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Multiplayer FAQ by N3Burgener

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/08/04

    _____      _____    ___________ _____________|       ___|___
   / ___ \    / ___ \  | ______    |_____________|      /   |   \
  | |   | |  | |   | | |_|     /  /____|_|_|           /    |    \
  | |   | |  | |   | |        /  /  \_   /          ___|___/|\___|___
  | |   | |  | |   | |       /  /_______/              |   \|/   |
  | |   | |  | |   | |      /  /                       \    |    /
  | |___| |  | |___| |     /  /                         \___|___/
   \_____/    \_____/     /__/                              |
   __     _               _         _       ____
  |  \   | |             | |       | |     / ___|
  |   \  | |       ____  | |   ____| |____| |___
  |    \ | |  /|  / _  \ | |___\___   ____   __/ /|   _____   _____
  | |\  \| | | | | | | | |  __ \   | |    | |   | |  / ____/_/  _  \
  | | \    | | | | |_| | | |  \ |  | |    | |   | | | |   \_   |_|  |
  | |  \   | | |  \___ | | |  | |  | |    | |   | | | |     | ______|
  | |   \  | | |     / | | |  | |  | |    | |   | | | |     \ \___/ /
  |_|    \_| |_|  __/ /  |_|  |_|  |_|    |_|   |_| |_|      \_____/
           James Bond 007: Nightfire - Multiplayer FAQ for GCN  v - 1.4

Last Updated: 1-7-04							
Constructed by Nick Burgener, aka 'N3Burgener'
E-mail: N3Burgener@yahoo.com
Special Effects Intro to FAQ.....
* Screen fade to black -> Music play
* Gun barrel = slide from RightToLeft
* Bond sprite walks RightToLeft
* Music intensifies
* Sound queue: "BANG"
* Red color=225 slide from ToptoBottom
* Music simmers
* Screen fade to white, to FAQ

 Version / Update history
	1.0 - ?/??/2003
		The original, first one in
	1.1 - ?/??/2003
		Fixed a few spelling errors, and added a few tips left out in
		the first one.
	1.2 - 8/12/2003
		My cox account for e-mail isn't working, so I've had to switch
		to yahoo, so if you have been e-mailing to the cox account, I
		haven't gotten the mail. Added this section, and
		"Golden Magnum's Weapon nick-names". Also added a tidbit of
		level info.
	1.3 - 8/27/2003
		Added a few things from Golden Magnum, and I got a new E-mail
		strictly for the FAQs. "FAQ_Lord_1337@yahoo.com"
	1.4 - 1/07/2004
		Corrected a few errors (thanks Bryan Robertson) and added a
		scenario section for the multiplayer (DaJedi). also, changing
		my e-mail use back to N3Burgener@yahoo because i keep
		forgetting to check the faq-lord-1337
/                                                                             \
|    ////////////////////    +Table of Contents+    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    |
 I    - Intro
 II   - Game Modes
 III  - Options
 IV   - Levels
 V    - Weapon Sets
 VI   - Bot Personality/Stat Analysis
 VII  - AI Bots
 VIII - Character Skins and Bios
 IX   - Mini-Vehicles
 X    - Strategies
  X.A    - General
   X.B    - Fighting Styles
    X.C    - Weapons
     X.D    - Locations	
 XI   - Credits
 XII  - Other
 XIII - Legal Information

/                                                                             \
|     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     I - Intro     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     |
Yet another James Bond game, with new gadgets and weapons, even some old.
NightFire is one of the best of the available Bond games. It has the best
AI Bot capabilities of any other Bond game, and tons more MP options. Plus,
you finally get to drive a "Fully Loaded" Bond car. Though i think EA went
overboard with the cars. There are a bit too many "Chase scene / Arcade" levels
where you're chasing something in a car, or stuck in one place with a turret
that you are supposed to kill enemies with.

But all-in-all, the upsides of the game overcome the bad, making it an
excellent game to buy.

I decided i'd make a FAQ on the MP mode for NightFire because alot of people
who are Next-Gen gamers and like FPS's, are going to get NightFire. Without
ever playing Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, or any other old FPS game, one could be
left harmless to an experienced gamer in a MP scenario. This FAQ will help you
to learn how to become a skilled player.

Alot of people get FPS's for their excellent Multi-Player replay value, and
often times it takes a really long time for a person to get suited and be a
profficient killing-machine. You will develop your own styles as you learn
your way around the levels and weapons, but I will provide tons of excellent
strategies for all MP purposes. Again, if there is anything you'd like added or
corrected, e-mail me and i shall do so.

/                                                                             \
|     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<      II - Game Modes      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     |

Quick Game ------------ This is the setting just for a basic game that you
			don't have to spend alot of time setting up. The game
			rules are as follows:

	Mode: Arena

	Human player 1 - Bond
	Human player 2 - Snow Guard
	Human player 3 - Black Ops
	Human Player 4 - Yakuza

	AI Bots - Drake

	Weapon set - Normal

	Arena - Random

	Mini-Vehicles - Helicopters

	Limits: Score - 10
		Time  - 10

Arena ----------------- This arena is a Free-for-All, where you can set up any
                        number of AI Bots and Human Players. Kill your enemies
                        and avoid death to get your score. All options can be
                        modified to add explosive scenery, mini-vehicles, etc.

Team Arena ------------ Simply a regular Arena, with teams.
			MI6 (blue) vs. Phoenix (red). Your character's side
                        must match your team's side. You couldn't play as Rook
                        on the MI6 team. Each player's kills and deaths total
                        to get a team score.

Capture the Flag ------ Sneak into your opponent's base and capture their flag.
			Bring it back to your flag to gain points. While you
			are getting your opponent's flag, they may be getting
			yours as well, so be careful. You do not have to have
			your flag at your base to earn points, simply walk over
			the flag pedestal to get your points. Characters must
			be of opposite teams; Bond vs. Drake for instance.

Uplink ---------------- Three Satellite dishes are strewn about the level. Walk
			into one to activate it and claim it as your satellite.
			As long as that satellite is still yours, it will
			constantly add points to your score. You may take
			a sattelite claimed by the other team; simply walk into
			it to claim it as your own. The more satellites you
                        have, the more points you obtain.

Top Agent ------------- Endurance. Each player has 10 lives. Once you run out
			of lives, you are out of the game. The last agent
			remaining wins.

Demolition ------------ There is a designated target - a satellite, that the
			Phoenix side must protect from MI6. The MI6 side uses
			satchel charges that they start out with to destroy the
			satellite. That is the only way one can destroy the
			target. MI6 gets points for destroying the satellite,
			Phoenix gets points for protecting their satellite
			during the entirety of the round.

Protection ------------ Same as Demolition, only Phoenix attacks an MI6 target.

Industrial Espionage -- Both teams have their own computer set, which is at
			their base. There is one CD lying randomly on the
			ground. To earn points, get the CD and bring it back
			to your base. IT's just like "Capture the Flag", only
			with one target.

GoldenEye Strike ------ Taken from the James Bond Movie "GoldenEye", the point
			of this mode is to obtain the GoldenEye Key, and
			Crystal. With both, you activate the GoldenEye
			satellite, which then shoots this really cheap-looking
			laser beam at your opponent for an instant kill. You
			only obtain points from killing an opponent with
			the GoldenEye.

Assassination --------- One player is the Assassin, the other is the target.
			Any other players are are on the target's side. You
			will know you are the target if above your health meter
			there is a green sniper rifle displayed. Same with the
			target, only a green crosshair will be displayed. Get 5
			points for killing the target, and 3 points for killing
			the Assasin. Whoever kills the assasin then becomes the
			assasin. The target is randomly chosen between the
			other players.

King of the Hill ------ A blue light shines up from the ground in a circle
			making that the	"Hill". Stay inside the circle to
			obtain points, and to win.

Team King of the Hill - Same as the regular, only with teams. All players add
			to their team's score.

/                                                                             \
|     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     III - Options     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     |

Game Rules ++

     Duration ----------------- Time limit, how long until the game is ended.
     Points ------------------- Number of points needed to win.

Player Mods +++++

     Friendly Fire ------------ With this on, you can do damage to your
				teammates. With it off, your teammates cannot
				be harmed by you.
     Weapon set --------------- Selection of guns used . See the "Weapon Sets"
				section for a complete list of weapons in each
     Professional mode -------- Try this for a challenge: Damage is more
				realistic; bullets do more damage. On top
				of that, you can only carry 2 weapons, a large
				and a small weapon.
     Hit location ------------- This means that damage will be worth more in
				different places of the body; hitting someone
				in the chest will do twice as much damage
				as hitting them in the leg.
     Team ID ------------------ This is tottaly cheap; it shows this big
				red/blue sign above the player's head that
				shows their name. It's cheap because you can
				locate your enemy from 300 game-feet away,
				but they can also find you.

Enviro mods +++++

     Respawn ------------------ You can set where you will respawn, in relation
				to your enemy with this. Choose to respawn near
				far, or randomly placed from your enemy.
     Fixed Gun Emplacements --- This allows turrets that can swivel around to
				be used. They are fixed in their position,
				and cannot be relocated.
     Explosive Scenery -------- This turns the barrels with fuel on, so that
				you can shoot them in multi-player while your
				enemy is near to create a large explosion.
     Grapple ------------------ This adds the grapple hook to your gagdet
				inventory. There are several grapple spots
				located around levels, which you will then be
				able to access. These usually are only speedy
				ways to get to places that would normally take
				alot longer.
     Mini-Vehicles ------------ Turns Tanks and Helicoptors on. See the
				"Mini-Vehicles" section for information.

/ 									      \
|      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     IV - Levels     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      |

Skyrail --------- This is one of the most open levels in the game. It's got the
		  two "bases", and a few little canyons of the side and several
		  rocks in the middle. It comes included with skyrail carts
		  that move from one base to the other. This map is great for
		  just about any mode of combat you would like, but best for
		  "Capture the Flag" and "Industrial Espionage".
Fort Knox ------- This level is rather closed; not much you can do with
		  movement. It's hard to use helicopters in this level, as
		  the many lights and hanging fixtures obscure movement. The
		  tank works well here because the leves are joined by ramps,
		  rather than by stairs. This is a decent level, good for
	 	  sniping with all the elevation.

Snow Blind ------ Look familliar? Part of the level from "The Exchange". This
		  snowy arena has many good spots for some firefights, down in
		  alleys, up on balconies, and on flat land. The level is
		  darker than the rest, so you'll have to use your goggles to
		  see opponents in the distance (provided you aren't using
		  "team ID"). This level is best for "Demolition/Protection",
		  and "Industrial Espionage".

Phoenix Base ---- This is another BIG arena. BIG in the means of open-space.
                  This level is one of the few i'd dare take huge quantities of
                  explosives with me. This level is a part taken right out of

Atlantis -------- This level is half-open, half-closed. It uses alot of ramps,
		  so the Tank can get around alot more than in other levels.
		  A good level for "King of the Hill" and explosive fun.
Missile Silo ---- A really tall level, good for Guided-Missiles. Helicopters
		  and tanks are useful here, as the tanks can get from level
		  to level up the ramps. Good for "Arena", "King of the Hill",
		  and "Uplink".

Sub Pen --------- Good for "Capture the Flag", "Industrial Espionage",
		  "Top Agent", and "GoldenEye Strike". This level is rather big
		  housing two submarine-docking bays. You can go in the subs
		  and do a bunch of nifty stunts in this level to get an
		  advantage over your enemy. Really good for explosives, and
		  not too good with vehicles, as they cannot get from one
		  room to another.

Ravine ---------- Look Familliar? Again? This is another part from
		  "The Exchange". The only major down-side to this level, is
		  that you cannot use AI bots. So, if you're a "play-alone"
		  person like me, you won't see much of this level. Also, this
		  level doesn't permit the use of Mini-Vehicles. A good level
		  for "Industrial Espionage", "Goldeneye Strike", "Protection",
		  "Demolition", and "Arena". All-in-All a well-rounded level.

/									      \
|      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     V - Weapon Sets     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      |

Normal -           Wolfram P2K
	           Winter Tactical Sniper
	           SG5 Commando
	           AT-420 Sentinel
	           Frinesi Automatic

Pistols -          PP7
	           Wolfram P2K
	           Kowloon type 40
		   Raptor Magnum
	           Golden Gun

Automatics - 	   SG5 Commando
		   Storm M32
		   Frinesi Automatic
		   Phoenix Ronin
		   Deutsche M9K

Sniping - 	   Raptor Magnum
		   Winter Covert Sniper
		   Winter Tactical Sniper
		   Phoenix Samurai
		   Delta Repeater

Explosives 1 -     Militek Mark 6
		   Laser Trip Bomb
		   AT-420 Sentinel
		   AT-600 Scorpion
Explosives 2 -     Satchel Charge
		   Laser Trip Bomb
		   Stun Grenade
		   Fragmentation Grenade
		   Remote mine

MI6 - 		   PP7
		   Delta Repeater
		   Golden Gun
		   Winter Covert Sniper
		   Remote Mine

Phoenix -	   Phoenix Ronin
		   Phoenix Samurai
		   Kowloon Type 40
		   Winter Tactical Sniper

State of the Art - AIMS-20
		   Phoenix Samurai
		   Satchel Charge
		   Laser Trip Bomb
		   AT-420 Sentinel

Cloak and Dagger - Deutsche M9K
		   Remote Mine
		   SG5 Commando
		   Delta Repeater
		   Winter Covert Sniper

Random -           Do I have to say anything about this? It's all random.

/									      \
|       <<<<<<<<<<     VI - Bot personality/Stat Analysis     >>>>>>>>>>      |

Personalities - You can set "Personalities" to AI Bots, which is their strategy
                for playing the game. They are different between MI6 and
		Phoenix, but generally the same.

MI6 Personalities -
            Judge - This personality is the kind that likes to make the game
		    even. A bot like this will go for the player with the
		    highest score to try to make it easier for lower-scoring
		    players to do well.

	 Guardian - A bot that is a guardian will stay near other players of
		    their team and protect them from enemy fire. This type is
		    really only good in Team Modes, because, they don't have
		    anyone else to protect but themselves in Free-for-All's.

      Team Player - Team Players go for whatever the goal is. If it's GoldenEye
		    Strike, they'll go for the crystal and key. They go for the
		    game objectives, making the team's overall score high.

	Collector - A collector goes for guns and armor on the floor. They
		    concentrate on pickups, rather than on killing. Not really
		    useful, unless you want to keep your enemy from getting
		    a certain weapon.

Phoenix Personalities -

	 Vengeful - A Vengeful Bot will be true to the word "vengeance" and
		    kill the person or bot that killed it last.

	   Greedy - A greedy Bot has the same characteristics of a collector
		    bot, picking up items rather than killing things.

	Berserker - A Berserker will ALWAYS attack the nearest opponent, no
		    matter how strong or weak. They tend to ignore pickups
		    and body armor, but concentrate solely on killing.

	 Assassin - An Assassin will only attack players whom are weaker
		    then themselves. They could have lower health, or a weaker
		    gun. But the assassin stays away from stronger enemies.


Statistics - For some AI Bots, you can set up their stats, to make them "hard"
	     or "easy" opponents. Some bots, however, have locked stats, which
	     means you cannot altar them, so they will forever be "hard" or

Moving speed - This affects how fast they move.
        Slow         - They will move at a "walking" pace.
	Normal       - They will move at a "jogging" pace.
	Fast         - They will move at a "running" pace.

Aggression - This modifies how eager they are to kill. Basically, this is the
	     simplest way to set an opponent's difficulty.

        Normal       - Will only mildly care about killing people.
        High         - Will kill more than often and engage in combat.
	Very High    - Will ALWAYS be on the prowl to kill people.

Accuracy - This will determine how often their shots will make impact with
	   their target. Yet another good setting to set difficulty. With
	   higher accuracy, comes more damage to their targets.

	Poor         - Hit rate of about 26%
        Average      - Hit rate of about 41%
	Good         - Hit rate of about 65%
	Very Good    - Hit rate of about 82%

Health - This is just how much damage they can withstand. A high Health setting
	 means more work for you, and more time they have to hurt you. Low
	 health means less work for you, and you can cap them off in one or two
	Damage       - 50 to 300 range

Reaction - Reaction marks how fast they'll be able to notice that someone is
	   attacking them and respond with their own bullets. With a high
	   reaction time, the bot will more-than-likely hit you before you
	   even begin your attack, making it harder to suprise them. A bot with
	   a low reaction will take a while for them to return fire, so you can
	   take off about half their health (depending on what you set it at),
	   before they even notice you've hit them.

Recovery - This means they will be able to sustain more damage, without
	   actually taking damage. Say you do 50 damage with a Samurai. If they
	   have a high recovery, this may only do about 35 damage to their
	   health. With low recovery, normal damage will do more than normal,
	   making it easier to kill the AI Bot.

/									      \
|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     VII - AI Bots     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       |

Some AI Bots, such as Goldfinger, Scaramanga, and Wai Lin, have stats that
cannot be modified. This would make them permanently of that difficulty,
however easy to predict, provided you've played enough against that character.
Below is a list of all the Bots with their stats that cannot be altered.

+++++ MI6 Agents +++++

Christmas Jones -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- Team Player
	Aggression ------ Normal
	Accuracy -------- Average
	Health ---------- 100
	Reaction -------- 100
	Recovery -------- 100

Wai Lin -
	Move Speed ------ Fast
	Personality ----- Judge
	Aggression ------ High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 200
	Reaction -------- 200
	Recovery -------- 50

Pussy Galore -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- Collector
	Aggression ------ Normal
	Accuracy -------- Average
	Health ---------- 100
	Reaction -------- 100
	Recovery -------- 100

+++++ Phoenix Agents +++++

Goldfinger -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- Greedy
	Aggression ------ High
	Accuracy -------- Average
	Health ---------- 100
	Reaction -------- 100
	Recovery -------- 100

Renard -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- Vengeful
	Aggression ------ Very High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 250
	Reaction -------- 100
	Recovery -------- 50

Scaramana -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- Assassin
	Aggression ------ Very High
	Accuracy -------- Very Good
	Health ---------- 150
	Reaction -------- 150
	Recovery -------- 100

May Day -
	Move Speed ------ Fast
	Personality ----- Assassin
	Aggression ------ High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 150
	Reaction -------- 200
	Recovery -------- 50

Elektra King -
	Move speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- None
	Aggression ------ Normal
	Accuracy -------- Average
	Health ---------- 100
	Reaction -------- 100
	Recovery -------- 100

Xenia Onatopp -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- None
	Aggression ------ Very High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 200
	Reaction -------- 125
	Recovery -------- 75

Baron Samedi -
	Move Speed ------ Fast
	Personality ----- None
	Agression ------- Normal
	Accuracy -------- Average
	Health ---------- 150
	Reaction -------- 150
	Recovery -------- 100

Max Zorin -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- Greedy
	Aggression ------ Very High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 150
	Reaction -------- 125
	Recovery -------- 75

Nick Nack -
	Move Speed ------ Fast
	Personality ----- None
	Aggression ------ High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 100
	Reaction -------- 125
	Recovery -------- 75

	Move Speed ------ Slow
	Personality ----- None
	Aggression ------ High
	Accuracy -------- Poor
	Health ---------- 300
	Reaction -------- 50
	Recovery -------- 200

Oddjob -
	Move Speed ------ Normal
	Personality ----- None
	Aggression ------ High
	Accuracy -------- Good
	Health ---------- 150
	Reaction -------- 100
	Recovery -------- 150

/									      \
|        <<<<<<<<<<     VIII - Character Skins and Bios     >>>>>>>>>>        |

+++++ MI6 Skins +++++

James Bond - The world's Greatest Secret Agent, codename 007. Ian Flemming came
(Tux)	     up with the name "James Bond" from a Bird Book he had noticed in
(Spacesuit)  a book store. That same book can be seen in "Die Another Day".
	     Through several Movies, and Games, Bond has lived on, saving the
	     world one threat at a time. James Bond will return ....

Dominique Paradis - A new "Bond Girl" added to the series in this game. She is
		    the French Spy who worked undercover for Drake, and met her
		    match against Kiko on the Phoenix International Rooftop.

Alura McCall - Australian secret agent who assists Bond toward the end of the
	       game. Also another new "Bond Girl".

Christmas Jones - A Nuclear Physicist introduced in "The World is Not Enough".
	          Bond allied with her on an under-cover mission to deactivate
		  a Nuclear warhead, when she learned her company was being
		  attacked by Renard, and then assisted Bond and MI6.

Wai Lin - Chinese secret agent from "Tommorow never Dies". Together, she and
	  Bond helped break down a man in charge of a crime syndicate that
	  produced newspapers based on his syndicate's doings (though he never
	  said so in his papers).

Pussy Galore - Pilot introduced in "Goldfinger". Aid to Auric Goldfinger,
	       she turned traiterous and helped Bond defeat Goldfinger's plans
	       to blow up Fort Knox.


+++++ Phoenix Skins +++++

Rafael Drake - Corporate Genius who's business "defused nuclear bombs". As Bond
(Suit)	       discovered, he was secretly stockpiling them to use in his
	       "Operation Nightfire". I'm going to stop here as not to ruin any
	       of the plot.

Armitage Rook - Drake's Elite Bodyguard. During Bond's infiltration into
		Drake's Austrian base, Rook got his face mangled when Bond
		sent him crashing into a rail car. Remembering this, Rook
		vowed to one day kill Bond.

Makiko Hayashi - Best known as "Kiko"; The Elegeant bodyguard who deceived Bond
		 in an attempt to stop him from finding out too much about
		 Rafael Drake's plans. She met her doom, in a "battle" against
		 Bond in the Shuttle Pits where she was incinerated.

Snow Guard - An Austrian Guard for Drake's Austrian Base. What else can i say?

Black Ops - A black ops trooper, self-explanitory.

Yakuza - Japanese gangster allied to Phoenix to help take out Hayhew.

Phoenix Commando - The strongest Phoenix squad.

Phoenix Soldier - Basic Infantry.

Ninja - A stealthy assassin whom killed Hayhew, and and attepted to kill Bond
	in the shuttle pits.

Goldfinger - Greedy Gold-lover who dresses in gold stitched clothes. Arrived in
	     "Goldfinger" where he tried to break into Fort Knox to steal the
	     mass quantities of gold.

Renard - From "The World is Not Enough", got a bullet lodged in his brain,
	 which makes him invulnerable to feel pain. This "dead" man, would
	 keep getting stronger and stronger until the day he died. Attempted to
	 bomb the world with a nuclear submarine to set Elektra King up to be
	 a successfull business lord with her father's oil company.

Scaramanga - The Man with the Golden gun, came about in, *drum roll*...........
	     "The Man with the Golden Gun". This deadly assassin killed people
	     with his personalized weapon. Quote: "I only need one shot".

Xenia Onatopp - Mercenary who used her body to kill her opponents. She was
		introduced in "GoldenEye".

May Day - Assassin who worked for Max Zorin in his attempts to reign ruler of
	  the world. After Zorin abandoned her to die, she aided Bond in
	  blowing up Zorin's works. First introduced in "A View to a Kill".

Elektra King - Killed her father and covered it up under a terrorist attack to
	       claim his money and business. This "Bond Girl" came about in
	       "The World is not Enough".

JAWS - First introduced in "The Spy who Loved me" as the man who killed his
       enemies with his razor sharp mettalic teeth. Returned again in
       "Moonraker", where he spoke for the first time, and turned to Bond's
       side to stop the "Moonraker". This guy is huge, and has alot of body
       to hit in MP. As a bot, he's slow, but has major high health.

Baron Samedi - Vodoo master from "Live and Let Die". Can never die and always
	       comes back to terrorize Bond.

Oddjob - Goldfinger's silent-wrestling-bodyguard. He's known for his hat, which
	 has a eazor's edge along the brim, which he can use to decapitate his
	 enemies. First appeared in "Goldfinger". In Multiplayer, he has the
	 cheapest advantage: "Oddjob's hat". It's in your inventory, and is a
	 one hit KO. It is highly accurate, even at long ranges, and it keeps
	 returning to your inventory. But, he is shorter than most, making him
	 vulnerable to easy head shots.

Nick Nack - Scaramanga's henchman. This midgit arrived in "The Man with the
	    Golden Gun" as the short but deadly side-kick to Scaramanga. This
	    guy is really short. I mean really short. He's hard to hit in MP,
	    and really fast.

Max Zorin - Formed KGB agent bent on world domination. First arrived in
	    "A View to a Kill".

/									      \
|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     IX - Mini-Vehicles     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      |

The Mini-Vehicles are another new thing to the Bond games. These
remote-controlled machines are quite useful for attacking opponents,
from the other side of a level. You can use a Tank and a Helicopter. Both are
a little hard to get used to control-wise in the beginning, but after a while,
it should become quite simple. On the Enviro-Mods, you can set the vehicles to
all tanks, all helicopters, random (both), and none.

Mini-Vehicles have their advantages, and their disadvantages. For one, they
have unlimited ammo with their mini guns. Though, they do overheat. Once the
number on the lower right hand corner gets to 100, it must get back to 0 before
you can shoot again. It's best advised to fire with burst, or go for head shots
so you don't overheat too soon. Vehicles, will not deal any damage to you if
they are shot, they will simply explode in their area. You can get alot of
Time out of one Vehicle, as they are small targets and are difficult to hit.

On the downside, they are remotely-controlled, so your body is left vulnerable
to attack. You cannot defend yourself while you are controlling a vehicle,
unless you use the vehicle itself (which is not a good idea, because you could
hit yourslef). It is not good to use Mini-Vehicles against large sums of
opponents when you cannot keep track of them all. The best time to use a
vehicle is when you have a friend around to guard your body from on-comming

In some modes, such as "Demolition/Protection", where the time restarts, if you
had a helicopter or tank in remote-control, the sound may still play in the
background. This can be really annoying with a helicopter, because the copter
makes a really loud noise, whereas the tank is a quiet "hum". So make sure to
detonate your vehicles before the time restarts to avoid annoying sounds.

Tank  - This vehicle is land-based, so it's generally slower, and takes a while
	to get around obstacles such as rocks and railings. The tank cannot go
	up most sets of stairs, unless they are shallow. If you are trying to
	get up a set of steep stairs with a tank, you will get caught right at
	the last step. Provided the there is a wide ledge along the stairs or a
	wall, you can cheat your way up onto the top. Simply run into the wall,
	and hopefully you'll bounce up to the top. It may take a couple of
	tries, but it does work.

	The controls for a Tank are really messed up IMO, because you use the
	joystick to move forward and back (up and down on the joystick), and
	the C-stick to move left and right (left and right). Using the Left
	and right directions on the Joystick will move the turret, so you're
	camera will face away from "forward". This may be a good thing at some
	point, but when you need to move, you press forward and can't see where
	you're going, which can be a hassle. If it were me, i'd have the
	c-stick move the turret, and the joystick move the body.

       CONTROL - "R" fires the mini gun, "B" fires armor-piercing
	         shells, "A" detonates the vehicle. "C-stick" moves
		 the tank body left and right, and the turret up
		 and down. "Joystick" moves the tank body forward
		 and back, and the turret left and right.
       ADVANTAGES - The Tank, like the helicopter is small, and is hard to hit,
		    so you can get alot of time from one tank. Again, as with
		    the helicopter, it has an unlimited supply of bullets. A
		    tank has 10 armor piercing shells, which can be fired at an
		    arch by pressing the "B" button. The Tank will not explode
		    if it runs into a wall or obstacle, it will wimply bounce
		    right off, so that you can keep going. By pressing "A", the
		    tank will self-destruct and can kill your enemies if you
		    want to return to your body and kill some people at the
		    same time.

       DISADVANTAGES -  The armor piercing shells are arched, so their range is
			not too great. They are land-based, which means they're
			going to be slower and would have to take the long way
			around to a certain spot. Also, the turret can only aim
			up so high, so targets who are several feet higher
			than you will not be shoot-able. The controls are a
			little confusing, and the tank cannot strafe.

Helicopter - The helicopter is Aerial, and therefore can move much faster, and
	     can avoid obstacles by simply flying over them. Though, it will
             blow up if it touches anything. It is much more manuverable, since
             it can go anywhere it wants (but the floor, or a wall). It is best
             advised to only fly in out-door locations, as in-doors there are
	     more obstacles, and it is harder to control. As with the tank,
	     it has infinite ammo, until it overheats.

	     The helicopter can strafe, unlike the tank, but there is no button
	     to make it go straight up or down. You'd have to use the c-stick
	     to aim the helicopter up, and then press "forward" on the joystick
	     to head upwards. A little confusing at first but it gets to be no
	     biggie after enough practice.
       CONTROL - "R" to fire the mini gun, "B" to fire Stinger-missiles,
		 "A" to detonate the helicopter. "C-stick" strafes the copter
		 left and right, and aims it up and down. "Joystick" moves the
		 copter forward and back, and turns left and right. "C-stick"
		 up/down, and "joystick" forward/back will move the copter
		 vertically up and down.

       ADVANTAGES - The helicopter can fly which makes is faster and an even
		    harder target for an opponent to hit. It's aerial, so head
		    shots are easier to hit. The stinger-missiles are slightly
		    heat-seeking; they well move to follow a target to some
		    extent, not too dramatically though. The helicopter can
		    strafe, which makes it easier to move and dodge attacks,
		    and fight back at the same time. Also, it does not have to
		    worry about bouncing up stairs to get somewhere.

       DISADVANTAGES -  If ever it collides with anything, it instantly blows
			up; making it not good for battle in tight locations,
			such as inside a sub, or in a house. It only has 5
			special weapons, compared to the tank's 10, so it must
			rely on the mini gun more often, which is much weaker.
			The sound is rediculously loud, which drowns out
			gunfire and music.

/									      \
|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     X - Strategies     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      |

This is probably the section the most of you are going to read, as it's the
part that isn't all "operating the MP" and information stuff. Anyways, below
are strategies I have thought of, or other people have, for weapons, levels,
and just general stuff. For the most part, i'm sure you guys all know the
weapons unless you're just starting and haven't used them in the solo-levels.
Either way, there'll be a section on utalizing the weapons' secret abilities
and best ways to use various weapons.

This is the section that will teach you to become a superior killer. I'm sure
you'll adapt your own style from the various displayed, or even find your own
type. Either way, i hope this helps in some way.

If you have any tips you'd like to add, or strategies, e-mail them to me, and
I will add them to the section they belong in. If you know of a fighting style
that is not mentioned on the FAQ, e-mail it in with a short description, which
and I shall add to the FAQ. If you submit anything that I put in the FAQ,
you will of course be mentioned in the credits.

/									      \
|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     X.A General Strategies     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       |

This section, is simply for things that aren't big enough to have a category.
Basically, the general "TIP" section with a few really big things.


Speed Strafing     -    For those of you who are old-time gamers, you'll know
			what this is, but for those who don't, here's how it
			works. It's a combination of using the control stick
	        	and the c-stick to move in slightly different angles.
			Moving in these angles has it's advantages, but the
			main one, in speed. By pressing forward on the joystick
			and left on the C-stick, you'll be able to run
			diagonally to the left, while still look forward.
			To be true to "speed strafing", you must angle yourself
			45-degrees to the side of the direction you want to go.
			Then, press forward on the joystick, and the c-stick
			should go the opposite side you angled yourself. If you
			angled yourself 45-degrees to the left, press right on
			the c-stick. Then, you should be moving the way you
			want to go, while looking off to the side. This moves
			you much faster. If you begin to stray off course, use
			the control stick to direct yourself back.
			There is alot to do with strafing and such, just mess
			around and find a bunch of useful variations.

Circling       -        A technique that varies off of speed strafing, this is
			used to circle your opponent, and fire at the same
			time. In doing this, you can be moving, which makes you
			a harder target, and still shoot at your enemy. To do
			so, push "C" to the left, and thej oystick, slightly to
			the right (do not push it all the way, otherwise you'll
			just spin in a circle where you are standing). Then you
			should be moving in a circle.

			To move faster, push the joystick further forward.
			This will require you to move the joystick around more
			to keep you on-course, but it is much faster and you'll
			be a harder target.

Fixed Guns      -       These are pretty cool, because they shoot rockets, and
			they have an unlimited supply. These can be useful for
			putting your opponent on a run, and mass destruction.
			These are a little worse than any other weapon, due to
			the fact that they are stuck in their place, and
			leaves you vulnerable to attack from behind. However,
			they have unlimited ammunition, which is always a plus.

			While you're using this, you're a sitting duck to a
			sniper if they find you first, so only use these
			if you know exactly where your enemy is. Most people
			won't mess with you if you have one and they have
			close-range weapons. You'd tear them up. So keep in
			mind alot of people will hide in safe spots until
			you've given up.

			Use these primarily against moving targets; if they're
			in a safe spot, they're not going to do anything until
			you stop. Do not stay at one for too long, your enemy
			may get a sentinel and send a guided rocket to get you,
			or get a good sniping spot to get you away from the

			Fixed guns are varried, it's all random in what gun
			one will be. There are several, such as a gatling gun,
			laser beam, laser overcharge shot, rocket launcher,
			grenade launcher, and so on. Most of these (except for
			the explosives) are best in close-ranges, and not for
			firing all the way across the level, because they are

- Use the "strafe" alot, you'll find it helps so dodge bullets, and still keep
  yourself aimed at your target.

- Play solo missions to unlock game modes and options.

- Play solo missions to get weapon upgrades.

- If you are using "explosive scenery", keep an eye on barrels. You can shoot
  one while your enemy is standing next to one and blow him to smitherines. But
  watch out, as you can do that to him, he can do that to you.

- In "grapple mode", use the grapples. You'll find they take you to places with
  good weapons, and/or to another location a much faster way.

- Use "jump" and "duck" to dodge bullets.

- With auto-aim off, the corsshairs will stay at head/neck level, rather than
  targetting their chest, so head shots are easier to hit.

- Without auto-aim, a nice tip for headshots: aim slightly down, and jump. You
  should be aimed at their head, and they have to adjust their own sight to hit
  you. By the time they've done that, they've already been killed by a head

- Do not use a silencer in MP; it weakens the gun power. Stealth is pretty
  useless in MP, as your opponent can use radar to find you. Even without it,
  they'd still hear the (silenced) gunshot. So it's just a waste of power to
  use a silencer.

- Know the locations of the best weapons and body armor on any given level
  for each weapon set. That way, you can head for those locations and have a
  weapon to start winning with.

- Be careful when running through the open areas of a level unless you want to
  get eaten alive by snipers. Snipers love the smell of wanderings targets and
  will shoot you on sight of you are one of them.

- Don't be afraid to be a coward. If you are getting whipped pretty badly and
  you only have a pistol or another weak weapon and a few rounds, don't fight,
  turn around and run away. Your friends may gawk and call you a coward but
  they won't be laughing when you come back fully armored and with an AIMS-20.

- There is always the right weapon for any occasion. You aren't going to go
  into a huge firefight with a sniper rifle, 'nor are you going try and snipe
  with an Automatic Shotgun. Neither can be done and gotten away with.

- Some weapons are one-hit-kills, like a sniper rifle, golden gun, oddjob's hat
  and more. So watch out.

- Some skins have height differences, like Oddjob, Nick Nack, and JAWS. At gun
  level, oddjob's head is level, so he can easily be taken out with a head
  shot. Nick Nack is a midgit, so you're going to have to aim down to hit him.
  JAWS is huge, and you'd hit him in the stomach at gun level, so aim up to hit
  him in vulnerable areas.

- Try "Professional mode" for a real challenge.

- Falling from really high places will take damage from your health, regardless
  of body armor.

- The grapple hook has an amazingly long range; it can reach from nearly the
  other side of the level in "Ravine".

/									      \
|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     X.B - Fighting Styles     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       |

This section provides the basics on combat fighting styles and techniques. This
will show the most  common fighting  personalities  used by humans, with
advantages and disadvantages, and random other tactics that would help.


Camper	   -	  A camper, is a person who gets the cheasiest gun in the game
		  for instance, a Phoenix samurai, and goes to a dead-end and
		  waits for the enemy to show up with the weapon aimed right
		  where their head would be to kill them instantly. This type
		  of  fighting style  takes no risks, and  can often be quite
		  boring, as your opponent will wait for you to drop your guard
		  before attacking. If you were to be a camper, you'd have to
		  make sure you camped at a dead-end that supplies ammo for the
		  gun you are choosing to use, so you can just stay put there
		  and not have to leave your spot.
                  A good weapon to choose is the AIMS-20, as it has its
		  body-heat sensors that can clearly alert you when your
		  enemy has entered your area. Also, the Phoenix Samurai, so
		  you won't have to camp at a not-so-good spot just for the
		  ammo, you could camp and a dead-end with only one entrance.
		  You might also use remote mines, or laser trip wires at the
		  entrance, which would blow them up if they came one way, and
		  use another weapon to kill them from another point (just make
		  sure you can get your detonator out quick enough in case they
		  jump or duck under your trip wire. A Phoenix Ronin would also
		  be a nice thing to have placed right outside the entrance, so
		  they get torn up on the way in (if they can get in) making
		  them easy prey for you to kill. If you have good aim, a
		  golden gun would be nice, so that you can pick them off in
		  one easy shot either way.

		  A good spot to camp is in the skyrail stations in the level
		  "Skyrail". It's a fairly closed area, where you can keep an
		  eye on the one door in there. Another good spot, is under the
		  stairs in the "Ravine" level, as your opponent must either
		  come down the stairs, or enter the door to get you; both are
	          easy enough to guard at the same time. An awesome spot, is on
		  "Sub Pen" inside a submarine. 2 ways in, and if you run out
		  of options, you can ride the lift up to the top and escape.
		  Some levels like "Missile Silo" are pathetic camping spots,
		  so don't try to there. Look for any dead-ends that would work
		  well, and particularly one with good ammo. Otherwise, you'd
		  have to keep leaving to stock up, which could be dangerous.

		  Some spots are only good if the "Grapple" feature is off, so
		  that you can hide in one spot and only worry about the one
		  door, without worry of the side entrance. An example of this
		  is on the "Ravine" level, all the way up the stairs into the
		  large circular room which stores each side's major equipment.
		  In here, you are supplied with body armor, and ammo for 3
		  weapons, making it an ideal camping spot. But with grapple
		  hooks on, you enemy could suprise you by entering through
		  the side entrance.
	  ADVANTAGES  - Camping is rather simple, and doesn't require too much
		  	experience to do, so just about anyone can be a camper.
			If you've chosen a good spot, you should only have to
			worry about people comming in through the one door, and
			not need any ammo, because all you need	respawns under
			your feet.  There's not  much  anyone can do against a
			camper; provided the weapons are set right.

       DISADVANTAGES  - There are ways your opponent could get you out of that
			spot; using a guided rocket, or throwing a grenade in
			by ricocheting it against an adjacent wall. There are
			plenty of ways of killing a camper, but most are
			extremely difficult, except for a select few. They
			could barrel in with a shield and an automatic full on
			ammo and just pound you with bullets until you have to
			reload, but this doesn't often work, as their health
			will go down really fast. Mini-Vehicles, grenades, and
			guided rockets would be the most used against you. This
			method is considered to be the cheapest way to kill, so
			quite often your friends will dispise you for your


Sniper     -      A sniper, is a person who gets a sniper rifle, or a weapon
		  with a large zoom, and camps at a high altitude spot, and
		  picks the enemy off before they can get near enough to fight
		  back. A sniper, is similar to a camper, only a little safer
		  in the fact that it takes a while before the opponent can get
		  close enough to hurt you, or a safe spot to snipe you from.
		  But by the time they are in a position as so, you've already
		  dealt enough damage to easily eliminate them without a fight.
		  Again, a sniper rifle, Phoenix Samurai, AIMS-20, Sentinel,
		  and a few others are good for this. The Samurai does not
		  require bullets, so it is yet again an excellent weapon to
		  choose. The AIMS-20 is burst fire, which means it won't be
		  too accuracte, but the body-heat sensors will help to target
		  your opponent from long distances. The sentinel is great for
		  wreaking havoc on you're opponent, as they see a missile come
		  right at them. It's quite useful on the guided missile, as
		  you can  manuver it  inside buildings slightly. The Auto
		  function on it should only be used it you have a hard time
		  operating the  guided missile.  Use the auto to  fire 2-3
		  rockets off at once, so that the explosion surrounding them
		  will do some damage.

		  Some good spots to snipe people are in the Gandola posts in
		  "Skyrail". Because "Skyrail" is such a big level, there are
		  several places; in the balcony by the rail car stop, on the
		  roofs, etc. The roof is a good spot because you can duck down
		  on the other side to avoid enemy fire, just make sure you
		  don't fall off. If you're up to a challenge, and have good
		  aim, try going into a rail car and riding it around and
		  around shooting at enemies on the ground. In "Ravine", it's a
		  good level to snipe, but there aren't many good sniping
		  spots. It's all just open area where you'd be vulnerable
		  either way. But the best spot would be in the railcar stops.
		  Not too many other levels are good for sniping, as they do
		  not have many open-areas with balconies or ledges to protect
		  you from their bullets.

	 ADVANTAGES  -  Sniping is rather safe, as you stay at long distances
			from your enemy, so that it is hard for them to get a
			good shot off, unless they are a sniper too. You rarely
			run out of ammo if you're a good shot; because you
			can kill them with one or two bullets. So you don't
			need to get too much ammo, maybe only like 20-25
			bullets for a nice long period of time. Your moving
			skills don't need to be all that great, because you
			won't move much if you're sniping.

     DISADVANTAGES   -  If you're a pure sniper, you'd only stock up on ammo
			for the weapon you're using to kill with. So if you're
			opponent ever shows up and suprises you from behind,
			you aren't left with too many choices; to shoot him, or
			run. Shooting at him is difficult at such close range
			with a sniper rifle, but if you're using an AIMS-20,
			you should be fine. Also, you are very vulnerable to
			just about any type of explosive, because if you stay
			still the whole time, you're an easy target for them to
			get a lucky shot off while dodging your bullets. Often,
			people will throw remote mines on a nearby wall, and
			detonate them, to at least catch you in the fire of the


Commando   -      A Commando, is a really daring person; they'll take on anyone
		  with any gun. They'd come after you even with a grenade. But,
		  for the most part, commandos usually stick with close-ranged
		  melee weapons, like a magnum, P2K, or a fast and strong
		  automatic. A commando is the type of battler who gets up in
		  their enemie's personal space, and delivers shots at really
		  close range so that they're more accuracte, and much more
	          powerful. Commando are the most common fighting style, as it
		  is rather simple: get a good weapon and charge. That's really
		  all there is to it. Just having the guts to rush in on your
		  enemy and give them a full clip of bullets to worry about.

		  Good weapons for these are weapons that are strong, and close
		  ranged. Something like a sniper rifle, or samurai would not
		  be efficient for this. Good weapons are, P2K (preferably gold
		  if you have unlocked that), Storm, Frinesi, Raptor Magnum,
		  or SG5 Commando (seeing as this says 'commando', it would
		  be a good choice for this fighting style). Your weapons don't
		  need to be all that accurate, as a storm displays. As long as
		  they fill the area with bullets, it'll work. It's also a good
		  idea to get a full set of body armor before engaging your
	          enemy. Because your guns will be more accurate, and more
		  powerful at such a close range, so will theirs. Having the
		  body armor will give you the edge the beat them.

		  This techniquie can be used in any level; as it doesn't need
		  a certain spot to do so. Just some guns, and en enemy. You
		  can do this out in the open, where you and your enemy have
		  plenty of room, or in an enclosed corridor, where it's a
		  bigger risk for both of you.

         ADVANTAGES  -  Your accuracy doesn't need to be all that great, and
			you don't need too much experience to be a commando.
			Because you are at such close range with your enemy,
			your weapon will be stronger, and more accurate. Yet
			another great thing about being a commando, is you
			don't need a "spot" to be one. You can fight anywhere,
			as long as there is ground to support you. A commando
			has a large variety of usable weapons, which makes it
			harder to run low on ammo.

      DISADVANTAGES  -  As well as your own weapons being accurate and powerful
			your opponent's will also be better, making you very
			vunlerable to heavy damage. Quite often, a style of a
			commando is to not be very accurate, just holding down
			the trigger and running at their enemy. This will drain
                        bullets	very fast, so you would need to restock several
			times. Your enemy could have an explosive, like an
			AIMS-20 in grenade function, and blow you to bits
			before you can do any real damage.


Fugitive   -      A fugitive, is a person that is big on "hit-and-runs". They
		  will most likely show up with a weak gun, and shoot you a few
		  times, and then run. When they run, they pull out a stronger
		  gun, and most times lead you into a trap. A fugitive may
		  lead you to a section with several remote mines, which they'd
		  detonate once they've passed, or to a place with a Phoenix
		  Ronin. Or, quite simply they'd lead you to a dead-end, and
		  blast you with a sentinel from their end. This fighting style
		  has alot of suprises it can deliver to it's enemy. Frequently
		  fugitives get killed in their second or third try, simply
		  because their plan backfires in some way.

		  A good technique would be to use a PP7 or a Kowloon for the
		  first hits, just to slightly weaken them, and alert them of
		  of your presence. Then lure them to your trap. Some good
		  things to use in your trap, would be to set up laser trip
		  bombs at a wide door, that you can hop over. Most likely
		  your enemy would notice and dodge as well, so it's a good
		  idea to follow up with another one right after. Then turn
		  around and blast them with an automatic.

		  Another good strategy is to set up a mine field of about 5 to
		  7 remote mines on the ground or wall, and then set up a Ronin
		  just past those, so your enemy will get blasted, and then
		  shot by 2 guns if they survive that. Or you could simply set
		  up remote mines all over walls of a corridor, and blow them
		  once you've passed. Another good idea, is to set up a Ronin
		  in a tight, dead end place so they have nowhere to run and
		  take alot of damage trying to escape.

		  Some key levels to do this are "Sub Pen", "Ravine", "Skyrail"
		  and "Snowblind". A few others are acceptable, like "Atlantis"
		  for their corridors. "Sub Pen" is good to trap people in the
		  subs, and if you are getting caught in an explosion you can
		  ride the lift to a safe escape. In the mean-time, your enemy
		  is stuck down in the sub. "Ravine" has a few good spots; like
		  the circular stock room on each end, and under the stairs. If
		  you have "grapple hook" on, another spot is the ledge that
		  looks into the circular room. This is only good if you're
		  enemy follows you with the hook, otherwise they'll take the
		  long way and totally skip your trap.

         ADVANTAGES  -  Rarely will you ever participate in melee combat, so
			for the most part you're safe. You don't need to get
			too many bullets, as you'll be using other things for
			your traps.

      DISADVANTAGES  -  Quite often, a fugitive will kill themselves on their
			own traps, because they detonated something wrong, or
			didn't jump/duck at a tripwire. The only other thing,
			is that you'll have to evade enemy bullet-fire while
			you're leading them to the trap, which may be rather
			hard to survive.


Kamikaze    -     One would either run at you with an explosive weapon, or a
		  grenade, and detonate it right in both of your faces. They
		  get a kill, but they also lose a kill because of suicide.
		  They are usually part of a team, taking out the best player,
	          or the player  with the  most kills so he loses  all  his
		  weapons. They can take out commandos quite easily, but with
		  the only gain being him losing all his weapons. They usualy
		  go for double kills.

		  As stated before, kamikazis would equip a sentinel, militek,
		  grenade, or AIMS-20 (grenade mode), and rush into the middle
		  of huge clumps of people and shoot at the ground, or detonate
		  a grenade on themselves. Most times, they go for groups, so
		  that they would get a score higher than "0". If you were to
		  decide to be a kamikaze, you don't require much training.
		  Just find clumps of opponents, or a group of people circling
		  each other in a fight, and simply run and blow up all of you.

	 ADVANTAGES  -  Good for a team, you can take out the good players on
			the opposite team. You won't need much ammo, and don't
			have to worry about body armor. You would only need one
			rocket, grenade, or whatever you're using for this, as
			you'd die, and could just go grab another. You can take
			out commandos and campers rather easily.

      DISADVANTAGES  -  Of course, you're setting yourself up for a quick and
			gruesome death. Your plan could backfire, and only kill
			yourself, leaving your enemy with still a little bit of
			health, so you score drops by one. You could also kill
			a teammate in the proccess, so watch out.


Coward     -      A coward, is quite simply a wuss. Usually one will hang
		  outside a battle between two other guys, and wait until one
		  dies, and then cap off the survivor. He waits until his
		  opponent is weakened before attacking. A coward will rarely
		  initiate a raw fight, meaning they won't go after someone
		  who just respawned. The only time one might, is if they were
		  right next to their enemy, and were to kill them while they
		  still have a weak gun. For the most part, a coward will hide
		  in some remote location until they know a player has been
		  weakened enough to be beaten.

		  A coward will usually get the "best" gun in the level, or,
		  the one with the most firepower. Of course this would vary
		  depending on the weapon setting you have selected. There
		  really isn't much else to say about a coward...

         ADVANTAGES  -  You will rarely die because you stay away from stronger

      DISADVANTAGES  -  You could get caught off guard in your hiding spot,
			or on the way back to one by a stronger opponent.


Strategist   -    A strategist will completely ignore killing, unless it is
		  required to win a scenario. A strategist will most likely
		  be used in "capture the Flag", "Industrial Espeionage",
	          "King of the Hill", and "Demolition/Protection". They will
	          solely concentrate on the objective just for a win.
		  EXAMPLE: A strategist in capture the flag would go with
		  the starting weapon, and just run to and back from the enemy
		  base getting points for getting the flag.

		  Mostly, a strategist will be on a team, with a bunch of
		  other human players. A commando following them up, and a
		  sniper on a rooftop covering them both. The strategist will
		  do all the objective scoring, with the others killing the
		  opposition making it easy for the strategist to win his team
		  some points.

	 ADVANTAGES  -  One will usually win the scenario because they went
			only for the objective goal.

      DISADVANTAGES  -  Is very vulerable to damage as they usually keep the
			the starting gun.

/								      	      \
|      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     X.C - Weapon Strategies     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      |

As you know, various weapons have various capabilities and uses. This section
will show how various weapons can be used in alternate modes, and for any
particular purpose.

Wolfram P2K      -      The P2K is your basic pistol; accurate, mildly powerful
			and silence-able. P2K's can be upgraded to "Gold P2K".
			This does NOT mean it will be a golden gun with 16
			bullets a clip; it simply means it will do twice the
			damage of a regular P2K. The silencer can be used to
			attack an unsuspecting target, but it isn't very useful
			because it lowers the weapon power. P2K's should mostly
			be used in head-to-head combat, if your enemy doesn't
			have a shotgun, golden gun, magnum, or any other really
			powerful close-ranged weapon.

PP7          -          Quite simply a smaller P2K, with a lower power rating.
			All things for the P2K bio carry over to the PP7.

Kowloon type 40    -    The Kowloon is a Phoenix weapon set, featuring the 2
			types; 40 and 80. The 40 is more powerful than a P2K or
			PP7 (not gold), and has a burst fire secondary mode. 				This gun is useful
for head-to-head combat as is with 			most other pistols.

Kowloon type 80    -    With the 80, you can be a bit more daring and try from
			farther distances, and closer ranges. The type 80 has
			a three-round-burst fire, like a semi-automatic. You
			can use this weapon against other full automatics, and
			even a shotgun, but this gun goes through bullets fast,
			so be sure to have alot of ammo. Suprisingly, this is
			one of 3-4 full automatics in the game.

Raptor Magnum     -     A semi-automatic magnum = a very deadly weapon. You can
			use this at much farther distances  than  any  other
			pistol, because the weapon accuracy is 100% (this does
			not mean you will hit every time, simply that the gun
			will not scatter bullets, but place them exactly where
			your crosshairs are). This weapon can take out an enemy
			in 2-3 hits, but it is slow-firing. It's secondary
			function activates the 100% accuracy, but greatly slows
			the ROF down.

Golden Gun       -      This weapon, is a one-hit-KO weapon, adapted from
			"The Man with the Golden Gun". It only has a magazine
			of one bullet, so you have to reload after each shot.
			This gun isn't advised to be used in fire-fights, but
			against pesky snipers, campers, and sneak attacks. For
			some reason, it's labled an MI6 weapon, when the owner
			is on the Phoenix side, so i don't know about that.

SG5 Commando    -       This is one of the few, full-sutomatics in the game.
			The others are all burst fire, or semis. This gun has a
			slight zoom, not enough to snipe with (it's not too
			accurate anyways). Very good to use in fire-fights and
			in head-to-head combat.

Storm M32       -       Yet another of the full-automatics in the game. This
			has 32 bullets, but they go down pretty fast. You can
			deal alot of damage to someone, but it usually takes
			more than one clip. Useful for raiding a base where you
			can fire off several bullets while still moving.
Deutsche M9K      -     A silenced, burst-fire automatic - an excellent choice
			for sneaking up on snipers. If your enemy isn't using
			radar, it will be hard for them to locate you. Not too
			good for fire-fights, as it is burst-fire.

Pheonix Ronin     -     This is a tricky gun - it looks like a briefcase, and
			is placed in the "gadgets" section of your inventory.
			Once deployed, the Ronin will open up to be an auto-gun
			that will shoot at ANY moving person. Mind you, it will
			shoot at you, but provided you have "friendly fire" off
			it won't hurt. Ronins have limited bullets, so do not
			stand in front of it if you want it to be sufficient in
			killing. By "activating" it with your handheld device
			that came with it, you can go to a first-person view of
			the Ronin and control it yourself. Be sure to place
			your body away from danger before activating it. Once
			it has run out of bullets, it will act as a proxy mine
			and blow up when someone walks near it. Best used for
			camping and guarding Body Armor. Also for guarding a
			base in various modes.

Firensi Automatic   -   An automatic shotgun is fun. It's normal setting will
			shoot one shell, and then set it again. By using it's
			secondary, it switches to automatic, so you can unload
			the entire gun in a few seconds. Make sure you're very
			accurate, because if you run out of ammo, you have to
			reload each shell individually. The shotgun is really
			strong and good for head-to-head combat. Not good for
			long distance as it isn't very accurate.

Tactical Sniper    -    A tactical sniper isn't silenced, but it doesn't need
			to be. Your enemy would be alerted of your presence by
			any sniper shot. The zoom is incredible, making it
			easy to find opponents on the other side of the arena.
			Not good for head-to-head combat because it has such a
			low ROF. Use the D-pad to zoom in and out by using up
			and down. Use this only for sniping.

Covert Sniper     -     Another sniper, the same as a tactical sniper, only
			silenced. Either one is fine to use. Make sure to get
			the upgrade to get better zoom and a clip of 10 rather
			than 5.

Delta Repeater    -     A  one-hit-KO  crowssbot; quite  possibly  the  most
			annoying gun in the game. It is really quiet, so if you
			do not see your opponent, all you'll hear is a groan
			and see the blood go down the screen. These are really
			good if you can hit people; but have low ROF. It has a
			scope on it, so you can zoom a little bit to help
			increase your accuracy.

Phoenix Samurai    -    The laser. It has a meter on the right that keeps going
			down, but you cannot let it get to 100. Once it's at
			100, it will take a while to cool down. The zoom is
			pretty good, so you can use it as a sniper rifle if you
			don't have a rifle, but it isn't a one-hit-KO. It's
			secondary function is an overcharge shot. This will
			put the beam all the way at 100, and then shoot an
			'explosive' laser charge. It will then take some time
			for the beam to go back down to 0. Try to avoid
			fire-fights with this, because it's low ROF. Use from
			medium distances.

AIMS-20        -        The AIMS-20 is a truley wonderful weapon. It's hulking
			size takes up the entire right half of the screen. It's
			normal function is a burst fire. This is a powerful gun
			and burst fire doesn't matter, as long as you hit 2-3
			times, they should die. By using the zoom, you can
			detect body heat; an excellent way to locate a sniper.
			The zoom is pretty good, so you can use this from
			fairly long distances, though it isn't very accurate.
			When using at long distances, you may want to use it's
			secondary function; Automatic grenade launcher. The
			grenades go quite a far distance; wherever you aim the
			crosshairs, that's where the grenade will explode. Use
			this to  terrorize  opponents on the other side of

AT-420 Sentinel    -    The "Bread Box" as I call it, this is an automatic
			missile launcher. It holds up to 8 missiles; 4 in it's
			magazine. You can shoot all four off at once, and do
			some massive damage. If your enemy is hiding behind a
			sizable obstruction, you can use it's guided form to
			fly the missile around behind the wall. The controls
			are a little funky, with up and down on joystick aiming
			it up and down, and left and right on the c-stick
			moving it left and right. Use this to get enemies out
			of hard to reach areas. Try to find a good spot that
			you are invulnerable to attack, that you can manuver a
			guided missile out. That be beast.

AT-600 Scorpion    -    Another model of the "Bread Box", the scorpion uses
			"heat seeker missiles". These will hunt down the
			nearest source of body heat (yes, even your teammates).
			There is hardly a way to avoid shooting your teammates
			because it's an explosive which'll do damage to them.
			It's regular form is unguided missile launcher, though
			it does not shoot as fast as the sentinel. It's best
			used when crossing open areas, or taking out huge
			groups of people. Fire off a few rockets, and they'll
			fly away and take care of all your problems. Take out
			another gun and cointinue through enclosed areas.

Laser Tripbomb     -    This explosive is the basic proxy mine of the game.
			You can place the bomb wherever, and it shoots out a
			laser beam. If ever anyone touches it, the bomb will
			blow up. Best used in tight corridors, or placed right
			where body armor comes up. Also place it on flags, and
			other things to keep a base safe.

Satchel Charge     -    The timed explosive. Use "B" to set the times, from a 5
			second fuse, all the way to a 30 second fuse. At the
			end of the time, it'll blow up of course. You cannot
			place this on enemies, as it will bounce off and land
			at your feet. These aren't very good, because you have
			to time it. Mostly, place one on the floor as someone
			is chasing you and hopefully it'll blow up on them.

Remote Mine      -      These things are great to set up all over the arena,
			and detonate. Make sure you're away from all of them
			though. Use "B" to switch to the detonator. Good to
			use when someone is chasing you; throw it ahead of you
			and hit "B" and then "R" to blow it up once it's behind
			you. Also good for placing on fixed guns, body armor,
			flags, etc. Though you'd have to keep an eye on it,
			unlike a tripbomb where you can leave it alone.

Frag Grenade     -      A four second fuse grenade. Very hard to use because
			you have to time it. Good for throwing into camping
			bases to startle your enemy. Used in kamikaze runs to
			detonate in-hand.

Smoke Grenade    -      This fills the surrounding area with smoke, making you
			have to equip your goggles to see. Use these against
			snipers/campers, and then rush in when they're putting
			on their goggles (make sure you've put them on once
			before, so you don't go through the action of putting
			the shades on each time).

Stun grenade      -     Against computers, this will make them stop in place
			and crouch over, making them easy targets. Against
			humans though, it blinds them with a bright white light
			for a short time. Again, you can use this against

/                                                                             \
|      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     X.D - Locations     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      |

This section will locate some really good places to do things, strategies for
individual levels, camping/sniping spots, etc. Use this to become more
familliar with your surroundings and find special spots to suprise your enemy.


  **** | + Skyrail + | ****

- Bases: MI6 and Phoenix: Rooftops.

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: Rooftops, canyons,
  "bar room" of house, "broken pillar room" of mansion, "midway" near mansion.

- CD respawn points for "Industrial Espionage": Midway near body armor, Canyons
  and rooftops.

- The "Uplinks" are at the roof of each base, and one next to the body armor in
  the midway.

- The "Hill" is in the midway.

- They skyrail has railcars that move around from one base to another. You can
  use these for quick and easy access to get to another base safely.

- If you are in need of fast and fairly safe transportation from one side to
  another, and there is no railcar at your side, take the lines yourself.
  Go onto the roof where the flags usually are located, and then hop onto the
  roof. From there, you can walk along the cables to get from one side to
  the other. Falling will result in a 1/2 health loss.

- Looking for fixed guns? One is on a rock in the midway between the two bases.
  Simply jump up the side to get there. Another is located on a huge tower. The
  only way to it is to walk along the cables onto the tower to operate the
  gun turret.

- A good sniping spot is on the balcony of the house.

- A good sniping spot is on the roof of either base.

- A good sniping spot is at the very top of the mansion, through a circular
  hole overlooking a roof.

- A good sniping spot is in a railcar tower. Walk along the lines, and hop
  inside. Crouch if you are under fire.

- When doing "Capture the Flag", and "Demolition/Protection", use the grapple
  point above the balcony on the house for a quicker way up to the roof. Or,
  take the grapple hook inside the "bar room" on a post on the second level.

- Grapple points for the mansion: in the railcar station (you need to grapple
  from the side for this), and in the "broken pillar room".

- Mini-Vehicles are located on either side of the Mansion, and near the back
  stair set of the house.

- There are holes in the walls near the roof on each base which you can
  navigate a helicopter into.

- Body armor is in the midway near a large rock, in the railcar station on the
  house, and behind the bar in the house.

- If you've missed the rail car, and really want to ride it, there are a few
  other ways on; at the mansion, jump onto the lower rooftop to the right, and
  then jump onto the rail car as it passes by. Another is to walk along the
  cables and drop onto the top. Simply press back, and then forward once you've
  dropped, and you'll be in the railcar again.

- A good camping spot is in either of the railcar stations.

- A good camping spot is in the first corridor of the house. Stay at the right
  end of the hallway.

- A good camping spot is in either of the canyons.

- A good camping spot is in the "support room" that the walkway to the roof
  overlooks in the mansion.


 **** | + Fort Knox + | ****

- Bases: MI6 and Phoenix: Vaults on 3rd floor.

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: bottom floor along a wall,
  2 floor along a wall, and a platform in each base.

- CD respawn points for "Industiral Espionage": bottom floor center, Platform
  in bases,  top  floor ledges, in-between  stairs and wall in bases, 2nd floor

- The "Uplinks" are In each base in front of the vault door, and on the second
  floor in the center.

- The "Hill" is in the center of the level (vertical and horizontal).

- Tanks are usable in this level, because floors are connected by ramps, rather
  than steps.

- A good sniping spot is on the top floor ledge.

- A good sniping spot is in the office overlooking a base.

- You can break the glass in the offices, jump onto the frames, crouch below
  the high ones, and drop into the bases for a "secret" entrance.

- Stand on the vault door, and suprise your enemy with a head shot.

- Grapple hooks are located on stairwell poles, and on a wall above each
  platform in both bases.

- The bases are mirrored, so the flag will be on the left for one base, and the
  right on the other.

- Use the grapple hooks to get to higher/lower level floors quicker.

- You can jump from one stairwell to another, provided they are near, rather
  than the far ones. Simply get a good run, and jump and you should bounce over
  the railing on both sides.

- WARNING: falling down from one floor to another will take away about half
  of your health.

- When dropping from a higher floor to a lower floor, try to land on a railing
  to break your fall so you won't take damage.

- A good camping spot is in the offices backed up in a corner.

- A good camping spot is in a vault.

- When in a scenario like "Industrial Espionage", check all floors for the
  object, because the radar doesn't show vertical-ness.


 **** | + Snow Blind + | ****

- Bases: MI6 and Phoenix: In the underground Wine Cellars.

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: ledge above Phoenix base,
  ledge overlooking the helicopter, outside phoenix base near turret, Courtyard
  near helicopter and bridge, near the frozen fountain.

- CD respawn point for "Industrial Espionage": on the bridge, ledge overlooking
  the helicopter, ledge near the bridge, and in stairwell between Phoenix base
  and the helicopter.

- The "Uplinks" are located at the ledge overlooking the helicopter, in the
  bedroom near the fish fountain, and in the stairwell near the Phoenix base.

- The "Hill" is on the bridge near the helicopter.

- Helicopters and tanks are both pretty useful here; open areas for helicopter
  and not too many steps for the tank.

- You can get ontop of the big helicopter and go out on the blades and tail.

- Set up a ronin at the entrance to your base (MI6 or Phoenix) and it shouldn't
  let anyone in. Stay behind for backup.

- At the Phoenix base, there is a turret that you can use to defend your base.

- Put a set of tripwires up high and low on top of each other in the door to
  your base to prevent people from getting in.

- There are 2 grapples near the bridge to use to get up there faster.

- Jump into the frozen fountain and blend in until your enemy has arrived.

- Put laser tripbombs on the turrets.

- A good sniping spot is on or near the helicopter

- A good sniping spot is in the bedroom through the window near the fish

- A good camping spot is in either base.

- A good camping spot is in the stairwell behind the stairs.

- Put tripbombs all into the entrance of your base for ultimate protection
  (Watch out for guided rockets going in though).


 **** | + Phoenix Base + | ****

- Bases: MI6: Under the control room (1st floor).
	 Phoenix: Control room (2nd floor).

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: 1st floor storage room,
  extanded platforms to center platform, 1st floor near the crates and the
  pool, 1st floor near the ramp, and inside the Phoenix base.

- CD for "Industrial Espionage" respawn points: stairwell middle riser, Bottom
  of the stairwell, and in the storage room opposite the MI6 base.

- The "Uplinks" are located inside the Phoenix base, on the 1st floor opposite
  the storage room, and in the 2nd floor storage room.

- The "Hill" is just outside the 1st floor storage room.

- To get to the center platform, wait until the very last minute to jump; it
  may seem like you'll run off into the pool, but you most likely won't if you
  timed it right. Jumping early will result in a death in the water.

- The MI6 base is really hard to defend because it's in an open area; try to be
  on the Phoenix team if you are playing with flags or "Demolition/Protection".

- The turrets are in a corner of each floor.

- There are only 2 ways up to the 2nd floor; the ramp and stairwell.

- Put a tipbomb in the stairwell and guard the ramp to prevent your enemy from
  reaching the 2nd floor.

- With skill, you can lure/hit/push your enemy into the instant KO pool. Try to
  circle with him, shoot him with power weapons, or run him into the pool.

- This level is BIG in the aspect of being very open.

- Use big explosives in this level.

- Good hiding spots are in the storage rooms.

- Hide in the stairwell if you are low on health.

- A good camping spot is in the sotrage rooms (be crouched so you can't be hit
  through a window).

- A good camping spot is in the Control Room.

- A decent camping spot is in the storage rooms, or the control room.

- Use the crates on the 1st floor for protection.

- Jump over a corner of the pool and your enemy may fall in trying to catch

- Tanks are best for this level; there is too much stuff for a helicopter to
  run into. There are ramps from one floor to another, so the tank can move
  around fairly easily.


 **** | + Atlantis + | ****

- Bases: MI6: Below sea level.
	 Phoenix: Top outside.

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: MI6 base near the pipe on
  the wall, on a ramp in a blue corridor down to MI6, end of blue ramp in MI6
  just before computer transformers, in the circular pit in the "Neutral Zone",
  a hut in the Phoenix base, and behind a hut in the Phoenix base.

- CD respawn points for "Industrial Espionage": off a blue ramp down to MI6,
  in the pit of the "Neutral Zone", and on ground level in the Phoenix base.

- The "Uplinks" are located in MI6 by the pipe on the wall, "Neutral Zone" on
  top of the flatform, and in the Phoenix base on the fish eye (center).

- The "Hill" is in the Phoenix base in the center.

- In the MI6 base, put up tripbombs at the entrance to every corridor to make
  it hard for your opponent to get around.

- In the "Neutral Zone", the red-lit paths take you up to the Phoenix base, and
  the blue-lit paths take you down to the MI6 base.

- For a quick escape, use the grapple hooks above the huts in the Phoenix base.

- You can go behind the huts in the Phoenix base and hide.

- The only decent sniping spot is on any ledge in the Phoenix base.

- A good camping spot is in the MI6 base at the flag spot.

- If you are on the Phoenix team, place laser tipbombs in the doorways leading
  out from the huts so that they cannot safely enter your base.

- An unprotected camping spot is in the "Neutral Zone". There is Sentinel ammo
  that spawn in the pit, where you can stay and launch unguided missiles at
  your enemies (with the normal weapon setting).

- Be sure to use the C-stick to aim up/down when using the ramps to go from one
  base to another. Without the aiming, you'll shoot only at your enemie's feet,
  or over their head.

- Using vehicles in the Phoenix base leaves your vulnerable to attacks, because
  you are standing in a wide-open area. Be careful when using vehicles there.

- Using vehicles in the MI6 base is fairly safe, because it's in a corridor,
  and your body is hidden in an alcove off to the side.

- Place a Ronin in the fish eye in Phoenix Base for an excellent overall
  defense of you and/or your base.

- If you are in trouble, run to the MI6 base and attempt to lose your enemy in
  the tunnels, and get some body armor and more weapons.


**** | + Missile Silo + | ****

- Bases: MI6: 4th floor.
	 Phoenix: 1st floor.

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: lvl 1 wall opposite the
  Phoenix computer, lvl 2 against the missile, lvl 3 at the "up" ramp, lvl 3
  against a random wall, and lvl 4 against a wall.

- CD respawn points for "Industrail Espionage": lvl 4, lvl 3 against the
  missile, lvl 3 under MI6 computer, lvl 2 at the "down" ramp, lvl 2 against
  the missile, lvl 1 opposite the Phoenix computer.

- The "Uplinks" are located on lvl's 1, 2, and 3.

- The "Hill" is on lvl 2 against the missile.

- On lvl 3, there are no drop holes near the missile.

- The water in the Phoenix base is safe to walk in.

- Look through the floor to see enemies above and below.

- Helicopters are best in this, because of how tall it is - be sure to navigate
  it safely through the holes and ramps.

- Drop through the missile holes to get to another floor faster. This will
  however take damage away from your health.

- There aren't any good camping or sniping spots in this level.

- Hide on the 1st floor under the ramp.

- Radar can be misleading; it doesn't show vertical distance, so it will be
  hard to locate the floor that an enemy or item is on. Check the floor you're
  on first, then proceed to another level.

- There is no faster way up the lvl's than taking the stairs; being Phoenix in
  modes like "Capture the Flag" and "Industrial Espionage" will be better
  because you can drop down lvl's to get to your base faster.


 **** | + Sub Pen + | ****

- Bases: MI6 and Phoenix: in the sub on the respective side. The MI6 side is
  "Bay 12", and the Phoenix side is "Bay 13"

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: Bay 12 and 13 at the dead
  end near the side corridor.

- CD respawn points for "Industrial Espionage": side corridor at the lift, side
  transition room, and center transition room.

- The "Uplinks" are located in the side corridor, and the center catwalk in
  Bay 12 and 13.

- The "Hill" is in Bay 13 just at the center transition.

- As with "Phoenix Base", the water is an instant KO.

- The game says vehicles can be turned on, but to be true they cannot. I've
  looked everywhere and they are not there.

- A good camping spot is in either sub in the control room.

- A good camping spot is in the side corridor.

- A good sniping spot is on a submarine; people most of the time won't notice
  you there.

- The turrets are on submarines.

- The submarines have lifts that take you up to the top where the turrets are.

- You can jump over the railing on the bottom floor onto a small flatform over
  the water and walk onto the sub. From there, you can jump over the railing or
  stay as you are.

- The side transition room has a lift; press the "call button" on the wall to
  bring it up. You can go down into the side corridor from there.

- There are grapple points, but only above the submarines. They are above where
  the fixed guns would be. You will lose health for dropping down from those


**** | + Ravine + | ****

- Bases: MI6 and Phoenix: in the circular room at the top of each castle.

- "GoldenEye Strike" key and crystal respawn points: under the stairs, outside
  in the courtyard, in the bases, and the railcar station.

- CD respawn points for "Industrial Espionage": under the stairs, outside in
  the courtyard, in the bases, and the railcar station.

- The "Uplinks" are located in each base, and in the center platform.

- The "Hill" is in the center platform.

- This level doesn't allow AI bots or vehicles, so be prepared for a game with
  a bit less action.

- There are grapple points over the roof of each structure on either base which
  you can take to get to a base faster,  or to the roof of the cable room.

- You can reach both points from a range, of just before the bridge. The
  grapple's auto-aim should aim you at a grapple point.

- Grappling from the other side of the level will set you up higher on the wall
  so when you drop down you will take damage.

- This is an excellent lvl to use Sentinels.

- The alley the grapple takes you to is a good place to use a sentinel on
  guided function; you can manuver the missiles out and be safe for the most

- A good "game" for this, is to use "Explosive 1" weapons, and have each
  team stay on their side. You must fight from your side using a scorpion,
  sentinel, and an AIMS-20. If you spawn on the other side after a death, you
  can try to kill there, and/or plant some tripbombs in spots. Turn radar and
  team ID off.

- There are a few spots where you can fall off the ground and still be stuck on
  the side. Such as in the corner at the railcar station. You can fall off the
  ground and be stuck between the wall and the bridge. This is good for sniping
  but you are either doomed to jump off yourself, or be an easy target for an

- Go onto the roof of the cable room, and jump onto the roof of the railcar
  station. From there, you can jump onto a ledge of the tower and walk half
  way around it. That is a good sniping place.

- The other tower is harder to get to. You'll have to jump around a corner onto
  the ground below it. That is also a good sniping spot.

- A good sniping spot is on the cable room roof. Duck down to become a harder

- Go to the alley that you grapple to take the shortcut to a base, and use
  guided missiles to terrorize your enemies.

- A good camping spot is in a base.

- A good camping spot is under the stairs.

- A good camping spot is in the alley the grapple takes you to.

- A good camping spot is in the cable room.

- The fastest way from one side to another is to ride the railcar across.

- You can go onto the railcar roof and drop onto the cables to walk across.

- Another "game" you can play is like a wrestling match. Use your fists only in
  the center platform and try to knock your enemy off the bridge. You only get
  a point from knocking them off the bridge. You must stay in that circle; no
  retreating to a castle.

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|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     XI - Credits     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>        |

 Narrator ................................... Nick Burgener

 Art Designer ............................... Nick Burgener

 Title Artist ............................... Nick Burgener

 Author ..................................... Nick Burgener

 Typos ...................................... Nick Burgener

 Spell Checker .............................. Scramble125

 Supervisor ................................. Niff

 Casting .................................... Nick Burgener

 Sound Team ................................. NA

 Color Team ................................. NA

 Special Effects Team ....................... Nick Burgener

 Host Site .................................. www.gamefaqs.com

 Writing Program ............................ Notepad

 Submitters ................................. Niff
            ................................. Golden Magnum
            ................................. The Maker
            ................................. OrangeStylz
            ................................. Ryan1337
 	    ................................. mwizardb
 	    ................................. Scramble125
	    ................................. Matt Hall
	    ................................. Bryan Robertson
            ................................. DaJedi

 "Special Thanks"

 Niff - Thanks for adding all that stuff for the fighting styles. Unfortunately
        I already had them all in but the kamikaze, so i used that and added
        some stuff.

 Golden Magnum - Thanks for the tips you gave me. They added alot to the topics
                 I missed. I hope to get some of the ones I couldn't get before
		 you left to put in.

 Scramble125 - For pointing out thoroughly that I had titled the FAQ originally
	       "James Bons Miliplayer FAQ"...... and for playing 7 straight
	       hours of multiplayer and losing a precious 5 hours of sleep.

 mwizardb - For allowing me to take notes on the modes and everything while we
	    were playing the game.

 Bryan Robertson - Fixed a few errors i had.

 DaJedi - Nice idea for a scenario section.
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|       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<      XII - Other     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    |

 -+- Golden Magnum's Weapon Nick-Names -+-

Wolfram P2K 			- Big Bad Bond Blaster

Wolfram PP7			- P2K's Little Brother

Kowloon Type 40 		- Box with a trigger and a handle

Kowloon Type 80 		- Rapid Fire Box with a trigger and a handle

Raptor Magnum 			- The Smith Pistol

Golden Gun 			- One Hit Wonder

SG5 Commando 			- AIMS 20 Wannabe

Storm M32 			- Nightfire's Klobb

Deutsche M9K 			- Just an excuse to press the B-Button

Phoenix Ronin 			- Suitcase Gun / Camper's Best Friend

Frinesi Automatic Shotgun 	- Da Boomstick o' Doom

Tatical Sniper 			- Oxymoron Gun

Covert Sniper 			- Silenced Version of the Oxymoron Gun

Delta Repeater 			- Silent-but-deadly

Phoenix Samurai 		- Rook Rifle

AIMS 20 			- Impending doom

AT-420 Sentinel 		- Homing death

AT-600 Scorpion 		- Sentinel Wannabe

Laser Tripbomb 			- Automated Camper

Satchel Charge 			- Pathetic excuse for an explosive

Remote Mine 			- Death Whenever you want, wherenever you want

Frag Grenade 			- The Oldschool death

Smoke Grenade 			- The Reason Goggles were invented


 Multiplayer Scenarios

Note: i just C&P'd this out of an e-mail from dajedi, if you want to submit your
own, just make sure enough information is provided, simmilar to what is given
in this one

Name: Splinter Cell

# of players:4-10
Characters(from Splinter Cell): MI-6 Team; Player one: Bond Tux as
Nikoladze; Bot1: Bond stealth as Yschlav Grinko; Bot2: Pussy Galore as
soldier commando; Poenix Team; Player two: Ninja assasin as Sam
Character); Bot 3: Poenix Commando; And you can keep on going with the
commandos until you reach max, if you wish, but keep the bot settings
MI-6 fairly high.

Options: Mini-vehicles-Off; Professional mode-On; Grapple-On

Objectives: As Player one being Nikoladze, you get only a pistol and
run if you see Player two. As player two, you must assasinate
Nikoladze, and
get an AIMS-20 and a pistol that can be scilenced. If Nikoladze dies,
you must kill his bodyguards(anyone else on MI-6 team.) If Sam dies,
must kill the commandos.

Stage(s): Skyrail, Phoenix Base

Weapons set: The one that has the pp7 (p2k) and AIMS-20


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|     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     Legal Information     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     |

You may use this FAQ in any site as long as you credit the maker and the site
that you got it from.

 Nick Burgener (N3Burgener), www.gamefaqs.com

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