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Guide and Walkthrough by Kommisar

Updated: 03/12/2003

James Bond, 007: Nightfire 
Single Player Guide and Walkthrough 
====[ Table of Contents ]===================================================== 
- About this Guide 
- Controls 
- Gear (weapons and gadgets) 
- Vehicles 
- General Tactics and Tricks 
- Walkthrough 
- Cheats 
- Legal Fine Print and whatnot 
====[ About this Guide ]====================================================== 
This is a guide and walkthrough of the single player missions of the 
game James Bond, 007: Nightfire, for PS2, GCN, and Xbox.  It doesn't touch 
on multiplayer aspects of the game in it's current revision.  It is 
designed to help players achieve Gold and Platinum scores on all missions. 
The walkthrough in this guide assumes that you are playing on the 00 Agent 
difficulty level.  If you are playing on a lower difficulty level, you will 
not be able to achieve Gold or Platinum scores on many of the later missions. 
Some enemies mentioned may not be present on the lower difficulty levels. 
Also, some of the tactics and tricks described will not work with auto-aim 
on (it is always off on 00 level, and can be disabled on lower difficulty 
levels by editing your codename settings). 
All paragraphs that start with "PLATINUM:" tend to deal with 007 Icon pickup 
locations, and can be ignored if you are going for a Gold medal on the level. 
Cases where you see "GOLD:", likewise, only apply when you are going for a 
Gold medal, but only occur when Gold and Platinum medal actions are mutually 
exclusive.  The 007 Icons do not appear in the missions until you have earned 
a gold medal, and earning a platinum is not possible unless you pick up all 
the 007 icons in the mission.  Thus, to achieve platinum, you will need to 
play each mission at least twice. 
At the end of each level in the walkthrough will be a breakdown of the Bond 
Moves, 007 Icons, scoring, available weapons, and medal rewards.  The actual 
target for the Stealth rating (only in FPS) is not shown, but IEpresume it 
is 100% for most levels. 
Revision History: 
1.0 - First complete walkthrough and guide for single player missions 
1.0.1 - Minor update, corrections, and addtional codes 
====[ Controls ]============================================================== 
The controls for this game are fairly straight forward and have multiple 
configuration options.  Find one that works well for you and stick with it. 
I use Nightfire myself, but that is simply because it is the first one I 
started playing with.  Mostly, play with what you are familiar with. 
If you have played Agent Under Fire a lot, and are familiar with the controls 
for that game, I am told the "Classic Bond"Econfiguration is the same control 
set as AUF. 
====[ Gear ]================================================================== 
Bond is given a wide array of weapons and gadgets in Nightfire.  Some are, 
obviously, more useful than others in certain situations.  Here is a brief 
run-down on the gear Bond is given to complete missions. 
========[ Weapons ]=========================================================== 
Wolfram PP7: Bond's starting pistol.  Useful if you have nothing else or 
need a silenced weapon.  Very accurate over long distances, 7 round clip. 
Hard to find ammo for it, but you start with 48 rounds, which is plenty, 
unless you are really spraying it around. 
Semi-automatic and silenced semi-auto modes. 
Gold PP7: First pistol upgrade, very useful when you need accuracy or 
stealth.  Does significantly more damage than the regular PP7, making it 
better than the Kowloon in most situations, despite the 7 round clip. 
Semi-automatic and silenced semi-auto modes. 
Wolfram P2K: Second pistol upgrade, 18 round clip, just as accurate as the 
PP7, and deals about as much damage as the Gold PP7.  It uses 9mm ammo, which 
is nice because a large number of enemies wield Kowloons, Storms, or DK9's, 
which all use 9mm ammo.  Don't aim with the laser sight, by the way, just 
use your cross-hairs.  The laser sight looks cool, but isn't really useful. 
Semi-automatic and silenced semi-auto modes. 
Gold P2K: The final pistol upgrade.  All the good things about the normal 
P2K, and a bunch more damage.  What more could you ask for? 
Semi-automatic and silenced semi-auto modes. 
Kowloon: Has a larger clip than the PP7 and a burst mode, but is somewhat 
less accurate.  Useful in situations where you can't take the time to reload 
the PP7 regularly. 
Semi-automatic and 3 round burst modes. 
Raptor Magnum: More damaging than either the PP7 or Gold PP7, and holds 9 
rounds in the clip.  Useful in situations where stealth is not a priority. 
Do not use the laser sight mode, however.  The accuracy difference is not 
something you should ever notice (if you are shooting at that long a range, 
you shouldn't be using a pistol), and it makes the shot recovery time 
noticeably longer. 
Semi-automatic with optional laser sight mode. 
Raptor .50: Not to be confused with the Raptor Magnum, this is easily the 
best pistol you can get short of the Gold P2K.  7 round clip and huge damage 
output.  Like the Raptor Magnum, never use the laser sight mode. 
Semi-automatic only, there is no alternate fire mode. 
Deutch M9K: Submachine gun with a 21 round clip, useful in some situations. 
It is fairly accurate, and can be silenced, making it do less damage but not 
bring every guard in the area running. 
3 round burst and silenced burst modes. 
Storm M32: It's clip holds 32 rounds, which is a good thing, because it's 
terribly inaccurate.  Good in situations where you are in close range combat 
with a number of enemies and other guns just don't have the sustained output. 
Fully automatic. 
SG5 Commando (The Exchange): The first incarnation of the SG5 Commando, seen 
only in The Exchange, is a very nice weapon.  Very accurate at range, 3 round 
burst, and it's silenced.  A pity you don't get to use it for long. 
Silenced burst and silenced semi-auto modes. 
SG5 Commando (Phoenix Fire): The Commando is not very accurate at long range, 
but don't worry, you won't be using it at anything more than medium range. 
The fully automatic firing mode, however, is inaccurate to the extreme.  The 
burst mode (with laser sight) is far more accurate and much more useful. 
Limited zoom capability when using manual aim. 
Automatic and 3 round burst modes. 
AIMS-20: Ahh... what a fine, fine weapon.  30 round clip, 3 round burst, 
heat sensitive scope, and a grenade launcher.  Too bad you don't get to play 
with these in many missions. 
3 round burst and grenade launcher modes. 
Frinesi Automatic: A semi-automatic shotgun, despite what the name says.  As 
with most shotguns, it's strength is in close-in fighting.  At longer ranges, 
you won't be hitting with many of the pellets, and will just be wasting ammo. 
The auto mode fires faster, but has a larger spread, making its effective 
range shorter.  The Frinesi has a long reload time, however, as Bond has to 
load shells individually, but has a 12 round capacity to make up for it. 
Pump action and semi-automatic modes. 
Tactical Sniper: A one-hit kill on any non-boss enemy.  The sniper rifle 
is perfectly accurate in manual-aim mode (where you'll be looking through 
the scope).  Do not, however, try to fire this weapon "from the hip".  If you 
are not using manual aim mode, hitting anything will tend to be a matter of 
blind luck.  There is no noticeable difference between the "single-shot" and 
"armor-piercing" modes, except which kind of ammo you are using.  They are 
both one-hit, one-kill. 
Upgrades: longer range zoom and a 10 round clip 
Covert Sniper: Just like the Tactical Sniper in it's ability to kill any 
non-boss enemy in a single shot, regardless of where you hit them, but it 
doesn't alert nearby guards when you shoot it. 
Upgrades: longer range zoom and a 10 round clip 
Militek mk6: A 6 round grenade launcher, the Militek is a good way to deliver 
an explosive blast at a short distance without giving your enemies time to 
react.  There is some arc in the flight of the grenades, so you'll want to aim 
a little high (or very high indeed if using it at long ranges). 
AT-420 Sentinel: A rocket launcher with camera guided and dumb-fire modes. 
A great way to deliver very large blast radius explosives very quickly.  When 
used in camera guided mode Bond will not move while the missile is in flight, 
making it a dangerous weapon to use in a fire fight. 
Camera guided and unguided modes. 
AT-600 Scorpion: A heat seeking missile launcher.  Excellent in situations 
where you may not have time to pick your shots.  Tends to track on human 
targets over mechanical ones (Helicopters, for example). 
Heat seeking and unguided modes. 
Delta Repeater: A Crossbow with a scope.  Very deadly in close, and silent. 
At long range it can be difficult to hit with as it has a lot of arc in the 
flight path of the projectile.  Though hard to use at long ranges, it does 
huge amounts of damage.  All but boss enemies will be killed with a single 
hit to the body from this weapon. 
Phoenix Samurai: A man portable laser rifle.  Huge damage, unlimited range 
with no travel time, and extremely accurate.  Manual aim mode gives you a 
scope with limited zoom capacity.  The overcharge mode takes a while to 
shoot after you pull the trigger, but delivers a large blast radius explosion- 
like effect when it finally goes off.  As a laser weapon it does not have 
ammunition, but instead has a heat meter (like the laser gadget) that limits 
long term rate of fire. 
Beam and Overcharge modes. 
Korsakov K5: This is actually listed under gadgets in the game, but is 
selected as a weapon during play.  It is a dart gun with a 5 round clip 
filled with tranquilizer darts.  Never use this gun.  Use your fists instead, 
they're better.  Trust me.  I only included it in this guide for the sake of 
========[ Explosives ]======================================================== 
Frag grenades: Standard fragmentation grenades.  The blast has a decent area 
of effect and will kill most enemies, and throwing a grenade will also cause 
most nearby guards to run away, which can be very useful.  Also great for 
taking out mines and other explosive traps with sympathetic explosions. 
Stun grenades: One of the most useful weapons you will find on some levels. 
Any situation involving civilians and enemies is made much easier by tossing 
a flash-bang or two into the room. 
Satchel Charge: A very powerful explosive with a huge blast radius.  Can be 
disarmed with the watch laser if you or your enemies plant one in a place 
you can't get away from. 
5-30 second timer. 
Remote Mine: Grenade size bombs that stick to walls and other surfaces, and 
can be detonated remotely. 
Laser Trip-bomb: The ultimate booby-trap, these bombs explode when anything 
crosses their laser trip-beam once deployed. 
========[ Gadgets ]=========================================================== 
Stunner: A stunner build in to Bonds key-chain.  Not really useful, but it 
can be fun to watch your enemies twitch.  Enemies taken out with the stunner, 
however, do not count as "subdued" for scoring purposes. 
Upgrade: longer range (much longer, in fact). 
Laser: What would Bond do without a laser built in to his watch?  A needed 
gadget for a number of occasions, probably the most used gadget in the game. 
It will overheat if used for extended durations, but this is not a factor 
unless you are careful when aiming, and you won't be using this gadget in 
situations where timing is that important. 
Upgrade: more powerful, lowering required burn-times significantly. 
Grapple: Needed to get to some hard to reach locations, though it can only 
be used in specific places. 
Upgrade: super long range (multiplayer only) 
Decryptor: While most of the keypad locked doors in the game can be opened 
with a code found elsewhere on the level, this is much more convenient. 
Upgrade: much faster unlocking of doors 
Micro-camera: Used in a few places to... wait for it... take pictures! 
Joking aside, the bio-sensing ability built into this gadget makes it a 
great tool for finding hidden or hard to see enemies. 
Upgrade:EIncreased Magnification and Bio-target designator 
Q-Worm: A Virus used to allow Q to monitor computers after Bond installs it 
on them. 
Shaver: A stun grenade disguised as a shaver, with a remote trigger. 
Phoenix Ronin: A chain gun in a suit-case.  Motion triggered or manually 
aimed, with a lot of ammo.  Very useful gadget/weapon in some situations, 
but be careful - when in motion activated mode, it will target (and kill) 
civilians that cross it's sights, causing mission failure. 
====[ Vehicles ]============================================================== 
========[ Military Snowmobile ]=============================================== 
An armored snowmobile used in Alpine Escape.  Agent Nightshade drives this, 
with Bond riding shotgun with a machine gun and missile weapon system. 
Missile ammunition is very limited, so use the machine gun most of the time. 
The missiles also have a lot of travel time, so you have to lead moving 
targets pretty well to score hits. 
========[ V12 Vanquish ]====================================================== 
The car Bond drives in the second half of Paris Prelude, and Enemies 
Vanquished missions.  It is very easy to drive and control, even on the ice 
found in the later sections of Enemies Vanquished.  As with all Bond vehicles, 
it has an array of weapons and gadgets: 
Missiles: The primary weapon system used in the driving missions is a 
guided missile system that can lock on to multiple targets.  Firing 2 missiles 
initially, the upgrade makes it fire 4 at a time. 
Machine Guns: The backup weapon system is a pair of forward firing machine 
Q-Smoke: A smokescreen, and one of the "non-lethal" means to deter enemies 
(and local law enforcement). 
Q-Wedge: A gadget that pops the car up on two wheels, allowing an easy way 
through a tight spot. 
Q-Boost: A "turbo-boost" used to just over a river at the end of Paris 
Q-Pulse: An Electromagnetic pulse projectile used to disable the vehicle 
transporting the bomb in Paris Prelude. 
========[ V12 Vanquish Sub ]================================================== 
To get in to Drake's island base undetected, the V12 Vanquish turns into a 
submarine.  It can be a little awkward handling when reversing directions, 
so it may take a little getting used to.  It won't turn much unless you are 
accelerating, and is slow turning at low speeds. 
Homing Torpedoes: A pair of homing torpedoes, used much like the missiles on 
the "dry-land" Vanquish. 
Remote Torpedoes: Camera guided torpedoes that can be used to take out remote 
targets.  Not nearly as powerful as the homing torpedoes, using the remote 
torpedoes to take out targets will take a lot of ammunition. 
Q-Charge: Deploys a mine, used in a few places to take out a few objectives 
in Deep Descent. 
========[ Security SUV ]====================================================== 
A Sport Utility Vehicle appropriated by Bond for the first part of Island 
Infiltration.  Like the Vanquish, it has guided missiles and machine guns. 
The only "gadget" is a radio transmitter used to first receive, and then send 
security codes to open gates. 
========[ Ultralight ]======================================================== 
A compact push-prop plane piloted by Agent McCall in the second half of 
Island Infiltration with Bond in the gunners seat.  Once again, the familiar 
"missiles and machine guns" weapon system is used, much like the snowmobile 
from Alpine Escape.  Unlike the snowmobile, however, the missiles are guided 
and there are plenty of them.  The "machine gun" is actually described as 
some kind of pulse laser thing... but... it's basically a machine gun. 
========[ Super Sentry Gun ]================================================== 
Not really a vehicle, but an armored gun turret used by Bond at the end of 
Island Infiltration.  Has two firing modes, Pulse and Main.  The Pulse mode is 
basically a machine gun, best used to shoot down the flights of enemy 
aircraft.  The Main mode is great for taking out the tanks and the submarine 
that appear, but does take some time to reload. 
====[ General Tactics and Tricks ]============================================ 
Aim High 
Obviously, hitting someone in the head is more likely to kill them in a 
single shot, but on 00, if you are not hitting some of the enemies in the 
head, you might as well be using NERF[tm] weapons.  At lower difficulty 
levels, you can rely on auto-aim and just take body shots.  On 00, however, 
not only is auto-aim disabled, but killing enemies with body shots often 
takes too much time and too many shots, making you use more ammo as well as 
take more damage.  But fear not, head shots are easier to make on a regular 
basis than you might think. 
The trick with head shots in Nightfire is elevation and range.  You can 
set your cross hairs up at head height and, so long as you never change 
elevation (look up or down), all enemies at the same distance from you will 
have their heads conveniently at that height (unless they are ducking or 
crouching, or on uneven terrain).  Enemies slightly nearer or further away 
will require different elevations, but many times it is easier to use 
movement to change the range rather than using the "look" stick to change 
the elevation.  Likewise, strafing left and right to bring your cross hairs 
onto a target is often easier than turning, as the movement is much smoother 
and easier to control precisely. 
Using movement to bring your cross hairs on to an enemies head has two 
advantages:  First and foremost, since you are moving, enemies will have a 
harder time hitting you.  Secondly, using the "look" stick to aim tends to 
be very difficult, especially when you are getting shot at a lot, as it's 
difficult to be both precise _and_ fast.  It may take a little bit of getting 
used to, but in the end, it will be well worth it. 
There are several places in the game where you can take your time setting 
your cross-hairs at the right level before entering combat, and I will 
describe them in as much detail as possible when they occur in the walk- 
Know where your enemies are coming from before they do 
This is, essentially, knowing where enemies will spawn, and where they will 
be coming from before you actually see them and often before they spawn. 
There are many situations in the game where a little preparation can make 
fights with even large numbers of opponents very simple.  Judicious use of 
remote and laser-triggered explosives, as well as stun grenades, will allow 
you to take out a lot of enemies without them so much as getting the chance 
to take a shot.  If you are like me and do _not_ have the god-like reflexes 
of an 11 year old who's been playing video games since before they could 
walk, sometimes a little careful planning can even up the odds.  Some might 
call this unsporting, I call it being prepared and using tactics.  This is 
a James Bond game, after all. 
Keep Moving 
Standing still in a fire fight in this game is the best possible way to 
get dead.  Keep moving, especially motion perpendicular to the direction 
you are being shot at from.  Basically, if you are facing at or away from 
your enemies, strafe left and right.  If you are facing 90 degrees from 
them, be running.  Mostly, just don't stand still whenever you are being 
shot at.  Ever. 
Red vs Green 
There are a number of security panels in the game in various levels.  These 
look like little beige or yellow boxes on the wall with electrical conduits 
leading into them from above and below.  Whenever you see one of these, 
always take the time to open them and use your watch laser to cut the green 
wire or circuit board inside it.  Remember: always cut green, never red. 
Cutting green is always good, cutting red is always bad.  Very simple. 
In some FPS levels, you can get points for making unaware enemies surrender 
at gun-point, and then punching them out to "subdue" them.  Enemies that are 
already alert, and the "elite" guards that populate the later levels will 
not surrender, and will only turn and give you a good punch or kick for your 
troubles should you sneak up on them.  Alert enemies will tend to be hunched 
over slightly, and walk faster than un-alert enemies. 
To make an unaware enemy surrender, simply walk up behind them with wielding 
a weapon, wait for them to put their hands up (dropping whatever weapon they 
are holding) and turn around.  Then you can switch to your hands and punch 
them once to subdue them.  If you wait too long before punching them, most 
enemies will either draw some hidden weapon and start shooting, or engage 
you in melee combat.  You can also shoot them, if you like, but you won't 
get the subdue bonus... not to mention that shooting an unarmed opponent 
isn't a very nice thing to do, you meanie. 
It is much easier to kill an enemy that is not aware you exist.  Most guards 
either don't move, or walk slowly in very predictable patterns when they are 
not alerted to the presence of a certain British secret agent.  You will also 
get scoring bonuses for stealth on some missions, but exactly how the scoring 
for this works is kind of hard to determine (though it appears to be based 
on not being detected by certain guards, either by-passing them, or killing 
them unawares). 
James Bond, apparently, turns almost invisible when crouching.  Many enemies 
in the game will not see you, even at fairly short ranges if you are not 
right in front of them while you are crouching.  Just don't crouch during 
actual combat, as you won't be able to move as fast. 
Pre-zooming scopes 
All FPS weapons that have scopes or zoom capability will "remember" how 
far they are zoomed in.  After picking up such a weapon, when you get the 
first chance to out of combat, zoom it out to it's farthest range.  This way 
you won't need to take the time to zoom out in a crunch.  The upgraded 
sniper rifle, for instance, takes a little while to fully zoom out, and this 
is not something you want to have to do in the middle of a fire fight. 
The weapons in rail shooting missions, however, do not remember zoom range 
and will have to be zoomed each and every time you go into manual aim.  Don't 
worry, though... you don't need to zoom them that often. 
====[ Walkthrough ]=========================================================== 
========[ Mission 1 ]========================================================= 
========[ Paris Prelude ]===================================================== 
Format: Rail Shooter/Driving 
- Protect Dominique 
- Stop the truck from reaching the Eiffel Tower 
This mission, the first time you play the game, is a tutorial with all the 
sniper rifle shots auto-aimed.  When you go back to play it again (to earn 
medals), it becomes a much harder task. 
The first section is a rail shooter with Bond in a helicopter with a sniper 
rifle trying to keep villains in black sedans from killing Dominique in her 
red Shelby Cobra.  At lower difficulty levels, you can simply shoot the cars 
a few times, and they will explode.  At 00 level, however, there are only 
3 truly effective shots: tires, gas tank, gunner.  Shooting out the tires 
will yield a Bond Move, but is not particularly easy.  Shooting the gas tank 
(an area at the rear of the car just behind the side windows near the small 
gray gas cap that is visible) twice will make the car explode.  Shooting the 
gunner a single time will kill him, effectively disabling the car.  You 
can also destroy the cars with 4 shots to the same area, but this is not 
always as easy as it sounds. 
Destroy or disable one of the first two cars.  Shooting the lead car in the 
tires will show a clip of it running into the rear car and both exploding. 
Shooting the rear cars tires will show a clip of both cars running into an 
oncoming truck.  Either tire shot will end the section and yield a Bond 
The next section involves another pair of cars.  Destroy or disable at least 
one of them to move on to the next section.  Once again, tire shots will 
count as Bond Moves.  If you take too long destroying either car, they have 
an annoying tendency to move off screen to the front or rear where you can no 
longer aim at them.  If this happens and you haven't taken out at least one of 
them, they'll kill Dominique. 
After the cut-scenes, wait for the helicopter to stop moving before you zoom 
in.  Shoot the enemy car in the front to blow it's radiator, or aim at the 
right or left side in the front for a relatively easy tire shot (Bond Move). 
After the next scene of Dominique leading the chase through a construction 
site, wait for the helicopter to stop moving and shoot the flashing blue block 
hanging over the ramp (it's easy to see, not so easy to shoot).  You don't 
have much time, so make it a quick shot.  There's a fairly large area you 
can shoot at to get a "hit", however.  This is the end of the rail shooting 
Once you have control of the V12 Vanquish, hit the gas, and hit the gadget 
button to deploy the smokescreen.  This will take care of the two cars 
behind you and earn you a Bond Move. 
PLATINUM: At the left side of the road at the first turn, there's a 007 Icon 
on the sidewalk, make sure you pick it up before moving on. 
PLATINUM: Once you are forced off the road by the truck backing up, and you 
are up on the cobblestones, there's a bunch of benches around trees in an 
area to the left with a 007 Icon spinning in the middle, grab it and head 
down the mall. 
After crashing through the doors into the shopping mall, you'll see your 
missiles lock on to two cars that have set up a road block in front of you. 
Don't shoot at them, just aim for the center and hit your gadget button 
before you hit them.  This will activate the Q-Wedge, popping you up on 
two wheels and you'll sail through them, earning another Bond Move. 
After the roadblock there will be an enemy car in front of you.  Fire a total 
of 4 missiles to destroy it and duck down the alley to the right. 
When you come out of the alley there will be another car in front of you.  If 
you got hung up on the corner leading into the alley, the car may be a long 
way ahead.  Whenever you are in range, fire enough missiles to kill it.  If 
the car is into the pedestrian area with the strings of lights overhead, you 
can't hit it (the missiles will explode on the lights).  Wait until it has 
passed through that section and then kill it if you need to. 
PLATINUM: There's a 007 Icon above the fountain you jump over.  Don't be 
going full speed off the jump or you'll fly over it.  Let up on the gas 
just after you pass over the small road right before the ramp and you'll 
be going about the right speed to get the Icon. 
You'll veer to the left and head towards the bridge that is out now.  Try to 
be going as straight down the road as possible before you hit the Q-Boost to 
take you over the bridge.  If you are not going straight, youOre likely to 
hit the buildings on either side of the road after you land.  Clearing the 
river will earn a Bond Move. 
PLATINUM:EThereOs a 00 Icon on the left side of the road after you veer to 
the right and pass under the first arch. 
Follow the truck until you see the lightning bolt gadget pop up, and then hit 
the gadget button to launch an EMPEProjectile to disable the truck and stop 
it from blowing up the Eiffel Tower. 
Bond Moves: 
- Shoot enemy cars in the tires (4 possible) 
- Use Q-Smoke immediately after entering the driving section of the mission 
- Use Q-Wedge to pass two "roadblock"Ecars at the end of the mall area 
- Use Q-Boost to clear the bridge that is out 
007 Icons: 
- On the left side at the first turn in the driving section 
- On the left side after the truck blocks the road forcing you to the right 
- Over the fountain after the pedestrian area with the overhead lights 
- On the left after jumping over the bridge 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           7        100,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 26       75,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 2:17     50,000+ 
007 Bonus:            4        100,000 
Bronze:   Dominique Card 
Silver:   Jaws Multiplayer Skin 
Gold:     V12 Vanquish Missile Upgrade 
Platinum: Renard Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 2 ]========================================================= 
========[ The Exchange ]====================================================== 
Format: FPS 
- Breach the castle walls 
- Find a way inside to the party 
- Rendezvous with undercover agents and maintain cover as party guest 
- Spy on secret meeting 
- Retrieve guidance chip from the "Safe Room" 
- Escape with Zoe in gondola 
Exterior (normal route) 
As soon as you have control, turn right and head down the stairs (jumping off 
can cause you to be hurt by falling damage sometimes).  Put the silencer on 
your gun as you are heading down.  Just outside the door will be a guard 
facing away from you.  Walk up behind him with your gun out and wait for him 
to drop his sniper rifle and turn around with his hands up.  Switch to your 
fists (unarmed) and punch him to get both the surrender and subdue bonus. 
In one of the two towers of the gate house ahead of you will be a sniper (it's 
totally random).  Switch to the sniper rifle, zoom in all the way, and take 
aim at his head.  Now, here's a trick to save sniper ammo:Eswitch back to the 
silenced pistol without moving the cross hairs and shoot.  You'll get a 
perfect head shot with the pistol.  You'll want to keep at least 3 rounds 
for the sniper rifle if you can, we'll use them later. 
Now do the same thing with the guard on the left side of the gate.  Wait until 
the truck has come in to view and stalled out (stopped moving) before shooting 
him or else you'll alert the patrolling guard the walks along the right side 
of the road. 
After killing the guard standing at the gate, run up the right side of the 
road and make the patrolling guard surrender, then punch him out. 
PLATINUM:ENow, after getting those two surrender/subdues, go back to towards 
where the truck came from.  Head up on to the snow to the left after you pass 
through the building Bond starts on top of.  Crouch down as you move along the 
snowy area, there's a guard standing in the road that will see you if you are 
standing.  Take him out and then grab the 007 Icon inside the archway at the 
end of the road. 
There is some armor in the right hand tower up the ladder if you want it.  The 
left tower is locked. 
Head up towards the castle gate and take out the two guards there with the 
sniper rifle (you can use the switching to pistol trick here, too, if you 
want).  After they're dead, move up to the door and hit the action button to 
head inside. 
Exterior (simplest route) 
This is the easiest way to get into the castle, but has two distinct dis- 
advantages.  First, you miss two easy subdue/surrender bonuses, and secondly, 
you can't get 007 Icons if you are going for Platinum. 
The easiest way to get inside is to wait for the truck to come up the road 
and stall out.  When it stops moving, jump off the building you start on 
into the back of the truck.  Now crouch down and simply wait until the truck 
gets all the way up to the castle entrance and the game automatically moves 
you on to the next section.  This will earn you a Bond Move, but you can 
get them later just as easily. 
Exterior (alternate route) 
IEdo not recommend using the alternate "stealth"Eroute.  It's actually a 
little harder because of the way the guards at the "wall-hug window" move, it 
takes a LOTElonger than the normal route, and when you actually get inside, 
the first guard you see will spot you before you can kill him (so much for 
stealth).  After that, you have to negotiate the courtyard with the search- 
lights before you can disable them.  Basically, this route gets you the 
worst score for the most work.  Yes, you get a Bond Move for making it past 
the wall-hug, but it's not worth it. 
IEmay include directions on how to negotiate the alternate route in later 
revisions.  For now, IEam not going to, because this is a guide for getting 
Gold and Platinum medals, and the alternate route will NOTEhelp you do that. 
Castle Yard (assuming you took the "normal"Eroute) 
You'll start just inside the gates, with two guards talking about how they 
should be given flasks of schnapps if they're forced to work outside in 
the cold.  There's a trick you can do here to take them both out very 
quickly, but it's not exactly easy. 
Aim your cross hairs (not manual aim, just using movement) a bit to the right 
and below the right side guards head.  He'll start running that direction as 
soon as you take out his buddy, so you're basically trying to aim at where 
his head will be after he starts running. 
Use manual aiming to aim at the left hand guards head.  Now, here's the trick: 
Pull the trigger, release manual aim, and pull the trigger again.  If you 
do this fast enough and were aiming at the right spot in non-manual mode, 
you'll take out both guards with clean head shots.  If you miss the second 
guard, don't worry.  He'll start walking back towards you, but he'll be 
shooting the wall in front of him.  Wait for him to come back in to view and 
then take him out. 
Now head to the right towards where the truck is parked.  Go towards the left 
side of the truck, and crouch down as you pass the end of it.  Now circle 
wide of the truck as the guard talks to the old driver.  Don't get too close 
or the guard will see you, even crouching.  After a bit, the guard will start 
to walk down the stairs.  Stand up with your gun out and come up behind him. 
He'll surrender, then you can punch him out, and there's surrender/subdue 
bonus number 3. 
PLATINUM: Go down the stairs into the cellar and bring out the SG5 Commando. 
There are two guards down there, but you can take cover behind the pillars if 
you need to reload.  Kill them both and then get the 007 Icon on the left side 
of the cellar. 
Now head back towards the place where you took out the first two guards 
just inside the gate.  Go through the passage behind the well they were 
standing in front of (the one with the red and white banners on either side, 
not the one below the lit windows).  You should see a guard standing on the 
other side of a fountain facing away from you.  Take him out with a shot to 
the head, and Bond will make a pithy remark. 
Now shoot the guard visible in the window beyond the fountain.  Another 
guard inside will be alerted by you shooting his pal (the second guard is not 
there on the lowest difficulty level).  He'll come out the door, but you 
can take him down easily with the SG5 Commando in burst mode. 
Now head in the door the guard just came out of.  You'll find armor on the 
bed and some ammo between the bed and the table with the computer.  On the 
other side of the room you'll see some lockers and a panel on the wall to 
the left.  Open the panel, take out your watch laser gadget, and cut the 
green wire.  DOENOTEcut either of the red wires.  This will disable the 
search lights in the courtyard you'll be heading through in a bit, as well 
as earn you a Bond Move. 
Now head out the door to the right of the lockers and arm yourself with 
the sniper rifle.  There are 3 guards with rifles up top: one close to 
where you come out, one on the far side to the right, and one to the left 
on the far side.  Take them all out with the sniper rifle (pick up the close 
one's rifle if you need more ammo). 
Now you have a choice of how to get to the courtyard below.  You can head 
back down into the guard room, out the door past the fountain, and up the 
passageway to the right if you like.  The faster method is to hop up on to 
the railing, turn around, and walk backwards off of it.  As soon as you 
start to fall, push forward so you kind of slide down the wall.  There's a 
little lip on the wall right above the ground that will keep you from taking 
falling damage. 
PLATINUM:EGo through the door at the far end of the courtyard below the 
snipers.  Head up the spiral staircase and out the door.  There should be 
a guard to your right walking away from you.  You can can a surrender/subdue 
bonus from him if you missed one earlier, but if you already have 3, don't 
bother (you don't score more points for getting more than the target number). 
To the left out the door, at the end of the walkway is a 007 Icon.  To the 
right is the door you come through from the alternate route, and the guard 
you just took care of comes out of the stairwell door just in time to see you 
if you take that route (aren't you glad you came in the front door now?). 
Move up to the passage on the right side of the courtyard, but don't go 
through it.  There's a guard patrolling on the ground in there.  If he isn't 
visible, wait for him to appear coming out of the right side passage on the 
far wall.  Take him out as soon as you see him.  There's a sniper above that 
area on the far wall, but you don't need to kill him - just run through 
archway to the left and head up the stairs to the right towards the 
door with the columns on either side.  This is the entrance to the castle 
proper, and the end of this section. 
Inside the Castle 
Once you get inside, you'll be unarmed (we wouldn't want to alarm the other 
guests, would we?  Oh yeah... don't punch anyone, this will fail the 
mission).  Head down the hallways following the red carpet on the floor. 
Go through the room with all the people standing in little clumps (Kiko is 
here in a red dress looking out a window, you'll meet her later).  The door 
after that room will open as you approach and you'll see Rook come out 
dressed as a butler.  Go through the door as soon as he's out of the way and 
head to the left and up the stairs, then through the door at the top. 
You'll see a scene with Drake giving a little speech and see Dominique beside 
him.  When it's over, go back out the door you just came through, down the 
stairs, across, and then left down the hall (you'll see Rook and Kiko off 
to the left as you head down the stairs if you're fast enough, but you can't 
follow them because there are guards blocking the way).  Go through the door 
into the library where you'll meet with Dominique and CIAEAgent Zoe 
Nightshade.  After the reunion, grab the armor on the table and head out the 
door, you'll have your pistol back now. 
PLATINUM:EMake sure you grab the 007 Icon on the floor to the left of the 
door before going out. 
Go down the hall and make a U-turn to the right, following the carpet, and 
through the door.  The hall takes a little zag to the left, and beyond the 
zag are 5 armed guards.  Stop just inside the door and turn left to look at 
the bust in the alcove.  Aim at its neck: this is about head height for the 
guards you are about to fight. 
The guards here all drop Kowloon Type 40's when you take them out.  If you 
have the regular PP7, switch to the Kowloon, it's better.  If you have any 
of the pistol upgrade (Gold PP7, P2K, or Gold P2K), keep using your default 
pistol instead. 
Head through the door on the far end of the room.  There are 3 more guards at 
the top of the stairs to the left.  Take them out and proceed through 
the door at the top.  If you're using the Kowloon, switch back to your normal 
pistol and put the silencer on it, you'll want a silenced weapon in a bit. 
PLATINUM:EGet the 007 Icon in front of the fireplace down to the left inside 
the door.  DOENOTEgo through the door to the right until you get the Icon. 
Pressing action at that door (its flashing and has a diamond pattern in the 
wood) will end this section of the mission and you will not be able to get 
the 007 Icon in the room. 
Go up to the door on the right and press action to end this section of the 
Inside the Castle, part 2 
Move forward just a bit and you'll start a scene with Drake meeting Mayhew 
and the guards bringing in Zoe who's creating a distraction. 
Don't bother with the guards below you in the meeting room, they aren't 
worth killing unless you're feeling particularly cruel.  Don't jump down, but 
head to the window at the end of the walkway.  Hit the action button to open 
it and hop out. 
PLATINUM:EOut the window to the right is a 007 Icon. 
You'll find yourself in a small area overlooking a building across a small 
yard.  There's two guards and the roof and two down below.  You can use the 
manual-aim trick to take out both sets of guards very easily.  Kill the guards 
on the roof first.  These guards won't react as quickly as the two in the 
first part of the Castle Yard section, so just put your cross hairs on one 
guards head, manual aim at the others head, and then pull trigger, release 
manual aim, pull trigger.  If you do this fast enough, you'll head shot both 
before they have time to react.  Not only is this convenient, it looks cool 
and will impress your friends! 
After all 4 guards are down, go the the edge of the roof you are on.  There's 
a zip line just to the right (you'll see the "overhead" icon in the upper- 
right hand corner of the screen).  Hit jump, ride it down to the far roof,  
and earn a Bond Move.  Now grab the guns and stun grenades the guards on the 
roof dropped before hopping over the ramparts on to the slanted part 
of the roof, then down in to the yard.  You'll hear gunfire: that's Zoe in 
the gondola shooting at guards, don't worry about her, she can take care of 
Move towards the big metal doors (don't go through the doors with the windows 
in them yet).  Inside will be a pair of guards on the stairs up to your left. 
If you go forward far enough, you can lob a stun grenade up onto the stairs 
in front of you - turn around and head back towards the doors to get under 
cover and make sure you aren't looking at the grenade when it goes off, it 
will blind you for quite a while.  With or without stunning them, take 
them out.  There's a metal door up the first flight of stairs with a small 
panel next to it.  Stand off to the side of the door (not in front of it), 
open up the panel, and burn the circuit board inside to unlock and open the 
There are two guards in the room, and the easiest way to take them down 
is to throw and stun grenade inside and turn away (yes, stun grenades will 
blind you through walls if you are facing them).  Kill the two guards inside 
and grab the armor on the locker at the foot of the bed if you need it. 
Now get out your handy watch laser again and look at the safe.  There are 
two big black bars in the hinges that you'll need to heat up with the laser 
until the fall out (don't ever buy a safe with hinges on the outside, by 
the way).  Grab the AT-420 Sentinel and the attache case (which has the  
guidance chip inside) and head back down the stairs. 
Here's the fun part:  Equip the Sentinel, but switch to unguided mode. 
Go down to the door with the windows in it, open it up, back off, and launch 
a rocket into the room (killing the 3 guards inside).  Now go through that 
room, through the door into the gondola engine room, and down the first 
set of stairs to the landing.  Turn right and face down the stairs towards the 
door at the bottom.  Aim at the middle of the right side of the pair of doors, 
and launch another rocket as soon as a guard opens it.  Now wait for a second 
guard to come through the door and launch another rocket. 
Now head down the stairs and out to the loading dock.  There is sometimes 
a third guard to your left, but often Zoe kills him before you notice he's 
there.  If you have any armor left, don't grab the armor sitting on the box 
in front of the gondola - you'll pick it up right before you go inside. 
Instead, head down the stairs past the gondola and around to the right. 
There's a room down there with a few guards in it that you want to make sure 
are all dead.  If you aimed the rockets at the right side of the door in the 
engine room, most of the guards in this room will have been killed by the 
explosions (through the floor... they're very powerful rockets, ok?). 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon behind the boxes inside that room. 
As soon as you make sure they're all dead, head back up, grab the armor, and 
step into the gondola.  If you don't make sure these guards are all dead, 
they'll come out and shoot at you when you're in the gondola, and it's 
really annoying, and possibly dangerous. 
The best place to be in the gondola is crouching just to the left of the door 
up against the wall and the box there.  You'll pick up rocket ammo no matter 
where you are in the gondola, so reload the sentinel now, crouch down, and 
aim up through the hole in the ceiling (you can aim through the windows, but 
sometimes the gondola shakes when it gets hit and can cause your rockets to 
explode inside, doing a ton of damage to you).  Oh yes, make sure you put 
the Sentinel back into Guided mode. 
After the gondola moves down the wires a bit, you'll get a short scene where 
the gondola stops and the lights go out, followed by a helicopter coming 
out from behind the castle. 
Once you have control again, start shooting guided rockets at the helicopter. 
It will take a good 6 hits to destroy it on 00, but if you are crouching 
to the left of the door, you won't be taking much damage during the fight, 
and if you have full armor you should be fine.  When you get the final hit 
on the chopper, the mission is complete. 
Bond Moves: 
- Jump into the back of the truck and ride it all the way up to the gate 
- Get past the window in wall hug mode without being seen (alternate route) 
- Cut the green wire in the security panel in the guard room 
- Slide down the zip line outside the meeting room 
007 Icons: 
- At the end of the road where the truck comes from 
- In the ravine to the right of the gate house 
- In the wine cellar 
- At the end of the walkway on the castle ramparts (alt. route entrance) 
- In the library where you meet with Dominique and Zoe 
- In the room Drake gives a speech in near the fireplace 
- Outside the window from the room Drake meets with Mayhew 
- In the room below the gondola loading area 
(Yes, there are actually 8 on the level, but you only need to pick up 7). 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           2        50,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 30       50,000 
Subdued:              3        25,000 
Surrendered:          3        25,000 
Stealth Rating:       100%     25,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 9:00     25,000+ 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   Zoe Nightshade Card 
Silver:   Oddjob Multiplayer Skin 
Gold:     Pistol Upgrade 
Platinum: Baron Samedi Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 3 ]========================================================= 
========[ Alpine Escape ]===================================================== 
Format: Rail shooter 
- Escape from Drake's castle compound 
- Evade Drake's pursuing forces 
On this level, a number of the snowmobiles you'll face will not be the armored 
"military"Etype as described here if you aren't playing on 00 difficulty.  It 
is, however, impossible to earn a Platinum medal without playing on 00 and 
collecting all 3 of the 007 Icons. 
You'll start out in the garage waiting for Zoe to get the snowmobile started. 
A guard will appear on the left side of the open door in front of you first. 
Then a red guard (harder to kill) will come from the right and a guard will 
pop up from behind the front of the closer car. 
The gondola will come down now, shoot the blue circle flashing on top of it 
to earn a Bond Move and crush the guards below. 
Now a guard will pop up behind the left side of the rear car.  After that the 
left side garage door will open and two guards will run out and then a red 
guard will come from the right.  Then two guards will run from behind the big 
tank on the left of the parking lot.  Shoot the flashing blue square close 
to the front of the tank to kill the guards and earn the second Bond Move. 
A red guard will come from the left side, and then the right garage door will 
open with one normal and one red guard behind it.  Just after that the small 
door to the right of them will open with another normal guard behind it. 
About this time Zoe will start the snowmobile, finally, and you'll start to 
move out of the garage. 
Now hit the "spin" button to turn around, you'll want to be facing forward 
soon.  A building will come in to view on the right side.  Shoot the barrels 
in front of it and a box of ammo will pop out that Zoe will drive over (the 
explosion will also kill the two guards shooting at you). 
PLATINUM:EA 007 Icon will be on top of the box of ammo if you shoot the 
Now shoot the barrels at the base of the right leg of the guard tower as soon 
as you see them.  This will drop the tower on the 3 guards below it, as well 
as earn you another Bond Move. 
After the scene on the road, you'll be facing to the rear and will pick up 
some armor.  Two armored snowmobiles will come from the left and cross over 
to your right side and behind you.  Shoot at the gunners rather than the 
driver.  It takes a lot longer to chew through the armor to kill the driver, 
and as soon as you kill the exposed gunner they stop being a threat.  A third 
snowmobile will come from the rear. 
Now spin around towards the front, you're about to pass through a tunnel 
under a road.  Ignore the SUV on the road and shoot the grate covering the 
tunnel to earn a Bond Move. 
Now switch to missiles, you'll want them for the next snowmobile.  After 
going through the tunnel you'll see a small scene showing a guard on a 
snowmobile in front of you. 
PLATINUM:EKill the driver and a 007 Icon will pop up in front of you.  The 
easiest way to kill him is to hit him with a two missile shots.  Make sure 
you lead you target because the missiles have some travel time. 
Switch back to machine guns and turn to the left.  An armored snowmobile will 
come out of the forest there shortly.  As soon as you take care of it, spin 
around to face backwards.  Another armored snowmobile will come from the rear. 
Not too long after that you'll end up driving along a wall, with two guards 
shooting at you from in front.  Kill them by shooting the barrels behind them 
(it's not a Bond Move or anything, but it's easier to hit the barrels than to 
hit the guards themselves).  After you kill them or pass by them, spin back 
around to face forwards as you approach the gate. 
GOLD:EIf you are going for a Gold medal, you'll want to use the machine gun 
here.  There's a small glowing blue box on the left side of the gate: shoot 
it before the gate closes to earn another Bond Move.  If you don't hit the box 
in time, shoot the gate with a missile to blow it open. 
PLATINUM:ESwitch to missiles if you are going for Platinum.  You'll need 
to kill the two guards on top of the gate very quickly.  If you kill them 
in time, a 007 Icon will pop up in the middle of the gate.  Shoot a missile 
at the gate itself to blow it open. 
After going through the gate and veering back off the road, you'll grab some 
armor.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride until Zoe drives you through the 
restaurant.  As soon as you finish the quick scenes there will be an armored 
snowmobile right behind you (you'll be facing to the rear again, so just 
start shooting).  Turn left as soon as you've taken care of the one behind 
you as another appears there. 
When both snowmobiles are destroyed, spin towards the front.  Another armored 
snowmobile will appear along the frozen river in little ways up ahead.  The 
gunner will be firing missiles, so take him out fast.  A missile hit or two 
will take care of him quickly, but remember to lead the target due to the 
missiles travel time.  That is the last opponent, so sit back and enjoy the 
stunt sequence coming up. 
Bond Moves: 
- Shoot the flashing blue circle above the gondola to drop it on the guards 
- Shoot the flashing blue box on the gas tank when the guards from behind it 
- Shoot the barrels at the base of the guard tower 
- Shoot the grate covering the tunnel below the road 
- Shoot the flashing blue box on the left before the gate closes 
007 Icons: 
- Shoot the barrels in front of the first building after you start moving 
- Kill the guard on the snowmobile that "jousts" with you 
- Kill both guards on the wall above the gate 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           5        100,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 55       75,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     92%      50,000 
Time:                 4:08     50,000+ 
007 Bonus:            3        100,000 
Bronze:   Military Snowmobile Card 
Silver:   Assassination Multiplayer Scenario 
Gold:     Grapple Multiplayer Mode 
Platinum: Max Zorin Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 4 ]========================================================= 
========[ Enemies Vanquished ]================================================ 
Format: Driving 
- Rendezvous with Q at the extraction point 
- Avoid civilian casualties 
- Evade local police using non-lethal means 
As with Alpine Escape, many of the enemy vehicles in this mission will be 
easier to kill (sedans instead of big SUV's, generally) if you are not playing 
on 00 difficulty. 
The main weapon to use in this mission is the missiles.  If you don't fire 
them when you don't have a lock, and pick up all the ammo packs mentioned 
in the guide, you won't run out of ammo.  If you have the missile upgrade and 
are firing 4 missiles at a time, you can only miss once or you will run out 
of ammo when you get to the frozen river section, so don't shoot unless you 
see the missile lock reticles. 
Hit the gas as soon as you get control.  A pair of snowmobiles will come into 
view shortly, one from the left, one from the right.  As soon as you see the 
target reticles pop up, fire missiles at them.  A single salvo of 4 missiles 
(you got the missile upgrade for earning a Gold medal on Paris Prelude, didn't 
you?) will take them both out. 
Around a turn to the right you'll see a billboard ahead.  There's a police 
car behind it.  As soon as you pass by, the Q-Smoke gadget will become active 
and you can deploy a smoke screen to deter the "local authorities", earning 
a Bond Move. 
A white SUVEwill come on to the road from the right side in front of you.  Four 
missiles will take care of it. 
PLATINUM:EAfter the SUV there will be a turn to the right.  On the left side 
of the road just after the turn will be a small sidewalk cafe area with a 
007 Icon in it. 
After the road straightens out, you'll get locks on two enemies on foot on 
either side of a stairway in front of you.  Launch some missiles at them, and 
then go up the stairs.  You'll jump into a small square, earning a Bond Move. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon in the middle of the building you crash through 
(it's right in front of you when you land in the square). 
Make sure you get the armor in the alley after crashing through the building. 
Slow down just slightly before you get back on the road.  Two SUV's will be 
driving down it, and it's much easier to take them out if you let them get 
ahead a bit.  Four missiles a piece should take care of them nicely. 
After two small turns to the right, you'll see a small turn-out on the right 
side of the road where the road goes to the left.  Make sure you grab the 
box of missiles there, you'll need them. 
Two more SUV's will be in front of you, as well as a single guard on the side 
of the road up ahead.  Fire a salvo of missiles as soon as you see the lock 
reticle on the single guard, one will take him out and the other(s) will go 
for the SUV's.  If you timed the shot correctly, a second salvo of 4 missiles 
will take out both of the SUV's.  If not, shoot once more to take care of 
After the road sweeps around to the right, there will be another police car 
on the right side.  Hit the smokescreen as soon as you pass by to earn another 
Bond Move. 
Yet another SUV will be on the right side of the road after the police car. 
Four more missiles will take care of it. 
After you drive through the tunnel, drive down snow covered path going off the 
road to the right.  If you crash into the police barricade in front of you, 
you'll fail the mission.  There's armor in the middle of the path just ahead, 
so make sure you grab it.  Keep your foot on the gas here, if you aren't 
going fast enough up the slope just after the armor, you won't make the jump 
over the bridge and will fail the mission. 
PLATINUM: Make sure you're going fast and straight down the center of the 
path as you approach the jump on to the frozen river.  There's a 007 Icon 
in the air after the jump. 
A snowmobile will appear on the left as you are jumping down onto the river. 
Wait until you have landed before destroying it.  If you fire missiles while 
still in the air, they'll just explode on the trees that are in front of it. 
There's a missile pack on in the middle of the river just ahead, make sure 
you grab it. 
PLATINUM:ETake the left fork up ahead, there's a 007 Icon in the middle of it. 
Another snowmobile will appear on the right side, wait for a clean shot and 
take it out with missiles.  There will be another snowmobile on the right 
side before too long, take it out as soon as you see it. 
Up ahead will be a bridge over the frozen river, as soon as you see missile 
lock reticles on it, fire a salvo.  When it explodes a box of missiles will 
fall down to the river for you to grab. 
Just after the bridge there will be a snowmobile on the left side of the 
river, take it out with missiles as soon as you see it. 
After the snowmobile there's a small jump down.  If you are just a tad to the 
right side of center, there's a box of missiles you'll pick up when you land. 
Keep driving forwards and you'll go off a big jump down on to a frozen lake. 
You'll fight 3 helicopters and 4 snowmobiles on the lake.  There are missile 
packs scattered around, and armor behind where you start.  The best tactic for 
taking out the snowmobiles and helicopters is using the emergency brake to 
spin around.  It's very difficult to get a shot on a target behind you 
without using the e-brake to perform a "bootlegger reverse".  Just turn hard 
and hold the e-brake button down and you'll spin around neatly. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon on the lake near the island on the left (you'll 
see it as you jump down). 
As soon as all the enemies on the lake are destroyed the mission is over. 
Bond Moves: 
- Use Q-Smoke after you pass the first police car 
- Go up the stairs and jump into the village square 
- Use Q-smoke on the second police car after you pass by 
007 Icons: 
- In the cafe area on the left side of the road 
- In the middle of the building you crash through after jumping into the square 
- After the bridge jump scene, in the air after the jump off onto the river 
- In the middle of the left hand fork in the frozen river 
- On the frozen lake, near the island on the left 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           3        100,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 41       75,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 3:10     50,000+ 
007 Bonus:            5        100,000 
Bronze:   Vanquish Card 
Silver:   Scaramanga Multiplayer Skin 
Gold:     Camera Upgrade 
Platinum: May Day Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 5 ]========================================================= 
========[ Double Cross ]====================================================== 
Format: FPS 
- Escort Mayhew to bunker 
- Destroy Mayhew's computer 
- Rescue geisha girls 
- Find door to servants quarters 
- Retrieve Dragon Safe contents 
- Rescue Mayhew's servants 
- Find the door leading to Mayhew 
- Defeat the assassin 
Escorting Mayhew 
You'll start in a room with Mayhew with 3 yakuza rushing in to shoot at you 
(or Mayhew, if they get bored shooting at you).  Kill them as fast as 
possible.  If you have the Gold PP7 from getting a Gold medal on The 
Exchange, it should only take 3 hits to the body (or one to the head) to drop 
Mayhew will run over to the entrance to the next building after the room is 
clear.  There's 2 boxes of ammo for your pistol on the table in the starting 
room, make sure you grab them. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon in the little courtyard just outside the room 
you start in.  It's on the walkway in the far right corner. 
Follow Mayhew to the entrance to the next building, but don't go to the right 
yet.  Go the the left and stand in the corner up against the door.  Now turn 
around and look at the Japanese characters on the wall hanging.  The one on 
the far right has a part that looks kind of like a circle with an X in the 
middle.  Aim at the center of the X.  This will be head height on the 2 yakuza 
you're about to fight. 
Now go into the security room through the door you just opened (you can back 
in if you know where the armor is, to make it easier to maintain your aim 
elevation).  As soon as you grab the armor in the area on the far side from 
the door, two yakuza will spawn outside and come in to shoot at you (one 
usually stays in the hall outside, actually). 
As soon as they are dead, go to the other door in the hallway.  You'll see 
a scene of a few yakuza preparing an ambush for you.  Don't open the door just 
yet, however. 
Go stand in the left corner up against the door.  Now turn around and look at 
the wall hanging (it's a copy of the one near the security door).  Jump once 
to reset your height (yes, this can make a difference) - if you are standing 
in the right place and not touching the movement stick, your jump should seem 
cut off at the top, like you hit your head on something.  Now aim at the 
character on the right, but this time, aim at the top of the circle with the 
little X in it.  This should be about the same height as the head of the red 
trench coat yakuza in the room with the shotgun.  You'll want to kill him with 
a head shot if you can - it takes as many as 6 shots to the body with the 
Gold PP7 to kill the red yakuza on 00 difficulty. 
There will be another yakuza in the room (sometimes he's behind the wall to 
the right) with a shotgun, and a third with a pistol.  If they're behind the 
wall and don't pop out to shoot at you, go into the room slowly until you 
can see them and take them out. 
There will be another red yakuza on the far side of the room with a shotgun 
that you'll want to kill as quickly as possible.  Along with him, there will 
be a total of 6 or 7 yakuza in the room, including some that will come in 
from the hall.  Occasionally one of them will be a red trench coat wearer (the 
actual spawns are somewhat random, so the number and weapon layouts will 
vary slightly each time you play the mission).  Don't worry too much about 
taking a little damage, there's armor in the next hallway. 
As soon as the room is clear and no one else is coming in from the hall 
beyond, go back and collect all the weapons (especially the stun grenades!) 
on the floor.  Grab the armor to the left just outside the door and head 
down the hall.  Stop just before you get to the corner, though. 
Four yakuza will come around the corner, one after the other.  One of the later 
ones will be red.  If you can get aimed at the first one's head, the others 
will conveniently pop around the corner and stick their heads in your cross 
hairs (though you make have to strafe right or left a tad for some of them). 
After those four are dealt with, proceed cautiously around the corner.  There 
is a yakuza with a Storm M32 on a walkway above where you come in to the 
trophy room.  Turn around and look up and back slowly into the room until you 
can see his head, then shoot it.  He may shoot at you, but he'll tend to hit 
the railing or the floor unless you go too far into the room. 
PLATINUM:EGo across the room to the left, then turn right up the stairs and 
go around to where the yakuza on the walkway was and grab the 007 Icon 
Now follow Mayhew through the secret door and down to the security bunker. 
Rescuing Geisha 
When you're done listening to Mayhew's list of requests, grab the armor on the 
table if you need it, then grab the box of stun grenades in the corner at the 
foot of the bed.  Now hop up on to the bed and open the grate covering the 
ventilation shaft.  Hop inside and head up the ladder. 
When you get up top, don't move forward at all.  Turn to your left and make 
the red yakuza next to the rock surrender, then subdue him.  Now make sure 
you have a silencer on your pistol and head to the left of the tool shed the 
yakuza was looking at.  Crouch down as you go past the shed so the other 
yakuza don't see you. 
There's a guard that patrols along the left shore of the big pond, take him 
down with a silenced round to the head to avoid alerting any of the other 
yakuza in the area. 
Now turn to the right and head for the small bridge and the yakuza standing 
on top of it.  There is another yakuza patrolling the walkway on the buildings 
in front of you.  Keep crouching all the way up to the water, and make sure 
he's not looking in your direction when you enter the pond.  You'll auto- 
matically stand up when you go into the water, and if he's looking in your 
direction sometimes he'll spot you. 
Go under the bridge and then aim up through the slats and take out the yakuza 
on top with a shot to the head.  Stay under the bridge until he dies to earn 
a Bond Move. 
Now head out and take down the guard patrolling the buildings, who may be 
alerted by the death of his pal on the bridge.  Turn left back towards the 
pond and go down the side of the building.  The last yakuza in this yard is 
patrolling out by a gazebo with a big gong in it.  Take him down when you get 
a good shot.  You can duck into a small passage under the building in the 
water to keep him from seeing you if he's headed your way. 
PLATINUM:EGrab the 007 Icon in the back of the the gong house. 
Now go under the gazebo in the water where you'll find a ladder up to a small 
cache of weapons with a sniper rifle and pistol in it.  Head back out and 
go into the underwater passage under the building nearest the gong house. 
Get your Shaver stun-grenade gadget ready, you're going to use in inside the 
bath house. 
On the left side will be a ladder leading up into the bathhouse, go up and 
turn left once you're in the room.  There's a red yakuza threatening a geisha 
and one normal yakuza on either side of him.  Drop the Shaver grenade between 
the two bathtubs in the floor and step forward a bit so you aren't blinded 
by it.  Set it off and then take down the yakuza.  Depending on where you 
placed the grenade, it may not have stunned all 3 of them, so you may have 
to take one or two down quickly.  Make sure you don't hit the geisha during 
the fire fight.  Once all 3 are dead, you should get a Bond Move. 
Don't pick up the armor in the bath house unless you really need it, we'll 
come back to get it after a more dangerous part of this area. 
Now head out of the bath house through the regular entrance and take the hall 
to the left which will lead you to the second yard.  There's a guard on a 
walkway on the far side that will see you when you are just about to get out 
into the yard.  He's silhouetted nicely against the back lit paper windows. 
Stop moving when he sees you and wait for him to come around and pop out from 
behind the building again, then take him down. 
Now take out the sniper rifle you got from the gong house cache and make sure 
you pre-zoom it all the way out.  There's a sniper in a building across the 
yard to the left.  Take him out with the rifle as soon as you see him. 
Now move down the walkway along the building to your right.  Two yakuza will 
be coming towards you across a couple of bridges to your left, but they're 
easy prey for your sniper rifle. 
PLATINUM:EGrab the 007 Icon at the end of the walkway leading off to the right 
out of the bath-house. 
If you're running low on sniper ammo, grab the rifle sniper dropped.  It isn't 
always there for some reason, and sometimes it is under the house where you 
can't pick it up, so hopefully you haven't missed much with the rifle, we'll 
still need it for a few more key shots. 
Head around the building that the sniper was standing on.  There's another 
yakuza in the yard on the far side of it, though sometimes he comes out to 
where the sniper was standing to shoot at you.  Take him down with your 
weapon of choice, but make sure you don't use the last of your rifle ammo. 
There's a string of lamps on a wire coming out from the building that you 
can shoot out, and the hand-over-hand into the building to earn a Bond Move, 
but you don't need to do this.  The center lamp fixture will spark from time 
to time, which will hurt you, ignoring armor, and this is annoying. 
If you decide not to do that, take out your Storm M32, make sure it's on Auto 
and fully loaded, and head up into the house through the door on the far side 
from the bath house.  There's a door to your left that will open up to a 
hallway with 3 yakuza in it (they aren't there if you came in via the lamp- 
wire).  Just start firing with the Storm and charging down the hallway.  If 
you're aiming somewhere close to head height, you should kill them all before 
the clip runs out and not take too much damage, even from the guy with the 
Turn around and go back out of the hallway, then turn to your right.  You 
should see Mayhew's computer on a desk in the main part of the building.  Put 
a bullet into any part of it to blow it up, completing that objective.  (Just 
don't ask how shooting a computer erases all data on it's hard drive, please). 
If the guards in the hall shot you much you can head back to the bath house 
to grab the armor inside now. 
Take out your sniper rifle and head down the hall from the building with 
Mayhew's Computer.  If you haven't gotten 2 Bond Moves already, you can get 
another here.  Head across the dining room at the end of the hall and go into 
the hallway on the other side and turn left.  Shoot the yakuza you see through 
the window with the sniper rifle (no other weapon will penetrate the glass). 
If you're standing at the far end of the hall when he dies, you'll get a Bond 
Now move out into the dining room and take care of the other two yakuza in the 
kitchen, one of which will be a red trench-coat wearer with a shotgun. 
PLATINUM:EGrab the 007 Icon behind the paper screen in the dining room. 
The door to the servants quarters (the exit for this part of the mission) is 
a sliding paper door in the hallway you shot the yakuza through the window 
from.  It'll be flashing when your cross hairs are on top of it if you've 
completed all the objectives in this area.  Hit the action button to move on 
to the next section of the mission. 
Rescuing Servants and Feeding the Dragon 
Head across the courtyard through the open doorway on the left.  Turn once 
inside and you should see a yakuza with his back to you standing in Mayhew's 
dressing room.  Sneak up behind him with a weapon out, then punch him after 
he surrenders for surrender/subdue bonuses. 
Now turn around and head into the den.  You'll see the Dragon you're supposed 
to "feed" on the left, but ignore it for now (activating it and getting the 
safe contents spawns two yakuza, and the gun fight will alert the ones in  
the library, which we don't want to be alert just yet). 
Head across the den into Mayhew's bedroom.  There's another yakuza in the 
bedroom facing away from you, begging to become another surrender/subdue bonus. 
He's kind of hard to see in the shadows, but stay on the right side of the 
room and he won't see you. 
There's a painting on the wall across from Mayhew's bed that is hanging a 
little crooked.  Go up to it and press the action button to open a secret 
door to the left of it (you can see the door if you put on the infrared 
glasses by hitting select a couple times - they're the one's with the blue 
tint to them). 
Go through the secret passage and open the door at the end.  You'll see a red 
yakuza threatening one of Mayhew's servants.  Take him out with a shot to 
the head, but don't get to close behind him or he'll notice you.  You'll get 
a Bond Move when he dies for saving the servant by using the secret 
passage.  There are two more guards in the library on the ground floor, and 
another two above. 
Toss a stun grenade into the room and turn around until you hear it go off. 
This should stun at least a couple of the yakuza in the library.  Take them 
out with single shots, and then dispatch any that the grenade didn't stun, 
being careful not to shoot the servant (she should be cowering under the 
stairs, so this shouldn't be a problem).  One of the yakuza on the second 
floor it outside on the balcony.  He'll usually stay outside, so you only 
have to worry about the one's inside, and can take him down when you're done 
with them. 
Head back to the den where the Dragon Safe is, activate it by hitting the 
action button when you're standing in front of it.  Have a stun grenade 
ready, because two yakuza will spawn in the hallway outside the den as soon 
as you grab the contents of the safe.  Toss the stun grenade back towards the 
dressing room, but not INTOEthe dressing room (it won't stun the yakuza if 
you throw it all the way into the dressing room).  Turn away and head into 
the bedroom and duck behind the wall to the left (if the stun grenade doesn't 
get both yakuza, this is good cover to fight them from). 
Once those two are taken care of, go back to the library and up to the second 
story, getting out your sniper rifle in the process.  There's a sniper on the 
roof of the building across the courtyard to the left that will shoot at you 
when you get close to the balcony.  Take him down with a shot from your own 
rifle and grab the armor on the table to the left of the balcony doorway if 
you need to. 
Go out onto the balcony and hop over the railing onto the overhang.  There's 
a small beam to the left that connects two sections of the roof you can cross 
over if you're careful and walk slowly. 
PLATINUM:EGrab the 007 Icon on the ledge to the left after walking over the 
Now head towards the skylight near where the sniper was standing.  You'll hear 
a yakuza and a whimpering servant in the building.  Go up to the skylight and 
look down:Eyou should see a red yakuza pointing a gun at a servant.  Take 
him out before he shoots her to earn another Bond Move. 
When the red yakuza is dead, toss a stun grenade through the skylight.  A 
second yakuza with a shotgun is down below, but you can't see him until you 
jump down into the room.  A stun grenade is an easy way to prevent him from 
getting a shot on you, just make sure you turn away so you don't get blinded. 
Jump down and toss another stun grenade into the room on the left.  A yakuza 
will be coming out of a door in there as you jump down.  He's armed with a 
Raptor Magnum, so incapacitating him before he starts shooting at you is a 
good way to avoid taking a lot of damage. 
Go through the small dining room in the servants quarters towards the back 
room.  As soon as you see (or hear)Ea servant come out of a door on the right, 
toss another stun grenade into the room.  There's another yakuza that will 
come out of the room the servant came from, also armed with a magnum. 
PLATINUM: There's a 007 Icon in the storage room, which is the door opposite 
where the yakuza and servant just came from. 
Now head back out into the courtyard between the library and the servants 
quarters.  On the far end of the yard from the library is a door, behind 
which you'll find 3 yakuza.  Don't open the door!  Toss a stun grenade 
through the open window above the door and turn around.  The yakuza inside 
should be alerted by the grenade just in time to get stunned by it.  Go 
inside and finish them off. 
If you aren't at full armor, go up the ladder in that room and walk across 
the beams.  There's armor on top of a shelf right next to the window you 
threw the grenade through - you'll need it for the next section. 
The level exit is a wood door to the right from where you came into the room. 
Ninja Fighting 101 
The Ninja you fight at the end of Double Cross is a nasty fellow.  He's armed 
with a Deutch DK9, Stun Grenades, and a Katana.  He takes a lot of damage to 
kill, and is deadly up close (a hit from his sword will take off all your 
armor and then some on 00 difficulty). 
Up close, he'll be using his sword a lot.  At medium ranges, he'll mostly 
be shooting his DK9 (and not missing much, either).  If you get to longer 
ranges, he'll start lobbing stun grenades a lot, which can be very dangerous 
if you are blinded by them. 
The best tactic to fight him with depends entirely on what weapons you have. 
If you have all the pistol upgrades and are equipped with the Gold P2K, I 
would suggest using it.  Just keep pumping rounds into him until he drops. 
The 18 round clip makes this pretty easy to do.  Aim for the head if you can, 
as it will take a lot fewer shots to kill him that way. 
If you don't have the Gold P2K, I would use either the Frinesi Auto 12 shotgun 
or the Sniper Rifle.  If you're good at taking snap-shots with the rifle, 
it only takes a few hits to kill him. 
If you're using the shotgun, put it on Auto instead of Pump, you'll want the 
faster rate of fire.  Get up close and keep shooting him in the face.  If 
you are close enough, you'll see him bring his right hand up towards the 
hilt of his sword, which is strapped to his back.  When you see him do that, 
MOVE AWAY!  If he manages to hit you with the Katana, you'll be in a lot of 
If you do get blinded by a stun grenade, the best tactic is to keep running 
and jumping, slowly turning in a circle.  You'll be taking some damage as 
he shoots you, but he shouldn't be able to slice you to pieces this way.  And, 
in case you were wondering, no, he cannot be stunned by your own grenades. 
There is armor over by the gate leading out of the driveway if you need it. 
There are also some Storm M32's scattered around the area, presumably to give 
you a supply of ammo if you need it... but the only guns you might have that 
use 9mm ammo in this mission are the Storm and the P2K.  If you are using the 
P2K, you won't need more than the 64 rounds you can carry for it to kill the 
Ninja (unless you are missing a LOT).  If you are using the Storm... you... 
shouldn't be.  It just doesn't do enough damage to be truly effective against 
the ninja. 
He's not an easy boss on 00 difficulty, so it may take a few tries to kill 
him.  If you're having a lot of trouble with him, try killing him a few times 
on a lower difficulty to get a better feel for how he moves and shoots, then 
try again on 00. 
Bond Moves: 
- Kill the guard on the bridge from under the bridge 
- Use the underwater entrance to the bath house to rescue the geisha inside 
- Shoot the lamps on the wire and brachiate into the computer building 
- Shoot the yakuza threatening the geisha in the kitchen through the glass 
- Rescue the servant in the library using the secret entrance 
- Shoot the yakuza threatening the hostage in the servants quarters through 
  the skylight 
007 Icons: 
- In the far right corner of the courtyard just outside the starting room 
- On the walkway above the trophy room 
- In the gong house across the pond from the tool shed 
- On the walkway past the bath house in the far corner to the right 
- Behind the screen in the dining room 
- On a ledge outside the second floor of the library 
- In a storage room in the servants quarters 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           2        50,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 45       50,000 
Subdued:              3        25,000 
Surrendered:          3        25,000 
Stealth Rating:       100%     25,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 8:00     25,000+ 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   Mayhew Card 
Silver:   Uplink Multiplayer Scenario 
Gold:     Sniper Rifle Upgrade 
Platinum: Xenia Onatopp Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 6 ]========================================================= 
========[ Night Shift ]======================================================= 
Format: FPS 
- Don't let the security guards raise the alarm 
- Get to the lobby and activate the main elevator system 
- Install the Q-Worm on office computer systems 
- Find the security center and unlock exterior door 
- Find door to outer balcony 
- Install Q-Worm on Mayhew's computer system 
- Locate the Secure Terminal Room 
- Retrieve the Nightfire files from the Secure Terminal 
- Escape to the roof 
- Acquire parachute from helicopter then jump off tower roof 
Parking Garage and Lobby 
Ok, first things first.  Put away the Korsakov K5 Dart Gun.  Never use it. 
Ever.  IEmean that.  Just use your fists to punch out the guards instead. 
The dart gun is annoying to shoot with because of the travel time, and guards 
you hit with it are only knocked out for a short time, after which they will 
most likely go and set off the alarms.  Your fists, on the other hand, knock 
guards out indefinitely (they disappear), have unlimited ammo, and don't hurt 
you accuracy rating when you "miss"Ewith them. 
PLATINUM: Punch out the guard walking in front of you when you start the 
mission.  Now go and grab the 007 Icon in a little alcove on the right side 
of the garage area in in front of where you start out. 
Turn around and go through the door behind you (it will be hidden by the 
pillar you start right in front of.  There's a guard patrolling the stairs 
in there, just run up and punch him once to take care of him.  Head up the 
stairs and out the door into the lobby. 
There's another guard patrolling the lobby right in front of you, either to 
the left or right depending on how long you took to get there.  Run up and 
punch him out as well. 
PLATINUM:EHead out to the left towards the front doors of the building.  There 
are two guards in the reception area you'll need to punch, one patrolling the 
area, the other behind the front desk.  When they're out of the way, grab the 
007 Icon near the doors. 
There's a security room behind a big green glass window, head into the alcove 
to the left of the window and go through the door.  There's a guard that 
patrols from the lobby and into the security room that you'll need to punch 
Once inside the room, grab the armor next to computers on the far side of the 
room from the door.  Now step up to both computers that have a picture on 
them and press action (the little red box in the upper left of the screen 
should turn green).  One activates the elevators, the other turns off all 
laser trip switches on the next floor. 
Head back out into the lobby, turn left, and go into the elevator with the 
doors open.  Sometimes you'll need to hit the action button once in the 
elevator to end this section of the mission. 
Office Floor 
Turn right out of the elevator and head out on to the office floor. 
PLATINUM:ETurn left out of the elevator room, then turn left and go to the 
end of the sky-bridge (the hall with windows on both sides) and grab the 007 
Icon there.  If you do this, there's a guard patrolling around the hall 
straight out from the elevator room and through room 70A that you may need 
to punch out. 
Go straight out of the elevator room and turn right down the first hallway. 
Go through the second door on the left (70C). 
PLATINUM:EThe last cubicle on the left has a 007 Icon in one corner. 
There is a guard that patrols through rooms 70C, D, and E.  Sometimes he just 
stands in the middle of 70D, other times he'll be walking around.  As soon 
as you see him, you'll need to punch him out. 
Go through the door to 70D, the across the room and through the door to 
room 70E. 
Go left around the cubicle/desks, you'll see a red/orange glow on the wall 
coming from a red computer screen.  Whip out the Q-Worm gadget and install 
the worm on the computer to the right of the screen (it's a little box next 
to the keyboard).  Just put your cross hairs and the box and hit action with 
the Q-Worm to install it. 
Now continue left around the desk/cubicle things, go left through the 
partition and out the door next to the water cooler.  Go straight across the 
hall and through the door there (it has a little picture of what looks kind 
of like boxes on shelves or something). 
In the left corner of the ceiling is a ventilation duct.  Jump up and hit 
action to open the grate, then take out the grapple and aim at the green 
target on the ceiling of the duct.  You'll need to press forward and duck 
when you release the grapple, or else you'll fall back down into the 
storage room.  Follow the duct around to the left.  Press action to open 
the grate on the floor of the duct and hop down into the security room, 
earning a Bond Move. 
On the desk to your right there will a bank of TVEscreens.  Two of them 
have keyboards in front and pictures on them like the two in the security 
room in the lobby.  Activate both of them, one to unlock the exterior door, 
the other to turn off the laser trips on the executive floor. 
No get out the decryptor gadget.  Turning left from the bank of TV's you'll 
see a door.  There's a keypad next to the door with a red flashing light 
on the right side (meaning it's locked).  Put your cross hairs on the keypad 
and hold down the trigger on the decryptor until all 4 digits of the code are 
found and the door unlocks (the light on the keypad turns green). 
Head out the door and follow the wall to the right.  There's a camera mounted 
on the right wall with a red cone of light coming out of it you need to watch 
out for.  Don't get hit by the red cone or you'll hear some beeping and then 
a machine gun turret will activate.  It sweeps from side to side and is fairly 
easy to avoid.  You can also walk directly under it without being detected 
as long as the beams don't hit as you pass under. 
PLATINUM:ENegotiate the camera beam and head down the hall, following the 
right wall to get the 007 Icon at the very end of the hallway. 
In front of the camera is a little alcove, the door on the right is the 
access to the building exterior and the exit to this section of the mission. 
Executive Floor and Rooftop 
Follow the wall to the right all the way to the end of the ledge.  There's 
an exterior elevator that goes up and down, you'll need to jump on top of 
it.  If you run forward as soon as the game finishes loading and skip the 
scene with Dominique in the helicopter as soon as it starts, you can make it 
to the elevator before it goes up to the executive floor the first time (this 
will save you about 30 seconds).  If you miss the elevator, it will come back 
down eventually.  Optionally, you can jump off the building and hit Replay 
when the menu comes up after seeing Bond fall to his death.  Replay will start 
the section of the mission over, hitting Restart from the pause menu will 
start the WHOLE mission over again. 
Ride the elevator up and hit the action button to open the grate covering 
the ventilation duct.  Head down the duct, and press action again to open 
the grate in the floor at the end, dropping you down into a storage room. 
Outside the storage room is a small room that looks like some kind of 
employee lounge. 
PLATINUM: Go through the door on the right into the board room (the room with 
the long table in it), there's a 007 Icon at the end of the table. 
Head out of the lounge through the door on the opposite side from the storage 
room.  There's a security camera just outside the door to the left.  Go out to 
the left past the camera, and through the elevator lobby area.  Go through the 
door on the left at the far end (the one on the right is the roof access door 
you'll go through later).  There's another camera you'll have to avoid here. 
Through the door you'll find a small room with a secretary's desk and another 
keypad locked door.  Break out the decryptor and unlock the door (which leads 
to Mayhew's office). 
On the desk in Mayhew's office will be another red-screened computer you'll 
need to install the Q-Worm on to.  Don't forget to grab the AT-600 Scorpion 
on the desk (apparently Mayhew was really, really paranoid). 
Now head out of Mayhew's office, through the secretary's office, and out to 
the left (make sure you avoid the camera beam).  Follow the hall to the left 
and turn left at the intersection to face a huge metal door.  On the wall to 
the right of the door is a card slot with a red light on it.  Press the action 
button on the slot to insert the key card you got from Mayhew's safe in 
Double Cross and open the door. 
Inside is a big round room with water around the edges and two not-yet-active 
machine gun turrets on the far side.  The terminal to the secure mainframe 
will come spinning up out of the floor in the middle of the room.  If you 
turned off all the laser trip switches on the executive floor from the office 
floor, this room is really simple.  You'll get a Bond Move just for stepping 
up to the secure terminal. 
If, however, you didn't deactivate the lasers, you'll need to put on your 
infrared glasses (hit select to change vision modes, the one with the blue 
tint is infrared).  You'll see a whole bunch of laser trip wires you'll have 
to avoid to get to the terminal. 
Take out your pistol and get ready to run.  As soon as you access the terminal 
by hitting the action button, the two turrets in the room will become active 
and two guards will spawn on the executive floor out by the elevator.  Hit 
the terminal, then run out of the room and duck down the hall to either side 
to avoid being shot at by the turrets. 
Head out towards the elevator area where you'll find two guards.  You can run 
straight to the roof access door and avoid them, but you won't get full points 
for opponents dispatched if you don't kill them.  If you get hit, there's 
armor in the board room (the other door in the employee lounge outside the 
storage room you came in through). 
Get out the AT-600 Scorpion and make sure it's in Heat seeking mode before 
you head through the door to the roof (it has a little green and white picture 
of a man running and an arrow next to it).  You'll see a short scene with 
Dominique before ending up on the roof. 
There are six guards on the roof, all armed with SG5 Commando's.  They're 
pretty easy to take out with the Scorpion, because the heat seeking missiles 
will tend to go after the guards rather than the helicopter.  You can 
get a Bond Move for shooting down the flying helicopter, but it's pretty 
tough to do (IEusually have to use unguided missiles just so they don't go 
after the guards). 
Be careful when you launch missiles at the guards, though.  If they are in 
the middle of a burst of gunfire, very often they'll hit the missile you 
just launched, causing it to explode in your face and do a lot of damage. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon in the far left corner of the roof.  You'll 
pretty much need to kill all the guards before you can go grab it safely. 
Once the guards are taken care of, go to the helicopter sitting on the pad. 
There's a parachute inside it, which you'll need to get off the roof.  Once 
you have it, just jump off the building and the mission is over. 
Bond Moves: 
- Enter office floor security room via ventilation duct 
- Gain access to Secure Terminal 
- Shoot down helicopter on the roof 
007 Icons: 
- In the garage area in front where Bond starts on the right side 
- In the lobby near the front door 
- At the end of the hallway to the left out of the elevator room 
- In the last cubicle on the left in room 70C 
- At the end of the hallway near the roof access door 
- In the board room on the executive floor 
- On the roof in the far left corner 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           2        50,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 8        50,000 
Subdued:              0        0 
Surrendered:          0        0 
Stealth Rating:       100%     50,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 4:30     50,000+ 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   Kiko Card 
Silver:   Team King of the Hill Multiplayer Scenario 
Gold:     Pistol Upgrade 
Platinum: Christmas Jones Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 7 ]========================================================= 
========[ Chain Reaction ]==================================================== 
Format: FPS 
- Investigate building ST-1 
- Photograph the Jetpack Prototype 
- Advance through Warehouse TR-2 
- Investigate building ST-3 
- Photograph the Laser Prototype 
- Destroy door C5 with mounted laser on catwalk 
Building ST-1 and the first yard 
You'll start out on the roof of building ST-1 with the sniper rifle out.  You 
can snipe at the guards around the buildings in front of you, but there is 
really no point.  They'll all be re-spawned when you come back out, and you 
really don't need to kill them to rack up kills to get a full bonus for 
opponents dispatched. 
Pull out the laser gadget and turn around.  In the back of the building is 
a grate over a ventilation shaft with 4 metal clasps holding it in place. 
Burn off all four clasps, then hop down the shaft to earn a Bond Move. 
The guards inside ST-1 are placed somewhat randomly.  There will usually be 
one guard patrolling the catwalk in front of you, sometimes two.  There can 
also be a guard standing behind the boxes to the left.  Before you start 
shooting, see where the guards up top are.  If the patrolling guards are both 
on the catwalk near the barrel in the middle, you can shoot it a few times 
and take out both of them.  If there's a guard on the left, you can drop him 
with a shot to the head or a few shots to the body from your pistol if you 
have the P2K (if you've been getting golds on all the previous missions, 
you'll have the normal P2K now). 
When the guards up top are taken care of, duck down behind the boxes and take 
out the sniper rifle.  There will be several guards below, some may be 
patrolling along the walkways on towards the far end of the building.  If you 
take cover behind the boxes and be patient, you should be able to take any 
guards in positions to shoot at you with some careful sniping. 
There will be at least two, sometimes 3 guards on the platform directly under 
the area with the boxes you dropped down into.  Three shots from the P2K (or 
one to the head) will take them all down.  You can use the sniper rifle, but 
they'll be close enough to hit you with their pistols fairly often, so unless 
you are really good making snap shots with the rifle, I'd stick with the 
pistol to take them down as fast as possible. 
Once the guards below are out of the way, go down the stairs to the level 
with the Jetpack Prototype on it.  Grab the armor on the boxes near the 
bottom of the stairs, and then take out the micro-camera gadget to take a 
photo of the jetpack.  Use manual aim, make sure the entire jetpack is within 
the frame, and pull the trigger to take the picture and complete the 
PLATINUM: Grab the 007 Icon on top of the forklift on the ground level. 
Exit the building through the tunnel leading out (it will be on your left if 
you are on the ground level and looking towards the platform with the jetpack 
on it.  You'll want your sniper rifle ready when you get outside. 
Like the spawns inside, the snipers outside are placed somewhat randomly. 
There are only 2 that are always present.  You will usually have warning when 
one of them sees you (they'll call out that they've spotted you on the radio). 
When you hear them say they've seen you, duck back behind whatever cover you 
just emerged from and proceed with caution. 
One of the spawns that always seems to be there is in the hanger.  As you come 
out of the tunnel, turn to the left until you are facing down the alley 
between building ST-1 and the wall next to it.  Sometimes there is a sniper 
on a platform attached to building TR-2 or on the round tower visible.  If 
you hear them say they've spotted you, duck back behind ST-1 and take out your 
camera.  If you got the upgrade from earning a Gold on Enemies Vanquished, 
the you'll see little green reticles around each sniper, even if you are 
looking through buildings and walls. 
If there are any snipers that see you from the alley, take them out.  Now back 
all the way into the corner of the wall nearest the doorway that you came out 
of ST-1 from.  If you look towards the green hanger building (just visible over 
the top of the wall to your right), and zoom in, looking just above the 
concrete wall, and just inside the left wall of the hanger, you'll see the arm 
of a sniper.  Any hit from the sniper rifle, regardless of location, will kill 
the enemy snipers, so you can shoot this one in the arm and take him out. 
Now head to your left down the alley in back of building ST-1.  When you get 
to the far side of the building, there will be a sniper in the alley to your 
right.  This is the other sniper that is always present.  Sometimes there is 
a sniper, and very rarely, two, on the green tower you can see at the end of 
the tower.  Use ST-1 as cover and take out the camera to help locate them if 
you have trouble spotting them (if they are there). 
There's a round concrete that you'll see the top of when you get to where the 
sniper in the alley was standing.  There's a walkway around it about 1/4 of 
the way down.  There is usually a sniper or two standing on that walkway on 
the left side of the tower.  If you don't see them, take out the camera again 
and check to see if they're moving around to get a shot on you.  At least one 
of the spawn patterns only has a single sniper on the walkway, and he will 
stay on the far side of the tower until you move around far enough to shoot 
at him.  If there are any snipers visible on the tower, or moving to where 
you can see them, take them out and then head down the alley. 
When you get close to the end, you'll see where the alley turns to the right 
before opening up into the main yard.  There is a forklift parked just outside 
the mouth of the ally you'll see as soon as you can see the end of the alley 
wall.  There is usually a sniper standing on top of the forklift, sometimes 2. 
There is almost always a sniper standing behind it, as well.  Sometimes a 
sniper will be present near some barrels to the right of the forklift, as well. 
Once the snipers in the yard near the forklift and/or barrels are all dead, 
you can head out into the yard.  If there was a sniper on the back side of 
the round concrete tower, move around the the left to take him down.  There 
can also be snipers on the green towers behind it, though usually they will 
have moved into position to shoot at you when you were still in the alley. 
Take out your camera and look towards the hanger building.  There will almost 
always be a sniper, sometimes as many as 3 or 4, on the catwalks inside.  Just 
locate them with the camera and proceed with caution until they are taken 
care of. 
If you get hit and need armor (one shot from a sniper will take off almost 
all of your armor on 00), there's a pit between building ST-1 and the hanger 
that has armor in it and some APErounds for the rifle on top of it. 
On the building next to the hanger, on the far side from ST-1, is a broken 
staircase with a grapple point above it.  You can get some more APEammo for 
the rifle and earn a Bond Move by grappling up to the top of the stairs from 
the moving forklift.  You don't need to do this, however, unless you are 
running low on ammo, as both normal and APErounds are both one hit kills. 
Go back to the forklift parked near the concrete tower, climb up on top of it 
and grapple up to the walkway on the tower (you can also climb up the ladder 
on the side of the tower, but it takes a lot longer).  Now go around to the 
left until you reach a wire you can hand-over-hand across to one of the 
green towers. 
Head around towards the other green tower.  There's another wire leading 
across to the next tower, but you can ignore it and just run to where the 
towers come together and jump across to the other walkway.  Now continue 
around until you get to the end of the walkway.  There's a wire leading 
across to building TR-2, but don't go across just yet. 
This next section is optional, unless you are going for Platinum, but getting 
the Delta Repeater and Phoenix Ronin will make the second part of the mission 
a little easier.  If you don't want to bother getting them and aren't going 
for a Platinum medal, just skip ahead to the section marked "Building TR-2". 
If you stand on the very end of the walkway and look up, there's a vent pipe 
coming out of the top of TR-2 with a grapple point on it.  Grapple up, and 
the head across the roof towards the hanger.  On the side of TR-2 you'll find 
a zip line that will take you to the right side catwalk of the hanger.  On 
the catwalk you'll find a Delta Repeater and some armor. 
PLATINUM:EGrab the 007 Icon at the end of the catwalk, as well. 
Now jump down on to the building inside the hanger.  In the middle there's a 
fan propped up vertically with a grate in the roof of the building next to 
it.  Laser the clasp holding the grate in place (it's on the far side of the 
grate from the fan) and drop down inside the building. 
PLATINUM:EYou'll land on a 007 Icon inside. 
At the other end of the room is a Phoenix Ronin (it looks like a little 
suitcase).  Next to the Ronin is a door you can open and head back out into 
the yard.  Now go back up the concrete tower, across the green towers, and 
across the wire onto the platform leading into building TR-2. 
Building TR-2 
There are a number of guards inside, also with fairly random locations. 
They all have Storms, so they aren't much of a threat to you at long range. 
Crouch in the doorway and shoot any you can see.  There are usually a few 
on the walkways in front of you on lower levels, and usually one or two 
that walk along the catwalk on the far side of the building, or sometimes 
one that will stand facing the exit door on the far side. 
There's a turbine on the floor on the far side of the building, and usually 
a guard or two behind it that will sometimes come out from behind to shoot 
at you.  There are also usually guards near boxes on the left side of the 
The only guard that is always present is on the same level as the door you 
come in, but you can't shoot him until you drop down from the doorway.  Turn 
to the left, stand up, and you should be able to see his head sticking up 
behind the boxes on the catwalk above the one you are standing on now. 
PLATINUM:EGo down the broken stairs near you on to the floor and grab the 
007 Icon behind the turbine.  Then get back up onto the catwalks via the 
stairs near the turbine. 
Head around to where the big metal support beam has fallen with one end 
resting on the catwalks.  If you've been hit at all, you can grapple up 
onto the walkway above from the beam or the box nearby and grab the armor in 
the corner. 
Now walk carefully across the broken beam, jump down onto the boxes or barrels 
on the walkway on the far end, and head towards the door with the flickering 
green sign above it.  Press action when you're up against the door to move on 
to the next section of the mission. 
The second yard 
This is probably the hardest part of this mission.  You'll be facing a number 
of enemy snipers, and you won't always have good cover to fight them from. 
There is armor right in front of where you spawn, but unless you get hit 
before moving on, it's difficult to get back to (you can jump up on the 
railing and jump across the gap in the stairs if you really need to).  There 
is also armor on some broken stairs in the yard, and in the room with the 
broken windows high above the yard. 
When you start out, duck down and move to the corner in back and to the right. 
There will be a sniper walking along the crane on the right side of your 
vision.  Take him down and then aim over towards the left side of the crane 
he was walking on.  There's another crane behind it and a sniper that will 
pop into view as soon as you kill the first one. 
Once the two on the cranes are dead, torn slightly to the left and aim a bit 
downwards.  When you stand up there will be a sniper standing in the corner 
of an overhang.  When he's dead, you can head down the broken stairs you are 
Run down the stairs and jump out onto some rusty containers next to the stairs. 
There is a doorway you'll see ahead of you as you run across the top of the 
containers.  Inside the doorway is a small room with some more ammo, as well 
as 1-3 snipers.  If you have the Delta Repeater, take it out and wait to the 
right of the doorway.  The snipers will come out into view and you can drop 
them with a single bolt.  If you didn't get the crossbow, you can take them 
out with your pistol or with snap-shots from the rifle, but the crossbow is 
the easiest way to drop them quickly. 
As soon as you've cleared that room, head out into the yard, but go between 
the two metal containers, they'll give you good cover from the next two 
snipers.  In the far left corner of the yard, the corner farthest from the 
room you just came from is another round concrete tower.  There are two 
snipers on it.  You may have to maneuver around a bit to get a shot on them 
as both cranes are in the way, but don't go too far out into the yard if you 
can avoid it, or the guards in the room high above you will start shooting at 
Once you've taken down the two on the round tower, head into the alcove to the 
right.  You'll want to get behind the wall of building TR-2 and use it as 
cover to fight the snipers in the room above.  On the top of the tall 
building connected to ST-3 is a room with 3 broken windows.  There will be 
1-3 snipers inside the room (between the room below and broken window room 
there will always be a total of 4).  You may need to move around in the yard 
a bit to get them to come to the windows to start shooting at you, but get 
behind TR-2 as soon as they do, then use the micro-camera to locate them and 
take them out with your rifle.  They seem to really like hiding behind the 
small pieces of glass in the bottom left corner of each window, so you can 
often shoot in through the glass to take some of them out. 
Occasionally, you'll get a sniper up in that room that won't move to where you 
can shoot him (and he can shoot you), no matter how far into the yard you move. 
Sometimes standing on the forklift at the base of the big crane will coax him 
into showing himself, other times, he'll stay put until you actually grapple 
up on the the crane itself.  If this happens, you'll have a tough time with 
the snipers that spawn on top of ST-3 when he's dead. 
As soon as the snipers in the high room are all dead, a single sniper will 
spawn on the roof of ST-3 .  You'll be able to see him come over into view 
if you are looking up at the top of the building.  Take him down as fast as 
possible, because he'll probably have a good shot on you. 
When he's dead, hop up onto the forklift at the end of the crane and then 
grapple up onto the crane itself.  When you get up top, 5 snipers will spawn 
on the roof of ST-3, though usually only 4 will actually come into view. 
You can stay behind what cover is available at the end of the crane and fight 
them.  Another option is to run to the far end of the crane as soon as you 
get up top, take the zip line down the ground, and duel them from behind 
cover of the two metal containers.  Do whatever works for you.  You have to 
be pretty lucky not to get hit in the fight with them, as they WILLEget shots 
on you, no matter how good you are. 
When they are all dead, you can grab the armor on top of the broken stairs in 
the yard, or, if you need to, climb back up to where you started the section 
and grab the armor there (you can get past the broken part of the stairs by 
standing on the rail and jumping across, but it's tricky). 
Now head back up to the top of the big crane (unless you're already up there) 
and climb the ladder to the platform on top of it.  Go hand-over-hand to 
the smaller crane, but move quickly.  If you pause for very long at all, you 
risk running out of strength to hang on (the bar on top of the screen). 
Go into the control booth of the smaller crane and hit the button inside to 
swing it around. 
PLATINUM:EOnce the crane has finished moving, you can jump onto a small ledge 
running along the side of ST-3.  Follow it to the end and climb up the ladder 
to the roof of ST-3.  Usually there's a sniper that stayed at the back of the 
building when the one's on the roof spawned, so you may need to take him out 
when you get up there.  On rare occasions, there's actually 2 of them that 
stayed at the back.  There's a bent pipe leading up to a ledge in front of the 
room with the broken windows the snipers were in.  Jump on to it and walk up 
it until you see the wall-hug icon, then press action.  Wall hug along the 
ledge until it widens out a bit.  Be careful here, because if you are still 
holding the stick to move in the wall-hug mode, you can actually strafe off 
the ledge to the left and fall.  Jump through the window into the room and 
grab the 007 Icon inside.  There's also armor and more APEammo in there.  Take 
the zip line back down to the big crane, and head back across the wire to the 
small crane. 
Walk out along the arm of the crane after it's finished moving and drop down 
onto the platform on the side of building ST-3, then go inside. 
Inside ST-3 
Once inside ST-3, head to the right and out into the control booth.  There is 
armor in the room to the left, but it's best to save it until you've dealt 
with all the guards on the floor if you can, you'll want to have full armor 
when you start the last part of the mission. 
Out on the floor, and on some catwalks in the far right corner will be a 
number of guards, all armed with Storms.  Like in TR-2, they aren't much of a 
threat to you at long range, so don't worry about being hit a few times.  Use 
cover where it is available, and snipe then as they pop out to shoot at you. 
When no more guards are visible, head down the stairs to the right on to the 
floor, and make sure they're all dead.  There is usually one guard on the 
catwalks on the right that won't pop out until you come around the corner, 
and occasionally a guard or two that will be standing in front of the big 
metal door (C5) on the left.  Once you are sure all the guards in the area 
are dead, you can head back up to the control booth. 
If you got the Phoenix Ronin in the first part of the mission, you'll want to 
make use of it now.  There are 3 big metal plates hanging from the beam near 
the catwalks with the laser mounted on them.  Place the Ronin in front of the 
one directly opposite the big door marked C5, facing the door. 
PLATINUM:EOn the left side of the wall opposite the control booth is a door 
leading to a storage room.  There are 3 guards inside, one on the floor and 
two on the shelves in the back.  Take them out, grabbing the armor on the 
boxes next to the forklift if you need it.  Now jump up onto the boxes 
with the armor, and then jump across onto the left side of the lower shelf. 
There's a 007 Icon behind the boxes on the shelf. 
Grab the armor in the room through the control booth if you need it.  Now 
hit the action button while in front of the controls in the booth to activate 
the crane.  Stand on the stairs just outside the booth and grapple up to the 
hook in the ceiling.  Hold the trigger on the grapple so you don't fall.  When 
the crane comes close, jump down on to it to earn a Bond Move. 
PLATINUM:EJump off the crane on to the beam the crane moves along on the right 
(if you are facing away from the control booth).  There's a 007 Icon on the 
beam on the far end from the booth. 
Hop down on to the catwalks in alcove in the far right corner when you get 
there.  There's a laser mounted in the middle of the walkway.  As soon as you 
see it you'll get an objective to take a picture of it.  Take out the camera 
and take a shot with the whole laser mount in frame, just like with the 
Now you'll need to use the laser to destroy the big door marked C5 so you can 
escape the building.  Hit action to begin using the laser.  If you put the 
Ronin down on the floor, it will start shooting at the guards and snipers that 
spawn down there.  With the Ronin in place, you'll only need to worry about 
the guards that come along the catwalks to the right, and rarely, a sniper on 
the far left behind the big tanks.  If you didn't get the Ronin and put it on 
the floor, you'll have to make sure you kill all the snipers on the floor as  
they appear. 
Use the laser in short bursts to take out the guards.  The laser will overheat 
if you use it for two long, leaving you vulnerable, with no way to shoot your 
enemies (unless you disengage from the laser and use your normal weapons). 
As you have time, use the laser to heat up the C5 door until it explodes. 
Now, hit action again to disengage from the laser, then run down the walkway 
to the right.  You'll probably have to shoot a guard or two on the catwalk, 
but the Ronin should be covering the floor for you.  (If you didn't get the 
Ronin, you'll have to watch for the snipers on the floor, too). 
At the end of the walkway, jump down on to the boxes below, and then head out 
the doorway to and down the tunnel to complete the mission. 
Bond Moves: 
- Gain access to building ST-1 through the covered shaft at the rear 
- Grapple on to the platform with armor and ammo from the moving forklift 
- Grapple up on to moving crane in ST-3 
007 Icons: 
- On top of the forklift in ST-1 
- On one of the catwalks in the hanger building 
- In the turbine in the hanger building 
- On the floor behind the big transformer on the floor of TR-2 
- In the room high above the second yard with the broken windows 
- At the end of the rail the crane moves along in ST-3 
- Behind some boxes on the left side of the middle shelf in the back room of 
  building ST-3 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           2        50,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 45       75,000 
Subdued:              0        0 
Surrendered:          0        0 
Stealth Rating:       0        0      
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 20:00    25,000+ 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   Rook Card 
Silver:   Wai Lin Multiplayer Skin 
Gold:     Dart Gun Upgrade 
Platinum: Goldfinger Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 8 ]========================================================= 
========[ Phoenix Fire ]====================================================== 
Format: FPS 
- Escape from the tower 
- Gain access to lower office floor 
- Activate elevator override control in security center 
- Escape through the elevator shaft 
- Gain access to lobby 
- Raise security gate and escape through front entrance 
Executive Floor and Stairway 
Phoenix Fire is easily one of the hardest missions in the game, possibly even 
harder than both Countdown and Equinox (it really depends on what you are 
good at in the game).  It is certainly the most combat intensive mission.  On 
easier difficulty levels this mission isn't that hard.  The Raptor Magnum .50 
is a one hit kill for most enemies, and on Operative level none of the keypad 
doors are locked.  On 00, however, it's pretty challenging. 
Phoenix Fire takes place in the same office building as Night Shift.  If you 
aren't too familiar with the layout of the building, IEwould suggest playing 
Night Shift a few times to get used to where things are.  It is certainly 
easier to explore the area in Night Shift, as in Phoenix Fire there are 
usually people shooting at you. 
You'll start out with a Raptor Magnum .50 in the elevator on the executive 
floor.  Soon after you have control, a yakuza will run into view from the 
left.  Two shots to the body (or one to the head) will take him down, and you 
will want to kill him quickly.  A red yakuza will come from the right, and 
it's easier to take the red one down if you can get outside the elevator to 
maneuver more easily.  One to the head or three to the body will take down 
the red yakuza.  Don't miss much with either of these two, as you only have 
the 7 rounds in the clip to start out with.  Grab the ammo and grenades they 
drop, then go back into the elevator and jump through the broken glass onto 
the ledge outside. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon at the far end of the ledge.  Even if you aren't 
crouching, the two yakuza in Mayhew's office won't notice you out on the 
ledge (just don't shoot at them, you can't shoot through the glass anyway). 
Switch to the grapple gadget and use it to get on top of the elevator.  Open 
the grate there (the same one you went through in Night Shift) and head into 
the storage room, earning a Bond Move.  As you drop down you'll pick up the 
Militek grenade launcher.  Don't move from where you land, instead, aim at 
the shelf on the far side of the room (to the right of the door).  On the 
shelf that is about eye level there are what looks like boxes wrapped in brown 
paper (reams of printer paper, maybe?).  Aim at the bottom of the boxes/reams 
where they meet the shelf.  
Now walk up to the door (it will unlock and open automatically, don't hit 
the action button or you'll actually close it).  There's a civilian that will 
see you and alert the yakuza standing in the middle of the lounge.  As soon 
as he's dead, turn towards the door on the right leading to the board room. 
Open the door to the boardroom, but don't go inside.  There is another 
civilian, as well as 2 yakuza (one red, with a shotgun) in the board room. 
You can stand outside and alert them, causing them to run up and stand in the 
doorway to shoot at you.  If you were aiming at head level for the yakuza in 
the lounge, you'll be at about the right level to head-shot the yakuza when 
they get to the doorway.  After dropping the two yakuza inside, go grab the 
armor sitting on the table and the grenades on the floor.  You'll also have 
a shotgun now, which makes taking out most of the yakuza on this floor a lot 
easier, but save a few rounds for later, you'll want them for the first 
part of the stairwell later on. 
PLATINUM:EMake sure you get the 007 Icon at the far end of the table from the 
Now head out through the lounge into the elevator lobby area.  Go all the way 
across towards Mayhew's office (the door on the left across from the board 
room lounge.  Go through the secretaries room and open the door to Mayhew's 
Office, but, just like the board room, don't go inside.  There are two 
yakuza (one red) inside that you can alert and then shoot when they run up 
and stand in the doorway.  When they are dead head into Mayhew's office and 
get behind the desk. 
Do not activate the computer Mayhew's desk yet.  Instead, aim at the neck of 
the orange vase on display to the left.  The neck which will be about head 
height for the next two yakuza when the stop in front of the desk to shoot at 
you (you can hit them as they run over from the door, but it's tough).  When 
you activate the computer terminal and get the code from it, two yakuza will 
run into the room.  Stay behind the desk, as it will offer fairly decent cover 
from their shots.  They'll run over at the end of the desk to your left to 
shoot at you.  Take them out as fast as possible, the one with the pistol, 
especially, will do a lot of damage to you very quickly (the one with the 
shotgun tends to hit the desk more than he hits you). 
head out of Mayhew's office and stop in the secretaries room for a bit.  There 
will be two yakuza out near the elevator armed with pistols (one normal, one 
red).  Stand in the corner near the door to Mayhew's office and aim just below 
the base of the lamp to the left of the door leading out to the lobby (you'll 
want the  
top of your cross hairs to almost touch the bottom of the lamp). 
Aimed like that, you'll be at head height for the two yakuza out by the 
elevator when they are at the range you first see them at. 
Now head around the partition wall towards the big metal door to the secure 
mainframe room you went into in Night Shift.  Stop when you are in the opening 
in front of the mainframe door and look to your right where you'll see the 
door to the stairs.  While standing in the doorway, aim at the keypad to the 
right of the door, which will be about head height for the last four yakuza 
you'll fight. 
Now back down the hallway towards the stairwell door.  The yakuza will come 
in pairs, running from the area of Mayhew's office down and run up to in front 
of the mainframe door to shoot at you.  They will be armed with pistols and 
shotguns, and at least one (sometimes 2)Eof them will be red trench coat 
Now unlock the door with the code you got from Mayhew's computer.  As you 
enter the stairwell, a guard will come running up the stairs towards you.  I 
like to use the shotgun because it's the easiest way to take him down in a 
single shot as he charges up the stairs.  As you head down the first flight 
of stairs, another guard will poke his head around the corner and is also 
easy prey for the shotgun. 
Now get a frag grenade ready and head down the stairs until you see a yellow 
stripe on the wall in front of you.  When you get to the landing with the 
where the yellow stripe starts, lob a grenade down the stairs to take out 
a few guards below (there's 3 coming up the stairs a level or two below you).  
Some of them may survive the grenade blast depending on where it lands, so 
back up around the corner and get your shotgun ready if any come up the stairs 
to you. 
Now head down the stairs and collect the guns they dropped.  Take a few 
seconds to pre-zoom the SG5 Commando, as well as set it for burst fire (the 
mode with the laser sight) as full auto fire is too inaccurate to hit anything 
more than a few feet away. 
When you get to the landing with the first door, take out another grenade. 
You want to throw the grenade so it stops bouncing in the middle of the 
landing and back down the stairs towards the door to the 73rd floor.  Two 
guards will come running down the stairs from above and should be take out by 
the grenade. 
As soon as you throw the grenade, switch to either the shotgun or Commando. 
A guard will come rappelling down the left wire in the middle of the 
stairwell, shooting as you as he comes down.  You won't have any cover from 
him, so you want to take him out as fast as possible.  Two more guards will 
come running up the stairs towards you as well. 
When all five guards are dead and you've collected their guns, repeat the 
grenade trap and back down to the door to floor 72.  Two more guards will 
come from above and should die in the explosion.  The two guards from below 
and the rappelling guard won't spawn until you move a little ways out of the 
corner near the door.  The repeller will again be coming down the wire on the 
left.  The two guards below probably won't run up the stairs to you, so you 
may need to kill them as they shoot at you from the landing below.  The SG5 
Commando in burst mode, using manual aim to zoom in is probably the easiest 
way to take them out. 
There are no more guards that come from below, so you can run down the next 
two flights of stairs, ignoring the guards coming from above.  Grab all the 
goodies under the last flight of stairs (especially the armor and the satchel 
charges).  Now run up to the door and hit action to move to the next section 
before the guards above have time to shoot at you much. 
Office Floor 
You'll start outside the door to the stairs with two guards facing away from 
you.  A civilian will alert them to your presence shortly, and they'll turn 
to fight you. 
After they are down grab the suitcase near them (it's a Phoenix Ronin that 
we'll use later, in the lobby).  Go up to the intersection and turn right 
(don't go down the left hall yet, there's a helicopter outside and you don't 
have the weapons to fight it yet).  Around the next corner to the right is a 
pair of guards and a Phoenix Ronin (suitcase gun).  Toss two grenades near the 
Ronin (from around the corner, you don't want it to be shooting at you) and 
you'll take it out.  Then you can move out and engage the two guards behind 
the dead Ronin. 
Now head past the Ronin and down the hallway to the left.  There will be a 
pair of guards walking into the second door on the left, and you can them out 
fairly easily as they move into the office.  If you've been hit, there's 
armor on a table across the office from the door the guards went in. 
Now take out a satchel charge, we're going to blow open the windows to the 
security room (there's a computer with the code to open the locked door much 
later in the level, but blowing open the windows is a heck of a lot faster 
and safer).  Go out the door at the end of the hallway and place a satchel 
charge near the big windows looking out of the security room.  You can hit 
the alternate fire button to put more time on the detonator, but 5 seconds 
should be enough to clear the area.  Just put the charge near the windows (it 
has a very large blast radius)Eand get back into the hallway to avoid being 
hurt by the blast. 
There are 2 guards on the floor below you and 2 more above in the central 
room, but you don't need to kill them if you don't want to.  If you don't 
spend much time in the central area and the security room and keep moving, 
they won't get good shots on you. 
If you go into the security room through the middle window, you'll grab 
the AT-600 Scorpion and the box of ammo for it on the table, as well as the 
armor if you need it).  Make sure you get both the missile launcher AND the 
ammo, you'll need both to take out the helicopter IEmentioned before. 
Press action on both of the computer terminals on the bank of TV's while you 
are inside the security room, one opens the security shutters on the sky- 
bridge and the other activates the elevator to the lobby. 
Take out the Scorpion and head back towards where you started and down the 
hallway towards the sky bridge (where IEtold you not to go before).  A heli 
-copter will come around the building from the left as you get to the sky- 
bridge intersection.  Stay behind cover while it's facing you, it'll do a lot 
of damage with it's machine guns, and will also fire guided rockets at you. 
You can take it out with 6 hits from the Scorpion.  It is best to fire at it 
from the windows in the hall (not from the bridge) and shoot when it is off 
to the far right.  Don't fire rockets at the helicopter when it is able 
to fire machine guns at you, as it will almost always hit the rocket you 
just shot almost as soon as it leaves the launcher, blowing it up in your 
face.  Destroying the helicopter will earn you a Bond Move. 
Another tactic for destroying the helicopter is to place a Phoenix Ronin 
(suitcase gun) in front of one of the windows and then get back some place 
the helicopter can't shoot at you and use the manual aim mode of the Ronin 
to shoot the helicopter down.  If you use this method, make sure you pick 
up a replacement Ronin from elsewhere on the level, as you'll want one 
with full ammo for the lobby later on. 
PLATINUM:EMake sure you grab the 007 Icon at the end of the hall to the 
left of the sky bridge. 
Head across the bridge once you've shot the helicopter down.  There will 
be two guards patrolling the hallway at the end of the bridge.  Usually they 
will be a ways down to the left.  You can usually take them from behind 
before they even know you are there.  Now head down the hall to the first door 
on the right into room 70A. 
PLATINUM:EThere will be a 007 Icon on the floor in front of you as you go 
into the room. 
Head around the cubicle to the other door and open it, but do not go into 
the hallway.  There is a Phoenix Ronin set up in the elevator lobby aiming 
down this hall.  Stand in the doorway until you see a pair of guards coming 
from the hall across the way and a little to the right.  Then duck behind 
the wall into cover.  The guards will walk into the hall to attack you and 
be shot by the Ronin.  When the pair is dead, stand in the doorway again 
until you see two more guards coming for you.  Be patient, they will come. 
You can lure a total of 10 guards to their doom this way. 
After the guards have been slaughtered by their own Ronin, head out the 
door you came in and around to the left, past the sky bridge.  The opening 
to the right past the bridge is the elevator lobby.  There are two guards 
inside, as well as the Ronin.  Lob a couple frag grenades inside to take 
care of the Ronin (if it hasn't used all it's ammunition on the guards in 
the hallway, that is), and then move in to take care of the guards.  If you 
aren't going for a Platinum, you can step into the elevator shaft now and 
move on to the next section. 
PLATINUM: Head down the hall the guards we're coming from when you were 
standing in room 70A.  The first door on the right leads into the cafeteria. 
If you waited for all 10 guards to be killed by the Ronin, there should only 
be two left inside.  One will be to the right behind the bar, and the other 
to the left in the middle of the tables.  The 007 Icon is in the far left 
corner on the floor.  There is also armor, as well as some ammo and grenades, 
behind the bar. 
Elevator Shaft 
The safest place to be as you ride down on top of the elevator is in the 
corner to your left as you start, up against the wall opposite the open shaft 
and the wall with the doors in it.  There are guards that will shoot at you 
from the open doors, but they won't hit you much at all if you are in that 
corner and crouched down.  Take out the SG5 Commando and aim up at the right 
side of the open shaft.  There are a total of 3 guards that will repel down, 
and they are the only one's you really need to worry about. 
Not too long after the first repeller comes down, you'll see a scene with the 
guards above you dropping a satchel charge onto the elevator.  After the 
scene is over, get back into your corner before you worry about the bomb. 
After you are back crouched in your corner, take out your laser and use it 
to disarm the satchel charge (you'll have about 15 seconds total). 
Now get the SG5 out again and aim back up towards where the repellers will 
be coming from.  After second, you'll see another satchel charge fall down 
and start beeping.  Do NOT move yet, another guard will begin repelling down 
at the same time the second charge is dropped.  If you switch to the laser 
immediately and start to disarm the bomb, he'll shoot you to pieces before you 
get a change to take him out.  Drop him as soon as possible, then switch 
over to the laser and take care of the bomb. 
After the third repeller and second satchel charge, take out your Militek 
grenade launcher (you'll want it at the start of the next section) and sit 
tight.  Before too long you'll see a scene with the guards blowing up the 
elevator cable, dropping the elevator car (and Bond)Edown to the lobby. 
There will be 4 or 5 guards to the left as you begin this section.  A grenade 
from the Militek will take care of the first couple of them.  Move out of 
the elevator and a bit to the left until you see the others, then fire a 
grenade towards the near pillar in the lobby to take care of the others. 
Now move to the right and fire a grenade at the big green window in front of 
the security room to blow it open.  Sometimes there will be a guard or two 
shooting at you from the second story of the lobby.  If you have any rounds 
left for your Scorpion from the helicopter fight, a heat seeking missile is 
a great way to take care of any guards sniping at you from above. 
Move up to the window to the security room and look inside.  There will be 
a guard along the wall with the computers, and another on the far side.  Both 
will be unaware of your presence, and a grenade from the Militek fired right 
between them will take them both out. 
Now take out the Phoenix Ronin (the one you grabbed at the start of the Office 
Floor section of the mission).  Place it in the opening between the elevator 
and the security window, facing out into the lobby.  It will cover your back 
while you go into the security room and make a run to the lobby doors. 
Hop into the security room, activate the computer on the right side to open 
the shutters on the lobby door, and grab the armor on the counter on the 
far side of the room in the corner.  Keep moving here, as guards will have 
spawned behind you and will be shooting at you.  Don't turn to fight them, 
just keep moving and let the Ronin cover you. 
PLATINUM:EMake sure you grab the 00 Icon in the middle of the floor in the 
security room. 
Now head out the door on the left side of the room and out into the lobby. 
PLATINUM:EThe last 007 Icon is in the lobby to the left of the doorway you 
need to get to.  If the Ronin is still shooting, you should be able to get 
the Icon without taking lethal damage from whatever guards are in the lobby. 
Go through the open doorway out into the front area and end the mission. 
Bond Moves: 
- Enter storage room from ventilation shaft 
- Shoot down helicopter outside of sky bridge 
007 Icons: 
- On ledge outside of Mayhew's office 
- In the board room 
- At the end of the hallway near the sky bridge 
- In room 70A 
- In the cafeteria 
- In the lobby security room 
- In the lobby to the left of the exit 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           2        50,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 65       75,000 
Subdued:              0        0 
Surrendered:          0        0 
Stealth Rating:       0%       0 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     75,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     75,000 
Time:                 12:00    25,000 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   Alura Card 
Silver:   Demolition Multiplayer Scenario 
Gold:     Pistol Upgrade 
Platinum: Drake Suit Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 9 ]========================================================= 
========[ Deep Descent ]====================================================== 
Format: Driving (well, sort of... what do you call driving a sub? Piloting?) 
- Make it to beach undetected 
- Fine alternate way into Drake's base 
- Destroy communications node 
- Plant charges on missiles 
- Follow sub into base 
- Place Q-Charges on docked submarines 
- Destroy enemy attack sub 
When the mission starts, head a little to the right and go around the rock 
pillar.  If you go around the right side of the pillar, you'll be aimed right 
at the hole in the sunken tanker after the short scene with the enemy sub 
lurking nearby.  Now go through the hole into the tanker. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon below and to the right just after the dividing 
wall in the tanker. 
Head through the other hole in the back of the tanker and you'll see a short 
scene with an enemy mini-sub and a warning from Alura.  Head down the tunnel 
to the right until you get into a room in front of a tunnel with propellers 
in it. 
At the far end of the tunnel past all 3 propellers is the communications node 
you need to destroy (it's a big tower with flashing blue stuff on it).  You 
can hit it with a well timed set of regular torpedoes, but it's a lot easier to 
fire a single remote torpedo and guide it past the propellers.  You'll get a 
Bond Move if you destroy the communications node while you are still in the 
big room and haven't gone down the propeller tunnel yet. 
Once the node is destroyed, head down the tunnel past the propellers.  Just 
be a little careful with timing and they're easy enough to avoid.  The 
Vanquish in sub form is not quick to accelerate, so it's easier to get up 
to speed and steer to avoid the blades rather than stop in front of them and 
try to accelerate forward to pass through them. 
PLATINUM:EOn the floor of the room with the communications node, right under 
the last propeller, is a 007 Icon. 
Stop in the communications node room and fire a remote torpedo down the tunnel 
leading up to the left.  The mini-sub you saw before is sitting beyond the 
end of the tunnel over some air tanks on the floor.  Hit the air tanks with 
your torpedo to destroy the mini-sub without alerting it and earn a Bond 
Now head up the tunnel to where the mini-sub was and you'll see a passageway 
covered by a laser grid.  Fire a remote and guide it through the grid and 
hit the vaguely bug-like box with the flashing lights on it on the other 
side of the grid, on the lower left side of the tunnel.  The lasers will 
detonate your remote, so you need to avoid them.  The easiest places to get 
through are the big gaps at the corners. 
With the laser grid out of action, head down the tunnel towards the first of 
several mine fields. 
At the 00 difficulty, hitting a single mine will cause a tunnel collapse and 
mission failure.  Someone once made a comparison between Han Solo (Star Wars 
and Jean Luc Picard (Star Trek) in regards to navigating an asteroid field. 
Jean Luc Picard slows to 1/4 Impulse and maneuvers on thrusters.  Han Solo 
floors it and kicks ass. 
For the first two mine fields (both are in the same section of tunnel with a 
small gap between them), IEprefer the Han Solo method of navigation.  Keep 
your speed up and rely on reflexes to get you through.  You may also want to 
switch to first person view, as the V12 can block your view of mines in front 
and below you in third person mode.  Stay high and there aren't too many mines 
you'll need to worry about.  You can maneuver slowly if you like, but IEhave 
found that it is actually somewhat harder to avoid all the mines because of the 
V12 subs slow rate of acceleration, and almost complete inability to turn at 
low speed.  Also, if you want to make a par time for the mission, you have to 
move fast. 
There's a short gap after the first mine field, then the second begins.  Stay 
high and keep your speed up and it shouldn't be too hard. 
You'll reach a second laser door a bit after the second field ends.  Fire 
another remote and follow the cables on the left side of the cave (they 
have a string of lights on them for your convenience) down to the control 
box and blow it up to deactivate the grid.  Now head down into the third 
and final mine field. 
You'll want to move slowly here.  If you floor it and stay high, there are 
two mines that come up to the very top of the tunnel and you will almost 
certainly hit one of them. 
PLATINUM:EThere is a 007 Icon at the bottom of the cave, under the last mine. 
This can be a tough one to get.  Be patient and avoid the mine moving from 
side to side over the Icon.  If you are all the way at the bottom, nudged up 
against the floor, that last mine will actually pass over you.  Getting turned 
around so you can actually see when it's clear can be difficult, but turning 
sharply while going backwards and forwards can spin you around. 
There is a tunnel leading up from just above the bottom of the cave with the 
mines in it that you need to go down (it's the only way out, but it can be 
hard to see). 
Head up the tunnel until you see it open out into a room with six missile 
launch platforms (and the missiles on them).  After the short scene is over, 
use the regular homing torpedoes to destroy the mini sub in front of you (it 
will take 3 hits total).  Now you'll have to place Q-Charges on the little 
panels at at the base of each missile platform.  The door you'll need to 
leave through is high up on the far side from the tunnel you came in.  If 
you go counter clock-wise starting with the second missile platform on the 
right from the tunnel, when you place the last charge, you'll be heading 
towards the door when it opens. 
You can take the time to destroy the two mini-subs that come out of the exit, 
but you don't have a lot of time (the timer at 00 difficulty starts at 50 
seconds from when you place the first charge). 
When you head out through the door, you'll see a mini-sub start to run away 
from you, and a short scene where Alura tells you to follow it.  This is the 
beginning of the fabled chase. 
Hit the gas and stay on it.  Don't follow the enemy subs path exactly.  There 
are two reasons for this.  The first is that it drops little mines behind it 
that will hit you if you are following it exactly.  The second is early on in 
the chase where the sub darts to the right around a rock pillar in the tunnel 
after the first door.  A big rock slides down blocking the right path, which 
will delay you long enough that you won't make it to the second door in time 
unless you went left. 
PLATINUM: After the second door the tunnel will open up a bit into a wider 
area with some pillars and a couple man-made structures.  After that it will 
narrow down into a rock tunnel briefly, and then open up again.  Stay high and 
you'll see a natural rock bridge.  There's a 007 Icon high up on the right 
side of the tunnel just before the third door.  If you went above the natural 
bridge you'll see it clearly and should be able to grab it as you pass by. 
After the third door the tunnel will open up into a large area with the 
rusting frame of a WWII bomber and you'll follow the mini-sub up towards the 
surface.  The chase then leads through a section with a lot of metal 
structures, at the end of which is the final door. 
As soon as you see the objective complete text come up it means you've 
followed the sub to the base.  You still have to make it through the last 
door, but you can blow it up now.  A single homing torpedo will destroy it. 
The tunnel after the door will curve around to the left.  Don't do all the 
way out or the three subs in the next area will become alert and you won't 
be able to get the Bond Move for destroying them with the air tanks.  Move up 
the tunnel slowly until you can see the second pipe coming from the right side 
of the room outside the tunnel.  Now fire a remote torpedo and guide it all 
the way across the room.  You'll see the enemy mini-subs on little cranes (if 
you don't see the subs, or you don't see all three of them spawned yet, you 
won't get the bonus for dispatching all three, but don't worry about it). 
Even if you don't destroy all three, as long as you got one of them with the 
air tanks you'll get the Bond Move, and all three will be disabled. 
PLATINUM:EAbove the mini-sub launching area and behind a little concrete 
barrier is a 007 Icon. 
There is another laser grid door on the far side of the room from where you 
came in.  The control panel for is it down the tunnel a bit on the left side. 
In the middle of the tunnel on the bottom is some armor you'll want to grab. 
PLATINUM: As you exit the tunnel into the sub pen, head straight up the wall, 
all the way up to the water.  There's a small alcove in the rock right above 
the tunnel exit almost at the surface with a 007 Icon in it. 
There are three big submarines docked in the sub pen that you'll need to 
set Q-Charges on.  The panel to place the charge is up where the gantry is 
attached, just above the conning tower.  You'll have 90 seconds to escape 
after placing the first charge, and you have to fight an attack submarine 
guarding the exit before you can leave.  If you aren't sure you can destroy 
it quickly, you might want to go fight the sub before placing the charges 
and then go back to plant them. 
The best way to fight the attack sub is to sit behind the conning tower of 
the third docked up, dart out and fire a salvo of homing torpedoes, and then 
duck back behind the docked sub so the torpedo from the enemy blows up on 
the conning tower (and not you).  A direct hit from the attack subs 
torpedoes will do significant damage, so you don't want to fight it out in the 
Another tactic is to stay behind the third sub, launch remote torpedoes, and 
guide them into the attack sub.  The problem with this is it takes a long 
time, and you may not have enough remote torpedoes left to kill it.  It takes 
11 or 12 hits from a remote torpedo to take it down on 00 difficulty, and only 
4 hits from the normal homing torpedoes.  If you've been using remotes to 
destroy all the "hard to reach"Etargets, you most likely won't have enough to 
destroy the attack sub. 
One the attack sub is dead and the Q-Charges are all planted on the docked 
subs, head out past where the attack sub was and you'll finish the mission. 
Bond Moves: 
- Destroy communications node from room behind propellers 
- Take out enemy mini-sub by destroying air tanks 
- Take out 3 enemy mini-subs by destroying air tanks 
007 Icons: 
- In the sunken tanker to the right after the partition wall 
- On the floor in front of the communications node 
- Below the mines after the second laser door 
- High and to the right before third door during the chase 
- Above and behind the sub cranes in the factory room 
- High above the entrance to the sub pen 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           3        100,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 9        75,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     90%      50,000 
Time:                 6:05     50,000+ 
007 Bonus:            6        100,000 
Bronze:   Vanquish Sub Card 
Silver:   Nick Nack Multiplayer Skin 
Gold:     Decryptor Upgrade 
Platinum: Elektra King Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 10 ]======================================================== 
========[ Island Infiltration ]=============================================== 
Format: Driving/Rail Shooter 
- Dismantle Drake's island defenses 
- Download defense system code from compound 
- Disable island defense Sentinels 
- Disable primary access route 
- Protect Alura as she completes the mission 
Driving the SUV 
The SUVEdoesn't drive like the V12 Vanquish.  It actually handles a lot like 
a real SUV: unwieldy when turning sharply and slow to break.  It's pretty 
easy to fishtail if you are turning sharply around the turns in the road, 
so slow down if you hear the tires slipping.  Like the Vanquish, it has a 
missile system as primary weapon with a machine gun as backup.  The missiles 
fire in pairs if you got a gold medal on Paris Prelude (if you haven't, go 
back and do that now, it'll make this mission a lot easier). 
PLATINUM:EAs soon as you have control, hit the brakes and back up all the way 
to the beginning of the road at the beach where you'll pick up the first 007 
Head up the road and go to the right when it forks.  As soon as you see the 
security center, slow down.  You'll want to stop right in front of the gate, 
and if you're going to fast you'll skid right through it, alerting the guards 
on duty.  When you come to a stop just short of the gate, it'll will open 
(because you're driving one of their vehicles) and you'll earn a Bond Move. 
Be careful when driving around the base.  If you hit the walls or railing it 
is ok, but if you run into a light pole, the guards will be alerted and attack. 
Head to the right under the first building, there's a box of missiles under 
the overpass there.  Now go between the tower on the left and the ramp up 
to the helipad and grab the armor there.  Back up carefully after getting the 
armor and then head up the ramp. 
PLATINUM: There's a 007 Icon on the left side of the helipad. 
Hit the action button once you are on the helipad (you'll see an action 
available in the lower right part of the screen) to download the security 
codes for the island.  Now drive carefully out of the base and crash through 
the gates.  The guards inside will be alerted when you crash the gate, but 
you'll leave them in the dust. 
Take the right path at the fork (the left is where you came from).  Shortly 
after the fork there's a pair of guards on a bridge over the road.  A salvo 
of missiles will take care of them. 
Towards the end of the long right turn after the guard bridge an SUVEwill 
come on to the road from the left.  It takes three missile hits to destroy 
an enemy SUVEon 00 difficulty.  Fire a pair of missiles as soon as you see 
it and follow it around the last part of the turn.  You'll see another bridge 
ahead, and when you fire the second salvo of missiles, one will destroy the 
SUVEand the other will destroy the bridge.  Watch where the destroyed SUV ends 
up on the road, because it can be an annoying obstacle (if you hit it, you'll 
send it careening down the road ahead of you). 
The road takes a little right-left-right S turn, at the end of which a second 
SUVEwill come from the right.  Two salvos of missiles will take care of it in 
short order, you can fire the first as soon as you see the missile lock show 
up and the missiles will follow it around the bend in the road. 
A little ways up the road after the second SUV will be a gate.  When you get 
close you'll see the upload action appear on the lower right side of your 
screen.  Hit the action button to upload the code and open the gate.  You'll 
see a short scene of a defense Sentinel rising up out of the ground.  The best 
place to destroy it from is at the gate.  It will take 3 missile hits to 
destroy it, but as soon as you fire the second salvo you can start moving up 
the road and the Sentinel will be destroyed before it can start shooting at 
An enemy plane will appear high above the beach to your right.  Ignore it.  If 
you are moving fast enough, it won't have time to shoot at you and it's not 
worth spending the ammo to destroy it.  A little ways up the road will be a 
second gate.  Hit the action button as soon as the upload icon appear to 
open it. 
The second Sentinal gun is up ahead in a little village at the end of the 
long right turn in the road.  Slow down when you see the hut in front of you 
(it will be round and beige with a straw roof, and looks vaguely like a very 
squat mushroom).  Creep up the road while trying to a bit to the right and 
eventually you'll see a missile lock reticle (and probably hear the Sentinel 
firing at you).  You can use the side of the road as cover and shoot two 
salvo's of missiles to destroy the Sentinel gun without being hit (it will 
chew your armor and health down very rapidly if you let it shoot at you). 
As soon as the Sentinel is destroyed, head up the road into the village. 
There's a pedestrian bridge with guards on it ahead, easily destroyed with 
a salvo of missiles.  Below the bridge on the left side of the road is another 
missile pack you'll want to grab. 
Now follow the road up into a deep chasm cutting through the rock.  At the 
end of long straight section of the road you'll see some bushes on the right 
side.  Switch to machine gun and shoot the side of the road where the bushes 
are and you'll destroy a barrier and uncover a secret path.  Take the path 
up to the right, and keep your foot on the gas.  At the end of the secret 
path is a jump over the chasm that you won't make if you are going too slow. 
Clearing the chasm earns you a Bond Move, as well as not failing the mission. 
You'll land on a section of paved road through a tunnel after the jump, and 
there's armor in the middle of the tunnel you'll want to collect (it's pretty 
hard to not get it, actually).  Just past where the road rejoins the main 
path will be a large arena with 2 enemy SUV's in it.  If you creep up until 
you get missile lock on them you can destroy them without taking too much 
damage.  Interestingly enough, if you switch to first person view you can 
get lock on them earlier, because the viewpoint is from the front of the 
vehicle in first person mode. 
After destroying both SUV's, proceed slowly into the arena.  A Sentinel gun 
will pop up in the middle and cave the tunnel in behind you.  Back up a bit 
after you regain control and fire a pair of missiles as soon as you see the 
lock reticle appear. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a 007 Icon on the right side of the Sentinel, as soon as you 
fire the first set of missiles, hit the gas and grab the icon.  You'll need 
to use the e-brake to fishtail to a stop facing the Sentinel to get off the 
second shot to destroy it. 
As soon as you fire your second pair of missiles, hit the gas and head for the 
armor on the left side of the Sentinel.  You should have just enough time to 
grab the armor before the Sentinel finishes blowing up and you move on to the 
next section of the mission. 
Flying in the Ultralight 
You'll start out diving towards a large bridge with a convoy going across it. 
This is the "primary access route"Eyou need to disable.  A single salvo of 
missiles anywhere in the center section of the bridge will bring it down. 
You can wait until you get a missile lock on the truck going across the bridge 
and fire at the truck to destroy the bridge as well. 
After the bridge there will be a SAMEtower on the right side of the canyon. 
Destroy it with a missile shot as soon as you have lock (or before, if you 
have steady enough aim). 
PLATINUM:EAfter destroying the SAMEtower with missiles, a 007 Icon will pop 
up in your flight path directly above it. 
A Sentinel gun will pop up on high on the left side of the canyon.  Destroy 
it with two pairs of missiles as fast as you can fire them.  Then turn to the 
right and fire a pair of missiles at the SAMEtower in the bottom of the 
canyon just above the river. 
You'll see a road on the left side of the canyon leading out of a tunnel. 
Alura will drop down along side the road so you can shoot up the SUV's 
driving along it.  It takes 5 or 6 missiles to destroy an SUV, and they can 
do a lot of damage with their machine gun.  Shoot 3 pairs of missiles at the 
rear-most SUV (it will be emerging from the tunnel as you pull up along 
the road).  Now aim up ahead towards the bridge in the road.  You'll lose 
lock on the second SUV briefly as it passes behind a bend in the road.  As 
soon as you have lock on it again, fire missiles at it.  You should hit it 
just as it's driving over the bridge, destroying the bridge and earning a 
Bond Move.  Now fire missiles at the lead SUV when you get lock on it until 
it is destroyed. 
Another Sentinel gun will pop up on the right side of the canyon after you 
pass the road with the SUV's on it.  Like the first, destroy it with 2 salvos 
of missiles as soon as you can. 
Up ahead you'll see another bridge with a big concrete tower in the middle of 
it.  Fire a pair of missiles into the tower at the level of the bridge and 
you'll destroy both sections of the bridge, and the SUV's parked on it.  If 
you miss the tower, you can still take out the bridge sections individually 
when you get missile locks on the SUV's. 
Just after the bridge, two enemy Ultralights will come from the left and 
fly ahead of you.  Keep firing missiles at them until you shoot both of them 
down.  It takes a good six hits to destroy each plane. 
After you pass over a small cluster of huts a third enemy plane will appear 
ahead of you heading towards you.  You can get off a single salvo of missiles 
after you see the lock reticle on it before it passes by on your right side. 
It will circle around and reappear under your left wing.  You'll have time 
to fire two more sets of missiles at it before you see a short scene of your 
Ultralight diving after the enemy plane over a waterfall.  If you got your 
shots off early enough, you'll see the enemy plane being destroyed during the 
scene.  If it wasn't, you'll need to fire another pair of missiles at it 
as soon as the scene is over. 
On the river below the waterfall are four hovercraft.  You'll want to switch 
to the "pulse" weapon (basically the machine gun) to take them out.  If you 
destroy them with missiles, it'll take 6 hits to take each hovercraft out and 
you'll be running very low on ammo after than.  If you don't have at least 
4 missiles remaining for the very last Sentinel gun, you'll be in trouble. 
As you finish your pass over the hovercraft, a plane will appear diving down 
at you from the waterfall.  Switch back to missiles and keep shooting until 
you see it burst into flames.  You'll turn around heading back down the 
canyon and see another enemy Ultralight appear in front of you.  Fire a salvo 
of missiles as soon as you have lock, but don't shoot again until after it 
passes below you.  Another plane will appear off to the right as the first 
passes under you.  Keep shooting at both until they burst into flame and are 
destroyed.  If you didn't destroy all the hovercraft on the river, you can 
finish them off now with missiles (just make sure you have at least 14 
missiles remaining, that's how many you'll need to finish off the last 3 
After the second pass, you'll turn back down the canyon and keep heading down 
it.  There's another SAMEtower on the right side you'll want to take out 
with missiles.  After the SAMEtower there's a single hovercraft in the 
middle of the river.  Fire three pairs of missiles as soon as you get lock 
to take care of it (make sure you'll have at least 4 missiles left, however, 
and switch to the pulse weapon if you need to). 
After passing over where the hovercraft was, you'll climb up to the left 
where the third Sentinel in this section will pop up out of a rock out- 
cropping in the left side of the canyon.  Take it out with two pairs of 
missiles as soon as you can. 
The flying section of the mission will end shortly after the last Sentinel 
is destroyed with a scene of your Ultralight being shot down by a large 
turret in the base below. 
Shooting in the Turret 
The big turret has two weapon system.  The "Pulse"Eweapon (machine gun) and 
the "Main" gun, which is an anti-tank cannon, basically.  You'll start out 
in Pulse mode, which is what you want to be using.  Turn to the left and 
you'll see a warehouse building with a cylindrical gas tank in front of it. 
Aim at the gas tank and shoot at it as soon as you see the tank (the armored 
vehicle kind) driving out of the warehouse.  You'll blow up the gas tank, 
destroying the vehicular tank, and earning a Bond Move. 
A flight of two planes will fly out of the canyon just to the right of the 
warehouse.  They'll come in low, not too far off the water.  Shoot down 
both planes to earn a Bond Move. 
Now switch to the Main gun and aim turn back to the right.  Aim at the road 
between the cargo ship and the building on the right.  As soon as you see the 
tank driving up, shoot it with the Main gun to take it out. 
Now switch back to the Pulse weapon and aim above the cargo ship.  A flight 
of three planes will come around the cliff there.  Shoot down all 3 to earn 
another Bond Move. 
The last pair of planes will appear coming down over the waterfall behind the 
big yellow crane right in front of the turret.  Shoot both of them down to 
earn the final Bond Move in the mission. 
Switch back to the Main gun and aim to the left in front of the gas tank you 
blew up to destroy the first tank.  A third tank will drive up and start 
shooting at you. 
Stay with the Main gun and aim at the water in front of the turret, just below 
the big tower next to the cargo ship.  A submarine will come up out of the 
water just as Alura is telling you she's discovered a weakness.  Wait for it 
to come all the way up out of the water and you'll see a little silver box 
rise up out of the front of the sub.  As soon as the box comes all the way up 
(you'll see two little flaps come up out of the top of it), hit it with a shot 
from the Main gun and you'll destroy the whole submarine.  It takes 3 
Main gun shots to blow up the sub if you don't hit the box, and the sub will 
be firing missiles at you the whole time, doing significant damage to you. 
After the sub is destroyed the mission will end with a scene of Bond and Alura 
running away from the big turret as it explodes. 
Bond Moves: 
- Stop in front of gate to security center to get in without a fight 
- Take secret route and jump over chasm 
- Shoot out bridge SUVs drive over 
- Destroy enemy tank by shooting gas tank 
- Shoot down both planes in first flight 
- Shoot down all planes in second flight 
- Shoot down both planes in third flight 
007 Icons: 
- At the beginning of the road where you start 
- On the left side of the helipad 
- On the right side of the third sentinal gun 
- After destroying first SAMEtower with missiles 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           7        100,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 79       75,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     50,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 8:13     50,000+ 
007 Bonus:            4        100,000 
Bronze:   Ultralight Card 
Silver:   Protection Multiplayer Scenario 
Gold:     Stunner Upgrade 
Platinum: Bond Tux Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 11 ]======================================================== 
========[ Countdown ]========================================================= 
Format: FPS 
NOTE: If you have not earned at least the first pistol upgrade (Gold PP7), 
the guards in this mission will NOT be killed by a single silenced shot to 
the head.  If you have not earned a Gold medal on The Exchange, Night Shift, 
or Phoenix Fire, you will need to go back and Gold at least one of them 
before attempting this mission.  Not being able to take down guards with a 
single shot to the head will make this level difficult in the extreme. 
- Infiltrate Drake's facility undetected 
- Follow Kiko to the Security Control Center 
- Sabotage base security and escape from the room 
- Prevent Rook from cutting the power to Delta Sector 
- Take the exit to Delta Sector 
- Fine the exit to Omega Sector 
- Reach Drake's launch silo 
- Prevent Kiko from launching into space 
Enemy Base 
You'll start out in yet another ventilation duct.  You'll be wielding the 
Delta Repeater, which we'll use a fair amount during the beginning of this 
mission, but take out your pistol for now.  Make sure you put a silencer 
on it, you don't want to alert all the guards in the area (that will happen 
soon enough). 
There's a grate right in front of you that you'll need to hit the action 
button to open before dropping down.  There's a guard patrolling the room 
you drop in to, and he should be not to far to the right and walking away 
from you (unless you took a long time getting out of the duct).  Drop him with 
a silenced shot to the head, but don't sneak up too close behind him or he'll 
notice you and make a run for the alarm switch. 
Now head around the room to the blue double-doors on the right side.  There 
are two guards outside them facing away from the doors.  Open the doors and 
back away to the left a bit.  Now aim at the top of the head of the guard 
on the right and drop him with a single silenced shot.  There are a number of 
death animations, and only one of them will not alert the other guard.  If 
he does a kind of back flop with his arms flying up, you're ok.  If he does 
any other animation (spinning forward, falling to his knees and then forward, 
etc.) the other guard will see him dying and be alerted.  If this happens, 
take out the Delta Repeater and drop the other guard with a single shot 
anywhere in his torso.  If the other guard is not alerted, you can move to the 
right and take him down with a silenced shot to the head as well. 
Now take out the Delta Repeater and move out the door and down the hall to 
the left.  Keep heading down the hall after you see the scene with Kiko 
telling the guards to be alert. 
When you get near the intersection with the next hallway, crouch down to avoid 
alerting the guards that patrol there.  You should see one walking through the 
intersection as you approach.  Even crouching, he'll see you if you get too 
close.  Drop him with a shot from the crossbow (you may need to lead him a bit 
depending on how far away you are, as the crossbow has a little travel time). 
Now stand up and run into the next hallway to the left.  You should see 
another guard walking away from you down the hall.  Take him down with a 
shot from the crossbow (or a pistol shot to the head if you prefer).  Now 
turn left and open the double doors with the windows in them.  You'll see 
a guard standing in front of a bank of monitors.  A single silenced shot 
to the head will take care of him (he'll be totally unaware of you unless 
you move up too close behind him). 
Take out your laser gadget and look for the security panel in the room.  It's 
on the wall with the doors just on the other side of the railing.  Open it 
up and destroy the green circuit board inside, but don't touch the red ones). 
There are some remote mines behind the bank of computers near the panel, but 
you start with a full load of them, and won't really need any more. 
PLATINUM:EThere is a 007 Icon in the ventilation ducts above the room you 
started in.  You can get it any time after taking out the two patrolling 
guards (if you get it before, their pattern makes it harder to kill both 
without one of them being alerted).  As you enter the starting room from the 
doorway, head to the right along the outer walkway until you see the grapple 
icon appear.  Turn right to face the wall, then open the grate above you and 
grapple up into the shaft.  Move forwards into the ducts, turn left, and 
then turn left again.  You'll crawl over another grate, but don't open it. 
Turn right after the grate and you'll see the 007 Icon. 
Go back to the hall with the patrolling guards, and head down towards room 
A4 (the blue door on the left with a security camera picture on it).  There's 
a guard inside, facing out the window away from the door.  Take him out with 
a clean head shot and move up onto the platform he was standing on.  There's 
armor and some grenades up there, as well as another security panel.  Open up 
the panel and destroy the green circuit board inside. 
Now head out into the hallway, turn left, and go out into corridor A5.  Turn 
to the right, but don't move down the hallway.  Past the first set of boxes 
on the right side you'll see two guards standing in front of a big door. 
Like the two guards at the door leading out of the ventilation room, these 
can both be taken unaware as well.  Aim for the far guard first.  You can 
use the scope on the crossbow to aim at the very top of the guards head, and 
then switch to your pistol to take him out.  If he does the back-flop death 
animation, the other guard won't notice him dying.  Aiming at the very top 
of the guards head seems to make the back-flop animation more common. 
If the other guard is alerted, you can take him out with the crossbow.  If 
he didn't notice his partner dying, you can go back through the door into 
corridor A2, and go through the door on the left into warehouse A6.  You 
can shoot the remaining guard in the back of the head through the barred 
window in the door. 
PLATINUM:EThere's a crawl space under the big stack of boxes on the far side 
of A6 from the door.  Inside is some armor, as well as a 007 Icon. 
Further up corridor A5 is another big door with another pair of guards. 
Repeat the same procedure for taking them out as with the previous pair. 
Now head all the way down A5 and into corridor A8.  There is a guard that 
patrols the long section of corridor A8 through the door to the left.  Have 
your crossbow ready in case he's currently patrolling near the door and sees 
you when you open it.  If he's walking away from you, or is at the far end 
of his patrol, you can take your time and use a head shot from your pistol 
to dispatch him. 
Once the guard in A8 is taken care of, head down to the end through the far 
door.  To the left is a doorway into corridor A12.  Just beyond the door 
is another pair of guards in front of another big warehouse door.  Use the 
same procedure to take them out as you did for the pairs of guards in A5. 
The difference here is that if one of them is alerted, he may run down the 
corridor far enough to alert the next pair of guards standing in front of 
the next big door.  If this happens, just use the boxes as cover and take 
them out as quickly as you can. 
Once you're done dealing with all the guards in A12, head down past the big 
doors to the first small set of doors on the right leading into A16.  The 
guard patrolling A16 can and will see you through the windows in the door. 
If you are fast enough, you can aim at his head as he's walking towards you, 
open the doors, and shoot him before he reacts (you can't shoot through the 
windows in the door).  If this doesn't work, take out your trusty crossbow 
and drop him.  He'll most likely run to take cover behind the boxes on the 
right side of the corridor, but once he stops moving you can shoot him 
easily enough.  Try to avoid a noisy fire fight too close to the blue door 
to room A15, as the guard inside may be alerted and come out to fight you. 
If the guard inside A15 is not alerted, open the door and take him out with 
a shot to the head (he'll be facing the window just like the guard in A4). 
Now go into A15 and cut the green circuit board inside the security panel. 
If you've cut the green boards in all 3 of the security panels, you'll earn 
a Bond Move, as well as reduce the number of guards that you'll have to 
fight later on.  There's armor in A15 as well, but leave it unless you 
really need it.  You'll be needing plenty or armor later on. 
Now head back out into A16 to the left, and break out your decryptor gadget. 
There's a keypad locked door on the left side leading into A17, the base 
armory.  If you got a Gold on Deep Descent, you'll notice a great improvement 
in the decryptor's speed at unlocking doors.  Inside the armory you'll find 
armor in an open locker (leave it for later if you can) and another door with 
2 keypad locks on it.  Decrypt both locks to open up the door to the weapon 
storage room.  Inside you'll find laser trip bombs, AIMS-20's, and lots of 
Grab some laser trip bombs and all the AIMS' you can pick up (so you have as 
much ammo as you can carry for it).  On top of the shelves on the left is a 
box with 4 20mm grenades for the AIMS (the ones on the wall don't have 
grenades in them, the ones the guards drop later on, will). 
Now head back to the cross corridor (A8), we're going to plant some explosives 
there to make the fight after the security center a little easier.  There 
will be a large number of guards that spawn in the middle section of A8, and 
some carefully placed remote mines and laser trip bombs will take care of 
all of them in one fell swoop. 
Place your first remote mine right next to the door at the end near corridor 
A5.  Don't plant the mine outside the door in the room with the exit to 
Delta Sector, you want it to be inside the long center section of A8. There 
will be a guard hiding behind the boxes on the left and right, and this mine 
will take care of both of them. 
Now move back down the corridor a bit.  In the open area past the first 
bulkhead there's a yellow chevron painted on the floor.  Place a second mine 
right in the middle of it.  Place a third mine a bit further down the 
corridor, between the second set of boxes close to the chevron you just mined. 
There are two-high stacks of boxes on both sides where they start, you want 
the mine in between those stacks, close to where they start.  There will be 3 
guards here, two behind the two-high stacks, and one behind the single box 
on the right (if you are facing down the corridor towards A12). 
Now take out a laser trip bomb.  There is a guard that spawns, crouching, just 
inside the first bulkhead from the door on the A12 side, on the left as your 
facing the door.  Plant a laser trip-bomb on the wall just inside the 
bulkhead (where the wall flat with a blue and white zig-zag pattern, not 
where the wall is bare rock).  Place the bomb low on the wall, about knee 
height, so the laser will hit a crouching guard. 
Now we're done with A8, but we're going to plant a few more laser trip-bombs 
in the warehouse rooms along A12.  Go through the first warehouse room (A14) 
and into warehouse A13.  Place a trip-bomb on the set of boxes on the left 
just inside the door.  Make sure the bomb is on the flat part of the boxes 
so the laser is pointing horizontally across the warehouse, effectively 
blocking off the doorway. 
Now move towards the door to A16.  Place another trip-bomb on the boxes to 
the right of the door, on the end near the barrels, with the laser pointing 
across to block access to the doorway. 
The last laser trip-bomb we'll be placing out in corridor A16.  Place it on 
the wall next to the door to A15, so it blocks the doorway to A12. 
Now go grab the other pack of laser trip-bombs from the armory, we'll be 
using them later on.  After grabbing them, head down A16, turn left at the 
intersectionE(follow the chevron/arrows on the floor) and go into the 
security center on the right at the end of the corridor.  You'll see a scene 
with Bond sneaking in behind Kiko, and Kiko ordering the guards out and 
locking the room. 
At the far end of the room you'll find two security panels.  Open them up and 
burn the green board inside each with your laser (the red boards will cause 
an explosion that will kill you if you destroy them, so be careful).  Now head 
back to the front of the room where you'll see one of the screens has turned 
red.  Hit the action button at the red screen and the generators in the 
back of the room will begin to explode.  Take out your AIMS-20 and go stand 
by the door.  Pre-zoom the AIMS-20 if you haven't already. 
If you didn't get the Bond Move by deactivating all the security panels 
before, there will be a bunch of guards assembled outside the security 
center and in corridor A16, and you will be in for a much more difficult 
After the generators and computers finish blowing up, the door will unlock 
and open.  Head out into corridor A16 and stop at the intersection.  Turn 
right to face the door at the end of the corridor and wait for the guards 
to start coming. 
Use the scope on the AIMS-20 to aim just above the bottom of the windows in 
the door, as this will be about head height on the guards as they come down 
the corridor towards you.  The guards and commando's you are about to fight 
are tough.  If you are not using head shots it will take you a long, long 
time to kill them all.  The red beret wearing guards can take as many as 4-6 
full bursts from the AIMS-20 in the chest to kill, and the red commandos can 
take almost an entire clip depending on where you hit them.  All the guards 
and commandos, however, will drop to a single burst to the head.  Duck back 
into the cross-corridor if you need cover or have to reload. 
There will be a total of 6 guards, 2 with red berets that will come into A16 
to attack you.  When they are all dead, go into the armory and restock on 
AIMS-20 ammo and grab the armor if you need it.  Now move up towards the door 
to A12 until you see the scene with Rook deploying the elite guard.  Get 
back to the intersection in A16 where you were before, and wait for the 
commandos to come. 
Six commandos will come into A16 and attack you.  They're armed with AIMS-20's 
as well, and can do a lot of damage if you let them shoot at you for long. 
When they're all dead, collect the ammo and grenades from their guns (switch 
to grenades and reload, so you get a full 12 grenades for the AIMS, just 
make sure to switch back to burst mode after).  Grab the armor in room A15 if 
you need it, then head into warehouse A13.  You'll notice that the laser trip- 
bomb you put on the boxes has exploded already (it took out a few guards for 
you).  The bomb near the door to A14 may have detonated already, as well, 
taking out a commando or two for you. 
A total of 4 commandos will come through the door to A14 (if the bomb killed 
the first pair, you'll only see two).  Take them down as fast as possible, 
using the boxes for cover if you need.  Stay clear of the barrels in A13 and 
A14, as they'll be exploding as you pass through the rooms. 
Now switch over to remote mines and hit the alt-fire button to get the 
detonator on your watch ready.  Head towards corridor A8 with the detonator 
ready.  Open the door to the long center corridor you mined before, and hit 
the trigger to blow up all the mines (the laser-bomb should have already 
exploded killing the crouching guard near the bulkhead). 
If the mines and laser-bomb were placed in the right spots, they should kill 
all the commandos that spawn in the corridor.  If not, take out your AIMS 
and finish them off. 
Go all the way down to the end of the center section, and open the door 
to the intersection with corridor A5.  There will be some more commandos 
coming up A5, and Rook will be at the end of the corridor coming towards you. 
Open the door to A5 and toss a frag grenade down the corridor to take care 
of a few commandos, then duck back into the center section of A8.  A few 
more commandos will come from A5 and through the warehouses into A8.  Take 
them out with frag grenades and your AIMS.  Rook will be coming through the 
door from A5 shortly, and it's easier to fight him if you don't have to deal 
with any commandos at the same time. 
When you see Rook coming up A5 towards you, head back into the center section 
of A8, and go down past the second set of boxes and get ready to take cover 
behind them.  When Rook enters the corridor, hit him with a grenade from the 
AIMS.  He should go into the corner near the door behind the boxes on the 
right.  If you keep hitting him with grenades, he should stay there, making 
pithy remarks each time you hit him with a 20mm grenade.  Duck behind the 
boxes when you need to reload, and keep hitting him.  It will take a good 
8-10 hits from grenades to take him out.  If you run out, you can either 
switch to burst fire and just keep hitting him until he dies, or switch to 
the Delta Repeater and try to get in close.  He's armed with a Phoenix 
Samurai and can do a lot of damage to you, but he doesn't shoot too often 
if you keep hitting him. 
Once Rook is dead, grab the Samurai and if there is any armor left on the 
level, go grab it.  You'll want to be full armor when you start the silo's 
if you can be.  Also make sure you have at least 2 remote mines left, we'll 
be using them later.  If you don't, you can find more on top of boxes in some 
of the warehouse rooms, as well as back in the first security room where 
you disarmed the first panel. 
Now go up to the door to Delta Sector and hit action.  If you are standing 
right up against it, it won't work for some reason, but if you stand a couple 
feet back and hit the action button, the base section of the mission should 
Missile Silos 
Pre-zoom the Phoenix Samurai before you go up the the first door.  If your 
TV is kind of dark, you may want to use the low-light function of your 
glasses (hit select to change vision modes, low-light is the mode that looks 
green).  The silo beyond the first door is pretty dark, and the red commando 
inside may not be easy to see.  Open the door, but don't go into the silo 
yet.  He's usually on the right side of the silo, visible through the door, 
but occasionally he can be on the left side or near the boxes on the far side. 
Take him down with a laser shot to the head (or 4 to the body) from the 
Phoenix Samurai. 
When he's dead, take aim at the center of the window in the door on the far 
side of the silo, then move into the room.  Two guards will appear in the 
hallway behind the door, and you can shoot them with laser shots through the 
window.  If you're aimed at the center of the window, you'll be hitting them 
in the head if you start shooting as soon as they appear. 
When they're dead, move across the silo to the door leading into the hall 
they appeared in.  You'll see a laser trip-switch across the hallway near 
the door at the far end.  Toss a frag grenade down the hall to blow up the 
laser trip-bomb, but stand well back, the blast radius of the trip-bombs is 
quite large. 
In the silo beyond the hallway will be two normal guards and a red commando. 
You can stand near the door and shoot them all through the window if you 
like.  If you stand to the left of the door and aim at the right side of 
the silo beyond, they'll usually all come around into view for you to shoot 
at.  Sometimes they'll be on the left side of the silo, taking cover behind 
some boxes there. 
When they are dead, move into the silo and break out your decryptor if you 
need armor.  The keypad locked door on the far side of the silo has armor 
behind it.  Now open up the door on the left and toss a frag grenade into 
the hall to blow up the 3 laser trip bombs inside.  Stand far back until you 
see and/or hear them explode, then move into the hall. 
The next silo has two red commandos and a regular guard inside.  The two 
commandos are behind the boxes on either side, and the guard will run over 
to the boxes on the left as you approach the door.  You can switch the 
Samurai to Overcharge mode, trigger it, and then move up to the door, aiming 
through the window towards the boxes on the left.  The shot takes some time 
to fire after you pull the trigger, but when it goes off it will create a 
large explosion that should take out the commando and guard behind the boxes. 
The commando on the right can be taken out with an overcharge shot as well, 
or you can switch to the AIMS-20 and use a pair of grenades shot at the 
boxes to kill him. 
Enter the hallway on the far side of the silo and move in until you see and 
hear a grenade being tossed in.  Then back out and move to the side, the 
grenade will explode both blue barrels in the hall, and the detonation can 
blind you a bit.  After the barrels explode a guard will be coming down the 
hall.  Two shots to the body, or one to the head from the Samurai will take 
him out.  A red commando will be in the silo beyond, and will move up and 
shoot at you from just outside the doorway on the left (he'll do that lean out 
and shoot at you trick you may have seen them do in the base). 
Move into the silo after the commando is dead, and open up the door on the 
left.  There are some frag grenades and ammo inside if you need them. 
PLATINUM:EThere's also a 007 Icon in the hallway behind the left door. 
Now move around the silo to the door on the right (you'll have to go around 
the left side because of the boxes blocking the catwalk on the right).  Open 
the door and you'll see a box on the floor of the hallway near the far end. 
There's a laser trip-bomb on the back side of that box, so toss a frag grenade 
down the hall and stand back until it explodes and takes the trip-bomb with 
In the next silo will be two red commandos and one normal commando.  They 
won't spawn until you hop up on the box near the doorway.  Hop up on the right 
side of the box and crouch down immediately.  One of the commandos will spawn 
on the left side of the silo and you can take him down with a head shot from 
the Samurai.  Now open the door and proceed around the silo to the left.  The 
other commandos will have spawned behind the missile. 
You'll see a laser trip-switch through the window of the door on the right 
of the silo.  Toss a grenade towards the door to take out the bomb before 
moving into the hallway.  The bomb will explode even if the door is closed, 
so there's no need to open it before tossing the grenade. 
On the far side of the next silo you'll see some blue barrels.  There's a 
guard that spawns behind them, a regular commando on the left that will 
run and take cover behind the barrels, and a red commando on the right 
near the doorway.  Wait until you see the normal commando get close to the 
barrels and then shoot them.  The explosion should take out the guard and 
commando, leaving only the red commando to deal with.  If you have trouble 
seeing him on the right side of the silo, use the low-light glasses again. 
The keypad locked door on the right has armor behind it if you need it, and 
the decryptor will get you past the door easily enough.  Open up the door 
behind the exploded barrels and toss a frag grenade into the hall to take 
care of the 3 laser trip-bombs placed in the middle of the hallway. 
The next silo has 3 commandos in it, two red and one normal.  Usually, they 
will come up to the door to shoot at you, and you can head-shot them through 
the window.  Sometimes they'll stay a little farther back, but you can still 
shoot at them through the window in the door. 
PLATINUM:EOn top of the boxes on the far side of the silo you'll see a 007 
Now go through the door on the far side and into the hallway to the door 
leading to Omega Sector.  Like the door to Delta Sector in the base, this one 
won't activate if you are standing right up against it.  Stand a few feet 
back and hit the action button to move on to the next section of the mission. 
Shuttle Bays 
You'll start in a small corridor facing a blue and white door.  Crouch as you 
approach the door and open it.  If you aren't crouching, there's a chance the 
commando's inside the big room beyond the door will see you and become active. 
You should see 3 commandos on the catwalk on the far side of the room.  Shoot 
the red one in the middle of catwalk first, then the red and normal one on 
the left side.  There's a regular commando on the ground on the far side 
of the room, usually ducking behind some boxes.  He may also be moving around 
towards you along the left side of the room, so shoot him wherever you see 
Move out of the doorway a bit, and aim up at the catwalk above the doorway to 
your left.  There's a commando that will appear up there and shoot down at 
you.  When he's dead, turn to the right to face the last commando in the 
room.  He'll either be up on the catwalk at the top of the ramp to the right 
of the door, or coming down the ramp to fight you.  When he's dead, head 
up the ramp onto the catwalks. 
PLATINUM:EGo up the little stairs to the left at the top of the ramp and 
grab the 007 Icon on the boxes in the room there. 
Turn right at the top of the ramp and go around the catwalks into the control 
center.  Grab the armor on the table if you need it, and turn to face the 
little screen on a pedestal in front of the windows. 
When you hit the action button at the screen there, a couple things will 
happen.  The door at the far end of the big room from where you started will 
unlock and open, and commandos will begin spawning in the hallway beyond it. 
They will continue to spawn until you pass through the doorway into the halls 
beyond it, so you want to get through it as fast as possible to avoid having 
to fight too many of them. 
The fastest way to get down to the door is to head out of the control center 
to the left.  If you jump over the railing down to the floor, you'll take 
some falling damage.  If you jump over the railing in the corner, and kind 
of slide down the outside of the railing, you can land on the floor without 
taking any falling damage, and only have to face one or two guards spawning 
in the hallway.  It's a little tricky to land on the railing right, but don't 
worry too much if you take a little falling damage, it's still better than 
having to fight too many guards coming out of the hall. 
Head down the hallways, through all the doors until you reach the shuttle 
loading area.  Go across and through the doorway on the far side (it's the 
only one that will be unlocked.  Get out your laser trip-bombs, we'll be 
using them shortly.  When you go through the door and out towards the shuttle, 
you'll see a scene with Kiko appearing behind you, dropping the gantry you're 
standing on and beginning the shuttle launch sequence. 
Once the scene is over you'll be in the shuttle bays and you'll only have 20 
seconds to get into one of the bunkers or the shuttle will launch and you'll 
die.  Before going into one of the bunkers, however, we need to lay a trap 
for the guards and Ninja you'll be fighting after the first shuttle launch. 
Head out of the shuttle bay around so you're in the area between the concrete 
barriers and go to the left or right.  Where the bend in the barriers is, 
stop and place a pair or trip-bombs on the floor (so the laser is pointed 
straight up), one on either side near the barriers.  Now place a remote mine 
in between the two laser bombs, and get into the nearest control bunker.  The 
bunker doors begin closing at 10 seconds to launch, and you won't be able to 
fit through them after about 7 seconds left on the countdown. 
Sit tight inside the bunker until after the shuttle launches and switch to the 
detonator for the remote mine.  As the doors begin to open again, 3 guards 
will appear on the ground and a ninja will be running towards the door.  When 
the Ninja is on top of the remote mine, detonate it.  The explosion of the 
mine and the laser trip-bombs will kill the ninja, and probably take out 
a guard or two as well.  Use the Phoenix Samurai to take out any remaining 
guards.  There will also be a guard on the catwalks above each shuttle bay. 
You'll want to take out the catwalk guards before planting a second "ninja- 
trap" in front of one of the control bunkers, and you'll only have 60 seconds 
before the next shuttle launches.  Just make sure you set the trap in front 
of one of the bunkers, as the third side of the shuttle bay room is just a 
blank wall. 
PLATINUM:EThere are 007 Icons under each of the two remaining shuttles.  After 
the second shuttle launch, you probably won't have time to get them, so do it 
Get into the bunker you laid the trap in front of and wait for the next 
shuttle launch.  Another ninja will appear after the launch, running towards 
your trap again, and you can take him out by detonating the mine and the 
laser bombs with it. 
With the ninja this time there will be 3 commandos.  As soon as all 3 
commandos and the ninja are dead, a scene will start with Kiko swearing at 
you and you'll see Bond grapple on to the bottom of the elevator she's in. 
Kiko will then go through the door towards the remaining shuttle and grin 
at you, maliciously.  When you regain control, move up and hit the switch 
to the right of the door immediately.  If you try to open the door, or don't 
hit the switch in time, you'll fail the mission.  If you hit the switch 
before Kiko gets to the shuttle the mission is over and you'll see the ending 
Bond Moves: 
- Destroy green circuit board in all three control panels in enemy base 
  (the two panels in the large security room are separate) 
007 Icons: 
- In the ducts in the starting room 
- In the crawl space below the boxes in warehouse room A6 
- In the dead end hallway to the left off of silo D12C 
- On some boxes in front of the exit door in silo D5C 
- In the room across from the control center in the shuttle bay section 
- Under one of the remaining shuttles in the shuttle bay 
- Under the other remaining shuttle in the shuttle bay 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           1        50,000 
Opponents Dispatched: 65       75,000 
Subdued:              0        0 
Surrendered:          0        0 
Stealth Rating:       100%     25,000 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     75,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     50,000 
Time:                 15:00    25,000+ 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   Drake Card 
Silver:   Explosive Scenery Multiplayer Mode 
Gold:     Laser Upgrade 
Platinum: Pussy Galore Multiplayer Skin 
========[ Mission 12 ]======================================================== 
========[ Equinox ]=========================================================== 
Format: FPS (in space) 
- Disable the missile before they are launched 
- Defeat Drake before the base goes critical 
Equinox is a difficult mission, to be sure.  To get a Gold on Equinox, you 
need to get full points for opponents dispatched (if you don't kill all the 
guards, you'll probably be dead anyway).  You also need to get a total of 
150% combined from Health and Accuracy (ie., if you get 85% Accuracy, you'll 
need to have at least 65% Health remaining).  Getting a Platinum is actually 
easier than getting a Gold, because you can finish with a much lower score 
for accuracy and health and still get Platinum if you picked up all the 007 
The key to beating Equinox is being aware of where you are and where you need 
to be to disable the next missile or set of missiles, as well as where and 
when the guards are coming out of the airlocks, and when the big laser cannon 
is firing.  This is a lot of information to keep track of, and you won't 
really have time to think about all of this when you are trying to survive 
and shoot everything (and everyone)Eyou need to shoot.  Getting used to the 
pattern of the missile launches and where and when the guards come out is 
probably the most important factor.  If you know where things are going to 
happen before they happen, it's a lot easier to be prepared for them. 
This is a basic map of the layout of the level, with numbers representing 
the missile launch sequence. 
   =| L |     | R |= 
   (5)|   |C|   |(5) 
  c   |   |D|   |  c 
   (3)|  B| |   |(2) 
      |   | |   | 
   (1)|   | |   |(4) 
      |   | |   | 
   (5)|   | |   |(4) 
  c        C       c  C 
B - Bonds starting location 
D - Location where Drake emerges from the space station 
L - Left airlock guards emerge from 
R - Right airlock guards emerge from 
c - 007 Icons below the main deck of the station 
C - 007 Icons above the main deck of the station 
1-5 - Missile locations in the order they are launched 
The missiles all have a hatch on them that will open up with a bunch of 
green lights around it.  The lights turn off as the launch timer counts down. 
You must shoot at the coupling inside the hatch three times to destroy it 
and disable the missile.  If you watch the opening movie (with Drake talking 
about how Nightfire can't be stopped and then pressing a big red button) it 
shows you exactly where the coupling is on the missile gantry. 
At the end of Drake's little speech, two guards will come out, one from each 
Airlock (marked LEand R on the map). 
PLATINUM:EAs soon as both guards are dead the missile launch sequence will 
begin, the laser cannon will begin firing periodically, and the sets of guards 
will start coming out of the airlocks, all on a set schedule.  Run around and 
collect all the 007 Icons before you kill both guards as you probably won't 
have time to collect them once the missiles start launching. 
Here is a schedule of events that take place starting with the second guard 
being killed.  These times may be off by a second or two in some cases, and 
the laser cannon shot times are noted by when the sound begins, not when the 
shot animation graphics beginE(the shot times are when the actual shot that 
can damage you is fired). 
0:00 Second guard is killed 
     MissileEbegins launch sequence (1) 
0:12 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 0:16) 
0:16 MissileEhatch opens (1) 
     3 guards emerge from left airlock 
0:19 MissileEbegins launch sequence (2) 
0:28 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 0:32) 
0:37 MissileEhatch opens (2) 
0:40 MissileEbegins launch sequence (3) 
     3 guards emerge from right airlock 
0:44 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 0:48) 
0:54 3 guards emerge from left airlock 
0:56 MissileEhatch opens (3) 
1:00 2 missiles begin launch sequence (4) 
     Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 1:05) 
1:12 3 guards emerge from right airlock 
1:16 2 missile hatches open (4) 
     Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 1:20) 
1:32 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 1:36) 
1:46 3 missiles begin launch sequence (5) 
     2 guards emerge from each airlock 
1:48 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 1:52) 
2:02 3 missile hatches open (5) 
2:08 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 2:12) 
2:20 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 2:24) 
2:36 Laser cannon begins to fire (shot at 2:40) 
3:04 Drake emerges from station (and begins shooting rockets at you) 
Killing Drake 
After all the missiles are disarmed and the laser cannon destroys the first 
reflector satellite (effectively disabling the cannon), Drake will emerge from 
the station after a large piece of debris smashes into it.  The big laser 
cannon won't fire any more aimed shots, but the beam is still firing and will 
kill you if you move into it. 
Drake fires homing missiles at you that will do significant damage if they 
hit.  The missiles can be destroyed with a shot from your Phoenix Samurai, 
but you are better off saving your shots for Drake (unless you hit them as 
soon as they are fired, and then they'll blow up and damage Drake as well). 
Keep shooting Drake until he starts spinning like the guards did when they 
died, and keep moving, even after Drake is dead.  The missiles Drake has fired 
will continue to home in on you, even after he's dead, and they can still kill 
you.  You are not safe until the mission complete text comes up.  Also note 
that you cannot move fast enough to dodge the missiles when you are in manual 
aim mode, so you'll have to dodge them and pick your shots on Drake when you 
have time (or simply shoot him without manually aiming if you are close enough 
to not need it). 
Congratulations, you've just saved the world.  After the ending movie and the 
scoring screens, you'll get to see a shot "making of" movie, followed by 
the credits. 
007 Icons: 
- In front of the laser cannon barrel 
- Below the main deck between the first two missiles on the right 
- Below the main deck between the first two missiles on the left 
- Below the main deck in the back left corner 
- Below the main deck in the back right corner 
- High above main deck near the center reflector satellite 
- High above main deck near the right reflector satellite 
Scoring Summary:      Target   Points Possible 
Bond Moves:           0        0 
Opponents Dispatched: 15       100,000 
Subdued:              0        0 
Surrendered:          0        0 
Stealth Rating:       0        0 
Accuracy Rating:      100%     100,000 
Health Remaining:     100%     100,000 
Time:                 4:15     0 
007 Bonus:            7        150,000 
Bronze:   James Bond Card 
Silver:   Goldeneye Strike Multiplayer Scenario 
Gold:     Sniper Rifle Upgrade 
Platinum: Bond Space Suit Multiplayer Skin 
====[ Cheats ]================================================================ 
This is a list of all the cheat codes listed on the GameFAQs.com FAQs, message 
boards, and cheat codes section as of this writing. 
Race Mode in Enemies Vanquished: 
Xbox: Hold L-trigger and press X, X, B, B, Y, then release 
PS2:  Hold L1 and press circle, circle, square, square, triangle, then release 
GCN:  Hold L and press right, right, left, left, up, then release 
Level unlocks: 
POWDER   - Alpine Escape 
TRACTION - Enemies Vanquished 
BONSAI   - Double Cross 
HIGHRISE - Night Shift 
MELTDOWN - Chain Reaction 
FLAME    - Phoenix Fire 
AQUA     - Deep Descent 
PARADISE - Island Infiltration 
BLASTOFF - Countdown 
VACUUM   - Equinox 
PASSPORT - Unlock all levels 
AUEPP7   - Gold PP7 
P2000    - P2K 
AUEP2K   - Gold P2K 
SCOPE    - Sniper Rifle Scope 
MAGAZINE - Sniper Rifle Magazine 
LAUNCH   - Missiles (for vehicles) 
PHOTON   - Laser 
ZAP      - Stunner 
LIFTOFF  - Grapple 
SHUTTER  - Camera 
SESAME   - Decryptor 
SLEEPY   - Dart Gun 
QELAB    - All weapon and gadget upgrades 
Mutliplayer modes: 
BOOM     - Explosive Scenery 
TARGET   - Assassination 
TNT      - Demolition 
GUARDIAN - Protection 
TEAMWORK - Team King of the Hill 
ORBIT    - Goldeneye Strike 
TRANSMIT - Uplink 
GAMEROOM - All Multiplayer modes 
Multiplayer skins: 
ZEROEG   - Bond Spacesuit 
BLACKTIE - Bond Tux 
CIRCUS   - Pussy Galore 
SLICK    - Elektra King 
MARTIAL  - Wai Lin 
MIDAS    - Goldfinger 
BOWLER   - Oddjob 
VOODOO   - Baron Samedi 
DENTAL   - Jaws 
BADGIRL  - Mayday 
ASSASSIN - Scaramanga 
BITESIZE - Nick Nack 
HEADCASE - Renard 
BLIMP    - Max Zorin 
NUCLEAR  - Christmas Jones 
JANUS    - Xenia Onatopp 
NUMBERE1 - Drake 
PARTY    - All skins 
====[ Legal Fine Print and whatnot ]========================================== 
Thanks (and credit) is due to all my friends who helped me learn the ins and 
outs of Nightfire and alerted me to various Bond Moves and 007 Icon locations. 
Thanks to all the people that have submitted codes and guides before me on 
GameFAQs.com for various codes and cheats. 
Thanks also to Scott Parr and Jim James for factual corrections and 
additional strategy. 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. 
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders. 
If you find factual errors or have comments, feel free to drop me a line: 
Copyright (c) 2003 Chrome Tiger Software, Inc. 

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