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FAQ/Walkthrough by The Sound Defense

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/16/06

     _____  _____  ___       ____     _____  ______ _   __
    / ___/ /_  _/ /   |     / _  \   / ___/ / __  /| | / /
   / /__    / /  / _  |    / /_/ |  / /__  / / / / | |/ /
  /__  /   / /  / /_| |   / _   /  / ___/ / / / /  /   |
 ___/ /   / /  / ___  |  / / | |  / /    / /_/ /  / /| |
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A        S        S        A        U        L        T

Starfox: Assault FAQ/Walkthrough
Copyright 2005 Jim Avery
Due to the abuse of my e-mails to send me mind-blowing amounts of spam
(as well as questions that are answered in my walkthrough), I have
been forced to stop all my e-mails.

Table of Contents

1 - Version History
2 - Basic Info
  2.1 - Characters
3 - Walkthrough
  3.1 - Mission 1: Fortuna: A New Enemy
  3.2 - Mission 2: Katina: Frontier Base Battle
  3.3 - Mission 3: Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited
  3.4 - Mission 4: Fichina: Into The Storm
  3.5 - Mission 5: Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace
  3.6 - Mission 6: Sauria: Reunion
  3.7 - Mission 7: Corneria: War Comes Home
  3.8 - Mission 8: Orbital Gate: Incoming
  3.9 - Mission 9: Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching The Defenses
  3.0 - Mission 10: Homeworld Core: The Final Battle
4 - Frequently Asked Questions
5 - Legal Info

(I) = Incomplete
(N) = Not started

1 - Version History

Version 0.1 (10:57 PM EDT 4/11/2005) - Mission 1, Fortuna, is done. 
More to come.

Version 0.2 (11:49 PM EDT 4/11/2005) - Mission 2, Katina, is done.

Version 0.3 (12:17 AM EDT 4/12/2005) - Mission 3, Sargasso, is done.

Version 0.6 (9:27 PM EDT 4/12/2005) - Completed through Mission 6, 

Version 1.0 (8:55 PM EDT 4/13/2005) - Walkthrough is finished, as well 
as Characters. Enjoy!

2 - Basic Info

2.1 - Characters

Fox McCloud - The leader of Star Fox, Fox is an excellent pilot of all 
three modes of transportation and generally has the battle plan for 
each mission. His latest challenge, defeating the aparoids, will prove 
a real test of his skills.

Slippy Toad - The local Star Fox mechanic isn't too great in an Arwing, 
but his technical know-how and Landmaster skill almost make up for you 
always having to save his sorry butt in an Arwing.

Falco Lombardi - The newly reunited member of Star Fox is an excellent 
pilot, but his attitude is usually a little worse for wear. 
Nevertheless, he's thrilled to be able to conquer the bad guys once 

Krystal - The mysterious new recruit has telekinetic abilities, a 
mystery of her parents' death, and an obvious thing for our hero, Fox. 
Her skills will aid you in your quest time and time again.

Peppy Hare - Peppy was a member of the original Star Fox with James 
McCloud and Pigma Dengar, but he's retired now, and generally works 
with the robot ROB on the Great Fox, transporting vehicles and 
dispensing advice.

General Pepper - The leader of the Cornerian army is forced time and 
time again to call on the Star Fox team to stop the likes of Andross 
and save the galaxy.

Pigma Dengar - Kicked out of Star Wolf for his incredible greed, Pigma 
spends all of his time thinking of nothing but himself, which 
ultimately lands him in big trouble in this adventure.

Wolf O' Donnell - The leader of the Star Wolf team is older and much 
more experienced than his rival, Fox. They are generally diametrically 
opposed, but who knows what will happen with a new enemy to face...

Leon Powalski - This cold-blooded killer is able to do any task without 
any remorse at all. He has a clear rivalry with Falco Lombardi.

Panther Caroso - The new guy of Star Wolf has some mad fighting skills, 
and is an incredible playboy, as is indicated by his action around 

3 - Walkthrough

Note: this walkthrough is not spoiler-free. Indeed, it is spoiler-full.

3.1 - Mission 1: Fortuna: A New Enemy

With the wars of Andross over, his nephew, Andrew Oikonny, has left 
Star Wolf, taken control of his army, and is attacking the Lylat 
System. Defensive armies are failing due to excellent planning from 
Oikonny. Enter the Star Fox Team!

-- Part 1: Space Above Fortuna --

At the beginning, you'll have to shoot some enemies off of Slippy's 
tail. For the rest of the level, though, just shoot down anything that 
gets in your way. For the giant battleships, shoot the purplish multi-
colored spot until it goes down.

About halfway through, a prototype robot enemy will attack you; spin 
and dodge to avoid its fire, and shoot until it goes down. For the 
stealth squadron, you can shoot at its missile holders for a point 
each, but shooting the middle will net you five points anyway and will 
take out the whole thing at once.

Once you get to the end of this level, Oikonny will retreat to the 
planet's surface. Naturally, you will give chase.

-- Part 2: Fortuna --

Here in the jungle, shoot down the enemies in your way. You'll need to 
get some enemies off of Falco's back, and get down low to remove the 
enemies on the ground. Once you reach the canyon, you've entered the 
base. Shoot at the containers throughout this area, some hold silver 
rings. Once you get through the huge door, the real fight will begin.

Shoot down everything you can (containers!), do rolls frequently, and 
save Slippy's worthless butt again. Near the end, you can use a bomb 
down low to take out some of the walker enemies before the second door. 
After a while, you'll catch up to Oikonny's flagship, and he'll prepare 
for battle.

-- Boss 1: Oikonny's Flagship --

If you've played Starfox 64, you'll get Falco's in-joke. This first 
boss is essentially an Andross clone. He'll be punching you with his 
fists and such, so when he winds up, move up to avoid. Your laser 
targets are the weak spots in the middle of the hands. Shoot at them 
until each hand is down.

Looks like after your battle, Oikonny's ready for more, but a 
mysterious laser will destroy his ship. The giant bug enemy responsible 
is known as an aparoid, and according to Peppy, it means big trouble.

-- Boss 2: Aparoid --

For the first part, the aparoid will fire beams from the circles on its 
wings; shoot at all of those until its wings are decimated. It'll then 
shoot some rocks at you; dodge them, then move away from it when it 
lunges forward. It will then open its mouth to fire missiles; fire into 
its mouth to damage it, and shoot the missiles away to save yourself. 
Eventually, it'll go down.

After the aparoid is destroyed, it'll leave behind something that, 
according to Peppy, you must get. Do it quick before those other 
aparoids get you!

3.2 - Mission 2: Katina: Frontier Base Battle

According to General Pepper and Beltino Toad, the aparoids are 
preparing to take over the galaxy, and they're pretty darn powerful. In 
the meantime, a distress signal is coming from Katina. Time to 

Once you get down there, however, we find that it's a trap...

-- Part 1: Battle The Aparoids --

Your first mission on foot. Shoot out all the aparoids that you find on 
your radar until you get the machine gun. Use the C-stick to switch and 
take out hordes of enemies. For the target enemies, though, you need to 
use a fully charged-up shot from your blaster; remember to sidestep 
their shots.

Once they're gone, Peppy will send you a Landmaster. Head for it and 
climb in, then resume taking out aparoids. The Landmaster's guns can 
take out the doors in this area, as well as target enemies in one hit. 
For smaller enemies, you'll probably have to use R to target them. 
Remember to help out Krystal.

Once the targets are gone, some hatcher aparoids will land to spawn 
more aparoids. You've got to take them out.

-- Part 2: Destroy The Hatchers --

There are eight hatchers here; seven are outside at various spots. Take 
them out (help out Slippy), then get out of the Landmaster and climb up 
to the high point in the center of the base. Go around until you find 
the elevator in. Defeat the enemies here, then use a charge shot on the 

One more hatcher will appear outside, so defeat the enemy on the 
elevator and head out. Get back into the Landmaster and destroy the 
hatcher to reveal the head honcho.

-- Boss: Aparoid Ship --

For this enemy, you need to shoot the weak point on the underside, then 
hover (Y) onto the top and shoot at the weak point up there. Continue 
until you win. Simple, really.

It'll leave behind a complete Core Memory, but Pigma Dengar will snatch 
it up and fly away. Gotta go after him!

3.3 - Mission 3: Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited

Pigma's led you into pretty hostile territory, and they don't like Star 
Fox. Looks like you've got some work to do.

-- Part 1: Destroy The Transfer Gateways --

There are six gateways around the station, and you need to destroy them 
before the enemy gauge is full. The station has a convenient structure, 
with one set of ramps leading from floor to floor (it starts with the 
ramp in the corner that barrels are flying down, and a transfer device 
is immediately in front of you after going up). This means that you can 
do a clean sweep of every floor before moving up. There are four 
gateways to destroy in this main area, then you need to find the 
elevator at the top (it has a colored, mesh floor).

Here, you'll want to switch to the machine gun to take lots of enemies 
out. Go through this area and finish off the last two gateways, then 
some guests will drop in.

-- Boss: Star Wolf --

Get back into your Arwing and get outside. Almost right away you'll 
have to help Krystal out, then you can take on the Star Wolf team. Lock 
onto them with some charged shots and they'll go down fairly quickly. 
Loop and/or U-turn when they get on your tail.

Once you're done, Wolf will reveal that Pigma is no longer with them, 
and Panther will hit on Krystal, luckily revealing that Pigma was on 
Fichina last.

3.4 - Mission 4: Fichina: Into The Storm

Fichina has frozen over since the climate control generator is out of 
control. You'll have to take out the shield generators and fix it 
before you can find Pigma.

-- Part 1: Entering The Generator --

Go forward to the Landmaster and hop in, then head over to one of the 
targets on your radar, taking out aparoids along the way. Once you get 
there, back away from it a bit, then look up and shoot at the colored 
power supply. After a couple of hits, it'll be destroyed. Do this to 
the two other supplies (look at your map to figure the terrain and 
drive accordingly), and the shield will disappear. Head to the center 
and move around it until you find an entrance. Get out of the 
Landmaster and head inside.

Here, you'll adjust the planet's climate, but you're trapped inside, 
and the sentry bots aren't too happy about your presence.

-- Part 2: Survival --

You'll start with three sentry bots. To defeat these guys, let them get 
close to you, and they'll jump at you and unfold their armor. Back off 
and shoot them then to destroy them. After you defeat the three, there 
will be six more to destroy. After that, they'll appear in countless 
numbers. Keep destroying them until Falco flies in and takes out the 

After the sentry bots are gone, you'll climb onto the wing of Falco's 
ship to take out some things.

-- Part 3: Airborne Combat --

Switch your weapon to the plasma cannon for this section. Here's a bit 
used in SFA: use your plasma cannon to shoot away any enemies that come 
near. The blue arrows are airborne enemies, easy to clear. The yellow 
dots are lasers that have locked onto Falco, so take them out as soon 
as you can. If you see ships on the ground, you can get rid of them. 
Don't forget to help out Slippy the Worthless. 

This will continue for a while, then Peppy will deliver you an Arwing, 
and Pigma will reveal himself as controlling the aparoids around here. 
He'll then unleash a giant machine on your unsuspecting butt.

-- Boss: Aparoid Machine --

You've got seven minutes for this battle. Get in the Arwing and begin 
taking out the enemies that the aparoid is spitting out. You can only 
damage this thing when its hatch is open, by firing into it. Luckily, 
some enemies leave bombs behind, and two bombs will finish the machine 
off. Make sure to clear the enemies in front of the hatch before 

You'll all wax philosophical for a bit, then watch a scene where Pigma 
seems to be slowly turning toward the aparoids.

3.5 - Mission 5: Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace

Pigma's moved off to the asteroid belt.

-- Part 1: Empty Space --

You can shoot away the asteroids at the beginning, but you'll all take 
notice of the stray Wolfens lying about; looks like Star Wolf jumped 
ship. A little ways in, the aparoids will show themselves, and you'll 
have to save Falco. You can get a lot of G-Bonuses from destroying 
whole groups of enemies. Partway through, you'll face a more difficult 
enemy that shoots green missiles; fire away at it until it's gone. 

Destroy more enemy groups and you'll encounter a huge number of ships, 
followed by attacking asteroids. Destroy the laser enemies and save 
Krystal, then use your brakes when Peppy tells you to until the road is 
clear. You'll come by a base.

-- Part 2: Aparoid Base --

Numerous enemies lurk around here, so fire at will. When the door 
closes, you'll start heading up; save Falco as you do. After that, 
you'll face the prototype enemy from Mission 1; roll and dodge its fire 
as you shoot at it. Save Slippy, then enter the base and begin dodging 
and returning laser fire. Carefully avoid walls in the shortcut, then 
dodge the moving arms. Shoot away at the blue when you head down, then 
you'll head out.

You'll find Pigma being absorbed by a giant machine, and he'll end up a 
giant aparoid.

-- Boss: Aparoid Pigma --

For the first part of the battle, you'll have to shoot down missiles 
headed your way, then fire at the arms when they are red to destroy 
them. Be warned, he throws asteroids sometimes. Take care of all six 
arms in this manner. After that, shoot at Pigma's face while destroying 
missiles to finish him off.

3.6 - Mission 6: Sauria: Reunion

Home base had deduced the location of the aparoid queen, and we're 
ready to strike, but Krystal will receive a distress signal from 
Sauria, AKA Dinosaur Planet. Looks like the aparoids have come by it 
and planted their hatchers, and we've got to take care of them.

-- Liberate Sauria --

There are five hatchers planted around Sauria, and they won't be easy 
to get at, since they're heavily guarded. In addition, if the Might 
Gauge starts getting high, you'll need to hop into your Arwing and take 
out some airborne enemies. One of the hatchers is destroyable from the 
Arwing; it's at the south end of the map, on a building. Another is in 
plain sight in the southwest corner of the map. The rest will have to 
be taken out on foot.

The third is in the northwest corner of the map; you'll have to hit 
pause to find the small path that can lead to it. It's inside a temple 
that's guarded by two turrets and many aparoids, so I would break out a 
machine/gatling gun if I were you. Once they're gone, aim for the 
ceiling and take out the hatcher.

For the last two, head into the general center of Sauria, then find the 
hole that leads to them; just head for the targets on radar. In this 
main chamber, you can get lots of powerups, and there are two side 
paths. Each leads to one of the two final hatchers, so go down, 
preferably with a rapid-fire weapon to take out aparoids, and destroy 
the hatchers to finish this mission. For the path that splits, take the 
one the goes up to find the hatcher.

3.7 - Mission 7: Corneria: War Comes Home

After a scene with Krystal, Fox and Tricky, you'll get back to the 
Great Fox to find that the Aparoids attacked Corneria while you were 
out. You've got to defend the capital now.

-- Part 1: Fixing The Radar --

First, grab the sniper rifle right in front of you, since you'll need 
it. Try to remember where it is, too, because you WILL reload. There 
are six jammers around the capital, and you need to take each out with 
a few shots from the sniper rifle. Press X when the target becomes 
green stuff on your radar, then look up at it and fire. Beware of its 
beam, it hurts. Also, it's unusually easy to miss, so keep sharp. 
You'll also end up helping Krystal out with your sniper rifle - not 
easy by any means.

Once they're taken care of, Peppy will send you an Arwing. Go to it on 
your radar and head up the ramps to it, but the aparoids will destroy 
it. Luckily, Wolf will show up in time, and you'll be destroying things 
from his wing.

-- Part 2: Wolfborne Combat --

This works the same way as if you were on Falco's ship again. Shoot 
away at any lasers targeting you, and destroy all of the aparoid ships. 
Once you're done with your run, you'll see a familiar face. Pepper's 
been taken by the aparoids, and he wants you to finish him off.

-- Boss: Pepper's Flagship --

The quickest way to defeat Pepper's flagship is to continually shoot at 
the aparoid part, especially when it's charging an attack, since it 
will drop the attack. It will occasionally fire missiles that you have 
to destroy, or release other aparoids. It won't be too long before he 
goes down.

Right as Pepper's going down, Peppy flies in on an Arwing to save the 
day. He's right, his retirement's shot. Wolf will offer Fox advice - 
don't hesitate.

3.8 - Mission 8: Orbital Gate: Incoming

Apparently, aparoids have self-destruct cells, and they can be 
destroyed in such a manner. If the queen goes down, so do all of the 
aparoids. They're working on a program, but you need to defend the gate 
until it's done.

-- Part 1: Defend The Gate --

Shoot down as many enemies as you can get your hands on. Help out 
teammates as well, when necessary. Eventually, you'll obtain bigger 

-- Part 2: Destroy The Missile --

Shoot away at all of the missiles that appear. Eventually, Star Wolf 
will come in and help out, but you don't really need it. They're not 
that difficult this time. For the larger missiles, you need to fire 
only at the front end to damage them.

-- Boss: Large Missile --

For this last one, you need to fire at the tail end first; utilize your 
brakes. Once that breaks off, you'll need to fire for the weak spot in 
the middle. The third part is vulnerable in front. Once that's taken 
out, you've won.

The gate will open.

3.9 - Mission 9: Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching The Defenses

Star Fox will finally be transported to the aparoid homeworld. The path 
to the queen is blocked, though, so you need to defeat the hatchers and 
shield generators.

-- Part 1: Storming The Base --

There are two main areas here. One is the building in front of you as 
you start, the other is the building behind. Each holds two hatchers. 
Use a charged blaster shot on the electric ball in front of you, then 
head inside to start. Head up the ramp, destroying aparoids and 
turrets, to the top floor. Use your machine gun on the enemies here, 
then use some charged blaster shots on the barrier generators. After 
that, take out the hatcher.

Go around and go through the door on this floor, then destroy the 
electric balls and aparoids along this path. In the next room, you'll 
be in a room with many floors. Destroy the aparoids and barrier 
generators on each floor, then destroy the hatcher on the top. Exit 
this building completely to get back to where you started.

Destroy the door with a charge shot and head in. In the first room of 
this building, you need to go down to the bottom floor. Destroy the 
aparoids along the way and at the bottom (machine gun!), then take out 
the barrier generators and the hatcher. 

Go back up all the way to the top floor and go in the door, then use 
the machine gun on the turrets here and destroy the other electric 
ball. Here's another floor room; sweep each one and destroy the final 
hatcher at the end...and then there were six more.

-- Part 2: The Final Hatchers --

This is very easy. Head back to your Arwing and hop in, then destroy 
the hatchers underneath the base to complete the mission.

3.0 - Mission 10: Homeworld Core: The Final Battle

The shield that leads to the core is still up, so you can't get in. 
You'll soon discover worse, however; the Great Fox is infested with 
aparoids, and Peppy will use it to crash into the shield and break it. 
Everyone will fly in right before the Great Fox is destroyed. At the 
last second, Star Wolf will fly in to help you out.

-- Part 1: Homeworld Core --

Laser fire is bloody everywhere. Roll and shoot like a madman until it 
clears some, then head through the open part of the shield. The second 
one will close on you, and you'll change course for a small tunnel. 
Watch out for the moving walls here and you'll get out on the other 
side okay.

Coming out, a large thing will release bad guys, so destroy everything 
you can see. When you curve, destroy the blue balls and avoid their 
paths. Watch out for more moving walls later, then you'll have to avoid 
the appearing walls. Save Krystal afterward and she'll give you a 
silver ring.

Here, walls will appear according to what appears on the sides, so keep 
watch. Help Falco after that, then fire like mad at the many enemies. 
Slip through the holes in the shield, then grab the laser powerup and 
defeat more enemies. Another shield, then some fans and clamps (brake 
is your friend, not boost).

After that, the really difficult enemies will come in a huge clump. 
Roll around to survive until Star Wolf takes them out. Head forward to 
the aparoid queen.

Once you get there, the queen will use the voices of Pigma, Pepper, 
Peppy and Fox's father - everyone she's ever absorbed - to try and 
convince you to stop. You're not falling for it, though. Time to end 

-- Boss: Aparoid Queen --

Shoot away at the queen's lower armor until she stops spinning, then 
fire at her weak spot, possibly with bombs. When the weird enemies 
appear, shoot them, and when she uses a disorganized beam, boost away. 
Once it's gone, you'll fire the self-destruct program inside. 
But...she'll resist, and fly away. Better follow her!

This time, you need to fire at the four weak spots until they're fully 
closed, then a head will pop out. It'll fire a beam, then try to swing 
at you. Shoot at the helmet to remove it, then keep firing away at the 
head. Once it goes back, repeat until that form is gone. Beware, she 
can fire missiles and summon large electrical fields for you to dodge.

The final form can be damaged most of the time from the front. She'll 
fire tunnel beams, just stay in the center. She also has a bright 
orange beam you really shouldn't touch. After enough hits, she'll be 

The homeworld will be destroyed, and the aparoids are gone. After you 
evacuate, you'll find that Peppy, Pepper, and the Star Wolf team are 
all okay after all. Lucky them, it's a happy ending. Congratulations!

4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you going to finish the FAQ?
A: I don't know. Please don't ask.

Q: Can I host your walkthrough on my website?
A: E-mail me that question and I'll give you my answer.

Q: You forgot to mention this./I have a tip for doing this./How do I do 
this, because it's not in your FAQ, but should be?
A: E-mail me concerning any of the above situations. Remember to put 
'Starfox: Assault' somewhere in the subject line so I know what you're 
talking about. Always double-check to make sure my FAQ doesn't answer 
your question, because 90% of the time, based on what I've seen, it 
does. If you e-mail me asking a question that's not in my FAQ because 
that particular section is incomplete...just don't, because the odds 
are my answer is 'I don't know.' Soon I will know all, and you can e-
mail me then.

5 - Legal Info

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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