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Reviewed: 04/07/08

My tales of my favourite game ever. (Yeah, it's a review.)

Well, to be quite honest, I've never played any other tales games, but I thought I would have a look at this one, as it somehow managed to catch my eye. I didn't know what to expect when I first started playing the game, but I went along with it, expecting it to be like any other RPG. As you can tell by the score I've given this game, I was pleasantly surprised.

Fighting: 10/10 - An unmissable experience.

I was immediately impressed by the real time battling style, of which was completely new to me, but still easy enough to grasp. The fights could be made as simple or as complicated as I liked, with the option of controlling most of the battle's many aspects. The detail shown in fights is excellent, with the graphics remaining as good as they are in all parts of the game, and also without any lag at all. The different characters' weapons are also enjoyable to see in action, and it's interesting figuring the many ways you can make them work together. To add to this, the game is brilliantly balanced with both the physical melee type battling characters and also incredibly beautiful spells and techniques, together making an experience unlike many others. With up to four characters battling on you team at all times, there is so much going on, that the game just never gets boring, and you just want to be playing over and over again.

Music: 9/10 - Just right.

Of course, there are no musical masterpieces within this game as you would expect, however, the music is always in sync with the game, and never gets annoying, however many times you hear it, which is a relief, because it's a lot harder to enjoy a game once you've had to turn the sound off after discovering that the music is making your ears bleed. With the various different themes and emotions of the storyline throughout the game, the music is rather tested to keep up, and of course, it is essential that the music is just right, or it ruins the mood; of course, this challenge is conquered with ease.

Storyline: 10/10 - Utter brilliance.

The storyline is simply amazing, with a great main plot, and some amazing twists. For once, you can go through the story line, not always knowing what will happen next. Of course, some things are obvious, but you wouldn't want to be completely clueless about where you're going. The story fully supported from start to end, with clear links between the two. If you pay careful attention, and try to remember little details, or play the game a second time around, you will definitely pick out the tiniest of links, and the splendid uses of dramatic irony and build-up. There are also a large variety of sub-events throughout, all of which are linked to the main story line, and may even make you see some events in the game in new ways as you discover more about the vibrant backgrounds of the various characters.The story is definitely one that entices you to just keep on playing, with various cliff hangers through out. It will both amuse you, and emotionally suck you in, with a wonderfully executed balance of ridiculous cliches and silly jokes, with an insightful and heart-warming storyline.

Replay value: 10/10 - Incredibly addictive.

Not only does this allusive and mysterious storyline just make you want to do the whole thing again, but you're given even more reason to play the game again once you've finished and you find out, that after all this time, you've been playing for some pretty cool prizes as well. Throughout the game, you collect "Grade", and once you finish, you find out you can spend it on some rather nice cheats, and start the game over again with them. These include inheriting money from your previous game, inheriting skills and game stats, and my favorite of all, 10x experience (I'm almost certain that's everyone's favorite). On top of that, the game cannot be fully completed unless you start new files to get the last few details such as completing a monster list, due to the fact that the game as alternate paths and endings, which are always fun.

Graphics: 8/10 - Lovely.

For the most part of the game, the graphics are quite nice, with a lot of fine detail, and pretty colors and such. Also, occasionally, you'll come across a rather special anime cut scene, which will just leave you breathless. Of course, at times, the graphics are a little sloppy. For example, explosions (not in fights) just look dreadful. It's a shame that such scenes weren't also done in anime, but instead, just look like a complete mess. Overall though, the graphics are really nice, in and out of battles, with vast amounts of detailed landscapes, objects and characters throughout.

Overall: 10/10

Well, to be honest, this really is my favorite RPG of all time, and the fact that it's on gamecube just makes it even better for me. I could, and have played this game over and over again, and am still playing it now, after owning the game for somewhere between 2-3 years. Of course, most of the people bothering to read this review (which I doubt is very many anyway) will own this game, but if you don't, then please do, because otherwise, you really will be missing out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Tales of Symphonia (EU, 11/19/04)

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