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Special Flags List by RpgTobias

Version: Final | Updated: 02/08/05

Starfox Assault Special Flag Mini-Guide

* means you have shoot at a certain spot to make it appear.
x means it's inside of an enemy. 
+ means it's inside of a container. 

Stage 1 
1. x Last battleship in the first half, inside a part of it 
2. x Immediately after taking to Fortuna, in tank on the far left 
3. + 2nd tree branch, right as you are saving Falco. 
4. + After you save Slippy, the area on the far left where that second tram is,
     near the end of the tram's track, in a barrel.
5. + Last part of the stage, in a barrel up on the top on the right. 

Stage 2 
1. * Inside the bunker next to the one that's burning. 
2. * On one of the sides of that big turret in the very middle, around its base
     in a recessed area.
3. * North side of the center object, on the top overhanging platform, reached
     with landmaster, on the left side of the platform 
4. * Inside the west blue-block room. Shoot between the 2 blocks at the back. 
5. * Inside the east blue-block room. Stand facing the blocks that are like
     |_'_ . Stand at . and shoot towards ' 

Stage 3 
1. * Using the map, it's to the right of where your arwing starts out at, at the
     door on the wall. 
2. + In the crate at the very top and center of the main area. Use a fully
     charged shot to open it. 
3. x A turret on an asteroid to the far left of the station on the map. 
4. * Command screen in the topmost room with the last target. 
5. * Southeast corner above the generator. 

Stage 4 
1. * Above a light post at the bridge on the far left of the map by the tower. 
2. * Above the left entrance to the center building. 
3. * In the short tunnel after the third tower, on the right side of the map. 
4. * By the tower thing where you start out (it's what turns into a boss) 
5. * Northeast on the raised area, shoot at the crystal formation in the middle.

Stage 5 
1. x Topmost dodgy enemy after the mini-boss right before the zappers drops it. 
2. x Last topmost left attacking asteroid drops it. 
3. * Something where the when the 2nd miniboss spawns, on the ground on the
     aparoid infection is. 
4. x Right after the boss leaves there are 2 more dodgy enemies, kill the left
5. * Aparoid infection on the right, right before the area with the mechanical

Stage 6 
1. * The waterfall at the left of the map. 
2. * The door-like thing in the middle bottom of the southern temple. Look down
     to see it. 
3. * The top of the temple that Krystal is fighting in, on the left corner. 
4. * Under the temple where Krystal is fighting. In the cave entrance to the
     south that leads to a door. 
5. * On a broken pillar directly to the south. 

Stage 7 
1. * Northeast area of the stage, 4 red buildings, on the southwest one, shoot
     around one of the 'wings' 
2. * Directly after the escaltor of the Lunastone Hotel (south) 
3. * On the north side of the building directly southwest of the center. 
4. * On the Perisommons Hotel (where you get the Arwing) on the 2nd floor right
     before the escaltor to the 3rd floor. 
5. * On the roof of the Ward Office (northwest) as far onto it as you can go. 

Stage 8 

1. * Shoot directly under the gate at the prong. 
2. * Turn around and head towards the center of the station. Shoot the pillar
     in the middle at its top. 
3. * Go even further up and it's on top of the grey panel in the center. 
4. x An enemy directly under the station. 
5. * Small tunnel to the south near the bottom of the station. 

Stage 9 
1. * Directly behind the entrance to the southeast chamber. 
2. * Middle of the green area in the northeast corner. 
3. * In the southwest chamber, enter, take the right path and then it's in one
     of the corners after the trap. 
4. * On top of the center building, must use Arwing to shoot the spot. 
5. * Bottom of the southeast compound under the bottom stairs. 

Stage 10 
1. * First spiral thing that spawns crafts around it, shoot the center 
2. * Right after the first flag, there are some cannons but one is missing on
     the left. Shoot where it should be.
2. * After the boss, when the shield comes up, shoot at the top right corner
     passage through it. 
3. x When the spinning fans come, shoot at the enemy in the bottom left after
     the first one. 
4. x At the end right before the boss, shoot 5+ charge shots at the last spiral
     thing to appear on the right.  

All flags unlocks: Demon Sniper in VS Mode 

Thanks to EvilAmarant7x for a few of the flags.

Made by RPGTobias / TobiastheFox, ask on the boards for further help with flags

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