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Battle Quote FAQ by Adlubescence

Version: 0.72 | Updated: 06/27/2005

Tales Of Symphonia Battle Quote FAQ
Author: Adlubescence
Version 0.72
E-mail: gnomelord@msn.com
Original Draft: 8/16/04
Last Update: 6/27/05

|Table of Contents|

Version History
 -Of Good...
  -In-battle Quotes
  -End-Battle Quotes
  -Pain Quotes
 -...And Evil
Legal Stuffage
Special Thanks

|Version History|

Version 0.72 6/27/05
 "It don't mean a thing, If it ain't got that swing"...
 Anyright, I'm taking this moment to inform the uninformed about "Ain't"
 That was an Incorrect usage.
 Ain't is a contraction of the words "am" and "not".
 Proper only when speaking of yourself. (I ain't doing that)
 Together, we can correct the misconception of ain't, and reinsert it into
 modern vocabulary!
 ...Oh. And I added some new quotes.

Version 0.71 6/26/05
 The camping!
 Yeah, so I'm back from roughing it for a week, and the first thing I do?
 Play ToS.
 I know my priorities.

Version 0.70 6/16/05
 My, this has been a productive day, hasn't it?
 ...Oh God... I've been productive...
 Oh well. Time to put Zelos' Mantra to work.
 *Sips Cranberry Raspberry Snapple* mmm... Lawsuit...
 Right. Well, got the big three at the tower done. (Spoiler free update
 description for your consumption! Enjoy!)

Version 0.69 6/16/05
 Oh dear God. Just... Just hurt me for that...
 Irgendwie, All enemy/boss quotes up to Undine are FINITO!
 doubleyou, double0, t: w00t w00t!

Version 0.67 6/13/05
 Finished asgard ranch quotes.
 And I mean, ALL of them. Kvar, desian underlings (sans-bowman)
 *dons kirby cutter helmet* Schwing!
 Ahh... You gotta love the Bomberman 64 explosions.

Version 0.65 6/10/05
 Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh Callay!
 I chortle in my idiocy.
 Anywhat, Blue and I fininshed my second file with enough grade, so...
 Oh. And some early game quotes too.
 *Does a jig*

Version 0.63 4/22/05
 Right... right...
 Apparently, some of my quotes weren't good enouh for you guys.
 So, you wanna play hardball? I'll play hardball!
 Dodgeball with Bocce balls! Go!
 ...right. Alleigh and JM nitpick, and I go berserk.

Version 0.61 3/20/05
 Happy Spring everybody!
 And yeah. New quotes.

Version 0.60 3/12/05
 All right! All right! I'll update it! sheesh! Just because it's been *checks*
 3 months...
 I'm lazah.
 ...I will never spell lazy like that ever again. I swear.

Version 0.59 2/21/05
 Wow... I thought I died there... 
 Wait... What?
 Anyweigh, I'm back. Sorry about that.

Version 0.58 2/18/05
 Happy Mullet Appreciation Day! (February's got the best holidays...)

Version 0.58 2/10/05
 Have you said hello to everybody you know today?
 (Happy Say "Hello" to Everybody You Know Day!)

Version 0.58 12/09/04
 Yay! Chirstmas is coming, and you know what that means!
 It means my wallet will weigh less than when it has nothing in it.
 ...Well, the longer I put off thinking about the possibility of maybe studying
 for finals, the more I can focus on ToS.
 Can someone help me get "Loves Lies Bleeding" out of my head?

Version 0.57 11/20/04
 Well, after almonst a month, Shinryuu and KryptoPyro help me with the FAQ. in
 one day. *claps slowly* yeah... No! We're not playing tag again! You guys play

Version 0.55 10/22/04
 Wow. That was a long time. Anyway, I've got some new quotes. (WHOAMG! NO WAY!)
 Yeah... Not much else to say...
 *tags* You're it!

Version 0.54 9/22/04
 Got the Pre-battle quotes for underleveled characters.
 From someone else.
 I was going to do that on my next playthrough too!
 Why do you guys always beat me to the punch? Grr... If I wasn't still trying
 to finish advanced colliseum with Kratos... WAHHH!!! Me want Zelos!

Version 0.54 9/20/04
 Hooray! After celebrating Rosh Hoshana and Talk Like a Pirate Day, I'm ready
 To Do some work!
 Anyway, coupla new quotes.

Version 0.53 9/19/04
 Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrgh!

Version 0.53 9/17/04
 Happy...I mean solemn...Rosh Hoshana's...ending? Maybe?

Version 0.53 9/16/04
 Small additions here and there. Not much to talk about, but that hasn't
 stopped me before! Ima gonna speak inna Italian/German broken english! Capesh?
 Ich come from das big pizza parlor! Ich bin very hoppy totag! Ja!
 (help me...)

Version 0.52 9/10/04
 Yeech... This has not been a good week. anyway, a boatload of new quotes,
 check 'em out. I've lost a lot of emotion... *eats a cookie* ;_; so tired...

Version 0.50 9/06/04
 YEEEEEHA! I'm confident I'm at the halfway mark, so I put it down.
 Whoople-dee. Anyway, some guys figured out I didn't have the meteor storm
 Quote, and told me so, Shinryuu Is catching up to skynight and sent me some
 Unison Attack quotes. In other news, Zelos has taken possesion of the world.
 Join the Zelos Army and avoid your otherwise eminent doom.

Version 0.48 9/05/04
 An unknown helper (Shinryuu! Shinryuu!) has been helping me a lot lately. I've
 been taught how to use strategies, and have been told how to get the
 corresponding quotes. yeah... that's kinda it...
 Limecat! http://www.limecat.net/

Version 0.43 9/01/04
 In case you haven't noticed by now, I've been picking numbers out of a hat for
 the versions that sound right. meh. More tiny updates, like the angel quotes
 and a new pre-battle quote set-up. w00tness.

Version 0.39 8/25/04
 School's back, so that means I'll be spending less time on ToS, meaning every
 time I'm on, I'll be doing quote stuffage. Gee thanks guys! Meh. It was time
 took a little time off it anyway... BUT I DON'T WANT TO!
 Oh yeah. I got the command quotes finished and I'm working on the unison
 attacks next.

Version 0.34 8/21/04
 Wow... Skynight has proven himself to be the biggest contributor of this FAQ.
 (Beating me to getting the Remiel Quotes, no less...) Anyway, A myriad of new
 Quotes added in almost every section. Yes, I like the word myriad.

Version 0.33 8/20/04
 It is an update, but I don't feel that it's enough for a version change.
 Added all Escape and Taunt quotes (except for Zelos){Curse my not being able
 to return to my first playthrough!} and a few more enemy quotes.

Version 0.33 8/19/04
 Recently tooled around with the customization screen, and found I could tweak
 it so I only heard the characters' voices. Really helped with Maxwell. (Sheena
 whispers the spell!) FAQ accepted at GameFAQs.

Version 0.32 8/18/04
 Fought the Abyssion battle and scrounged up some more quotes. Lost some of
 them because of my bad penmanship, though...

Version 0.31 8/17/04
 Wow. I've noticed just how many quotes are in the game. I regret starting at 
 0.3. I've more than doubled the number of quotes in the FAQ and added more 
 Enemies' quotes.

Version 0.30 8/16/04
 I decided to make a FAQ after a request and several topics. Yay me!

|Intro Dealie type thing|

Hello there. I, Adlubescence, have decided to emerge from the shadows and
grace you all with a with a FAQ.
Isn't that great?
Anywho. Many a person has remarked "OMG TEH FUNAY!!!!!" More or less on
the Tales of Symphonia Boards, in reference to the quotes within the game.
Some realized, If a script for the game were to be made, All the little 
snippets within the random encounters would be lost.
That's where I come in.
I'm here (whether you like it or not) to regale you with the funny and clever 
sayings in the aforementioned battles.
Now then, shall we move on to the FAQ?


You've noticed by now, that there are a myriad of phrases that stream from the
mouths of the ToS Characters, most of them amusing and not in the least (as
they would want them to be in that world) intimidating.
The quotes aren't just limited to your characters, the human(oid) characters
spew forth their own jeers and yells too.
But right now, let's just start with the Heroes, 'mkay?

|Of Good...|

Hmmm... Almost sounds like poetry.
Anyway, I've divided the quotes into two categories: In-battle and End-battle.
I would hope I wouldn't have to explain those by now.


Ooh! More dividing! I've split this section into more groups.
Pre-battle, Techs, Attacks, and Other.
Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?



"This is gonna be a piece of cake."
"All right, let's go!"
"Don't let up!"
"Let's go all out!" 
"Lets do the usual."
"Reinforcements huh?" (same battle twice)
"This is gonna be tough." (Underleveled)
"Wow! There's a lot of them!" (large group)
"Holy Cow!" (large enemy)


"Don't worry, leave it to me!"
"Let's go!"
"We can do it!"
"Be careful, everyone!"
"Here comes more of them!" (same battle twice)
"Looks really strong!" (Underleveled)
"There's a lot of them!" (large group)
"Oh, no..." (large enemy)


"You're gonna regret this..."
"They're going down!"
"Let's get this over with!"
"Don't you guys let up?" (same battle twice)
"This isn't our day." (Underleveled)
"There's too many of them!" (large group)
"Look at this big guy!" (large enemy)


"Not much of a specimen..."
"Be careful, everyone!"
"Let's begin the research!"
"One fight after another..." (same battle twice)
"This is going to be an arduous battle." (Underleveled)
"We must be merciless!" (Underleveled)
"This is ridiculous!" (large group)
"What an Abnormal Sized specimen!" (large enemy)


"Don't get too comfortable."
"Take them down quickly!"
"Give them no quarter!"
"One right after another..." (same battle twice)
"This is a dangerous situation." (Underleveled)
"Don't be intimidated by their numbers!" (large group)
"Size does not equal strength." (large enemy)


"You're in for a world of hurt."
"Time to die!"
"More Battles?" (same battle twice)
"This is gonna be a tough battle." (Underleveled)
"How many of you are there?" (large group)
"Wow...It's big!" (large enemy)


"This is gonna be cake."
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
"You wanna tussle? Huh?"
"You guys stalking me or something?" (same battle twice)
"Uh-oh, this might not be so good." (Underleveled)
"You guys part of a gang or something?" (large group)
"Well, well, aren't WE a big boy?" (large enemy)


"50% output should be sufficient."
"I'm tired of this" (same battle twice)
"This is a dangerous situation." (Underleveled)
"A large group." (large group)
"Big" (large enemy)


"I don't care for pointless battles."
"We have no choice but to fight!"
"Rrrggh... More enemies!" (same battle twice)
"This is a powerful opponent." (Underleveled)
"Let's see if numbers will make up for their lack of strength." (large group)
"Humph, you think you can beat me with size alone?" (large enemy)



"Leave it to me!" (commanded)
"It's not working!" (Ineffective spell)
"Watch this!"
"Take this!" (unlisted Tech)
"I'll show you....Divine Justice!"

"Watch this!"


"You bet!" (commanded)
"It's not working!" (Ineffective spell)
"Hey! I got something!"
"Ready? Pow hammer!"
"Thy faithful servant asketh for thy blessing. Honor us with the splendor of
 thy song. Holy song!"
"Oh Holy one, cast thy purifying light upon this corrupt soul. Light of
 judgement, Judgement!"
"Thy faithful servant asketh for thy blessing, honor us with the splendor of 
 thy...uh...whoops!  I messed up, heh heh!  ...Wha-?"
"Holy wings, I beg of thee to reveal thy glory. Angel feathers!"
"Thy power floweth purely, ever unwavering. Accept my soul into thine embrace.

"I got it!"


"Gotcha!" (commanded)
"What the heck?" (Ineffective spell)
"Not too bad." (Effective spell)
"Found your weakness!" (Super effective spell)
"Come Get some! Air Blade!"
"Gentle winds, gather before me and transform into waves of air. Cyclone!"
"Wanna charge? Thunder blade!"
"I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder.
"Pancake time! Stalagmite!"
"Engulf this pathetic soul! Ground dasher!"
"Burn! Eruption!"
"Reduce these evil souls to ashes. Explosion!"
"Drown! Aqua laser!"
"Drown! Spread!"
"Form a torrential vortex and engulf the evil spirits. Tidal wave! "
"Get him! Gravity well!"
"Get him! Fire Ball!"
"Cool off! Ice tornado!"
"May the merciless embrace of frost take thee. Absolute!"
"I call upon the power of the holy blades! Prism Sword!"
"I'll show you your powerlessness... Indignation Judgement!" 
"Infinite Powers, grant me thy strength, Meteor Storm!"

"All right!"


"Understood." (commanded)
"It's ineffective!" (Ineffective spell)
"How was that?" (Effective spell)
"So that's the weakness..." (Super effective spell)
"Light! Photon!"
"Help is on the way. Nurse!"
"Help is on the way. Healing Circle!"
"Root of all creation, grant us the breath of life! Revitalize!"
"Are you okay? Recover!"
"I'll help. Sharpness!"
"Bring back this soul from Purgatory! Ressurection!"

"I've got it!"


"As you wish." (commanded)
"Very well." (commanded)
"It's not working!" (Ineffective spell)
"Don't overdo it. First Aid!"
"Take this!  First Aid!"
"I won't let you die! Healing Wind!"
"Sacred Powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls. Rest in
 Peace, Sinners! Judgement!"
"Take this! Wind blade!"
"Take this! Lightning!"
"Take this! Fire Ball!"
"Take this! Stone blast!" (If you couldn't tell, This get's kind annoying...)
"Take this! Grave!"
"Ready? Eruption!"
"Out of the way! Thunder Blade!"

"Take this!"


"All right." (commanded)
"Uh oh!" (Ineffective spell)
"I summon thee... Let's go, Corrine!"
"I call upon the maiden of the mist. Undine!"
"I call upon the Red Giant, the Ruler of Hellfire! Come! Efreet!"
"I call upon the disciple of everlasting ice. Celsius!"
"I call upon the servant of Mother Earth. Gnome!"
"I call upon the Heavenly Messengers. Come, Sylph!"
"I call upon the hammer of godly thunder. Volt!"
"I call upon the envoy from the dark abyss. Shadow!"
"I call upon the light of the heavens. I summon thee, come, Luna!"
"Source of Heaven, Earth, and everything in between, Ruler of all, I summon
 thee, Origin!"
"Ancient ruler of the elements, I summon thee, Maxwell!"


"Okay, okay!" (commanded)
"Crap! It doesn't work!" (Ineffective spell)
"Burn, Baby! Eruption!"
"Don't run! Thunder Blade!"
"Ready for this? First aid!"

"Damn, I must be a genius!"


"Affirmative." (commanded)
"Ineffective." (Ineffective spell)

"A new power."


"Understood." (commanded)
"It's not working!" (Ineffective spell)
"Didn't like that?" (Super effective spell)
"I have you! Healer!"
"I have you! Grand healer!"
"I have you! Chi Healer!"

"Try this!"



"Like that?"
"Didn't like that, huh?" (Lloyd, next time give the enemy time to speak.)
"Here we go!" (Unison Attack Begin)
"You ready?" (Unison Attack)
"O.K." (overlimit)
"Not a chance!" (taunt)
"Come on, bring it!" (taunt)


"I found a weakness!"
"Ready?" (Unison Attack Begin)
"Lloyd!" (Unison Attack)
"I'm mad now!" (overlimit)
"I won't lose to the likes of you!" (taunt)


"Let's get 'em!" (Unison Attack Begin)
"Go!" (Unison Attack)
"Now I'm mad!" (overlimit)
"Not over!" (overlimit)
"So, so sad..." (taunt)


"Let's begin!" (Unison Attack Begin)
"Get ready!" (Unison Attack)
"Now!" (Unison Attack)
"Here's payback!" (overlimit)
"Heheheh...Are you afraid?" (taunt)


"Didn't like that?"
"Outta my sight!"
"Out of the way!"
"That's it!"
"Follow me!" (Unison Attack Begin)
"Follow it up!" (Unison Attack)
"Want more?" (overlimit)
"A pathetic sight..."(taunt)


"So that's your weakness!"
"How you like that?"
"Are you all ready?" (Unison Attack Begin)
"You're not going anywhere!" (Unison Attack)
"Try this!" (Unison Attack)
"Annoying!" (overlimit)
"What's the matter? Afraid?" (taunt)


"So that's your weakness!"
"All right." (Unison Attack Begin)
"Don't run!" (Unison Attack)
"Ooh yeah!" (overlimit)
"Come and get some!" (taunt)


"A weakness..."
"Begin..." (Unison Attack Begin)
"Here I go!" (Unison Attack)
"...Stupid!" (taunt)


"As expected."
"Let's go!" (Unison Attack Begin)
"Ready?" (overlimit)
"Think you can defeat me?" (taunt)

~`~`~`~`~`OTHER QUOTES


"Not a chance!" (Opponent's spell)
"You okay?" (giving item)
"Thanks!" (Recieving item)
"There!" (Using Item on Self)
"Let's get out of here!" (escape start)
"Gotta know when to go!" (escape end)
"Forget what I said about running!" (escape cancel)
"Let's go guys!" (Guard Strategy)
"I'm counting on you guys!" (All Out Strategy)
"Okay, let's do the usual!" (Reserve Strategy)
"That's enough, guys!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"Something's coming!" (Opponent's spell)
"You okay?" (giving item)
"Thanks!" (Recieving item)
"Here!" (Using Item on Self)
"Run!" (escape start)
"Let's be more careful next time..." (escape end)
"Maybe not!" (escape cancel)
"Let's do the usual!" (Guard Strategy)
"Martel, guide us!" (All Out Strategy)
"Let's do that one plan!" (Reserve Strategy)
"Back to the usual!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"Taking me on with magic?" (Opponent's spell)
"Watch out, okay?" (giving item)
"Thanks!" (Recieving item)
"Here!" (Using Item on Self)
"Run!" (escape start)
"Try and catch us!" (escape end)
"Forget it!" (escape cancel)
"Let's do the thing we learned!" (Guard Strategy)
"Let's try that one!" (All Out Strategy)
"Let's do the usual!" (Reserve Strategy)
"Forget what I said!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"Watch out for the spell!" (Opponent's spell)
"Be careful." (giving item)
"Thank you!" (Recieving item)
"Here!" (Using Item on Self)
"We need to move!" (escape start)
"We need to be more careful next time!" (escape end)
"We don't need to retreat!" (escape cancel)
"Just like I taught you!" (Guard Strategy)
"Remember what I told you!" (All Out Strategy)
"Remember, just like we practiced!" (Reserve Strategy)
"We'll do the usual." (Cancel Orders Strategy)
"I got it!" (Using Magic Lens) ~.:EXCLUSIVE QUOTE TYPE!:.~ (...Okay...)


"Please..." (Opponent's spell)
"Be careful!" (giving item)
"Humph..." (Recieving item)
"Ha!" (Using Item on Self)
"We need to pull back!" (escape start)
"Retreat!" (escape end)
"There's no need to run!" (escape cancel)
"We're going with the one plan!" (Guard Strategy)
"Follow my orders!" (All Out Strategy)
"Here's our chance..." (Reserve Strategy)
"Cancel the formation!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"This can't be good..." (Opponent's spell)
"Be careful!" (giving item)
"Thanks!" (Recieving item)
"Here!" (Using Item on Self)
"Time to go!" (escape start)
"See ya!" (escape end)
"We're not done yet!" (escape cancel)
"Just like we planned it!" (Guard Strategy)
"Let's try that one thing!" (All Out Strategy)
"Try the Mizuho tactic!" (Reserve Strategy)
"Forget what I said earlier!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"Watch out for the magic!" (Opponent's spell)
"Bet you love me now, huh?" (giving item)
"Here ya go!" (Using Item on Self)
"Let's skedaddle!" (escape start)
"Live to fight another day, right?" (escape end)
"Just kidding!" (escape cancel)
"Love ya!" (Recieving item)
"Let's just do whatever!" (Guard Strategy)
"Make me look good, okay?" (All Out Strategy)
"We're going with my pimp plan!" (Reserve Strategy) (O_o...)
"Sorry, forget what I said earlier!" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"Danger." (Opponent's spell)
"Thank you." (Recieving item)
"Here." (Using Item on Self)
"Let us retreat." (escape start)
"Goodbye." (escape end)
"Let us return to battle." (escape cancel)
"That one." (Guard Strategy)
"As usual." (All Out Strategy)
"Please?" (Reserve Strategy)
"Will we end this?" (Cancel Orders Strategy)


"We've got to stop the spell!" (Opponent's spell)
"Do not overexert yourself." (giving item)
"Thank you." (Recieving item)
"Hah..." (Using Item on Self)
"Retreat!" (escape start)
"Goodbye." (escape end)
"We can still fight!" (escape cancel)
"We'll go with that one plan." (Guard Strategy)
"You know what to do." (All Out Strategy)
"As planned." (Reserve Strategy)
"That's enough." (Cancel Orders Strategy)

|End-Battle Quotes|

The Ending quotes are separated (not shown) into three types: Normal Status,
Critical status, and special endings that coincide with the story.
If you don't want any spoilers (sorta) skip the third sections.
These ending and often hilarious scenes shine among most of the other quotes,
thus they get their own section.


"Just as I expected"
"All right!"
"That was way too easy."
"It just wasn't your day."
"I was just warming up."
"That was easy. *Yawn*"
"Not bad, am I?"
"You picked the wrong guy to mess with."

"*pant* *pant* Did...did we win?"
"Is...is everyone all right?"

"I did it...I've avenged my mom!" (Kvar with Kratos in party)
"Mom, I hope you were watching..." (Kvar without Kratos in party)
"I know you were holding back!" (Kratos)
"I...won't lose to you!" (Kratos)
"We trusted you..." (Zelos)
"It's not over yet..." (Mithos)
"Goodbye...Mithos" (Ultimate Mithos)


"Good job everyone!"
"I hope you learned your lesson!"
"There! *drops chakram* Whoops! Hehe!"
"There! Hehe!"
"That was easy!"
"Pretty good, Right?

"Ow...Is everyone all right?"
"It's finally over..."


"I feel good today!"
"All talk, no action."
"Man, that was pathetic!"
"Keep working on it, okay?"
"That was too easy!"
"That's what you get for messing with me!"
"...And don't come back!"

"Did...we make it?"


"Was that a bit too much?"
"Oh. Over already?"
"That should help my research."
"We've no time for silly games"
"That wasn't too bad."
"Not a bad excercise, was it?"

"That was rather poorly handled..."
"Perhaps we made a tactical mistake..."


"Blame your fate."
"Enemies deserve no mercy."
"You can never escape fate."
"I cannot die until I fulfill my duty."
"Never stood a chance..."
"Never had a chance..." (Kratos...cocky?)
"That's that."

"Never thought we'd have this much trouble."
"I still have a lot to learn..."


"That's that."
"That was disappointing."
"Heh heh... Evil doesn't stand a chance."
"That's it? I was just getting started!"
"Regret messing with me? Well it's too late now!"
"Everybody's counting on me..."
"It's over."
"Who's next?"

"I thought I was gonna die!"
"*pant* We made it!"


"I'm too pretty! Seriously!"
"Not even a contest."
"That was so easy!"
"I bid thee adieu... Just kidding!"
"Man, I rule! I'm sooooo cool!"
"Don't worry; there's hotties up in heaven too." ("Mr. Wilder needs an English
 class" ~JM) (I know I screwed up the form! Shut up!)
"That was pretty good, wasn't it?"
"Thanks for making me look so good!"

"Man... This sucks!"
"Ugh! That was rough!"


"Let us go."
"Do not bother us."
"We won."
"Do not think ill of us."
"I wanna go home..." (Stop saying that! The voice acting is too good! *sobs*)
"We are okay."

"Is...everyone okay?"
"Danger has passed."

"I did it, Alicia. I've avenged your death." (Rodyle)


"Do not think ill of us. We had no choice."
"That was pathetic."
"Goodbye, worthless enemies."
"Redemption still eludes me..."
"I cannot stop until I've atoned..."
"It's fate..."

"That was a tough battle..."
"We survived..."


Lloyd: "Colette...need cure for poison..."
Colette: "Oh, I'm not poisoned, Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "No...I mean...me..."

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Colette: "You were great Lloyd!"
Sheena: "You're incredible!"
Raine: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Heh heh..."

Lloyd: "Victory..."
Colette: "..belongs to..."
Sheena: "...the most..."
Zelos: "...Sexy! Dead Sexy!"

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "Yeah, Lloyd, you were great!"
Kratos: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Eew..."

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Genis: "Yeah, Lloyd, you were great!"
Zelos: "You're the best!"
Lloyd: "It just isn't the same..."

Lloyd: "How's that?"
Kratos: "Overconfidence breeds carelessness."
Raine: "You need to focus!"
Lloyd: "...I'm sorry...."

Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?"
Sheena: "You're incredible!"
Raine: "We're counting on you."
Presea: "You were amazing, Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "heh heh..."

Lloyd: "Presea, no one can stand against your axe!"
Presea: "The enemy has been defeated. We should move on."
Lloyd: "Cold..."

Lloyd: "Look at Mr. President, strutting his stuff."
Regal: "Ugh..."
Lloyd: "Hahaha! You're turning red!"

Colette: "Heh heh heh... I'll protect everyone!"
Lloyd: "Thanks, Colette!" (If you ever get the chance to hear this, don't.)

Colette: "Our weapons are love!"
Genis: "Justice!...and"
Kratos: "Ugh...Hope."

Colette: "Wow Lloyd, you looked really cool!"
Genis: "I'm starting to wonder about your tastes, Colette."
Lloyd: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Genis: "Dwarven Vow number 7..."
Colette: "...Justice and love will always win!"
Lloyd: "Ugh... I hate that saying!" 

Genis: "I'll protect you, sis!"
Raine: "I'm counting on you."
Genis: "Hehehehe."

Genis: "I'll protect you, Presea!"
Presea: "And I'll protect you too, Genis."
Genis: "Uh...okay..."

Raine: "Lloyd, I want you to remember that enemy's weakness. "
Lloyd: "Aw man, you're making me study here, too?"

Raine: "What was that enemies' name?"
Colette: "I like Poochie."
Raine: "No dear, I meant the species."

Raine: "This is not an inn, dear."
Sheena: "Be quiet you cold hearted witch!"
Raine: "Let's just leave her here."

Kratos: "Let's hurry on."
Lloyd: "Man...I didn't get to do anything..."

Sheena: "Are my Seal Spells amazing or what?"
Lloyd: "Yeah, Your moves are definitely awesome."

Sheena: "And don't come back!"
Colette: "I don't think they can come back."
Sheena: "...Um...You're becoming more like Lloyd, aren't you?"

Sheena: "Well, don't think you can beat us just because we're women."
Raine: "Women are better suited for battle, you know."
Colette: "I won't lose.  I have to protect everyone!"
Presea: "We will always win."

Sheena: "Did you see my attack?"
Zelos: "Oh yeah, Baby. I was watching all right."
Sheena: "For some reason, I don't think that was what you were focusing on."

Zelos: "No one can stand against the great Zelos!"
Lloyd: "You mean no one can stand you."
Zelos: "Lloyd, that was seriously harsh."

Zelos: "See that? Super Zelos' attack is invincible."
Lloyd: "So who should we fight next?"
Genis: "How about that red-headed Chosen Guy?"
Zelos: "Whoa, whoa, you're kidding right?"

Zelos: "See that? Now tell me you didn't fall in love." 
Colette: "Yes! It was incredible!" 
Sheena: "Yeah, Raine's special attacks are ultra-cool." 
Zelos: "I wasn't talking about her..." 

Presea: "Enemy defeated"
Lloyd: "Presea, no one can stand against your axe!"
Presea: "Uh...Thank you!"

Regal: "We must protect..."
Presea: "...This world..."
Sheena: "...With our own hands."
Zelos: "And speaking of hands, I think I'll put mine..."
Sheena: "Ugh, idiot!"

|Pain Quotes|

Your characters get hurt, and they make sure you know it. When Someone dies on
the field, not only do they utter their last words, but other players speak as



"Pretty good..."
"No way!" (Guarding)
"We have to think of something!" (critical)


"Why just me?"
"I'm dizzy..." (stun)
"Sorry!" (Guarding)
"I can't believe it!" (Guard Break)
"I can't concentrate!" (spell disrupt)
"Oops... I messed up." (spell disrupt)
"Uh-oh..." (critical)


"This is annoying..."
"Heh!" (Guarding)
"No way!" (Guard break)
"Don't bother me!" (spell disrupt)
"We're gonna die!" (critical)


"I was just careless!"
"Futile!" (Guarding)
"Impossible!" (Guard break)
"Gah!" (spell disrupt)
"Don't get in my way!" (spell disrupt)
"We're in grave danger!" (critical)


"Won't Work." (Guarding)
"Aren't we clever..." (spell disrupt)


"I messed up..."
"No way!" (Guarding)
"You've got to be kidding me!" (Guard break)
"Don't mess with me!" (spell disrupt)
"We're in trouble!" (critical)


"Not the Face!"
"I give up."
"Heh!" (Guarding)
"Whoa..." (Guard break)
"This takes concentration, you know." (spell disrupt)
"Man, I feel like a chump..." (Critical)


"Will nothing change?"
"No." (Guarding)
"Uh!" (Guard break) (So what if it's a crappy quote? She's so cute! ^_^)


"Ugh! I was careless!"
"Not a chance!" (Guarding)
"Trying to get in my way?" (spell disrupt)
"We're in grave danger!" (Critical)

~`~`~`~`~`DEATH QUOTES


"I'm sorry...Dad..."

"You're gonna pay!"
"No...I don't believe this!"


"I'm sorry, everyone..."

"How could you?"



"You're going to pay!"


"I'm... Sorry...
"Aaugh!" (If you hear this, try to think ONLY of her dying. Good luck.)

"You're not going to get away with this!"
"I guess I wasn't strong enough..."



"I won't let you take any more lives!"
"I failed..."
"Forgive me."



"I'm gonna take you out!"


"What a sorry way to go..."

"How could you do that?"
"Now you're gonna pay!"


"Good bye."
"Ow!" (E...emotion? *gaspersX40!*)



"I'm sorry!"

"I was too late..."

|...and Evil|

You didn't expect those dirty desians and the other human enemies keep their
yappers shut, did you?
Well the bosses weren't going to go unheard either.
So here they are, happy?
No? I...I'm sorry...
/!\ Warning! The Bosses Section may include spoilers. You have been warned.
...I'm sorry, that was abrupt, wasn't it? I should have warned you about the



"No use!"

--Spearman (Kinda odd. Because they're all female...)

"It'll be over soon..."
"That's it?"


"Take this!"
"No use!"
"Lose, to inferior beings?"

--Evil Sorcerer (As opposed to all the good sorcerors you fight?)

"You ready for this?"
"I'll rip you to shreds!"
"You can't stop me!"
"No way."

--Foot Soldier

"That's All?"


"Dodge this!"
"Know your place."
"What's wrong?"

--Evil Warrior

"Bwa Ha Ha!"
"Aw!" (Best. Quotes. EVER.)
"Lost, to a Human?"

--Commander Knight

"Cardinal Thunder!"
"Long live the Pope!"

--Cardinal Knight

"That's it!"


"You ain't goin' nowhere!"
"What's Wrong?"
"You're gonna Pay..."


"Hit!" (pull!)
"Won't work!"


"Did you like that?"
"End of the line!"
"Bye bye!"
"Here I go!"
"Watch out!"


"Too Slow!"

--Heavy Armor



"Mana, root of all creation, gather before me!"
"Destroy the enemy before me!"
"Show us thy power!"
"Grant me power!"


"Time to fly!"
"Bye bye!"
"La lala lala.."
"Don't pick on me!"
"I'm a goner..."

--Dark Sword

"Now die."
"Go away!"
"This is the final warning..."
"How could this happen?"

--Dark Spear

"Futile resistance..."
"Take this!"
"This is nothing..."

--Dark Archer

"I have you!"



"Do not get in our way"

"I'll Crush You!"

"I can't believe I lost to a bunch of kids..." 


"Ready for a real fight?"

"Rock Breaker!"
"Take this! Fire Ball!"
"Trying to get in my way?"

"I... underestimated... your power..."


"You really think you're going to live through this?"

"Watch this! Eruption!"
"Flame Lance!"
"Hell Axe!"
"Hell Hound!" (A bit more intimidating than Heck Puppy...)
"It's pointless!"

"I lost to a bunch of kids?"

---Clumsy Assassin

"Time to die!"

---Resolute Assassin

"Everybody's counting on me."

"Was that the right thing to do?"


"Know your place!"

"No! Lord...Pronyma...!" (uhh... "Lord" pronyma?")


"Lightning Thrust!"
"Lightning Strike!"
"Take this! Lightning!" (Y'know, I wonder what element he is...)
"This is the end... Spark Wave!"
"Go away... Guardian Shield!"
"Not a chance!"

"I was... so... close..."


"I have no further need of you. Begone!"

"Punishment! Photon!"
"Holy Lance!"
"Judgement Ray!"
"Get out of my sight!"
"Stay away!"

"Ow." (Hey blue! It's Paul!)

"None of you stood a chance from the beginning."

"How could... the ultimate power... lose?"



"I shall judge your worth!" (aaaand, what exactly does this mean?)

"Ready? Spread!"
"Aqua Edge!"
"Is that the extent?" (What the hell?)

"I am... Impressed..."




"..." (I spent a lot of time on this! Really!)


"Prepare to eat dirt!"   ("Mmmm...dirt." ~Zeus Guy)

"Come on!"
"I'll crush ya!"

"Aww... Nuts!"


"It's over!"


Sephie: "Are you ready?"

Yutis: "Go! Go! Go!"

Fairess: "Here I go!"


"I shall reduce you into cinders!"






"Are you ready?"

"Extraordinary. I will believe in all of you."


"Hehehehe! This should be quite entertaining!"

"Think you can avoid this?"

"I'm tired of this nonsense..."

---Convict (3 little ones)

"(series of assorted grunts and interjections)"


---Convict (Blue haired one)

"We have no choice but to fight!"

"Crescent Moon!"
"Spin kick!"
"Eagle dive!"
"Not a chance!"
"Ugh! I was careless!"

"It's fate."

"I'm sorry..."


"I'll show you the difference in our strengths!"

"Take this! Thunder Blade!"
"Thunder Explosion!"
"Take this! Indignation!" 
"Give up!"

"Curse your fate for standing in my way."

"The power...of your exsphere..."


"I will show you...My true power!"

"Death is inevitable."
"Destroy all!"
"I'd like to see you stop this!"

"I'd like to thank all of you... This, is the power that I've been seeking...
 The power... is within me... No one can defy me!"

"How could anyone be more powerful than me?"


"You earnestly believe you can defeat me?" (Tower of Salvation)
"I hope you've improved..."
Kratos: "I'm not gonna hold back this time."
Lloyd: "I know... I won't either." (Torent Forest)

"Fierce Demon Fang!"
"Lightning Blade!" 
"Light spear!"
"Won't work."

"You cannot oppose fate."

"It's over."


Zelos: "Might as well go all out, right?"
Lloyd: "You bastard..."
Zelos: You can call me anything you like. But It's not gonna change anything.
 You ready?"

"Damn...heh heh heh..."

"You will pay for making a fool of me!" (Fooji Mountains)
"I shall expell you of your flaws." (Tower of Salvation)

"Take this! Dark Sphere!"
"Take this! Fool!"
"Stay away."

"I'm sorry... Lord Yggdrasill..." (Fooji Mountains)
"I can't believe I lost twice... To this wretched lot..." (Tower of Salvation)


"I'll show you the meaning of true power." (Tower of Salvation)

Yggdrasill: "Why can you not accept the ideal world I have envisioned?"
Lloyd: "How can your world be ideal when you've killed countless innocent
Yggdrasill: "Human... don't tell me what's right and wrong!"

"That's all?"

"How sad."

"I won't die...Until I save Martel..."


"There's nothing anyone can do!" 

"Get Away from me."
"You don't stand a chance!" 

Mithos: "My sister means everything to me. I won't let anyone get in my way. 
 I will revert this entire world back into nothingness."
Lloyd: "You're going to betray the world just for your sister?!"
Mithos: "None of you understand how I feel!"
Lloyd: "You're the one who doesn't understand!"

Mithos: "My sister means everything to me...I won't let anyone get in my way.
 I will revert this entire world back into nothingness."
Colette: "Mithos! Stop making your sister suffer!"
Lloyd: "That's right! You know the truth, Mithos!"
Mithos: "None of you understand how I feel!"
Colette: "No! That's not true!"

"My dream of a world...for my sister and me..."

---Ultimate Mithos

"Disappear into nothingness..."
"Come darkness..."


 |Legal Stuffage|

As of now, only GameFAQs may use this FAQ. If you spot this on any other site,
please contact me.
I spent a lot of time writing this FAQ, and if anyone plagiarizes it in any way
shape or form, I will follow the guardians' signature trail and find you. And
when I do...
heh. Hahahahaha... 
I'll ask you politely to not do it again.
I need to stop finishing my statements.

|Special Thanks|

Moonnightmare13 - For giving me the idea.
Skyknight - You just don't stop, do you? *Biggest contibutor to this FAQ*
cynic79 - For That boatload of quotes.
Shinryuu - For leading me out of that dark hole of confusion.
N64wiz0113 - The frist typo correction! *tosses confetti*
JM - My personal Spellchecker. (how many "to"s should have been "too"s, again?)
Kilopy12 - Wow... Just... wow...
Zeus Guy - For listening to the forces of Evil.
Blue - For being Collette all those times. heh heh heh...
KrystalSword7 - Yuan does have prettyful hair.
And the little people - Seth Huber/Ket Shi, RPG1337, VGD,  luckydragon7288, 
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