Where are all the wonder chefs?

  1. Can anyone tell me where all the wonder chef places are because im not even half done with the recipe list.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Town: Triet
    Recipe: Cabbage Rolls
    Location: At the end of the hall on the second floor of the Inn.
    Appears As: Turtle Shell Lamp

    Town: Izoold
    Recipe: Rice Ball
    Location: Back right corner inside the house next to the Katz
    Expedition booth.
    Appears As: Pelican House

    Town: Luin
    Recipe:Seafood Stew
    Location: Inside the Item Shop to the left of the counter.
    Appears As: Huge Pig thing that has steam coming out of it

    Town: Hima
    Recipe: Risotto
    Location: In the room next to the save point inside the Inn.
    Appears As: Tea Kettle

    Town: Asgard
    Recipe: Meat Stew
    Location: Second floor of Aisha's house next to the bed.
    Appears As: Phonograph

    Town: Asgard
    Recipe: Paella
    Location: Late in the game use Regal as the on screen character, and
    talk to the Chef next to the Wind Mill.
    Appears As: N/A

    Town: Palmacosta
    Recipe: Omelet
    Location: Under the stairs as soon as you enter the school.
    Appears As: Ball Basket

    Place: Dirk's House
    Recipe: Miso Stew
    Location: Next to Lloyd's bed on the second floor, after the Mana tower
    or anytime later in the game.
    Appears As: Firebird House

    Town: Meltokio
    Recipe: Steak
    Location: Inside the Weapon Shop
    Appears As: Good Luck Cat

    Town: Meltokio
    Recipe: Fruit Cocktail
    Location: Top of the stairs, in the biggest house in the upper class
    part of town.
    Appears As: Present

    Town: Meltokio
    Recipe: Beef Stew
    Location: Late in the game after getting the other recipes with Regal, go in
    front of the castle with Regal as your on screen character and should get a
    little scene (Walk to the left of the stairs leading up to the castle)
    Appears As: Wonder Chef, Dark Wonder Chef

    Town: Sybak
    Recipe: Fried Rice
    Location: In between two big book shelves inside the library.
    Appears As: Magazine Rack

    Town: Mizuho
    Recipe: Ramen
    Location: Inside the Cheif's hut.
    Appears As: Animal Trap

    Town: Ozette
    Recipe: Tenderloin
    Location: Inside the Inn.
    Appears As: Parakeet

    Town: Ozette
    Recipe: Gratin
    Location: Next to the bed in Presea's house, after she rejoins the
    Appears As: Taxidermist Bear

    Place: Altessa's House
    Recipe: Curry
    Location: Talk to Tabatha after Presea rejoins the group.
    Appears As: N/A

    Town: Flanoir
    Recipe: Quiche
    Location: Inside the church in the far left corner.
    Appears As: Wood Block

    Town: Exire
    Recipe: Shortcake
    Location: On the middle floor of the 3 floor house, Katz are on the top
    floor and a woman is on the bottom floor.
    Appears As: Rheaird Model

    Town: Heimdall
    Recipe: Cream Stew
    Location: Next to the bed inside the Elder's house.
    Appears As: Painting

    Place: Latheon Gorge
    Recipe: Pescatore
    Location: Inside the Storyteller's house, right behind him.
    Appears As: Turtle/Rabbit

    Town: Altamira
    Recipe: Spaghetti
    Location: Stay at the hotel and choose to go out at night. Then take the
    elevator to 4F
    Appears As: Giant Green Pumpkin

    Place: House Of Guidance (Southeast continent)
    Recipe: Potato Salad
    Location: As Regal talk to the Chef inside. After Heimdall is destroyed.
    Appears As: N/A

    Place: House Of Guidance (Southwest continent)
    Recipe: Pork Cutlets
    Location: As Regal talk to the Chef inside. After Heimdall is destroyed.
    Appears As: N/A
    (courtesy of A l e x)

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Other Answers

  1. just make sure you look at EVERY house in every city and look well for something weird or unusual in the backround the only recipe that the wonder chef wont teach you is curry, tabatha (altessas assistant or maid) will teach that to you

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