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FAQ/Walkthrough by The FPS Dude

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 02/26/04

          ##### #### ####### #### #####   #### #### ##### #####
            #   #  # #  #  # #    #       #  # #  # #   # #   #
            #   #### #  #  # #### #####   #### #  # #   # #   #
          # #   #  # #  #  # #        #   #  # #  # #   # #   #
          ###   #  # #  #  # #### #####   #### #### #   # #####
          #### #### ####     ##### # #### ##### #### # #### ####
          #  # #  #    # #   #   # # #      #   #    # #  # #
          #  # #  #    #     #   # # # ###  #   #### # #### ####
          #  # #  #    # #   #   # # #  #   #   #    # # #  #
          #### ####    #     #   # # ####   #   #    # #  # ####
                  James Bond 007: Nightfire FAQ/Walkthrough

                          **** WARNING ****
                  This Walkthrough may contain spoilers

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Text Document:   Notepad
Font:            Fixedsys
Size:            9
Word Wrap:       Off

Title:                         James Bond: 007 Nightfire
Genre:                         Nintento GameCube (PAL Version)
Type:                          First Person Shooter
Developer:                     Eurocom/EA
Publisher:                     Electronic Arts
Number of Players:             1-4
R.R.P:                         £39.99
Memory Card Space per file:    2 blocks
Author:                        Michael Goldsmith (The FPS Dude, Game Faqs/
                               The GGs, Neo Seeker, IGN, The_FPS_Dude)
Email:                         agent1496@hotmail.com
Walkthrough Version Number:    5.0
Last update:                   19:13 08/02/2004

--------------------------------- Contents -------------------------------

 1   ........... Introduction

 2   ........... Story

 3   ........... Controls:

 3a  .............................  On Foot

 3b  .............................  Driving Config

 3c  .............................  Rail Shooter Controls

 4   ............ Weapons and Gadgets:

 4a  .............................  Weapons

 4b  .............................  Gadgets

 4c  .............................  Vehicles

 5   ........... Characters

 6   ........... Walkthrough:

 6a  .............................  Paris Prelude

 6b  .............................  The Exchange

 6c  .............................  Alpine Escape

 6d  .............................  Enemies Vanquished

 6e  .............................  Double Cross

 6f  .............................  Night Shift

 6g  .............................  Chain Reaction

 6h  .............................  Phoenix Fire

 6i  .............................  Deep Descent

 6j  .............................  Island Infiltration

 6k  .............................  Countdown

 6l  .............................  Equinox

 7   ........... Medals

 8   ........... Multiplayer Mode

8a   .............................  Multiplayer Characters

8b   .............................  Multiplayer Scenarios

8c   .............................  Multiplayer Levels

8d   .............................  Multiplayer Weapons and Gadgets

 9   ........... FAQs

 10  ........... Cheats

10a  .............................  Cheats

10b  .............................  Codes

10c  .............................  Secrets

 11  ........... Legacy

12a  .............................  Copyright

12b  .............................  Website Permission

 13  ........... Version History

------------------------------ 1 Introduction ----------------------------

  Welcome to James Bond 007 Nightfire guide. This guide will tell you the best
and easiest root through each objective in every Mission to fight Bond’s
newest enemy Drake. 007 Token Locations are included. Please don’t email me
about bond moves. I’m not doing them.
  Any information you need can be found at my email address
agent1496@hotmail.com Email about any place you are stuck in any of the twelve
missions, at any place (mot including bond moves or medals) you can email me.
  I hope this guide is a help to you and you make the most out of one of the
best FPS (First Person Shooter) games around.
  Please note that this is the first version of my guide so expect more coming

---------------------------------- 2 Story -------------------------------

  It all starts on new years eve at around eleven o'clock. A women is
getting chased by these black cars around the city of Paris. Suddenly,
from the distance of the dark sky a helicopter appears. Who's in it but
none other than James Bond.
  By giving those black cars a piece of the word 007. James Bond
successfully saves the women and stops there second objective, to destroy
the Eiffel Tower. In other words, that's what you'd call, a Paris prelude.
  The women reveals to be Domnique, from French Intelligence, who was also
trying to stop the Eiffel Tower's catastrophe.
  Who were the people in the black cars though? They were found to be men
of MI6's chief suspect, "Rafael Drake", as it says in the opening cut
scene to the first proper mission, The Exchange.
  If you haven't worked it all out yet, you must step into the shoes of
James Bond and complete missions to find out about more of his plans.
James Bond 007, has just come grips with his next Nemesis, (or victim as I
call it) Rafael Drake.

-------------------------------- 3 Controls ------------------------------

  There are a few different default controls which you can select. They all
are named by the name of a James Bond film e.g. there's a set of controls
called Moonraker. Of course there's a Nightfire type control setting and
Classic Bond. In my opinion the Nightfire controls are the best. They are
similar to quite a few of the FPS (First Person Shooter) games I've
played on the GameCube. Here there are:

                                3a On Foot

_________________________________ Nightfire __________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Alternate Fire

X:                       Crouch/Stand

Y:                       Jump

C Stick:                 Look/Turn

Control Stick:           Move/Strafe

L:                       Aim mode

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

Up/Down Control Pad:     Cycle Gaget/Zoom (On sniper mode)

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

_________________________________ Classic Bond _______________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Alternate Fire

X:                       Crouch

Y:                       Jump

C Stick:                 Look/Strafe

Control Stick:           Move/Turn

L:                       Manual aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Gadget

Up/Down Control Pad:     Cycle Weapon/Zoom (On Sniper mode)

__________________________________ Moonraker _________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Alternate Fire

X:                       Crouch

Y:                       Jump

C Stick:                 Turn/Look

Control Stick:           Move/Strafe

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Next Weapon

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Gadget

Up Control Pad:          Zoom in (On Sniper mode)

Down Control Pad:        Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)/Zoom out
                                                           (On Sniper mode)

__________________________________ Octopussy _________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

X:                       Crouch

Y:                       Jump

Control Stick:           Move/Turn

C Stick:                 Look/Strafe

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Alternate Fire

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up Control Pad:          Zoom in (On Sniper mode)

Down Control Pad:        Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)/Zoom Out
                                                           (On Sniper Mode)

__________________________________ Goldfinger ________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

X:                       Crouch

Y:                       Jump

Control Stick:           Move/Strafe

C Stick:                 Turn/Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Alternate Fire

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up/Down Control Pad:     Cycle Gadget/Zoom (On Sniper mode)

_________________________________ Thunderball ________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

X:                       Crouch/Zoom out (On Sniper mode)

Y:                       Jump/Zoom in (On Sniper mode)

Control Stick:           Move/Turn

C Stick:                 Look/Strafe

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Alternate Fire

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up/Down Control Pad:     Cycle Gadget

__________________________________ Goldeneye _________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Cycle Weapon

X:                       Crouch

Y:                       Jump

Control Stick:           Move/Strafe

C Stick:                 Turn/Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Alternate Fire

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Gadget

Up Control Pad:          Zoom in (On Sniper mode)

Down Control Pad:        Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)/Zoom out
                                                           (On Sniper mode)

___________________________________ Dr. No ___________________________________

A:                       Reload/Press something, the action button

B:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

X:                       Cycle Gadget/Zoom out (On Sniper mode)

Y:                       Cycle Weapon/Zoom in (On Sniper mode)

C Stick:                 Move/Strafe

Control Stick:           Look/Turn

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Night Vision/Thermal Vision (Heat Vision)

Up Control Pad:          Jump

Down Control Pad:        Crouch

Left/Right Control Pad:  Not Used

                                 3b Driving Config

Note: There's only one set of controls for the driving.

A:                       Fire

B:                       Gadget

X:                       Handbrake

Y:                       Cycle Weapon Forward

C Stick:                 Look Back

Control Stick:           Steer Left/Right

L:                       Brake/Reverse

R:                       Gas (speed up)

Z:                       Change Camera

Up/Down Control Pad:     Not Used

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Note: In the Deep Descent mission the X button is not used as there is no
need for a handbrake in that mission. Other than that, the Deep Descent
mission uses the same controls.

                               3c Rail Shooter controls

  The controls for this are the same for things like, the snowmobile and
the D1400 plane.

Note: The controls for the D1400 are the same, only the D1400 doesn't use the
spin control.

__________________________________ Nightfire _________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Not Used

X:                       Not Used

Y:                       Spin

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Not Used

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up/Down Control Pad:     Zoom in/out

__________________________________ Moonraker _________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Not Used

X:                       Not Used

Y:                       Spin

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Cycle Weapon Forward

Left/Right Control Pad:  Not Used

Up/Down Control Pad:     Zoom in/out

__________________________________ Octopussy _________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Not Used

X:                       Not Used

Y:                       Spin

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Not Used

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up/Down Control Pad:     Zoom in/out

__________________________________ Goldfinger ________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Not Used

X:                       Not Used

Y:                       Spin

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Not Used

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up/Down Control Pad:     Zoom in/out

___________________________________ Dr. No ___________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Spin

X:                       Zoom out

Y:                       Cycle Weapon Forward/Zoom in

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Cycle Weapon Back

Left/Right Control Pad:  Not Used

Up/Down Control Pad:     Not Used

_________________________________ Thunderball ________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Spin

X:                       Zoom out

Y:                       Zoom in

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Left/Right Control Pad:  Cycle Weapon

Up/Down Control Pad:     Not Used

__________________________________ Goldeneye _________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Cycle Weapon Forward

X:                       Not Used

Y:                       Spin

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Z:                       Not Used

Left/Right Control Pad:  Not Used

Up/Down Control Pad:     Zoom in/out

_________________________________ Clasic Bond ________________________________

A:                       Not Used

B:                       Not Used

X:                       Not Used

Y:                       Spin

Control Stick:           Look

C Stick:                 Look

L:                       Manual Aim

R:                       Fire

Left/Right Control Pad:  Not Used

Up/Down Control Pad:     Cycle Weapon/Zoom in and out

---------------------------- 4 Weapons and Gadgets ---------------------------

                                  4a Weapons


Wolfram P2K:            The Wolfram P2K is a basic weapon in the game. The
                      weapon is accurate and takes about three shots to kill,
                      one if in the head. This weapon is also equipped with a

Wolfram PP7:            The Wolfram PP7 is similar to the PK2. It has a
                      semi-automatic, and is very accurate.

Golden Wolfram P2K:     This gun has to be unlocked by medals before being
                      able to have one. It's an upgrade of the P2K, has a
                      golden colour and has twice the firepower.

Golden PP7:             Is an upgrade of the original PP7 gun. The weapon is
                      gold and has twice the firepower.

Raptor Magnum:          Used in the levels Double Cross and I think Phoenix
                      Fire. This is a very powerful weapon. It kills people in
                      about two shots and one in the head. Some versions of
                      the Raptor Magnum come equipped with laser sight as

Kowloon Type 40:        Similar to the Kowloon Type 80 which isn't mentioned
                      in this guide. You can count on this weapon if your
                      stuck for a weapon. It can be found in The Exchange
                      mission and fire's three bullets every time you press
                      the fire button.

Golden Gun:             The Golden gun can only be found in Multiplayer Mode.
                      This is a really powerful handgun but needs reloading
                      after each shot.


Winter Tactical         In the single player mode, it can only be found in the
Sniper Rifle:          Double Cross mission and I think this is the sniper used
                      in the mission Chain Reaction. It comes from the British
                      Army and is very powerful. It can zoom into target very
                      far and killsin about one shot if not fired at the leg.

Winter Covert Sniper:   Used in The Exchange mission the Wind Covert Sniper is
                      used for special missions. It comes with an integral
                      silencer and can zoom in on targets like a telescope.

                               Machine Guns

SGS Commando:           This weapon can fire at a really fast rate. It comes
                      with a burst fire mode and can be zoomed in a bit on

AIMS-20:                The AIMS-20 is an advanced military weapon. You can
                      zoom in on targets but can only see the target in
                      thermal vision (Heat vision). It has a fast fire mode
                      and can also be a grenade launcher as well. The
                      AIMS-20 can only be found in the Countdown mission.

Note: If you're wondering what AIMS-20 stands for, it stands for: Advanced
Idividual Munitions System-20

Deutsche M9K:           The Deutsche M9K can be found in the missions The
                      Exchange and Countdown. It's a very accurate submachine
                      gun and is equipped with a silencer.

Storm M32:              Storm M32 is a lightweight machine gun, has a large
                      clip, fast fire but not very good accuracy.

                              Other kinds of Weapons

Frinesi Auto 12:        The Frinesi Auto 12 is the only shotgun in the game.
                      It has two modes, one where you reload after every shot
                      and the other an auto mode where it reloads after about
                      eight shots. It takes around one shot to kill in the
                      head and two in other places. The Auto 12 can be found
                      in both the Double Cross and Phoenix Fire missions.

Korsakov K5 Dart Gun:   The Korsakav K5 Dart Gun is the only sleeping dart gun
                      in the game. It can only be found in the Nightshift
                      mission. It can tranquillise an oppenent for several
                      minutes with one shot.

Delta Repeater          The Delta Repeater crossbow is a powerful weapon and
Crossbow:             is totally silent. It uses magazine rounds and has a
                      Sniper mode on it. To pump it up press action.

Phoenix Samurai Laser   The Phoenix Samurai Laser Rifle is another very
Rifle:                powerful weapon. It fires burning lasers and takes about
                      two or three shots of it to kill. Each shot taken causes
                      the weapon to heat up, shown on a meter. When the meter
                      is full it requires cooling time. It has two modes of
                      fire, the normal fire and the charge one. The charges
                      one charges the meter to one hundred (the top) and
                      releases an extra powerful beam. This weapon can only be
                      found in two missions, Countdown and Equinox.

Militek Mark 6 Multi    From what I know of, the Militek Mark 6 Multi Grenade
Grenade Launcher:     Launcher can only be found in the Phoenix Fire mission.
                      It's a semi-automatic grenade launcher and is highly
                      powerful. It fires explosive projectiles which will
                      explode if they are touched or after a set amount of

AT-420 Sentinel:        The AT-420 Sentinel can only be found in the mission
                      The Exchange. It fires highly powerful, portable
                      missiles which can be camera guided. Normal people die
                      in one shot when hit by one of these. This is the
                      ultimate rocket launcher.

AT-600 Scorpion:        The AT-600 Scorpion can only be found in the
                      Nightshift I think (it might be Phoenix Fire). It's
                      another rocket launcher but specially made for rapidly
                      firing missiles. It can't be guided but will track down
                      targets automatically. It should be able to kill with
                      one missile.


Fragmentation           Called a Frag in the game. The fragmentation grenade
Grenade:              is thrown to a target and explodes in a certain amount
                      of seconds. It should kill people within the explosion.

Smoke Grenade:          The smoke grenade explodes into clouds of smoke to
                      distract enemies. You can also lose health as the smoke
                      affects you. All the same is a handy weapon to have.

Flash Bang Grenade:     The Flash Bang Grenade is another kind of distraction
(Stun Grenade)        explosive. It blinds the enemy's sight of you and stuns
                      your opponent for a while.

Remote Mine:            The Remote Mine is an exposive where you can put it
                      down somewhere and set it at any time you want. You can
                      do this via your watch. Press detonate, and it should
                      kill any enemies within the distance of the explosion.

Laser Trip Bomb:        The Laser Trip Bomb is an explosive that explodes if
                      someone crosses its beam. Place it on the ground and if
                      an enemy steps on it they will be killed in an

Satchel Charge:         The Satchel charge is to be placed and set on an
                      object. When set it should have a five second timer to

Note: In the level Phoenix Fire, in the elevator satchel charges are thrown at
you and you have to deactivate them with your laser. They are timed for ten
seconds instead of five.

                       Aston Matin V12 Vanquish/SUV Vehicle

Machine Gun:            The machine gun on the Aston Martin has no ammo needed
                      for it. It's quite accurate and if you wanted you could
                      keep your hand down on the fire button for as long as
                      you wanted ready for enemy veichles. It ususally aims at
                      the tyres to pop them and slow it down. It takes quite a
                      while to make your enemies veichle totally explode

Missiles:               Missiles come in very handy but need ammo and there's
                      not a lot of it. You should use them wisely. They are
                      powerful weapons and fir two at once. You can aim your
                      target in the and the missile will automatically guide
                      itself there.

Torpedos:               Used in the Deep Descent mission only, the torpedos
                      are very powerful. It should take four torpedos to
                      destroy an enemy sub. You fire two in one shot by by the
                      way. This requires ammo to so use it sparingly.

Remote-Controlled       These may not be as powerful as normal torpedos but
Torpedos:             are camera guided. These are excellent to guide through
                      moving machinery to destroy targets. These also require
                      ammo so only use them when needed.

                                JL-7 Snow Mobile

JL-7 20mm Cannon:      The JL-7 20mm Cannon is a machine gun on top of this
                      model. It can kill people in less than a second and can
                      hold thousands of bullets. They soon go quickly so

JL-7C Rocket            The JL-7C Rocket Launcher fires two powerful missiles.
Launcher:             It can destroy. It can destroy another JL-7 Snow Mobile
                      in up to three touches of the fire button.

                                D1400 Aeroplane

D1400 Pulse:            The D1400 Pulse is the aeroplane's machine gun. It can
                      hold up to five thousand bullets and take an estimated
                      fifty to blow up a car.

D1600 Rockets:          The D1400 aeroplane can hold up to 100 of these
                      rockets. The plane fires two at once and they are
                      powerful enough to destroy a sentinel with four rockets.

                                    4b Gadgets

                                Gadgets On Foot

Wristwatch Laser:       The Wristwatched laser can be found in almost every
                      mission except the driving missions and Equinox. It can
                      destroy little hinges and locks. It can also cut wires.
                      It can't kill enemies though and has no affect at all.

Key Fob Stunner:        Found in the same missions as the laser wristwatch,
                      the Key Fob Stunner is a very useful device. At a close
                      range, its tiny charge will stun an enemy for a certain
                      amount of seconds.

Micro Camera:           The Micro Camera is disguised as a lighter but also a
                      camera as well. You can take pictures of evidence from a
                      far range away via its ability to zoom in and out of the

Grapple:                The Grapple will let you grapple into higher places.
                      First of all, to do this you must find a place to
                      grapple. Above you should be a hook. If it's highlighted
                      in white you aren't able to grapple from that position
                      but if you're in green you can. Put the crossairs in the
                      centre of your target, press the fire button and you're

Vision Enhancement      These stylish pair of shades let you see into two
Glasses:              visors. The night vision mode lets you see into the dark
                      and the thermal vision mode (heat vision) lets movement
                      of things stick out more.

Decryptor:              The Decryptor looks like a calculator but is a mini
                      computer that hacks key codes. Point the cross hairs at
                      the keycode you want to hack, hold down the fire button
                      and let the Decryptor do its magic. Unfortunately, the
                      Decryptor takes quite a while to do this.

Q-Worm:                 Slip this device into a computer hardrive and it will
                      allow Q-Branch to access its files from his computer.
                      This is useful if you want evidence or to find out

Shaver Grenade:         The Shaver Grenade is disguised as an electric shaver
                      but is nothing of the sort. When set you can detonate at
                      any time you want via your wrist watch. It detonates as
                      a Flash Bang Grenade.

Phoenix Ronin:          Q didn't make up this gadget, the Phoenix did. It can
                      be found in the mission Phoenix Fire. It's disguised as
                      a suitcase and when opened up, turns out to be a turret.
                      It can be set to kill passing people or when opened up
                      and you press action, turns to be a machine gun turret.
                      It doesn't have any ammo so can be use for as long as
                      you want.

                        Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Gadgets

Q-Smoke:                When taking over an enemy, if he's still on your tail,
                      use the Q-smoke to blind the enemy's vision of the road.

Q-Wedge:                The Q-Wedge turns the car sideways. This is very
                      useful when trying to fit through a small gap. It can
                      also be used to fit through two cars in a squeeze to
                      burn them.

Q-Boost:                The Q-Boost is like having your own jet-pack attached
                      to your car. When needing to cross a large gap use the
                      the Q-Boost to Zoom sky high over the gap and land
                      safely on the other side.

Q-Pulse:                The Q-Pulse uses electro-magnetic force to fire at
                      enemy vechiles. It then Jams the vechile causing it to

Q-Charge:               The Q-Charge fires limpet mines onto underwater
                      explosives to disarm them by detroying their structure.
                      This gadget can only be used in the Deep Descent

                                   4c Vehicles

Aston Martin V12        The Aston Matin V12 Vanquish is the latest collection
Vanquish:             to James Bonds cars. Done up to have Q Branch's latest
                      gadgets on the wheels, the Vanquish also can be equipped
                      to fire missiles and machine guns.

Aston Martin V12        The underwater version to the Aston Martin is the same
Vanquish Under water  thing but has the power to go underwater. It also has
version:              different weapon suitable for underwater. These are
                      torpedos instead of missiles and machine guns.

Combat Utility          The Combat Utility Vehicle, also known as the SUV
Vehicle:              vehicle is a Jeep with ammunition on it. It has the same
                      weapons on it as the Aston Martin.

JL-7 Snow Mobile:       The JL-7 Snow Mobile is Drake's way of moving around
                      the snow in Austria. It is made for the use of two
                      people. One person drives and the other, on top of the
                      snow mobile, stands up on a turret type thing, waiting
                      to fire at enemies. It uses two kinds of weapons; a JL-7
                      20mm Cannon and a JL-7C Rocket Launcher.

D1400 Aeroplane:        The D1400 Aeroplane is an aeroplane made for two
                      people. One drives while the other is on a turret
                      shooting. It weapons are rockets and a machine gun.

Mini Helicopter:        Used in multiplayer only, the Mini helicopter is
                      controlled while you stand still. It has a machine gun
                      and a self destruct mode. If this mini weapon so much as
                      touches a wall, it will blow up.

Mini Tank:              The Mini Tank is found in multiplayer only. You
                      control it in the same place as you find it. The Mini
                      Tank has a self destruct mode as well and a machine gun.

----------------------------------- 5 Characters -----------------------------

                                  James Bond

  You take on the roll of the game's main character James Bond 007. He's known
as the world's best agent and works for MI6. He has immense skills with a
weapon and is superb at driving a car. I would have called his driving more of
a Jackass type thing really.

                                 Your Friends

                                Domnique Paradis

  Works for the French Intelligence. Also there on the night of the Paris
Prelude mission. In the Exchange she diguises herself as an allie of Drake and
it works for a while. However once you get to the mission, "Phoenix Fire"
James Bond and Domnique are found out. Unfortunately she gets killed during
trying to escape and is knocked of the buliding. As for James Bond, he made a
dramatic escape to start his next mission.
  Domnique is also an explosives expert and was trying to track down a neclear
warhead. Unfortunately, it looked like she didn't succeed.

                                Zoe Nightshade

  Zoe Nightshade is from the CIA. Her driving skills are supposed to be world
class so that's why I don't get the reason, in the mission Enemies Vanquished,
you drive and not Zoe. Prepared to start working again with an old ally.

                                 Alura McCall

  Alura McCall doesn't come into the story until it's nearing the end. She
saves your life at the end of the mission Phoenix fire and is with you for
quite a bit from then on, in the car. Her agency is Austrailian Intelligence.
She doesn't really have to say that really as you can tell by the accent.
She's a real help in the last two missions though, especially Countdown.

                                 Q Branch

  Is the maker of some of your very useful gadgets. He's behind the making of
you, Q Worm, Decryptor, Micro Camera, Shaver Grenade and may more. Probably
all of your gadgets are made by him.

                                  Your Foes

                                Rafael Drake

  James Bond's next evil Nemesis is Rafael Drake. Is a professional
business man and brought up a company called "Phoenix." His new plans,
codename "Nightfire," are to put the world at fate by making a special space
station in space. On it are missiles which are going to be launched on Earth
to destroy it. There are only two places on earth which have a chance of
stopping this from happening and they will be destroyed.

                               Alexander Mayhew

  Is a mix in between a bad and a good person. He's one of Drake's main and
most trusted men. He betrayed Drake, so Drake threatened to kill Mayhew.
During the game there's a mission called Double Cross, where you have to
protect Mayhew from Drake's men and he'll give you useful information.


  Rook is Drake's main soldier. He's very strong, has high stamina so if you
come against him expect a challenge. He's also the one that attacks you in a
helicopter in the mission, The Exchange.


  You meet Kiko in the Double Cross mission. She's a servant of Mayhew's.
Mayhew thinks she's very loyal to him. She shows it when Mayhew dies, at the
end of the Double Cross mission. However she's still loyal to Drake and has
been working for him all along. She shows this at the end of the mission Chain
Reaction. You come out alive but Kiko gets you out in a helicopter, really
going to Drake.

-------------------------------- 6 Walkthrough -------------------------------

                                6a Paris Prelude

007 Tokens
1. When first in the car, on your first corner.
2. When your road turns to the path.
3. In the air on a jump before the bridge.
4. After the bridge, through the no entry signs, on your left somewhere.


  The first part of the mission sees you in a helicopter with a sniper in your
hands. The first thing you must do is shoot a tyre in the first of two Black
cars chasing the red car for a bond move. Do it quickly or
you’ll fail the mission.
  Next, the red car will move away from the green truck that has been in front
of it all that time.
  A bit further on shoot another Black car in the tyre for another bond move
and then yet another Black car for another Bond Move.
  Next, you’ll swerve over to hold your position on a bridge. Hit the last
Black car in the tyre or grill for a bond move.
  After that you’ll get a cut scene showing now two Black cars chasing the red
one. One will be pushed off track and then the red car will fly off a ramp
held by rope. When the cut scene is over what you have to do is to Sniper the
specific showing part of the rope before the Black car flies off it two. If
you’re not in time you fail the mission.

Objective Complete! * Protect Dominique Paradis *

  After the next two part cut scene you end up in your new car. The Aston
Martin V12 Vanquish. When you get going, use your smoke screen stopping two
black cars also earning yourself a bond move.
  Carry on for now shooting enemies with your machine gun or missiles. Once
you get to a thin area on the path your car should say "Q Wedge, online." Use
the gadget to turn your car sideways.
seen in the two part cut scene. You get a bond move for this.
  Carry on with what you were previously doing until you get to a bridge.
Your car should say "Q Boost, online." Use this; if this trick is
performed properly, you should get all the way over to the other side and
earn yourself a bond move. Sometimes you will be close to the other side,
fall and suddenly reach the other side without earning yourself a bond move.

Note: You are able to fail the mission here if you go over the bridge and
use the Q Boost too late.

  The last part of your mission sees you chasing the green truck you saw
earlier in the game. It is carrying the bomb, so your mission is the
follow it. Your car will soon say, "Q EMP Pulse Projectile, online." Fire
the gadget to stop the bomb being in detonated and successfully completing
your first mission!

Objective Complete! * Stop Truck from reaching Eiffel Tower *
Mission Complete!

                              6b The Exchange

007 Tokens
1. Behind the starting point where the truck comes from.
2. Next to the body armour.
3. When starting objective two, past the guard at the door.
4. In the wine cellar.
5. Near two chairs at the cut scene at the cut scene showing Rafael Drake
and his Party guests.
6. In the library.
7. After going through the two glass doors.
8. At the cable car, instead of going in go down the stairs, along the
path to see a door open. Inside are the token and two or three guards.

Note 1: You target is only supposed to be seven tokens but there are
actually eight.

Note 2: The wine cellar can be found during the second objective. Carry
on, instead of going left. If you look hard enough and defeat all the
guards you will eventually see the truck during objective one. Kill the
guard, head down the stairs to the wine cellar and defeat two more guards.
The token is in the far corner.


  The Exchange is the first mission where you walk around and shoot people.
You start off in the snow on the on the outskirts of the castle. There are
several ways of completing this mission. One of the ways would be to jump
in the truck that you’ll and avoid all the guards but my way lets you
avoid all the guards and gets you body armour.
  Turn towards the stairs and walk past them to the wall. Jump over it and
turn left down a narrow path. At the end of it, jump onto the low ground
just low enough so you won’t get hurt when jumping. Grab the body armour
and head under the high bridge. Walk around until the grapple icon comes
on screen then look up to see that you are able to grapple on to a ledge
on the castle.
  Next go on the ledge a bit higher up and head round towards a zip line
and monkey bar across. Next move on until you come see press action and
you will see three windows. Move past them without being seen by the two
guards in the windows to get a bond move.

Note: If you are seen you will have to shoot two guards and you won’t get
the bond move.

  Move on to the next grapple then go on again, right up stairs and
through the door.

Objective Complete! * Breach the Castle Walls *

This is your first checkpoint of the level. You can finish this next
objective quickly or mess around the whole area to get a bond move and
body armour. I’m going to tell you how to finish it quickly because you
should already have full body armour and you don’t really need the bond
  Head up until you see a door open; in which case stop. Shoot the guard
when he comes out, pick his gun up and run down the stairs.
  Open the door and pick of a guard above on your right. Shoot out two
searchlights and instead of going under the bridge turn left. Here you
pick off two guards. One you can see but the other is straight ahead above
on the balcony.
  Turn left again to a big door for another cut scene showing Bond now in
his party suit.

Objective Complete! * Find a Way Inside to the Party *

  This is your second checkpoint of the level. You have no weapons for
this objective, however its one of the easiest objectives you’ll get in
the whole game. All you have to do is follow a red carpet through the
castle past where the party guests are talking up to a door where a big
well built guy comes out saying he’s busy. The guy is called "Rook," who
you’ll meet later in the game.
  Go through the door after he’s gone and up the stairs, through a door at
the top. You’ll get a cut scene showing the baddy, Rafael Drake
entertaining his Party Guests.
  After that, head back down the stairs and through the door where you saw
Rook. Go through the next one (which is the library) to get another cut

Objective Complete! * Rendezvous with Undercover Agents & Maintain Cover
as a Party Guest *

  After the cut scene, pick up the body armour and head back to the
stairs. When you’re in the room where the stairs were head right through a
  Turn left and on the corner there are about five or six guards. Kill
them all and head up through the next door. Go up the stairs kill off all
the guards and head right through a door. Then head through the door that
really sticks out from the rest for another cut scene.

Objective Complete! * Spy on Secret Meeting *

  After the cut scene showing Drake and a balled guy called Mayhew, you
can see loads of guards from where you’re standing. You can avoid all of
them by heading up out of the two glass doors.
  Look left and target two guards on the building ahead of you with your
gun. Kill them both and head on a zip line down to that building also
earning you a bond move.
  Head up to the top right and jump down an open window. When you’ve
landed, head right onto the other side of the fence and head through the
far door ahead of you. Kill two guards and go near the next and it will
open automatically. Kill two more outside guards this time and head up two
big doors. These also will open automatically and two guards lie inside
  When defeated, head up the stairs to a control box. Burn it with your
laser to open the door. Kill the two guards inside, pick up the body
armour (if needed) and head to the safe. Burn off the two hinges with your
laser and get the two items inside. One is a suitcase with the guidance
chip in; the other an AT-420 Sentinel which is a rocket launcher. Do not
use this until I say its time to.

Objective Complete! * Retrieve Guidance Chip from Safe Room *

  Head back down the stairs across the snow and into the opposite room;
wait here for the moment. Eventually (after encouraging them to) one by
one four guards will come in. Shoot them all and head into the room where
you jumped through the open window. Head up and right down through a door.
  Grab the body armour (shoot all guards if they appear) and head into the
cable car. Do not shoot the lady called Zoe Nightshade at any time or
you’ll fail the mission.
  Whilst in the cable car duck while the guards are firing at you to save
a bit of health.
  After a while the lights will go out in the cable and a cut scene
showing a helicopter with Rook in a helicopter occurs.
All you have to do is arm yourself with the AT-420 Sentinel and make sure
it’s on guided mode. Fire and guide about three or four rockets to hit the
helicopter and a cut scene shows showing the helicopter crashing.

Note: A few tips with the last part of that mission.
1.	When firing rockets make sure they don’t hit the cable car.
2.	Watch your health as he fires machine guns and missiles at the cable
3.	When getting in the cable car if for some reason it sets off without
you (as it has done once with me) jump on top of the cable car and get in
via the roof.

Note: In case you wanted to know, Rook is not defeated yet as you'll see
later on in the game. It looks like he's defeaten in the cut scene, but
cut scene doesn't reveal everything. Talking about it, what does this tell
if you think about it. If you meet with him again, he'll be hard to
defeat. I'm not telling you if you do though.

Objective Complete! * Escape with Zoe in Gondola *
Mission Complete!

                               6c Alpine Escape

007 Tokens
1. When you’re first driving in the woods, shoot the fuel barrels where
the guards are standing. In the smoke are some ammo and a 007 Token.
2. When duelling with the other snow mobile blow it up before it reaches
you and a 007 token appears in the distance.
3. When heading to the closing gate kill two guards on top of the wall
firing rockets at you before you stop, to get a 007 token.


The first thing you have two know before starting the mission is you have
two weapons on your Snow Mobile. One is the JL-7 20mm Cannon and the other
is the JL-7C Rocket Launcher. When I say shoot use the Cannon and when I
say Blast use the Rocket Launcher.
  Start shooting the guards and when they come on the far right shoot the
blue patch on the cable car to blow all of them up so far and get a bond
move. Kill the ones on the far left by shooting the blue patch on the
cylinder near the building and earning your another bond move. Shoot the
ones near by shooting the fuel barrels.
  After the cut scene showing the count down and the garage blowing up get
ready to shoot the fuel barrel on your right to blow up guards and shoot
some after on your left to blow up some more guards and earn you another
bond move.
  After another cut scene shoot three Snow Mobiles behind you and turn in
front of you to shoot fencing under a bridge and a bond move.
  You will then get another cut scene showing a snow mobile straight ahead
of you. Duel it by shooting it before it gets past you and carry on.
  Shoot a Snow Mobile on your left, then one behind you and if you still
have time turn in front of you to shoot some fuel barrels, blowing up some
  Then you will get another cut scene showing a big gate closing ahead of
you. Dodge the rockets as you get nearer and when you stop shoot all the
guards around you.
  After that blast the door down before the helicopter kills you.

Objective Complete! * Escape from Drake’s Castle Compound *

  You will now get a cut scene. After it carry on shooting Snow Mobiles
coming out in different directions for a while and soon after another cut
scene happens showing he helicopter trapping you and your snow mobile
heading right through it making the helicopter crash and you hitting the
ground safely.

Objective Complete! * Evade Drake’s Pursing Forces *
Mission Complete!

                        6d Enemies Vanquished

007 Tokens
1. At the first set of turns, before the stairs, look on your left for
some tables and chairs, and a 007 token
2. Before you bash through the wall where the armour is.
3. At the frozen river on the jump.
4. A bit further on from the frozen river when it splits in two on the
5. The bottom left side of the big lake at the end.


  Start off by shooting two snowmobiles, one either side of you, with
missiles. When a police car appears from behind a billboard keep take over
it and use smokescreen for a bond move. The easiest way to shoot a car
without using missiles, (because you’ll need them for the end of this,) is
to shoot them in the tyre or take over them and use smokescreen, also
earning yourself a bond move.
  Carry on until you see some steps ahead. Go as fast as you can up them
so you go in the air and land in front of a wall. Go through it, grab the
armour and you should find you back on the road.
Carry on up the road defeating all the cars and going through a tunnel.
  When you get to the end of it turn right off the road or the police will
catch you and you’ll fail the mission.
  Grab some more armour, and you should get a cut scene. Then fly off a
ledge onto ice. Don’t hit the sides hard here or you lose health. I’ll
allow you to use missiles here, on the enemies. Carry on through the
level, until you jump off a big cliff into a frozen lake.
  You’re supposed to meet Q at the extraction point here. However, for him
to be able to get to you through the air you have to defeat the
helicopters and snowmobiles on the lake. Grab the missiles and the armour
on the lake if you need them and blow the helicopters and snowmobiles up
and you should get a cut scene.

Objective Complete! * Rendezvous with Q at the Extraction Point *

Objective Complete! * Avoid Civilian Casualties *

Objective Complete! * Evade Local Police Using Non-Lethal Means *

Objective Complete! * Dispatch all Enemies *
Mission Complete!

                              6e Double Cross

007 Tokens
1. After shooting the opening three guards, top right.
2. Upstairs in the room before the bunker.
3. The building where you find the secret Winter Tactical Sniper, on the
stairs, near the gong.
4. In the second big out door area, if you’re entering from underwater,
look to the right of the guard with the sniper.
5. When there’s a kitchen with one of the two girls you have to find in
look left and it’s in a sort of cubicle.
6. On the roof, on a balcony, near where the second sniper guard is.
7. In a servant’s room opposite to the room of the last servant.


Note: Listen carefully for parts of this room as there are lots of rooms
and you might get lost if it’s your first time round.

  Start by shooting three guards, making sure Mayhew doesn’t get shot and
make your way to the door. He says, "Check the hallway". Go left into a kind
of office and in there is some armour. Go out of the room killing two
guards and to the other door. A cut scene will happen from behind the door
saying words like, "he’s coming, get ready." Open the door and run back
beside Mayhew. Shoot them all from here but if the door shuts you need to
open it again.
  When they’re dead go inside the room and shoot the rest of them. Then go
through the door on the other side of the room, getting armour on the left
if you need it. Turn right and shoot all the guards. Look up on the
balcony to see another guard then follow Mayhew to the bunker.

Objective Complete! * Escort Mayhew to Bunker *

  Grab the armour and head up the ladder. Turn on your night vision and
shoot a guard in the dark. Then shoot all the guards in this entire open
area before you do anything else. Then look for the building with a gong
and swim round the back. There should be a hole for you to be able to go
through, so swim under water through it. Climb up the ladder to find the
secret Winter Tactical Sniper. Swim back out and look for another hole in
the water. Swim under it until you find a ladder mid way. Climb up it
moving the metal grid to earn your self a bond move. Turn round to find
guards threatening a Geisha girl. Kill the guards making sure you don’t
kill the girl and a cut scene happens.
  Head out of this room into a hallway and turn left when you can to get
into a second open area. Kill all the guards near you and get your sniper
out. Target a guard who also has a sniper and kill him. Go into the area
and kill the rest of the guards as normal. Follow the bridge across and
head through a door into the building.

Note: There’s another fancy way into this building which also gets you a
bond move. Shoot out three lanterns you saw and climb on a rock underneath
 the wire. You then press the Y button to Monkey bar into the building
avoiding the electric shocks.

  Before you do anything else shoot the computer.

Objective Complete! * Destroy Mayhew’s Computer *

  Open the door and shoot all the guards in the hallway and carry on until
you find a kitchen. Shoot all the guards in here two rescue the second
Geisha girl.

Objective Complete! * Rescue Geisha Girls *

  Look for a door that’s flashing and go inside so it loads the third part
to this level.
  Go left and left again to kill a guard in a room where there is some
armour. Go into the dark room and kill the guard in there. Come out of the
and look right to find the dragon. Press the A button to retrieve the code

Objective Complete! * Retrieve the Dragon Safe Contents *

  Kill two guards, head down the hallway and turn right. Defeat all the
guards here and a guard with a servant. Then head up the stairs. There’s
armour on the left if you need it. Otherwise get you sniper out again and
head outside. Shoot another guard with a sniper and head over to where he
was standing. Shoot the windows and drop down. Kill two guards to rescue
another servant. Head into the next room and wait to see a servant come
out of a room screaming (kind of) followed by a guard. Kill the guard
before he kills the servant.

Objective Complete! * Rescue Mayhew’s Servants *

  Head through the next door kill the guards and the next door.

Objective Complete! * Find the Door Leading to Mayhew *

  This is the last part of the mission now; you need to defeat Ninja, also
known as the assassin. A few shots with the Frinesi Auto 12 should kill
him and watch out for his sword.

Objective Complete! * Defeat the Assassin *
Mission Complete!

                               6f Nightshift

007 Tokens
1. When you’ve started the mission and shot the guard at the bottom on the
right at a wall.
2. Near a window saying phoenix on the first floor.
3. At the start of the second part of the mission. Turn left and left
again onto a narrow corridor called the Sky Bridge, it’s at the end.
4. Room 70-C.
5. Before completing the second part of the mission carry on, past the
camera, to a dead end. The token is here.
6. Third part of the mission after going through the vent and going out of
the door. Go into the door on your right and it’s with the armour.
7. At the end of the mission kill all the guards, to make it easy. Top
left of the area.


  As soon as you start ignore the guard, turn behind you and head through
the door.

Note: Only shoot people with the dart gun in this level to put them to
sleep. They can reawaken afterwards. If you run out of darts it’s you’re
going to have to subdue them with your fists.

  Shoot the guard going down the stairs and make your way up the stairs
through the door.
  You’ll find yourself in a big room now on the first floor. Go right to
the opposite side of the room, shooting any guards and right through the
door. Get the armour press action at a computer to activate the elevators.

Objective Complete! * Get to the Lobby and Activate the Main Elevator
Systems *

  Go back out of the room, up the corridor and turn left to head into an
open elevator. This ends the first part of the mission.

Objective Complete! * Take the Main Elevator to the Office Floor *

  Turn right to see a large corridor. Quickly head over the trip wire and
hide behind a pillar on your right. Shoot a guard as he will come out of a
door. Carry on and turn right down another long corridor. Get to the end
of it and head into a door on your left.
If you see a guard shoot him because there’s on round here. Install the Q
Worm on an office computer flashing red.

Objective Complete! * Install Q Worm on Office Computer Systems *

  Come back into the corridor and get out your Q Decryptor. Use it to open
the door at the end of the corridor. Shoot the guard walking around
inside and head into the door on the opposite side of the room.
  Head down the corridor shooting any guards, and head right into another
long corridor. Use your Q Decryptor again to open a door.
  There’s armour in here but I would toggle if you want to get it because
you don’t want a guard to see you through the window. Press action at a
computer to complete an objective.

Objective Complete! * Find Security Centre and Unlock Exterior Door *

  Carry on out of the door to the camera. Avoid its range finding beam and
turn left to head through a door and wait for the third part to load.

Objective Complete! * Find Door to Outer Balcony *

Objective Complete! * Don’t let the Security Guards Raise the Alarm *

  You’re allowed to use other guns now since you completed the certain
objective. Head right for a cut scene showing a helicopter and Dominique
looking out of it. Carry on to; find an elevator going up and down. Climb
on top of the elevator and wait until it gets to the top to see a vent.
Press action to open it and head through and down into a room. Get out of
the door and go to the one on the opposite side of the room.
  Avoid the camera beam and head forward and then right when you can to a
big steel door. Press action on the button to open it.

Objective Complete! * Locate Secure Terminal Room *

  If you’re playing on operative or agent mode, head to the thing rising
in the room. Stay right near it to avoid the machine gun fire and when it
is fully up press action to grab the files and you should get a bond move.

Note: 00 Agent mode is a bit harder. Avoid the lasers retrieve the files
and if you touch the lasers, guns will come so be careful.

Objective Complete! * Retrieve Nightfire Files from the Secure Terminal *

  Head out, avoiding fire by machine guns and head right to the cameras,
still avoiding them. Shoot the guards if there is any and head for the
brown door. Go into the next one by using your Q Decryptor and head to the
 computer. Install the Q Worm.

Objective Complete! * Install Q Worm on Mayhew’s Computer Systems *

  Head back to the cameras and go in the door to the left for a cut scene
with Dominique.

Objective Complete! * Escape to the Roof *

This is the last part of this long mission. Kill all the guards in the
area and grab a parachute at the helicopter. Then, jump off the roof to
complete the mission.

Objective Complete! * Acquire Parachute from Helicopter and Jump off Tower
Roof *
Mission Complete!

                                6g Chain Reaction

007 Tokens
1. At the bottom of the ST-1 building.
2. Grapple to the top of TR-2 Building and use the zip wire to get to a
platform in an open building. It’s at the end with the Delta Repeater
3. From token 2, jump off the platform onto the top of the thing in the
middle. Laser one of the vents so you’re able to get in (only one you can
laser) and jump through it to find the token underneath you. Press action
on the door to get out.
4. At the bottom of the TR-2 building.
5. Once you’ve moved the crane outside, jump onto a ledge on your left;
once at the end, jump onto and climb up a ladder. Then walk up a pipe and
press action. Move across the wall on the ledge to three smashed windows.
Inside them is the token and armour.
6. Go from the laser prototype down into a door. In here, where you get
the armour on the boxes, jump across to the boxes and turn right to find
the token hidden.
7. On the catwalk, to get there once the inside crane is going, grapple
onto it when there’s chance and when it’s at the other end, walk the
catwalk to the token.


  On top of the building where you start shoot all the guards you can see
firing at you with a sniper. Then make your way to the vent that has
hinges on it. Burn them all off with your laser and jump into the vent for
a bond move.

Objective Complete! * Investigate Building ST-1 *

  Go into the building and take out all guards. Go to the jetpack and the
screen and take a picture of it with your micro camera.

Objective Complete! * Photograph the Jetpack Prototype *

  Head down, to the bottom of the building to get to the exit. Head right
and right again to get out to, find more snipers. Take out all the snipers
you can see and head up the ladder. Go and keep moving across wires to get
to the TR-2 building. Open the door, kill all the guards here and make
your way to the bottom. The way to get to the door from the bottom is to
go up some stairs and head left round the sides until you get to the
catwalk. Head up it, ignore the grapple signs and when you get to the top
jump left off it and a door is right in front of you which you go through.

Objective Complete! * Exit through Building TR-2 *

  You need good skill with a sniper here. Start by looking for and
shooting three snipers.
  Grab the armour go left down the stairs, jump off and head into the
small door with three snipers. From here, go diagonally across the area to
shoot two snipers and then to shoot more snipers in three smashed windows.
  Head up a ladder to the top of a metal yellow platform and take the long
wire over to the crane. If there are no pauses you should make it to the
other side safely. There may be snipers appearing from the roof left of
the crane every once and a while so shoot them. Press action to the crane
controls so it moves and you can head across it to a door on your left.

Objective Complete! * Investigate Building ST-3 *

  Inside there’s armour on the left door if you need it but head right and
press action on the controls if you want to get the inside crane type
thing going on the ceiling. Head down the stairs and shoot a mix of all
the guards and snipers you see. They’ll keep appearing so keep shooting
them while doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Head to the other side
of the room and turn right. Jump on a box and then walk up the remaining
bit of stairs.
  Turn left and get your micro camera out. Take a picture of the screen to
complete an objective.

Objective Complete! * Photograph the Laser Prototype *

  Make sure you’ve shot all the guards near you from where you are now and
press action on the laser on the other side of the stairs. Target the
massive door saying C5 on it ahead of you and fire at it. Keep on it for a
several amount of seconds and eventually you’ll destroy it.

Objective Complete! * Destroy Door C5 with Mounted Laser on Catwalk *

  To finish the mission head through the C5 door and that is the end of
what can be one annoying mission
Mission Complete!

                              6h Phoenix Fire

007 Tokens
1. The start of the mission jump left out of the elevator onto a ledge. At
the end of it is the token.
2. In the room with the blue screen, armour and a guard. It’s on the
3. After the first loading point into the game, defeat two guards, collect
the phoenix ronin and turn left to get to a dead end and watch for the
helicopter. The token is there.
4. In the room with the cafeteria on the office floor.
5. Room 70-A.
6. After leaving the elevator with gun fire and satchel charges at you. In
the familiar room from the Nightshift mission; the top left side from the
7. The control room you go to near the end of the mission.


  At the start of the mission I prefer to do it this way. As if you were
getting the first token jump onto the ledge and look behind you. Grapple
on top of the elevator to see a familiar vent. Go through the vent and
down into the room for a bond move.
  Head out of the room and kill a guard who doesn’t know your presence. Go
into the door on your right to kill a guard and get some armour. The go
back out and into the room you haven’t been in yet. Look left to see the
starting elevator and kill a guard or two there. Then head to the room
with you installed the Q worm on Mayhew’s computer system to get a code
from his computer; remember it!	
  Now go to where you saw the big metal door. Turn right from hear and
head through the door by typing in the code you should’ve remembered. Head
right to the bottom of the stairs now killing all the guards, to a
flashing door. Before you go in get the armour and rounds then the game
will load.

Objective Complete! * Gain Access to Lower Office Floor *

  If you see any Phoenix Ronins in this part of the mission get out of
their range of fire. Kill two guards and head right, to the control room.
door you were in on the Nightshift mission. If it’s open go inside. If it
isn’t, this next paragraph will tell you how to get it.
  From the control head towards the phoenix ronin and guard, kill the
guard and deactivate the phoenix ronin. From here kill any guards and head
to room 70-E. In there go to the red computer and it will give you the key
code into the control room.
  In the control room, press action on the operational computer on the

Objective Complete! * Activate Elevator over ride control in Security
Centre *

  Next press action on the operational computer on the left to open up the
sky bridge. Head out of the room and head right, down to the sky bridge.
Cross the sky bridge avoiding helicopter fire and turn right. Head right
again behind the phoenix ronin avoiding its fire and kill the guard.
Deactivate the Phoenix Ronin, grab the armour and head into the open

Objective Complete! * Escape through the Elevator Shafts *

You’re in the elevator for the next part. Kill guards in the windows
firing from the left. When a cut scene happens of a satchel charge being
thrown in by a guard, after it deactivate the satchel charge with your
laser before it explodes. Keep killing the guards and watch out for a
second satchel charge being thrown at you before the end of this part.
  There will then be a cut scene, showing the guard setting one on the
  Then it will load the final part of the game.

Objective Complete! * Gain Access to Lobby *

  Kill all guards while doing this. Look for the control room with the
green window and enter it. Press action on a computer and head out of the
control room to an open area with the window saying phoenix on it to
complete the mission.

Objective Complete! * Raise Security and Escape through front Entrance *

Objective Complete! * Escape from Tower *
Mission Complete!

                              6i Deep Descent

007 Tokens
1. At the start when going into the old wrecked tanker go right to find
2. After using your remote torpedoes dodging the fan, dodge the fan
yourself and it’s on the other side.
3. Underneath the second control box you use to turn off the lasers.
4. When doing the submarine chase look right just before the third door
and it’s on a ledge.
5. After you’ve finished chasing the submarine, look down for three
submarines, it’s in the middle.
6. After coming out of the tunnel to the nuclear submarines go up near to
the surface and it’s in this area.


  You start the mission underwater outside the base. Go forward for a cut
scene. Quickly make your way across the kind of underwater road into a
destroyed tanker. Go left to see a submarine and a cut scene.

Objective Complete! * Find an alternate way into Drake’s base *

  Don’t follow it, instead turn left and go down the passage to the end to
see some fans. Get out your remote torpedoes and fire them. Avoid the fans
as they turn and at the end crash it into a pillar with the communications
node on it.

Objective Complete! * Destroy Communications Node *

  Now go through the passage on the left back to the path the submarine
was going in. Go the way that it went and when you get to it fire
torpedoes at it, dodging his. When done, fire your remote torpedoes
through the red lasers avoiding them, and then follow the wire and crash
it into the control box.
  Go through the hole and follow the passage to the end, avoiding the
mines. At the end destroy the control box with your remote torpedoes again
and head through. Go down a bit avoiding the mines to find and go through
a small hole that’s a bit before the bottom. Follow the passage to a big
area with six missiles in it. This next part has to be done in a certain
time limit. Place a limpet mine on each of the six missiles before the
time runs out to get a cut scene.

Objective Complete! * Plant Charges on Missiles *

Note: There’s a submarine there so shoot it with your torpedoes if it gets
in your way.

  The timers still on so this part quickly. Go to the door that opened
shoot all the submarines and go through. There should be another cut scene
at which time your timer should have gone. Follow the submarine but do not
shoot it! Follow it all the way avoiding the torpedoes it leaves. Follow
it until (I forgot who in the background says it) but says you’re in the

Objective Complete! * Follow Sub into Base *
  Still following it, follow it through the door before it closes and
through the tunnel and then get your torpedoes out and shoot it. Them go
to the lasers and shoot the control box with your remote torpedoes. Go
through and get the armour (you’ll need it for the next part).
  There are three big submarines. Go to the blue area on each of them and
plant a Q Charge on each of them.

Objective Complete! * Plant Q Charges on docked Submarines *

  That was the easy bit; this is probably the only challenging part of
this mission so be prepared from it going easy to difficult in one second

Note: The thing I hate about this mission is the end the thing is if you
lose you go right back to the start!

There is another submarine which fires out much powerful torpedoes than
you’ve come across lately. Dodging the torpedoes it fires fire as many
torpedoes as it takes to blow it up and make your way ahead to the beach.

Objective Complete! * Destroy Enemy attack Sub *

Objective Complete! * Make it to the Beach Undetected *
Mission Complete!

                           6j Island Infiltration

007 Tokens
1. behind you at the start of the mission
2. The part where you download the access code in the Security Compound.
3. To the right of Sentinel 3
4. In the D1400 destroy the first tower.


  You start the mission in an SUV vehicle. Head down the road to the
junction, turn right and head down here.
  Eventually you’ll enter a security compound. Destroy both cars, the man
on the left with a rocket launcher (I think) and destroy the helicopter.
Do this with missiles. Head up the ramp, turn right and press B to
download the access code.

Objective Complete! * Download Defence System Code from Compound *

  Head out and back onto the road you were on and carry on down it,
shooting the down the enemy vehicles with your machine gun.
  Eventually you’ll come to a gate. Use the access code to get through.
Head on and shoot down the sentinel with your machine gun (use missiles if
you’re desperate).
  Carry on to the next gate and do the same as before. Head through and
shoot sentinel 2 round the corner with your machine gun.
  Carry on, picking up missiles, to a bridge. Do not go across it or
you’ll die. Instead press B again to create a bridge for you to go across.
Destroy the car and head on through the tunnel to a sentinel and a cut scene.

Note: before you leave the tunnel, there’s a secret road to the left of
you. Just thought I’d tell you, that’s all.

  Destroy both vehicles and sentinel 3 for another cut scene. This also
ends the first part of the mission.
  When you start part 2 you’re in a D1400 plane. Start by shooting down
the bridge with your rockets.

Objective Complete! * Disable Primary Access Route *

  Use your rockets as much as you want but make sure you have 12 rockets,
four for each of the three remaining sentinels. Shoot any enemies if there
is any throughout part 2. Carry on and shoot down the tower.
  Then there’ll be a cut scene with sentinel 4 on it so blow it up.
You’ll come to an open area now. When you follow the road below, shoot
down about three SUV vehicles, and then you'll head on.
  Carry on until you find sentinel 5 which you need to also blow up.
  Head on through the level, until there’s a cut scene with Alura saying
something like, "hold on, I’m going to dive." After that, shoot down all
enemy planes in the area and blow up all the boats down below.
Then you’ll carry on. Shoot down the tower and blow up the boat. Then kill
off the final sentinel, sentinel 6. This also completes part 2 of the

Objective Complete! * Disable Island Defence Sentinels *

  The last part is easy if know what will happen next; fortunately I know
it off by heart. Also, don’t use the laser pulse shots until I say so.
  Destroy the tank on the left then if there isn’t one on the right look
out left and shoot all the incoming planes for a bond move. Then look
right again. If there’s no tank shoot the planes on the right for another
bond move. Then two planes will come up from ahead so shoot them both for
another bond move. Then there’s a tank down below you on the left. Finally
take out your laser pulse shots. Fire them at the submarine; it’ll take a
few shots to blow it up.

Objective Complete! * Dismantle Drake’s Island Defence Systems *

Objective Complete! * Protect Alura as she completes the Mission *
Mission Complete!

                                 6k Countdown

007 Tokens
1. After dropping through the vent at the start, on the opposite side of
the room, grapple into another vent. Look around for it in here.
2. Next to the armour in the room A6.
3. The dead end near silo D12c
4. before the omega sector door
5. The part when you enter the omega sector, in a room on the second floor
6. underneath the first shuttle that launches
7. underneath the second shuttle that launches


  You start the mission in a vent. Drop down, through the vent and kill a
guard before he reaches the door. Go through the door, kill however men
guards there are and move on for a cut scene.
  Kill the guard ahead and go up to him. Go through the door on the left
and kill the guard.

Objective Complete! * Infiltrate Drake’s Facility undetected *

  Go back out and go into the next door on the left with a camera sign on
it. Kill the guard and collect the body armour. Open the control box and
get out your laser. Shoot the part in green AND NOT THE RED to disarm the
cameras. Head back out and into the room A5. Head down the corridor
killing all the guards as you proceed.
  Now head into the A8 corridor and do the same; then A12. Then go into
A16, kill all the guards and head into the camera near where you came in.
Kill the guard inside if you’ve not already done so. Get the armour and go
into the control box. Laser the green part to stop the alarm, if it’s on,
or to stop it altogether. Go back out and into A17; there’s armour on the
wall if you need it. Use the decryptor on the controls of each side of the
locked door. Go in and get the Aims 20 gun and ammo for it. Save the
grenade launcher function on it for after. It makes it so much easier.
There are also grenades, if you want them and laser trip bombs.
Go into A18 for a cut scene.

Objective Complete! * Follow Kiko to the Security Control Centre *

   As you’ll probably see when it’s finished there’s no way out. So go
down the stairs to the opposite side of the room. On the left and right of
the room there are control boxes. Laser the green parts of them AND NOT
THE RED, or you’ll die. Go back up the steps and press action on the
computer. The machines will explode but if you stay in the area, you won’t
be affected. After a few explosions the door will reopen.

Objective Complete! * Sabotage Base Security and escape from room *

  Kill all the guards on your way back to A5. They all should be dead now
except Rook who’s in the A5 corridor. Take out your Aims 20 and switch to
your grenade launcher. Make sure you’re a fair distance apart so you don’t
get hit by the blast. Rapidly fire at him and he will eventually die.

Objective Complete! * Prevent Rook from cutting power to the Delta Sector *

 Make sure you pick up his weapon, the Phoenix Samurai Laser Rifle. Now
head to the door, saying Delta Sector on it and go through it.

Objective Complete! * Take exit to the Delta Sector *

  Defeat all the guards in this room and go through the door on the
opposite side. Throw a flag grenade at the laser trip wire and take cover
when it blows. Go through the door and defeat the guards.
  Go to the opposite side of the room and through the door for armour. Go
back out and go through the door you haven’t been in yet. Flag grenade the
 trip wires and head on through the next door.
  Defeat the guards and go through the door at the opposite side of the
room. Avoid the grenade that is thrown at you as it blows the fuel barrels
as well. Then kill the guards.
  Go through the door on the left for ammo and the door on the right to
move on. Throw a grenade at the tripwire and head through the door.
  Kill the guard and go through the other door. Duck under the tripwire
and head through the door. Kill the guards and head through the door on
the opposite side of the room. Flag grenade the trip wires, and go through
the door. Kill the guard and head into the omega sector. That ends one
confusing maze.

Objective Complete! * Find exit to Omega Sector *

  Go through the door but beware, the next room is big but is swarming
with guards. Kill all of them and make your way upstairs. Go into the room
with body armour in and hit the button to unlock a door. Go through it,
killing the guards and go through the other doors by pressing the button
at the side.
  The last room your in has three other doors. Open D2 and head through
for a cut scene.

Objective Complete! * Reach Drake’s launch silo *

  There are quite a lot of guards in this last part and more than one
ninja which you defeated in the Double Cross level. There are a few side
rooms at the side. In them are armour and ammo. Go in one of them before
they shut. You know by the countdown.
  After the first shuttle is launched defeat the guards and go into
another one of the side rooms. Repeat this until there’s a cut scene
showing Bond grappling up into the elevator and killing Kiko.

Objective Complete! * Prevent Kiko from launching into space *
Mission Complete!

                                 6l Equinox

007 Tokens
1. In the middle of where the laser charges
2. near the second missile down on the left hand side
3. near the second missile down on the right hand side
4. at the back, high up, on the right
5. at the back, high up, on the left
6. At the back, down below, on the left
7. At the back, down below, on the right


  The last level in the so expect a challenge if your on a harder
difficulty. You’ll notice a diagram of the level in the top right hand
corner of the screen. The circles are the missiles. If the circles are
flashing green the missile is going to launch. If it’s got a cross in it,
you’ve destroyed it. The squares at the top of the left and right of the
diagram are the places where the enemies come out of. If it’s flashing
some more have been released. Ignore Drake at the moment and through the
whole of this level, when you’ve got time kill as many enemies as

Note: It’s easier to kill the enemies by switching to your sniper mode.

  Destroy each missile by shooting the circular thing in green on it which
it’ll reveal. When you destroyed them all, you’ve done the hard part of
the mission.

Objective Complete! * Disable the missiles before they launched *

  Now concentrate on Drake. He’ll brake out of the window with a powerful
weapon, missiles of some sort. Dodge them and give him a few shots with
your Phoenix Samurai to kill him.

Objective Complete! * Defeat Drake before the base goes critical *
Mission Complete!

--------------------------------- 7 Medals -----------------------------------

  You can recieve awards depending on how well you do in a mission. For every
different medal you earn, a reward comes with it. This can be an upgrade for a
weapon, a new character playable on multiplayer mode or a new multiplayer
scenario. To get a medal you have to earn a certain amount of points when
you've finished a mission.
  To earn points you have to do things like, get a good percentage of accuracy
or make a certain amount of opponent surrender. By pausing the game and
looking at the "score" option.
  However, earning a platinum medal is different. From what I know, it can
only be possible to earn on 00 Agent mode. This is because you need the bonus
points for playing on a higher difficulty. Also, once you have earned a gold
medal you may notice 007 symbols appearing in the mission. These are 007
tokens. You need to get a certain amount of these in each mission to get the
points. However the nasty feature about 007 tokens is, if you get something
like six out of the seven tokens you needed to get you still wouldn't get any
points. Also to get a platinum medal it usually requires nearly twice the
amount of points that a gold medal does. This is to make sure that there is no
other way of earning a platinum medal without all of the 007 tokens.
  Here are the the rewards for the medals in each mission:

Note: The 007 token locations can be found before the walkthrough of each

                                 Paris Prelude

Bronze:     Domnique              =   Reward Card

Silver:     Jaws                  =   MP Skin

Gold:       Pistol                =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Renard                =   MP Skin

                               The Exchange

Bronze:     Zoe Nightshade        =   Reward Card

Silver:     Oddjob                =   MP Skin

Gold:       Pistol                =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Baron Samedi          =   MP Skin

                               Alpine Escape

Bronze:     Military Snowmobile   =   Reward Card

Silver:     Assassination         =   MP Scenario

Gold:       Grapple               =   MP Mode

Platinum:   Max Zorin             =   MP Skin

                                Enemies Vanquished

Bronze:     Vanquish              =   Reward Card

Silver:     Scaramanga            =   MP Skin

Gold:       Micro Camera          =   Upgrade

Platinum:   May Day               =   MP Skin

                                 Double Cross

Bronze:     Mayhew                =   Reward Card

Silver:     Uplink                =   MP Scenario

Gold:       Sniper Rifle          =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Xenia Onatopp         =   MP Skin


Bronze:     Kiko                  =   Reward Card

Silver:     Team King of the Hill =   MP Scenario

Gold:       P2K Pistol            =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Christmas Jones       =   MP Skin

                               Chain Reaction

Bronze:     Rook                  =   Reward Card

Silver:     Wai Lin               =   MP Skin

Gold:       Dart Gun              =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Goldfinger            =   MP Skin

                                 Phoenix Fire

Bronze:     Alura                 =   Reward Card

Silver:     Demolition            =   MP Scenario

Gold:       Golden P2K Pistol     =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Drake Suit            =   MP Skin

                                 Deep Descent

Bronze:     Vanquish Sub          =   Reward Card

Silver:     Nick Nack             =   MP Skin

Gold:       Decryptor             =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Electra King          =   MP Skin

                            Island Infiltration

Bronze:     Ultralight            =   Reward Card

Silver:     Protection            =   MP Scenario

Gold:       Stunner               =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Bond Tuxedo           =   MP Skin


Bronze:     Drake                 =   Reward Card

Silver:     Explosive Scenery     =   MP Mode

Gold:       Laser                 =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Pussy Galore          =   MP Skin


Bronze:     Bond                  =   Reward Card

Silver:     Goldeneye Strike      =   MP Scenario

Gold:       Laser                 =   Upgrade

Platinum:   Bond Spacesuit        =   MP Skin

----------------------------- 8 Multiplayer Mode -----------------------------

  The multiplayer for James Bond 007 Nightfire has impressed me. There are a
huge range of multiplayer scenarios to choose from and lots of characters to
play as. However some of them need to be unlocked so you can access them. What
needs to be unlocked are found in the single player mode. You have to earn
medals. View the medals section if you want further information. Here is a
guide to the multiplayer mode like who the characters are what scenarios you
can get, what weapons there are and other stuff too.

                            8a Multiplayer Characters

                            Coming in later versions

                             8b Multiplayer Scenarios

  The multiplayer scenarios are like the different objectives of a level. Some
need to be unlocked and others are already there for you to play. These range
from scenarios like Quick Game to other kinds of scenarios like Capture the
  Some scenarios involve teamwork or everybody against everbody. The teams are
split into two. They are MI6 and Phoenix teams. You know which team you're on
when you choose a character. The background of there picture is in red or
blue. Blue is MI6 and red is Phoenix.
Here are all of the scenarios and the aim of them:

Quick Game:                    A Quick Game is a normal game where you don't
(Teams: Every man for        have to mess around picking the difficulty of
himself)                     everything and choosing things like the time
                             limit. It's ramdomly chosen and it's like an all
                             against all game.

Arena:                         An arena is a deathmatch. If you kill somebody
(Teams: Every man for        you score a point for yourself. You can set the
himself)                     amount of points to however many you want so the
                             first person to reach that amount will win. Or
                             until the time runs out.

Team Arena:
(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)         Team Arena is the same thing as the Arena
                             scenario only it's in teams. This is good if you
                             want to team up with your mates and face the
                             computerized opponents.

Capture the Flag:              The aim of Capture the Flag is to steal the
(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)       other team's flag and take it to the flag stand
                             where you keep your flag. At the same time, the
                             other team attempt to get yours.

Uplink:                        In Uplink, you have find satellites hidden
                             around the level and activate them. There are
                             three in total. You need to simply walk through
                             them to do that. One satellite equals one point.
                             It's the first one to reach a set amount of

Top Agent:                     Top Agent has to be the most enjoyable
(Teams: Every man for         multiplayer scenario in Nightfire. You can choose
himself)                     a set amount of lives for everyone. If you lose
                             them all your out. The aim is to kill your
                             opponents and survive being kill. The last person
                             in the game is the winner.

(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)         In demolition there is one satellite somewhere
                             around the level. If you find it and you're on
                             the MI6 team you must try and destroy it. If
                             you're on the Phoenix team you must try and
                             prevent MI6 from destroying it. When the time
                             limit has gone, the point goes to MI6 if it's
                             destroyed; to Phoenix if it isn't. The time will
                             restart again after that.

Protection:                    This is exactly the same as Demolition only it
(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)        has one difference. It's the opposite way round
                             in teams. The MI6 must prevent destruction while
                             Phoenix try to destroy. Look at demolition for
                             further details.

Industrial Espionage:          In Industrial Espionage there is a blueprint
(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)       found around the level. The team must find the
                             blueprints and take them back to a machine for
                             a point. It's the first team to a set amount of

GoldenEye Strike:              GoldenEye strike has to be the most original
(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)       multiplayer scenario. One team must find all the
                             pieces to the GoldenEye and activate to destroy
                             the players in the other team and score a point.

Assassination:                 In assaination one person is the assassin and
(Teams: Every man for        the rest are normal people. If normal people kill
himself)                     someone they get three points. If the assassin
                             kills they recieve five points. If you kill the
                             assassin you only get three points but you become
                             the knew assassin. The old assassin now becomes a
                             normal person again. It's the first person to
                             reach a set amount of points.

King of the Hill:              In the scenario, King of the Hill there's a
(Teams: Every man for        blue circle of light somewhere in each level. You
himself)                     step into this circle to score a point. After a
                             few seconds you can score more points by going
                             out of the circle and back in. At the same time,
                             you have to stop opponents from scoring points in
                             the circle by killing them. It's the first to a
                             set amount of points.

Team King of the Hill:         As you can probably tell by the title of this
(Teams: MI6 V Phoenix)       scenario it is the same as King of the Hill but
                             played in teams. If you wish to know further
                             details about this scenario look at King of the

                            8c Multiplayer Levels

                          Coming in later versions

                       8c Multiplayer Weapons and Gadgets

                         Coming in later versions

---------------------------------- 9 FAQs ------------------------------------

 Q:  In Paris Prelude, I hit a bumper really hard and somehow jump over it.
     How do I get back on track?

 A:  I'm not really that sure there's a way because I haven't tried this
     method properly yet. Try bumping into it hard from the other side to get
     back over.

 Q:  In Alpine Escape I try shoot the gate down and it doesn't break, what do
     I do?

 A:  Make sure the weapon you're using is the JL-7C Rocket Launcher. If you're
     on the cannon it won't work.

 Q:  In Enemies Vanquished at the end, Q says in a cut scene, something like,
     "defeat the helicopters so we can enter the location." I've defeated the
     helicopters but the game keeps on going. What's Wrong?

 A:  You must defeat the snow mobiles as well so the area is clear.

 Q:  In the Double Cross mission, at the end when you face Ninja I don't have
     a Frinesi Auto 12. How do I defeat him?

 A:  You'll just have to use whatever weapon you have. It'll take a bit longer
     but you'll just have manage. If you somehow don't have any weapon at all,
     you'll just have to use your fists.

 Q:  In the Nightshift level I've run out of sleeping darts. What do I do to
     kill someone for the the rest of the mission?

 A:  You just have to manage with your fists. Punch the guard to subdue him.

 Q:  In Phoenix Fire, the door to the camera room is locked. What do I do to
     open it?

 A:  Go to the room 70-E, which you should remember from the Nightshift
     mission to get a key code for the camera room.

 Q:  In the Deep Descent mission, when trying to complete the following the
     sub into objective it suddenly says mission failed on the screen. Why is

 A:  The sub probably went through a door which closed behind it. You were
     probably too far behind it.

 Q:  In the Island Infiltration level, I get to this part with a bridge and
     then fall off. Why is this?

 A:  You need to create a new and safer bridge for you to cross so that you
     won't fall off.

 Q:  In Multiplayer mode, in the level ravine I can't have any bots on. Why
     is this?

 A:  You are not able to have bots for this level and I don't think you can
     unlock them.

----------------------------- 10 Cheats and Codes ----------------------------

                                    10a Cheats

                             Multiplayer Unlocks

Uplink:                                     TRANSMIT

Protection:                                 GUARDIAN

GoldenEye Strike:                           ORBIT

Team King of the Hill:                      TEAMWORK

Demolition:                                 TNT

All Multi Player Scenarios:                 GAMEROOM

Explosive Scenery:                          BOOM

Unlock Jaws:                                DENTAL

Unlock Xenia:                               JANUS

Oddjob:                                     BOWLER

Baron Samedi:                               VOODOO

Pussy Galore:                               CIRCUS

Scaramanga:                                 ASSASSIN

Christmas Jones:                            NUCLEAR

Goldfinger:                                 MIDAS

Tuxedo Bond:                                BLACKTIE

Max Zorin:                                  BLIMP

                  Cheats for the driving and Rail Shooter levels

Double Armour:                                          Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press X Y B X X and
                                                        release L

Triple Armour:                                          Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press X Y B X X X
                                                        and Release L	

Quadruple Armour:                                       Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press X Y B X X X
                                                        X and release L

Unlock Street Race in Enemies Vanquished:               Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press X X B B Y and
                                                        release L

Drive SUV Vehicle in Enemies Vanquished:                Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press B X Y B Y and
                                                        Release L

Extra Powerful Bullets in driving levels:               Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press X X X X and
                                                        release L

Increase Speed in driving levels:                       Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, B Y X B Y X and
                                                        release L

Unlimited Missiles in driving levels:                   Pause the game, hold
                                                        L, press B Y Y B Y X
                                                        and release L

                                 Other Cheats

Equinox Level:                              VACUUM

Level Select:                               PASSPORT

All Upgrades:                               Q LAB

Sniper Upgrade:                             SCOPE

Laser Upgrade:                              PHOTON

                           10b Codes (For Action Replay)


                 1      0Z96 - NF44 - VM0V8
                 2      J28B - DABN - 6KDK2
                 3      H4WX - CDFT - D52F6
                 4      QK9M - FXUT - KVC0F
                 5      67EN - C9XG - T8KM8
                 6      AKP9 - 53FW - FUEC2
                 7      4381 - EURF - BNE7T
                 8      HJAP - 8GGB - 2RQ2G
                 9      6FQT - A7F4 - YVK4P
                10      F568 - NGUR - AQ644
                12      CAXN - EACA - 02ETT

                          Infinite Health

                 1      D6Y4 - U1G1 - 6QR9R
                 2      769E - 3V1T - AJTJN

                                   10c Secrets

These are a few secrets I spotted while playing the game:

Paris Prelude secret area:         In Paris Prelude, when your in the car you
                                 can hit one of the bumpers so hard that the
                                 car manages to flip over the bumper onto the
                                 other side in a what's not supposed to be an
                                 accessible area. The trouble is getting back.
                                 I'm not sure if the method works, but check
                                 out the FAQ section to find out.

The Exchange secret amour:         In The Exchange at the start there's two
                                 towers ahead of the starting point. On the
                                 right one the door is accessible. Climb up
                                 the ladder, if the sniper's there kill him
                                 and there you have your secret armour.

Chain Reaction Armour Piercing:    In Chain Reaction, in the middle of
                                 checkpoint two there's armour on the ground
                                 in the big out door area. When you get it,
                                 change your fire mode on the Winter Tactical
                                 Sniper Rifle to find an armour piericng mode
                                 on it.

Island Infiltration secret         In Island Infiltration, before you defeat
passage:                         the sentinel giving you a cut scene into the
                                 aeroplane part, if you notice there's a
                                 secret passage which you can reverse into. On
                                 the way down the passage there's armour and
                                 if you go to the end and turn around, there's
                                 a place where there's a waterfall and some

-------------------------------- 11 Legacy -----------------------------------

                                 11a Copyright

  This guide is only copyright with the writer’s permission, which can be
found at the email address agent1496@hotmail.com Put the subject as
"copyright" and explain your reason within the email. Thank-you.

                          11b Website Permission

Websites Granted permission:




Note: These three websites will get them anyway as I will always send them my
latest work.

  Any other websites that wish to post my guides on their site must ask
permission on the email address agent1496@hotmail.com Put the subject as
"Website Permisssion" an right your reason, what will you do with my guide on
the site and give me a registration option as a member and contributer.

--------------------------- 12 Version History --------------------------------

  This FAQ/Walkthrough was written on a Notepad so, therefore is probably best
viewed on one.

Version 1.0 (49k)  -    Was a basic first version; it was my first ever
                      FAQ/Walkthrough. Contained a basic title, introduction,
                      the whole walkthrough and the copyright section without
                      the site permission part.

Version 2.0 (52K)  -    Updated with a proper title, site permission part, the
                      version history. A few Faqs as well.

Version 3.0 (60k)  -    Updated with the Storyline, some controls and cheats.
                      Where it says, "More FAQs coming soon!" that will come
                      in a higher version.

Version 4.0 (99k)  -    A change around of presentation in the contents and
                      other places. A change around of the controls section
                      and updated. Added a weapons and gadgets section,
                      updated the cheats section and added the secrets part to
                      it. Made a few more small changes. Might do more on the
                      FAQs section, might not.

Version 5.0 (114k) -    Added the medals section and the first part of the
                      multiplayer mode section. Shows what's going to be where
                      in the section. Under construction still. Another
                      website allowed to use my walkthrough, IGN.


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