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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Kratos15354

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Kratos15354

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 08/07/2015
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Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Introduction/Why Should I and How Do I Use This FAQ?
  3. PS3 Version Additions/Changes
  4. Glossary of Terms
  5. FAQs
  6. Walkthrough
    1. Iselia, the Village of Oracles
    2. Martel Temple
    3. Iselia Forest
    4. Dirk's House
    5. Triet, the Desert Oasis
    6. Sylvarant Base
    7. Triet Ruins, the Seal of Fire
    8. Ossa Trail
    9. The Road Not Taken
    10. Izoold, the Small Fishing Port
    11. Palmacosta, the Port City
    12. Thoda Geyser, the Seal of Water
    13. Palmacosta Ranch
    14. Asgard, the City of Ruins
    15. Luin, the City of Hope
    16. Balacruf Mausoleum, the Seal of Wind
    17. Luin Revisited
    18. Asgard Human Ranch
    19. Hima, the Village of Adventurers
    20. Asgard Human Ranch, part II
    21. Tower of Mana, the Seal of Light
    22. Lake Umacy
    23. Tower of Salvation
    24. Sylvarant Base Part II
    25. Fooji Mountains
    26. Meltokio, the Imperial City
    27. Sybak, the University Town
    28. Meltokio Sewers
    29. Odds and ends in Meltokio and Sybak
    30. Gaoracchia Forest
    31. Mizuho, the Mystical Village
    32. Ozette, the Quiescent Village
    33. Altessa's House
    34. Toize Valley Mine
    35. Ozette yet again
    36. Temple of Lightning
    37. Tethe'alla Base
    38. Temple of Earth
    39. Flanoir, the Snowy City
    40. Temple of Ice
    41. Altamira, the Seaside Paradise
    42. Return to Sylvarant
    43. Remote Island Human Ranch
    44. More Spirits than You Can Shake a Stick At
    45. Temple of Darkness
    46. The hunt for Aska
    47. Iselia Human Ranch
    48. The return to Iselia
    49. The return to Meltokio
    50. The quest for Zircon
    51. The infernal forest, Ymir Forest
    52. The hidden elven village, Heimdall
    53. Latheon Gorge
    54. Southeast Abbey
    55. Tower of Salvation Again
    56. Welgaia, the Holy City
    57. Escaping Welgaia
    58. Altessa's house and what happened there
    59. Tower of Salvation one last time
    60. Torent Forest
    61. Daddy's Gift
    62. Derris Kharlan
    63. Return to Welgaia
    64. Vinheim
    65. The Grade Shop and starting a new game
  7. General Hints and Tips
  8. Sidequests
    1. Colette the dog lover
    2. The Sword Dancer
    3. Emo Bubble
    4. Colette, the turbo waitress
    5. Genis the genius
    6. The Spiritua Statue
    7. Orienteering
    8. The restoration of Luin
    9. Indiana Sheena and the Temples of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla
    10. Red Light, Green Light
    11. Presea's childhood friends
    12. Zelos the Gigolo
    13. The Secret Notebook
    14. The Pink Pearl Ring
    15. The Devil's Arms
    16. Katz Village skit theatre
    17. The Assassin's Ring
    18. Clara's final appearance
    19. Uncle
    20. The Casino
    21. Genis's new friend
    22. Raine and Genis's mother
    23. Princess in distress
    24. The Coliseum
    25. Beach blanket blowout
    26. The dinner party
    27. A long delayed delivery
    28. A job for Colette
    29. Genis the furry
    30. Professor Raine's fanclub
    31. Sheena's Duel
    32. Return of the chief
    33. Corrine's comeback
    34. Zorro, eat your heart out
    35. Behold the Klonoa!
    36. Regal to the rescue
    37. New PS3 Costumes
    38. Cooking titles and the last of the recipes
    39. The Hotspring
    40. Little boy lost
    41. Genis's last spell
    42. The truth about Noishe
    43. Maxwell
    44. The Gaia Cleaver
    45. Master Levin's lesson
    46. Niflheim, the Underworld
  9. Titles - Stat Boosts
    1. Lloyd's Title Stats
    2. Colette's Title Stats
    3. Genis's Title Stats
    4. Kratos's Title Stats
    5. Raine's Title Stats
    6. Sheena's Title Stats
    7. Zelos's Title Stats
    8. Presea's Title Stats
    9. Regal's Title Stats
  10. Acquisition of Titles
    1. Getting Lloyd's Titles
    2. Getting Colette's Titles
    3. Getting Genis's Titles
    4. Getting Kratos's Titles
    5. Getting Raine's Titles
    6. Getting Sheena's Titles
    7. Getting Zelos's Titles
    8. Getting Presea's Titles
    9. Getting Regal's Titles
  11. Cooking and Recipes
  12. Techs
    1. Lloyd's Techs
    2. Colette's Techs
    3. Genis's Techs
    4. Raine's Techs
    5. Sheena's Techs
    6. Kratos/Zelos's Techs
    7. Presea's Techs
    8. Regal's Techs
  13. EX Skills and Compound EX Skills
    1. Lloyd
    2. Colette
    3. Genis
    4. Kratos/Zelos
    5. Raine
    6. Sheena
    7. Presea
    8. Regal
  14. Completion stuffs
    1. Collector's Book
    2. Monster List
    3. Figurine Book
  15. Beneficial Glitches
    1. The tech glitch
    2. Easy Gigolo glitch
    3. Infinite Combo
    4. Infinite Guardian
    5. Easy Red Light, Green Light
  16. Credits

Walkthrough (Continued)

The Grade Shop and starting a new game

When you load the save you made after the credits, you will be taken to the Grade Shop before starting a new game. The grade you have to spend in the Grade Shop looks something like this:

  Total grade at the end of the playthrough
+ 1000 grade for beating the game
+ Any grade you spent in the Grade Shop(only applies if you went to the Grade
    Shop before you started the game you just now beat)

You can buy:

EX Skills (400 grade) - Characters start out with the EX Gems, skills, and compound skills they had at the end of the game.

EX Gems (600 grade) - All EX Gems in your possession that are not equipped will transfer directly to your inventory, including the EX Gem MAX Mithos drops and may have had stolen from him, too.

Affection (10 grade) - Carry over character affection levels.

Increase Tension (100 grade) - Both you and certain enemies enter overlimit more often.

Playtime (10 grade) - Instead of the new game starting with zero hours, it starts with the amount of time spent on the previous playthrough(this stacks across multiple playthroughs).

Memory Circles (20 grade) - All sealed memory circles that were unlocked this game will remain unlocked in the new game so you don't have to find the Memory Gems.

30 Items (500 grade) - Allows you to carry up to 30 of an item instead of 20.

Gald (1000 grade) - You start out with the amount of gald you had at the end of the previous playthrough.

Recipes (50 grade) - You start with the same recipes you had at the end of the previous playthrough. The Wonder Chef will not be there to teach you these recipes again, but you can still get the recipes you may have missed.

Cooking Ability (50 grade) - Keep each character's cooking ability.

Titles (1000 grade) - Keep all titles that you had at the end of the previous playthrough. Characters start out with the title they had at the end of the game and any levels they gain before they join you get the benefit of having that title equipped. This is the only way to get all of the beach and formal costumes at once.

Figurines (10 grade) - Keep Figurine Book data.

Monster List (10 grade) - Keep Monster List data. Required to get all the entries.

Collector's Book (10 grade) - Keep Collector's Book data. Required to get all the entries.

World Map (10 grade) - Keep all map data. Cities show up as red dots on the map before you visit them for the first time, shop inventories and long range mode carry over, too.

Mini Game (10 grade) - Your records from various mini-games are kept.

Battle Data (10 grade) - Your highest combo, encounters, and each character's kill count carry over. Very useful for making the Devil's Arms stronger.

Techs (1000 grade) - Every character starts with the techs s/he knew at the end of the previous playthrough.

Tech Usage (25 grade) - The usage counter for each tech is carried over, even if you don't currently know the tech or buy the Techs option.

Max HP (250 grade) - Characters start out with 500 more max HP than normal. Cannot be bought with Min HP.

Min HP (10 grade) - Characters start the game with less max HP than normal. Cannot be bought with Max HP.

Combo Experience (50 grade) - Earned experience is set to 1, but the combo bonus is multiplied by 10. You must get a 10 hit combo to get normal experience, A 20 hit combo will get you double experience, 30 is triple, etc. Cannot be bought with other experience multipliers.

1/2 Experience (10 grade) - Earned experience is cut in half. Cannot be bought with other experience multipliers.

2x Experience (1000 grade) - Earned experience is doubled. Cannot be bought with other experience multipliers.

10x Experience (3000 grade) - Earned experience is multiplied by ten. Cannot be bought with other experience multipliers.

Grade (100 grade) - Doubles the maximum amount of grade you can gain or lose in a battle and doubles the actual amount you gain or lose. Highly recommended.

PS3 Version

If you did not unlock the Tales of the Abyss/Graces/Vesperia/Xillia costumes already, they will unlock when you start a New Game+.

General Hints and Tips

  1. Block, block, block! I cannot stress enough the importance of blocking. If you don't know what an enemy's doing, block. If an enemy makes a sudden movement, block. Your reflex should be to block, not attack.
  2. Stop enemies from casting magic whenever possible. Most of the time when an enemy starts casting, one of you buddies will mention it. If it's just a regular monster, drop what you're doing and attack it to interrupt it. There's nothing more annoying than having a combo interrupted by an enemy spell. Most bosses can't be interrupted in one or two hits, so it's often better to get back and prepare to either dodge or use a guard tech.
  3. Using attack attributes to your advantage is a great strategy to employ against bosses who have elemental weaknesses, but it can just as easily backfire on you if an enemy is resistant to your attack attribute. Never assume anything in regards to what will be effective against an enemy since there is not always a predictable pattern. When in doubt, use a Magic Lens to check.
  4. Always keep some accessories or pieces of armor that give you elemental defense, even if it has a low defense stat. Magic damage is not affected by defense, but if you're resistant to an element, you'll only take half damage from it. This is especially useful against enemies that have attack attributes since it will cut damage in half. Sure, you could equip something with higher defense, but would you rather reduce damage by maybe 10 per hit, or reduce it by 50% per hit? Check elemental resistances of equipment by highliting it and pressing Start to display stats.
  5. Cure poison, deadly poison, petrify, and curse ASAP. Those four status ailments really interfere with the flow of battle. The other ailments are annoying, but not critical to remove. It is often better to save Panacea Bottles for Raine if she gets cursed or petrified, but using one to cure poison and deadly poison can be better in the long run, especially if Raine is currently casting a healing spell.
  6. Never get so focused on one enemy that you don't know what the others are doing. While you're busy kicking one enemies butt on one end of the field, another enemy could very well be doing the same thing to your pals. It's nice to think you can depend on AI melee fighters to keep your spell casters safe, but don't. Work as a team to keep all enemies away from your back line.
  7. When you know a boss fight is coming, heal your battle party before entering battle. If Raine isn't going to be in the battle, have her use First Aid or a higher healing spell. If Kratos/Zelos isn't going to fight, have him use First Aid or another healing spell. The same goes for Regal. If you're going to use all of them, use gels. It's much easier to use a bunch of gels outside of battle than in battle.
  8. Try to keep multi-tech combos short. The higher the hit number in a combo, the less damage it does. Using high hit combos can be effective for keeping enemies out of action for a longer time, but it burns through TP very quickly.
  9. If you're trying to avoid enemies in a dungeon, you can sometimes use the Sorcerer's Ring to shoot enemies and stun them for about five seconds. Only some functions will stun enemies. Sheena's Personal EX Skill also aids in avoiding battles in dungeons. The higher her luck stat, the more often it takes effect. On the overworld, use Holy Bottles and/or long range mode if you have it activated. While in long range mode, it can be hard to see the small blobs if they materialize directly in front of you. It's also hard to avoid them in narrow places, like on bridges.

Colette the dog lover

Colette can get the title Dog Lover if she names all the dogs in both worlds. To do this, make Colette your on screen character and talk to the dog. Now you just need to find them. I got the title while making this list, so it is comlete.

Iselia House of Salvation

  1. Kitty: south of the building wandering around


  1. Cammy: next to the oasis on the second screen


  1. Pookie: next to the inn


  1. Teddy: between the fish market and boats
  2. Pepe: wandering around in front of the government building and church

Palmacosta House of Salvation

  1. Caramel: on the left side of the building

Thoda Dock

  1. Binky: in front of the building or on the dock

Thoda Geyser

  1. Bob: on the left side next to the fence

Asgard House of Salvation

  1. Monmon: on the northern end, lower elevation


  1. Hal: next to the item store
  2. Murry: on the far east side of town, lowest level


  1. Lucky: by the weapon shop after step four of the restoration


  1. Boo: in front of the inn
  2. Rocky: next to the cemetary

Balacruf Mausoleum

  1. Pepe: Pepe is already named, but he needs some love, too


  1. Chibi: in the slums on an upper level. Look for hidden stairs to go up
  2. Pudding: in the upper class area east of the castle on the far end


  1. Chappy: just north of the inn
  2. Turbie: in front of the acadamy next to the water


  1. Tiggy: next to the item shop


  1. Kalcy: near the center of town
  2. Sammy: in the highest part of town, next to the food shop


  1. Poochi: wandering around in front of the inn
  2. Penny: next to the food cart on the same screen as the doctor's office


  1. Lulu: past the hotel, next to the path to the memorial


  1. Kenny: next to the front steps of the casino. Take the elemental railway to the casino


  1. Simon: near some buildings on the right side of town
  2. Chuchu: next to a building on the left side of town


  1. Bunz: next to the pond in front of Raine and Genis's house


  1. Coco: next to the inn. Go under the bottom corner of the inn to get to him
  2. Cookie: behind a building on the second screen. Go under the elder's house and along the path to find him/her

The Sword Dancer

The Sword Dancer is a very strong opponent who you have the option of fighting on three separate occasions in different locations.

- The first place you can fight him is in the cave on Ossa Trail.

BOSS: Sword Dancer 1

  • HP: 8,888
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: light
  • Resistance: none

The SD is very formidable at close quarters and will annihilate your spellcasters if you let him reach them. Use a melee fighter to hold him back before he advances too far. Rather than risk getting sliced to pieces by his four swords, just stand there and block while the others cast spells. Colette using Angel Feathers and Raine using Photon work wonders, while you can have Kratos keep your HP up with First Aid. When a spell hits him and he staggers, you could start a combo of your own, but it's risky to do so unless he staggers.

If you do not defeat him before talking to a man in Hima about riding his dragons to the Tower of Salvation, he will disappear, meaning you cannot fight him any of the other times. When you defeat him, he will drop the Yata Mirror, an accessory that recovers 1% of your max HP/TP every 7 seconds in battle.

- The second place is Gaoracchia Forest. On the screen above the memory circle, take the first path to the left when entering from the bottom. He will only be here if you defeated him the first time and are not missing Raine or Genis from your party. He also doesn't appear the first time you visit this screen, for some reason.

BOSS: Sword Dancer 2

  • HP: 33,333
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: light
  • Resistance: none

The SD is back, bigger and better than before. This time he will cast intermediate spells on you, like Flame Lance, Spark Wave, and Grave in addition to using his swords, but now he can chain together some of his attacks, making guarding even more critical. With the same weakness to light, Photon, Ray, Holy Lance, Angel Feathers, and Judgment work very well against him.

He will disappear after you make the pact with Luna if you do not defeat him before hand. He will give you the Yasakani Jewel when you beat him, which prevents physical status effects.

- The third place is Iselia Forest next to the exit near Dirk's House. Once you have the Mana Fragment and Colette and Raine are in the party, you can fight him.

BOSS: Sword Dancer 3

  • HP: 99,999
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: light
  • Resistance: none

Now that he's regained what he lost, he means business. He will use advanced magic on you now, such as Indignation and Ground Dasher. He also gains a terrifying new sword technique called Death Spiral, where he spins his arms around several times, causing severe damage, and knocking you down. This attack will easily kill you even at 2/3 HP. Continue exploiting his weakness to light by using Photon, Ray, Holy Lance, Angel Feathers, Judgment and Prism Sword. You can further exploit it now by equipping Topaz to your melee fighter, giving him/her an attack attribute of light.

When he is utterly defeated, he leaves behind the Kusanagi Blade, Lloyd's best weapon for the Slash stat.

Emo Bubble

The katz on the dock in Izoold will ask to play a game with Genis. He will display an emotion bubble or some other expression, then you have to show the same. Before the round starts, remember as many of the buttons as you can.

Win easy mode for 5 Apple Gels, medium for 5 Life Bottles, and hard for 5 Lemon Gels.

Colette, the turbo waitress

In Palmacosta, you can go to the Acadamy, then the room at the end of the first floor corridor. Talk to the cook in the back and he'll ask Colette if she wants to do some waitress work. Accept to start. Some tips for this are jot orders and quantities down, then watch where the customer goes to sit down. If you don't have enough of the right food, go back to where the cook was and you can order more. At the end of three rounds, I think, Colette will get the title Turbo Waitress and some gald.

Genis the genius

In Palmacosta, enter the acadamy. Some students will challenge Genis to a quiz. Accept and go upstairs into the first or second room to start practicing for the quiz. You are asked three questions and choose one of three answers for each of them. In the exam, everybody participates. If you wait to do this until after you have been to Tethe'alla, you can see their test scores, too. Genis's score is based on how many questions you answered correctly during the practice, but he will get the title Honor Roll regardless.

The Spiritua Statue

After meeting Governor General Dorr in the government building of Palmacosta and giving a Palma Potion to the other group, go to the church in Palmacosta and talk to the priest. Go speak to Koton at Hakonesia Peak and Colette will notice the scripture he has. Koton will let you look at it if you bring him the Spiritua Statue from the House of Salvation to the south. After chasing Magnius out of Palmacosta, head to the House of Salvation and talk to the priests here. They will tell you that the statue is at Thoda Geyser. Go to Thoda Geyser when Genis knows Icicle (level 11) and approach the bridge to the seal of water. Follow Genis's directions to get the statue. Bring it back to Koton before going to the Tower of Salvation. If you do not give it to Koton before going to the Tower of Salvation, you can't give it to him later and can't get the Golden Armor from him at the end of the game.


After getting the Pass, return to Palmacosta. On the south side of the plaza is a guard. Talk to him and he will ask you if you want to play a round of orienteering. What you have to do is find three places based on clues you are given. There are 16 total clues and which one you get next is random. There is no reward for this game, but it is fun until you know the answer to each hint right away.

PS3 Version

Actually, they added a title for Lloyd, Palmacosta Pro, if you can complete it in under one minute. This is rather tough, even if you get lucky and get three nearby clues.

The restoration of Luin

After you heal Pietro from his curse, he will vow to rebuild Luin. Talk to him twice in the upper room of the Hima inn and he will go to Luin, where he will accept donations of gald from you. Follow this suggested donation list to completely rebuild Luin while paying a minimum amount of gald in the process. It takes 455,500 gald to completely rebuild the town.


  1. 5,000 - Pietro says thank you
  2. 12,000 - Three people turn up
  3. 21,500 - Town is renamed the City of Rebirth, one more person
  4. 15,000 - Dog, Lucky, appears
  5. 20,000 - One more woman appears
  6. 25,000 - Two more people
  7. 35,000 - Music changes, many new people, item shop re-opens. The following donations can only be made after you have been to Tethe'alla:
  8. 40,000 - More people
  9. 45,000 - Katz Exploration Team returns, inn opens
  10. 50,000 - Weapon shop opens again, restored to former state
  11. 75,000 - Flagged streets, new weapons
  12. 100,000 - Covered bridges
  13. 5,000 - Sheena statue by weapon shop
  14. 5,000 - Lloyd statue in the fountain
  15. 5,000 - Raine statue by the item shop

If you donate more than the amount listed for the step you are on, the extra gald goes to waste. If you donate less than the suggested amount, the next donation will get added to the previous until you reach the suggested amount. After step 11, the weapon shop gets new merchandise that is very strong. Getting these weapons early on can be a great help, but each weapon costs 40,000 gald. If you need an easy way to get gald, fight the Dragon in the earth temple, who drops 10,000 gald each time. To increase this, equip a Sephira or Blue Sephira to somebody.

Indiana Sheena and the Temples of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla

If you can manage to open all of the treasure chests in dungeons in both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, Sheena can get a nice title called Treasure Hunter. I got this title while compiling the walkthrough, so my lists of treasures to find should be accurate. Once you've opened the final chest, go to Katz Village, which is on an island in the northwest corner of Sylvarant. With Sheena as the onscreen character, talk to the katz that is sleeping at the inn. He will tell you a percentage, which is the percent of chests you've opened. If you get 100.0%, he'll give you the title. You do not need to open any of the chests on the overworld. In order to get credit for opening the chest, you must receive the item inside it. If you have too many and can't carry any more, either use one or toss it away in the menu, then open the chest again.

Red Light, Green Light

On the Tethe'alla Bridge's second screen is a blue katz. He will only appear if you enter the screen from the Meltokio side. Talk to him and he will invite you to play the game with him. The rules are simple enough, but the game is far from it. Press A to make Genis advance one step. Use L and R to steer Genis left or right as he moves forward. If you run into someone else, they will move back a step. This is tricky to do, though, and quite often happens to you. When the katz turns around, you must stop moving. If you're caught moving, you'll have to go back to the starting line. Cross the finish line in front of the katz to win the round. There are three in all. If you manage to win all three, Genis gets the Strategist title. If you win after viewing the final scene before the warp to the last boss, Genis will get the One World, his strongest weapon.

If you're having trouble beating the little devils, there is a glitch you can use to put them in their place, which is outlined here: Easy Red Light, Green Light.

PS3 Version

As with many ports and remakes, they have fixed this glitch for the PS3. Too bad :(

Presea's childhood friends

After making a new keycrest for Presea, return to Meltokio. In front of the castle, turn right. Enter the house on the far east end and talk to the girl. Ask Presea for more information about it, then go to Sybak. In front of the acadamy is a man. Speak to him and get Presea to talk more about it on the way out. Go back to Meltokio and talk to the same girl again. Not much to it, but it gives you more insight into Presea.

Zelos the Gigolo

Using Zelos's Personal EX Skill, he can hit on women to get free items or gald if he is your on screen character. If he hits on every woman in both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, he gets the title Gigolo. Here is a list of all the women:


  1. Little girl near the southern exit
  2. Woman near the southern exit
  3. Old woman next to a burned out building across from the item shop
  4. Old woman in the vineyard behind the item shop. It's tough to see her under the vines
  5. Woman in front of the mayor's house
  6. Woman near a sign in the open area next to the school
  7. Little girl near the northern exit

Iselia House of Salvation(1)-

  1. Old woman upstairs


  1. Near the shops on the left side of town
  2. In front of the inn
  3. In the lobby of the inn
  4. In the back room on the first floor of the inn
  5. Outside fortune teller's tent


  1. Just inside town
  2. Little girl playing in the surf on the first screen
  3. Old woman in the second house on the first screen
  4. Little girl wandering around on the second screen
  5. Two women talking on the docks
  6. Little girl hiding in the building on the docks, behind the boxes on the left


  1. Just inside the city, next to the sign
  2. Just right of the entrance
  3. Little girl on the dock near the bridge
  4. In the second room on the first floor of the inn
  5. Wandering around near the weapon and armor shops
  6. In the building next to Marble's Shop, talk to the woman from behind the counter
  7. In front of Marble's Shop
  8. On the south side of the plaza in front of the government building
  9. Little girl in front of the acadamy
  10. Student in the garden in front of the acadamy
  11. Old woman behind the fence in front of the acadamy
  12. On the left side of the first room on the first floor of the acadamy
  13. Student in the first room on the first floor of the acadamy
  14. Student sitting on the left side of the second room on the first floor of the acadamy
  15. Student sitting on the far right side of the second room of the first floor of the acadamy
  16. First row, bottom side of the first classroom on the second floor of the acadamy
  17. Third row, bottom side of the first classroom on the second floor of the acadamy
  18. First row, top side of the second classroom on the second floor of the acadamy
  19. Second row, top side of the second classroom on the second floor of the acadamy
  20. Third row, top side of the second classroom on the second floor of the acadamy
  21. Woman wandering around the top part of the plaza in front of the government building
  22. Old woman in the front row, right side of the church
  23. Second row, left side of the church

Thoda Dock(1)-

  1. Old woman upstairs

Thoda Geyser(3)-

  1. Old woman in central area
  2. Tour guide next to a sign
  3. Near the steps to the seal


  1. Just inside town
  2. Old woman at the first inn, talk to her from behind the counter
  3. In the back room of the first inn
  4. In the back of the cave next to the weapon and armor shops
  5. Up high next to the Katz booth
  6. Near the cave exit of the cave next to the item shop
  7. Little girl in the cave near the item shop
  8. In the back of the cave near the item shop
  9. In front of the biggest inn
  10. Behind the counter of the largest inn
  11. In the room on the right of the second floor of the largest inn
  12. In the second room of the third inn
  13. In the third room of the third inn
  14. Little girl in the second area
  15. Woman in the first house in the second area
  16. Two women talking on the right side of the second screen
  17. Little girl at the top of the first stairs on the second screen
  18. Maid outside the highest house on the second screen
  19. Maid in the kitchen of the highest house on the second screen
  20. Old woman in the highest house on the second screen
  21. Maid on the left side of the highest house on the second screen

Asgard House of Salvation(1)-

  1. Upstairs in the building

Balacruf Mausoleum(1)-

  1. Old woman on the left path

Luin, completely restored(8)-

  1. Just inside town, in front of the inn
  2. In the back corner of the inn
  3. Next to a bridge by the item shop
  4. South of the item shop
  5. Old woman on the little dock south of the item shop
  6. Upstairs in the item shop
  7. On the docks south of the fountain
  8. Wandering around the fountain


  1. In the second room of the inn on the first floor


  1. Little girl next to the sewer entrance in town
  2. Woman near the sewer entrance in town
  3. Woman in front of the item shop
  4. Wandering in the lobby of the inn
  5. Maid on the second floor of the inn
  6. Girl just inside the second room on the second floor of the inn
  7. Woman between the beds in the second room on the second floor of the inn
  8. The receptionist in the elemental research laboratory. Talk to her from behind the counter
  9. In the basement of the elemental research laboratory
  10. In front of the elemental research laboratory
  11. At the base of the stairs in the slums
  12. On a roof in the slums. Look for stairs to get up to her
  13. Little girl in the plaza where you first met Zelos
  14. Old woman in the plaza where you first met Zelos
  15. Woman in the plaza where you first met Zelos
  16. Nurse in front of the coliseum
  17. Woman on the right side of the coliseum's lobby
  18. The receptionist in the coliseum. Talk to her from behind the counter
  19. Woman in the waiting room of the coliseum. To talk to her, you must have Zelos fight in the coliseum when it is open and talk to her before starting the fights
  20. Nurse in the waiting room. Same as above
  21. Woman wandering around in front of the castle
  22. Maid next to the rose garden in front of the castle
  23. Priestess in front of the church
  24. Priestess just inside the church
  25. Priestess on the right side of the church
  26. Woman on the second floor of the left side of the castle
  27. Maid in the crimson chamber (second floor on the left side of the castle)
  28. Woman on the second floor of the right side of the castle
  29. Maid in the kitchen area of the castle on the first floor
  30. Little girl in the kitchen of the castle
  31. Another maid in the kitchen of the castle
  32. Woman next to the first house in the upper class area east of the castle
  33. Woman in front of Zelos's house in the upper class area
  34. Woman in a back corner of the upper class area

Meltokio House of Guidance(2)-

  1. Old woman outside on the grounds
  2. Priestess in the chapel area


  1. In the inn between two beds
  2. Wandering around in front/above the inn
  3. Student in the central area of the first screen
  4. Library receptionist
  5. Blonde student around the stairs in the library
  6. Brunette student around the stairs in the library
  7. Student on the far right end of the library
  8. Woman next to the water on the second screen
  9. Student near the secret entrance in front of the acadamy
  10. In the first room of the first floor corridor in the acadamy
  11. In the second room of the first floor corridor in the acadamy
  12. Walking in the first floor corridor
  13. In the fourth room of the first floor corridor in the acadamy
  14. In the fifth room of the first floor corridor in the acadamy
  15. In the sixth room of the first floor corridor in the acadamy
  16. Next to a table in the cafeteria of the acadamy
  17. In a corner of the cafeteria of the acadamy
  18. On the far right side of the cafeteria of the acadamy
  19. At the top of the stairs in the lobby
  20. In the first room of the second floor corridor in the acadamy
  21. Walking in the second floor corridor in the acadamy
  22. In the third room of the second floor corridor in the acadamy


  1. At the grave site
  2. Woman in the first building
  3. Wandering around on the far side of the wooden bridge
  4. Little girl wandering around on the far side of the wooden bridge


  1. In the lobby of the inn
  2. Old woman next to a sign near the entrance
  3. Little girl wandering around the central area


  1. Old woman across from the inn
  2. In the lobby of the inn
  3. Maid on the second floor of the inn
  4. Woman in the back room upstairs in the inn
  5. Little girl on the lowest level of the first screen
  6. Second person in line at the doctor's office
  7. Little girl left of the doctor's office
  8. Below the stairs to the accessory shop
  9. Little girl outside of the church
  10. Just inside of the church
  11. Priestess behind the altar at the church

Altamira, daytime(16)-

  1. Bunny girl outside of hotel
  2. At the top of the stairs to the beach
  3. At the bottom of the stairs to the beach
  4. Near the changing stalls on the beach
  5. Bunny girl next to the drink stand on the beach
  6. Next to the lounge chairs on the beach
  7. South of the bridge to the railway
  8. Bunny girl next to the bridge
  9. Next to the elemental railway on the lower level
  10. Bunny girl at the amsuement park, near one of the supports for the coaster
  11. Little girl wandering the central area of the amusement park
  12. Woman next to the tea cup ride, on the stairs
  13. Little girl on the second floor of the hotel
  14. On the south side of the third floor of the hotel
  15. Old woman on the west side of the third floor of the hotel
  16. Blond woman on the north side of the third floor of the hotel

Altamira, nighttime(13)-

  1. In front of the casino
  2. Bunny girl next to the front desk in the casino
  3. Blond woman playing roulette on the left side of casino
  4. Bunny girl behind the black jack table at the top of the casino
  5. Woman playing black jack in the casino
  6. In front of the benches on the right side of the casino
  7. Bunny girl next to the slot machines on the right side of the casino
  8. Woman playing the slots on the right side of the casino
  9. Second row, left side of the theatre
  10. First row, left side of the theatre. Walk around the man to get to her
  11. First row, right side of the theatre
  12. Maid on the fourth floor of the hotel
  13. Maid on the fifth floor of the hotel


  1. Old woman on the left side of town, outside of a building you can enter
  2. Woman on the platform below the previous
  3. Inside the lowest level of the three story building
  4. Hiding behind the lattice outside the second level of the three story building
  5. Little girl outside of the elder's house
  6. Woman in front of elder's house
  7. Old woman in front of elder's house


  1. On the right side of the weapon and armor shop
  2. On the porch of the item shop
  3. Walking near the streams north of the item shop
  4. On the east side of the first screen near the southern end
  5. Hanging laundry next to the inn
  6. Just inside the inn
  7. Between two beds at the inn
  8. In front of a house near the windmill on the second screen
  9. On the windmill's platform, walk clockwise around it to get to her
  10. In the first house on the second screen
  11. Girl in front of the elder's house
  12. In the area behind a house on the second screen. Go under the elder's house and across a little bridge to find her

Heimdall House of Guidance(2)-

  1. Outside on the grounds
  2. Upstairs in the building

Southeast Abbey(2)-

  1. Outside on the grounds x 2

Hot Springs(2)-

  1. Priestess in the chapel area
  2. Old woman in the upstairs room

Talk to Sebastian in Zelos's house after the pact with Origin but before you get the Derris Emblem to get the title. There is also a glitch to get the title without talking to all 210 women, explained here: Easy Gigolo glitch.

PS3 Version

Yet again, they fixed the above mentioned glitch.

The Secret Notebook

After meeting Altessa, return to Mizuho and speak with the shopkeeper. Agree to retrieve his notebook from the well, which is east of the chief's house. Bring it back to him and he will give you the Secret Notebook.

The Pink Pearl Ring

After rescuing Colette from the dragon's nest, go to Sybak and talk to the student near the item shop, who will give Sheena the Pink Pearl Ring. Later on in Altamira as you cross the bridge, the ring will drop and a woman will give it back to you and ask you to give some money to the student, Joshua. Accept if you want to continue the sidequest and go see Joshua in Sybak again. Accept again and go to the area east of the castle in Meltokio to find Rosa again. Go back to Sybak and see Joshua again to tell him the truth. Then after the Flanoir doctor scenes, you can go to the slums in Meltokio to see Joshua and Rosa one last time.

The Devil's Arms

This is my personal favorite sidequest, especially because of the results. You collect nine cursed weapons in order to seal them away. To start the sidequest you need either the Evil Eye or Soul Eater.

  • Evil Eye: Obtained in Toize Valley Mine. Near the boulder trap is an elevator that will take you down. Examine the rubble of the Bacura to find the Evil Eye.


  • Soul Eater: After passing through the Otherworldly Gate, go to Triet. Talk to the man near the corner item shop and the man next to the oasis. Now a ring of light will appear nearby. You can see it when you exit Triet. Enter the ring to fight the Sandworm. This guy will easily knock you to the ground, but is weak to water. Defeat him to get the Soul Eater.

Once you have either the Evil Eye or Soul Eater and 8 characters with you, go to Flanoir. There is a man sitting on a stoop in front of a building on the first screen. Talk to him to get Nebilim's Key and Nebilim. YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE 8 CHARACTERS WITH YOU TO GET THE REST OF THE WEAPONS.

  • Fafnir: Enter Gaoracchia Forest from the Mizuho/Ozette side and change the ring's function. Go north two screens and use the ring to open the bushes on the right side of the path. Open the chest for Fafnir.
  • Gates of Hell: After getting the pact with Gnome, go back to Altessa's house and talk to the Gnomelette on the west side. Go back to the temple of earth past the Dragon and the Gnomelettes will move out of the way. Go past them and open the chest for Gates of Hell.
  • Disaster: After Regal gets the El Presidente title and you have Fafnir, go to Altamira and spend the night at the hotel. Go out at night and take the elemental railway to the casino. On the bridge to the theater is a man. Talk to him and agree to buy the kendama, which turns out to be Disaster.
PS3 Version

The man on the bridge no longer sells Disaster (if he's even still there). It must be purchased as a prize from the casino for 250 chips. It is called the Devil's Plaything in the list of prizes and still has the same requirement of getting it after Fafnir.

  • Diablos: On the second screen of Latheon Gorge, go up the ramp to the south, then down the ramp to the southwest. Open the chest for Diablos.
  • Apocalypse: In Welgaia, enter the building north of the warp to the prison area. Go through the door on the west side and open the chest for Apocalypse.
  • Heart of Chaos: Once you have all eight other Devil's Arms, return to Flanoir and talk to Abyssion. Go to Hakonesia Peak and talk to Koton, who will trade you Heart of Chaos for one of Raine's artifacts.

Now that you have all nine DAs, head to the seal in the temple of darkness. SAVE BEFORE YOU GO ALL THE WAY DOWN. Talk to Abyssion, but then, oh no, he's betrayed you! Kill kill kill!

BOSS: Abyssion

  • HP: 120,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

Abyssion is my favorite boss and is quite difficult unless you know what you are doing. He attacks with a wide variety of borrowed techs and mid and advanced spells. I recommend a party of three melee fighters and Raine. You should be able to keep Abyssion away from Raine or any other spellcaster you decide to bring with your melee fighters, but he has a tendency to warp around every now and then.

Abyssion will use Ring Whirlwind, Raging Beast, Infinite Destruction, Tiger Rage, Swallow Dance, Double Demon Fang, Super Lightning Blade, and Victory Light Spear for techs, and Spread, Flame Lance, Explosion, Thunder Blade, Indignation, Ground Dasher, Prism Sword, Gravity Well, Meteor Storm, and Indignation Judgment(hard and mania mode only). He will quite often chain Raging Beast onto the end of another tech, and then start casting a spell, too. When he reaches half and one quarter HP, he will use Meteor Storm. On hard and mania difficulties, he will use Indignation Judgment after the first Meteor Storm. You cannot interrupt him when he is casting Meteor Storm or Indignation Judgment, so don't bother trying to. All other spells can be interupted by attacking him from the side or behind as he finishes a tech if you start before he casts. Most of his spells can be easily dodged, though, so it's not always worth it to try to stop him.

In the PS3 version, he will also use some of the new hi-ougi attacks on the higher difficulties. All I have to say about that is good luck.

A good strategy is to jump over him as he comes in to attack, but sometimes he will use Tiger Rage, Swallow Dance, or Victory Light Spear, which will hit you in midair and knock you back down. The rest of the time he will try a ground based tech and miss, giving you a great opportunity to attack him from behind.

This is a long and hard battle, so come prepared with Lemon, Pineapple, and Miracle Gels, Life Bottles, and any Elixers you can find. Using an All-Divide at the start of battle will reduce all damage given and taken by half, giving you more time to recover before you get killed. The downside is that the battle will last much longer. If you are playing the PS3 version, be aware that they prevented All-Divides from affecting Abyssion's damage to you, but it will still cut your damage in half.

If you lose, don't feel too bad, very few people defeat Abyssion on their first try. Either come back after advancing in the story and gaining some levels or get some equipment that will reduce elemental damage.

Now that you've defeated Abyssion, the true power of the Devil's Arms is activated. For every kill a character has made, one invisible point of Attack will be added when the character uses his/her DA. ALL kills count, whether it was made with the DA or not, whether it was a spell that got the last hit, it does not matter. It is only worth it to equip DAs when the kill count is greater than the Attack stat of the character's strongest weapon. Since you can't see how many kills a character has, equip the DA and compare the damage to that of the strongest weapon. DAs do not do additional damage through spells since they add to the Attack stat, not Intelligence. However, Raine's Heart of Chaos has a +50 Intelligence stat, making it her best weapon. Kratos and Zelos have two DAs, Soul Eater(sword) and Fafnir(dagger). They both receive the same boost to Attack, but I prefer Soul Eater because of the range, even though it lowers almost every stat while Fafnir does not.

The Battle Data option in the Grade Shop will transfer each character's kill count, which directly affects the DAs extra damage, so buy it if you want to have uber powerful DAs next time you get them. You still have to get them all and defeat Abyssion again, though.

Katz Village skit theatre

On a game file that has a green star, you can go to Katz Village to see nearly all of the Z skits. Talk to the mayor, who is spinning around on top of the mountain. You cannot see skits from which you receive something, like an item, title, or entry in the Training Manual. There are 380 in all that you can see here.

PS3 Version

Before you can see the skits here, you must purchase the Forget-Me-Not from the casino in Altamira for 75,000 chips.

The Assassin's Ring

Once you have completed the Remote Island Human Ranch, go to Hima to find Yuan looking for something. Go to the Fooji Mountains next to find Yuan at the summit. Now after you complete Latheon Gorge, go to the Palmacosta Ranch and find Yuan one final time for this sidequest and learn the importance of the ring.

Clara's final appearance

After completing the Remote Island Ranch, return to Izoold. Walk onto the beach to find Clara. Agree to help her and Raine will heal her. She'll just stand there forever, wondering how to get back to Palmacosta.


In Triet after you clear the Remote Island Ranch, there is a man near the inn that will let you play the Uncle mini-game. To play, you watch several men enter the screen and try to remember their order of entry. If you can identify 100 men correctly and then beat the hardest mode, Lloyd gets the Midlife Crisis title.

PS3 Version

While the casino in Altamira exists in the Gamecube version, you can't play any of the games or claim any of the prizes. It is found by spending the night in Altamira when you have all eight characters with you and choosing to go out at night. Take the railway to the casino/theater area and enter the only building.

Chips are the currency used to play the games and redeem for prizes. Talk to the man behind the counter by the entrance to purchase chips. You have several options for getting chips without gambling:

  • 1 chip for 500 gald
  • 1 chip for an EX Gem Lv1
  • 2 chips for an EX Gem Lv2
  • 5 chips for an EX Gem Lv3
  • 10 chips for an EX Gem Lv4
  • 50 chips for an EX Gem MAX
  • 1 chip for 10 grade

Cash in your chips with the woman to the right of the chip purchase counter. The prizes you can exchange chips for are:

  • Miracle Gel: 20 chips
  • Rune Bottle: 500 chips
  • Rare Pellets: 2,000 chips
  • Strike Ring: 5,000 chips
  • Technical Ring: 5,000 chips
  • Spirit Ring: 15,000 chips
  • Devil's Plaything (The Devil's Arm, Disaster): 250 chips
  • Forget-Me-Not: 75,000 chips
  • ???? (Raine's Chosen Beauty costume): 150,000 chips

The two games you can play to earn chips are black jack (at the table in the back) and the slots (all the way to the right). Personally, I prefer the slots since it doesn't seem so stacked against you, but it's usually easiest to just buy what chips you need.

Getting gald is a bit tougher in the PS3 version since the Dragon in the Temple of Earth only drops 1,000 instead of 10,000, but there is another way if you have enough capital to begin with. Give Colette the EX Skills Sharp-Eyed (level 1), Magical (level 2), Lucky (level 3), and Stat Boost (level 4), which gets her the compound EX Skill Item Getter. Now go to the Fooji Mountains and get into a fight that has some Chimaeras in it. Have everyone but Colette Hold Position while Colette steals a Rune Bottle from each Chimaera in battle, then run away. Encounter the same enemy again and repeat until you can't carry any more Rune Bottles. Fly to Flanoir and buy as many Talismans from the accessory shop (where you got the Penguinist Gloves) as you can carry. Use the Rune Bottles to transform the Talismans into Blue Talismans, then sell them for major profits. If Regal has his Personal EX Skill on, you'll buy the Talismans for 10% less and sell the Blue Talismans for 10% more.

Genis's new friend

After visiting the Sybak library with Mithos early on in disc 2, return to Altessa's house. Raine will collapse and Genis and Mithos will go off to find a cure for her. Choose the option to follow them and Genis will get the title Friend at the end of the sidequest.

Raine and Genis's mother

Any time on disc 2 before going to Derris Kharlan, go to Exire, the city in the sky. Exire is in Tethe'alla and moves around on the map every time you enter the world map. Look for a little grey dot somewhere over the water to find it.

There are three buildings in Exire; the elder's house, a three story building, and Virginia's house. Enter the elder's house and talk to him to learn that Virginia is somewhere in the city. Head west from the elder's house, going up through the three story building, learning the Shortcake recipe from the Wonder Chef on the second floor, and along the paths to the other house you can enter. Go in to meet Virginia. After leaving her house, go back and talk to the elder and read Virginia's Diary. After you read it, the elder will give you the diary.

Princess in distress

After completing Latheon Gorge, go to Zelos's house to learn that the princess has been kidnapped. Go to the Tethe'alla Bridge to try and get her back, but it's Kate disguised as the princess. Kate tells you to go to Gaoracchia Forest to find the real princess. Enter from the Mizuho/Ozette side and defeat the soldiers to rescue the princess, earning Zelos the title Princess Guard. This also increases Zelos's affection for you, in case you are having trouble making him like you.

The Coliseum

Any time after you retrieve Zelos's Cruxis Crystal from Seles and have eight party members with you, you can enter the coliseum in Meltokio and compete for fabulous prizes. There are two tournaments you can enter; the singles class and party class. The only available option at first is beginner singles. Once you beat beginner singles, intermediate singles and beginner party become available. Beat intermediate singles to get advanced singles. Beat beginner party to get advanced party. To enter the singles classes, talk to the receptionist in green. To enter the party classes, talk to the receptionist in red. The second receptionist won't show up until you unlock the party class. Before you enter in any round, use the save point in the southwest corner of the lobby in case you lose.

Since you cannot change equipment during the fights, equip your participant for battle before you register. I strongly recommend HP restoring accessories, such as Heal Bracelet, Holy Symbol, or Turquoise. It also really helps to have everybody get good at cooking something that will restore a lot of HP/TP, like Miso Stew. Before diving head first into battle with a character you never use in battle, take some time to get a feel for that character and learn some good combos.

Some of the enemies you will encounter in the coliseum are quite tough and only found here. Since there are other faqs devoted solely to the coliseum, I won't bother writing up individual strategies for characters or battles.

Each character will receive a quite good title when they win advanced singles class and can also get a very strong weapon if you have viewed the final scene before warping to the final boss. You will also receive a Krona Symbol the first time you beat advanced singles and an Extreme Symbol the first time you beat advanced party.

In addition to being just plain tough all around, there are two unique bosses in the coliseum.

BOSS: Seles

  • HP: 12,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: fire, water, earth, wind

To fight Seles, you must beat advanced class singles while Zelos is in the party with you, then complete advanced class singles again any time later. If you defeat Seles and then later get Kratos back, you can fight her a second time. The second Last Fencer she drops doesn't do you one lick of good, but the second Elemental Circlet is nice. If you lose to her, you can beat advanced class singles again and give her another shot.

Seles packs quite a punch for a little squirt. She will cast Freeze Lancer and Absolute on you if you keep your distance and will use the devastating Mini Meteor and Star Cannon at closer range. She'll also pull out a sword from her handbag of horrors and take about three swipes at you.

This fight would be getting close to fair if you didn't have to go through the entirety of advanced singles class, but there's no way around it. She will always start the match by casting Freeze Lancer or Absolute, so run in and jump over her. Every time I have done this, her spell will miss and I get a chance to attack. If you give her time to recover from your attack, get ready to block her sword swings and jump back immediately if she uses Star Cannon or Mini Meteor. If either of those moves hits you, you will get flattened. Either get in close and jump back when she uses Star Cannor or Mini Meteor, or stay back until she starts casting a spell, then attack her.

There is one foolproof way to beat her without taking a single hit, but you must use Kratos/Zelos. Right at the start of the battle, charge and jump over her. While behind her, do three basic A attacks and end with Demon Fang. IMMEDIATELY start the same combo again, always ending it with Demon Fang. The beauty of this strategy is that you can start attacking again after Demon Fang so quickly that Seles does not get a chance to turn around or guard. If she does manage to guard, you will break her guard with the first hit. This whole combo only costs 1 TP. If you have the compound EX Skill Super Blast, do six basic A attacks and you will recover 2 TP with each use of the combo.

BOSS: Garr

  • HP: 20,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: earth, ice, lightning, darkness

BOSS: Farah Oersted

  • HP: 20,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: fire

Boss: Meredy

  • HP: 16,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

The Tales Trio is one of the hardest battles in the entire game, but quite fun. In every other coliseum battle, you cannot use items. In this battle, however, you can, so don't forget that. Also, the first one of them to go down will be automatically revived, so finish him/her off again. These legends of battle will challenge you when you beat advanced party. As with Seles, you can try to beat them again if you lose, but you still have to go through advanced party.

Meredy should be your first target since she casts extremely powerful magic, including Meteor Storm. She can also use Resurrection on downed allies. All Meredy can do is cast spells, run around, and block, so get in close and let loose on her. While you do this, keep an eye on your other two buddies' HP and use items as needed to keep them alive.

With Meredy gone, focus on Garr. Garr is perfectly happy to stand back and turn spellcasters into pin cushions with his bow, so it's a very good idea to give your spellcasters the Concentrate Compound EX Skill. When you get in close to Garr, he'll swing a sword at you three times or use some tech where he jumps up and hits you multiple times. Block his sword strikes and counter with your own attacks. While you are taking Garr down, Farah should hopefully be focusing on another party member, leaving you alone to finish Garr.

Farah Oersted will get in close and use attacks like Wolverine, Crescent Moon, and Beast. She has one tech that is like five Beasts chained together which hurts big time and staggers you quite a bit. When attacking her, let her attack first while you block, then counter. If it's just Farah left, she doesn't last too long.

Since the Tales Trio deals quite a bit of damage very quickly, you shouldn't think of fighting them until you are ready to beat the game. Using an All-Divide is another great way of making things easier for yourself. On hard and mania difficulty, they use an Hourglass at some point, leaving you at their mercy for a few seconds. If you lose to them, just beat advanced party again and rechallenge them.

Beach blanket blowout


After the doctor scene in Flanoir, go to Altamira. Talk to the woman in front of the hotel and agree to help her find her daughters. Go down to the beach and talk to the short-haired girl on the far end. Go to the second floor of the hotel and talk to the girl looking at the sign with Kratos or Zelos as your onscreen character. Take the elemental railway to the amusement park and talk to the girl near the entrance. Return to the mother and talk to her, then talk to the girl in the amusement park again. Return to the beach and talk to the girl at the juice bar, then go back and talk to the mother. Spend the night at the hotel to get some swimsuits. Lloyd will automatically get his Beach Boy title, then you get to choose one other person who will get a swimsuit. The next two people with the highest affection for Lloyd will also get a title, except Kratos. Talk to each of them on the beach to end the sidequest.

The dinner party


After the doctor scene in Flanior and after you complete the Princess in distress sidequest, go to Zelos's house to find that formal outfits have arrived for you. Lloyd's doesn't seem to be there, so go up to the castle to get his Nobleman title. At the party, you choose someone you will meet on a balcony. This person will get his/her formal costume title. During the party, talk to three people who you want the formal costume for, then you will go meet the person you chose earlier. You must have Zelos to do this sidequest.