are well done.
However, I've encountered LOTS of glitches (Enemy falling trough floor, and floating in the middle of the air) but they don't affect the gameplay.

Sound: 10
Yes, this rules. The music's extremely well done, and you'll never get sick of them. The sound effect are even better if possible, it really gives you the feeling you're out there, on the battlefield. The game supports Dolby Surround, so when you're equipped with it, you'll hear the bullets flying from left to right.
Impressive. Very impressive.

Singleplayer (Gameplay): 7
It's a good FPS, not one of the best, but a good one. You have a large variety of weapons, missions and levels. You start off on the beach of Normandy, and later on you're on a train, a house, docks, a submarine... Enemies are lacking intellegence though. EA sure should've worked a bit on the AI. Enemies moonwalk against walls, and on easy, they just throw granates up toward themselves. But, this game sure fills your time. Especially in the later levels you'll wanna do some practice. You can't save in a a level (only after one), neither there are checkpoints. The levels are huge and when you die just before the end, you must start all over again, this is very irritating, believe me.

Value: 6
Well, the only thing you can do is get a gold medal on every level, next to that, there isn't much to do. You want to play the levels again, but you'll get sick of them eventually. You do get 3 difficulties, but still, you'll get sick of the levels. Nothing to unlock, poor.
You have ''Passwords'' (simply cheats) found on the internet/magazines which lengthen the gameplay a bit (Invisible enemies, ...) but ehy're not very special either.
Once finished, it'll take you some time to convince yourself te re-play it.

Multiplayer: 5
This has been added to this port as an extra, pretty cool.
But still, it sucks. You have various weapon sets to select form and cool levels which are well-designed (a bit overdetailed though). There are no bots (HUGE mistake EA), and you can play with max 4 players. Free for all or team.

The levels are large, too large. Half of the time we were just searching for eachother, this can't be right, no?
The levels are packed with Health Packs, so you wont die with ease. There isn't much strategy here too, you just rage through the levels, and when you encounter someone, blast him. Don't count on sniping people here. You can't set a handicap, so be good, or die. Bummer.
This needed more time and bots, EA, bots!

It's definitly a good singleplayer game, I missed the WW II element a bit, but you're sure going to have fun with it.
You're going to rent this first (or play it with a friend) since buying would be a bit disappointing to some people. The level-design is extremely well done, but the lack of good multiplayer and smart enemies may scare some people.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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