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Affection FAQ by Ket Shi

Version: 6.0 | Updated: 04/18/07

[Affection FAQ: Version 6.0]
For Tales of Symphonia
By Ket Shi
! Warning:  Spoiler Alert!  There are many spoilers in this document, so be
careful. !

Table of Contents

1.    Introduction
2.    What does affection do?
3.    Frequently asked questions
4.    The “Hard” path
5.    Storyline dialog choices
6.    Sidequest dialog choices
7.    Overworld skits
8.    Overworld skit answers
9.    Individual Character Guides
10.   Stuff to add/confirm
11.   History
12.   Credits
13.   Legal
14.   Contact
15.   Closing

[1. Introduction]

During the game, Lloyd will have to make choices about how to react to a
situation, or can embark on optional quests.  Many of these affect how much a
character likes Lloyd.  There are a few instances in the game where affection
will make a scene different.  The character that Lloyd likes the most will have
extra scenes and extra dialog during several scenes, and subtly alters the
ending as well.
This would be all fine and dandy, but a certain character usually takes the
spotlight, and as a result prevents Lloyd from getting scenes with other
Colette already begins with a high trust in Lloyd, and roughly half of the
storyline decisions raise her compatibility further.  Without using a guide
such as this, it's tricky to avoid having her as Lloyd's best buddy.  The main
point of this guide is to keep Colette's affection as low as possible so that
other characters have a chance to make Lloyd their soul mate.
Remember that Colette is by far the easiest to get as Lloyd’s “true” soul mate.
By following the expected choices in the game (basically anything answered
positively) you’ll get her.

[2.  What does affection do?]

It alters the scenes in these situations:

1.  What the fortuneteller in Triet tells you.
2.  If Lloyd needs to be rescued at Thoda.
3.  The lure and ambush at the Island Ranch.
4.  Going through the small hole in the Darkness Temple.
5.  Night at Dirk's.
6.  Night at Altessa's (Zelos only).
7.  Which characters wish to speak with Lloyd at Flanoir.
8.  Night at Heimdall.
9.  Mithos' possession.
10.  Welgaia Derris Emblem scenes.
11.  Who gets the swimsuits in Altamira.
12.  The ending itself.

And more.  This list is incomplete and does not list a couple of minor scenes
connected with the ones listed.  

I've heard rumors about it being connected to Overlimit as well.  I have 
heard that characters may go into Overlimit if their "soul mate" is killed
in battle.

Affection is the key to getting three items to fill out the Collector's
Book for the "Item Collector" title.  If you choose the corresponding 
character at the Flanoir scene, they will give you this item.  The 
"Snow Hare" accessory is from choosing Collette, the "Kratos' Locket"
key item is from choosing Kratos, and "The Chosen's Orb" key item is
from choosing Zelos.

Affection may alter what characters say after they win a battle.  For
example, I always have Lloyd and Presea in my party, but in my first two
playthroughs, her affection for Lloyd was low, and after battles she never said
anything to him.  In my next two playthoughs I made Presea Lloyd's "true soul
mate", and it seems like every ten battles I won, Lloyd and Presea chat
(Presea: "Enemy defeated." Lloyd:  "Presea, no one can stand against your ax!"
Presea:  "Um...t-thank you!").  I've heard other people have a similar thing
going with other characters that they made Lloyd's soul mates.

Also, by having a high affection score with a character, you may earn a skit
with them.  After winning a battle, a skit will randomly pop up called “Combo!
Lloyd and (insert character here)”.  If you want to see them all, unlock the
skit playback at the Katz village by beating the game once and then continuing
on a new file.

[3.  FAQ]

Q:  How can I tell how much a character likes me?
A:  The fortuneteller at Triet has all the answers.  Talk to her and she'll
offer to read how much your eight companions like Lloyd.  If you say "I
dunno...", she'll give a vague hint about who likes Lloyd the most.

Q:  What's the best way to raise affection?
A:  The most efficient way to raise affection is by finding glowing rings on
the world map.  (See sections 7 and 8.)  These initiate a conversation with
another character, and you can gain a lot of trust by answering their comments

Q:  I can't shake Colette off of Lloyd!  Help!
A:  Follow this FAQ closely to avoid as many Colette uppers as possible, and be
sure to answer negatively to her if you happen to get in an overworld skit with

Q:  Oh no!  Sheena didn't offer to join in Luin!
A:  Sometimes this option appears, but sometimes she joins you later at the
Asgard Ranch.  So don’t panic if it doesn’t come up. She'll join you a few
minutes later in the story.

Q:  Why bother with this?
A:  If you get the Dirk's house, Flanoir, and Heimdall scenes with a specific
character, it really reveals a lot about the character in question (especially
Zelos).  If you're really interested at all in the game's plot or characters,
then this FAQ is for you.

Q:  There’s an option for “Increase Tension” in the Grade Shop after you beat
the game for 100 Grade.  What does it do?
A:  For sure, it makes both your ally characters and boss characters go into
Overlimit more often during combat.  Currently it is being disputed if it
affects other character’s affection for Lloyd.  I’m guessing not.

Q:  The Sardonyx (the gemstone from Volt) says it helps find your soul mate.
Does it have any connection with affection?
A:  Apparently there is no connection.  As far as I know, Sardonyx only adds a
Lightning attack/resistance to the equipped character.

Q:  Does using a character in battle (or letting a character die in battle)
alter their affection for Lloyd?
A:  That I don’t know.  I’m guessing not, however.

Q:  What happens when you have more than one character at really high 
A:  The character with the highest, of course, is the one that will speak
in the specific scenes.  However, your three highest affection characters
are the ones you can choose from in Flanoir.

Q:  What is this about Kratos rejoining?
A:  Kratos can rejoin your party at Dirk’s house.  However, you need to get
Kratos at the scene in Flanoir.  If Kratos does not come knocking at Lloyd’s
door, refuse any other character’s invitations until Kratos wishes to talk.
However, to recruit Kratos, another character is lost…

Q:  Kratos or Zelos?
A:  Who you choose is up to you, since they are nearly identical in battle. 
Seven of the characters get Zelos, while only Kratos’ path gets Kratos.  
If you’d like to play through the game several times, try both.  Keep in 
mind that if you choose Kratos and proceed onto the second visit to the 
Tethe’alla Tower of Salvation, several sidequests can no longer be done
(such as the dinner party and the hot springs scene).  Don't worry, 
though - as long as you do these events before you make the fateful visit,
you can still get their benefits.

Q:  Do ordinary skits (triggered by pressing Z) have any effect?
A:  No.

[4.  The "Hard" path]

This guide is arranged in the format intended for going the difficult way
through early in the game.  Instead of going straight from Max’s boat to
Palmacosta, you head north to Hima across the bridge. You go to Luin, Asgard,
Hima, the Tower of Mana, and Asgard Ranch first, while getting Sheena before
even going to Palmacosta.  Max will only come back after the party needs to
find Undine. The order you get the events in may be different than the ones
listed here.  Depending on your chosen path, some of these options will not
appear, or may simply be in a different order.

[5.  Story dialog choices]

These may be incorrect slightly, or there may be options not listed here that
do indeed affect affection.  However, this is what has been confirmed, and it
probably will do for getting the soul mate you want.
Update:  Thanks to a host of helpful contributors I had recieved precise 
numbers for the affection values awarded.  However, since I have lost contact 
with them, I do not have precise numbers for the later options, and probably 
will not have any more.  If anyone out there has more information on exact 
numbers or unrecorded events that change affection, please contact me!
Choices with “effect unknown” are currently not confirmed. Choices marked with
* means it is available only on the “Hard” path of the game.  Choices marked
with ** are only available on the Easy path of the game.  Choices in the
“sidequest” section have special explanations.

- Iselia:
~"It’s research." Genis +2.
~"Okay, fine." No effect.

- Iselia Temple:
~"I’m going too." Colette + 2, Genis +1.
~"I’ll wait for you." Raine +1, Genis -1.

- Iselia Temple:
~"What did you say?!" Kratos -1.
~"…Gotcha." Kratos +1

- After Colette receives the Oracle, right after the first meeting with Remiel:
~If you talk to Colette: Colette +1
~If you talk to Genis: Genis +1
~If you talk to Kratos: Kratos +1

- Iselia Human Ranch:
~"Fine." Genis +1.
~ "But…" Genis -1.

- Outside Iselia Human Ranch, Marble asks Lloyd and Genis to run:
~"Alright!" - Genis -1
~"But..." - Genis +1

- Dirk's House:
~ "Sure." Colette +2.
~"Just a minute." No effect
~If your reply was "Just a minute":
~If you talk to Genis: Genis +1
~If you talk to Raine: Raine +1
~If you talk to Kratos: Kratos +3

- Triet Inn:

- Triet's inn (Colette's room):
~"Go in." Colette +1.
~"Let’s not." Nothing.

~If you talk to Genis when you go into Raine and Genis' room to give
Raine her exsphere - Genis + 1 (either option boosts)

~If you talk to Raine a second time right after you give her the fixed
exsphere - Raine +1

- Triet's inn (Kratos):
~"Let’s follow him." Kratos +2.
~"Let’s leave him alone." Nothing.

- Camping by Triet (Kratos):
~"The village was my fault." Kratos +1.
~"I guess you’re right." Kratos +2.

- Camping by Triet (Raine):
~"Colette is Colette." Raine +1.
~"She’s just becoming an angel, right?" No effect.

- Camping by Triet (Genis):
~"It was missing something." Genis +1.
~"It tasted pretty good." Genis -1.

- Ossa Trail:
~"Leave her alone. She’s an enemy." Kratos +2, Raine +1. Colette –1, Genis -1.
~"Well…I do feel a bit sorry for her." Kratos -1, Raine -1. Colette +1, Genis
+1, Sheena +3.

- Hima: *
~”You’ve got to be kidding!”  Sheena -.
~”Alright.”  Sheena +.

- Hima (Inn): *
~”All right.” Colette +, Genis +, Sheena +, Kratos +.
~”Ok, but…” Raine +, Genis +, Kratos +.

- Luin (fountain):
~"You’re actually pretty nice." Sheena +2.  Raine –1.
~"You’re kind of cute." Sheena +3.  Colette –1.

- Luin (Sheena joins):
~”All right.”  Colette, Sheena +.
~”No.”  Colette, Sheena -.  Raine +.

- Luin (after Asgard Human Ranch):
~"All right." Colette +3, Genis +3, Kratos +1, Raine +2, Sheena +3.
~"No!" Kratos +3.

- Asgard Ranch:
~Pick Kratos to go with Lloyd:  Kratos +1.
~Pick Kratos to activate the switches:  Kratos -3.
~Pick Colette to go with Lloyd:  Colette +1
~Pick Colette the activate the switches:  Colette -1.
~Pick Raine to go with Lloyd:  Raine +1.
~Pick Raine to activate the switches:  Raine -1.
~Pick Genis to go with Lloyd:  Genis +1.
~Pick Genis to activate the switches:  Genis -1.
~Pick Sheena to go with Lloyd:  Sheena +1.
~Pick Sheena to activate the switches: Sheena –1

- House of Salvation near Hakonesia Peak (Meeting with Sheena praying
to the Goddess Martel):**
~”Call out to her." No effect.
~"Leave her alone." Sheena +3

- House of Salvation or Hakonesia Peak:
~"Yeah, okay." Colette, Genis, Raine, Kratos +.
~"Releasing the seals comes first.” Raine +. Colette, Genis -.

- House of Salvation (Spiritua Statue):
~"I’ll go get it." Colette, Genis +. Raine, Kratos -.
~"The problem is the geyser." Colette, Raine, Kratos +.

- Palmacosta Human Ranch:
~"Let’s go attack!" Colette +2, Genis +2, Sheena +3.  Raine -2, Kratos -2.
~"Let’s return to Palmacosta." Colette +1, Raine +2, Kratos +2.  Sheena –2.
Note:  It will only affect Sheena if she is in your party.

- Dorr:
~"Okay." Colette +1, Genis +1, Sheena +1.
~"That I can’t do." Raine +1, Kratos +1, Sheena +1.
Note:  It will only affect Sheena if she is in your party.

- Palmacosta (When Neil asks you to keep things about Dorr a secret):
~"I guess that's okay." Colette +2, Genis +2, Raine +2, Kratos +2, Sheena +2.
~"That's a little..." Colette -2, Genis -2, Raine -2, Kratos -2, Sheena –2.
Note: This will affect Sheena regardless whether she's in your party or not.

- Thoda Geyser (Retrieving the Spiritua Statue):
~ If you succeed: Colette +3, Genis +3, Raine +3, Kratos +3, Sheena +3.
~ If you fail and Colette saves you: Colette +2.
~If you fail and Genis saves you: Colette -1, Genis +2, Raine -3, Sheena –1.
~If you fail and Raine saves you: Colette -1, Genis -2, Raine +2, Sheena –1.
~If you fail and Kratos saves you: Kratos +2, Sheena –1.
~If you fail and Sheena saves you: Colette -1, Genis -1, Raine -1, Sheena +2.
Note: This will only affect Sheena if she is in your party.

- Fake Chosen (Asgard):
~"Well, all right." Colette, Sheena +.  Genis, Raine, Kratos -.
~"No."  Genis, Raine, Kratos +.  Colette, Sheena -.

- Tower of Salvation (Dragon Ride)
For who you choose to ride on a dragon with:
~Genis: Genis, Sheena +.
~Professor: Raine +. Colette -.
~Sheena: Sheena +. Colette -.

- Meltokio:
~"All right. That's fine." Colette, Raine, Zelos +. Genis, Presea -.
~"No, we can't do that." Colette, Genis, Presea +. Raine, Zelos -.

- After Colette has been kidnapped in Ozette:
~"Of course." Presea, Regal +.
~"What do you think, guys?" Raine +. Regal, Presea -.

- Ozette Inn (Kratos):
~"I'm concerned about this." Effect unknown.
~"It won't do any good to worry about it." Effect unknown.

- Earth Temple:
~Whomever that makes the curry +.

- Mithos (At Altessa's):
~"All right, come on."  Genis +.
~"No, it's just too dangerous."  Genis -.

- Alicia's grave:
~"Of course."  Regal, Colette +.
~"If that's all right with Presea."  Presea +.

- Meltokio Coliseum (rescue Kate):
~Whomever you choose +.

- Iselia Human Ranch:
~The 3 characters you choose +.

- Sybak:
~ “I trust Kratos.”  Zelos -?.
~”There is a possibility.”   Zelos +.

- Meltokio (Kratos):
~”Yeah, you’re right.”   Zelos ?.
~”We can’t just ignore it.” Zelos ?.

- Flanoir (Doctor):
~If you refuse to go out with a character: Affection down for character(s)
~When you go outside with a character:  Affection up for character taken.

[6.  Sidequest dialog choices]

These may be incorrect slightly, or there may be options not listed here that
do indeed affect affection.  However, this is what has been confirmed, and it
probably will do for getting the soul mate you want.
Choices with “effect unknown” are currently not confirmed.

- Palmacosta Test:
~Get 0-1 answers correct:  Genis -.
~Get 2-3 answers correct: Genis +.
Note:  If you enter the Palmacosta Academy, a student named Mighty challenges
Genis to a quiz.  If you accept the challenge, head upstairs to the vacant
room. There, all of your party members will study briefly.  Lloyd will be
quizzed on three questions.  The correct answers are "Guardian",
"Acceleration", and "I don't know".

- Sybak Presea event:
~"Do you really want to leave it like that?" Presea +.
~"Okay, let's get going." Presea -.
Note:  After saving Colette from the Dragon's Nest, go to Sybak and talk to the
scholar near the dog by the academy.

- Meltokio Presea event:
~"Presea..." Presea +.
~"Let's go." Presea -.
Note:  After completing the Sybak Presea event, go to the nobles' area in
Meltokio and talk to the woman in the rightmost house.

- Tabatha Toize Mine event:
~Presea + for completing event.
Note:  After returning to Tethe'alla for the first time, go to Altessa's house
and examine the Exsphere.  Tabatha will invite Presea to the Toize Mine in
order to understand Exspheres.

- Lost child in Sybak:
~Zelos + for completing event.
Note:  After clearing Zelos' name and visiting Celes, go to Sybak and talk with
the raggedy child.

- Raine collapses at Altessa’s:
~”Let them do what they want.”  Effect unknown.
~”I’d better keep tabs on them.”  Genis +.
Notes:  After the party investigates Colette's illness at Sybak, go back to
Altessa's house and talk with the inhabitants.  Raine will keel over with a
disease.  Genis will leave with Mithos to find a cure for the sickness.

- Before Kuchinawa’s duel:
~"Kuchinawa was working with the Pope." Sheena -.
~"I don't know anything about it." Sheena +?.
Note:  To initiate this subquest, attempt to find the documents leading to the
Zircon shipment in the Lezareno building.  Kuchinawa will challenge Sheena to a
duel.  To fight him, return to Mizuho.

- If you win Kuchinawa’s duel:
~ "Stop him." Sheena +?.
~ "Don't stop him." Sheena -.

- Thoda Island dock:
~”Save him.” Regal +?.
~”Leave him alone.” Regal -?.
Note:  Before gaining Luna's power, go to the Thoda Dock with Regal as the
leader and talk to Candy, the girl that runs the boat service.

- Training sessions with Kratos:
~Automatically Kratos + if you train with him in the several opportunities
Note:  There are four training sessions.  One is in Palmacosta, one is in
Asgard, one is in Luin, and the last is in Hima.  They must be done in this
order, or otherwise you cannot complete them all.  If you're on the Hard path,
you can only get the Palmacosta one.

- Clara’s Restoration (Izoold):
~Colette, Genis, Raine, Kratos + for simply doing event.
Note:  Return to Izoold (unsure of timing) and go to the beach.  Raine will
save Clara.

- Dinner Party (Formal):
~Whomever you choose +.
Note:  After completing the "Princess Guard" sidequest and the night at
Flanoir, the royalty of Tethe'alla will invite Lloyd's group to a dinner party.
Whoever you choose to talk with will gain extra affection.  Cannot be done
without Zelos.

- Altamira Beach (Swimsuits):
~Whomever you choose +.
Note:  After completing the night at Flanoir, enter Altamira and offer to help
the woman with finding her daughters.  After finding all of them, you will be
rewarded with swimsuits.  Lloyd can choose to go out with one character,
boosting their affection.

- Gaoracchia Forest (Fafnir Devil's Arm):
~""Just bear with it for now, okay?"  Colette +?
~"Should we stop collecting them?"  Presea +.  Colette -?.
Note:  After completing the Devil's Arms sidequest to a certain point, open the
black chest in the Gaoracchia Forest.

[7.  Overworld Skits]

Scattered across the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe’alla are strange glowing
rings of light.  If you step into one, Lloyd begins a one-on-one conversation
with a character.  Answering their remarks positively results in a large
affection boost for the character involved.  Answering them negatively may
lower their affection (not confirmed).  You may need the Rheairds to reach
several of these skit points.
By the way, there is one circle of light that appears near Triet after you talk
with two villagers.  It leads not to a conversation with a character, but a
fight with the Sand Worm.

[7a. Colette]

- East of Asgard Ranch.
- East of Tethe’alla Tower of Salvation.
- Northeast of Toize Valley Mine.
- South of Hima.
- South of Ossa Trail entrance.
- West of Temple of Lightning.

[7b. Genis]

- East of Iselia House of Salvation.
- North of Gaoracchia Forest.
- North of Izoold and southwest of Hima.
- South of Sylvarant Tower of Salvation.
- Southwest of Altamira.

[7c. Kratos]

- East of Hima.
- South of Izoold.
- Southwest of Flanoir.
- Southwest of Luin.

[7d. Presea]

- East of Toize Valley Mine.
- Small island northeast of Ozette.
- West of Iselia House of Salvation.
- West of Palmacosta.
- West of Toize Valley Mine.

[7e. Raine]

- East of Fooji Mountains and northeast of Temple of Darkness.
- North of Lake Umacy.
- South of Triet Ruins.
- South of Ymir Forest.
- West of Tower of Mana.

[7f. Regal]

- Southwest of Katz’ Village.
- East of Altamira.
- Islands in northwest Tethe’alla.
- Outside Thoda Geyser.
- South of Toize Valley Mine.

[7g. Sheena]

- North of Temple of Lightning.
- Southwest of Latheon Gorge.
- Southeast of Sylvarant Tower of Salvation.
- Southwest of Mizuho.
- Southwest of Hakonesia Peak.

[7h. Zelos]

- North of Balacruf Mausoleum.
- Small island west of Palmacosta House of Salvation.
- South of Tethe’alla Tower of Salvation.
- South of Ymir House of Guidance.
- Southeast of Flanoir.

[8.  The Answers]

Whenever you engage in an overworld skit, Lloyd is given two options: one that
pleases the other character, and one that hurts their feelings.  According to
nandibus, the choice that apparently offends the character either has no effect
on their like for Lloyd, or has a very miniscule penalty.  Ones marked with a
(+) give a bonus.  Here is a list of the answers and their effects:

[8a. Colette]

- East of Asgard Ranch.
1.  "I'll leave her alone."
2.  "What's wrong?"  (+)

- East of Tethe’alla Tower of Salvation.
1.  "Okay."
2.  "Wow!"  (+)

- Northeast of Toize Valley Mine (in a patch of forest).
1.  "I doubt it."
2.  "Maybe."  (+)

- South of Hima.
1.  "Hehe, I know."  (+)
2.  "You think?"

- South of Ossa Trail entrance.
1.  "You seem happy."  (+)
2.  "Weirdo."

- West of Temple of Lightning.
1.  "Yeah, you're right."  (+)
2.  "Well, duh."

[8b. Genis]

- East of Iselia House of Salvation.
1.  "You did?"  (+)
2.  "Oh."

- North of Gaoracchia Forest.
1.  "What's wrong?"  (+)
2.  "Stop daydreaming."

- North of Izoold and southwest of Hima.
1.  "Yeah."
2.  "No." (+)

- South of Sylvarant Tower of Salvation.
1.  "What're you doing?"  (+)
2.  "I'll leave him alone."

- Southwest of Altamira.
1.  "I don't care."
2.  "Anything's fine."  (+)

[8c. Kratos]

- East of Hima.
1.  "Whatever."
2.  "I don't dislike you."  (+?)

- South of Izoold.
1.  "Yeah."
2.  "What's so foolish about it?!"  (+)

- Southwest of Flanoir.
1.  "What're you doing?!"  (+)
2.  "I'll leave him alone."

- Southwest of Luin.
1.  "That's true."  (+)
2.  "You're no fun."

[8d. Presea]

- East of Toize Valley Mine.
1.  "Is something wrong?" (+)
2.  "I'll leave her alone."

- Small island northeast of Ozette.
1.  "Yeah." (+)
2.  "Don't be too afraid, though."

- West of Iselia House of Salvation.
1.  "Oh, I see."  (+)
2.  "I doubt it."

- West of Palmacosta.
1.  "No."
2.  "Sure."  (+)

- West of Toize Valley Mine.
1.  "Does it matter?"
2.  "...What?!"  (+)

[8e. Raine]

- East of Fooji Mountains and northeast of Temple of Darkness.
1. "What's wrong, Professor?"  (+)
2.  "Don't know, don't wanna know."

- North of Lake Umacy.
1.  "I see..."  (+)
2.  "Don't try to console me."

- South of Triet Ruins.
1.  "I'll leave her alone."
2.  "What's wrong, Professor?"  (+)

- South of Ymir Forest.
1.  "Fine then."
2.  "Why do you try to act tough?"  (+)

- West of Tower of Mana.
1.  "It's probably useless."
2.  "You'll get better eventually."  (+)

[8f. Regal]

- Southwest of Katz’ Village.
1.  "I'll leave him alone."
2.  "What's on your mind?"  (+)

- East of Altamira.
1.  "That's hard to imagine."  (+)
2.  "Hahahaha!"

- Islands in northwest Tethe’alla.
1.  "No, it's not."  (+)
2.  "Take a compliment for once!"

- Outside Thoda Geyser.
1.  "You really are mature."  (+)
2.  "You really are prude."

- South of Toize Valley Mine.
1.  "Such a hassle."
2.  "Yeah, you're right."  (+)

[8g. Sheena]

- North of Temple of Lightning.
1.  "I see."
2.  "Oh there."  (+)

- Southwest of Latheon Gorge.
1.  "Huh?  Are you crying?"  (+)
2.  "Wow...Sheena's crying."

- Southeast of Sylvarant Tower of Salvation.
1.  "So what?"
2.  "Yeah."  (+)

- Southwest of Mizuho.
1.  "Okay."  (+?)
2.  "What, to you?"

- Southwest of Hakonesia Peak.
1.  "Yeah."  (+)
2.  "Does it?"

[8h. Zelos]

- North of Balacruf Mausoleum.
1.  "Never mind."
2.  "I'll pay you when I get rich."  (+)

- Small island west of Palmacosta House of Salvation.
1.  "What?!  Are you serious?!"  (+)
2.  "Sure, go ahead."

- South of Tethe’alla Tower of Salvation.
1.  "Being the Chosen is tough, huh?"  (+)
2.  "I see."

- South of Ymir House of Guidance.
1.  "Well, it doesn't matter."
2.  "Why?"  (+)

- Southeast of Flanoir.
1.  "Very unlike you to be brooding."  (+)
2.  "Whatever."

[9.  Individual Character Guides]

Are you trying to get a specific character to like Lloyd?  Then look no further!
A general note for getting the character you want:  Be sure to choose them at
the dinner party, the Iselia Ranch, for getting the swimsuit, for cooking the
curry, and for rescuing Kate, as well as finding all of their skit points and
answering them positively.

[9a.  Colette]
Colette is a real no-brainer.  Basically, if you answer all the choices in the
storyline like a goody-goody (or should I say, like Lloyd would?), Colette will
like you better.  She is expected to like Lloyd the most by default, and begins
with a very high affection to boot.  Most people end up with her.  If you
really want to overkill it, answer all of her skit points positively.

[9b.  Genis]
Genis is fairly easy to raise as well.  Since you get him right away, there are
lots of choices made during the game's early storyline that affect him.  He
tends to think in the same vein as Colette:  "Justice and love will always
prevail!"  Just hit all of his skit points as well, and you're set.  Supplement
it with the Celcius' Tear and Palmacosta academy events, too.

[9c.  Kratos]
Kratos is in your party from very early on, but leaves (permanently, excluding
the Iselia Ranch and if you choose him at Flanoir) the party after visiting
Sylvarant's Tower of Salvation.  He gets many storyline options that affect
him, so be sure to nail them.  Like Raine, he tends to agree with rather
negative ones that Genis and Colette don't like.  Definitely bring him against
Kvar; he'll appreciate that.  Get all of his skit points in Sylvarant before
going to the Tower of Salvation, too.

[9d.  Raine]
A moderate challenge.  Raine has many storyline options.  She likes the choices
that tend to really hurt everyone else's feelings; she's always cautious and

[9e.  Sheena]
She joins later than the original group of five, but still has a great deal of
story choices compared to the rest of the Tethe'alla characters.  Lloyd can
score (or lose) big points with her in the Kuchinawa duel sidequest.

[9f.  Presea]
Presea has very few choices in the storyline; instead, she has a load of small
sidequests.  Be sure to hit the Toize Mine and old friends (in Sybak and
Meltokio) sidequests.  She initially starts with very little trust, but with
some effort she'll warm up to Lloyd.

[9g.  Zelos]
By far the most challenging of characters to get Lloyd close to.  He only has a
handful of storyline choices, and doesn't start with much trust in Lloyd.
Even if you choose him for curry, Kate, and Iselia while answering all of his
skit points nicely, he still lags behind the capacity of other characters.  Be
sure to get the lost child in Sybak event.

[9h.  Regal]
Regal, much like the last three characters you get, doesn't have much in terms
of storyline options.  Still, it's fairly easy to get him to be buddies with
Lloyd.  Just do the usual routine listed at the beginning and you'll hit off a
great friendship.

[10.  Stuff to add/confirm]

- Anything with an "Effect unknown" or question mark needs confirmation.  If I
have anything wrong or if you have any more info, please tell me!
- What other events boost/lower affection?
- Does this affect overlimit at all (soul mates)?
- Are there any more topics that need to be covered?
- Any more burning affection related questions you have that are not answered
in the FAQ?

[11.  History]

April 18th, 2007:  Finally got around to another update.  Mostly a few
corrections, clarifications, and a couple small additions.

December 24, 2004:  Big update!  More info on the sidequests and more
importantly, exact numbers provided from the official guide!  Awesome.

October 15th, 2004:  Added a section about dealing with individual characters,
a couple new FAQs, and added a new option for the optional events.

September 26th, 2004:  Got a nearly complete list of answers up.  Added a new
FAQ, fixed some errors.

September 15th, 2004:  I ironed out a lot of errors (thanks to everyone that
helped and MS Word spellcheck).  Added several questions to the FAQ.  Toned
down the “Colette bashing”.  Added an overworld skit list thanks to jamescom1.
Added the little Closing section.

September 5th, 2004:  Welcome to the world, my new FAQ in official form! Has a
small introduction, FAQ, hopefully most of the dialog choices, and the minor
gears to move this thing move off the ground.

[12.  Credits]

-The creator of "http://www.din.or.jp/~albion/tales/", the inspiration behind
this piece.
-malneuy7319, who gave a rough translation of the Japanese choices presented so
I could understand the information.
-VansFlyingPapaya for the Sheena in Luin choices and confirmation on a choice,
as well as the Kuchinawa choices.
-jamescom1, for making the overworld skit list.
-SilverWind9, Commander Cool, and YamiExodia, for pointing out my mistakes.
-nandibus, for checking the negative answers for the overworld skit points.
-Ampharos64, for discovering that the Devil's Arm quest in Gaoracchia modifies
-The whole of the people that contributed to the "Flanoir/Heimdall scenes"
topic, which started this.
-Richard Carter, for giving me information on the missing Genis overworld skit.
-Jay Burke, for helping nab a typo.
-rbollige, for correcting a small mistake.
- Jimbob11, for confirming the “Combo” skits.
-Spider, for clearing up when the "Lost Child in Sybak" event can be triggered.
-XShadow, Reno-Chan, and Ruina for getting the information straight from the
official source!  Many thanks!
-Napoli, for being the cutest kitty ever.
-GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.

[13.  Legal]

I created this guide.  You cannot use this to sell to others, or pass this on
as your own work.  Only GameFAQs has my permission to host my FAQ.  If you’d
like to host this FAQ on your site, please email me!  Use this FAQ for private
use only.

[14.  Contact]

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact me:  
ketshi at gmail.com. I will not answer questions that were answered in the 
guide.  Make sure to include the words “Tales of Symphonia” or something to 
that effect in your e-mail, or I might delete it.

[15. Closing]

This FAQ is especially useful in conjunction with Cyllya's "Ending FAQ" and
AngelicDiamond's "Character Relationship Scenes" FAQ, both found on GameFAQs.
I hope this will help other players get maximum enjoyment out of this
incredibly fun game.  Thanks for reading!

-Ket Shi, the Cait Sith Fanatic

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