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    Weapon/Item FAQ by kirbyroks

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               Weapon/Items guide for Starfox Assault. (Nintendo Gamecube)
               Last updated 02/09/05          Version: 1.0
               Project started: 02/09/05      Project completed: 02/09/05
               Total development hours: 01    File size: 17.0 kilobytes (0.016 MB)
               Written by: Josiah Herrington  Status: Complete
               This FAQ is of course copyright (c) 2004 Josiah Herrington
    Contents                   [TOP]                               ~~|  [W0.1]  |~~
    Table of Contents.........................................................[TOP]
    1:  Intro.................................................................[010]
    2:  Legal stuff/Updates...................................................[020]
    3:  Overview..............................................................[030]
    4:  Frequently Asked Questions............................................[040]
    5:  Weapons/Items list....................................................[050]
    6:  Credits...............................................................[060]
    7:  Contact Information...................................................[070]
                                     1: Intro
    This is a guide that lists, classifies, and describes every weapon in the game,
    from Blaster to Demon Launcher. It details the pros and cons of the weapons in
    the description as well as gives them ratins of how effective they are when
    pitted against man and machine! Isn't that just awesome?! NOW READ IT! YOU ARE
                                2: Legal stuff/Updates
    This FAQ is mine and is copyright(c) 2002 Josiah Herrington. 
    This FAQ, as of now, can only be displayed at:
    - Gamefaqs (http://www.GAMEFAQS.com)
    - Gamespot(www.gamespot.com)
    Sites with easy permission:
    - IGN(www.ign.com)
    - www.neoseeker.com
    Though  require IGN to E-mail me and let me know that they are putting it up,
    so I know when to update.
    This document is only for personal use.
    You may not sell this FAQ or distribute it. Otherwise you may 
    not under any circumstances host this FAQ unless I give permission. 
    I still reserve all rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this 
                                      4: FAQ
    Q: Whats the best weapon?!
    A: In my personal opinion, it's the gattling gun, as it is so versitle and is
       pretty much impossible to dodge, unlike the Demon Launcher.
    Q: Did u kno ur guide sucks!!!
    A: No I wasn't aware of any such fact.
    Q: Hey man! You do know your guide pwns all right?
    A: Yes! Thank you! Have an ego cookie!
    Q: Use your boost to get through!
                                 5: Weapons/Items list
    == Weapons list ==
    Blaster Pistol: A generic blaster. Can be charged up for a more powerful blast.
    This weapons is the weapon you will use the most, for two reasons. One, it has
    infinite ammo, and two, you always starts with it, save in special weapons mode
    or vehicle only tracks. This blaster can fire normal blaster shots repeatedly
    at a rate of about three shots per second, but can also be charged up, if you
    hold down the "A" button. The charge shot has three tiers of charge. Blue, then
    green, then red. Red is the most powerful and can even to signifigant damage to
    a tank. In the single player foot missions, a red charged shot pretty much
    means instant death to any enemy.
    Initial ammo: Infinite
    Max Ammo: N/A
    Damage rating: 2/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 2/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 3/10
    Machine gun: Rapid fires lasers at a target. Great vs. Infantry.
    This snazy gun is a step above the blaster, even though it cannot charge up
    shots. It has an incredibly high rate of fire, matched only by the gattling
    gun, and has a much higher damage/time ratio than the generic blaster. It
    will be your staple special weapon, and is one of the most common found. This
    weapon can be found in a yello aura.
    Initial ammo: 200
    Max Ammo: 999
    Damage rating: 5/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 3/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 6/10
    Gattling Gun: Fires many powerful shells at an extremely fast rate of fire.
    This gun ROCKS! It is insanely powerful in terms of the damage/time ratio and
    is fully capable of shooting down an Arwing in seconds, or bringing a tank to
    it's knees. This is one of the best supprise attack weapons, as the enemy won't
    have time to return fire much of the time. It's shots take a full 8th off of
    the targets health, depending on the target's stats, and fires roughly 10
    rounds per second.
    Initial ammo: 100
    Max Ammo: 999
    Damage rating: 8/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 8/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 8/10
    Rocket Launcher: Fires a powerful rocket that homes in on it's target.
    This is one of your more useful guns, as it is a pretty multi-purpose weapon.
    This will lock onto targets and home in on them, but it is by no means "Fire &
    forget" and most characters can dodge the shot, even on foot, if they are quick
    enough. It is a good anti-vehicle weapon, as it carries the power to hurt the
    vehicles, and is an average anti-personell weapon also, as it deals very heavy
    damage to unshielded characters. This damage is offset by a very low rate of
    fire; About one shell per second, which is plenty of time for a foe with a
    gattling cannon or machine gun to mow you down.
    Initial ammo: 10
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 5/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 6/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 4/10
    Missile Launcher: Fires a user-guided rocket used to target distant foes.
    Now, before you ask, yes, the missile launcher and the Rocket launcher are very
    different weapons. The missile launcher is a sweet weapon that launches a very
    powerful, user-guided, missile that is capable of extreme damage to air or land
    units. It doesn't have terribly high ammo, and the proximity of your target, as
    well as your accuracy with the weapon determines this weapon's rate of fire.
    The user is totally defenseless while guiding the rocket, so if you come under
    attack, press fire again to self-destruct the rocket and go back to normal mode
    and, hopefully, defend yourself.
    Initial ammo: 3
    Max Ammo: 9
    Damage rating: 8/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 7/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 9/10
    Sniper Rifle: Allows it's user to snipe distant targets with a powerful shot.
    This is an obcenely overpowered sniper rifle, like in just about every other
    game, that is capable of one shot kills to all enemies that are not in a
    vehicle. The odds that a character will survive one shot is low, but vehicles
    can take a couple shots, esspecially the Landmaster. The advantages are it's
    very high range, the ability to zoom and target an enemy from far away. It's
    biggest disadvantages are that you must be zoomed in to fire it, which renders
    it useless in close quarters, and it has a low rate of fire; Aboute one shot
    every 1.5 - 2 seconds. That means if you miss your target the first time, and
    there is cover nearby, they will likely get behind the cover and just wait
    there. Or worse, they can manuver near you, and slay you with other weapons.
    Initial ammo: 10
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 7/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 3/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 7/10
    Grenade: Can be thrown at close or far targets or bounced off surfaces.
    These grenades are obcenely powerful. If an enemy is cought in the blast, he or
    she will receive massive damage, even if in a vehicle. The downside? It's
    impossibly difficult to hit anything with it. They only time they are of any
    use is in tiny cramps areas, or when the target is hiding in a tunnel or hole
    at which point you throw a grenade in and then whip out your gattling gun and
    hammer away at the exit. the only other really consistant uses for the grenade
    are for camping Landmasters, or suicide bombing. Thats right, if you hold down
    the "A" button and don't let it up to throw, it will glow and glow some more
    and eventually glow white, at which point it is about to explode. Then if you
    charge into a group of enemies, or even one, you can go out with a big bang
    that is guarenteed to kill anybody near you.
    Initial ammo: 5
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 6/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 6/10
    Plasma Cannon: Rapidly fires very powerful plasma shots, with unlimited ammo.
    This weapon is only found while riding on an ally's wing. It has an obcenely
    high rate of fire and decent damage, making it one of the best all around
    weapons. too bad you can't wield it normally.
    Initial ammo: Infinite
    Max Ammo: N/A
    Damage rating: 9/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 10/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 10/10
    Ghost launcher: This is a "balance" weapon.
    This means that if you are playing a three stock match with your three friends
    and they immediatly slay you twice, you start out with this weapon. This is an
    obcenely powerful weapon that instantly kills any enemy it hits unless they are
    in a vehicle, in which case it destroys the vehicle and and lowers them down to
    1 HP. It also homes in, making it one of the most deadly weapons in the game!
    Initial ammo: 3
    Max Ammo: 9
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 10/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 10/10
    Fireburst pod: This is basically a gigantic bomb.
    If your character starts running around carring a huge barrel, you have a
    fireburst pod. Basically, you press your fire key to set it, then you run like
    the dickens away before the entire area is nuked. It's good for shaking off
    enemies who are chasing you around the corner. The second you lay the bomb,
    they scramble in the opposite direction!
    Initial ammo: 1
    Max Ammo: 1
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 8/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 8/10
    Demon sniper rifle: This is the sniper rifle....zilla.
    Okay, this is basically the sniper rifle. It has the same pros and cons, only
    it's much more powerful and has alower rate of fire. It can easily take down
    an Arwing or Landmaster if they don't know where you are.
    Initial ammo: 5
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 9/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 10/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 8/10
    Proximity mines: These are very powerful bombs with a wide blast area.
    These mines can be hard do spot when layed properly, and have the same power
    as the grenades. These are terrific against the Landmaster, and even better
    against people! Lay these in flashy corridors, or in a regular line pattern
    on a wall and your foes won't know what hit them!
    Initial ammo: 5
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 6/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 9/10
    ==  Items list  ==
    Cloaking device: This little capsule grants you invisibility! Sniper's heaven!
    Get this little item and you will be granted invisibility for a full 60 seconds
    in the game! That is more than enough time to cause havoc with a sniper rifle
    or such. Be warned though, if you charge up shots, or activate a barrier, you
    will still be invisible, but the enemies will see the charge energy or the
    barrier shield.
    Barrier: Deploys a shield around the user protecting him from all damage.
    When this is deployed, the user becomes immune from all damage, period, for a
    period of 15 seconds. The shields *can* get damaged enough to break, but it
    would require three other players with demon launchers, or the game to be in
    one hit kill mode.
    Laser Upgrade: Upgrades the Arwings Lasers.
    Driving through this item will grant you more powerful lasers in the Arwing or
    Landmaster. Your laser color will change from green to blue, and will become
    very much more potent. These are somewhat rare.
    Silver ring: Heals 25% of a vehicles health bar.
    Driving through thiss will restore 25% of your vehicles health gauge. These are
    fairly common and can be picked up by infantry, though it does nothing unless
    picked up by a vehicle.
    Gold ring: Heals half of a vehicles health bar.
    Driving through thiss will restore 50% of your vehicles health gauge. These are
    not very common and can be picked up by infantry, though it does nothing unless
    picked up by a vehicle.
    Platinum Ring: Heals 100% of a vehicles health bar.
    Driving through thiss will restore 100% of your vehicle health gauge. These are
    quite rare and can be picked up by infantry, though it does nothing unless
    picked up by a vehicle.
    Normal Health Pack: Heals 25% of a characters health bar.
    This nifty green box will instantly restore a quarter of infanty's health when
    grabbed. These are quite common and the fastest way to restore ones health.
    Large Health Pack: Heals 50% of a characters health bar.
    This nifty white box will instantly restore half of infanty's health when it is
    grabbed. These are uncommon and a good way to restore ones health.
    Restoration Kit:
    This nifty yellow box will instantly restore all of an infantyman's health when
    grabbed. These are quite rare and the best way to restore ones health.
    Nova Bomb: Adds one nova bomb to the bomb count of an Arwing.
    Only the Arwings can use Nova bombs, and they are very powerful. There is only
    one in existance at any point in time on a multiplayer map, and have a HUGE
    blast area. They are killer versus infantry and can take out a vehicle
    instantly if a direct hit is scored!
                                    6:  Credits
    Credits go here in the event that I deem anybody worthy of credit.
    Jeff Veasey AKA CJayC For the wonderful site to put it on. 
    My best friends Josh and Emily for being the most awesome people on the planet.
    I love you guys!
                               11: Contact information
    Before I give you my E-mail Address:
    *             FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY ON THIS GOOD EARTH             *
    R E A D   T H E   F R E A K I N G   W A L K T H R O U G H ! ! !
    That is what it's here for! I have get several dozen E-mails a week that are
    promptly deleted because the answer was in the FAQ. I'm Not your private
    gaming nerd! Read!
    Please don't abuse the E-mail and make sure I haven't answered your question in
    the guide. With that said:
    If for some reason or other you wish to E-mail me, My E-mail is:
    Kirbyroks @ gmail . com
    Also, be sure to put "Walkthrough Question" in the title or it will get deleted
    by my spam filter, and be sure to mention which guide it is. I have many
    guides out and asking me questions about how to do something in "Game X" aren't
    going to be answered.
    And that wraps up this literary masterpiece. Thanks for reading!
    Josh and Emily, you own! I love you guys so much!
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