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Ayama gives Starfox:Assault an 8/10 06/14/07 Ayamathefox
Better luck next time 04/25/05 BloodFalcon64
Pass the salt 07/07/05 clarkisdark
When ethnic space animals attack... 12/17/07 Crestfallen Dreamer
A much maligned, but ultimately good, game 12/06/07 darkknight109
Not for everyone, but a fun thrill ride while it lasts. 04/16/13 DarthVenom
I'm a space cowboy... 04/23/07 discoinferno84
This Fox Needs Change 01/30/07 EJRICH
Despite Namco's Experiments, Assault stands as a worth Star Fox game 04/18/11 FuzzyJello
A mixed bag, resulting in a slightly above-mediocre game. 03/20/05 G_Nemesis
Get the bug spray 03/28/07 ice beam
All ships report in! 02/03/06 kirby_64
A fun single player mode while it lasts, and a decent Multiplayer, but it's still dissappointing 05/05/06 Knuckles83
Single-Player Review from an Honest Fan 05/12/05 maxwell95
Basic Star Fox gameplay. You run or fly around blowing up everything that you see. 08/17/06 Oliwam
How about that! Slippy is STILL annoying! 03/03/08 PrinceMallow
Star Fox Assault is easily the best in the series thus far and an exciting vision of things to come. 07/07/08 rarehunter_idol
Star Fox Assault: Some Good Some Bad 10/16/06 Ripper
Fox McCloud returns to the skies...well for a little while at least. 02/25/05 ShadowFox50
Starfox has changed... but in a good way? 03/07/05 ShaheerRahman
A lot of fun, but certainly weighed down by some flaws. Is it still worth it? 07/25/11 SuperSmashBro13
Star Fox returns to some of it's roots 07/24/06 Unkownver2
The weakest entry in the Star Fox series yet 03/01/07 wolverinefan
Slightly disappointing, but very easy to warm up to 03/30/05 xxchadxx

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Not as awesome as Star Fox 64, but a great game nonetheless. 02/23/05 Blairville
Great, if multiplayer is what you are looking for. 01/24/08 camroidv27
Disappointing at best 02/02/05 Captain Username
I didn't think it would be THIS good! 02/14/05 EBunleashed
Another Star Fox lacking with levels. 10/25/12 goldmario64
Solid Star Fox game with unused potential 12/13/17 Hakuoh
The good name of Star Fox is smeared by mediocrity again. 02/06/05 John_Hartigan
Even as a big Star Fox fan, its hard to recommend buying this game. 02/03/05 JurassicRabbit
Get ready! Fox and his crew are back in an all-new adventure! 02/03/05 kirbyroks
A Fun, Easy to Get Into Space Shooter From the Gods of Flight Games 04/18/05 kiriyama2
What? This game isn't that similar to Starfox 64? Think I care? 02/18/05 KoolKirby
The Year of the Fox 02/14/05 L0rd Crump
Might Not Reach a Great Scale, but still Good. 11/14/08 mattycakes10
With SFA you can ignore the NGC game that came before it 03/14/05 Mewtwo64
Star Fox Assault, Star Fox evolved 02/25/05 Mr Floppy
Nintendo has a perfect formula for success with SF and SF64. Namco refused to follow it. 02/02/05 NateJu1727
Fox And His Team Are Back.. And Missed The Point Completely 02/22/05 NeoNess
Nintendoman1987 Review - Assault brings the series together! 09/13/11 NintendoMan1987
Worth getting a Gamecube for. 02/01/05 number
Not bad, but it could have been better. 02/09/05 Phoenix_Hedghog
A Welcome Return for the Star Fox Crew. 03/29/05 PopMartian33106
I think they forgot something...I think its called...replay value 03/15/05 ryanm32
Namco did this? I'm impressed. 02/18/05 shadowthebat
A great game, but it's not the classic that Starfox 64 was 02/11/05 Six_Six_Majin
An excellent continuation of the Star Fox franchise. 02/03/05 Tarravan
Namco, you've done good! 03/25/05 TPitch
You thought it couldn't get any worse? It has. 03/29/05 Ultimate Sub Zero
What happened here? 02/18/05 VRaptorX
Finally, a real Star Fox game again 11/19/07 Xevnest24

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CGR Undertow - STAR FOX ASSAULT for Nintendo GameCube Video Game Review
CGR Undertow - STAR FOX ASSAULT for Nintendo GameCube Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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