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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 03/12/07 AlienBabalien
An above average game 02/23/03 andrew10388
Medal of Honor: Frontline- A good WW2 game for all systems 02/13/03 blackdemon013
A good FPS, but there are much better ones out there 12/15/02 Bombspy
Not as good as I expected 02/11/03 buggyman
Nice singeplayer-experience, but multiplayer... 01/03/03 CellsOfJENOVA
Some Good Parts, But I Couldn't Finish It 05/18/09 dwashbur
This a great game and I have had it since I was 9 10/01/07 fudpucker24
Decent. I'd rather be playing Timesplitters 2 though. 07/26/03 IAX
Do I smell a Nazi? 06/27/03 IheartCheese
The name is Patterson, Jimmy Patterson 12/10/02 ItsJiv
One Of The Best War Games Out There! 03/03/05 jeffjsm7
This game is awesome! 04/17/03 JimmyPatterson
Know this was a great game! 02/27/03 jtk8649
A great WW2 FPS for your Gamecube. 03/11/03 Link 7
WWII FPS are awesome. 02/08/03 Maxx
Sir! You might want to get your head out of the wall 03/24/03 Mike888
They should have left this another two years then it might have been a good game. 12/11/02 NeoGeo
The feeling of life...... the feeling of war..... 04/24/03 NoAnswer
Pretty good...but a few flaws that get irritating. 07/31/03 PoopyMcPoopster
Medal of Honor continues to be the best WWII FPS out there 07/22/03 Ravier
The Best WWII game i've ever played 03/10/03 rogueman2
Still a classic game... 04/14/03 Scottie theNerd
Mixed feelings. 12/22/02 Talon 1
World War 2....Cubed 02/10/03 TheSpaniard
A Fun World War II Game 11/30/02 Vaughn
A Good WWll Game 03/12/03 Whomper107

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