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Boss FAQ by kirbyroks

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/23/05

           Boss Strategy guide for Starfox Assault. (Nintendo Gamecube)
           Last updated 02/23/05          Version: 1.0
           Project started: 02/22/05      Project completed: 02/23/05
           Total development hours: 03    File size: 23.2 kilobytes (0.022 MB)
           Written by: Josiah Herrington  Status: Complete

           This FAQ is of course copyright (c) 2004 Josiah Herrington
Contents                   [TOP]                               ~~|  [W0.1]  |~~

Table of Contents                               Use the above box to keep the
1:  [010] Intro                                 Search code for your current
2:  [020] Legal stuff/Updates                   Location in so you can jump
3:  [030] Overview                              right back to where you were
4:  [040] Frequently Asked Questions            in the walkthrough without
5:  [050] Boss strategies                       having to search!
      [W0.1] Fortuna: A New Enemy
      [W0.2] Katina: Frontier Base Battle       You can access any area in
      [W0.3] Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities   the table of contents by
      [W0.4] Fichina: Into the Storm            Pressing CTRL+F and copy
      [W0.5] Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace  and pasting the code into
      [W0.6] Corneria: War Comes Home           the find box and it will
      [W0.7] Homeworld core: The Final Battle   take you right to it!
6:  [060] Credits
7:  [070] Contact Info

                                 1: Intro
Y halo thar people. While, some of you are too good to use a guide like this,
for the petty bosses that Starfox throws at you, others of you aren't. And even
those of you who are, why are you here? The only reason I can think of is that
you need help with a boss, are stalking me, or are bored.

So anyways, this here is a guide to help you out with the bosses in Starfox:
Assault. It will cover all the bosses, and the changes the undergo depending
on the level you play on. I hope this helps you out in your honorable quest
to save the lylat system from the evil that looms over it, and I claim 10%
of all rewards you may or may not get! ARRR! GET YE GONE NOW!

                            2: Legal stuff/Updates

This FAQ is mine and is copyright(c) 2002 Josiah Herrington. 
This FAQ, as of now, can only be displayed at:

- Gamefaqs (http://www.GAMEFAQS.com)
- Gamespot(www.gamespot.com)
- IGN(www.ign.com)
- www.neoseeker.com

Though I require IGN to E-mail me and let me know that they are putting it up,
so I know when to update.

This document is only for personal use.
You may not sell this FAQ or distribute it. Otherwise you may  not under any
circumstances host this FAQ unless I give permission. I still reserve all
rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this guide.

                                  4: FAQ

Q: Are the bosses on gold difficulty much harder than on bronze?
A: Yes, they are. While many posses retain the same attack patern, the bosses
   on the higher difficulty levels have higher HP, more powerful attacks, and,
   in some cases, new attacks.

Q: What is the bosses "Node?"
A: When I say something such as "shoot the bosses node," it is refering to the
   boss's weak points, which more often than not in this game, are pink nodes.

Q: How come for some bosses you only have one strategy, Bronze?
A: This is the case if the boss on all the difficulty levels is
   exactly the same, just with more HP and attack.

Q: Did u kno ur guide sucks!!!
A: No I wasn't aware of any such fact.

Q: Hey man! You do know your guide pwns all right?
A: Yes! Thank you! Have an ego cookie!

Q: There's an enemy on your tail!

                              5: Boss Strategies

    A New Enemy
Boss name: Andrew Oikoney
Boss name: Aparoid drone? (If you know the name, E-mail me!)

Boss name: Andrew Oikoney
Okay, for those of you who have played Starfox 64, this will be a breeze. There
is no brain or eves to shoot, you just have to blow up his hands. From the
begining he will let you know that he is going to show you his true power, and
make a "come on" gesture at you. BEfore he finishes this, have a charge shot
ready. His right hand (On your left.) will start to charge, which will expose
the palm, and the node in it. Fire the charge shot at the node, and then pound
it with your lasers. If you have hyper lasers, you will be able to kill it
before he can even attack, if the charge shot hits and you shoot his hand with
normal lasers also. Once his hand has attacked you, his other hand will charge,
also exposing the palm. You should fire a charge shot and lasers at that also.
After that attack has taken place, he will charge up both hands and attempt to
squash you between them.

At any time, you can interupt his charge by blowing up his hand.
Once the first hand is destroyed, he will have a fit and slam his other hand on
the ground. After that, be prepared to pull up, and away from the surviving
hand, as he will punch strait at you, without a charge. This does massive
damage, and is very quick. Once both hands are destroyed, he will be toast.

Weak spots:
 - Palm of Left Hand
 - Palm of Right Hand

 - A leftwards horisontal swat with the right hand
 - A Rightwards horisontal swat with the left hand
 - A hand-clap attack with both hands meeting in the center
 - A Quick, powerful, punch attack; only after one hand destroyed.

Alternate strategy:

If you have saved up at least three or more bombs, you would be wise to use one
on him. This is particularly effective when both his hands are charging, if you
shoot it in the middle. Both his hands will receive massive damage. Remember to
save at least one, if not two for the boss battle right after this. Another
thing to note is that you cannot kill both his hands at one time. If both his
hands are charging and you fire a nova bomb and it smashes the crud out of both
of them, one will still have .00000001 HP left and will continue to attack you.
One attack of any kind hitting that hand will kill it though.

Moving on o the second boss battle!

Boss name: Aparoid drone?

Okay, from the start of this, idealy, you should have at least two bombs left
after the last boss fight, though one is acceptable. What you need to do first
is take out all it's wings before they start firing laser cannons. To do this,
basically you will want to fire your bombs at it's body so the blast catches
all the wings. Any wings left over usually die in one hit with your lasers.
It can only fire laser blasts while in wing mode, so you don't have to worry
too much right now.

After all it's wings are gone, you will have depleted two-thirds of it's health
already! Sweet! Now it will fly ahead of you and start spraying lava on the
ground. This will cause a mini-volcano to erupt, spewring boulders in the air.
You have to dodge the boulders. You can shoot him while he is hovering in the
air, if you can hit his node without your targeting recticle, while dodging
asteroids, while the camera is at a funny angle. If you can manage that, this
is a prime opportunity for dealing damage. don't worry, it isn't as hard as it

His other attack is to hover in front of you and then suddenly open up, showing
his weak spot, but launching four homing plasma shots at you. The best way to
counter this is to fire a charge shot at his node just as he opens up, which
will shoot down the plasma shots, and damage him. If for some reason, you
hoarded bombs as you have one left over, now is an awesome time to use them.
Once you hit him enough, he will die.

Weak spots:
 - The orbs on the end of all eight wings
 - The node in it's face.

 - Fire many laser-gloops at you. (Only while at least one wing remains)
 - Fire four laser-gloops at you. (When wings are destroyed)
 - Meteor Strike; Many meteors from the ground are hurled at you.
 - Ribbon 'o Death; will draw a strait line agross the screen either vertically
   from either top to bottom or bottom to top, a line horisontally from either
   direction, or a diaginal line from the top Left ot top Right.

  Katina: Frontier
    Base Battle
Boss name: Giant spider robot. (If you know the name, E-mail me!)

Okay, you are going to be using the Landmaster to battle here; It's the only
thing that hirts the boss. what you will want to do is get on the ground near
it and hit the node on it's underside with the Landmaster's cannon/charge shot
until it is stunned and collapses. When that happens, simply hover up on top of
it. When you are on top, he will get back up and continue to stomp around. Now,
the node on top will open and close, so you will have to shoot it during it's
open stage.

But it's not as easy as all that, now it is? Of course not, so, how can you be
damaged by this boss? Okay, here are the bosses attacks.

- He will shoot fireballs at you while you're on the ground, which you should
  roll to avoid.

- He will stomp on you if you are right next to him.

- If you are far away, or on top of him, he will charge up energy on his top,
  then fire it at you in the form of green lasers. If you are on the ground and
  he does this, roll and boost to avoid the lasers, as they cause some good
  damage. If you are on top of him, drive around his top, in a clockwise, or
  counter clockwise way, to get out of the quadrant that the energy is charging
  in. But remember, if you start going counter clockwise, stick with it and go
  counter clockwise. Don't change your mind and decide that you will start
  going clockwise.

- If you are on top, your own shots will hurt you if you are closer than
  halfway towards the middle. Stay near the edge.

Once you deplete his health to lower than 25%, he will start rocking and
bucking in an attempt to throw you off. Don't worry, as you haev to be by the
edge to be trrown off, and it mostly just throws off your sense of aim.
Continue to pound on him when this happens, and he will soon drop. If you fall
off, use the the few seconds of delay it takes to shoot the node on the bottom
a couple quick times. If you're accurate and quick, you will bring him down
again before he has the chance to attack!

Weak spots:
 - Node on top of body.
 - Node on underbelly(Stuns only)

 - Shoots green laser-gloops at you (Only while on ground)
 - Shoots fast green lasers at you. (Only while on ground)
 - Stomps you (Only while on ground)
 - Charges damaging green energy on top of self (Only when on top)
 - Shakes and bucks wildly to throw your tank off (Only when on top)

Sargasso Space Zone:
Hostilities Revisited
Boss Name: The Starwolf Team.

Okay, this boss is fairly straitforward; Shoot down the Starwolf team.

First off, if you havn't already done so, fly around the station, and through
the tunnel on the top, and collect the bombs and laser upgrades. Once that's
done, head after Wolf first, as he is the only one who comes after you by
default. The others, such as Panther, will come after you if you fly very close
to them, so try to avoid that. Target Wolf first, and fire a Nova bomb at him
while you're locked onto him. That will take a fair chunk out of his health,
even on Gold difficulty.

Whenever an enemy gets behind you, DO A LOOP! It will cause you pain if you let
even a grunt enemy take after you. Always remember, also, that saving wingmates
is top-priority. If, for instance, Krystal dies, Panther will exclusively
target you, along with Wolf, which means you have twice as many problems. Once
Wolf is down, head after the carrier ship. (Orange on map.) A couple charge
shots, or some hyper lasers to the node will blow it up and it will no longer
spawn enemies and missiles.

If you start to run low on shield energy, the robots on the asteroids, marked
by yellow dots on your radar, all contain health packs or silver rings. The
enemy ships, excluding Star Wolf, may contain a sliver ring, and the carrier
will leave a gold ring when destroyed.

Once that's done, head after Panther. I've never seen Leon even touch Falco, so
you can leave him and Leon alone for the time being. Panther is pretty quick,
but still not a challenge. Loop when he's behind you, and if he loops when
you're behind him, apply the brakes to completely stop and end up right behind
him again, with his loop energy expended. Charge shots and hyper lasers to
wonders, as do bombs.

Once Panther is gone, just repeat the same process for Leon. As Leon will most
likely not have engaged you at this point, if you need health, fly around and
shoot robots for silver rings, then go kill him.

Weak spots:
 - Anywhere

 - Shoots you with lasers, but only when behind you.

Giant Aparoid tower enemy.
   Into the Storm

Boss Name: Aparoid infected defense tower.

This boss isn't very complicated. It really only has two attacks. It can open
it's hatch and release about 35 - 45 enemy ships. These ships are not a real
threat as the only way you can take damage from them is by ramming your arwing
into them. They are key to your victory though, so you will want to kill a lot
of them. About one out of ten of them holds a bomb that they will drop when
they die, and you need these bombs to beat the boss.

To damage it you will need to find the side with the hatch, and wait until it
opens up, and shoot as many baddies as you can before they get out, and then
launch a bomb into it. Depending on your difficulty level, this will hurt it
different amounts. On easy it will take off 4/5ths of it's HP, but on either
gold or silver it will take between three and six shots to down.

Now it really only has one active attack; It will charge up a huge beam and
fire it at you. The good news is that it hardly ever aims at you, and is
almost guarenteed to miss, even if you try to get hit. The bad news is that if
you get hit, you're screwed, even on bronze.

Weak Spots:
Inside it's hatch

 - Power Beam
 - Spawn other enemies.

   Asteroid Belt:
 The Aparoid Menace

Boss name: Assimilated Pigma

This boss is pretty easy. Basically you need to shoot his face until he dies.
If you have hyper lasers you shouldn't have a problem, on any difficulty.
During this level you will get one Nova Bomb. You should save it for the boss
fight, here, as it comes in handy.

Okay, as the battle starts, you will have to fight his six tentacled arms. Each
is only vulnerable at the head, and can only be damaged at a certain time. When
the tentacle has a rocket or laser pod on it's head, shoot the pod to stun the
tentacle, and then shoot the glowing head. Once you do it enough, the tentacle
will die. Repeat this on all six other tentacles.

Once you get to the next form, you've pretty much won for sure. The only thing
he has that is a threat to you is easy to see coming five seconds beforehand
and move out of the way. To damage him here you will need to "Shoot Pigma smack
dab in the snout!" Do this until he dies. The bomb really comes in handy here,
as it takes off a fair chunk of health at any difficulty. As attacks go here,
he will just fire missiles at you, while you shoot his face. Then he will un-
leash his mega-attack. It's obcenely overpowered, but this is balanced by the
fact that it is rediculously east to foresee and dodge. When he retracts his
head into his ship and you see some sort of energy/gas coming into his ship
from six directions, circle around the perimeter of the screen rapidly. He will
exhale a deadly beam of death at you, whoch you do not want to be hit by.
Circle to avoid it.

Weak Spots:
 - The end of all six tentacles.
 - His face.

 - Launch missiles. (first form)
 - Throw asteroids at you. (some may be blown up and may contain an item.
 - Shoot mini-missiles or lasers at you from an arm mounted pod. (first form)
 - Mana Breath (Second form, three second charge time, and very slow moving)
 - Launch rocket clusters at you. (Second form)

 The War Comes Home

Boss name: Aparoid infected General Pepper

This boss it your standard Shoot 'em up boss. No tricks or hidden stuff, you
just blow the crud out of him. He had a lot of HP, wo the only real difficulty
is to stay alove. If you can do taht, then you can beat him horribly. For those
of you who have played Starfox Adventures, you will find a bunch of similarity
between this boss and the one from Dragon Rock, whose I will not spoil for you.

He only has a few things he can do to you; He can pause in the air and charge
up energy to attack you with. This can be devistating, so watch out for it. All
you have to do do block this attack is nip it in the bud. Shoot him enough
before he's done charging and he'll stop charging. He can charge right next to
your arwing, or farther away from it. When he's close, his attack is way more
powerful, but when he's far away, you may have trouble aiming for him.

The second attack he has, is that he can spawn six charging probes. These probe
enemies will charge indefinatly until you kill them and they will keep shooting
you until they die so kill them off ASAP when they are spawned.Once you shoot
them he'll fall back stunned a little, and the boss fight will be over.

Weak Spots:
 - Face/Chest/Head area.

 - Launch attack probes that must be destroyed.
 - Charge energy Blast for 5 seconds and then fire at you.

   Homeworld core:
  The Final Battle

Boss Name: Aparoid Queen

This boss is harder than all the rest. The boss has three stages so I will list
them all in different sections.

Okay, form one. In this form you will be in an Arwing in all range mode. You
have to fire and hit the node on the Queen Aparoid, by first blasting away the
armor that covers it, and then drilling it with your lasers until such time as
the armor is regenerated. When the armor is regenerated, you will have to break
it again to damage the node. Fire on the node several times, defending on which
difficulty you're one, and the node will pop and Fox will launch the Virus into
it. But the Queen holds off the virus, she means business.
(Not "buisness". That's a pet peeve)

Once the queen flees, you will fight the Queen Aparoid on rails. What you need
to do to beat it is wait for it to turn around, and then just shoot the four
pink nodes on the bottom until they click shut. Once the nodes are all shut,
the actual attacking boss, a dragon like entity. This form has several powerful
attacks. First off, it has a heelmet on, so you'll need to take care of that.
Once the helmet breaks, you have a free shot at the boss's Eye. This can pay
off actually, as, after it recovers from ramming you and effecting you with
whatever fate it's bed breath attack is good for, you can shoot it's eye, as
it's eye won't move until it's hit.  Once you have depleted the HP of this
boss, then comes the final form.

This form of the boss has a mana beam like Pigma did, only it's more accurate.
This boss will also lay down mines and you will have to shoot them down before
your allies get butchered.and they will reward you with rings. All you have to
do to this form is shoot it, but it will follow a random path and within the on
rails section, and you will have to navigate that path, by memory, to or else
die a painful on a pokemon board. Remember it's Mana Beam attack and avoid it.
It's just as easy as Pigma's, if not easier. Once you shoot this boss enough,
you win!

Weak Spots:
 * 1st Form
  - Armor Plating (Does not hurt the boss when detroyed)
  - Orb in chest.

 * 2nd Form
  - 4 nodes on the underside, as it turns around.(Stun only)
  - Head & Helmet

 * 3rd Form
  - Anywhere

 * First form
  - Mana Beam
  - Flying dirty bubbles.

 * Second Form
  - Rocket Launch
  - Bad Breath Attack
  - Head Ramming attack

 * Third From
  - Forcefield generator
  - Mana Beam

Congratulations! That's the last boss in this game!

                                6:  Credits

Credits go here in the event that I deem anybody worthy of credit.

Jeff Veasey AKA CJayC For the wonderful site to put it on. 

My best friends Josh and Emily for being the most awesome people on the planet.
I love you guys!

                           11: Contact information

Before I give you my E-mail Address:


R E A D   T H E   F R E A K I N G   W A L K T H R O U G H ! ! !

That is what it's here for! I have get several dozen E-mails a week that are
promptly deleted because the answer was in the FAQ. I'm Not your private
gaming nerd! Read!

Please don't abuse the E-mail and make sure I haven't answered your question in
the guide. With that said:

If for some reason or other you wish to E-mail me, My E-mail is:

Kirbyroks @ gmail . com

Also, be sure to put "Walkthrough Question" in the title or it will get deleted
by my spam filter, and be sure to mention which guide it is. I have many
guides out and asking me questions about how to do something in "Game X" aren't
going to be answered.

And that wraps up this literary masterpiece. Thanks for reading!
Josh and Emily, you own! I love you guys so much!

             \^^^/                                                \^^^/
          \m/(-_-)\m/  Those who have seen my rose shall die!  \m/(-_-)\m/
             ( . )          [Hugs]----<(^_^)>----[Hugs]           ( . )
             _/ \_   (>^_^)> <(^_^<)           (>^_^)> <(^_^<)    _/ \_
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