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    Meltokio Coliseum Guide by Aeriko

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       TTTTTT      TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT                   Tales of Symphonia         
                   TTTTTTTT                             Meltokio Coliseum Guide    
                   TTTTTTTT                  OOOO       By Eric Ryder ~ "Aeriko"   
                   TTTTTTTT                OOOOOOOO     Version 1.50               
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                   TTTTTTTT               OOO    OOO                               
                   TTTTTTTT    A L E S     OOOOOOOO  F                             
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                              SSSSSSSS          SSSSSS    SSSSSSSS                 
                             SSSSSSS            SSSSSS      SSSSSS  Y M P H O N I A
                             SSSSS     SSSS   SSSSSS       SSSSSSS                 
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                             SSSSSSS                    SSSSSSS                    
                              SSSSSSSS               SSSSSSSSS                     
                        1.  Obligatory Legal Stuff ~ (OLS)
                        2.  Version History ~ (VRH)
                        3.  Introduction ~ (ITR)
                        4.  Enabling the Coliseum ~ (ENC)
                        5.  The Coliseum ~ (CSM)
                            5A.  Singles Matches ~ (SIM)
                                    -Beginner Class
                                    -Intermediate Class
                                    -Advanced Class
                            5B.  Party Matches ~ (PAM)
                                    -Beginner Class
                                    -Advanced Class
                        6.  Character-Specific Strategies ~ (CSS)
                                    -Colette ~ (CSSCOL)
                                    -Genis ~ (CSSGEN)
                                    -Raine ~ (CSSRAI)
                                    -Sheena ~ (CSSSHE)
                                    -Kratos ~ (CSSKRA)
                                    -Zelos ~ (CSSZEL)
                                    -Presea ~ (CSSPRE)
                                    -Regal ~ (CSSREG)
                        7.  Extras/Secrets ~ (EXS)
                        8.  Credits ~ (CRD)
                                    -Contributions to This Guide ~ (CNG)
                                    -About the Author ~ (AAU)
      To help make navigating this guide easier, i've placed initials in the
      beginning of each section. Use your browser's Ctrl+F function to search for
      each section. Example: Hit Ctrl+F then type (CRD) for the "Credits" section.
      1.    Obligatory Legal Stuff ~ (OLS)
      This guide is Copyright ©2004 Eric Ryder "Aeriko". All rights reserved.
      All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
      respective trademark and copyright holders.
      This FAQ is not to be reproduced in any form except for private and/or
      personal use only. It may not be placed on any other website(s) or otherwise 
      distributed publicly in any form without advance written permission.
      Websites allowed to use this guide:
      If you're dying to use or contribute to my guide, e-mail me at
      spyder(at)zeldaclassic.com with "ToS FAQ" or something in the subject and
      i'll get back to you. GameFAQs got this guide first because CjayC is one of
      the most trustworthy webmasters I know. If I don't think you're as honest as
      him you won't be getting permission.
      If you see this guide full or in part anywhere else besides the site(s)
      listed above, PLEASE let me know and send me the URL. There may be a reward**
      This is my guide, I didn't spend all this time making it so someone could rip
      it off. Please be respectful. ^_^
      2.    Version History ~ (VRH)
      Total hours spent making this guide up to this point: 20:30
      Current Version:
      Version 1.50 - September 3, 2004 (3 hours, 45 minutes)
      Mental State: Tired of Reading E-mails! >_<;
             A HUGE update! After 5 1/2 weeks, my Inbox has reached critical mass!
             I Added a LOT of contributor strategies and suggestions. I still need
             more though, but be sure to check the new "Contributions to This
             Guide" sub-section under "Credits" to see what I will and won't take. 
      Past Versions:
      Version 1.10 - July 27, 2004 (45 minutes)
      Mental State: Disgruntled
             Had to fix some minor formatting errors, but there are probably still
             more left. We'll see how this turns out...  
      Version 1.00 - July 25, 2004 (4 hours)  FIRST GAMEFAQS RELEASE!!!
      Mental State: Glee ^_^
            It took long enough! Completed adding my info to all sections including
            "Character-Specific Strategies". Also finally beat Garr, Meredy, and
            Farah Oersted. Added my strategy on them to "Extras/Secrets". Also
            proofread and edited the whole guide, and distributed copies to all my
            friends. Oh yeah, and you're finally reading this now because this is
            my first submission of this guide to GameFAQs! Go me. ^_^
      Version 0.90 - July 23, 2004 (3 hours)
      Mental State: Ambitious
            "The Coliseum" finished, "Single's Matches" started and finished, 
            started on "Party Matches", added "About the Author", More added to
            "Credits", tweaked with "Obligatory Legal Stuff". Can I go to bed now?
      Version 0.75 - July 22, 2004 (5 hours)
      Mental State: Determined
            Added a BUNCH of content. "Introduction", "Enabling the Coliseum",
            "Extras/Secrets", "Credits", "The Coliseum". All of these were first
            started in this version. Fleshed out the rest of the sections with an
            ~~~UNDER CONSTRUCTION~~~ sign.
      Version 0.50 - July 20, 2004 (4 hours)  ~First Version~
      Mental State: Dead Tired
            My first draft basically, all the bare-bones. Got the "Obligatory Legal
            Stuff" section done. ASCII Title and "Table of Contents" finished also.
            I did this at 3 AM, it wasn't pretty. >_<
      3.    Introduction ~ (ITR)
      Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first FAQ, the Meltokio Coliseum Guide. I
      decided to write this because I found the information in the BradyGames guide
      to be GROSSLY inadequate, although I will give credit for all of the
      Monster's stats and when you can enter the Coliseum to their guide.
      Everything else I found out on my own and believe me, the prizes you can win
      are definitely worth it. Many of the best weapons in the game can be found
      as prizes in the Single's Advanced Class, and some of the best armor is in
      the Party Advanced Class.
      This guide was written under the assumption that you've been playing this
      game for quite a while. You don't even get to see the Coliseum until you're
      40+ hours or so into the game, and when you do see it, you can't even enter
      until you're almost at the Final Boss fight. So there won't be controller
      configuration instructions or basic fighting techniques. Many other guides
      can fill that role much better than I can. What you'll find here is a
      comprehensive list of all monsters you will fight in the Coliseum, their HP
      data, location, and weakness to the elements given as follows:
            Data Key
            HP:     Hit Points.
            TP:     Technique Points.
            STRONG: What the monster is resistant to. 
            WEAK:   What the monster is weak to.
            LOC:    First location where you encounter this Monster.
            Monster Name Here
            HP:     99,999
            TP:     999
            STRONG: Water,Wind,Fire,Earth
            WEAK:   Thunder,Ice,Light,Dark
            LOC:    Palmacosta Human Ranch(or wherever)
       ~*All of these HP/TP values are from fights on the "Normal" Battle Rank*~
      ~*I may at a future date also add values from the "Hard" and "Mania" Ranks*~
      They will also be sorted into the classes you'll fight them in for easy
      reference, followed by a general strategy against them. Also under the
      Character-Specific section you'll find my strategy for each playable
      character. Including, in my opinion, the best Techs to use. Although in the
      future if I get enough submissions you'll see other people's strategies also,
      with full credit given to them of course.
      Let's stop chit-chatting and get to fighting! ^_^
      4.    Enabling the Coliseum ~ (ENC)  ~*POSSIBLE STORY SPOILERS*~
      So how do you know when the game will let you into the Coliseum? Although
      there is some limited story sequences and small things you can do at the
      Coliseum, the game won't actually let you start fighting there until you get
      to the point in the story where Zelos has to get his Cruxis Crystal from his
      little sister, Seles, who's locked-up in the SE Abbey. Opening the Coliseum,
      along with many other side-quests, happens when you finish this simple task.
      5.	The Coliseum ~ (CSM)
      Finally, down to the central focus of this guide, the Meltokio Coliseum!
      This section will be split up into two, the Single's Matches and the Party
      Matches. Those sub-sections will be further split by class, each with its
      fights, prizes, and enemy data.
      If all your after is a list of who wins what title and weapon after the
      Advanced Matches, here you go. Keep in mind though, these weapons only become
      available AFTER using the Vinheim Key to open the final door in Derris-
      Kharlan AND viewing the story scene inside, but NOT stepping into the final
      teleporter. Otherwise you'll only recieve a Recovery/Medicine/Restoration
      Set, no matter how many times you beat it!
            Character       Title                   Weapon
            ~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~                   ~~~~~~
            Lloyd           Sword of Swords         Valkyrie Saber
            Colette         Super Girl              Angel's Halo
            Genis           Ultimate Kid            Final Player
            Raine           Gladiator Queen         Crystal Rod
            Sheena          Rose of Battle          Divine Judgement
            Kratos          Conqueror               Excalibur
            Zelos           Grand Champion          Excalibur/Last Fencer**
            Presea          Deadly Flower           Bahamut's Tear
            Regal           King of the Coliseum    Kaiser Greaves
      ** See the Extras/Secrets Section for details on how to obtain this.
      As a rule, the Coliseum Titles that you obtain are VERY nice, often adding
      many stat-bonuses to your character at level-up. They are generally not the
      best though. For example, Lloyd's "Sword of Swords" title adds 3-4 points to
      all of his stats at level-up. However, his title of "Eternal Swordsman" is
      better because it adds 7 to HP and STR, and 6 to DEF and ACC. As a fighter,
      Lloyd doesn't need INT at all, and his EVA is pretty good, so it's not as
      important to level those up.
      I know this is an understatement, but your betting quite a bit of money on
      these fights and there's a Memory Circle just inside. SAVE THE GAME before
      you fight, don't waste your money!
      Another understatement: Make sure your character has the most up-to-date
      armor and weapons! And finally, this is important in the Single's Matches, if
      your character does NOT have healing abilities, i.e. Lloyd, Presea, Genis,
      etc., make SURE you have a Healing Bracelet on them! It replenishes 10% of
      your total HP for every enemy you defeat! That's the only way to restore
      health in the Coliseum! Besides food after battle of course. Also a
      Faerie/Emerald Ring is recomended, you don't wanna run out of TP!
      Now, on to the battles! ^_^
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      5A.    Singles Matches ~ (SIM)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        ~*All Single's Matches are written with Lloyd as the Player Character.*~
      ~*Other character strategies are handled in the Character-Specific Section*~
      Single's Matches are available right off the bat, but you have to work your
      way up from the Beginner Class to Intermediate Class, and finally the 
      almighty Advanced Class.
      Single's Match: Beginner Class  ENTRY FEE: 5,000 Gald
      These are so easy i'm not even gonna give a actual descriptive strategy. Just
      hack-and-slash to win!
      1st Match:    Rogue
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     2,000
                    TP:     38
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Meltokio Area
      No general strategy needed. KILL HIM!
      2nd Match:    Duelist
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     5,230
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Heimdall Area
      Just block, then counter. Hell, just jump behind him and start a
      4-hit combo -> Beast. Do whatever you want, have fun!
      Final Match:  Heavy Armor
      ~~~~~~~~~~~>  HP:     5,500
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Heimdall Area
      This guy may give you a bit 'o trouble. If you were totally new to this game
      that is! Dodge his huge, slow axe-swings, then get in there and cut him up
      with a Sword Rain variant like Beta or Sonic. He'll fall in no time.
      Your prize for putting up with this farce is 12,000 Gald and a Medicine Set.
      Congratulations! You've just beaten the biggest waste of GameCube computing
      power ever, the Beginner Class! ^_^
      Single's Match: Intermediate Class  ENTRY FEE: 10,000 Gald
      You may have some trouble here if you rushed through the game a lot. I'll
      put some advice here, but it's still your basic hack-and-slash.
      1st Match:    Boxer Iris
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     3,380
                    TP:     150
                    STRONG: Water
                    WEAK:   Fire
                    LOC:    Gaoracchia Forest
      This guy is pretty easy, I found the Duelist to be tougher. Block his 4-5
      punches and counter with more of your favorite Sword Rain. Tossed salad
      anyone? ^_^
      2nd Match:    Coffinmaster
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     3,750
                    TP:     200
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   Light
                    LOC:    Temple of Darkness
      OMG TH1S D00D W1LL R0X0R J00 W1TH H1S B0XX! Not. The usual Block -> Sword
      Rain will suffice here, but be careful to not get swallowed up by whatever 
      that thing is inside the coffin, you'll be unable to move for awhile and 
      he'll get some free hits on you. I also like to jump over and Beast him
      in the back.
      3rd Match:    Feather Magic
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     3,580
                    TP:     68
                    STRONG: Wind,Thunder
                    WEAK:   Earth
                    LOC:    Temple of Ice
      Annoyance. That's the word I would use for all flying enemies such as this
      one. This girl's not that powerful, any strong combination will do her in.
      The problem is getting off the combo before she rises into the air again.
      Like I said, just plain annoying. Let's move on.
      Final Match:  Sasquatch
      ~~~~~~~~~~~>  HP:     9,800
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: Ice
                    WEAK:   Fire
                    LOC:    Meltokio Area
      This guy's got quite a big leap in the HP department. 9,800 will take a
      little while. The good news is that since he has no TP, that means no
      magic. The bad news is that the Sasquatch has a nasty lick attack which
      hits you with Curse, meaning no Techs! This equals Block -> 4-hit standard
      combo. Also Rising Falcon's not bad if you still can use Techs. Just whittle
      away at him while avoiding his earthquakes and punches and you'll get...
      Your prize for conquering this class:  26,000 Gald and a Restoration Set!
      Well that wasn't too bad. The real challenge lies ahead in Advanced Class!
      Single's Match: Advanced Class  ENTRY FEE: 30,000 Gald! o_O;
      This is what I meant by saving your game before starting! even at level 70,
      I still couldn't win steadily. Also, if you beat this class with Zelos in
      your party (not Kratos), you'll have the chance to fight a special battle
      at the end against his sister, Seles. Defeat her to win Zelos' best sword,
      the Last Fencer! See the Extras/Secrets Section for info on that fight.
      When you're ready, let's do this!
      My equipment at Level 70 looked like this:
                    HP:     5,096   TP:     485
                    Weapon: Kusanagi Blade/Nebilim
                    Body:   Star Mail
                    Head:   Golden Helm
                    Arm:    Hyper Gauntlet
                    Acc. 1: Faerie Ring
                    Acc. 2: Heal Bracelet
      I'm not saying that you MUST have this equipment, I'm just giving you an
      idea of what I was wearing when I finally beat the Advanced Class. Note the
      Kusanagi Blade and the Nebilim, both are MUCH more powerful than the
      Material Blade, the supposedly "ultimate" weapon of this game. The Kusanagi
      is obtained by defeating the Sword Dancer's third and final form, and the
      Nebilim you get after completing Abyssion's Dark Arms quest. I'm sure there
      are other FAQs that can tell you how and where to quest for these swords.
      With that out of the way, on to the first fight! 
      1st Match:    Velocidragon            Dragon Rider
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     2,300           HP:	2,680
                    TP:     0               TP:	0
                    STRONG: Fire            STRONG:	NONE
                    WEAK:   Ice             WEAK:	NONE
                    LOC:    Luin Area       LOC:	Luin Area
      Two on one!? C'mon that's just plain dirty fighting right there. These two
      will prove to be your hardest battle yet, and you'd probably fail on your
      first time in the Advanced Class because this duo didn't leave you with
      enough HP to make it the rest of the way. That is unless you know what's
      coming. I always take out the Dragon Rider first, because his attacks are the
      fastest. Just treat him like the Rogue/Duelists from before and watch out for
      the dragon, he's very slow, but powerful. Try to lead the Rider away from his
      pet before starting a combo. After the Rider's dead, you should've only lost
      about 500 HP. Take out the Dragon with your usual Block -> Sword Rain. Just
      try to conserve as much HP as possible, you've got 4 more matches to go! >_<
      2nd Match:    Crush Tortoise
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     9,400
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: Water,Ice
                    WEAK:   Thunder
                    LOC:    Latheon Gorge
      As would be expected of a Tortoise, it moves quite slowly. What's unexpected
      is that this guy's got really quick attacks! You have a very small window
      from when he stops attacking and when he starts guarding. Somehow you've got
      to sneak your attack in between those two actions, otherwise you'll be
      hitting for 20 instead of 200! Timing is the key here, just be sure to
      conserve your health. You should only lose about 500 HP here, but you'll gain
      that back from the Heal Bracelet at the end of the battle.
      3rd Match:    Drake
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     11,850
                    TP:     1,000
                    STRONG: Fire,Thunder
                    WEAK:   Ice
                    LOC:    Gaoracchia Forest Area
      I love this fight because I feel like i'm playing dirty. An important thing
      to remember is that this Drake has only TWO attacks: A purple flame-breath
      that spews in front of him, and the magic spell Spark Wave. Note that the
      Drake can't do ANYTHING about you if you stand directly beneath him! If you
      see him casting Spark Wave, give him a quick slash to the underbelly.
      Otherwise, just spend your time running underneath to get behind him, knock
      him to the ground, and start your combo! Rinse and repeat till this dragon's
      dead! You should be able to defeat this dragon without taking a single hit.
      that means +500 HP from the Heal Bracelet, and whatever you decided to cook.
      4th Match:    Ice Warrior
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     4,320
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: Water,Ice
                    WEAK:   Fire,Thunder
                    LOC:    Temple of Ice
      I hate this guy. No predictable pattern, brutal attacks, and iron defense.
      this will be the longest 4,320 hit points you'll ever see. I'll start by
      describing his attacks and what to do about them:
      Horizontal Slash ~> 300-350 dmg. Block it and counter-combo.
      Vertical Slash ~> 300-350 dmg. Same as above.
      Ice Bullets ~> 300-350 dmg x4 hits. Block these or you'll be hurting big-time.
      Ice Charge ~> 300-350 dmg + Guard Break. Run backwards as soon as you see him
      charge this up. it looks like a blue ring charging around his body, he then
      slashes, causing what appears to be several icy spikes to burst out of the
      ground, flinging you backwards regardless if you were blocking or not.
      So basically the only time you can hit him is after the Horizontal/Vertical
      Slash, and even then he's got the Crush Tortoise's response time. Not to
      mention that your attacks will NOT always cause him to stagger. Expect to
      take some serious damage after this fight. If you've got between 1/2 and
      2/3 HP at the end of this battle, you'll have a fighting chance against...
      Final Match:  Dragon Knight
      ~~~~~~~~~~~>  HP:     13,500
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Meltokio Area(Coliseum Only)
      If you thought the Ice Warrior was tough, he was crap compared to this guy.
      Still no predictable pattern, More brutal-er attacks, and even more iron-y
      defense.(Look I can make up words!) Here are all of his attacks:
      Horizontal Slash ~> 400+ dmg. Block this and be caused to drift back quite a
      Stab ~> 400+ dmg. Same as above.
      Horizontal Slash + Stab ~> 400+ dmg x2. You'll drift back even more after
      blocking this, otherwise you'll be flung away.
      Hover + Fire Breath ~> 500+ dmg x4 to x8. Get hit by this and you're a goner.
      Run under him quickly to evade and launch an attack of your own while his
      back is turned!
      Triple Fireball ~> 350+ dmg x3. If you're close enough when he does this move
      and you block all 3, then you have a free shot to start your combo!
      So basically, you dodge and block until he either does his Fire Breath or his
      Triple Fireball. In the case of Fire Breath, treat it like you did the Drake 
      in Match 3, run under and behind him and start your combo. The Triple
      Fireball is much more common though, with this you have to make sure you are
      in striking distance when he starts spewing fire. At the end of the 3rd
      Fireball, stop blocking and lay into him with a Tetra-Slash + Beast Sword
      Rain, it'll cause many hits plus knock him back away from you, preventing you
      from getting trapped with your back against the wall.
      Even when you block this dragon's attacks, each hit will still cause 90+ dmg,
      you need to make sure you have plenty of HP left over from the Ice Warrior's
      battle to even stand a chance of surviving. Good Luck!
      Should you manage to defeat the Dragon, You'll win 40,000 Gald, a Recovery
      Set, and a Krona Symbol!(First time only.)
      In addition, you'll also recieve your title and the Coliseum Weapon designed
      for your character. In this case you'll get Lloyd's "Sword of Swords" Title
      and the Valkyrie Saber! Congratulations!
      REMEMBER: You can only get the Coliseum Weapons AFTER using the Vinheim Key
      to open the final door in Derris-Kharlan AND viewing the story scene inside,
      but NOT stepping into the final teleporter. Otherwise you'll only get the
      Gald and the Recovery Set! >_<
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      5B.    Party Matches ~ (PAM)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Party Matches become available after you beat Single's Match: Advanced Class
      for the first time. You also have to put up with a Beginner Class here, but
      it goes straight to Advanced from there. The dynamic is a little bit
      different than your standard random battle, in the Coliseum you're only
      allowed 3 poeple for your team. As always, feel free to experiment but I
      recomend every party you make should have Lloyd(controlled by the player),
      and Raine(your healer, duh). The third person is up to you, I use Presea for
      her solid defense rating, or Kratos/Zelos for their backup heals.
      An important thing you should do before fighting is to set Raine's
      "Revitalize" spell to your Up-C or Down-C shortcut. these battles don't last
      long enough for you to be concerned with TP, Just keep chain-casting your
      Revitalize shortcut and it will make the battles much easier, Raine's AI
      isn't always the brightest you know... ^_^
      And a final tip, set Raine's Strategy to Protect Friend, Heal, and L-Range
      Magic. As for your Third person, set them to Scatter, At Once, and
      Frontlines.(Except for Genis of course.)
      For each Party Match, I'm going to assume you have Lloyd and Raine.
      Party Match: Beginner Class  ENTRY FEE: 15,000 Gald
      Simple fights, you really don't even need Raine here, but she's good in a
      pinch. Let's hurry past this.
      1st Match:    Sorceress               Ranger
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:	1,980           HP:     2,120
                    TP:	250             TP:     0
                    STRONG:	NONE            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:	NONE            WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:	Meltokio Area   LOC:    Gaoracchia Forest Area
                    Rogue   x2
                    HP:     2,000
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Meltokio Area  
      You could find a similar fight to this right outside the Meltokio City gates!
      Treat it accordingly. Go after the Sorceress first, then the Ranger, then the
      Rogues. You've done this many times in the past, rinse and repeat please. ^_^
      2nd Match:    Sorceress               Ranger
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     1,980           HP:     2,120
                    TP:     250             TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE            WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Meltokio Area   LOC:    Gaoracchia Forest Area
                    Duelist	x2
                    HP:     5,230
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Heimdall Area
      What the hell!? This is basically the same group you just got done killing,
      but now Duelists have joined the fray. It doesn't matter though, the same
      order applies. Go Sorceress, Ranger, then Duelists. Make sure your hitting
      that "Revitalize" shortcut often, and don't let anyone hit your healer.
      3rd Match:    Seahorse                Kraaken
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     1,890           HP:     7,320
                    TP:     0               TP:     0
                    STRONG: Water           STRONG: Water
                    WEAK:   Fire,Thunder    WEAK:   Thunder,Ice
                    LOC:    Altamira Area   LOC:    Heimdall Area
                    Super Star x2
                    HP:     2,100
                    TP:     0
                    STRONG: Water,Ice
                    WEAK:   Thunder
                    LOC:    Izoold Area
      *Sigh* I'm getting tired of these super-easy battles. I usually save the
      Kraaken for last, athough it doesn't really matter. If you fail here take
      your game back to the store or sell it to someone who would appreciate a
      good RPG. You wouldn't deserve it anymore. ^_^
      4th Match:    Specter	x2              Grim Reaper x2
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     2,000           HP:     1,980
                    TP:     0               TP:     100
                    STRONG: Dark            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   Fire,Light      WEAK:   Light
                    LOC:    Tower of Mana   LOC:    Tower of Mana
      A slight notch up in difficulty. Go for the Reapers first, since they can
      cast a couple spells on you. Also, have Raine cast Ray in this battle, it'll
      do some major damage 'cause they're Undead. Only one more match to go...
      Final Match:  Coffinmaster            Pharaoh Knight x3
      ~~~~~~~~~~~>  HP:     3,750           HP:     5,620
                    TP:     200             TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE            STRONG: Dark
                    WEAK:   Light           WEAK:   Light
                    LOC:    Temp. of Drk    LOC:    Temple of Darkness
      Finally a decent challenge! This Coffinmaster is just as annoying as the one
      in the Single's rounds. Take him out first, then gang up on the Knights. A
      good thing to do when Raine's not casting Revitalize is to have her 
      chain-cast the Photon, Ray, or Holy Lance spell. All three do major damage to
      this group of Undead, making the fight MUCH shorter.
      Congratulations! You just beat the Party Match: Beginner Class! Your prize
      today is 20,000 Gald and a Medicine Set! Don't you feel special? ^_^
      Party Match: Advanced Class  ENTRY FEE: 40,000 Gald! @_@;
      SAVE YOUR GAME. That's a lot of money to blow on a failed Coliseum attempt.
      I think that this Advanced Class is easier than the Single's one, but
      that's only because you have a healer here. Also, if you manage to triumph
      over this class, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a special
      "Exhibition Match" against Garr, Meredy, and Farah Oersted from previous
      Tales games. See the Extras/Secrets Section for info on that battle.
      1st Match:    Druid   x2              Beast Ogre
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     3,810           HP:     3,420
                    TP:     420             TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE            WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Temp. of Drk    LOC:    Gaoracchia Forest Area  
      This is actually your first fight in the Party Matches where you're not
      outnumbered! Take advantage of this by having the 2 frontline fighters take
      out the Druids first, the Ogre is way too slow catch Raine and inturrupt
      her. A fairly easy match, let's go on to the next one.
      2nd Match:    Boar    x2              Baby Boar x3
      ~~~~~~~~~>    HP:     6,840           HP:     3,760
                    TP:     0               TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE            WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Ymir Forest     LOC:    Ymir Forest
      You fought these guys left and right when you went to the Ymir Forest on the
      way to Heimdall earlier in the game, nothing's changed. I find it easier to
      focus on one Boar at a time, then slaughter the babies. Other than blocking
      the Boar's charges and countering with your own combo, there's not really
      much I can say about this fight. Make bacon out of them and get on to the
      next fight.
      3rd Match:    Feather Magic x2        Red Mantis x2
      ~~~~~~~~~>	HP:     3,580           HP:     2,780
                    TP:     68              TP:     0
                    STRONG: Wind,Thunder    STRONG: Water
                    WEAK:   Earth           WEAK:   Fire,Thunder,Ice
                    LOC:    Temple of Ice   LOC:    Heimdall Area
      I actually lost this fight the first time I was here because I failed to
      protect Raine. She died, and the rest of us soon after. In this battle you
      have to be everywhere at once, Slashing the Feather Magic's to prevent a
      spell, then rushing over to Raine to guard her from Mantis attacks. The key
      here is to stop the F.M.'s while keeping Raine alive. Mashing your
      "Revitalize" shortcut also helps too.
      4th Match:    Cutlass                 Evil Teddy x2
      ~~~~~~~~~>	HP:     9,800            HP:     7,800
                    TP:     0               TP:     800
                    STRONG: NONE            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE            WEAK:   Fire
                    LOC:    Torent Forest   LOC:    Meltokio Area(Coliseum Only)
      This is one nasty fight. The Cutlass will almost always stop you in the
      middle of your combo, and if you don't go after the Teddies first, they will
      start chain-casting magic on you! Since your options of handling this fight
      are limited, Make sure you and your third person are ganging up on one of the
      Evil Teddies, stopping only to inturrupt the other bear's spell. While this
      is happening keep hitting your "Revitalize" shortcut, hopefully the Cutlass
      is focusing on you and not the tender healer. Once one bear is down the fight
      becomes simple, you and your third split up and take out the remaining two.
      Try to make it so you end the fight right after a casting of Revitalize,
      you'll need that HP in the next fight.
      Final Match:  Druid   x2              Dragon Knight
      ~~~~~~~~~~~>  HP:     3,810           HP:     13,500
                    TP:     420             TP:     0
                    STRONG: NONE            STRONG: NONE
                    WEAK:   NONE            WEAK:   NONE
                    LOC:    Temp. of Drk    LOC:    Meltokio Area(Coliseum Only)
      The final battle of the Party Matches, and it's just a rehash of old fights?
      I was expecting a little more than this, seeing as how this fight is kind of
      simple. As usual take out any mages in an enemy party first, this means
      Druids this time. Watch out for the Dragon though, he likes to swing his
      spear around a lot, and if you're not blocking, you'll be sent flying! After
      the Druids are gone it's all about going berserk on the Dragon Knight.
      You don't have to worry about HP conservation due to Raine's presence,
      so lay into this guy and plaster the hapless Dragon. Just make sure to
      alternate with your shortcuts, Up-C for Revitalize, Down-C for Ray, so on and
      so forth. Defeating this group earns you your prize of...
      Congratulations! You've just cleared the Party Match: Advanced Class! 
      You'll get 50,000 Gald and a Recovery Set. Also, you'll get your chance to
      fight Garr, Meredy, and Farah Oersted from previous Tales games! If you win
      against them, you'll also get some of the best armor in the game! See the
      "Extras/Secrets" section below for information on how to deal with this
      extremely lethal trio.
      6.	Character-Specific Strategies ~ (CSS)
      Serving as more of an Appendix to "The Coliseum", the Character-Specific
      Strategies section will give special advice for playing as each of the
      characters below. Lloyd will not be found here because his strategy was
      explained above in each Single's Match fight. 
      Colette ~ (CSSCOL)
      Here are two guides so far. If you know another way to use her let me know.
      CONTRIBUTED BY: XionTeikiatsu
      1st Match:
      If you have Torrential Para Ball, good for you. If you don't, I recommend
      you get it, unless there's something better that doesn't cost an entire
      crapload of TP that I'm not aware of. This match will be one of the 
      hardest. I hope you've mastered backdodging, because Colette NEEDS to do
      this a lot. Basically, you want to have them attack first, then backdodge
      and pelt them with Torrential Para Ball before they can block. As long as
      you live through this battle, you'll be fine.
      2nd Match:
      Back yourself into the corner and block. Colette's defense should be enough
      to reduce the damage while your accessories heal you. You should gain
      about... 40 HP per recovery. Sit back and block, maybe find something else
      to do, because it's gonna take awhile for Colette to heal completely. When
      she does... smack the thing once after blocking it's attack, and hold block
      again. Repeat until it's dead.
      3rd Match:
      Simple as always, although Colette's combo might ruin the simplicity. Run
      under it, and press Neutral A. Her chakram should ring up and around to dash
      the thing in the back and knock it to the ground. Keep pressing Neutral A
      slow enough that it doesn't combo, but fast enough that it doesn't get up
      and it'll die eventually.
      4th Match:
      Ouch, I hate this one. Ray Thrust is your friend. If you're too close, try
      a Torrential Para Ball. There's no easy way out of this battle... as long
      as you live, you can regenerate HP in the next one.
      Final Match:
      Alright, bait and dodge tactic here. When he spits fireballs at you,
      IMMEDIATELY use Ray Thrust. It takes Colette some time to recover, so if 
      you don't use it before the second fireball hits, he's probably gonna take
      a step forward and back you into the corner. Note, Colette is PATHETIC
      at defending herself when she's getting beaten into a corner. Especially
      against this guy. When he flies up into the air, quickly dash under and
      behind if you think you can make it. Chances are, you can, unless you start
      running late. When he lands, or rather, when you finish turning around,
      pelt him in the back with a Torrential Para Ball, and start blocking.
      Unless the thing's stunned. Then you wanna use Torrential Para Ball again.
      Colette isn't the fastest character... even if you run, she WILL get hit.
      It's better to be knocked away for 100 or so damage by a slash, which is
      easily recovered by the Holy Symbol and Yata Mirror. Eventually... he
      should fall to Colette's unstoppable power.
      CONTRIBUTED BY: Eruhin
      Colette has got to be the worst character in Advanced Class!  Granted it
      can be done, but there were numerous times I was yelling at Colette on
      screen. Before you go into the matches I must INSIST that you have the
      compound EX Skill "Angel's Tear" (Resurrect-3, Angel Song-4, Stat Boost-4,
      Eternal-3) which will allow you to resurrect once per battle, a must for
      this girl. Also, I had Colette set to T-type skills, so you may have to
      adjust a bit for spells. Set Ring Cyclone/Whirlwind and Stardust Cross to
      whatever hotkey position you feel is most comfortable for you...you'll be
      using them a lot! Also I like to have my characters cook Miso Stew (large
      HP and MP boost), so make sure you have the recipe and plenty of the
      1st Match:
      For the first guy, he's pretty tough considering you have two to worry
      about. Be prepared in case the velocidragon spits a fireball and guard if
      he does. Then move in close enough to cast Stardust Cross to knock the rider
      off. Target the rider first  Note: make sure the rider and the V-Dragon are
      on one side of you at all times, NOT boxing you in or you're basically done
      for. After that, move in and let the rider and dragon try to attack and
      quickly back-up so they don't hit you. Quickly move back in and Ring
      Cyclone/Whirlwind the rider. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The dragon and rider
      won't necessarily attack at the same time, so be prepared for that. After the
      rider's gone, give yourself some room on both sides and move close to the
      dragon. When he tries to attack, quick back up so he doesn't hit, and then
      cast Stardust Cross.  Do this until he's dead.
      2nd Match:
      Try to keep this guy far away from you.  Depending on how he attacks you,
      this may be easy or hard to pull off.  If he stays a good distance away,
      just constantly use Stardust Cross.  However, pause a little bit to see if
      he's going to jump close to you, in which case you should try to dodge it by
      running underneath.  If he does get to close, use Ring Cyclone/Whirlwind to
      make him back off.  If he stays close too long you can sustain some
      unnecessary damage.
      3rd Match:
      OK, this is your break fight, where you can get some decent HP/TP back. As
      soon as the match starts, run under the drake.  Let him finish his attack,
      and then quickly jump up and hit him, and he will fall to the ground. The
      important thing to remember is that he can't attack while down, so keep him
      there. I used Up A attacks because lateral ones are too slow, and the drake
      has too much time to return to the air. I don't use any techs just to save
      on TP. If he does manage to get into the air, avoid his attacks until he's
      done and then continue.
      4th Match:
      I hate this guy. However, he does have somewhat of an attack pattern.  Wait
      and see what he does first from a distance. If he pulls out his ice gun, run
      out of range as these will be your worst problem. If he starts to walk
      towards you, get just close enough to use Stardust Cross. After you do that,
      run away, and see what he does again. If you uses his ice gun, run out of
      range, if not, repeat your attack. Be careful though, as if you get too
      close to the wall, you will not be able to escape his ice gun, and you will
      lose a lot of HP. When you notice you are really close to the back, get in
      close so that he tries to hit you with his sword. Dodge it, and then quickly
      jump over him and attack from the other side.  Be forewarned, he often uses
      his ice gun consecutive times, so don't attack just because he used it once.
      Final Match:
      OK, this is a battle of skill as well as luck. The best method of attack is
      to wait until he uses his three fireball attack. As he's spitting out the
      last one, come up just out of range and use Stardust Cross, and then quickly
      back up as he doesn't take much time to recover. If he uses his lance, you
      may be in trouble if too close to the wall. If you are too close, wait for
      this guy to jump in the air to use his firebreath, and then run underneath
      and continue from the other side.
      Genis ~ (CSSGEN)
      Along with Raine, Genis was my most-contributed character. Normally I
      wouldn't take a huge guide like this, but I felt that it was OK this
      time. ^_^
      CONTRIBUTED BY: Teabean
      In order to win with Genis in the coliseum (or any character, really), 
      only three requirements need to be met. 
      1) 3% of the characters HP must equal about 120 or more (4000+)
      2) You must have a Holy Symbol
      3) Enemy damage incurred while blocking cannot exceed 120 points per 
      period of regeneration (about three seconds).
      The third stipulation is by far the most difficult to achieve, but if it
      can be done, the implications should be very clear. Genis can block 
      forever! The fewer HP Genis has, or the more damage past whats being 
      regenerated is incurred, the more Genis will need to be jumping up and 
      back to avoid attacks in order to recoup the losses. Which is not to say
      that one cant beat the coliseum using the following strategies if the 
      three stipulations above arent met... Just that its not really surefire 
      Suggested Preparation:
      Get Genis the Spirit Up (Compound EX skill from Eternal and Spirit) as 
      soon as possible. More TP is always good.
      Give Genis as many max HP, and DEF boosting plants as possible.
      Neither of these are really necessary, but they do help.
      Suggested Accessories:
      Persian Boots  Acquired from the end of Niflheim. If no Persian Boots 
      are available, substitutes that reduce physical damage are recommended.
      Holy Symbol
      Suggested Techs:
      Fireball, Lightning Blade/Spark Wave (though any mid-level spell that hits 
      multiple times in the same spot will do fine)
      Suggested EX skills:
      Dash (2)
      Guard Plus (2)
      Speed Cast (4)
      Spell Save (4)
      1st Match:
      So you've got a couple high level EX skills to help you cast those spells
      faster. Guess what? They're useless this round! Its possible to land a 
      low level spell (use icicle if anything) at the start of the fight, but 
      after that, you'll by relying on the kendama to get you through. Scary 
      thought, no? If you wished to trade your own HP for that of the 
      Velocidragon/Dragon Riders, spell save will allow you to cast some of 
      the higher level spells, but expect to be interrupted a fair bit.
      For a more defensive approach, just block and take a swing with the 
      kendama when you can (that is, when you can attack without being kicked,
      bitten, or cut in the face). Openings will appear that allow you to 
      take two swings, and if so, by all means do so. Particularly against the
      dragon rider, do not be discouraged if he blocks the first hit. Genis 
      slow speed becomes an unexpected bonus, as the second hit will come 
      right as the dragon rider starts to attack. I prefer the forward+attack,
      down+attack combination.
      As with any character, target the rider first. Once he's down, it's a 
      matter of moderate skill to keep from taking any damage at all from the 
      velocidragon. You can jump over his bites and kicks if your timing and 
      coordination are on, and just wait for the Holy Symbol to recoup 
      whatever HP losses you took (which, if you were following instructions 
      to the letter, should be zero =). When youre comfortable with your HP 
      situation, proceed to alternate between blocking and attacking to polish
      off the dragon. For the dragon, I preferred the down+attack, down+attack
      2nd Match:
      If you were able to make it through the velocidragon fight alright, this
      one shouldn't be a problem (the damage per second from the tortoise is 
      much slower). Just trade him a blocked blow for a kendama to the face 
      and the fight will be over sooner than you know it!
      Thats a lie, actually. It'll take forever. But the longer the fight, the 
      more good that Holy Symbol is doing you! =D
      If for some bizarre reason youre actually losing HP on this one (and the
      length of the fight provides a great indicator of this)... the 
      defensive strategy probably wont get you through the later fights (read:
      turn around, head to Niflheim, and start doing some leveling up)
      3rd Match:
      Freebie! Just jump and attack to bring the drake to the ground. Genis is
      still slow when performing aerials, so dont be surprised if the drake 
      somehow manages to get up out of the dirt and take to the skies again. 
      This is one of the few fights in which you may (and I stress that its 
      totally unnecessary) utilize spells quite freely. Just be sure to cancel
      and jump attack the flying beast if it starts charging up its own spell.
      After a hundred or more hits (no joke) with the kendama, the drake will 
      fall and youre off to match 4!
      4th Match:
      Step one: Run as far away as possible!
      Step two: Keep casting fireball, dont stop!
      Step three: Watch the ice warrior burn.
      Step four: Pop open the champagne, you're off to match five!
      If only it were that simple. In a nutshell, though, the best and fastest 
      way to bring this guy down is, indeed, to use the low level fire spell. 
      You'll get a shot or two off as a freebie at the start, but will then 
      likely find yourself struggling to keep a breathing distance after that.
      So take the freebies first.
      A few useful notes on the ice warriors behavior before moving forward:
      *The charged attack grows in frequency as its HP decreases. The design, 
      I'm sure, was meant to make the fight more difficult as time goes on, but
      it also creates a weakness in his seemingly impenetrable armor.
      *The first (and sometimes second, third, fourth, fifth, and on and on) 
      attack that the ice warrior makes will always fall short *when it is 
      first coming into range*. What does this mean? At the start, if you are 
      backed against the wall and see ice projectiles headed towards you, 
      they're going to fall short. If youve been standing in one spot, and the 
      ice warrior steps close enough to start swinging his sword, its going to
      miss. However, if its close enough to be swinging (and missing) and you
      see it raise its blaster arm, rest assured, those projectiles are 
      definitely going to hit. So block. The exception to this is the charged 
      attack, which the ice warrior gets much closer to use than it needs to 
      All that said, after you've taken the freebies and the ice warrior is 
      almost breathing down your throat, just keep charging more fireballs 
      until you see him charge or raise the blaster arm, then block. Whatever 
      you do, never move towards the ice warrior of your own accord during 
      this fight.
      However, the warrior won't have the same mentality, and will indeed move 
      closer. If you are struck by the sword (dont try to block just because 
      it seems like hes too close! Chances are you'll just be interrupting your
      own casting for nothing), just get up and block, waiting for the next 
      blow. If the next hit is a normal sword strike, block it, then jump over
      his head (for a charged attack or blaster shot, just jump over his head,
      sans blocking. The charge should allow you plenty of time to make it to
      the other side, out of the corner). If you are a smidgen too slow (or 
      he a smidgen too fast), hell follow up with a sidelong swipe once youre 
      on the other side that will send Genis skidding. Tap block as you skid 
      to flip upright. But hey! Since you're on the other side, and he threw 
      you quite a ways, just charge up those fireballs and blast away! Fall 
      back if the blaster projectiles come into range. Repeat until you're 
      cornered in the opposite corner and get out of the corner again using
      the above method.
      As the fight goes on, the warrior will start using the charge attack 
      more. This also means more time to jump over him and run away! So use it
      If you find yourself running low on HP, just block block block until the
      Holy Symbol brings you back up.
      Try to enter the next fight with as much health as possible.
      You should also have a fair amount of TP, as youve been sticking with 
      the low level spells. Dont worry if you dont think you have enough TP. 
      You can get as much as you need from the next fight (or even get through
      the next fight without TP usage at all).
      Final Match:
      Now, your first thought might be to run away from the giant reptile that
      not only has a mass about a hundred times more than yours but also 
      carries a shield bigger than you and a halberd that might well double as
      a lamp post during Meltokios night-time hours. Dont listen to that 
      voice of reason. Run *towards* this monstrosity. In fact, get so close 
      that Genis head is practically butted up against the creature's abdomen. 
      Now stay there.
      Believe it or not, thats actually the safest place in the whole arena 
      but only for Presea and Genis (or Sheena while shes blocking). Why is 
      this? Well, that answer ought be obvious as soon as the dragon fires off
      its first salvo of fireballs. Youd think he could angle a smidgen lower
      but oh well. You're invulnerable! Almost.
      You'll still need to block the halberd, so if you see the big pole move 
      erratically, block! Even blocking, youll be thrown back, but dont 
      release the block button until you know the dragon has stopped swinging.
      If it follows up with three fireballs, just suck it up and block those,
      too. You should have plenty of HP to handle it. Once the knight has 
      stopped attacking, run back to the safe-zone.
      When you've gotten comfortable with maintaining that position, heres how 
      to inflict damage:
      When the dragon begins a breath attack (and only a breath attack), start
      casting a mid level spell. The casting time will run through the 
      duration of the breath attack *and* through the start of the knights *next*
      attack. What does this mean? Youll only be casting a spell when the 
      dragon commits two breath attacks in a row.
      This happens quite frequently, though, but heres the real beauty of it: 
      Since the spell will be cast after the start of the dragons second 
      attack, you will regain control of Genis in time to block the third 
      attack if its a halberd swipe. The significance of which is that you 
      know what the first attack is (safe), you know what the second attack is
      and still are able to block if its a halberd swing since the spell has 
      not yet been cast (safe), and you can act upon what the third attack is 
      as well (safe).
      Congratulations, the dragon knight can't lay a real hit on you!
      If you run out of TP, just hit him with the kendama when you can (this 
      is not a pretty business, though, and can take eons to either build up 
      enough TP for another spell or defeat the knight).
      After the long, hard road of seemingly endless blocking, you no longer 
      need to use Genis ever again! =D
      Enjoy the new title and Genis' paradoxically powerful yet still weak 
      Raine ~ (CSSRAI)
      I got a LOT of e-mails regarding Raine also, here's what I thought was
      the most in-depth. Normally I wouldn't take a huge guide like this, but
      since Raine is so hard to play as I thought it would be OK. ^_^
      CONTRIBUTED BY: Gentle Ben
      Raine was at level 67 when I got her through Advanced Class, and I had 
      her equipped thusly:
      Weapon: Deck Brush (purchased in the rebuilt Luin)
      Body: Heavenly Robe
      Head: Maid's Hairband
      Arm: Star Bracelet
      Acc. 1: Extreme Symbol (so she can actually do some decent damage with 
              that stick)
      Acc. 2: Mystic Symbol (so she can fire off spells in a timely fashion)
      Ex skills are crucial in the coliseum, of course.  Here's what I had for
      Lv4: Spell Save (I love this skill)
      Lv3: Add Combo (3 hits are much better than 2)
      Lv3: Speed Cast
      Lv2: Neutralizer
      I don't know if Speed Cast and the Mystic Symbol work cumulatively or 
      not, but anyway, that's what I did.
      And the tech configuration:
      B: First Aid
      B+Up: Photon
      B+Down: Photon
      B+Side: Photon
      C Up: Force Field
      C Down: Force Field
      Ray seems to take longer to cast than Photon, and it's sort of an area 
      affect thing, which doesn't help against a single enemy.  Stick to 
      And cooking, as always in the coliseum, should be set to Miso Stew.  
      Maybe go out in the field and cook a few times to get her skills up, 
      since she's such a worthless chef.
      Okay, let's get to it, round by round:
      1st Match:
      Dodge backwards if you want, then launch into an opening Photon.  
      The dragon will probably spit a fireball at you.  DON'T block it--if you
      let it hit you and it interrupts your spell, you can start casting again
      and the spell will fire almost immediately.  The Photon will separate 
      them, and the lower-HP Rider is your first target.  Give him the old 
      3-hit combo-block-repeat, drill.  When the dragon runs up to kick you in
      the face, just block until it goes away again.  The rider should be dead
      before too long.  Now, you could alternate hitting and blocking against 
      the dragon, but a beautiful thing about this enemy is it often staggers 
      long enough that you can start another combo before it can attack.  So 
      just wail on A until the critter bites it.  COOK.
      2nd Match:
      You're probably hurting after the first fight, and Raine's tepid 
      soup probably didn't quite do the trick.  So take advantage of the 
      tortoise's lack of speed to cast First Aid once or twice.  If your HP is
      pretty decent, go for an opening Photon.  If it leaps toward you, 
      though, your spellcasting is done.  But remember: it's almost always 
      better to let yourself get hit in order to take advantage of Spell Save 
      than to cancel the spell yourself by blocking.  The Tortoise is actually
      pretty easy--just hit-hit-hit-block.  Even if it goes into its shell and
      blocks your first two swings, keep going--it often comes out too soon 
      and takes the third hit on the chin.  It won't be long before it 
      succumbs to the awesome might of your janitor broom.  Cook.
      3rd Match:
      Dear Lord, how much harder would Advanced Class be if the Drake was 
      not in it?  Fighting this thing with Raine is exactly like fighting it 
      with anyone else.  Back off and wait for it to use its breath stream 
      attack, then run under it, jump up and smack it down from behind.  You 
      can then just keep doing normal combos: the length of Raine's weapon 
      will keep the Drake from escaping into the air.  Relax and watch your TP
      max out.  Then cook: you should be full power now.
      4th Match:
      For a spellcaster like Raine, a slow enemy like this is just what 
      the doctor ordered.  And since the Drake fight left you fat with Miso 
      and HP, you can dodge backward twice and launch right into Photon.  You 
      might even get two off before it gets too close.  Note that the ice 
      bullets are an exception to the don't-block-when-spellcasting rule.  
      They just cause too much damage, so screw your spell and block (in fact,
      Force Field would probably be a good idea, but I didn't think of it at 
      the time).  When the Warrior reaches your side of the arena, it's a 
      simple matter of running up to him, blocking, then leaping over and 
      running to the opposite corner.  Then, Photon time.  You'll probably 
      take some damage, as some of his attacks will get you when your are 
      behind him and running away.  But if you cast First Aid when neccessary 
      and stick to the plan, you'll get him.  Cook.
      Final Match:
      This would be much easier if Raine had the ups to leap over him 
      like Regal does.  But since she doesn't, nail him with a Photon right 
      away.  This is by far your trickiest battle, because you're trying to 
      strike a delicate balance.  If you are all the way to one side of the 
      arena, sometimes the Knight will stay just far enough away that his 
      spear won't hit you, and his fireballs will just scorch your toes.  That
      is where you need him to be.  If he gets closer than that, you'd better 
      pray that he takes to the air so you can run to the other side.  If he 
      does, smack him in the ass with your broom a few times before retreating
      to the corner.  Once there, cast First Aid like it's going out of style 
      and Photon whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The nice thing 
      about Photon is it knocks him back a bit, which buys you some time.  
      Spell Save is your best friend here.  Good luck!
      Sheena ~ (CSSSHE)
      Have not finished yet. I need a Sheena contribution badly! ^_^;
      Kratos ~ (CSSKRA)
      Although I wrote this, feel free to send in an alternate strategy. ^_^
      CONTRIBUTED BY: Aeriko~!
      Kratos can be easy or hard depending on how you set your EX skills. For an
      easy, enjoyable time here, set your Compound Ex Skill to "Super Blast"
      (6-hit normal combo + Techs) by using 3 Lvl 3 EX Gems. Choose Slasher,
      Eternal, and Super Chain. Also, set your last EX Gem as a Lvl 4 with Speed
      Cast. Now that that's done, your best Techs to set should be Super Lighting
      Blade and Light Spear Cannon. Fierce Demon Fang and Hell Pyre are also
      recommended. Your shortcuts should be First Aid and a mid-level attack spell
      like Thunder Blade or Grave.
      Going through Coliseum is a cakewalk with Kratos. Superior offense, mixed
      with light healing spells like First Aid make you unstoppable, and free
      to make more mistakes. the downside is getting caught mid-spellcast is never
      a good thing, so make sure you put plenty of distance between you and the
      enemy before you cast. As for killing them, just use your 6-hit normal combo
      followed by Super Lightning Blade or Light Spear Cannon on every enemy.
      You'll have your Excalibur in no time. ^_^
      Zelos ~ (CSSZEL)
      Have not finished yet due to choosing Kratos for the ending. Kratos'
      strategy will work fine here, seeing as how they're so similar. ^_^
      Presea ~ (CSSPRE)
      Same thing as with Kratos, feel free to send in an alternate strategy. ^_^
      CONTRIBUTED BY: Aeriko~!  
      Ahh, my favorite character! You'll have quite a time trying to earn Presea's
      Bahamut's Tear. She is quite slow, and she only has a 2-hit normal combo. The
      one thing she does have going for her is a lot of her attacks knock the enemy
      back quite far. Use this to your advantage by setting up some knock-back
      Techs like Eternal Damnation and Eternal Devastation. Endless Infliction is
      her best multi-hit Tech, but it doesn't work well on heavy enemies. Also be
      sure to set Beast for use after almost every combo. As for her Compound EX
      Skills, I like to use Suppress, which you get by using a Lvl 2 Vitality,
      Lvl 3 Guard Plus, and a Lvl 4 Heavy Hit. I also like to combine Heavy Hit
      with a Lvl 1 Strong for the Compound EX Skill Variable, but it's up to you.
      Before you start, be sure to set up a Heal Bracelet on her, a Holy Symbol
      also works well. She'll need all the HP she can get! As for playing as her,
      try to be even more cautious of HP-loss than Lloyd. Only attack when you are
      sure you can get off a full combo. It's a good idea to play through Advanced
      Class as Lloyd a few times to get a feel for the various enemy attacks before
      playing with Presea. Good luck! ^_^
      Regal ~ (CSSREG)
      Here's a quickie for Regal, it's all I have so far so if you've got a strat
      help us out! ^_^  
      Onto Regal, Faerie Ring and Holy Symbol.  The key here is Mirage, he can go
      behind the opponent and just beat him senseless.  Keep your stats up, if you
      go low on HP the last two matches will put a hurting on you.
      EX Skills:     Combo EX Skills:
      4:Flash        Counter    
      2:Vitality     Aerial Jump
      3:Add combo    C. Combo
      7.	Extras/Secrets ~ (EXS)
      So far these are the only two "secrets" I know of in the Coliseum.
      Fight Seles:
      To fight Seles, Zelos' older sister, beat Singles Advanced Class with any
      character twice, but Zelos has to be in your party(not Kratos). The first
      time you'll get the Excalibur, Kratos' best weapon. Beat it a second time
      and you'll fight Seles as a Boss. After you defeat her, you'll recieve the
      Last Fencer sword! Which is Zelos' best weapon, and an Elemental Circlet. 
      ~*SHE IS NOT AN EASY FIGHT*~ Level 70+ only or you'll get mangled!
            HP:     12,000
            TP:     800
            STRONG: Water,Wind,Fire,Earth
            WEAK:   NONE
      I haven't had a chance to fight Seles yet, seeing as how I chose Kratos for
      the ending. Here are a couple good ways to go about whomping on Zelos'
      sister. If you feel that your strategy is better, drop me a line and I'll
      consider putting it in. ^_^
      CONTRIBUTED BY: Cypher
      Player Character: Lloyd
      She is a relitivly easy fight, just guard, use Guardian when she is going to 
      use one of her spells/techs, and beat on her with your best tech's (I used 
      Rising Falcon to get in close, then my 4 hit normal combo -> Tiger Blade
      -> Sonic Sword Rain, and it was a pretty easy fight). Repeat steps 1 
      through 3 till golden brown. after the fight, Seles and her man slave 
      try to sweet talk Zelos into letting Seles come with you, Zelos says she'd
      only get in the way, and they walk off in a fit. :)
      CONTRIBUTED BY: PokeDigiManiac
      Player Character: Lloyd
      She's pretty easy if you know what you're doing. However, before you fight
      her, make sure you practice backsteps. (Hit the direction opposite to what
      you're facing on the control stick while guarding, and you hop back. This is
      VITAL.) At first, she just whacks you with her purse for a two-hit combo (and
      it actually hurts some), so just guard + combo the hell out of her. I
      recommend Sword Rain. She will also probably start with ice-based spells -
      interrupt them or get out of the way. She casts Absolute (small radius spell,
      and if you see it, you can move fast out of the way) and Ice Lancer (shoots
      ice in one direction - jump or get hurt. It wasn't that painful for me). It's
      very easy to interrupt her. (Again, Sword Rain is recommended, as well as
      Beast.) She will also pull a huge sword out of somewhere and either perform a
      two-hit combo or a several-hit jumping combo. If you're guarding (and you
      should be), then she will finish her several-hit jump combo with her back to
      you - perfect opportunity to nail her with another combo of your own. After a
      little bit, her hat (SO CUTE) falls off, and she starts to go into
      hyperdrive. This is where backsteps become imperative. In addition to her
      other attacks, she starts doing a move (I don't remember the name... terribly
      sorry.) that involves shooting lots of little stars at you while she whirls
      this wand around her head, and then the wand promptly grows a star-shaped
      boulder at one end and she smashes the hell out of you with it. This attack
      WILL automatically Guard-Break and does quite a bit of damage. If you don't
      know it's coming, you will die. (That's how she killed me the first two or
      three or seven times...) However, all you have to do to avoid it is backstep.
      Easy. Rinse, repeat, and combo and she'll go down and hand over her shiny
      stuff. ^_^
      Player Character: Zelos
      For Zelos, after you're done you have to fight Seles. Seles is harder than
      the dragon and has some really cruel melee and spells. The Key here is to
      have really high HP and keep your TP up.
      Don't even try elemtental attacks, waste of TP. Instead, equip Spirit
      Symbol and Faerie Ring. When she casts Absolute, back dash and heal with
      First Aid.  What you have to watch out for is Freeze Lancer, because you
      can't dodge that.  Use Guardian when the icicles of doom and pain come to
      sodomize your poor human flesh. When your stats are up, use Double Demon
      Fang and Super Lightning Blade. Double Demon Fang will stop her from
      casting spells, and Super Lightnning Blade does pretty decent damage. After
      a while, she'll start to attack you, her melee attacks do 500 each, so jump
      over her quickly and run like you just lifted a 7/11. Keep up the Double
      Demon Fang and First Aid spamming until you finally put that little twerp
      in her place.
      Also, thanks to Cjt and a bunch of other e-mails for pointing out that you
      do NOT need the Vinheim Key to reach Seles. >_<
      Fight against Tales Series characters:
      To fight against 3 characters from previous Tales games you must first
      win Party Match: Advanced Class. After getting your standard 50,000 Gald and
      items, the audience will be treated to a special "Exhibition Match" in which
      your 3 characters square off against Garr, Meredy, and Farah Oersted. If you
      manage to defeat them, you'll recieve the Mumbane (Lloyd's best armor), a
      Star Cloak (Genis/Regal's best armor) and another Krona Symbol.
      ~*AGAIN, NOT AN EASY FIGHT*~ I would suggest Level 70+ before you even try.
            Garr                            Meredy
            HP:     20,000                  HP:     16,000
            TP:     150                     TP:     1,450
            STRONG: Earth,Thunder,Ice,Dark  STRONG: NONE
            WEAK:   NONE                    WEAK:   NONE
            Farah Oersted
            HP:	20,000
            TP:	150
            STRONG:	Fire
            WEAK:	NONE
      UPDATE 7/25/04: I finally beat these guys! It took me a while to figure this
      out, YOU CAN USE ITEMS IN THIS BATTLE! Every other Coliseum match prevents
      item usage, but since this is an exhibition match, anything goes! With that
      understood, this fight merely becomes extremely difficult, not impossible.
      Before you try this, bring 20 of each item: Lemon and Pineapple Gels, Life
      Bottles, and a few Miracle Gels and Energy Tablets. You can also bring an
      All-Divide if you like, but I managed without using any of mine.
      First, a little insight into your enemy. Garr is an archer-swordsman. Meredy
      is a mage of some kind with all of Genis' high-level magic spells like
      Indignation and even Meteor Storm! And Farah Oersted, a hand-to-hand fighter
      with moves extremely similar to Regal's(copied?). Any of these 3 fought alone
      would be enough to constitute a boss-fight in the normal game. With all 3 of
      them here together you'll really get your money's worth.
      Now that you know who you're fighting, what can you do about it? Chances are
      that you won't beat them on your first try, meaning that you'll have to start
      over from the beginning of Advanced Class. But don't give up! Think about all
      that awsome armor you're gonna get from killing these guys.
      I've side-tracked this conversation long enough, here's the strategy...
      I began the fight by going after Meredy, their caster. With 16,000 HP she has
      the lowest life, but that's still quite a bit. Also, when you kill her,
      SHE WILL RESURRECT HERSELF once! It was quite annoying watching her come
      back just to kill us all off after I thought she was dead. During this time
      make sure you're hitting your "Revitalize" shortcut often so Raine doesn't
      have a chance to cast her own spell choices. Also, pass out Life Bottles and
      Pineapple/Lemon Gels when appropriate. I used 12 Life Bottles in this fight
      and Raine got her "Never Say Never" title for dying 5 times in one battle!
      Anyway, after Meredy's gone(finally), your next target should be Farah
      Oersted because she's one nasty damage-dealer. No matter what you do, you
      won't really get a chance to Stun her out of a combo, so just do your best
      damage to her. At least she won't rise from the dead. Have I mentioned that
      you should be hitting that "Revitalize" shortcut all this time? Anyway, with
      Farah gone, the battle is no longer life-threatening, merely slow and time-
      consuming. Garr has some serious defense for an Archer, probably because he's
      wearing your Mumbane armor. He's also got this nasty Area-of-Effect skill for
      when your all ganging up on him called Decisive Slice. Be sure to 
      "Revitalize"/Lemon Gel appropriately.
      After a whole stack of Life Bottles, Lemon Gels, and a bunch of Pineapple
      Gels, you're finally triumphant! Congratulations! You now have two of the
      best sets of armor in the game, the Mumbane and the Star Cloak! Oh yeah and a
      Krona Symbol too(Whoop-dee-do). ^_^
      EDIT: 9/1/04:  Thanks to Drum Kero for pointing this out:
      Upon playing today, I noticed something shocking in the "Characters from the
      other Tales" game fight. Meredy IS NOT the only one who can revive. Upon
      testing and killing everyone first, it seems that the computer AI is set to
      revive whoever YOU KILL FIRST. Be it Garr, Meredy, OR Farah, it will revive
      whoever you killed FIRST and only ONE TIME after that, its just like a normal
      battle. Thus, if you really want to get Meredy out of your hair, and you have
      Gels/Bottles to spare, I would(and did) have everyone gang up on Garr(in my
      opinion the easiest of the three) and kill them, and let him revive. That
      leaves Ferrah and Meredy to only die once, kill them off, and it leaves you
      alone with Garr yet again.
      8.	Credits ~ (CRD)
      Thanks goes out to CjayC, for creating the best game information resource in
      the world! I'd have been frustrated many-a-time in my games if it weren't for
      Kudos to myself for finally contributing to a game after reading everyone
      else's guides for all these years.
      Congratulations to Namco for actually creating the first game to pull me away
      from Final Fantasy XI for any appreciable amount of time since I started
      playing it way back in October 2003.
      Contributions to This Guide ~ (CNG)
      Once again, if you wish to contribute to this guide my e-mail is:
      And make sure the Subject has "ToS" in it somewhere so I don't mistake it for
      spam. ^_^
      There won't be any credit given for minor spelling and grammatical error
      corrections. If I put those in, the list would become WAY too long. ^_^;
      I will give credit for all other contributions, but if I get too many for one
      section I'll only keep the best 3-5. Also, in the case of 2 extremely similar
      strategies, credit will be given to the one that looks the best and has the
      most detail. This is a community guide, my aim was to have it so players are
      helping players, I only created a place to begin. ^_^ 
      DISCLAIMER: If I find your contributions useful, I reserve the right to edit
      it to fit my Guide. I won't delete or change your information, I'll just make
      sure it fits in here. ^_^
      I am no longer accepting guides for Raine, Genis, and the Seles fight at this
      time. I was never taking Lloyd guides(except for fighting Seles) so that
      hasn't changed. Here's what I'm taking so far:
      ACCEPT:            REJECT:
      Colette            Raine
      Kratos             Genis
      Sheena             Seles
      Garr, Meredy,
      and Farah Oersted
      Also I'll take anything extra like Recipes to use and where you get them. ^_^
      Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with this guide! These names are
      already next to their strategies, but I'll put them here again for good
      measure. You guys rock! ^_^
               Gentle Ben
               Drum Kero
      About the Author ~ (AAU)
      I live near Portland, Oregon and i'm 20 years old. I work at a GameStop, and
      i'm currently studying for my Bachelor's in Game Art and Design. I have a
      beautiful girlfriend named Danielle, we've been together for over 4 years.
      The name Aeriko comes from Final Fantasy XI in which I play a Level
      50-something Mithra Thief/Ninja on the Fairy Server. I also have a
      Tarutaru by the name of Nooblet, he's a Level 30-ish Black Mage/White Mage.
      Shout-outs to my FFXI friends!(Not in any particular order): Moonkitty,
      Warheit, Munchkin, Zabeimabe, Alandrea, Agreshon, Snk, Proxxis, Psychostu,
      Alundras, Larionov, Legace, Lucion, Lerko, Chibichaos, Elrina, Himura,
      Tonberrylord, Maphrael, Mossimo, Nephi, Dogma, Ancients, Kitora, Tilo,
      And everyone else in the Rhapsody and BlackTower Linkshells.
      You guys are "Teh bestest"!
      If you see me online, give me a /tell and let me know what you think! ^_^
      ~*Windurst Rules!*~
      **  Reward will probably consist of a written "pat-on-the-back" e-mail, but
          if you catch a more serious crime, who knows? ^_^
      Copyright ©2004 Eric Ryder "Aeriko". All rights reserved.

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