What are the best compound ex skills for each charachter, and how do i get them?

  1. What Ex Spheres need ot be equipped, and what do the compound ex skills actually DO?

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  2. Additional Details:
    What are the exspheres REQUIRED to get concentrate, and Glory, and what do they actually do?
    I looked up the fact in Gamefaqs, and the person put down different names for some of the exspheres and i couldnt understand it very well?

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  1. Honestly, this is entirely up to the individual, but these are the ones I use:

    Lloyd - I don't really like any of his Compound EX Skills, but I always get him Personal, Ability Plus, and Add Combo.

    Colette - If you regularly use her for battle, get Life Up, Spirit Up, Life Thief, and Spirit Thief. Otherwise, get Item Getter or Item Finder.

    Genis - Concentrate.

    Kratos/Zelos - Super Blast. If you choose something else, Super Chain is an absolute must.

    Raine - Concentrate.

    Sheena - Sheena doesn't have any I really like, either. It's usually Life Up, Spirit Up, and Phys. Status.

    Presea - Glory.

    Regal - Glory.

    To know which EX Skills give those Compound EX Skills, look them up in just about any faq. The EX Skills guide also lists them, but it uses rough translations for the names of the skills, so it might not make sense.

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  1. Fine.

    -Personal(2) - Increases your walking/running speed in towns and dungeons.
    -Ability Plus(4) - Lets you link two level one techs together.
    -Add Combo(3) - Increases your basic combo by one.

    Life Up - Sometimes increases her max HP by half a percent at the end of a battle.
    -Vitality(2) - Increases max HP.
    -Eternal(3) - Does nothing by itself.
    Spirit Up - Sometimes increases her max TP by half a percent at the end of a battle.
    -Spirit(3) - Increases max TP.
    -Eternal(3) - See above.
    Life Thief - Recover HP after a combo. The higher the combo, the more HP recovered.
    -Vitality(2) - See above.
    -Stat Boost(4) - Increases the effects of support magic like Barrier.
    Spirit Thief - Recover TP after a combo. The higher the combo, the more TP recovered.
    Item Getter - 100% success rate when stealing if the enemy has an item to be stolen, does not guard, and takes damage.
    -Sharp-Eyed(1) - Increases Accuracy.
    -Magical(2) - Increases Intelligence.
    -Lucky(3) - Increases Luck.
    -Stat Boost(4) - See above.
    Item Finder - Increases chances of enemies dropping items at the end of battle.
    -Tough(1) - Increases Defense.
    -Sharp-Eyed(1) - See above.

    Concentrate - Don't get interrupted if attacked while casting. There are some exceptions.
    -Rhythm(3) - Tap A to cast faster.
    -Speed Cast(4) - Decreases casting time.
    -Spell Save(4) - If the spell was interrupted while casting, casting time will be reduced for it.
    -Spell Charge(4) - While delaying a spell, press A to charge it. It will be released at the end of a combo at no TP cost, but lesser power.

    Super Blast - Able to use techs after the fourth and successive hits of the basic combo.
    -Slasher(3) - Increases the basic combo to six hits. Techs cannot be used after the fourth and successive hits.
    -Super Chain(3) - Link techs in any order instead of just 1 -> 2 -> 3.
    -Eternal(3) - See above.

    Concentrate - See above.
    -Speed Cast(3) - See above.
    -Item Pro(4) - Able to move sooner after using an item.
    -Spell Save(4) - See above.
    -Happiness(4) - Sometimes get a little more experience and/or gald from battle.

    Life Up - See above.
    -Vitality(2) - See above.
    -Eternal(3) - See above.
    Spirit Up - See above.
    -Spirit(3) - See above.
    -Eternal(3) - See above.
    Phys. Status - Prevents physical ailments.
    -Immunity(4) - Sometimes avoid receiving a status ailment from an enemy attack.
    -Eternal(3) - See above.

    Glory - Do not stagger when attacked.
    -Vitality(2) - See above.
    -Guard Plus(3) - Decrease damage taken while guarding.
    -Endure(3) - Reduce recovery time after being hit.
    -Revive(4) - Automatically recover some HP when it gets low.

    Glory - See above.
    -Vitality(2) - See above.
    -Guard Plus(3) - See above.
    -Guilt(4) - Increases stats if Presea is in the battle.
    -Flash(4) - Cannot be staggered after an attack is canceled.

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  2. here is my ex skill list

    lvl4-sky combo & ability plus for sky attack
    lvl3&4-guard plus & follow up for counter
    lvl3&4-ability plus & follow up & guard plus for combo counter

    lvl3-super chain & eternal & slasher for super blast
    lvl1&3-taunt & slasher for combo force

    lvl2&3-rear guard & guard plus for solid guard
    lvl1&3-sharp eye & guard plus for rebound
    lvl1&2-sharp eye & rear guard for aerial guard

    lvl1&4-taunt & guilt for healers taunt
    lvl4-sky combo & flash for combo force

    lvl3&4-add combo & spell charge for nimble mage
    lvl3&4-E.guard & speed cast & spell charge for spell revenge (spell revenge is used for when you are knocked in mid-air)

    lvl3&2&1-E.guard & vitality & strong for life drain
    lvl3&2-E.guard & spirit & strong for spirit drain

    lvl4&3-angel song & stat boost & eternal & resurrect for angel's tear

    lvl2&3-E. guard & guard plus for E. block
    lvl1&3-magical & add combo for lucky soul
    lvl1&2&3-magical & E. guard & guard plus for blood spirit

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  3. 3 Speed cast_+4 item pro_+4 Spell save _+4 Happiness for raine's concentrate
    3 Rhythm_+4 Speed cast_+4 spell save_+4 Spell Charge for genis's concentrate

    2 Vitality_+3 Endure_+3 Guard plus_+4 Revive for presea's glory
    2 Vitality_+3 Guard plus_+4 Guilty_+4 Flash for regals glory

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