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    FAQ/Walkthrough by yoshi_43

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 03/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ********************************Star Fox: Assault*******************************
    *********************************Strategy Guide*********************************
    By Tommy Pickens
    E-mail: tompickens@comcast.net
    Table of Contents
    1. (P01) Controls
    2. (P02) Characters
    3. (P03) Vehicles
    4. (P04) Weapons/Items
    5. (P05) Single Player
        (SP01) Mission 1: Fortuna: A New Enemy
        (SP02) Mission 2: Katina: Frontier Base Battle
        (SP03) Mission 3: Sargasso Space Zone: Hostiles Revisited
        (SP04) Mission 4: Fachina: Into the Storm
        (SP05) Mission 5: Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace
        (SP06) Mission 6: Sauria: Reunion
        (SP07) Mission 7: Corneria: War Comes Home
        (SP08) Mission 8: Orbital Gate: Incoming
        (SP09) Mission 9: Aparoid Home world: Breaching the Defenses
        (SP10) Mission 10: Home world Core: The Final Battle
    6. (P06) Multiplayer
        (M01) Maps
        (M02) Special Games
        (M03) Unlockables
        (M04) Cheating Advice (multiplayer only) WILL NOT HELP IN STORY!!
    7. (P07) Thanks/Bibliography
    8. (P08) Copyright Info
    Copyrights Tommy Pickens
    Version 1.00 Guide complete: All single player, multiplayer -special games
    Version 1.01-1.03 Edited and formatted to fit gameFAQs standards
    Version 1.04 Booster Packs & Launcher Tilt added to Unlockables
    Version 1.14 Special Games added in multiplayer
    Version 1.15 Simple Map 5 aadded in Unlockables and Maps
    ********************************* 1. Controls **********************************
    Pilot Controls (on foot)
    A: fire weapon
    A hold: charge weapon
    Y: Jump
    R+Control Stick: Manually Aim
    L+Contol Stick: Dash Sideways
    L+Control Stick (light): Walk Sideways
    Control Stick: move character
    Control Pad (D-Pad): change map
    Arwing/Wolfen Controls (in plane)
    A; fire laser
    A hold: charge laser
    B: fire bomb
    Y: boost
    X hold: land
    R: brake
    L+Control Stick: barrel roll (hold to fly sideways)
    Control Stick: fly (move)
    Control Pad: change map
    C Stick Up: loop
    C Stick Down: u-turn
    Landmaster Tank controls
    A: fire cannon
    A hold: charge cannon
    Y: hover
    X: boost
    R+Control Stick: Manually Aim
    L+Control Stick: barrel roll
    Control Stick: move
    Control Pad: change map
    ********************************** 2. Characters *******************************
    Star Fox Team
    Name: Fox McCloud
    Role: Leader
     Health: 3/5
     Speed: 3/5
     Jump: 3/5
     Arwing Skill: 4/5
     Landmaster Skill: 4/5
     Pilot Skill: 4/5
     Skill: none
    Head of the commandos-for-hire Star Fox team. He’s responsible and extremely
    capable of assessing situations and giving orders, not to mention a fiery hero
    with a strong sense of responsibility and record success.
    Fox is a great all around player and is a good choice if you switch vehicles a
    lot in battle. I suggest that you stay in vehicles most of the time because
    that’s where he most excels.
    Name: Slippy Toad
    Role: Mechanic
     Health: 4/5
     Speed: 2/5
     Jump: 4/5
     Arwing Skill: 2/5
     Landmaster Skill: 5/5
     Pilot Skill: 3/5
     Skill: Charge speed is twice as fast
    Slippy's not much of a fighter, but he's an excellent mechanical engineer. He
    fulfills the role of team mascot and calms frayed nerves on the battlefield.
    Slippy may be able to jump but he's not a track star. I suggest that you get
    him an a landmaster as soon as possible because he's slow and his pilot skills
    are weak. I also suggest that you avoid Arwings and Wolfens but in dire
    situations do what is needed.
    Name: Falco Lombardi
    Role: Ace Pilot
     Health: 1/5
     Speed: 4/5
     Jump: 3/5
     Arwing Skill: 5/5
     Landmaster Skill: 2/5
     Pilot Skill: 3/5
     Skill: none
    The Star Fox team's ace pilot Falco left the team briefly but has
    since returned to the fold. He says he's in it for the money, but 
    rumor has it that he considers the team his family. He’s really a kind-hearted
    and uncomplicated fellow.
    If you're looking for a dog fight, then Falco's your man. His excellent Arwing
    skills make up for the lack of landmaster and pilot skills. I suggest beginners
    don't use him because he is killed very easily. I suggest once you start that 
    you run directly to a Arwing or Wolfen.
    Name: Krystal
    Role: Telepath
     Health: 2/5
     Speed: 3/5
     Jump: 3/5
     Arwing Skill: 2/5
     Landmaster Skill: 2/5
     Pilot Skill: 3/5
     Skill: Receives 2 Barriers on respawning
    The newest member of the team. Krystal's a mysterious young women with 
    extrasensory perception, she uses her talent to foresee danger and aid her 
    I suggest you don't use Kyrstal if you must then stay out of vehicles. 
    She was poor health so on foot is a danger. 
    So either way she is a poor choice. Her skill isn't that useful anyway. 
    Name: Peppy Hare
    Role: Instructor
    Unlocked by: playing 15 vs. matches
     Health: 2/5
     Speed: 1/5
     Jump: 5/5
     Arwing Skill: 3/5
     Landmaster Skill: 3/5
     Pilot Skill: 4/5
     Skill: Charge speed is four times as fast
    The father figure of the Star Fox team. Peppy is a retired pilot because he 
    was unable to conquer advancing age. He currently rides in the Great Fox where
    he issues advice and instructs the team.
    Peppy has one heck of a jump. which makes him a reasonable pick even though he
    has a lack of health and speed. He should probably stay on the ground because
    he is best in these areas.
    Name: General Pepper
    Role: Commander
    Commander of the Cornerian Defense Force. He was the commanding officer of 
    Peppy and Fox's father when they were in the service. His leadership 
    Abilities and trustworthiness has made him a popular figure.
    Name: ROB
    Role: Analysis Robot
    The observation and analysis robot assigned to the Great Fox. His main 
    Duties are to assist Peppy and transfer vehicles to Fox and company.
    Other Characters
    Name: Pigma Dengar
    Role: No real role
    A greedy miser who thinks of nothing saving his own gain. His life has 
    been one double cross after another. His overwhelming greed and 
    unreliability got him kicked of Star Wolf.
    Star Wolf Team
    Name: Wolf O'Donnell
    Role: Leader
    Unlocked by: never letting any of your allies retire in all 10 missions
     Health: 5/5
     Speed: 5/5
     Jump: 3/5
     Arwing Skill: 5/5
     Landmaster Skill: 2/5
     Pilot Skill: 3/5
    A scoundrel well known throughout the Lylat system as the leader of the 
    ruffian gang Star Wolf. He's crossed paths and laser fire with Fox numerous 
    times; each considers his eternal rival.
    Wolf is probably one of the best players in the game, but it takes a very 
    Long time to get him. I suggest you don't get in a landmaster because 
    of his weak skill. His exceptional speed, health, and arwing skill makes 
    him great for beginners against masters who earned him.
    Name: Leon Powalski
    Role: Assassin
    A member of the Star Wolf who's a cold-blooded assassin. He has no morals or
    conscience and well perform any task with machinelike disinterest.
    Name: Panther Caroso
    Role: Ace Pilot
    Although he's new to the Star Wolf team, he's a top-class pilot. Panther's a
    flirt and incredibly indulgent with females. His conceit is so great that 
    those around him are embarrassed. The red rose is his symbol.
    ******************************** 3. Vehicles *********************************
    Type: Space Fighter
    Use: in air
    The primary fighting vehicle of the Star Fox team. It has been refined and 
    improved to have the strongest firepower in the Lylat system. It is equipped
    with a G-diffuser system that gives it high maneuverability.
    Ah yes, the Arwing. This fighter was been soaring through space since the 
    days of Star Fox 64. I think the most fun thing about it pulling a loop 
    when your friends are chasing you and blasting them to smithereens!
    Landmaster Tank
    Type: Anti-Aircraft Tank
    Use: on land
    The new and improved version of the landmaster is lighter than before and 
    maintains its all terrain exploration wheels on a combat-ready tank chassis. 
    Small plasma engines located on either side of the chassis give the 
    landmaster hovering abilities for short periods of time.
    If you're looking to just blow things up then you want a landmaster. It has 
    a super powerful cannon that does extreme damage when charged up. It also has
    great defense so a landmaster is always a good choice.
    Type: Ultra Space Fighter
    Use: in air
    Unlocked by: playing 150 vs. matches
    The primary fighter of the Star Wolf team. Wolfens are equipped with more 
    gravity-regulating Gravity Blades then Arwings and are conjectured to be at
    least equal to Arwings in functionality.
    The only known differences between Arwings and Wolfens are the Wolfen's 
    inability to stop with brakes; they are faster than Arwings, and Arwings
    are smaller than Wolfens.
    ***************************** 4. Weapons/Items *********************************
    You always start out with this weapon at the beginning of matches. Can be 
    Power: Weak-Strong (strong when charged)
    Radius: Very Small-Small
    Speed: Average
    Does any one else think the blaster looks deformed?
    Machine Gum
    Rapid Fire
    Power: Weak
    Radius: Small (can be Medium)
    Speed: Fast
    I like to just run around like a maniac with a machine gun and shoot 
    everything in my path
    Charge the Grenade up and throw it
    Power: Average-Strong
    Radius: Large
    Speed: Slow
    Grenades always blow up on me for some reason. A wall keeps getting in the way.
    Sensor Bomb
    Place it. It will explode when somebody goes near it
    Power: Average
    Radius: Medium
    Speed: Slow
    Good for tight battle space.
    Sniper Rifle
    Zoom in and fire
    Power: Strong
    Radius: Small
    Speed: Slow
    The sniper is fun in Corneria
    Homing Launcher
    Lock on to the target and fire a rocket
    Power: Strong
    Radius: Average
    Speed: Slow
    The rocket launcher is good for shooting down Arwings and Wolfens.
    Gattling Gun
    More powerful machine gun
    Power: Average
    Radius: Small-Average
    Speed: Fast
    Unlocked by: playing 20 vs. matches (multiplayer)
    Gattling Guns are smooth, sleek, and pack a wallop.
    Plasma Cannon
    A Powerful rapid fire gun that you use on your allies wings
    Power: Strong
    Radius: Medium
    Speed: Fast
    Too bad you can't use this great weapon on foot in single player or in 
    Demon Launcher
    A Very Powerful rocket launcher you get after dying twice in a multiplayer
    Power: Strong
    Radius: Average
    Speed: Very Slow
    This gun is known as the Big Yellow Gun.
    Missile Launcher
    A user guided missile that you shoot from the ground
    Power: Average
    Radius: Medium
    Speed: Slow
    Unlocked by: playing 5 vs. matches
    Flying around a deadly missile. Video games don't get much better than this.
    Firburst Pod
    A super, mega, gargantuan bomb. (when shot about 10 grenades come out and blow
    Power: Very Strong
    Radius: Very, very large
    Speed: Super slow
    Unlocked by: playing 75 vs. matches
    Good times, Good times
    Predator Rockets
    A rocket positioned on the ground the locks on to flying aircraft
    Power: Strong
    Radius: Large
    Speed: Average
    Unlocked by: playing 170 vs. matches
    At first it seems like a giant sensor bomb, until you fly over the laser!
    Demon Sniper
    A super sniper rifle
    Power: Very strong
    Radius: Average
    Speed: Very slow
    Unlocked by: Collecting all 50 flags in Single Player
    Demon snipers are super scary
    A shield that protects the player for a period of time
    Type: Shield
    WARNING: barriers don't work against firburst pods! It destroyed it instantly!
    First Aid Kits
    Comes in a series of levels green: revives 25%, silver: revives 50%, 
    and gold: 100%
    Type: Health
    Health is a weird word if you say it 10 times backwards
    Shield Rings
    Restores vehicles shields. Silver: 25%, Gold: 50%
    Type: Health
    Does it seem like shield rings do nothing to you?
    Power Upgrades
    Upgrades firepower. Green: upgrades 1 level, Red: upgrades 2 levels.
    Type: Upgrade
    Power Upgrades are cool on Landmaster tanks
    Gives your character one extra life
    Type: Upgrade
    1-Ups really help when you're far in a level and don't want to star over
    Stealth Suit
    Makes your character invisible for a short period of time
    Type: Effect
    You can only use these in multiplayer
    Smart Bomb
    A bomb for your Arwing/Wolfen that can lock on to your target and follow it.
    Type: bomb
    Good ol' Smart Bombs always appear when you need 'em most
    Cluster Bomb
    A bomb for your Arwing/Wolfen that blows up the more bombs scatter around
    and blow up
    Type: bomb
    Unlocked by: playing 200 vs. matches
    After the many explosions it stops then explodes again with more
    force then last time!
    Booster Pack
    A jetpack
    Type: Effect
    Unlocked by: playing 90 vs. matched
    Booster Packs are so fun, you can "super jump"
                                   Single Player
    ********************* Mission 1: Fortuna: A New Enemy **************************
    Fox: Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                      Mission Start
    First, when the mission starts, start taking out some of the enemy’s fleet. 
    Then Krystal well say Don’t get cocky Slippy. Then they’ll be an enemy on his
    tail destroy it and move on. (It’s ok if you miss he’ll just take some 
    damage.) Then some concentrates of them start aiming at you. Take them out, 
    then you’re instructed to go with Krystal to the right and Falco and Slippy 
    go left. Then Peppy well say everybody attack now! Charge a laser and fire 
    it at the incoming enemies. Charge a laser and collect the Smart Bomb. Fire 
    at the structure in front of you, it should crumple to bits. Charge another 
    shot and fire it at the purple target on the next structure, it should 
    crumple too. Then a whole fleet of enemy ships well fly in front of you, 
    destroy as many as possible. Then a strange thing well appear in front of you.
                                 Sub-Boss: Prototype
    This thing is weird it’s like a flying ninja. Don’t let his beam hit you it
    causes a lot of damage. Lock onto him and fire a bomb at him. The fire 
    some more shots and he should get destroyed.
                                   Continuing Mission
    Destroy the next structure in front of you by firing at the purple space. 
    Destroy the next structure then Falco gives you a bomb. Destroy the next 
    structure in front of you with laser fire and continue on.
                              Sub-Bosses: Stealth Squadrons
    Slippy says I’ve gone something on radar. Kyrstal says Look out Fox its 
    Stealth Squadrons! Charge a laser and fire at the stealth ship. Don’t use your
    bomb yet, lasers well work fine. A building like thing well appear in front 
    of you destroy it with laser fire. Then Oikonny well be told of your presence. 
    Dodge the missiles by barrel rolling and continue to blow up the buildings 
    until the play field clears up. Oikonny then fleas to Fortuna and you 
    follow him.
                              Continuing Mission on Fortuna
    On Fortuna you are served light enemy fire. Falco needs help in the middle 
    of it. Charge a laser and shot it at one of them, it well destroy the rest. 
    ROB well then find the enemy base. There well be some conveyer belts with robot
    on them. Fire at them, Falco well then give you a Smart Bomb. Shoot at the 
    robots on the next conveyer belt and then you reach a door destroy the enemies 
    behind the door. Destroy the tank like things, then you’ll see a screw thingy. 
    A fighter well be on Slippy, destroy it. There’ll be another conveyer belt 
    follow it to another screw thingy. Then an armada of robots will guard the 
    door and fire at you. Take them out. Then you see Oikonny and the battle begins!
                                     Boss: Oikonny
    Oikonny turns into an andross like ship. (After all he is Andross’s nephew.) 
    First, charge up a laser and shoot it at his hand when he’s charging up to smack
    you. When he’s switching sides, charge another laser and fire it at his hand 
    directly after a bomb. Krystal will say Fantastic! And Oikonny slams the ground
    with his fists. You’ve beat his first stage! Directly after this he tries to 
    punch you, barrel roll out of the way. He looks, after that, like he’s doing 
    some sort of Kung-Fu move. Shoot his hand and dodge the blow. Dodge the punch 
    and he does the Kung-Fu move again. Fire a bomb at his hand. He should be almost
    dead now so keep this same process and you'll have defeated Oikonny! Then a 
    large moth thing well appear and shoots a big laser at you. Prepare for 
    another battle!
                                   Boss: Aparoid Moth
    Fire at the moth’s wing eyeballs. It fires sonic ring things at you dodge them
    with a roll. Then the moth well go into the background and fire a super poop-
    like substance at you, dodge it by flying around it. Once you’ve destroyed 
    all the wins, the moth will go into the background and cut the ground so 
    it can fire rocks at you dodge the rocks by flying around them, firing at 
    them doesn’t work. The moth’s weak point is a jewel thing in its mouth, 
    fire at it and dodge the super sonic balls. Keep on firing at its tongue 
    jewel and you well eventually you’ll defeat it!After the battle, Peppy 
    instructs you to get the core memory. (That’s what it’s called.) While you’re 
    doing that more moths come. Luckily you get out before you have to battle them.
                                    MISSION COMPLETE!
    ******************* Mission 2: Katina: Frontier Base Battle ********************
    Fox: Foot/Landmaster Tank
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                    Mission Start
    You start off inside the Katina Outpost base. Grab the machine gun in front of 
    you. Then Falco sees more targets, and 2 targets appear on your radar. GO to the
    right and around the corner, the first target well appear. Destroy it and grab 
    the homing launcher it leaves behind. Switch to Homing Launcher, go around the 
    corner on the left, and blow the target the smithereens. Grab the homing 
    launcher it leaves behind and some more spider like targets drop from the sky.
                                    Mission Update
    There are 3 outside the bridge blow them up and jump in the landmaster. Once you
    do that, Krystal needs help, so blow up the enemies on her tail. Go and hover 
    past the cannons and there should be a target on the ramp going down for you. 
    After that, go right and there is a cover thing, and two targets underneath 
    them. Blow them up and move on. Hover over the cover and you should be back by 
    the cannons. Hover and get on the ledge by the cannons smoke the target and then
    move forward, then left. Destroy the last target. Then 8 hatchers well fly in 
    and land, you must destroy them!
                                    Mission Update
    Turn around and blow the first one up. Go right and get the 2nd one. Then keep
    on going forward and blast the 3rd one. Slippy should need some help after 
    that. Toast the targets on his tail and move on. Turn to the right and blast 
    the fourth one. Half way done! Hover on to the red bridge, move forward 
    and run over the 5th target. Turn right and toast the 6th. The 7th target 
    is just below the platform you’re on go and get it. Hover up onto the ledge 
    where the cannons are, where you just were. Jump out of the landmaster 
    and hop on the elevator right in front of you. Get out your homing launcher 
    and blast the many aparoids in front of you, grab the health and turn to the 
    right. The last hatcher is on the wall so blow it up and get the heck outta 
    there! Blast the aparoid on the elevator and ride it up to the top. Jump in 
    your landmaster and go to the left facing the elevator or go to the right 
    facing the cannons. Blast the last hatcher on the vertical platform. Then a 
    huge mushroom like thing comes in from an Aparoid warp. It has a Core Memory on
    it, you got to get it!
                                  Boss: Aparoid Leader
    There is a jewel on the bottom side of the leader; that is its weak point. Blast
    it with the cannon on the landmaster twice and it’ll crumple. Hover on the top 
    of the leader and wait for the protector of the core memory to open, the blast 
    it! About 8 regular shots should do it! After you beat it, Fox is about to get 
    the core memory, when Pigma comes in and steals it. He then bails, you’ve got 
    to get it back! But destroying the Aparoid Leader is good enough for now.
                                   MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get Katina Outpost for VS. mode for beating this level!
    ************* Mission 3: Sargasso Space Zone: Hostiles Revisited *************
    Fox: Foot/Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Foot
    Krystal: Arwing
                                     Mission Start
    When the mission begins go diagonally up right and blast the target. You get
    sensor bombs by doing so. Turn around and head right, then go up the 
    conveyer belt. Jump to dodge the bomb barrels. Head right, to the 
    corner and destroy the 2nd target and anything with it. Head right, up a 
    2nd conveyer belt, then go up another conveyer belt. There should be a 
    tunnel that turns right, right in front of you. Charge a blaster shot and 
    run in there and destroy the 3rd target. Once you make it out of the tunnel, 
    there should be a large open field. Run and destroy any space fighter 
    that gets in your way. Go to the right of the structure and charge a 
    shot to take out the 4th target. Wait for a yellow platform to appear 
    in front of where you just destroyed the 4th target. That is the elevator
    to the highest point in the hideout. Take out your machine gun and blast 
    the space fighters. Continue forward. Once Slippy says watch out for 
    enemy ambushes, hide behind the blocks and charge a blaster shot. 
    Take out the rocket launching enemy and charge in to destroy the 5th 
    target. The take a left to make it to a tunnel go up the tunnel, 
    take a left, then a right at an opening. Take a right at another 
    opening after that. Take out all the badies here and take out the final 
    target. Wolf and his gang fly in after that and want to fight get out 
    of there and get to your Arwing!
                                    Mission Update
    Once outside your mission is to take down Star Wolf. Your partners 
    might need help every now and then, but all you have to is hit Panther,
    Leon, and Wolf twice with a fully charged Arwing laser and they’ll 
    bite the dust. After you defeat Star Wolf Panther tells Fox and Co. 
    that Pigma is on Fichina because he can’t take his eyes off Krystal. 
    She doesn’t care that much because now Star Fox knows where Pigma 
    is, off to Fichina!
                                   MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get Inner Sargasso Hideout in VS. for beating this level!
    ********************** Mission 4: Fichina: Into the Storm **********************
    Fox: Foot/Landmaster
    Falco: none
    Slippy: none
    Krystal: none
                                     Mission Start
    First things first, ran straight forward and jump in the landmaster. 
    Head straight forward and eventually you’ll get to the shield generator. 
    Blast the diamond thing twice and its toast. Only two left! Go forward and 
    find a bridge, go straight until you find a fork in the bridge. Go left 
    and you should see the generator. Take out the enemies around the generator 
    then take out the power supply (the little diamond.) One left! Now go back 
    to the bridge and take a right at the fork. Keep on going forward until it 
    widens out go right and around the big hunk of ice and you should see the 
    next generator. Destroy it and then the shield is down head for the center 
    now! (If your landmaster is destroyed don’t worry another one appears close 
    by.) Once you make it to the center, go inside the climate control building. 
    Once Fox changes the weather, the alarm goes off and the sentry bots attack.
                                    Mission Update
    Your main goal here is to survive. But, you also have to destroy some 
    sentry bots. It’ll say the number you have to in the corner of the screen. 
    The only way the robots take damage is when they’re attacking. Hit them once 
    their arm things are out. Once you defeat the number that you’re suppose to, 
    you’ll get the machine gun and either run until Falco comes or blow their 
    butts off. Either way works, when he does come, you’ll get on his wing and 
    get to blast some enemies with the plasma cannon. It’s pretty 
    self-explanatory, all you do is shot the enemies that are firing at you 
    and the ones that have a lock on you. You do this until you reach a 
    certain area. It’s pretty easy so it won’t be that much of a problem for you.
    Once Peppy says I’m finishing Arwing transformation, you’ve made it. Pigma 
    then comes in and infects a shield generator with aparoids. Prepare to 
                                 Boss: Aparoid Tower
    Get into your Arwing and destroy some little aparoids, they drop bombs 
    so pick them up and save them for the right time. Once the Tower was stopped 
    spitting out enemies throw like 5 bombs (2 is enough) into its opening and 
    that’ll take care of it!  After that all the aparoids leave and climate 
    control center is fine.
                                 MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get Fichina in VS. mode for beating this level!
    ***************** Mission 5: Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace *****************
    Fox: Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                   Mission Start
    You start off with a bunch of red asteroids in front of you. Repeatedly 
    press A to take them out and clear a path for you. Grab the upgrade and blast 
    the aparoids in front of you. Falco well need some help so blast the enemies 
    on his tail. There’ll be clusters of aparoid fighters, if you lock on one 
    and fire, they all will be destroyed. Falco well leave you a bomb right as 
    the Aparoid Mini-Moth appears
                                 Sub-Boss: Aparoid Mini-Moth
    Throw the bomb at him, fire at him, and dodge his attacks and your as good as 
    victorious. Watch out for the green missiles they home you so roll or boost 
    around them.
                                 Continuing Mission
    After blasting some enemies, little Aparoid infectors start chasing your 
    Arwing, roll or pull a loop. Once the red meteorites come, loop out of the 
    way don’t try to shoot them, there is too many. After that, there are some 
    laser guys, shoot them down, then Krystal needs some help. Shoot her 
    pursuers and you’ll be rewarded later. Then, the asteroids start closing 
    in, I have yet to find a way to dodge them, if you find a way, e-mail me. So, 
    just take the damage, if you helped Krystal it won’t matter because after 
    you get through it, she leaves you some much needed health. Then a structure 
    appears and you have to enter it.
                                     Pigma’s Base
    The door closes right before you get in so you head up, Falco’s in trouble 
    so help him. Once you reach the top, there’ll be a burst of the flames then 
    then you see a familiar thing, the ninja prototype, except this time he’s 
    been infected by the aparoids!
                              Sub-Boss: Aparoid Prototype
    Basically all you do, is fire shots at him, he is very easy and shouldn’t 
    take more than 4 shots.
                            Continuing Pigma’s Base
    Slippy will need some help shortly after that. Once again, the door closes 
    right in front of you and you are forced to go to the left and dodge walls, 
    and arms. The arms are difficult to dodge but after some practice you should 
    be able to do it easily. Another closing door leads you down a tunnel 
    right after Pigma!
                                 Boss: Aparoid Pigma
    When he first comes out it is frightening but you must fight! To get out the 
    red eye thing you must shoot the weapons. Then rapid fire at the red eye. 
    Keep this up until his health bar goes all the way down. His next stage is 
    pretty straight forward. Shoot Pigma’s face when ever you can. It shouldn’t 
    take too long before he is destroyed and you get the core memory Pigma 
    stole back!
                                 MISSION COMPLETE!
    ************************* Mission 6: Sauria: Reunion ***************************
    Fox: Foot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Foot
                                     Mission Start
    When you start off, there should be a cave directly in front of you. (Or to 
    the right of where your Arwing originally sat.) Get the homing launcher 
    by destroying the enemy in front of the cave. Go in there and blow the crap 
    out of all the enemies there and collect all the weapons. Then go to the 
    cave on the right. Use the machine gun or the homing launcher to clear 
    the cave and take care of the first hatcher. Then go back to the cave 
    on the left. Go to the fork on the right and destroy the enemies and the 
    2nd hatcher, then go to the fork on the left, collect the gattling gun, toast 
    the enemies, and get out of the cave via the exit right in front of you. 
    Get in the Arwing and blast the hatcher on the temple close to the 
    golden health box. Land the Arwing and jump in the Landmaster. Hover up to 
    the bridge and head away from the temple Krystal’s in. Go into the 
    temple across the bridge and destroy all the aparoids, then aim up and 
    destroy the hatcher. Only one hatcher left! Then go by where you 
    destroyed the 3rd target and get on the ground by the waterfall. Shoot 
    the last and target to save Sauria!
                               MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get Sauria in VS. mode for beating this level!
    ******************** Mission 7: Corneria: War Comes Home ***********************
    Fox: Foot
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                 Mission Start
    Grab the sniper rifle right next to you and shoot the radar jammer right in 
    front of you. It’ll look at you, and the second it opens its eye, fire at it. 
    Then go up the ramp on the building right in front of you, blast all the 
    space cadets with the blaster, grab the homing launcher, and blast the 
    gunner. Go around the building, kill the aparoid spider thing and the space 
    cadets. Jump off the building from there, grab the 1-Up and the health, and 
    go around the building on the right side where you just got the health. Get 
    out the sniper and kill the radar jammer. Then, get out of the zoom, go up a 
    little to the right zoom with the sniper again, and get the jammer right by 
    the road. Turn around, get in front of the tree, and snipe another radar 
    jammer. Get out of the zoom, and get around the yellow building. 
    Take out yet another radar jammer. Go toward the next red dot, and 
    eventually you’ll find a building with a base and two towers sticking out 
    of it, back up and take down the last radar jammer. After that, you can use 
    radar, and Peppy can send you an Arwing. Track it down on the radar. 
    (you’ll have to get to the very top of a building.) Right before you get 
    in it, a whole crap load of aparoids comes and destroys it. But then Star 
    Wolf comes and blasts all the aparoids and you end up on Wolf’s wing. 
    It is basically the same as Fichina except harder. I can’t really explain it 
    step by step, so you just got to blast all the enemies and get the ones that 
    lock on to you. It might take a few tries but you can do it. Once you get to 
    a certain point, General Pepper’s ship comes in and he’s been Aparoidtized!
                           Boss: Aparoid General Pepper
    All you have to do in this boss fight is shoot the General’s flagship. 
    It takes awhile and you have to shoot the General to stop his attacks. 
    Shoot the triangle things and the missiles to avoid damage. After you 
    beat General Pepper, his ship is going down. Peppy comes in at the last 
    second and gets under the ship. There’s a massive explosion and somehow 
    Peppy and General Pepper live through it. (It was like a nuke going off.) 
    But that doesn’t matter because this is a video game and video games can 
    be unrealistic.
                                  MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get Corneria City in VS. mode for beating this level.
    ********************** Mission 8: Orbital Gate: Incoming! **********************
    Fox: Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                   Mission Start
    When you start out, blast the aparoids around the gate. First, Slippy well need 
    help, he’s on the side of the gate and kind of hard to find, but once you do 
    blast the enemies. Shortly after you save Slippy, Krystal well need some 
    help, save her and start blasting aparoids again. Beltino well say My 
    Apologies I need a little more time, then a aparoid missile well come 
    through a gate and aim toward the gate!
                                  Mission Update
                        Sub-Bosses: Regular Aparoid Missiles
    At first, there’ll be about 4 missiles, destroy them by firing 2 charged 
    Arwing lasers at them. Then more well come, but Star Wolf well come too. 
    Continue blasting missiles, until ROB says WARNING new target detected or 
    something like that.
                          Sub-Boss: Aparoid Large Missile
    At first, the missile is invisible, shoot it to make it appear. Then blast its 
    nose cone to destroy it. After that, one more large missile will come. Destroy
    it and a super gigantic missile will come.
                                 Mission Update
                          Boss: Gigantic Aparoid Missile
    The Missiles first weak point is the very back. Shoot at it and eventually it’ll
    break off. It’s next weak point is a strip of the pink colored stuff fin the 
    middle. One fully charged shot should do it. The final weak point, is the 
    nose cone, one fully charged shot should do it and the missile is destroyed!
                                MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get the Space Station in VS. mode for beating this level!
    ************* Mission 9: Aparoid Home world: Breaching the Defenses ************
    Fox: Foot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                   Mission Start
    Turn around and grab the landmaster, then go back to the red side of the 
    base. Blast everything there and enter. If you want to stock up on weapons, 
    go downstairs, but there is nothing down there that you need. Once you are 
    upstairs, blast the kamikaze flies and then, blast the shield generators to 
    destroy the first hatcher. Turn around and go into the room with the purple 
    cylinder, then there is a hallway packed with enemies. Either chuck a grenade 
    in there or pick them off with a sniper rifle, either way works. Then head 
    through another purple cylinder room and destroy a shield generator. Destroy 
    the shadow ball machines and grab the health they leave behind. On the next 
    level up, more shadow ball machines and a shield generator. Destroy everything 
    and move to the next level. The hatcher is on the ceiling. There are shadow 
    ball machines, and aparoid bugs so watch out when destroying it. 
    Only 2 hatchers left! Get out of the red side of the base and move to 
    the other side. (This is the yellow side.) Blast the aparoid and get the some 
    more ammo for the homing launcher. Blow up the door to the entrance and move 
    inside. Go down the ramp, and blow up the 2 shadow ball machines on the wall. 
    Destroy the Spider Rocket Launchers and collect the barrier they leave 
    behind. Then destroy the 3 Shield Generators and the 3rd hatcher. Go up the 
    stairs and there are a lot of enemies here. Destroy them, collect the health 
    and weapons, and go through the purple cylinder room. Once again, either 
    grenade them or snipe them and move through the other purple cylinder room. 
    Defeat the kamikaze flies and destroy the shield generator. Grab the goodies 
    and go half way down the first ramp. Get out your sniper and pick off the spider
    aparoids. Throw a grenade, and run down there and blow off some heads with your 
    blaster. Destroy the shield generator, and go half way down the ramp again. 
    Pick off the big spiders, and go destroy the shield generator and the last 
    hatcher. Then guess what, 6 more hatchers appear!
                                  Mission Update
    The hatchers are under the base, so get out of the yellow side, 
    get in your Arwing and go below the base. The hatchers are 
    very easily spotted so you won’t have much trouble. When there is like 
    1 or 2 left, Peppy starts saying stuff like I’m honored to have fought beside 
    you. What’s going on? Destroy the last few hatchers, and now, you can invade 
    the enemy home world!
                               MISSION COMPLETE!
    You get Aparoid City in VS. mode for beating this level.
    *************** Mission 10: Home world Core: The Final Battle ******************
    Fox: Arwing
    Falco: Arwing
    Slippy: Arwing
    Krystal: Arwing
                                    Mission Start
    After Peppy sacrifices himself to let you get in, Star Wolf follows you. 
    This isn’t a bad thing, though, because he helps you. This level is made up of 
    many different challenges. I’ll guide you through them.
                                    Challenge 1
    This is basically blasting and dodging enemies. In the middle, you have to dodge
    and closing gate but it is pretty easy. I really suggest you don’t loop, just
    roll. If you loop, you’ll smash against the ceiling. You’ll start to turn when
    the gate closes. This is the start of a new challenge.
                                    Challenge 2
    All you have to do here, is dodge the security system. It is in the shape 
    of the tunnel, so move around and you’ll be fine.
                                    Challenge 3
    There is a weird structure in the middle of the field. Shoot down the 
    enemies that are on its strings, and go to the left or right. Save Slippy 
    and at the end, he’ll give you health. Then, there are some launchers, 
    blow ‘em up or dodge their rockets.
                                    Challenge 4
    You turn, and there are all these blue balls flying around, I suggest that 
    you roll in and out of them, but you can shoot them. It’s pretty easy to dodge 
    them anyway. You turn, and there are more blue balls. Dodge them and keep 
    on going.
                                    Challenge 5
    Same as Challenge 2, basically.
                                    Challenge 6
    Is like Challenge 2 and 5, but the security is trying to block you out, 
    boost through, and you should be fine.
                                    Challenge 7
    Same as Challenge 3, except in this one Krystal needs help instead of 
    Slippy, she’ll give you health if you save her.
                                    Challenge 8
    There are a bunch of light shields. Dodge them by weaving in and out 
    of them. You can get a bomb in the middle of it.
                                    Challenge 9
    Same as Challenge 8, except you get a 1-Up instead of a bomb.
                                    Challenge 10
    There is a mini-moth aparoid in this one, a few shots well take care 
    of it. If you helped Falco, he’ll give you a bomb.
                                    Challenge 11
    Same as Challenge 3 and 7, except this time there is a sonic boom guy, 
    a few shots will kill him. There are a ton of enemies after the 
    sonic guy. Destroy them or dodge them.
                                    Challenge 12
    There are like these fan things, if you get through the first one just 
    right, you can get through all of them effortlessly.
                                    Challenge 13
    These doors shut, the first one is slow, and they keep on getting 
    faster. Even if you break, it is very hard to avoid the last door.
                                    Challenge 14
    There are like billions of shadow ball guys, eventually, Wolf and 
    his team get them to follow them and you get some much needed 
    health. It’s time to face the queen!
                                 Boss: Aparoid Queen
                                      Stage 1
    The queen has on a lot of armor, but it blasts right off, so blast off her 
    armor! Once her armor is off, and she’s stopped spinning, hit her pink 
    spot with either laser fire, or a bomb. Keep on doing this until 
    her life meter is drained. Once you deliver the self destruct program, 
    the queen restrains it and goes into the depths of the planet, 
    you’ve got to follow her!
                                      Stage 2
    The first thing you need to do, is shoot all the pink spots close. 
    Then a dragon like head thing pops out of the center of the queen. 
    Rapid fire on the head. It stays up until it has a sliver of health 
    left. Repeat the shooting the pink spots close, and drain the last 
    bit of health from the queen!
                                      Stage 3
    The queen is just a little tiny bug now. Anything you shoot at it 
    (except bombs) will hurt it. Any part of her body is a weak point 
    now! You have to maneuver inside her path things she creates 
    to not take damage. Shoot at her until her health bar is all the way 
    down. The self destruct is working! You did it, you stopped the 
    aparoid invasion!
                                 MISSION COMPLETE!
    I’m not going to tell you the ending, so you just have to beat the game 
                              ALL MISSIONS COMPLETE!
    ******************************** M1. Maps **************************************
    If the map can have arwings, it can have wolfens too.
    Special Battles are like the Missile Launcher Bout.
    Simple Map 1
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    A center building surrounded by four outlying buildings, make up 
    this simple battle field.
    This stage isn’t very fun, and it gets old fast.
    Simple Map 2
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    A center building surrounded by four outlying buildings, make up this 
    battle field.
    This stage is pretty fun at first, then it gets old.
    Simple Map 3
    Vehicles: Pilot
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    A battlefield centered around a 3-story building. For pilots only.
    Very dull
    Simple Map 4
    Vehicles: Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: No
    Unlocked By: playing 60 matches in vs. mode
    A machines-only stage with a center building and 4 towers.
    Stage is very ordinary.
    Simple Map 5
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: paying 260 ys. matches
    Elevations are key in this four-story spiral battle field
    This stage is probably the best simple stage, but it takes
    awefully long to get it and it isn't worth it.
    Katina Outpost
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 2
    A Cornerian Outpost on the planet of Katina. The battle is concentrated 
    on the center tower.
    Ah, Katina use this stage almost every time.
    Inner Sargasso Hideout
    Vehicles: Pilot
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 3
    The narrow confines of this asteroid belt makes this a pilot-only stage.
    This stage is pretty fun, it doesn’t get old very fast.
    Outer Sargasso Hideout
    Vehicles: Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: No
    The space around the Sargasso hideout, where dogfights are the only game to 
    be found.
    I like this level, it’s fun to try and do tricks through the station
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 4
    Fichina’s expansive ice fields lend to wide-open firefights.
    It is very hard to find weapons in this level.
    Planet Sauria
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 6
    Ruins in the wilds of Planet Sauria provide places to duck and cover 
    on this battleground
    This stage is sort of fun, it gets kind of old.
    Corneria City
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 7
    The floating city of Corneria and its skyscrapers are the backdrops 
    of this skirmish.
    Corneria City is awesome for Missile Launcher Bouts and sniping.
    Space Station
    Vehicles: Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: No
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 8
    The vast vista of space around the space station awaits combatants
    Just like Outer Sargasso Space Zone
    Aparoid City
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Beating Mission 9
    The aparoid home word is home to this extensive base with moving floors.
    Very hard to navigate, not very fun.
    Zoness Sea Base
    Vehicles: Pilot
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Playing 130 vs. matches
    Pilots soar over the polluted waters around a base on the planet Zoness
    Titania Desert
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: Yes
    Unlocked By: Playing 40 matches in vs. mode
    High-tech towers stand tall in the desert of Titania and provide 
    strategic vantage points.
    This level is HUGE! If you’re in an Arwing you have an advantage.
    Great Fox
    Vehicles: Arwing
    Special Battle Capability: No
    A sea of clouds where the Great Fox soars and aerial battles are the rule.
    Very old, very fast, and hard to get cover.
    **************************** M2. Special Games *********************************
    Good Level is a place where that game is fun at
    A sideways 8 means infinite 
    Sniper Showdown
    Description: All players have infinite ammo with the sniper rifle
    Vehicles: Pilot
    Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle
    Good Level: Corneria City
    Sniper Showdown isn't the best special game but it is fun if you like to be on
    the ground.
    Homing Launcher Clash
    Description: All players have infinite ammo with the homing launcher
    Vehicles: Pilot
    Weapon(s): Homing Launcher
    Good Level: Fichina
    This is a good battle in a wide open area. So that's why Fichina was picked.
    Missile Launcher Bout
    Description: All players have infinite ammo with the missile launcher
    Vehicles: Pilot
    Weapon(s): Missile Launcher
    Good Level: Corneria City
    The tight buildings and hiding spots make corneria city a great place.
    Booster Packs Brawl
    Description: All players have booster packs, even if they die.
    Vehicles: PIlot (booster pack)
    Weapon(s): All of them
    Good Level: Katina Outpost
    Get a sniper and hover over to the mushrooms. Snipe and dodge any shots
    from other enemies
    Booster Packs & launcher TIlt
    Description: Players fly around on booster packs carrying a homing
    launcher with unlimited ammo
    Vehicles: Pilot (booster pack)
    Weapon(s): Homing Launcher
    Good Level: Katina Outpost
    Fly around, lock on to oppoents and fire a billion rockets!
    Sure-Shot Scuffle
    Description: One shot kills. Vehicles blow up in one shot. Or a
    single bumb to the hull of an arwing
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Weapon(s): All of them
    Good Level: Outer Sargasso Hideout or Aparoid City
    If you like flying, take outer sargasso hideout. If you're a ground
    person, take Aparoid City. Katina is fun too.
    Crown Capture
    Description: Players most find the crown then keep it for a certain
    amount of time
    Vehicles: Pilot/Landmaster/Arwing
    Weapon(s): All of them
    Good Level: Titania Desert or Zoness Sea Base
    Each of these levels is large and/or hard to navigate making them
    perfect for crown capture.
    **************************** M3. Unlockables ***********************************
    Unlockable (in VS. mode)                                  How to Unlock
    Weapon: Missile Launcher                                   5 vs. matches
    Feature: Special Items toggle                              5 vs. matches
    Special Game: Missile Launcher Bout                        10 vs. matches
    Character: Peppy                                           15 vs. matches
    Weapon: Gattling Gun                                       20 vs. matches
    Special Game: Crown Capture                                30 vs. matches
    Stage: Titania Desert                                      40 vs. matches
    Special Game: Sure-Shot Scuffle                            50 vs. matches
    Stage: Simple Map 4                                        60 vs. matches
    Weapon: Fireburst Pod                                      75 vs. matches
    Item: Booster Packs                                        90 vs. matches
    Special Game: Booster Packs Brawl                         110 vs. matches
    Stage: Zoness Sea Base                                    130 vs. matches
    Plane: Wolfen                                             150 vs. matches
    Weapon: Predator Rockets                                  170 vs. matches
    Weapon: Cluster Bombs                                     200 vs. matches
    Special Game: Booster Packs & Launcher Tilt               230 vs. matches
    Stage: Simple Map 5                                       260 vs. matches
    Weapon: Demon Sniper                                      Get all S flags    
    Character: Wolf                                    Don’t let any teammate retire
    **************************** M4. Cheating Advice *******************************
    What you’ll need: an action replay
    I’m just going to tell you a few ways you can make VS. mode more fun, 
    or super lethal. (mostly super lethal.)
    Go to www.codejunkies.com to get the codes.
    Turn on Infinite Ammo
    Then go to Katina Outpost
    Find the Fireburst Pod and set like a billion. Then watch the fireworks 
    until you get hit with some.
    Turn on Infinite Bombs
    Go to any stage
    Let the bombin’ begin!
    Turn on Infinite Health, and Infinite Ammo
    Go to any stage you know where the fireburst pod is.
    Now set a billion and watch the explosives ran on you!
    *************************** 7. Thanks/ Bibliography ****************************
    Thanks to kirbyrocks for some ideas on the frame of my guide
    Thanks to my allowance
    Thanks to Namco, SoFdec, and Nintendo for making Star Fox: Assault
    Most descriptions came from the game or the game manual
    Descriptions from Vehicles and Characters came from the manual
    Descriptions from Maps came from the game.
    Some info came from game and game manual
    ************************** 8. Copyright Information ****************************
    If you want to take something from my guide you must ask 
    me by e-mail. It is plagiarism, if you don’t. Plagiarism is against the law.
    Copyright Tommy Pickens

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