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Gold Medal Guide by blue729

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/01/07

                            .iiS;,iiii;:7,;,:,ir, ....iri.;Sa0@Br0MM       
                         :ZW::::.    .. :.i:;,SMiiWMX:aWZ rZ2;  80         
                       ,aSX                                  .MZi          
                    .. WX                                  XMZ;            
                    . r:                               irXB0,              
                     :,                         ..  7228Z:                 
                     :       .,i2.. ,,;;iSMMBX: 88ii;,                     
                     ,S.       @i    . ,;i .., .                         ..
               .,8i   rMS      X2XrSSrrSar .,rrBXSr:;               .iSX2M8
            iii, MX    .X0;     ., .             .,:a7XWBar.;X27:7SSS7; SZ.
        .7S7:   :B,:;r.072X                       ,i    ,7X ,7Sr      :MZ  
       ZM;,      XX:.                             ,0aSa.            ;MW,   
    .:XX                                            . ;;X7aZX :@B87iW2     
 ;7;7;                                  ,X88 .     .8       ,  ;;i,        
 2MZ:        .   ;i::.             .rXZ2ZZXM.    .,Z7                      
   7ZWBXii. S8i2MSX;B8M   .::iWWr:0@Ba;   .Z    @Mi                        
               :.     rM; 7M;:;;          M8  ;MX                          
                    :X887raM              7M  8M                           
                  :W887aW7                 rM8  MZ                         
               . XM  Wi                     MM BM                          
                  Mi .:              .,,XaaB. iM                           
                  :aXr7Wi             .7rii;SX,                            

S T A R    F O X    A S S A U L T

  [0000]               sf_00.assault\\Gold Medal Guide               [0000]

                         GAME_star fox assault
                         COPYRIGHT_2006 Jacob Stutsman\\]

[0100]...................sf_01.assault\\Version History and Legal Info
[0400]...................sf_04.assault\\Items and Weapons
[0503]................................\\Sargasso Space Zone
[0505]................................\\Asteroid Belt
[0508]................................\\Orbital Gate
[0509]................................\\Aparoid Homeworld
[0510]................................\\Homeworld Core
[0600]...................sf_06.assault\\Enemy List
[0700]...................sf_07.assault\\Contact Information

  [0100]        sf_01.assault\\Version History and Legal Info        [0100]

[07.15.06]...................Guide Began

[07.17.06]...................Guide Posted

[07.28.06]...................Added the Star Fox team logo and an enemy list, 
                             as well as corrected most of the mistakes in 
                             this guide.

[12.02.06]...................Some tricks implemented.

[05.01.07]...................Some tempered editions, tricks added, hopefully
                             making this the final update.

This legal info is mostly an addendum. The universe won't be much of a 
different place just because people know who made this guide. Streets won't 
suddenly be safer. If the game burned a little fresher in everybody's minds, 
then I might care a little more, but the theatrical production of this guide 
is most certainly a footnote. I would still appreciate credit if this is used 
in any form or fashion as long as no other name is attached to the 

  [0200]                 sf_02.assault\\Introduction                 [0200]

This is the only guide I have ever written besides a Fire Emblem support 
script I posted on IGN (looking back now, I actually have a second, although 
this is perhaps the only one that could actually be classified in the genus 
of a "guide" – I wave the right of liability in case I procreate more).

Games are ultimately compelling because unlike music or acting or painting, 
skill can be judged on a sliding scale. As anybody who grew up in the 80s can 
attest to, arcade cabinets produced some of the worst of times and best of 
times in competitive advantage. My own local laundry mat had Pacman and 
Galaga, primordial games even by those standards. Some people walked the 
earth to find an archenemy - a Mr. Glass if you will - a burdensome, lonely 
task for even the brightest avarice. The superhero cannot be complete without 
his antithesis, only the details of who was the superhero and who was the bad 
guy got lost in the fold. Every week you'd check to see if your high score 
had been obliterated (usually by someone who cleverly named himself ASS), 
like a tornado had blown by and taken your medal of honor, and it was your 
place in the universe to reclaim it. Sometimes the inconceivable happened and 
you met your worst enemy at the cabinet, sometimes you only communicated 
through skill. It was like Foreman and Ali trading punches in the jungle. 
Tensions escalated. Warning shots were fired. Combat reached full crescendo 
until someone's skills were exhausted. This is how the arcade scene of the 
80s went. Now we have times and completion percentages as accurate 
barometers, but the spirit has basically been transliterated from the body of 
the ape. As a personal pledge, I have never had the flash-in-a-can 
reactionary speed to be great at any game, nor have I had the guttural grit 
to even try. I have done a 2% run in Metroid Fusion, an hour speed run in 
Super Metroid, and a 26% run in Prime, but that has been the extent of my 

I have always wanted Star Fox Assault despite the contingency of critics. I 
received it for my birthday, the all too obvious DVD case beneath the neatly 
wrapped paper. As my first true Star Fox experience, I took the time to 
sample its piquant flavor, but it went back in its box after I had defeated 
the Aparoid army. However, after my Metroid Zero Mission low-percentage run 
had hit a wall, I went back to Star Fox Assault and began the noble ambition 
of collecting everything in the game. The silvers were loathsome beasts as I 
took up an intense struggle of collecting them, so I figured most of the 
golds were a reality beyond any dimension I could traverse. But like any game 
with a depth of experience such as this one, practice yielded perfection, and 
despite whatever birth scars this game carried from its belabored conception, 
Star Fox Assault morphed into a daily addiction. Now, two and a half weeks 
later, I have polished off a perfect file by completing the last big 
challenge, the Asteroid Belt. I have written this FAQ as an encore. Even if 
you need to turn here for help, collecting all the golds is in fact carrying 
on the spirit of those videogame pioneers who saw a higher pursuit in what 
they were doing.

This guide is not meant to be a walkthrough despite words to the contrary in 
each section. It might incur on such because to get golds in this game you 
must know the wrinkles and folds that makes it what it is, but I have a 
lesser intention of describing in any detail how to 86 the game. It is my 
intention to explain the premium way I found to achieve a gold. It's to your 
advantage to check out every section of the guide. There is nothing basic 
about any of the information in here. Even when it's explaining something as 
simple as the Landmaster, it will describe to your benefit just how it can 
help you in achieving a gold badge.

  [0300]                    sf_03.assault\\Basics                    [0300]

This section doesn't so much illustrate the basics of the game as it does 
explain the necessities of life in a Star Fox Assault gold medal run. If most 
of the golds feel like a vague impossibility left up to men of a much itchier 
trigger finger, then master these tricks to see the difficulty of earning one 
depreciate in value rather swiftly.


If you're new to this game, then the gauge in the top right corner of the 
screen under the hits bar is the combo display. As enemies are destroyed, the 
gauge will catapult to green and then slowly trickle back down to red before 
disappearing entirely. The only way to keep your combos going is to prevent 
the gauge from emptying. Combos are important for collecting the silver and 
gold medals because the more enemies that are destroyed in one combo, the 
more it will add to your hit score. 

10 combo - +5 hits
20 combo - +10 hits
30 combo – +15 hits
40 combo - +20 hits
50 combo - +25 hits
60 combo - +30 hits

Anything after that levels out at +30. There is a certain deceptive art to 
combos to keep them going for sometimes 100 or 200 at a time. Filling it is 
the hardest part, as it'll quickly run out like a motorbike with a gas leak. 
Enemy swarms are the best way to satiate your aggression and build a healthy 
combo. Once at its peak you will have about ten or fifteen seconds before it 
matriculates back to zero, so don't feel like you have to make like the Flash 
and destroy every last critter as soon as you can. Spreading your kills out 
is the best policy if you're not certain that you will reach the subsequent 
enemy swarm in time. Be judicious with your combos because when you're on 
foot, some enemies will take a fully charged shot to kill while the weaker 
enemies will only take a single shot, even on gold. If your combo is in 
danger of ending, then focus on destroying the most enemies in the shortest 
amount of time. The shielded Aparoids are best saved for last, and even if 
you have to charge your shot to kill them, they will typically recoup 
anything you lost on the combo gauge while you were busy charging.

Hit Bonuses

The three on rails Arwing missions, Fortuna, Asteroid Belt, and Homeworld 
Core, require a different strategy since combos are swapped for hit bonuses. 
Typically you will receive a +10 in hits if you defeat enemy squadrons. This 
includes enemies of the same class that appear at the same time or fly 
together, almost always in groups of three, four, or five, although they can 
go higher. Instead of firing blindly and picking up only a few hits, focus on 
these groups to see your score increase exponentially. This is called a Group 

There are also bonuses for taking out five or more enemies with a single 
shot. This will start with a +10, but will increase depending on how many you 
kill. This is called a Blast Bonus.

Not All Enemies Are Equal

This is simple, but it's advantageous for you to know. Most enemies only go 
for a paltry single hit, but a select few go for as much as an additional +3, 
+5, +7, or +10. These include battleships, mechs, bosses, force field 
generators, and those shelled tank Aparoids. Because of their hit total, they 
are often much harder to defeat than a normal enemy, so pack accordingly. A 
lot of them will appear on the Arwing missions, but if you're playing an on 
foot mission, then there are a few soft balls, like the barrel dispenser, and 
a few spit balls, like the shielded Aparoids. The exceptionally armored 
enemies like the shield generator on the Aparoid Homeworld can shred a combo 
right in half if you're not careful because they take so long to defeat.

One final note. The +1 you get for defeating an enemy and the hit bonus are 
two completely different things. Every enemy will give you a +1 simply for 
destroying them. The tougher enemies, however, will give you the bonus on top 
of that, so you'll get a +1 for defeating them and a +3 for how tough the are 
for a grand total of +4 added to your hit score.

Key Differences in Difficulty

If you're any good at Star Fox, then bronze should be like peewee football to 
a pro. Silver is where the complex chess combo strategies come into play. You 
will need to guard your health, although for any player well versed with this 
game, it is possible to leave a lot to be desired and still come out with the 
medal. Gold, however, is another story altogether. Often times you will have 
to decide whether to go in OK corral style with guns blazing and health on 
life support in order to keep a precious combo alive. The medical kits are 
scarcer, the enemies are harsher, and it will take a conspicuously steady 
hand to be able to expertly strafe (which might be more difficult given 
Namco's penchant for blundering the controls just a smidgen). It's very 
possible to come out 100 points over the allotted score your first time, 
however, if you chose to play a level that perfectly and leave nothing to 
chance, get used to dying. A lot.

The only other difference is that in the end silver will multiply your score 
and gold will triple it. More about that a few sections down.

Time is Only as Big of a Factor as You Want it to Be

Barring a time limit, you will have all the time under the sun to exhume 
every last enemy. The swifter you finish a level, the more points you will be 
given in the end. Finish a level in about seven minutes and you will be given 
about 200 extra points. By ten or eleven minutes you're only looking at 150 
points, and by twenty minutes you're only going to get about 50. However, 
this simply will not matter depending on how many enemies you destroy. For 
instance, if a silver badge requires 1400 points, then you need to collect 
700 hits, which in the end will be multiplied by two. Time will not be a 
factor in this case. If you're going to employ this strategy, it's still best 
to turn on the jets, as time will become a factor if you run out of enemies 
to skunk. However, you should not feel as suffocated by time as you would 
normally be. Time is the biggest issue on the Arwing missions since it's hard 
to control how many enemies you face, but since you're on rails most of the 
time anyway, it's not worth thinking about.

The only cautionary tale is that once you're on the declining slope of half 
an hour, it will begin deducting points from your total, but it's so small 
that you usually would not notice it. I would not recommend leaving it the 
possibility that you missed out on a badge by ten points because you were out 
sight seeing though.


The radar is an important set piece implicit in locating enemies quickly 
(especially on Fachina), so you will probably want to become intimate with 
it. Normal enemies are yellow. The main targets are red. If the dot is big, 
that means they are on the same plain as you. If they are small, then they 
are either above or below you. Space and air enemies are denoted by a light 
blue dot or triangle, but due to the dimensions of space, locating an enemy 
might be a difficult task, so there is a measure of trust you must have with 
your instinct, too. Special ships like battleships will be marked larger than 
all the rest and in a color like orange.

You cannot be too dependent on your radar though. Many times enemies won't 
even appear until you get within range of them (some don't even appear until 
others are defeated), so it's to your advantage to explore each level and 
know where the enemies are located.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is the only path to intimacy with a level and to where it's best to 
build up your combos. For instance, I struggled to get above the 2300 mark on 
the Katina level. A few days later I got nearly 2600 just checking something 
for this guide. I hardly practiced the level; I simply got better at the 
game. The Arwing missions in particular will demand an internal roadmap of 
the level since you cannot reverse footing if you miss something. I cannot 
stress enough how important it is to go into a level with an upbeat attitude. 
At one point I couldn't get above a 1600 in the Asteroid Belt and couldn't 
see how I'd ever make up such a huge difference. A couple hours proved to be 
just what I needed.

Final Score

Once you complete the mission, it will take your total hits (different from 
enemies destroyed as this total will take into account combos and such) and 
add (or subtract) your time bonus. That total then will be multiplied by two 
for the silver level or multiplied by three for the gold level to reach your 
final score. Max combo will not factor in at all, and unlike Star Fox 64, 
neither will ship mates saved, so if they are hopelessly impeding your quest 
for a badge, then don't feel any remorse over letting them hang out to dry. 
Slippy, however, can be useful by giving you a gauge on a boss's health.

  [0400]               sf_04.assault\\Items and Weapons              [0400]

NOTE: Switching weapons is obviously an awkward process on dual stick. The D-
pad is hard to reach in the heat of combat, and you'll have to cycle through 
all your weapons to reach the desired one with the A button. When you're 
going from the machine gun to the blaster and have to go through so many 
useless ones, it's a cumbersome process. To cut down on time, pick up only 
what you need. Keep only the machine gun and the homing launcher handy. On 
the rare occurrence you find the gatling gun, you will want to add it to your 
repertoire, and on Corneria you will obviously need to pick up the sniper 


The Landmaster is not always the best idea for levels with multiple plateaus, 
but for wide-open terrain such as Katina or Fachina, it is a formidable 
beast. Just one shot is as powerful as a charged shot from your blaster. You 
do not want to be close to your target though as it has a penchant for 
damaging you every time you fire. Any smaller, weaker enemy can be run over. 
You do not want to test out its armor as Peppy has a tendency to put the 
replacement in the worst place possible, and that can ruin some gold medal 
runs. Roll whenever you want to avoid something, as simple movements can be a 
cumbersome process. Use the boost by pressing the X button whenever you're 
moving. If you need to destroy the Landmaster for whatever reason, then you 
can hit it yourself. This can be useful if you don't want to go into a 
certain section or boss fight with a Landmaster on life support.


The blaster is of course the most well-rounded, catchall weapon. The weak 
Aparoids will only take a single shot while the harder Aparoids will take a 
charged blue shot. The shielded Aparoids and turrets won't go down unless you 
charge it up all the way. A select few enemies like the shield generators and 
electrical balls on the Aparoid Homeworld will take multiple fully charged 
shots. I use the blaster 90% of the time, as almost every swarm you encounter 
will have a healthy mix of weak and strong Aparoids.

Machine Gun

Though hypothetically useful, I find very little use for it in practice. It 
won't even dent the more powerful Aparoids, and since they are plentiful on 
gold, it makes things slow going. The main thing you have to worry about is 
the combo. The blaster will take care of all weak Aparoids just fine, and 
while it's nice not to have to charge and possibly miss with the mid level 
Aparoids, it isn't that much faster. I find it's most useful with the 
humanoids on Sargasso or in the caves of Sauria. Use it at your own 

Homing Launcher

This weapon is very useful when there are plenty of powerful Aparoids around. 
It's really too slow for anything else. The problem is that like the machine 
gun you will often find mixes of Aparoid types, so unless you've honed weapon 
switching to a fine art, it's hard to use. Luckily, on gold there are plenty 
of swarms of harder Aparoids. The farther you go in the game the more homing 
launcher ammo you'll find to the point where there's so much on the Aparoid 
Homeworld that you probably won't even be able to use it all. Most Aparoids 
will fall in one hit. Some, like the shield generators, take two. On certain 
missions it can the opus for ground-to-air combat due to its powerful homing 
capabilities. Use it to easily save teammates from danger, or just pick a few 
enemies off if the sky gets too crowded. If your Arwing gets trashed and it 
takes too long to appear again, this is the perfect alternative.

Sniper Rifle

Though powerful, you obviously have to be cognizant of your combos, and the 
sniper just takes too much time to line up and fire. There are a couple 
reasons I've never used this outside of Corneria. There are too many things 
blocking your field of vision. The majority of enemies it's useless for. The 
homing launcher is better. Some enemies don't appear until you get close. And 
once you clear out an area to actually be able to fire it, what's the point?

Gatling Gun

The upside is apparent the moment you fire this weapon. It is basically 
unstoppable, like a much more powerful machinegun. When you get your hands on 
this doomsday machine, use it while in a pinch. You will probably only get 
200 ammo on any one level, and it goes fast.

About as useless as an Eskimo using a refrigerator. I don't know, perhaps 
you'd find some use for it, but to me it's like throwing snowballs at a tank. 
I'd rather stick to my old faithful blaster. Even if I was blessed with the 
arm of Roger Clemens, I'd still rather just pick the enemies off one by one 

Sensor Bomb

Even more useless. Instead of booby-trapping the haunted mansion hoping to 
catch an Aparoid asleep at the wheel, you could be killing them with your 

Plasma Cannon

This weapon can only be used on Fachina and Corneria. Don't even bother 
taking your finger off the fire button since it has unlimited ammo. You will 
have to be very precise, especially with enemies on the ground, but subtle 
movements are all you need. Coupled with the radar it can make difficult 
missions a lot easier.


These items can be useful when you're close to death and there aren't any 
first aid kits around, in particular when those flying enemies that explode 
on contact are about to hit you. They don't last long, so make sure you're 
not over confidant and unprotected when it wears off. If you're having 
trouble getting through a level alive, this is a great item to have.

First Aid Kits

There are three types of kits: green, silver, and gold. For some reason I 
don't remember seeing any silver in the game. Perhaps I wasn't paying 
attention to the color. Anyway, the golds are very rare and are listed 
separately under the items list. Don't use it unless you're that desperate.

Power Upgrades

These are incredible useful on gold. You will not only be able to take down 
more ships, but you will be saving time if you get it on the free-range 
stages or a boss. Although it is very possible to get a gold on the final 
mission without it, two laser upgrades makes it much easier. Once you get two 
of the greens, you will be fully powered up. I don't remember ever seeing a 
red one, but it's in the instruction booklet, so I guess the truth is somehow 
out there. It really has all the social awareness of Loch Ness or Big Foot. I 
believe any upgrade will evaporate if your ship gets decimated to a certain 
point of no return just like in Star Fox 64.


There's not much to say about rings. You will get them for saving teammates 
or from teammates when you're low on health or in predetermined spots. Golds 
are very rare. You'll sometimes see them on the Orbital Gate or Aparoid 
Homeworld level when you defeat enemies.

Smart Bombs

In my opinion, the best way to use a bomb is to rack up kills you would 
otherwise not get when you're being overwhelmed. They don't make that big of 
a difference on tough enemies unless they're about to disappear and you want 
the kill. Unfortunately they require a bit of precision or else you might 
risk wasting it in an open space.


Stragglers don't want a game over, so grab as many 1-Ups as you can. When you 
die on the on rail missions, you'll start over at a certain checkpoint, and 
when you die on the on foot missions, you'll usually start over at a cutscene 
break. On Sauria they're basically useless since there are no breaks. They 
don't replenish if you die like any other weapons or items, so they only 
appear once. Some 1-Ups only appear if you die. Some only appear if you die 
two or three times, but most of those aren't listed here, not only because 
they are hard to find and test for, but because if you're having that much 
trouble, then you might as well practice.

  [0500]                  sf_05.assault\\Walkthrough                 [0500]

Each level is divided into several cavernous subsections. I begin by listing 
my own personal take on the difficulty of each stage. Obviously since this 
guide covers the gold badges, most missions will be in the upper echelon of 
difficulty. "Badge Score" will cover the score you need for each badge. In 
that section, I listed my own personal score. "Items and Health" lists 
everything I could find. Obviously all the plentiful weapons like machine 
guns and homing launchers are dropped from this guide through a small 
incision. Sometimes I'll throw in a gatling gun though. "Preparations and 
Notes" provides a one-paragraph overview of the level, anything of importance 
you need to know, and the best way to go about a mission. "Walkthrough" tends 
to resemble an actual walkthrough on the Arwing missions, as knowing where 
the enemies come from is of extreme pertinence. On the rest of the missions, 
I usually provide good strategies that you can emulate and any of the finer 
details you need to know. If there's a boss, then that will be listed in the 
next section along with strategies to defeat it on gold. "Final Score" 
tabulates what kind of ballpark figure you would need for both time bonus and 
kill bonus to get both a gold and silver.

   [0501]                    Fortuna: A New Enemy                    [0501]

Difficulty – 7/10

Badge Levels

Bronze Badge - 450
Silver Badge – 1100
Gold Badge – 2300

My Score - 2472

Items and Health


- When you're in the base on Fortuna, there's a 1-Up after the rails.

Power Upgrades

- About thirty seconds in after the last string of fighters, there will be a 
Power Upgrade sitting in the middle of the screen.
- There's a Power Upgrade about halfway through the forest on Fortuna.

Silver Rings

- If you save Slippy early on, he will give you a Silver Ring right when 
Peppy gives the audio cue to strike.
- Slippy will again give you a Silver Ring as you're fighting the mech.
- When you arrive on the planet of Fortuna, it's under the arch in the bottom 
left corner.
-When you first enter the base on Fortuna, there will be a Silver Ring in the 
right white canister in the third row.
- Just beyond that there will be another one in the first large canister you 
come to sort of in the middle on the right.
- When you pass the rails, there are three large canisters. The ring is in 
the back right one.
- On bronze and silver, the Aparoid Moth gives you Silver Rings when you 
defeat his wings, but not on gold.


- Between the second and third large battleships the first time you see them.
- Falco will give you one between the second and third battleships when you 
see them for the second time.
- Falco will give you a bomb right before you enter the base on Fortuna if 
you saved him in the forest.

Preparations and Notes

There's very little in the way of actual preparation for this level. If you 
can do it in eight and a half minutes, you'll receive about a 200 time bonus, 
which means about 570 kills will do the trick. This means you'll have to pull 
off a lot of G Bonuses, and if you can, some B Bonuses. The battleships have 
individual parts that you can blow off for more hits. The space mech has a 
secret documented in this guide. Once you get to the surface, you'll often 
have to choose between destroying the ships or destroying the mechs. The 
ships are only occasionally in formations, and the mechs, while tough, have 
separate parts, which makes destroying them useful. Chances are this mission 
will take multiple tries and a bit of luck unless you're an expert at the 
Arwing missions.


This mission starts out a little slow. Even on gold, they'll throw you a bit 
of a softball. After the first enemy is taken out, an enemy swarm will 
appear, so mop them up with a charged shot for an easy +10 bonus. Slippy is 
being hounded by a single enemy, but the real challenge will be taking care 
of the huge contingency of enemies streaking in from the side. It would be to 
your benefit to destroy all of them for a +10, however, it's a very hard 
task. After they disappear, two ships will fly toward you, and then a third 
will trail behind. Take out all three for another bonus. Grab the Power 

Here's where the G Bonuses will really begin racking up. Four sets of two 
enemies fly in from the corners. All eight will yield a bonus. At the same 
time, two enemies will be in front of you to either side. Take them out for a 
bonus. When Peppy tells you to strike, tightly knit sets of five enemies will 
attack you. It can be a bit hard to take them all out, but each set will give 
you a +10 bonus. Hit the purple nodes on the large spacecrafts to destroy 
them and get a +3 each. Individual parts to the left and right of the nodes 
will net you points. Destroy the entire set of battleships to get a +10. A 
large squadron of fighters will roar in. Try to take them all out for another 

Now this is where the secret trick of the illuminati comes in. You can 
destroy the space mech for an easy +7, but before you attack him, take out 
the three detachable guns that he employs. There's two to his left, above and 
below him, and one to his right. Once they're destroyed, pound the space mech 
into oblivion (or Bolivian if you're Mike Tyson), rolling wildly whenever he 
shoots at you. If you defeat him before he reemploys the guns, which should 
be a cakewalk if you don't miss a beat (especially if you use a bomb), a 
swarm of spaceships appear. This trick is essential because once you destroy 
one swarm another will appear, and this will continue until you reach a 
certain part of the level. Each swarm nets you a +10 bonus. Other spaceships 
will appear, but they are irrelevant, as the enemy swarms will garner you far 
more points. This trick should ensure an easy gold for this level.

Once this part is completed, the large spacecrafts will appear again. Between 
the first and second spacecrafts will be a set of three enemies that will 
offer up a +10 bonus. As you defeat the final spacecraft, a set of four 
enemies will appear for another bonus.

The invisibility-cloaked crafts can be tricky. You can knock off parts of 
them for a +1, however, it's best just to take out the entire thing with a 
few charged shots and get the entire +5. After the first two are defeated, 
another squadron of fighters will appear. You only have to defeat a few to 
get a +10, so focus on them in sets. Two cloaked crafts will appear at the 
same time. Using a bomb is optional. When you're just about finished with 
them, a set of three fighters will roar in together in a horizontal line at 
the top of the screen, giving a G Bonus when defeated. The six subsequent 
fighters flying in from the side will also give you a bonus, as will the five 
at the very end before Oikonny flees for Fortuna.

Most of the enemies at the beginning of Fortuna are individual, so focus on 
picking them off. When you're under the last arch, you can pick off three 
enemies coming in from the sides for a G Bonus. As you enter the forest, 
you'll get a +10 for saving Falco. Most of the mechs and robots from here to 
the end of the level have several parts that can be taken out, so hammer them 
as hard as you can until they're gone. There are two mechs to the left as you 
enter the forest and a few fighters that come out of a hole to the left. Most 
of the mechs are in a straight line from here on out, but there's one hiding 
behind a rock on the right. There are also a few fighters coming in from the 
side and a fighter coming in from the top. Once you come out from the forest 
and into the canyon, there will be three fighters at the top. Two shelves of 
enemies can be taken out for a +10. Between the two shelves there's a set of 
three enemies that can also be destroyed for bonuses, as can all the mechs on 
the runway.

Before you enter the base, charge up your shot, and when the doors open, blow 
the squadron up in tandem for both a G and B bonus. Two mechs come from 
either side on the ground, as well as two sets of two fighters that streak in 
from the sides on top. All of the white canisters can be destroyed for an 
easy +1. Slippy will be hounded by a single enemy here. Before the rails, two 
mechs will be on either side, and as you enter the rails, two enemies will 
streak in from the top and bottom. Two fighters will come from the left from 
between the columns. Once you get past the rails, you will see a mech on your 
right. More fighters will come in from the sides. Help Krystal for a +10. Two 
mechs will be in front of you and two on the shelf to the left. Two fighters 
will come from the right. Take out all the blue mechs in front of you (a 
carefully timed bomb might work), and as the doors open, you reach Oikonny at 
the other end of the base.

Boss – Oikonny and Aparoid Moth

Oikonny is so easy he's barely worth mentioning, even on gold. The only 
worthwhile tip is that you don't want to be greedy. Oikonny is slow, and he 
only does one attack at a time, so don't spend so much time firing that you 
can't pull up and out of the way of his attacks in time. Each of his hands 
will give you an extra +10 when they go down.

The Aparoid Moth probably won't fare much better against you. If you have the 
fully upgraded lasers, it'll only take one round to bring down his wings. On 
the silver level, he will sometimes dispense Silver Rings from his broken 
wings, but you will have no such luck on gold. Unfortunately, no extra points 
are gained from destroying his wings. The asteroid attack is something you 
cannot sleep on, if not for their speed then for their sheer force. If you 
are nimble at all, then they shouldn't be too hard to avoid. It is possible 
to attack his mouth while asteroids are coming at you, potentially making the 
boss shorter than he already is, but don't get too greedy. After the 
asteroids are gone, charge up your beam, and when he opens his mouth, fire it 
to destroy his projectiles, or simply avoid his projectiles and hit him with 
the charged shot. Even if you wail away at him, he will probably do his 
asteroid attack a second time.

Final Score

Your time bonus will probably hover around 200, which means completion in 
eight and a half minutes. It's very possible to get 600 kills on this level, 
but if your time bonus is 200, then you only need 570 kills. Exploiting the 
space mech trick will make this level a breeze. Silver only requires about 
400 hits coupled with the time bonus. If you defeated enough squadrons of 
enemies, then this should be doable with some effort.

  [0502]                 Katina: Frontier Base Battle                [0502]

Difficulty – 3/10

Badge Levels

Bronze Level – 400
Silver Level – 1100
Gold Level – 2300

My Score - 2742

Items and Health


- East side of the base. Blow up the large steel door leading into the base 
and find the 1-Up amidst the boxes.
- Go to the top of the base and find your way to the very center where the 
tower is. On the southwest side of it, there's a 1-Up.

First Aid Kits

- Same as the above 1-Up. Blow up the door on the east side of the base and 
find it inside.
- Take the elevator into the belly of the base to find it sitting there.

Silver Rings

- There's a Silver Ring above one of the hangars in the northeast corner.

Preparations and Notes

This one isn't brain surgery. Get a 170, 180 combo at the start, destroy the 
rest of the enemies, and survive the boss, and you will blow the doors off of 
the gold badge. The boss might seem hard at first, but if you practice even a 
little you'll soon find that you can make quick work of him in your sleep. If 
you need to, trash your Landmaster with your gun before you destroy the last 
hatcher so you can get a new one. I can usually beat him with a Landmaster on 
life support, but you don't want to leave it to chance.


As soon as you begin, you can start tearing into the Aparoids. Check your 
radar, as they will keep appearing. There are some Aparoids on top of that 
large steel sphere in the east. The gray Aparoids that roll on the ground and 
shoot at you will only require a partly charged blue shot. There is no reason 
to hold back, so destroy every enemy and save the two purple Aparoids for 
last. By the time the cutscene ensues, you should be working on a combo close 
to 40. The Landmaster is invaluable at this point. Take it and start 
destroying enemies. A few are hiding out in the two corner hangars for a few 
easy kills. This is a cue; Krystal will call for your help. If you feel good 
about your combo and think you can take out the two enemies on her tail in a 
timely manner, then feel free to do so, but don't feel too bad about leaving 
her out to dry if you're in a pinch. Speaking of the enemies in the air, 
they're easily taken down with a charged shot, but I think they're best 

You now should have free reign around the base as you see fit. Try to take 
out as many walls and barricades as you can so it's easier to make your way 
around. Chances are that if you think it's destroyable, it is. Most of the 
Aparoids at this point aren't even worth a shot. While some of the more 
populated ramps I would hang back and pick them off, it's possible to go up 
and down most of them and simply plow through all the enemies. Some of the 
shielded Aparoids are at the far corners of the base and are potential combo 
killers. There's one in the northwest (where you will find more Aparoids to 
destroy) and two up north. But three others are worth worrying about the 
most. The one out east by the guns can sometimes slip by your notice, and you 
don't want to leave him for last and be scrambling to destroy him while your 
combo is swiftly depleting. Pick him off while you're taking care of the 
enemies on the ramps. And the two out south on that ledge can be tricky, too, 
but the key is always taking them out in between enemy swarms, not when 
they're the only things standing between you and a dead combo.

By the time the hatchers appear, you should still be working on that combo. 
At this point, it's very tough to keep it up as there are fewer enemies 
around, and the real targets are tricky to get at. A good idea to follow: 
before your combo dies, go the door to the east and blow it open. Destroy all 
the Aparoids and hatchers inside the alcove. Then destroy all the grey 
Aparoids in the southeast corner to keep your combo going. Continue killing 
Aparoids and hatchers around the central base. If you have enough time, 
finish the combo off by going inside the base and taking out even more 
Aparoids. If you've still got the same combo going, it's possible to approach 
200. It probably is a good idea to save Slippy here since you will want to 
know how much health the boss has.

There isn't much to do besides destroying the rest of the hatchers. Take out 
any enemies that you can. The shelled Aparoids in the balls are tough cookies 
to crack. If you make a mistake, then they can kill you easily, but they do 
give you a +5 each. You can also choose to stay away from them, but don't get 
close enough to draw their attention (they'll start shooting green missiles).

Boss – Aparoid Spider

It's one of the great mysteries of the universe why you can't auto target him 
with a charged shot but can with a normal shot. Don't get caught up in 
thinking you need charged shots to bring him down. Four or five normal shots 
will send him careening to the ground almost before he can attack. If you're 
having trouble, make sure to maintain a premium distance. His green missiles 
can't be dodged, and it's particularly annoying when he gets too close and 
you're facing down a barrage of red missiles at point blank range. Make 
subtle changes depending on how close or far he gets.

Once on top of his titanium clamshell, you will need one charged shot to open 
the core and another to pelt him one. You shouldn't have any problem giving 
him a few more cheap shots before it closes, but as soon as it does, you're 
gonna need to turn on your heels and run because he'll start storing up green 
energy. If you're too close when you fire, you will be caught in your own 
blast radius, so every time you tap on that energy core with the long side of 
your blaster, make sure you're tiptoeing that edge without falling off. Now 
every time the core opens you will only get one charged shot and a few normal 
ones off before he charges energy again and you have to get out of the way. 
Once he's reeling, he will start trying to shake you off. Don't worry about 
charging. Just fire at him. If you fall, then he will be momentarily stunned, 
so take that opportunity to gain an advantage and bring him down again. You 
shouldn't fall off more than once during the entire boss fight.

Final Score

When your total is being tabulated, you should have somewhere between 100 and 
150 in the time bonus (probably closer to 100), so you should think about 
getting near 700 in the hits department. Your combo at the beginning may 
spell the difference between a gold badge and defeat. A 150 combo to start 
would probably do it, but anything above that would be the clincher. Silver 
will probably only require 450 or 500 hits.

  [0503]         Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited         [0503]

Difficulty – 4/10

Badge Levels

Bronze Level – 400
Silver Level - 900
Gold Level – 1500

My Score – 1854

Items and Health

First Aid Kits

- One of the robots at the west end will drop a First Aid Kit.
- The turret enemy at the south side of the western wing on the third floor 
has a First Aid Kit.

Gold First Aid Kit

- There's a white, circular platform on the second level. The Golden First 
Aid Kit is in the western wing. To get there, stay on the first floor and 
head north and a little east of where your Arwing is. You will see a ramp 
heading into an inlet in the wall with barrels pummeling down. Head up a 
couple of flights until you see it.


- The enemy in the turret near the northeast next to the Arwing drops a 
- There's another barrier at the eastern side of the third floor in the main 
- The third is on the top level. The enemy at the end of the first hallway is 
holding it.


- In the southwest corner of the second level, there's a 1-Up sitting on top 
of the computer.
- There's another 1-Up in the last room of the top level, sitting there 
directly to your right.

Silver Rings

- On the eastern side of the space station, there is a Silver Ring, near the 
top, by the window.
- Same place as before but a little further down the line.
- There's another ring on the western side of the station.

Power Upgrade

- Same place as the Silver Ring on the western side of the station by the 


- Same place as the Power Upgrade and Silver Ring on the western side of the 
station by the windows.
- There's also one on the eastern side by the two Silver Rings.

First Aid Kits and Silver Rings

- The enemies on the asteroids out in space will drop Silver Rings and First 
Aid Kits.

Preparations and Notes

This is actually the easiest gold to get in terms of accumulating points. The 
problem is surviving. If you choose to, you can place the importance on the 
space battle since besides the top level of the station the enemies are 
pretty far apart and combos are hard to build. You will want to clear out the 
entire space station and build as many combos as you can. On the top floor, 
you can get a 50 combo going easy. From there you will have to destroy just 
enough space fighters and battleships to collect the gold. Wolf and his team 
will nip your fur, but if you take them on individually and loop when they're 
behind you, they're a piece of cake.


The enemies are sparse, but if you're fast, you can clear out the entire 
first floor of the station while keeping the combo going. The humanoids 
should keep you afloat just long enough to take out the larger enemies. 
Getting to the enemies in the far northeast corner can be tricky, but again, 
there's enough monkeys populating the midsection where it should be possible. 
Sweep the rest of the floor and clean loose enemies up: there's one enemy to 
the right of your Arwing and a few loose barrel shooters in alcoves. You will 
want to place a premium on destroying barrel shooters since they always give 
you a +3.

It's possible to keep your combo going up to the second floor, but after you 
take out all those enemies, you will probably want to stop before ascending 
the ramp again. In only a few minutes, your gauge will shoot up dramatically, 
so hop in your Arwing and start dog fighting. The normal fighters aren't 
going to give you any nightmares, but the battleships can be tough. If you 
approach them, they will shoot a laser in your direction, and to make your 
life difficult they will begin launching missile after missile until you're 
eliminated. If you're next to them, they'll shoot missiles at you. If you're 
trying to take down fighters, they'll shoot missiles at you. If you're in the 
same quadrant, they'll shoot missiles at you. When one approaches, keep doing 
loops until they blow up on their own. The blue nodes on the spacecrafts can 
also be difficult to hit if you're at an angle, so make sure you're 
approaching them straight on. They'll give you a +5 when eliminated. Like the 
first mission, you can target individual parts of the battleship. Take out 
the rest of the fighters and the few enemies on the asteroids that are easy 
to spot because they're the only yellow on your radar while out in space. 
These enemies drop Silver Rings and First Aid Kits. Even if you're in the 
Arwing, Fox's health will sometimes drop when you're hit, so stay up to task 
on the medical kits.

Once cleared, head back to the base and begin where you left off. The best 
policy here is to destroy all the enemies on the white ring on the second 
floor and take that to the third floor at the north, forming a combo with all 
the enemies up there. There are a plethora of enemies in the east and west 
wing to destroy, too. Sometimes you can take out a large volume of enemies at 
once with the canister on the floor. It's very possible from this point to go 
to the top floor of the space station via the elevator on the third floor and 
rack up an even bigger combo. Even if you tackle the top floor alone, you'll 
still get a 50 combo easy. New reinforcements will arrive on the space front, 
but you can probably save those for the Wolf battle. If you don't want to 
test it, then you can take on the new fighters any time.

Now head toward space. If you're hurting for kills right now, you could 
destroy the remaining fighters and battleships, but the Wolf team can often 
plague you and cause a nuisance while you're trying to deal with the 
battleships. Usually I'll take out Wolf and Panther first, treading lightly 
so as to avoid the missile range of the battleships, then destroy as many 
weaker enemies as I need, and save Leon for last. On gold, charged shots are 
only sometimes useful against the Wolf team in close range combat, so pack 
heat in whatever discretion you deem advisable. You will constantly find 
yourself in need of a loop as they tail your backside raining hellfire upon 
your Arwing. Make sure to have plenty of Silver Rings around just in case.

Final Score

500 hits will almost ensure you of a gold provided you didn't leave the game 
unpaused while you went to make a sandwich (as you don't want a negative time 
bonus). That's a very real total to achieve here even if you spend most of 
the level in a sleep walk. You can go for fewer hits and rely on your time 
bonus, but it's probably a better idea to take this slow and not rush into 
things. On silver, 450 hits will give you a badge no matter what.

  [0504]                   Fachina: Into the Storm                   [0504]

Difficulty – 8/10

Badge Scores

Bronze Level – 600
Silver Level – 2000
Gold Level – 3900

My Score – 4209

Items and Health


- At the generator toward the north, keep going in that direction until you 
see a 1-Up on the edge of the icy pond.
- From the north generator, go southeast, and about halfway to the east 
generator you'll see a ball Aparoid on the ledge. Destroy him for a 1-Up.
- Eastern generator, on the edge of the icy pond.

Silver Rings

- From the north generator, head a little southeast, and you'll see a Silver 
Ring sitting on a ledge.


- You can get bombs from the floating creatures the boss spews out.

Preparations and Notes

By far the biggest total needed for a gold in the game, you will probably 
spend most of the time icing your thumb in between shooting anything that 
moves. The blizzard makes things difficult, which means trusting your radar. 
If your reticules turn red, shoot. The first part is easily the hardest, and 
you will probably be restarting from broken combos alone. It's possible to 
amass a 150 combo here simply by going along the outer rim of the level. The 
most annoying feature of this level is the shelled Aparoids. Not only can 
they absolutely kill your combos if you can't destroy them in a timely 
manner, but if you ignore them, they will hound you with missiles. Even 
worse, if you get close to them, they will charge you. You can destroy them 
if you want, or if they're too much trouble, you can try to destroy as many 
enemies around it as you can without stopping and move on. If you have to 
start searching for enemies, then that's your cue to leave. And if your 
Landmaster is destroyed, your combo is probably finished, especially if Peppy 
puts it a long distance away. To heighten the stakes, there is precious 
little health available. You're going to have to cross your fingers and hope 
for a good run.


There are three shelled Aparoids directly outside of the base. They're 
optional, but if you want to get some quick points, hop in your Landmaster 
and circle around the base until they're all destroyed. Go back to where you 
start to find the sea of Aparoids. Sit there and pick them off. When they're 
all destroyed, head to the generator. It'll take three charged shots. Destroy 
it along with the shielded Aparoids and move on.

The next section after you drop down will be filled with more Aparoids, and 
they keep appearing, so check your radar in all cardinal directions. There 
are also turrets stuck to the underbelly of an overpass to your right. Up 
ahead is a shelled Aparoid. Destroy it if you want or move on. Destroy all 
the rest of the turrets and Aparoids in this area and climb on the cliff by 
the ramp near the wall. Here there are a lot of Aparoids that shoot at you, 
so take them out before they hit you. Head toward the base at the center, and 
you'll see armies of turrets. Stay your distance and take them out. Head 
toward the generator and destroy the enemies around it before taking it out.

Drop down and defeat the Aparoids here. If you move forward, you will see a 
Silver Ring to your right, which you will probably need. To the left is a 
huge sea of turrets. You will probably need to constantly roll as you're 
shooting, especially if the shelled Aparoid on the cliff above you spots you 
and starts shooting missiles. Head forward. A cave to your right houses 
enemies that are easy prey. A shelled Sparoid and many lesser Aparoids await 
you, and after that, the shield generator surrounded by two ball Aparoids, 
which you will need to destroy. At this point, your combo will be over 150 if 
you did it right.

From here, if you're feeling confidant enough, you can explore the rest of 
the level and take out any enemy stragglers you left behind. When you're 
ready, go into the climate control center. The enemies here won't give you 
too much trouble. If you're in danger of dying, simply stay away from them. 
They won't matter too much in your final hit total, but it's always nice to 
pick up a kill when you can. When they get too large in number, use the 
machine gun.

When you're on Falco's ship, you will find the easiest 150 combo that you 
will ever come across. The Aparoid groups on the ground make for easy fodder. 
They are in the following locations:

- Less than a minute in you should be by a large generator. They're right at 
the foot of it.

- As you begin to see the first laser sniper, they're right by it. There are 
more of them as you approach the ground.

- There are more just north of the base as you continue to fly low to the 

- When you come out of a tunnel with a laser sniper, they're right there.

- You'll see more northwest of the base as you ascend into the sky.

- Just beyond that as you're heading south.

- On the northeast side under the bridge that has laser snipers on it.

- On the east side just before a large group of laser snipers.

- As you're headed north, next to a flock of trees.

This is one instance where you will be thanking your radar gods. If you see 
an enemy flying in, try to pick it off as soon as possible because between 
the sniping lasers and the air enemies, it can get pretty heated. They take a 
few seconds before they attack, so the ones that flew in earliest are your 
priority. Make sure you hit the laser snipers the first time because they can 
be a nuisance if you miss. If you kept a combo going from the sentry bots 
inside the control center, it's possible to have it up to 170 by now.

Boss – Aparoid Spawner

There's nothing to the boss that you didn't face on the bronze level. Defeat 
the enemies, who don't give you any kills, to collect bombs, which you launch 
into the open tube-like section of the boss. The only difference is that you 
only have two minutes to complete this, so make special care to track the 
open end, turn as close to it as you can and lather it with bombs, which you 
can be rather liberal with if you don't hit him the first time.

Final Score

If you accumulated 1300 hits, then you will get the gold no matter what. The 
key is the two 150+ combos, the first stretching from the beginning of the 
level to the third generator, and the second on Falco's wing. Time probably 
won't be a factor, but if you do it fast enough, then you can get a 100 time 
bonus. Count on exhausting nearly twenty minutes, so you won't get more than 
a 75 in the time bonus. The ball Aparoids will make you wonder what kind of 
Greco-Roman forces of unknown coordinates aligned against you. Silver will 
require 1000 hits, less if you do it in a timely manner.

  [0505]              Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace              [0505]

Difficulty 9/10

Badge Scores

Bronze Levels – 400
Silver Levels - 1000
Gold Levels – 2100

My Score - 2544

Items and Health


- Between the last two lasers on the asteroids before you enter the base.

Power Upgrades

- About twenty seconds in, you will find the Power Upgrade sitting by a few 
asteroids on the left.
- On the first runway as you come to the base, before the door to the right.

Silver Rings

- If you're low on health, Slippy will give you a ring just before you reach 
the field of stringy creatures.
- When you're facing the lasers right before you arrive at the base, save 
Krystal and she will give you a ring as soon as the base comes into sight.
- Save Slippy right after the mech but before entering the base, and he will 
give you a Silver Ring.
- There's a final one in the last corridor before Pigma.


- Save Falco after you clear the heavy asteroids, and he will give you a 

Preparations and Notes

As a personal admonition, this was the second hardest gold to get and the 
last I achieved because the enemies rarely fly in any sort of recognizable 
groups. You can make this a lot easier on yourself if you know exactly which 
fighters to hit in order to give you the most points. Time is a factor, but 
this is an incredibly short mission, so you'll get a huge time bonus at the 
end. Make sure to pick up both Power Upgrades. The actual mission is easy, 
and the frustration level is low, so if you need to do this mission several 
times, don't sweat it.


This mission begins passively. Shortly after you pick up the Power Upgrade, 
the first enemies will appear. These are difficult because the asteroids get 
in the way. If you anticipate the middle enemy and fire a charged shot almost 
out of instinct, you'll hit him before he disappears behind the asteroid. 
Otherwise, take out the side ones first. I try to go middle, right, and then 
left. You'll get a G Bonus. Four flyers appear: two on the right, one on the 
left, and one on the bottom. It's hard to take all of them out, but if you 
do, you're already ahead of the curve. Falco will be in trouble, but it's 
easy to take out the two fighters when they line up in front of you. Don't 
kill yourself trying to destroy the enemies. as it's very easy to run into an 
asteroid. If you've messed up, it's easier to restart.

Now that the sky is clearing of asteroids, the mission becomes much easier. 
Take out the four enemies here (they will chase you and ram you if you 
don't). If you target them with a charged shot, do it after they fly into 
position. Otherwise, they could evade it. Take your time. From here, three 
sets of three enemies appear for easy bonuses. An armored enemy now flies in. 
When he settles in the middle of the screen, nail him with charged shots. 
Pick up the bomb Falco gives you for saving him (be careful not to stand 
still as the ship fires at you). After a few charged shots, he begins firing 
missiles, but he should only get one set off. Once he's taken down, a swarm 
of enemies will fly in, and once you take them down for a G Bonus, more 
swarms continue to come until you reach a certain point. Try to destroy as 
many of them as possible. Four flyers will come in, two to the left and two 
to the right, but it's hard to destroy them while focusing on the swarms. 
After the swarms disappear, four flyers will come in from the sides. The 
first and third from the top come from the left side. The second and the 
bottom one come from the right. Four more enemies will appear, and again it's 
a good idea to wait until they solidify positions before attacking. Destroy 
them all, or else they'll try to ram you from the back.

The creatures in the field can be a bit tough to destroy since they're so 
thin, especially if you're behind the eight ball and you have to roll to get 
them off your ship. Don't pay attention to your Arwing. Pay attention to the 
spot you're aiming so you have pinpoint accuracy. Once you've exited the 
field, the asteroid missiles will hone in on you. Destroy as many as you can, 
but don't be a glutton and get hit. I use my bomb at this point, but it won't 
net you a ton of hits. Now you'll have to deal with the lasers. The first two 
should be coming into your view as you approach them. The next one on the 
left should be coming into view now, and a few seconds later the next one on 
the left will, too. Take this opportunity to fire off a charged shot to take 
out the enemies on Krystal's tail pipe. That should take care of all of them, 
but if it doesn't, then destroy the rest. The last laser on the right should 
be coming into view now. Don't worry if you didn't hit all of them.

If you were good enough, you could have nearly 300 hits by this point. Stay 
in the center of the screen so you don't get careless and hit an asteroid. 
After you pass through the asteroid field, Krystal will give you a Silver 
Ring. Once you reach the base, the first enemies will come from the left. 
Another set of three will come from your right and then another from your 
left. To finish it off, two sets will come from both sides. You need to 
destroy all six fighters to get the G Bonus. A huge swarm of flyers will come 
from the runway in two single file lines. It's hard to destroy them all 
though. If you take care of all the blue enemies on the ground, you will get 
a +10 bonus. Five enemies will come from behind you: three on the left and 
two on the right. They're tiered in a slightly different way, so the three on 
the left will be slightly higher. Another three will come from your right and 
another two from your left.

Pick up the Power Upgrade on the right. It's very hard to destroy the enemies 
here because they're so fast and furious and in such odd patterns. Most of 
them are flying from the bottom left and right corners, and as you make the 
90-degree turn, they cross and fly to your sides. More will fly in from your 
left and right, arcing downward. At this time, Falco will be in trouble. 
Shoot the four bogies off his tail to get a G Bonus. He will streak in from 
the left and then go right one final time.

The Aparoid-infected mech is critical here. If you just defeat him as quickly 
as you can, then you'll be left with nothing to do for some time. Defeat all 
of the weapons he employs, and then as quickly as possible take the mech down 
before he can launch more. It'll take ten charged shots, and if you didn't 
kill yourself in the process, more of those enemy swarms will appear and will 
continue to appear all the down the runway. You will make quick work of the 
gold if you do this. Once you near the entrance, two more enemies will appear 
on both sides. Slippy will now be in trouble. He comes in from the upper left 
corner with two enemies trailing him, and he will veer back to the left one 
final time. Grab the Silver Ring if you need it. If you defeat all the blue 
enemies on the ground, you will get a G Bonus. Four enemies appear at the top 
of the screen from left to right, one trailing after the other. Two more 
enemies fly in from the left and three from the right angling inwards. Three 
more fly in from behind you as you veer off to the tunnel on the left.

As you enter the next room, four more enemies will approach from the left. 
Avoid the mechanical arms. Keep to the bottom right for the first one. On the 
second one, stay to the bottom of the screen. Veer to the top for the next, 
the one after that the very top right corner, and the final two stay to the 
top. A couple more enemies will appear from the sides and from the door as it 
closes. Keep firing in the tunnel to defeat all the blue enemies to get an 
easy G Bonus. Grab the last ring.

Boss – Aparoid Pigma

This boss is easy, so the only thing you have to worry about is time. The top 
left and bottom right hands will strike first. Charge up a shot, and when the 
bottom right hand forms, destroy it and shoot at him. If you have both Power 
Upgrades, you can take out the hand in one sitting. Now take out the weapon 
on the top left hand. He's preparing to ram you with the glowing hand. Do not 
get hit by this attack whatever you do because it's devastating. He'll now 
throw meteors at you, which are incredibly easy to avoid if you're paying 
attention, so pepper whichever hand is open. He'll probably try to ram you 
again. The top right and bottom left hands (or top and bottom depending on 
what he has left) will now form weapons. Keep attacking, but by now he's 
probably almost gone anyway.

The Pigma form is even easier. If you choose to avoid all the missiles, then 
you can simply sidestep them at the last moment, but you can stand there for 
most of it and still survive if your shields are all the way up. It's 
possible to defeat him before he even uses the plasma beam, but it is very 
difficult if you don't have any bombs. It'll save you time though. Once he 
shows up again, hit him with a charged shot and a few sprays, and he should 
be dead.

Final Score

If you completed this mission in under seven minutes, it's possible to get as 
much as a 250 time bonus for your efforts. You'd also need 450 hits to 
supplement that. It's much more probable that you only got 240 time bonus, so 
that means you'd need 460 hits. On silver, you will only need about 250 

  [0506]                       Sauria: Reunion                       [0506]

Difficulty – 7/10

Badge Scores

Bronze Level – 350
Silver Level – 1000
Gold Level – 2300

My Score - 2844

Items and Health


- Head north in the river. Eventually you will see a purple shielded Aparoid 
surrounded by those flying creatures. Destroy the shielded one for a 1-Up.
- Head to the top of the huge ruins in the east. The 1-Up is in the south 

First Aid Kits

- When you go inside the cave near the south ruins, there is one underneath 
the hatcher at the end.
- Go to the entrance of the ruins in the south. Take a left, and sitting on a 
top of a bed of stone is the kit.
- Go inside the tunnels in the east. When you reach the center, there will be 
a kit sitting in the middle of the cave.
- While you're still in the eastern cave, go to the north tunnel. An enemy 
there will hold the kit.

Power Upgrade

- Near the center of the level, about halfway up in the air.


- Head toward the south ruins. To the right of the entrance in the 
underground tunnel is a barrier.

Gatling Gun

- Go to the eastern cave. Inside the north tunnel, the gatling gun will be 
sitting there.

Preparations and Notes

This mission is actually rather difficult because there are no breaks. One 
death and you have to start over, so chances are something somehow will screw 
you over from somewhere. Missile attacks. A volley from a shielded Aparoid. 
Falling off the level. I encountered just about everything. Because of the 
terrain, I found it best to go by foot rather than Landmaster. The level is 
small enough where you'll rarely need it anyway. Despite that though it's a 
little harder to form huge combos here. You'll probably get a bunch of 50+ 
combos, and that's probably all you need. There are two huge ruins here, one 
to the east and one to the south (as well as caves running beneath both of 
them). Those are the main ones to help you get your baring in this section of 
the guide. Smaller ruins are peppered along the western walls and way out 
east past the large one.

Before you destroy a hatcher, wait until it drops all the Aparoids so you can 
accumulate more hits. If you're a little low on hits, then the sky battle 
will always replenish with new enemies.


Due to the open-ended nature of this level, it can be difficult to form any 
cohesive strategy. I can only vouch for what I did. There is a line here that 
will help you accumulate a pretty good combo. When you begin, there is a 
hatcher near the river out west that is only a short walk away. Destroy all 
the enemies around it, but leave the hatcher. Head up to the two smaller 
ruins in the north (again destroying enemies but keeping the hatchers). It's 
a good time to point out the turrets that often appear at the entrances of 
ruins, so keep a charged shot handy (also, the blue turrets on walls). Once 
you're finished, double back to the cave, destroying the hatchers to keep 
your combo alive (if you didn't do this, your combo would be in jeopardy of 
matriculating back to zero). Enemies will often appear out of thin air, 
another magic trick to be cognizant of. When you finally have headed all the 
way south, enter the cave beneath the large ruins and destroy the hatcher. In 
stock, that's four hatchers destroyed and a healthy combo building if you've 
kept it going from the start.

At this point, Slippy will be begging for help. His well-being isn't much of 
a concern, but the building battle in the sky is. Break for the Arwing, 
killing enemies along the way to keep your combo (there are a few along the 
river, so have a charged shot prepared). When you reach the air, enemies will 
swarm you. Do not stop moving. The sky will be ubiquitous with enemies, so 
there will always be something to destroy, even if you never stay in the same 
place. Watch out for the surface to air missiles. Loop constantly. When you 
whittle down the air enemies, try to clear some of the things on the ground. 
Up north there are two green turrets firing missiles and a blue turret 
lobbing attacks. Those are of primary concern. If you kept it alive from the 
start, it's possible to build a 100 combo.

There is probably nothing left of your combo by this time. You can get 
another nice one building by going through the caves underneath the eastern 
ruins. Once you go into the main room, you will want to clear out the right 
wing first, and then once you take the left wing, go to the right in the fork 
in the road to find the next hatcher. The left is an exit to the far eastern 
side of the level, and there are so many enemies around there you should be 
able to form another lengthy combo. Watch out for the green and blue enemies 
shooting at you from the wall, and those flying Aparoids can be deceptively 
fast if they get close enough to you. Their blast is devastating. After 
you're done with that section, you should clear out the ruins up top and then 
any stray enemies that you can find. The ruins near the south have enemies in 
them, so explore every facet of the level.

Final Score

It will probably take at least 700 hits to get a gold on Sauria. If you're 
fast enough, the first four hatchers along the west wall combined with the 
sky battle should yield you a pretty nice combo. From there it's simply a 
matter of forming as many small combos as you can. This is a rather long 
mission, so time probably won't be much of a factor beyond a 50 time bonus. 
You don't want to rush things anyway. You will need at most 500 hits to get a 
silver badge.

  [0507]                   Corneria: War Comes Home                  [0507]

Difficulty – 5/10

Badge Scores

Bronze Level – 350
Silver Level –800
Gold Level – 1600

My Score - 2136

Items and Health


- As soon as you start go straight. (only available if you die)
- In the exact center of the city right next to the column. (only available 
if you die)
- Northeast corner under the two radar jammers. 
- From the center of the city, go north and a little east. You will see a 
ramp leading up to the top of a building. Defeat the Aparoids, turrets, and 
humanoids. When you're at the top level, go to the far end and drop down. A 
1-Up will be sitting on the ledge.

First Aid Kits

-Same place as the last 1-Up, except instead of dropping down, the kit will 
be sitting on the corner of the top level. 
-From the center, go to the building directly west. It's on top of building.
-In the northeast corner by the radar jammers, there's one under the stairs.


- Again in the northeast corner under the radar jammers, there's a barrier 
sitting there.

Preparations and Notes

Contingent on the boss, surgery might be complicated. In the first section, 
weed out all the enemies you can find. You can spend all the time you want 
killing the enemies, but you shouldn't really need to engage any more enemies 
than is necessary. 50 hits is a very healthy number to get and will usually 
require nothing more than killing loose Aparoids that prove more of a 
nuisance than anything. The key here is to keep moving. You will be assaulted 
through both the ground and air constantly, so if you stop, you might find 
yourself on the losing end of an air strike. Because the enemies line up to 
be slaughtered when on Wolf's ship, you should be able to get 400 in this 
section easy, which alone will almost be enough to conquer the level. General 
Pepper is what you have to survive in order to make it out of here unscathed. 
If you're having trouble, then load up on the 1-Ups.


It's actually possible to get as many as 250 or 300 hits if you destroy every 
enemy, but if you do that, then it becomes a war of attrition, and it takes 
so long you're bound to make a senseless mistake and end up wasting twenty 
minutes. 50 is a good total to shoot for and is relatively easy to achieve. 
The less shielded aparoids you encounter the better because their attacks are 
devastating, and they have the tendency to sneak up on you. The air enemies, 
too, rain down bombs, so if you're going to stop somewhere, you might want to 
check the sky. They have a high frequency around the center of the city. 
After you're down to about five radar jammers, Krystal will beg for help, but 
you can ignore her if you want.

The Arwing section can be a little overwhelming if you're not careful. As 
with the last time you did this, always look at your radar because the faster 
you know the enemy is coming, the quicker you can defeat them and move on to 
the next one. You can save Falco if you want, but take care of the enemy 
ships bearing down on you first. The first salvo of purple missiles will 
trail you at this time, so don't ignore them just to save the bird. It's easy 
to miss hitting the laser snipers if you're in too much of a hurry to move on 
to the next enemy. Take your time and mop them up the first time, otherwise 
they become a huge nuisance. The lightning enemies will tip you off before 
they shoot, and the ball enemies take a while before they fire on you, so 
learn when to make each a priority. There are clusters of Aparoids on the 
ground, but your first priority is survival. You can find them in the 
following locations:

- After the first two enemies, look out to Corneria and you'll see them.

- When you reach the northwest section of the city, you'll see Aparoids on 
the building to the left of the laser sniper.

- Directly after that you'll see more Aparoids on the ground next to the 
laser snipers.

-There's even more Aparoids after that if you're looking toward the north.

- When you're at the very south section, look toward the center of the city.

- There's a large cluster of laser snipers coming up. You'll find Aparoids 
before and after them and another one shortly after that. All three of these 
are in the same direction, so don't worry about turning.

It's possible to get as much as a 140 combo going, but as long as you have 
something over 400 hits in this section and over 450 total, you should be in 
good shape.

Boss – General Pepper

There's only one thing you need to know about this fight. Don't let him ram 
you. If he does, it'll drain over half your life. His green glowing orbs 
aren't a picnic either. If you're coming into this fight with half of your 
energy and down to your last life, you're in trouble. The key here is don't 
get caught up in ending this fight quickly. When he starts zipping across the 
sky, don't bother trying to track him. The damage will be negligible, and 
you'll be in such a spaz that you won't realize all it takes is subtle 
movements to take him down. Think ahead and prepare for his next attack 
because you do not want to be on your heels reacting. That's the worst thing 
that you could do. Always aim for his head. It might automatically target his 
head anyway, but when he gets close, it sometimes lets you go after any part 
of his body.

The moment he comes to rest, you immediately want to start pounding him with 
everything you got. He'll sometimes float across the sky while charging an 
attack, but all it takes is a faint movement on the stick to track him. 
That's the problem in that if your movements get too wild, you won't maximize 
the damage. Take your time and be aware of his patterns. Not only will you be 
giving him massive damage, but you'll stop him from attacking, so put all 
your energy into these moments and don't sweat the rest so much.

After he completes his first few attacks, he will launch six laser cannons, 
which after a few seconds will fire at you. Again, large movements are the 
worst things you can do here. Even if you only destroy five and the last one 
hits you, it won't do much damage, but it can accumulate if you let it. Next 
he'll launch a series of missiles. The important thing to remember is that 
after the second set of missiles, he's going to ram you. If you're taking too 
much time, then just let the missiles hit you because any damage incurred 
when he rams you will be much worse.

After a time, all he'll do is try to ram you. If you keep shooting him, this 
should be easy, but if you slip up, you're in for a world of hurt. Never take 
your sights off the cockpit, and again, it's best to only shoot him while 
he's close so you don't have to keep constantly adjusting your aim. The end 
is the easiest part. He will launch more laser cannons, except only one 
shoots at a time. Aim at the open one while the others are floating around. 
He will still do his missile attack, albeit with more missiles, and 
occasionally he'll throw large projectiles at you. You'll know when this is 
happening when on either side of him the air will turn pink. All these 
attacks are so easy to deflect you'll probably have time left over to shoot 
him. After he's dead, you'll get a +10 bonus.

Final Score

If you went through the on foot section fast enough, your time bonus will 
probably be over 100. That means a hit count of 450 will easily get you the 
gold medal. 50 for the first section and 400 for the second will do the 
trick. A silver badge can easily be achieved with a hit count of 400 or less 
depending on what your time bonus is.

  [0508]                   Orbital Gate: Incoming                    [0508]

Difficulty – 7.5/10

Badge Scores

Bronze Level – 400
Silver Level - 1200
Gold Level – 2100

My Score - 2781

Items and Health


- On the very north side of the station. It's almost all the way to the top 
inside a deep wing of the base.
- Fly into the center of the station near the top. Look to the south into a 
little alcove.

Power Upgrade

- There's one on the eastern side of the station about halfway up.  Follow 
the flashing lights, and you should see it. Usually it's directly ahead of 
where you start.

Silver Ring

- At the south side of the station. The very bottom has a couple of rotating 
parts. Look above that about halfway up to the huge ring that makes up the 
brunt of the base. There's a tunnel that you can fly through. Inside is a 
Silver Ring.

Gold Ring

- From the gate, follow the flashing runway lights. Soon you'll find yourself 
in a deep tunnel with a Gold Ring.


- Do the same thing as before. From the orbital gate, follow the lights. A 
bomb will be at the other side of the alcove.
- On the south side of the station near the top, fly inside a deep wing to 
find a bomb.

Preparations and Notes

If you manage to keep your combo going the entire level, you will obliterate 
this mission. After the missiles start coming in, you will have very little 
free time to keep your combo up, so you have to apply a bit of strategy to 
when you attack the missiles and when you attack the fighters. Getting the 
Power Upgrades right in front of where you start will prove invaluable as 
time is of the essence, and the quicker you can destroy things, the more hits 
you can rack up, and the easier you can destroy the missiles. You will 
probably want to avoid all the other items since they're out of your way. You 
really want to avoid dying since that will kill any combo you've accumulated, 
even if it means wasting a few seconds to do a loop.


Destroy as many enemies as you can during the first part. You cannot go 
anywhere without seeing a cluster, so this should not be difficult. I don't 
know if there's any rhyme or reason to where the Aparoids are, but it really 
doesn't matter. You can pretty much ignore Slippy and Krystal when they call 
for help. All they do is take time away from destroying things as you chase 
them across half the level. The closer you get to the station, the more you 
see those enemies that shoot the green missiles, so I like staying to the 

At this point, you should have at least a 60 combo built. The missiles will 
start rolling in after the cutscene. As you make your way to the missiles, 
shoot just enough enemies to keep your combo meter as high as possible, even 
if you have to delineate from the original prescription. If you simply focus 
on the missiles, your combo meter will stay level, but if you get low, go 
after the fighters. A charged shot and a few shots beyond that will take care 
of them. One of the missiles seems to be more eager than the rest and hangs 
out in front of the others, so it's a good idea to take that one out early. 
Once you've destroyed the first set, the second set will appear. Pick off 
random fighters as you make your way over there. Apply the same strategy, and 
if you're far enough ahead by the time you get to the final missile, then you 
can engage a few fighters.

By the time you get to the larger missiles, you should have over a 100 combo. 
This part is tricky because they take so many shots to bring down, and on 
gold there are three of them. The best way to do it is apply a charged shot 
or two to their weak point, wheel around as fast as you can, and attack a few 
fighters. Attack the missile again, and repeat the process until all of them 
are dead. As long as you don't get too greedy attacking either fighters or 
missiles and apply a healthy equilibrium, you should be able to do this in 
more than enough time.

If your combo is still going, then you can get to 200 and still have plenty 
of time to destroy the missile, although 200 is overkill. Break your combo 
now if the final missile is too close to the base. Better to sweat out a gold 
then lose the mission anyway. It's a lot easier to take down if you've picked 
up a power upgrade.

Final Score

700 hits will give you the gold no matter what your time is, although 
anything over 600 would probably work, too. Form a combo all the way to the 
final missile so you don't have to leave it to chance. On silver, a 600 would 
guarantee it.

  [0509]          Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses          [0509]

Difficulty: 8/10

Badge Score

Bronze Level – 500
Silver Level - 1400
Gold Level – 2500

My Score - 2625

Items and Health


- Head southeast from the start. In the first building, head up to the top 
floor, and you'll find a 1-Up there.
- There's one on top of the building way to the southwest once you go up the 
purple ramp.
- Take the Arwing to the underside of the base. It's just north of the 
- A little ahead and to the right of where you start. (only available if you 

First Aid Kits

- From the start: if you enter the building directly to the northwest and go 
to the bottom floor, there will be an enemy with a First Aid Kit when you 
destroy him.
- In the very northwest section, there's an enemy on the second floor that 
has a First Aid Kit.
- In the northwest section, there's one sitting there on the third floor.
- From the start head southeast. When you're in the building, go to the 
bottom floor.
- From the start, go southwest, down past the turrets, following the purple 
glow on the floor, and climb up the purple ramp to the top of the building. 
While you're still outside, defeat one of the enemies for a First Aid Kit.
- While you're still in the southwest corner, enter the building, and go left 
when you reach the hatcher. At the bottom of the ramp, there should be a room 
with a First Aid Kit in it.
- In the northeast building, go to the hatcher and turn right. You will be 
trapped in a hallway with Aparoids. Defeat the big one to get a First Aid 
- Shortly after the last one in the hall with the turrets, you can defeat the 
big Aparoid for another First Aid Kit.

Gold First Aid Kits

- From the center, follow the green floor northeast in your Landmaster. 
Follow the ramp up to the top of the building and defeat all the Aparoids 
there. Exercise caution because there are five of them launching missiles all 
at once.


- In the northwest corner, there's a barrier on the third floor.
- In the southeast corridor between the two buildings.
- In the northeast building, go to the hatcher and turn left. The large 
Aparoid has it.

Silver Rings

- On top of the southwest building.
- On top of the northeast building.
- Take the Arwing to the underbelly of the base. It's in the center.
- Randomly appear from defeated ships.

Gatling Gun

- From the start, follow the path down to the northeast section. Defeat the 
shelled Aparoid in the ball to get the gun.
- Same thing as before, except you have to go southwest and defeat the 
Aparoid there.

Preparations and Notes

You will find no shortage of enemies since there's literally an infinite 
amount of them in the Arwing part of this level, which also happens to be the 
easiest part, so don't sweat it if your hit total isn't big enough in the 
first section. Enemies are very hard to dismantle, so don't rush in and kill 
yourself trying to keep a combo going. Staying alive is the most difficult 
part of this level. There are a few areas with a high concentration of 
enemies, so focus on getting smaller combos in these spots. The homing 
launcher is useful due to all of the armored enemies, as is the gatling gun 
if you can find it. Be very wary of the gray Aparoids that look like the 
purple shielded ones. They launch missiles at you. Also take care to stay 
away from the flying enemies with the orange bodies. If you get close, they 
fly in very fast and upon explosion deal massive damage. It's easy to get 
trapped against the wall. So be very, very careful around anything that 
shoots missiles, black orbs, or just simply explodes. I use the Landmaster 
when I'm outside to take out the large ball Aparoid tanks and the tougher 
ones that shoot missiles.


The northeast and southwest are a bit easier since all of the enemies are 
kept in front of you in the hallways. Because of that you should be able to 
get a decent 30 or 40 combo going. Work from the outside in. Obviously a 
shield generator is a horrible way to finish off a combo since they require a 
few charged shots, but most of the time it can't be helped. The southeast and 
northwest both have their quirks and are the places you might die the most. 
If you're building up a combo, you might be tempted to rush through them. 
Don't. When you enter the bottom floor of the southeast building, it's chalk 
full of five of those tough Aparoids that launch missiles. Two of them you 
can blow up with that container sitting on the floor. The gatling gun is a 
premiere weapon to use for the rest of them. Watch out for those flying 
enemies in the first room after you cross the corridor. They give you no room 
to fight them off, and they'll follow you if you try to run. They have been 
the death of many of my runs. A barrier will repel them like clockwork. 
Luckily, you should've picked one up in the last corridor. The rest of the 
floors can be dangerous, but if you sit on the ramp picking the Aparoids off, 
they won't touch you. Only the missiles will be able to reach you, and when 
they launch, you can hide on the previous floor if they're that big of a 
threat. The northwest can be tough because at the top of the first building 
you'll find those flying creatures again. If they get too close, you can run 
back down the ramp. Once you cross the corridor to the next building, those 
blue launchers will catapult black orbs at you. Be careful because they can 
really hurt, and if you get too careless, they can easily hit you. If you 
need more enemies to destroy, you could always hop in your Arwing, but the 
more you wait, the less there will be since they're not replenished.

If you've taken care of all the enemies, even the ones outside, it's possible 
to have over 600 hits by now. Take to your Arwing and destroy as many enemies 
as possible. At this point, you can literally destroy an infinite amount of 
enemies since new ones always appear, and you'll get so many Silver Rings 
that the sky will be littered with them. Blue and green launchers surround 
the hatchers spewing missiles and orbs at you. Keep a few hatchers alive in 
case you accidentally destroy too many. After all of this, you don't want to 
end the mission early. You should get at least 200 hits in this section.

Final Score

It's hard to rely on the time bonus since by the time you've destroyed a 
decent amount of enemies, the time bonus probably won't be much of a factor. 
Technically you need to get 834 hits to assure yourself of a gold if you keep 
your time bonus in the positives, more if you're not confidant in it. On 
silver, you will assure yourself of a badge by getting 700 hits.

  [0510]               Homeworld Core: The Final Battle              [0510]

Difficulty – Death and Taxes/10

Badge Scores

Bronze Level – 250
Silver Level – 700
Gold Level – 1500

My Score - 1644

Items and Health


- Midway through the second light barrier part, there should be a 1-Up near 
the wall.

Power Upgrade

- After the first blue hexagonal wall forms near the start.
- Just beyond the first hexagonal wall in the second half of the level you 
will see the upgrade.

Silver Ring

- If you save Slippy near the beginning, he will give you one.
- Save Krystal just beyond that, and she will give you one.
- There's one just before the Aparoid Queen battle.
- You can find Silver Rings by defeating enemies and covering your teammates' 
backsides when you're fighting the Aparoid Queen.


- From where you start, there's a long hallway and then another with moving 
walls. At the end of this one is a bomb.
- In the first hallway with the light barriers, there's a bomb sitting off to 
the right.
- After the two halls with the light barriers, save Falco and he will give 
you a bomb.

Preparations and Notes

I don't know if there is a way to prepare for this just like it's hard to 
prepare to climb the Himalayan. It's not only the hardest gold in the game, 
but it's also the most frustrating. Chances are you'll die multiple times 
before you reach the next checkpoint, which is akin to your ship sinking as 
you spot shore. And even if you manage to beat the game, there's a good 
chance you'll come up only a few points short. Unlike all previous levels, 
there is no easy shortcut. It takes a lot of skill, and a lot of luck. You 
might want to spend a good deal of time simply familiarizing yourself with 
this level.  It's easiest if you can get to the final boss without dying 
because if your lasers are fully powered, it'll go down much more quickly, 
and since time is of the essence, it can prove the difference.


As soon as you start, immediately begin firing ahead so you can take out the 
fighters that form together for a G Bonus. Destroy the next squadron for 
another bonus. There are two sets of enemies here. One comes from the top 
first and the other the bottom after it. It is hard to destroy them all, so 
even if you don't, you shouldn't worry about it. Continue forward and pick up 
the Power Upgrade when you make it past the wall. There is a squadron of 
enemies that comes from the hole on the left, so be prepared for them. There 
are also four blue enemies on the wall that'll give you a bonus if you have 
time to take them out. 50 would be a good score at this point, but anything 
over 60 is something you should shoot for.

If you're even attempting the gold, the moving walls shouldn't be a problem, 
so boost past them and be prepared for the squadron of enemies that appear 
outside of the exit. As you switch tunnels, more enemies appear in your field 
of vision, but it's hard to take them all out. When you come to the circular 
thing, launch a bomb into the center to take out all of the periphery 
enemies. This will drive up your hit total. From the bottom right, Slippy 
flies in front of you and begs for help. He's worth saving if you need a 
Silver Ring. Make sure to stay away from the corner so the enemies don't hit 
you. From here, an enemy flies in front of you and shoots pink rings at you. 
He's much easier if you have a charged shot, otherwise he's hard to hit. It's 
worth taking out all the green and blue enemies on the walls for a bonus. If 
you saved Slippy, he'll give you the ring. 

These blue enemies aren't worth much, so I'd stay in the center and fire at 
them, avoiding them when you can. Make your way past the moving walls again 
and take out the blue enemies clinging to the walls. As soon as you round the 
corner start boosting, and stay on the very right side. If you were fast 
enough, the enclosing tunnel won't hit you. Another circular thing will 
appear, so destroy the enemies around it (especially if you have a bomb). 
Things get a bit chaotic as Krystal is in trouble (save her if you want the 
ring). A set of four enemies flies in from the sides. Take care that they 
don't hit you. Another set of four flies in soon after, and there's one final 
enemy to destroy for a G Bonus before you fly through the hexagonal wall. 
Krystal will give you the ring if you saved her.

You're at the first checkpoint. If you die from here on out, this is where 
you'll start. If you have over 200 hits by this point, then you have a real 
chance at a gold. The light barriers are easy to avoid if you go normal 
speed. I tend to boost past them. Grab the 1-Up in the second corridor. As 
you round the corner, Falco is in trouble. Try to get off a charged shot just 
before you turn and then finish off the rest when you're around the corner. 
You'll get a G Bonus and a bomb for your effort. Four enemies fly in toward 
the outside. Destroy them. One of the tougher enemies now appears. 
Continuously pound it with charged shots. Two enemies appear around on the 
top left and bottom right corners. Destroy them before they can even settle 
and go back to pounding it. Once it stops firing, that's the cue that it'll 
begin shooting green missiles. They're easy to avoid if you get the timing 
right. Once it's dead, you're about to encounter one of the hardest parts of 
this level.

The enemy swarms will constantly fly in, and they won't stop until you reach 
the hexagonal wall. Defeat them to get an easy +10 bonus. The problem is the 
surrounding enemies. You're continuously being shot at, and there's very 
little you can do about it if you're focusing on getting the bonuses. 
Fighters swoop in from the sides, and if you don't destroy them, they'll ram 
you from the back. There's so much going on it's hard to see anything. You're 
going to have to make a real tough choice here of whether to destroy the 
periphery enemies and save your own behind or go after the weaker ones and 
rack up the hits. If you want to know where the fighters are, they appear in 
the four corners, and then they start coming from the background on the top 
and bottom, sort of angling in toward the sides. There's a final squad of 
enemies here that are about in the same position on all sides. After you pass 
the hexagonal wall, pick up the upgrade so you're at full power.

As you turn the corner, you'll see another circular thing. Destroy the 
enemies around it with a bomb, and an electrical enemy will appear. Take him 
down with a few charged shots to get a +4. If you take him out with one shot, 
those endless swarms of enemies appear that get you an easy G Bonus. Destroy 
all the green and blue enemies on the walls. Four enemies appear from all 
four directions, so take them out. Soon enemies will be coming in from the 
sides chasing Leon and Falco, making them easy prey. Four enemies will swoop 
in, but don't concern yourself with where they are. Focus on where they're 
going to settle. The first one is left, than right, than bottom, and finally 
the top. A hexagonal wall will begin to form, so boost like mad.

This is the home stretch. There's a green enemy off to the side, but the real 
threat is the fans. I usually sneak in under the bottom right, although 
sometimes I use the left if it's open. You shouldn't have to alter your speed 
throughout most of this if you're doing it right. Simply fly through, and if 
you're a little off, slow down or speed up to compensate. The last two you 
might have to slow down though. The next section with the opening and closing 
walls you should speed through as fast as you can. If you did it right, you 
should go through most of it unscathed. The last one you will have to slow 
down for, so put on your brakes. The spinning enemies aren't worth your time, 
and you're probably pretty broken by this point, so just dodge. Eventually 
they will swoop in and move out. Try to stay off to the left for all three 
separate salvos, and you should be home free. My record for this section is 
417 hits.

Boss – Aparoid Queen

You shouldn't even get hit in the first part part. If you have a fully 
upgraded laser, you'll make quick work of her in three, maybe four rounds. 
Begin by firing everything you have at her midsection. Once you break the 
casing off and reveal the pink part, you'll start doing a lot of damage. Keep 
pressing the breaks so you have more time to fire at her. As soon as her 
attack takes shape, you should be right next to her, so veer off and come 
back around, firing at her from the side until her armor takes shape again. 
If you have the upgraded laser, you could get her health halfway down just in 
the first round alone. Repeat this process until this portion of the fight is 
over. I don't bother with the other enemies. I don't think you have time to.

The second form is where everything you've been working on could come 
unglued. If you have the upgraded laser, you just want to get through this 
fight as soon as possible. She shouldn't get an attack off by the time you 
make quick work of the pink sections. Her two attacks once her head appears 
can absolutely devastate you. If she uses the green and yellow laser, it will 
trail behind you, so move out of the way and not into its path. When it 
starts wailing its head around, that's when you can run into trouble. It will 
rear back and move into the opposite direction across the entire screen. If 
it swipes at the side of the screen, then you have plenty of room to move out 
of the way. If it attacks the center, then it takes up so much of the screen 
it's very hard to avoid. I believe that it will attack where you are, so if 
you hang out at the left side of the screen, all you have to do is roll right 
and then roll left again as its momentum carries itself away from you. With 
that knowledge, this form becomes much easier to defeat, but if you mess up, 
it'll drain your energy fast.

I still have not mastered the art of blowing up the mines to help my 
teammates because it seems no matter what I do they die. If you're any decent 
at it, then you might want to help your teammates. They will drop Silver 
Rings if they survive. If you take too long, the head will come back out and 
attack you again, and then you'll have to go through the mine sequence all 
over again until it's down to a predetermined amount of health. No matter 
what you do it will take three rounds, which is frustrating since by the 
third time it's down to so little health it feels needless. While you're 
attacking the pink body parts, make sure those shrimp like creatures it 
throws at you don't hurt you. It's possible to line them up in your sites 
while taking care of the pink parts, too. You can also attack them for an 
occasional Silver Ring if you're low on health or Power Upgrade if you need 
one. It's possible to waste time on this portion until you're fully upgraded.

The final form is unfortunately the one least under your control. It'll 
either do its plasma beam or its green tunnel, and each one is hard to see 
coming. I try to hang toward the outside of its body so I'm prepared to move 
for either one. In his guide, SaiyanPureheart suggest pausing right as she's 
about to attack so you can see what she's doing, but that takes a good deal 
of timing.

Final Score

You will need bionic fingers to survive until this point. A combined time and 
kill bonus of 500 is optimal. How you divide that up will be paramount to 
whether you get the gold. Somewhere around 400 hits is a good idea. If you 
got less, then you're going to have to cross your fingers and hope you 
breezed through the level in a timely manner. If you lucked out, 
congratulations. Chances are you saved this mission for last. If you're like 
me and did it early, then good luck on the rest of the missions. Everything 
else is downhill from here.

  [0600]                    sf_06.assault\\Enemy List                [0600]

If you're having trouble with specific enemies, then it's a good idea to 
check out this section of the guide. The enemies are classified by the Arwing 
sections and the on foot sections (even if they're on the same level) and 
from there are divided into ground enemies and air enemies. If you're not 
sure which is which, then a ship is typically air, and a living creature or a 
robot is typically ground. Obviously since I do not know the names I had to 
assign them my own, but they still should be easy to find.

As a final note about enemy strength level, the ones that can be mopped up in 
only a few shots will typically take only one charged shot. Anything beyond 
that will probably be listed by charged shots. Green Power Upgrades increase 
your laser power, but two greens, or one red, will double it, so keep that in 

Arwing Enemies


Common Fighters
Fortuna and Sargasso
One Shot
These look like inferior versions of the Arwing with a beak and two wings and 
are the very first enemies in the game. Obviously they take very little 
effort to bring down.

Advanced Fighters
Fortuna and Sargasso
One Shot
These enemies have a central body and two side wings that are sort of rounded 
on the edges. They start appearing part way through the Fortuna space mission 
and start off rather meekly, although as you go, some of them begin firing 
missiles at you. They will give you a +1 on Sargasso.

Petal Fighters
Three Shots
These have a three petal like arrangement and shoot from their center. Some 
of them will charge you if you don't destroy them. They will give you a +1.

Asteroid Belt, Orbital Gate, Aparoid Homeworld, Homeworld Core
Three Shots
These enemies have a central part and then four "claws" hanging down, and as 
their name suggests, they spin. If you do not defeat them immediately, they 
will trail you and ram you from behind. The versions on the Homeworld Core 
shoot pink sonic rings at you. They will give you a +1.

Asteroid Belt
One Shot
They glide across the sky pretty and are some of the easiest enemies to 
defeat in the game.

Advanced Flyers
Homeworld Core
One Shot
These creatures have mastered a whole slew of aerial maneuvers, and they 
attack with a powerful purple or orange attack. Due to their knack for flying 
in large groups, contact with their weapons can be devastating.

Deluxe Fighter
Asteroid Belt and Homeworld Core
Eight Charged Shots
These large ships can take quite a beating. They will try to pepper you with 
a lot of slow purple fire at first, but when they're about halfway dead, the 
intervals between attacks will increase, and they'll begin launching green 
missiles. You will get a +7 for defeating it.

Spawning Fighters
Asteroid Belt and Homeworld Core
One Shot
These enemies are merely there to rack up kills. They appear after large 
enemies like the Deluxe Fighter and Electrical Pinwheel and always in swarms 
of five. Once one swarm is defeated, another one will appear, and they will 
keep appearing until you reach a predetermined spot in the level.

String Creatures
Asteroid Belt
One Shot
They only appear in one area in the entire game. If they cling to your ship, 
roll to get them off. They are pretty thin, so take care to look where you're 

Asteroid Missiles
Asteroid Belt
Two Shots
These enemies look like asteroids but come at you like missiles. Simply move 
out of the way to avoid them. Like the String Creatures, they only appear in 
one area in the whole game and in one large group. Bombs are useful.

Blue Fighters
Asteroid Belt and Sauria
One Shot
These enemies have four "wings" sticking out from each corner of their hub. 
They are easy to defeat just like common fighters and fire slow, green shots.

Purple Fighters
Sauria, Orbital Gate, Aparoid Homeworld
Four Shots
Purple Fighters have a round, central body and two wings. They can be a 
nuisance, as they are always known to trail you and shoot green missiles at 
you. Loop around and take them out for a +1.

Three Winged Fighters
Katina, Asteroid Belt, Sauria, Orbital Gate, Aparoid Homeworld
Three Shots
These are like the Blue Fighters, except they only have three wings.

Ramming Fighters
Homeworld Core
One Hit
These enemies are blue and have three wings. Make defeating them a priority, 
as they will ram you from behind if they are not killed. They are very tough 
to avoid when they are on your tail.

Horned Fighters
Homeworld Core
One Hit
These fighters have a circular arrangement above their bodies, which make 
them look like horns. They are easy to dispense of, but they come from behind 
you, so know where they are.

Electrical Pinwheel
Homeworld Core
Two Charged Shots
The Electrical Pinwheel is named so because of the rotating beams of energy 
that emanate from its body. It only appears once in the game. He goes down 
without any argument if you target the central part, but defeat every part of 
him in one hit and the Spawning Fighters appear. You will get a +4.

Steel Aparoid Fighters
Homeworld Core
You can only attack these enemies when their eyes are open, but unless you're 
an expert at defeating them, it's best to avoid their black orbs and get out 
of the way.

Moth Fighters
Orbital Gate
Two Charged Shots
These enemies sort of look like flying moths. They hover in place all around 
the Orbital Gate and fire off sonic rings. It's easy to sidestep their 
attacks, but they can be tough in large doses. They give you a +1.

One Charged Shot
They won't attack you directly, but they will drop bombs on the ground, which 
will hurt dramatically. Defeat them for a +3.

Orbital Gate
Three Charged Shots
These are the smaller missiles that target the Orbital Gate. There's not much 
to them, but the sheer volume might make them difficult.

Super Missiles
Orbital Gate
Four Charged Shots
After the Missiles are destroyed, the Super Missiles appear. They are cloaked 
at first, but they are easy to see. Luckily they are much slower. Destroy 
them for a +5.

Fortuna and Sargasso
Two Charged Shots
These are incredibly easy on Fortuna, but on Sargasso, they get to be a huge 
pain. Not only do they fire lasers in your direction, but they launch missile 
after missile whenever you're near them. Attack their nodes head on, and for 
extra points, knock off parts to the left and right of the nodes. Destroy the 
entire thing for a +3 or for a +5 on Sargasso.

Space Mech
Six Charged Shots
When he attacks, roll as fast as you can. Destroy the weapons he deploys 
around him for extra points, and once you're finished with the entire thing, 
you'll get a +7.

Aparoid-Infected Mech
Asteroid Belt
Ten Charged Shots
Much like the Space Mech, except much more powerful and much more potent. He 
will require ten charged shots instead of six. You can still destroy the 
weapons around him. He will give you a +7.

Stealth Squadron
Two Charged Shots
They come in under the guise of a cloaking shield, but they're pretty easily 
disposed of, at least until they start appearing in pairs. They often attack 
with a volley of missiles. Their left and right arms can be knocked off for 
extra points. Destroy them for a +5.

Blue Chains
Homeworld Core
One Shot
These only appear in two hallways in the Homeworld Core, coming from the 
walls on blue chains. They'll shoot at you, but it's nothing to worry about. 
Just focus on taking them down.

Blue Shooters
Asteroid Belt and Homeworld Core
One Shot
These are much like Blue Bombers, except they only shoot simple lasers. They 
are blue bulbous enemies that cling to the walls and shoot at you like a 

Asteroid Machines
Four Shots
These enemies cling to the asteroids on the fringes of Sargasso and are the 
only yellow dots on your radar out in space. They will sometimes fire lasers 
at you if you approach, but mostly they are there to give you Silver Rings 
and First Aid Kits. They will give you an extra +1.

Wolf, Panther, and Leon
Alone, these guys are a piece of cake, but you might have trouble since the 
enemies lurking around Sargasso will attack you in unison, too. You can use 
charged shots if you want, but they probably won't hit unless you're close to 
them. It'll only take a few charged shots; normal shots will take a lot 
longer, but you're more likely to hit them. Be wary of your radar because 
they will come up behind you and lock on to you (illustrated by a yellow 
crosshair on your ship). It's best to lure them out from the fringes and 
toward the center, and when they're behind you do a loop, and then hammer 
them with everything you have.


Yellow Mechs
Six shots in two parts
These begin appearing in the forest on Fortuna and are best taken out with a 
charged shot. They have an upper and lower section, but no matter how you 
divide the shots, it will take six of them. You'll get a +1 for defeating all 
of it.

Green Mechs
Three Shots
Green Mechs only have one section. Avoid their twin laser fires and take them 

Blue Mechs
Seven shots in two parts
The only time they appear is right before the Oikonny battle. They are much 
like the Yellow Mechs, so it's a good idea to use charged shots. You will get 
a +1 for defeating them.

Green Turrets
One Shot
They first appear on the shelves in the canyon on Fortuna, and they shoot 
missiles at you if you get close.

White Canisters
One Shot
Not really enemies, but they can be defeated for points.

On-Foot Enemies


Fachina, Corneria
Three Plasma Cannon Shots
These only appear when you're on the wing of either Falco or Wolf's ship. It 
will take a few seconds before they fire, and even then it's only a light 

Electrical Fighters
Fachina, Corneria
Five Plasma Cannon Shots
Like the Fighters, they only appear when you're on the wing of a ship on 
Fachina or Corneria. They will tip you off as to when they're going to fire 
by charging, so you know exactly how much time you have.

Purple Seekers
Fachina, Corneria
Three Plasma Cannon Shots
These trail your ship and will not stop until they are all destroyed. They 
are easy to take out if you know they're coming, but if you start tearing 
into them too late, then you're going to pay.

Ball Ships
Seven Plasma Cannon Shots
These enemies look like giant rotating balls with their epicenters open. They 
can be tough cookies to crack, but there is a long pause before they begin 
firing. When they finally do, they only fire a few shots across your ship.

Charged Blue Shot
These enemies hover close to the ground dropping devastating bombs from the 
air. They gather in close proximity to the center of Corneria, so if you're 
going to stop, then check the sky first. Once defeated, they will give you a 

Charged Blue Shot
These sort of look like birds, and they emit pink rings. They gather mostly 
around the northeast corner of Corneria. Defeat them for a +1.


Common Aparoid
Katina, Fachina, Sauria, Corneria, Aparoid Homeworld
One Shot
These are the most prevalent forms of Aparoids in the game. They are purple 
in appearance and resemble spiders. Common Aparoids do not shoot, but they 
will try to ram you. Because of this, they are the easiest to defeat.

Advanced Aparoids
Katina, Fachina, Sauria, Corneria, Aparoid Homeworld
Charged Blue Shot
These are gray in appearance and roll along the ground. They shoot rapid 
green shots at you, and because of their advanced forms, they are slightly 
tougher to take down.

Ball Aparoids
Sauria, Aparoid Homeworld
Three Single Shots
They will roll toward you in their balls and then open up and launch 
themselves at you. They can be a nuisance, so take them out from a distance.

Shielded Aparoids
Katina, Fachina, Sauria, Corneria, Aparoid Homeworld
Fully Charged Shot
Shielded Aparoids resemble purple tarantulas and are much bigger than any of 
the common forms. A charged shot of any kind will pierce their shields, 
although a fully charged shot will destroy them. Their black orb attacks are 
slow and easy to strafe around, but do not get hit by them as they are 
devastating on gold. They give you a +1 when defeated.

Advanced  Shielded Aparoids
Aparoid Homeworld
Two Fully Charged Shots
These are much like the Shielded Aparoids. They are gray in appearance, but 
instead of shooting orbs, they will shoot four green missiles. Defeat them 
for a +5.

Shell Aparoids
Katina, Fachina, Aparoid Homeworld
Four Charged Landmaster Shots
By far one of the toughest enemies in the game, these Aparoids hang out in 
their giant shells and shoot four green missiles at you from afar. When you 
approach, they come out of their shells and charge you. There is absolutely 
no doubt you will want to take these enemies on with a Landmaster. Get close 
to draw it out of its shell. When it appears, take the opportunity to pelt it 
with a charged shot. Back up and approach it again, and you could catch it in 
a perpetual state of coming out of its shell and going into it, so it won't 
be able to attack. If you mess up and it charges you, quickly rolls out of 
the way. It will give you a +5 for your efforts.

Flying Aparoids
Sauria, Aparoid Homeworld
Three Single Shots
If you get close to them, they will fly at you, and if they touch you, they 
will explode, which can ruin many runs on gold. Stay back and pick them off. 
Running from them may be difficult unless you go to another floor or room. 
Barriers are useful here.

Katina, Aparoid Homeworld
Charged Red Shot
Since these don't attack, there's very little to say about them. Make sure 
they spit out all their enemies before destroying them. They give you a +3.

Aparoid Turrets
Fachina, Sauria, Aparoid Homeworld
Charged Red Shot
These will usually not notice you until you fire at them or are relatively 
close. Their weapons are powerful, but they are a little slow as they track 
you. Strafe to avoid and hit them in the breaks in their attacks. They will 
give you a +1.

Blue Bombers
Fachina, Sauria, Corneria, Aparoid Homeworld
Charged Red Shot
They are much like the Aparoid Turrets, except they shoot black orbs like the 
Shielded Aparoids. They can also go ground to air. Once destroyed, they will 
cough up a +1.

Green Missile Launcher
Sauria, Aparoid Homeworld, Homeworld Core
Charged Red Shot
They are like the Blue Bombers, except they shoot missiles. While in the 
Arwing, they are really annoying. Take them out for a +1.

Radar Jammers
One Sniper Shot
These are easy as long as you avoid their pink attacks (they're usually far 
enough away where you can sidestep). Make sure two of them aren't assaulting 
you at one time.

Electrical Ball
Aparoid Homeworld
Two Fully Charged Shots
Don't get within range or else you'll be electrocuted. Stay back and charge 
your shot. Destroy it for a +1.

Shield Generator
Aparoid Homeworld
Three Fully Charged Shots
The Shield Generators protect the Hatchers on the Aparoid Homeworld. They 
don't retaliate, so take them down for a +3.

Charged Blue Shot
These enemies cruise along the ground peppering you with a fast purple fire.

Guerilla Fighters
Three Single Shots
These are the same as Ape Fighters with a cosmetic makeover and a more feline 

Ape Fighters
Three Single Shots
The grunts of Sargasso Space Station. They will retaliate with blasters of 
their own, so keep moving. Good for keeping combos alive.

Manned Turrets
Charged Blue Shot
As they are manned, they usually won't notice you until you are either 
breathing down their necks or you fire at them. Their slow, single lasers can 
hurt, so take them out before they even notice you. They will give you a +1.

Sargasso Robots
Charged Blue Shot
These guys will fire missiles if they notice you, so destroy them quickly. 
You can disrupt them simply by attacking, but since they're shielded, single 
shots will do nothing but make them mad. They will give you a +1.

Barrel Dispensers
Charged Blue Shot
All Barrel Dispensers do is roll barrels down a ramp, which you will have to 
jump to avoid. You can destroy them from a lower level and get a +3 for your 

Transfer Device
Fully Charged Shot
Unlike the Hatchers, these will continuously spit out Ape Fighters or other 
enemies at regular intervals. They will give you a +3.

Fachina Shield Generator
Three Fully Charged Shots
Use your Landmaster to bring this down. It only goes for a single hit though.

Sentry Drones
Single Shot
You usually have to get pretty close for these guys to open up. You can tell 
when they're about to attack when they reel back. Use the machine gun for 
large volumes of them.

  [0700]              sf_07.assault\\Contact Information             [0700]

You can reach me at mgoblue301@gmail.com. Unless I get a bunch of spam or 
annoying messages, I'm not going to act militant about what I receive. I 
actually welcome nice messages and questions since I rarely use it to receive 
mail outside of business and organizations.

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