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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kirbyroks

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               FAQ/Walkthrough for Starfox Assault. (Nintendo Gamecube)
               Last updated 03/24/05          Version: 1.0
               Project started: 02/01/05      Project completed: 02/10/05
               Total development hours: 024   File size: 107 kilobytes (0.104 MB)
               Written by: Josiah Herrington  Status: Complete
               This FAQ is of course copyright (c) 2005 Josiah Herrington
    Contents                   [TOP]                               ~~|  [W0.1]  |~~
    Table of Contents                         [TOP] Use the above box to keep the
    1:  [010] Intro                                 Search code for your current
    2:  [020] Legal stuff/Updates                   Location in so you can jump
    3:  [030] Frequently Asked Questions            right back to where you were
    4:  [040] Overview                              in the walkthrough without
    5:  [050] Characters                            having to search!
    6:  [060] Playing the game                      You can access any area in
    7:  [070] Walkthrough                           the table of contents by
          [W0.1] Fortuna: A New Enemy               Pressing CTRL+F and copy
          [W0.2] Katina: Frontier Base Battle       and pasting the code into
          [W0.3] Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities   the find box and it will
          [W0.4] Fichina: Into the Storm            take you right to it!
          [W0.5] Asteroid Belt: The Aparoid Menace
          [W0.6] Sauria: Reunion
          [W0.7] Corneria: War Comes Home
          [W0.8] Orbital Gate: Incoming
          [W0.9] Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses
          [W1.0] Homeworld core: The Final Battle
    8:  [080] Weapons/Items list
    9:  [090] Cheats/Secrets
    10: [100] Sub-Game Walkthroughs
          [S1.0] Xevious
          [S2.0] Star Luster (Perhaps removed from retail version of game)
          [S3.0] Battle City (Perhaps removed from retail version of game)
    11: [110] Credits
    12: [120] Contact Information
                                     1: Intro
    Howdy-ho good neighbor, this be a walkthrough for Starfox: Assault, and I be
    it's author, Long John Silver...Err, Kirbyroks. Yeah. So here be my guide, and
    always remember, FOX MCCLOUD PWNS ALL!
    Anyways, here's my review.
    Welcome, my friend, to the wonderful world of Starfox. As you know the latest
    installment in the game is the much anticipated Starfox: Assault, or SF:Ass for
    short. This game, developed by Namco's Ace Combat 4 team, is quite the crowd
    pleaser. In this game you will be doing the impossible; Heading strait through
    enemy lines and taking on that which nobody else could. You will find yourself
    fighting side by side with old friends such as Falco and Slippy and the new
    person on the team, Krystal. Krystal, for those of you who have not played
    Adventures, is a female fox and Fox's love interest. Over the course of this
    game you will find yourself reunited with many old friends...and maybe many old
    enemies. So sit-tight, buckle your seat belt, and prepare for a headlong dive
    through enemy lines!
    Gameplay: 10/10
    What can I say, Starfox: Assault has it where it counts. When I initially got
    this game I was eagerly awaiting it, but still slightly skeptical as to how
    Namco would pull it off. But my, oh my, did they ever pull it off! The game
    play here is absolutely fabulous, from the heavily populated space battles,
    with literally dozens and dozens of enemy and friendly pilots dog-fighting over
    a base, to the ground based levels that take you back to Starfox History, such
    as Corneria and Dinosaur Planet (Sauria). I guarantee, you won't even be out of
    the action for a second. From the time I started, to the time I put the
    controller down after beating it the first time, I didn't even have a chance to
    take a drink of milk while the game was playing. The single player is very
    balanced in the bronze level, not too difficult, but not a walk in the park
    either. However, on the gold and silver levels, the difficulty rises
    substantially. This game also takes quite a lot from it's history; Playing this
    you may even have flashbacks from Starfox 64. One thing, for example, is that
    your wings will break off after taking damage, leaving you with normal lasers.
    And don't even get me started on the Multiplayer mode. Those of you who played
    the Multi Player mode on Starfox 64 know that it really sucked. Not only could
    you not choose your own character, but the game was horrendously unbalanced,
    strongly favoring the Arwing. In this multi-Player mode, the Characters
    actually look like they should, which means no more running around with Fox who
    has a potato strapped to his butt. In this you can get many weapons, from the
    machine gun and blaster, to a Gattling Cannon and Bazooka. This combined with
    the fact that there are many places for Infantry to hide and fire rockets at
    Vehicles, makes the game a lot more balanced. The Multiplayer also has several
    modes. Normal mode, with all weapons, Sniper Mode, with only the Sniper Rifle
    available, and Rocket Mode, where everybody gets a rocket launcher and infinite
    ammo! In addition to this, all the characters are NOT the same. Fox has higher
    Combat abilities, while Falco is quicker and faster. Slippy and Krystal are
    both weaker, physically, but sport special abilities, such as the ability to
    have double shielding or to charge weapons twice as fast. This combined with
    the many, varying, levels, makes for a balanced and fun Multi-Player experience.
    Plus when you add on the many, many, unlockables in thee game, this game will
    keep you busy, and won't get old!
    Story: 9/10
    YES! Andross is no longer the final boss! That is about as likely as a Mario
    game without Bowser, but it happened! And that is a good thing! The game
    features a good plot for a rail-shooter, and actually makes you kind of care
    about them. While this is by no means an RPG storyline, it's great for a combat
    shooter, and you really get a feeling for the different characters
    personalities. Fox is the natural Leader, and in love with Krystal, though
    somewhat embarrassed to talk about it. Krystal seems to be very compassionate
    and caring, and has psychic abilities to boot. Slippy is more emotional and
    tends to get overjoyed easily, or brought to tears just as easily. Falco is an
    ex-gang member, with a cocky attitude, though he is not nearly as sarcastic and
    arrogant as he was in SF64. The idea is that the enemies are invading and the
    Cornerian Army is losing. While they aren't quite as useless as they were in
    the other games, they still aren't all that great. Though you do get a lot of
    hero worship from the troops in the few instances you are fighting together.
    Graphics: 9/10
    I'd not give this a 9 for detail. The game is not Metroid Prime 2 or Starfox
    Adventures. It does however have dozens, and sometimes even what seems like
    hundreds, of enemies on the screen at once and maintains a perfect frame-rate
    with no slowdown whatsoever. The Graphics aren't terrible or anything detail
    wise, but they aren't phenomenal. The character models don't have the detail
    that they did in Adventures; No fur bristling everywhere being all fuzzy like,
    and the water effects aren't as good, but the action is usually so thick you
    will not notice. And it's actually good that it doesn't have that level of
    detail If it had that level of detail, and the amount of enemies and rapid game
    play that this game has, no system could run it well.
    Sound: 9/10
    First the music. The music here totally rocks. From the incredible Starfox
    theme in the opening movie, to the remix of the theme of a certain enemy I
    won't spoil here, the music is great. Even the credits music is an awesome
    version of the Starfox 64 music. While there is some good, new, music in
    there, and I suppose newcomers will like it, but there's noting like sitting
    down to play and hearing an awesome version of a familiar old song, to get you
    in the mood to play. As for the sound, it isn't that great, and can get just a
    little bit monotonous, but not much at all, and it is only when three people
    are all spamming the blaster pistol so you hear nothing but that sound for a
    half a minute, that you notice. The sounds are well done and fit seamlessly
    into each other, overshadowing, but not drowning out, the background music.
    Replay value: 9/10
    This game has very good replay value, but that's something to be expected of a
    Starfox shooter. To beat the game you have to collect 30 flags, one from each
    level on each difficulty level, 30 badges, one from each difficulty level and
    level, weapons in Multiplayer, Stages, Characters, and much, much, more. That
    added to the fact that the multiplayer is awesome and the single-player is
    addicting, and you've got yourself a real winner here!
    Summary: 9/10
    This game is a winner, and definitely a buy game. If it's before Feb. 14th and
    you can only get at it by renting it, sure, rent it. And then buy it! Not only
    will you be getting this game, but also you will be getting three classic NES
    games such as Xevious, as unlockables, and who knows what else! This game
    definitely has a place in any good collection, and trust me, you will love it
    if you like this genre, and probably even if you hate it.
                                2: Legal stuff/Updates
    This FAQ is mine and is copyright(c) 2002 Josiah Herrington. 
    This FAQ, as of now, can only be displayed at:
    - Gamefaqs (http://www.GAMEFAQS.com)
    - Gamespot(www.gamespot.com)
    Sites with easy permission:
    - IGN(www.ign.com)
    - www.neoseeker.com
    Though  require IGN to E-mail me and let me know that they are putting it up,
    so I know when to update.
    This document is only for personal use.
    You may not sell this FAQ or distribute it. Otherwise you may 
    not under any circumstances host this FAQ unless I give permission. 
    I still reserve all rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this 
                                      3: FAQ
    Q: Does this game return to Starfox roots?
    A: Yes, it does! Hooray! While Adventures was a very good game, I've been
       waiting, myself, for the next "real" Starfox game! Here it is!
    Q: Is Krystal in this game?
    A: Yes Krystal is officially in this game as well as a member 
       of Starfox. Rest at ease.
    Q: Is Falco back? I don't see him anywhere.
    A: Yep Falco is in fact back. *SFA spoilers* 
       He comes back at the end of SFA.
    Q: What is the difference between SF:Ass, SFA, and SF2?
    A: SFA is Starfox Adventures. SF:Ass and SF2 are the new 
       one coming out.
    Q: Is it true that they got rid of Peppy? Why is he gone?
    A: He isn't. He has a desk job at the Great Fox because 
       he was getting too old for that sort of thing. He is still 
       on the team.
    Q: What happened to Dinosaur Planet?
    A: Wrong game buddy...Though you do see Dino Planet here.
    Q: Is this a prequel?
    A: No. Krystal is in the game meaning it must not be unless 
       they time travel or something.
    Q: Want me to E-mail you some _______ or a small ______ file?
    A: No. Keep your files and your viruses to yourself. And no 
       I don't want any Starfox pics or Krystal pics of files of 
       any kind.
    Q: Do you want to be...friends...forever!?
    A: No...Go away...NOW!
    Q: man...*drools* CRYS00l I$ Ho+! leik d0 u leik have sum crystul pr0n 4 me???!
    A: What does this have to do with the game? Go die in what way seems best to
       you. Don't ever ask me this again either.
    Q: OMG!!! Krystal is darned ugly! U think so right? frurriez sux lolo am Irite
    A: WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP? I don't want any part of your petty squabbling!
    Q: This game sucks...They should have kept it like SFA...
    A: Starfox Adventures was a deviation from the normal Starfox genre. This is
       a "real" Starfox game.
    Q: Did u kno ur guide sucks!!!
    A: No I wasn't aware of any such fact.
    Q: Hey man! You do know your guide pwns all right?
    A: Yes! Thank you! Have an ego cookie!
    Q: Do a barrel roll!!! lolooolloROFMLAMO!!1
                                     4: Controls
    See section 6 for overview.
    L:             Tilt Arwing/Barrel Roll
    R:             Brakes
    Control stick: Steer around.
    A:             Fire laser. Hold to charge a homing shot.
    B:             Fire a nova bomb.
    Y:             Boost
    X:             Land
    Z:             Enter/Exit Arwing
    D-pad:         Not used.
    C-stick Up:    Loop
    C-stick down:  U-Turn 
    L:               Tilt Landmaster/Barrel Roll
    R:               Free Aim.
    Control stick:   Steer around/Move cannon up/down
    A:               Fire laser. Hold to charge a homing shot.
    B:               Fire a nova bomb.
    Y:               Boost
    Z:               Enter/Exit vehicle
    D-pad:           Not Used
    C-stick:         Not Used
    On Foot:
    L:               Strafe mode/Roll
    R:               Free Aim
    Control stick:   Walk around/Aim
    A:               Fire
    B:               Deploy Barrier Shield
    Y:               Jump
    X:               Zoom (Sniper rifle)
    Z:               Enter/Exit vehicle
    D-pad:           Change Weapon.
    C-stick:         Change Weapon.
                                   5: Characters
    Fox McCloud:
    The hero of the story! Yes the orange and white galaxy saving wonder of the err
    ...Galaxy? Yep! Fox is back in his latest bid to stop the evil villains in their
    maniacal quest to take over the Lylat. This Vulpine wonder miraculously manages
    to destroy fleets, with the help of his comrades, that entire Cornerian fleets
    can't touch. He's that good. Mainly because He's with the player! That means he
    has infinite lives and can try over and over again! What a deal!
    Dude 1:"That thar blue foxy lady? Who be she?"
    Dude 2:"Arrr that pretty lady be Krystal!"
    Dude 3:"OMG j00 be frry!?!? j00 suxxorz!11!""
    Dude 1:"Shut up oob!"
    Dude 3:"No joo n00b!11!"
    Yes, this would be the average conversation about this character. Previously
    decked out in a loincloth/bikini outfit, she has adopted an outfit more
    appropriate for her role as a female fighter pilot: A generic skin-tight flight
    suit. Definitely less revealing and I can't wait to hear the people start
    whining about that! This mysterious vixen has a mysterious background and not
    much is known about her goals in life even. All we know is that she was
    searching for the cause of her parents death/destruction of her planet. She is
    the Love interest of Fox and obviously loves him, though he is embarrassed about
    it, and doesn't like to speak about it.
    Falco Lombardi:
    Widely known as a sarcastic and arrogant hot-head, Falco is a skilled pilot 
    though not up to Fox's level. Having returned to the Starfox team after going
    AWOL out of boredom he is now a valued member of the team. He appears to be
    always carrying some massive firearm or bazooka. He doesn't look very forgiving.
    He has his same cocky attitude, but has shed his sarcastic, arrogant, ways and
    become more caring, though still a but hotheaded.
    Peppy: Peppy has taken a job controlling the great fox, though he still doesn't
    fully accept his retirement. He' getting old though.
    Slippy: The confirmed MALE toad. Not any relation to the Toad of Mario fame.
    This hot piece of manhood is definitely a catch for anybody! Even if you aren't
    into guys, you can sell him on E-bay for a good chunk of money! His amazing and
    overwhelming masculinity is displayed within a minute of you starting the first
    level. "OWOWOWOWOWOWW!"
    G. Pepper:
    Pepper is your commanding officer, who has instructed you since the beginning of
    the Starfox series. His looks have changed quite a bit over the years, but I
    think that they have settled on a look and he won't look any different.
    Andrew Oikoney:
    The leader of the remnants of Andross's forces, Andrew leads a rebellion and
    attempts to wage war on the Lylat once again. He isn't very successful though,
    and gets owned pretty quick.
    Pigma Dengar
    Ahh, good old Pigma. In Starfox 64 he was just a whiny, wierd, stupid guy. Now
    He's all that, but he wears only pink and a sports bra. And if you thought it
    couldn't get any stranger than that, you thought wrong. I won't spoil the game
    for you, but you'll see. Pigma is no longer a part of Starwolf.
    Wolf O'Donnell
    Wold is the leater of the Starwolf team who are, supposedly, the Starfox team's
    nemisis. This doesn't turn out to be quite true though, as you will see in the
    game. Wolf is deeply in love with his "Darling Wolfen" and will suffer no-one
    to cross him.
    Leon Powalski
    Leon is a torture-loving psychopath who would love nothing more than to make
    you quail in fear before he roasts you in a vat. He's has a high scratchy voice
    and is Falco's rival.
    Panther Caroso
    The new member of the Starwolf team, Pather is a ladies man. He will constantly
    hit on Krystal, who also happens to be his rival, and has a rose on his Wolfen.
    He has a spanish accent and has black fur.
    Rob is the starfox teams robot. His purpose is to repair the ship, offer
    tactical advice, and other such deuties. And more if you have a sicko mind and
    write a Krystal+Rob love trilogy. *Curses under breath at somebody*
                                 6: Playing the Game
    The missions in this game have several goals. First off, you can have certain
    obvious goals, such as destroy all of the Aparoid spawners, or destroy the boss
    that is currently threatening you, but you also have some overall game wide
    goals. These goals apply to every level and can unlock new features.
    First off, you want to get as many kills as possible, naturally, as this is the
    numerical representation of your score. In addition to doing this you want to
    get the medals on each difficulty mode, which require more and more hits, and
    the difficulty is harder, but there is a kill multiplier.
    Next you want all of your allies to last the battle without having to withdraw.
    You must protect them for this to happen, and if you don't they will very
    likely get shot down. If you manage to keep all of your wingmen alive in any
    mission, you will receive a token for that.
    Lastly, you want to collect all the S-Flags. These are flag items that are rare
    and very well hidden, usually. Some can be out in the open, but many are hidden
    behind invisibility barriers that you must shoot X amount of times to find.
    These can be floating in space, in enemies, in containers that enemies are
    holding, in barrels, behind force fields, in TVs, or just about anywhere. You
    will get them all only by utilizing the Arwing, Landmaster AND foot mode.
                                  7:  Walkthrough
    Fortuna: A New Enemy
    Okay, to start out, use charge shots to destroy the first two enemies and group
    of enemies you face. After some lines Slippy will get tailed by some baddies.
    Use a charge shot to take out his pursuer. Afterwards charge up another shot.
    You will be confronted by several waves of fighters. After a few fighters they
    will start coming in waves of five. You should charge up shots and then bring
    your targeting rectical in from the bottom to target the middle one and take
    out the group. Do this for all the groups of five and take out the next swarm
    and you will come to a capital ship. Shoot the center till it blows up while
    mashing on your brake. Collect the bomb after that while charging up another
    shot. Fire this shot at the next capital ship and use your laser to take out
    the lone fighter. Finish off that capital ship. Charge up a charge shot and
    point it at the indestructible ship in front of you. Soon a fighter will pop
    out and you will lock on. wait about a half second and then fire that bomb at
    the enemy while you are locked on. That will take out most of them and you
    should use your lasers to mop up the rest. You will now face a prototype drone.
    Use Charge shots on it while doing barrel rolls to avoid it's beam. Once it
    goes down you will face several more drones. and then a capital ship. Before
    you destroy this capital ship, shoot just to the right of the large purple orb
    to blow away a hatch containing an S-Flag. Collect the flag. Soon you will face
    a Stealth Squadron. Use your Charge shots and then lasers to clear them out for
    a nice point bonus.
    Next you will be on the planet of Fortuna. First off, destroy the enemies in
    front of you as you go under the first arch. As you go under the second arch,
    veer left and head down the side path. Collect the Nova Bomb and then shoot the
    tank. Shoot the mech past that to make it drop an S-Flag. Collect it. Falco
    will call for help, so you'd better shot the three enemies off his tail. Head
    through the forest blowing up the enemies on the way and collect the Laser
    Upgrade. Charge up a charge shot and take out the squadron right before exiting
    the forest.
    Take out the turrets in the Hangars in front of you and then concentrate your
    fire on the three winged enemies in front of you. You will come to some rail
    tracks. A train will go across and if you blow up the crates it's holding, it
    will drop a laser upgrade. Also, if you saved Falco he will give you a bomb.
    Take out the turrets in the next bunker with your laser.
    Next, take out the tanks on the bridge with a series of charge shots. As you
    come to a door and it seems like there is no way to go, charge up a shot. The
    door will start to open, but Krystal will warn you that there is an ambush on
    the other side. As soon as you lock on, fire your charge shot and it will take
    out about 26 hits worth of enemies instantly. Next take out the tanks that come
    out of the hangars.
    Some of the barrels here contain silver rings if you need health. Remember to
    mash your brake a lot here. You will see Slippy get chased by one enemy, so
    take it out. Then you will see a railcar on a forked track ahead of you. Shoot
    the container it is holding to get another bomb, and then mash the brake and
    circle back underneath it by way of the left. Go left, past the pillar and
    shoot the barrel for another S-Flag.
    Now swerve up and to the right after Krystal chases some baddies past, and take
    out the barrel up of the ledge for another S-Flag. Next, use some of your Nova
    Bombs you have been collected on the pile of mechs in front of you, but save at
    least 2. Next you will see Oikonney fly past and will have to fight him
    Andrew Oikonney!
    Difficulty: 6/10 (1/10 if you've beaten Starfox 64 or SF SNES before)
    After some lines, Andrew will tell you he is going to "show you." He will pose
    in a weird way that exposes the palm of his robotic hand which contains a
    glowing node. That node is his weak point and the only place you can hurt him.
    Have a charge shot ready and as son as he holds his palm to you, hit it with
    the charge shot and hammer on it with your lasers as rapidly as you can. If
    you are good or have Hyper Lasers his hand should break really fast and he
    won't be able to attack. If he does manage to attack, quickly to a loop before
    it can connect, Once his hand #1 is gone, do the same for his next hand and he
    will die!
    Giant Aparoid Moth
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Okay, first you have to take out all of his wings. now you could do this the
    obvious and trusty way of shooting all the nodes on his wings one by one, or
    you could do the good method, and use those two bombs you saved on him and that
    will blow all of his wings off! Once that happens he will start squirting lava
    onto the ground. Large boulders will leap into the air and hurtle at you. This
    is a prime opportunity to damage the boss, but can be difficult if you have to
    focus on dodging the boulders. You won't have your targeting rectical so you
    will have to aim manually. To damage him you will have to hit his pink orb.
    after a set amount of damage, he will close and you won't be able to hit him
    until he lands. When he lands he will open his weak spot and try to fire four
    plasma ball at you. Fire a charge shot or bomb to cause massive damage and take
    out the plasma balls. He will drop dead in no time!
    Mission complete!
    Frontier Base Battle
    Okay, from the start, blast all the enemies here with your blaster. These are
    weak enemies and will go down easily. After you run out of them continue on.
    You will come to the red blip on your radar and it will be a shielded Aparoid.
    The only way to pierce his shielding with your current weapons is with a charge
    shot from your blaster. Hide behind a crate and charge up a level three (red)
    charge shot and let him have it. Collect the rocket launcher and then charge up
    another level three shot. Run around the corner and waste the other Aparoid.
    Collect the rocket launcher he drops before the cutscene triggers.
    Now, make a break for the Landmaster and, one inside, waste everything that
    moves. If it's a target enemy, shoot it with your cannon, if it's a normal
    enemy, shoot it, run over it, whatever. Basically whatever you do to it in
    the Landmaster, it will die. After clear the nearby two targets, Krystal will
    call for help. Look up and use your hover and charge shot to get a good clear
    shot and take out all of her attackers.
    Now, blow a hole through the nearby door and take out the targets. Now continue
    in this same direction all the way around the base and take out all of the rest
    of the targets. Now a cutscene will trigger and you will have a new batch of
    targets to take out. Take them all out from the Landmaster until you are forced
    to go inside the buildings to take the last one out. After you take the last
    one out, Peppy will tell you that there is only one more left. Do NOT get this
    one yet. First collect the S-Flags as listed below.
    Go about the level as usual until you get to where you got the Landmaster. Then
    blow up all the enemies until you come to an area with some barracks. Blow up
    all the nearby enemies and enter the barracks to the right of the one that's
    smoking. Shoot the invisible target near the end a couple times to make flag #1
    Next, head in the Landmaster to the far right side of the map. Locate the
    large door you can blow away with The Landmaster's cannon and do so. Head
    inside and clear out all the enemies. There will be some three groups of blocks
    in here. One that is big and near the door. This is not the right group. You
    want the group in the middle that looks like a Tetris block. Hop on top of it
    and the single block furthest from the stack of two blocks has the flag on it.
    Shoot the invisible target to make the flag #2 appear.
    Similarly, head over to the far left side and blow open the door. Clear the
    area of hostile presence and then in the far left corner, with the door being
    behind you, there will be two blocks. In between them is the invisible target.
    Shoot it to spawn Flag #3.
    Head to the north part of the middle and hover with your Landmaster up on to
    the ledge on the tower above the ledge. The Invisible target is there. Shoot
    it to make invisible flag #4 appear.
    Head to the Right side of the map. Look around till you see the gigantic cannon
    pointing up at the sky. Head towards the front of it and at the bottom if it's
    front you will find an alcove with the invisible target in it. Shoot it with
    your blaster to make flag #5 appear!
    Now, once you have gotten all the S-Flags, head over and destroy the last
    target to trigger the boss battle.
    Giant Aparoid Spider Bot
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Okay, first roll up to it. It only has a few attacks. These attacks vary based
    on what difficulty you are on. On easy difficulty his attacks will consists of:
    - one or two green lasers from above
    - 3 to 6 orange missiles.
    - Green Energy blast (Attack #1 when you are on top)
    On medium the amount of lasers and missiles will increase.
    On Hard he will shoot many, many, missiles, many lasers, will stomp you, fires
    lasers and missiles at much more rapid intervals, and when you are on top will
    wobble and buck to try and throw you off.
    Okay, now that we have covered his attacks, how to kill him.
    Well, if the large pink node didn't tip you off, shoot that. When you are on
    the ground, shoot it with charge shots to stun the spider-bot, and barrel
    rolling to avoid it's attacks. Once it's stunned, it will fall. Use your hover
    to get on top of it. Once on top, place yourself in the middle, halfway between
    the edge and the center. Use "R" to target and fire Charge shots at the core.
    When green energy starts welling up at your feet, let go of "R" and drive
    around the top to a different part where there is no energy and continue the
    bombardment. If it tries to buck you off, don't worry. Unless you are near the
    edge, it will be hard to do so. continue your assault and it will quickly go
    down. Don't try to charge shot it from up close as your shots will hurt you and
    blow up your tank.
    Mission complete!
    Sargasso Space Zone:
    Hostilities Revisited
    Okay, to start out, turn left until you see your Arwing. Now turn a little to
    the right and find the enemy there. Take him out with a level three charge shot
    so he can't attack you. Now locate the door a couple feet from where he was and
    fire several shots at the invisible target near it. Collect the S-Flag and the
    barrier. Now, run to the opposite corner from the one you are in and take out
    the target and the baddies. Run up the nearby stairs and save Slippy. Okay,
    from here, head back down to the bottom floor and clear it of all enemies.
    Now head into the SouthEast corner and up the stairs. Take out all the enemies
    and the target. Now, look into the corner above that console/computer thing and
    locate the invisible target. Shoot it a few times to make the S-Flag appear and
    collect it. don't head up the ramp, but shoot the enemies that are toards the
    center of the level and head to the ring around the center. Kill the baddies
    there and use the charge shot to break open the yellow crates and collect an
    extra life. Continut that direction until you come to a place where there is
    no was to go besides the ramps to the right that have barrels coming down.
    Go up the one that is to the right when facing the wall and hop over all the
    barrels. When you reach the top, blast the barrel generator and proceed to slay
    all of the enemies and the target. Once you are done with that, step on the
    yellow elevator to activate it and hop down all the way to the bottom level.
    Locate your Arwing and get into it and you will head out into space. Now as
    soon as you leave the hangar, brake and pull left. Avoid the silver rings as
    you will need them for later, and collect the bomb and laser upgrades. Now go
    and take out all the cruisers. You can locate them by pressing the Start button
    to pause and bring up your map. they are also on your radar. They are orange on
    both. To kill them you have to attack them from the side and hit the orbs on
    the side. Once all of them are gone, kill off the fighters. Ignore the mechs on
    the asteroids for now, they drop health that you will need later. Now head back
    towards the base and steer towards the top. Locate the tunnel you can fly
    through and do so to collect a laser upgrade.
    Now dock back at the station by flying back through the forcefield. Once on the
    bottom floor, locate the elevator. It's in the northeast corner, and you can't
    miss the giant pink glowy light walls. Get on it and ride it up to the floor
    above the bottom floor. Get off the elevator and head into the small corridor
    to the East. Take out all resistance and collect the large health packs. Now
    head around the perimeter of the level clockwise and take out the turrets on
    the other side, right before the corridor like the one you just got the
    healthpacks from. Once they are gone collect the Sniper Rifle and Shield
    Barrier they dropped.
    Now, head into the corridor like the previous one, and take out all resistance.
    The best way to go about this is to peek in and use your Sniper Rifle on the
    large bomb they are conveniently keeping in their midst. Take out any survivors
    and head back to the center of this floor. Blow up the yellow crate with your
    blaster and collect the S-Flag. Now, head to the elevator.
    As you are heading up, equip your machine gun, or the gattling gun if you found
    it. There will be a gang of baddies waiting for you, so spray the area with
    machine gun fire till they die. Equip a barrier and run around the end, machine
    gun blazing, till all the enemies but the robots are gone. Whip out your
    blaster, missile launcher, gattling cannon, or some weapon that can kill them
    and do so. Kill the target and collect the spoils. Now, go back down to the
    lower floor and take out any targets or enemies that are left and then return
    here. Once you have done that, go into the room with the last target and take
    out all the enemies BUT the target. Use your barriers here. Collect the extra
    life token and then locate the TV screen. Fire several shots at the invisible
    target underneath it to make the fourth S-Flag appear. Now leave the room and
    back-track all the way to your Arwing.
    Head all the way to the east section of space and locat the middle asteroid on
    the east side with middle being reletive to the vertical axis. Now the asteroid
    one left and one up from that asteroid has a mech on it. Blow up the mech to
    make it drop an S-Flag. Fly through the flag to collect it. Now head back and
    blow up that last target.
    Dash back to your Arwing as fast as possible and then pause the game and listen
    to the awesome Starwolf theme. Now head out and take out the carrier first
    thing as, if they die, their attacker will come after you. Once the carrier is
    wasted, take after Wolf like a Ferengi to money. Always loop when you have
    enemies behind you. Heed your Star Wars knowledge. You CANNOT hold it. ALWAYS
    pull up. If you don't, you WILL die! It's a fact of science fiction books,
    games, or movies.
    Once you take Wolf down, head for Pather and then Leon. Once they go down the
    mission will be over.
    Mission complete!
       Into the Storm
    Okay, from the start, turn Northeast and walk until you find a large grey
    pillar. At the base of that is an invisible target that you should shoot to
    make an S-Flag appear. Collect it and head over to the Landmaster. No, head
    over to the red dot to your left. that's the first shield generator. Take out
    all the enemies at the base and then look up with it and hit the power supply
    crystal at the top. It should take a couple shots and then will blow up
    rendering the shield inactive. From here, head towards the center until you see
    a bridge with two containers near the begining of it. The left one has an
    invisible target just above it. Find it and hammer it with some shots from the
    landmaster and collect the second S-Flag. Now, head north and take out all the
    enemies you find until you get to the second shield generator. Now, head to the
    NorthEast corner and you will find a frozen lake. There will be a platinum
    crystal in the center. Near it is an invisible target that you should shoot for
    the third S-Flag.
    Okay, from here, head to the southeast, near the last shield generator. Pound
    all the enemies, and then the shield generator into dust. Now, directly west of
    the third shield generator is the fouth S-Flag. It's in a tunnel, protected by
    an invisible target. Shoot the invisible target in the middle of the tunnel a
    couple times with the Landmaster and collect it. Now, head over to the center
    now that the shield is down. DON'T go in yet.
    Okay, now, make your way to the West side of the center structure. Now, find
    the door into the center that is on the west side. Look directly above the door
    with your cannon to find an invisible target. Hammer it with your cannon to
    make it drop the final S-Flag. Hover up with your Landmaster and get it.
    Collect the Health Pack and head inside.
    A cutscene will play after which you are thrown into battle. Okay, the Sentry
    Bots may appear to be invincible, as neither your level three charge shot, or
    any other weapon you have will even dent them, but they do have a weakness. The
    secret to beating them is to get really close to them to make them try to kill
    you. when they start to chase you sidestep backwards ant to the side so they
    chop the ground. When they are in that position their shield goes down and one
    shot from anything will kill them. Kill off all the first wave has to offer.
    Now, a new wave of lots of them will attack. Too many for you to take care of
    in the time you have, so just shoot what you can. Soon Falco will come swooping
    in and wipe them all out. Now, you will be riding on the wing of Falco's Arwing
    and you will have a Plasma Cannon. The Plasma Cannon has infinite ammo, a super
    fast rate of fire, and does not overheat. Never let the "A" button up. In this
    section of the level, you will have to kill off both the enemies that fly up to
    you, some that are chasing your wingmen, and some orange glowy ones on the
    ground that will paste you if you don't. But in addition to this there are also
    at least 100 or so plain aparoids on the ground that you can paste. Think of
    them as free points. They are in groups also, so that really helps with your
    combo meter. There is no reason why your combo meter should ever get to zero at
    any time in this whole segment. Always watch your Radar, as thet will show you
    where the enemies are, and where they are coming from.
    Once you get all the enemies, and a lot of points, you will fight the boss.
    Giant Aparoid tower enemy.
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Okay, this enemy will spit out dozens of other enemies, and if you destroy the
    little ones, more spawn. They don't give you points, so you normally wouldn't
    even bother with them, except they drop Nova Bombs. you need bombs to kill the
    boss. Basically what you have to do to kill the boss is hammer on the little
    guys, collecting the bombs they drop when they die, Then, once the bosses end
    opens up to spawn more of them, shoot a nove bomb inside of him. Once nova bomb
    can take away various amounts of health, but generally wipes him out. Even on
    easy though, it will take you at least two bombs.
    Now, what attacks does he have? Basically the only real attack he has other
    than the little enemies, that can do you a large amount of damage is the
    giganteriffic laser he can shoot at you. It's pretty easy to dodge, as you can
    see him charging it, but if you do get hit, you can say goodbye to at least
    nine tenths, if not all of your arwing health, and I wouldn't hold my breath
    about surviving either. Once you beat him the level ends, and Fox muses over
    something Peppy says, and you get your summary!
    Mission complete!
       Asteroid Belt:
     The Aparoid Menace
    The Aparoid Menace?! I swear, could they possibly rip off more sci-fi games,
    movies, and books any more than this type of thing withouy having James pop up
    and tell Fox to use the force? Anyways, enough with my comments and onto the
    Okay, from the begining you will not have any enemies to deal with, only a
    truckload of asteroids. Blow them all out of the way and you will come across
    some...Wolfens? Soon aftwerwards some enemies will attack. You will battle your
    way through a bunch of enemies and some will take a liking to Falco. Follow
    with Starfox tradition and save his sorry tail, soon afterwards he will give
    you a bomb as you are fighting a powerful ship. Use Charge shots on the ship to
    kill it. Soon afterwards you will be faced with a whole bunch of groups of weak
    enemies. Clear them out and you will be faced with four more of those spinny
    enemies that shoot green blobs. The top one contains the S-Flag #1. 
    Shoot it and collect the Flag. Almost directly after that your ship will fall
    under attack by some strange form of space worms. They are tiny though, and you
    should kill them off my constantly firing your lasers and rolling. Once you get
    to the end of them you will be attacked by a slew of asteroids that are really
    aparoids. They will try to ram you, but instead of avoiding them, you need to
    shoot them. The one at the end on the Center-left-top contains the S-Flag #2.
    Kill it and grab the flag. Continue on and you will find a base. You will face
    quite a few enemies and the doors will shut forcing you to pull "up." You will
    have to save Falco's tail again, and kill off the enemies on this stretch. When
    you get to the top that prototype enemy from the first level will pop out, only
    it's Aparoid'd Kill it with Charge shots, but also pummel the purple glob of
    goo to the left as the S-Flag #3 is there in an invisible target. Once you get
    that, finish off the prototype if you didn't already. Now, just ahead Slippy
    will need to be saved, but there is an S-Flag on the left, inside of one of
    those spinny enemies. This makes S-Flag #4. Directly after you save Slippy, the
    doors will be open and there will be a whole bunch of drone enemies on the
    ground. Take them out, and also pummel the purple goo to the right with your
    lasers to claim S-Flag #5. Grab it and swerve left before you hit the door and
    head into the tunnel to the left.
    Some people (My brothers) Say that this is hard to navigate, and I suppose to
    some of you it might be, but to those of you that have played Rogue Squadron,
    namely the deathstar levels, this is such a walk in the park. To those of you
    having trouble navigating the robotic limbs of doom, try to stick to the upper
    part of the level as much as possible. Soon you will be forced to pull down and
    you will navigate a tunnel filled with drone enemies. At the end you will find
    the boss, Pigmaroid of Borg.
    Pigmaroid of Borg.
    Difficulty: 5/10
    I am Pigmaroid of Borg! Resistance is FUTILE! You will adapt to service us! We
    are the ultimate form of life. You will be assimilated! If you resist you will
    be punished!
    Anyways, This can be a really easy, or really challenging boss, as bosses in
    this game go. Okay, at the begining he will basically have four attacks.
    - He will charge up energy on his tentagles and lunge them at you.
    - He will whack you with his tentacles.
    - (After three arms are gone) He will throw asteroids at you.
    - Haul out a laser pod, empty it at you, then throw the pod at you.
    Okay, the first is easy to spot, and very easy to avoid with a quick barrel
    roll, so that isn't too big of a deal. The second can sneak up on you as
    sometimes his tentacles blend in with the background. If you get thwacked and
    don't know what hit you, it was probably that. The third attack is impossible
    to miss as he grabs an asteroid in his tentacle. He will fling it at you, so
    you should barrel roll to the side and hit his tentacle while it's vulnerable.
    The laser pod attack can be missed but, once he starts shooting, you would be
    wise to barrel roll out of the way. You can shoot the pod before he starts
    shooting and you can blow it up. If it blows up it will be vulnerable to damage
    of any type, even should one of his own arms happen to hit it! Don't count on
    this happening though.
    At any point after he has done an attack, or right before he does an attack,
    his tentacles are vulnerable to damage or stun. If you stun it, then it will
    be open to damage if it was not already. Once you deplete his health he will
    be dead!
    He has a second form!
    In this form, damaging him is a breeze! Just shoot his face! But he does have
    quite the different set of attacks.
    - He will launch continual volleys of missiles at you.
    - He will retreat into his shell and ROB will give you a warning, right before
      he unleashes a large beam of energy that you really don't want to be hit by.
    Just shoot him and dodge his attack to beat the level! One Nova bomb can take
    away 55% of his health if timed right, so that could be a very valuable trick!
    Mission complete!
    Okay, from the start, charge up your blaster and run strait into the cave in
    front of you, which is right of the Arwing. Take out the enemies on the way
    into the cave, and when you get inside, collect all the weapons here. Now, head
    left and go down the right fork. Kill all the enemies here and take out the
    target. Now head back and take the other fork. Take out all the enemies and
    collect the Gattling Gun. Now head back to where you collected the weapons and
    head out the other side now. Take out all the enemies with your machine gun and
    paste the hatcher.
    Okay, now exit the cave and grab your Arwing. Head to the South part of the
    match and destroy the hatcher that is on top of the temple with your Arwing's
    lasers. Now head to the West temple and land your Arwing. Enter the temple and
    switch a barrier on. Take out all the enemies here with a gattling cannon. Once
    they are all dead, look up at the roof and take out the hatcher. Now head back
    SouthWest and mark where the last Aparoid Hatcher is, but don't destroy it yet.
    First you will want to collect the S-Flags.
    Head all the way to the south, just East of the Southern temple, and find the
    broken set of pillars. The invisible target is above them. Shoot it to make the
    Flag #1 appear and grab it. Now pull up your map and locate Krystal. She should
    be North of you, just a tad to the east. Head over there.
    There should be a cave entrance in the side of the wall that you come against
    while heading towards Krystal. Head inside there. Head inside and kill the few
    enemies and head to the end of the tunnel. There will be a wooden door at the
    end. The invisible target is right there. Shoot it to claim S-Flag #2.
    HEad back out of the cave and head to the Right. Continue right, around the
    bend, until you can turn further right into another temple. Head inside and
    slay the nearby enemies. Locate the stairs and get on the roof. In the eastern
    corner, on the ledge, is the next invisible target. Shoot it to claim the third
    Now, head all the way to the West side of the map and locate the waterfall. At
    the base of this waterfall is an invisible target. Shoot it several times to
    claim the fourth S-Flag. Okay, one more to go.
    Head to the nearby temple, which would be the south one. On the ground floor
    there is an indentation in the center. The invisible target is in the
    indentation. Shoot it to claim the fifth and final S-Flag.
    Now go back and paste the final Hatcher to end the mission!
    Mission complete!
       War Comes Home
    Okay, from the start, grab the sniper rifle in front of you and break it out
    to paste the jammer in front of you. The Jammers look like a big orange eyeball
    stuck in a rubbery starfish. You have to press "X" to zoom in and shoot them,
    but when you do they will face you and start shooting pink lasers at you. What
    you will want to do is find a secure location, where no enemies, including
    other jammers, can hit you, and mark one as your target that you can see. Zoom
    in on it and paste it with a sniper shot to the eye as soon as it's eye opens.
    It will die in one hit, so thats a plus.
    You can always press the "Start" button to pause abd bring up your radar map.
    The areas that are blotched out withgreen are jammed, so you will need to take
    out a jammer there. You can pretty much take them out in any order, and I will
    leave that up to you if you wish, but I will also list the order I did them in
    for the weaker minded of you who would prefer not to plan.
    Paste the one directly in front of you when you start. Then move a little to
    the East and paste the one that is North of there, all the way on the other
    side of the map. Ph33r teh sniper's scope! Once you have taken that one out,
    head a little to the NorthEast and take out the one that is NorthWest of you.
    Now, before you get the last one you will, again, want to collect all of the
    S-Flags this level has to offer you.
    Okay, from the start, head a small bit SouthWest of where you start out, till
    you see a building that has a large pink holographic banner on it that says
    "Lunastone Hotel" Head up the ramp to the top and slay the enemies. You'll find
    the invisible target is located directly West from the top of the ramp. Shoot
    it and claim S-Flag #1.
    Head back down the ramp and head North until you come up to some buildings.
    Curve to the west once you do. Follow the road West until you get to a building
    at the fork. Continut past the building, and past the building to the west of
    that. Now turn and you should see a ramp leading onto the building that is to
    the southwest of the middle building. Head up that and wipe out all the enemies
    on the roof. On the North end of the roof you will find the invisible target.
    Shoot it a few times to make the next S-Flag appear, and claim it. This is the
    second S-Flag.
    Now, head all the way to the far NorthEast area of the stage and you will find
    a group of red Power Plant type buildings. You can use a ramp to get onto the
    one that is furthest SouthEast. There is a bridge from that one to the South-
    West one. Head over to the Southwest one and just NorthEast of the top smoke
    stack is an invisible target. Shoot it to reveal S-Flag #3.
    Now head West-NorthWest of the Center and you will find a building with a Holo-
    graphic banner on ot that says "Persimmon's" From there head up the ramp to the
    second floor. Directly to the Right of the Ramp that takes you further up is an
    invisible target. Shoot it to make the S-Flag #4 appear.
    Now, head to the building directly North. You can get onto it by the ramp on
    the East side, and you will know it's the right building if it has signs on it
    that say "Ward Offices." Head up the ramp and around to the othe side and slay
    the enemies here. Now there will be some orange rectangles on the ground. The
    one to the east has the invisible target over it. Shoot the target to make the
    final flag, S-Flag #5, appear and grab it.
    Now, shoot down the final radar jammer and head over to the Arwing.
    Now, in this section of the level you are riding on Wolf's wing, weilding the
    wonderfulness taht is the Plasma Cannon. Watch the Radar in this section and
    shoot down anything that approaches. Just like in the level at Fichina, some
    weird glowy orange round enemies will lock onto you and you will have to shoot
    them, and you will also have to shoot down many enemies that will hover up to
    you. The idea is to destroy them quickly as they will wait for about three
    seconds to be slaughtered, and if you don't slaughter them by this time, they
    will get angry about being alive because they are very angsty. Then they will
    decide to take out their anger on you! So kill them before this happens! In
    addition to the enemies that you have to shoot down, there are also many plain
    aparoids on the groind. These are no threat to you, but are free hits to boost
    your points and your combo meter. As with the Fichina level, there is no reason
    why, even on easy, your combo meter should ever run out, from start to finish.
    Once you have completed your rounds with Wolf, and saved Falco once or twice,
    General Pepper's Flagship will fly in, only it will have been infected by the
    Aparoids. Pepper will tell you that he is no longer in control of his body, and
    that you must shoot him down before he becomes one of them.
    Aparoid General Pepper
    Difficulty: 4/10
    This boss is your generic "shoot 'em till they die" type boss. No tricks or
    hints for me really to give, other than you must always give first priority to
    shooting down the missiles he launches and shooting down the laser pods he
    deploys. Other than that, just keep the "A" button depressed and your sights on
    his face. Soon he will die and go crashing to the surface. Peppy will then come
    swooping in at the last minute and save him.
    Mission Complete!
       Orbital Gate:
    Okay, from the start, our objective is to collect the S-Flags so we can finish
    the mission unmolested by time constraints. Okay, when you first start the
    level you will be pointed at the Orbital Gate. Point downwards and find the
    invisible target that is at the bottom point of the station, as you are facing
    it. Shoot it repeatedly to make the flag appear, and grab S-Flag #1. Now, curve
    under the station and blast the helpless enemy that is in the center to make it
    drop the S-flag #2.
    Now, fly into the middle of the Station, and there will be a platform right in
    the middle. The invisible target is right above that. shoot it repeatedly to
    make the flag appear and take S-Flag #3. Now, head back out to give you some
    flying room and then turn and head back into the center. There will be a large,
    dark grey, bridge area at the top on the West section of the Station. The
    invisible target is at it's top. Shoot the invisible target repeatedly to make
    the S-Flag #4 appear.
    Now, head to South of the station and head towards the station. Near the bottom
    of the station, at the begining of a tunnel, is the invisible target covering
    the fifth S-Flag. Shoot it repeatedly until the flag pops out and claim S-Flag
    By the time you are done, some missiles should show up. Abandon whatever you
    are doing and take them out. They move slowly and don't atack, so they are not
    a challenge. Once you take them out, more missiles will come! JOY! Soon after
    you take those out, more will come! This just gets better and better! And you
    know what's even better? The game seems to be very fond of resetting your bomb
    count and combo meter in cutscenes. Now isn't that wonderful! After you destroy
    all of the missiles a few bigger ones will come. You have to shoot them in the
    pink glowy part in front. Beware of they enemies that guard them. The enemies
    will form a triangle and make an energy barrier. You don't wanna hit that. Once
    you have shot down all the big missil, a HUGE missile will come.
    BOSS BATTLE....Kind of!
    Gigantic Aparoid Missile
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Basically you have to kill off all it's parts. Nova bombs work wonders here,
    but only if you can hit the vulnerable parts. Hyper Lasers are probably your
    best bet here. First fly directly behind it, apply the brakes and hammer away
    at it. When you damage it a set amount, depending on your difficulty level, if
    will suddenly rocket ahead. Peppy, being the master of logic and observation
    will remark "What? It's accelerating!" No kidding! Sho fly up with the boost.
    Now you will have to hit is from the side to hit the pink spot. Do so until it
    rockets forwards again. Now you will have to target it from the side again.
    It will blow up and you will have won the mission!
     Aparoid Homeworld:
    Breaching the Defenses
    Okay, from the start, slay the enemies in front of you, and don't get near the
    floating orb unless you like pain and death. Grab the Arwing and take to the
    skies. Head to the center of the level and shoot the invisible target on top of
    the center building. Fly through S-Flag #1 to claim it. Now, head to the South
    East area and land as close to that corner as you can. Head upwards and into
    the SouthEast area. Now Work your way down to the bottom, killing everything
    in your path, particularly the shield generators (Large green orbs). Once you
    reach the bottom, slay the enemies here, kill the last shield generators, and
    take out the hatcher. After that's done you will find the invisible target
    under the bottom ramp. Shoot it to make the S-Flag #2 appear, and swipe the
    Now, head back up and out of this area. Once you get out and are crossing the
    laser bridge, keep going strait through the next door and past the blue glowy
    pillar. Wipe out all the enemies in this next area, and head down to the next
    floor and there will be an exit. Remember this exit, you will be using it
    shortly. Work your way to the bottom, slaying enemies as you go. Use the Charge
    Shot on your Blaster to take out the turrets on the walls, as they can be a
    major hassle otherwise. The Sniper Rifle, if you have it, is a better method
    than the blaster as it takes out most major enemies in one hit, and it can be
    used to target the bomb on the second floor, taking out all enemies on that
    section of stairs!
    Now, find that exit above and take it and there will be a pink door blocking
    the way. Use your fully charged blaster to get it out of the way and head out.
    Hang a right as soon as you get out the door and kill the turret. Continue on
    down that path and hang another right. Directly after this right there will be
    an invisible target. Shoot it to make S-Flag #3 pop out. Snag it! Head back 
    No go back and get your Arwing. Head to the Northeast part of the base. In the
    very center of the large green platform there is an invisible target. Blast it
    with your laser and fly through it to claim S-Flag #4! Now, fly to the South-
    West corner and kill all the enemies on the platform before landing. Once you
    have landed, blow open the door and head inside. When given the choice, go
    left. When you reach the oval room with some weapons and junk in it, head left
    again, and then hang another left. Once you get to the end of this long area,
    take another left into a large room, and take a left as soon as you enter until
    you get near the end, then hang one final left to the alcove, and slay the
    invisible target for the fifth and final S-Flag!
    Now, Go out and grab your Arwing and head North to the NorthWest Corner. Land
    on the place where the three paths meet, just SouthEast of the NorthWest Corner
    and head NorthWest. Slay all the enemies in the tunnel with the gattline gun if
    you have it, or level three charged blaster shots. Head inside and take out the
    shield generator amd the two turrets. Make your way to the top, using the walls
    and staircases as cover to get level three charge shots and use them on the
    turrets and shield generators. You should easily be able to take out all
    enemies without a scratch to show for it it you use your cover properly! Take
    out the Hatcher.
    Grab the nearby barrier and head back down to the bottom and out. Head South
    East and into the area just SouthEast of the place that the three paths meet.
    Take out the shield generators and last hatcher here, and you will get a nice
    little mission update! Now you will have to take to the skies and hunt down
    some more Hatchers! Wonderful! Head back out and grab your Arwing. Head under
    the base and take out all the hatchers with Charge shots. Not hard at all.
    Mission Complete!
       Homeworld Core
      The Final Battle
    Okay, From the start, immediatly charge up a homing shot and take out the
    groups of enemies that are in front of you with that and a few more. Once they
    are gone you will see a laser upgrade in front of you. Steer up and right of it
    because a partial shield will come up. Hitting a shield will cause major damage
    to your ship. Scoot around the shield and grab the lasers. You will quickly
    come to a segment where it will be blocked off and you will curve up and left
    into a new tunnel. There are moving walls in here so avoid them. They can only
    move away and towards you, so they shouldn't be too hard to dodge.
    Grab the bomb at the end of the tunnel and have a charge shot ready to take out
    the enemies up here. You will come to an area with a drill like object. Fire
    your charge shot at the tip of it to destroy all the enemies that come out of
    it and shoot at it some more to get the S-Flag. Dodge around the drill thing
    and continue. Directly ahead you will notice some turrets on the walls. They
    will be on the right, top and bottom, but not on the left. Shoot on the left
    where the other one might have been to ungover the second S-Flag.
    Remember that toy that was mandatory at dentists offices and such where you
    slide the blocks across the wires? This segment seems based off of that toy and
    is very simmilar. You must dodge the wires and you can shoot the blocks that
    make the wires. As you come around the bend there will be another segment like
    the last. There will be another segment of moving walls and then what appears
    to be a large empty tube. It's large all right, but it's far from empty. Walls
    will start to shoot out to block you. You will want to try to stay in the top
    right as much as possible, as few walls come there.
    In the next segment some enemies will be on Krystal's tail. Destroy them to
    save her and she will give you a ring after you head down, under the shield.
    There will be two tunnels of pink force fields that move, so dodge them. It's
    not at all hard to do so. After this you will be put into a fight with a tough
    enemy that will sit there for a while then shoot a whole bunch of missiles at
    you. Kill him with Charge shots before he does. After he's dead, many groups of
    weak enemies will come from behind you. The will give you hit+10 for destroying
    the whole group of 6, and will give you hit+10 AND Hit+12 for destroying them
    all in one charge shot. Kill as many as you can while barrel rolling a lot.
    Soon a shield will go up, blocking the way, but it has some holes in it. Take
    the top, right, hole and shoot the hole before flying through it to cause in
    S-Flag to appear. Grab the Laser Upgrade and continue.
    Now, in the next segment, Falco and Leon will exchange some words and you will
    have to fight a few enemies and tirrets. That isn't a big deal, but at the end
    of this segment, the shield that covers it, doesn't have ANY holes in it! You
    will have to boost through the shield before it closes all the way. Kill the
    turrets here and you will be in a segment where there are walls with three
    holes in them and a blade spinning around to close one door at a time. Behind
    the first one there is a turret to teh bottom left with the fourth S-Flag in
    it. Grab it and use your brakes and boost to get through this and the segment
    of closing doors past it.
    Once you get past there you will be in a large area with many tough spinning
    enemies. The last one of these on the right has the S-Flag #5, but you should
    pretty much just evade the rest. Once you get past therm it's time to fight the
    Queen Aparoid!
    Aparoid Queen
    Difficulty: 8/10
    This boss's first form is insanely easy! As soon as the level starts, mash the
    A-Button repeatedly, cutting through the Armor and hitting the weak "flesh"
    under it. Hit the weak part with a Nova Bomb to do massive dammage. You should
    take off a huge chunk of Ealth. Boost past, turn and repeat, minus the bomb
    part to finish the first form off. Really simple.
    Second form time!
    Okay, from when you start out on rails, this boss will approach you. Hit the
    four orbs you will see on the other side until they close and the bosses head
    will come out. Shoot off it's helmet and blast it's eye. I hope you're good at
    pressing the button fast, because you will need it. If you beat the Musclefoot
    test in Starfox Adventures, you shouldn't have a problem with mashing speed.
    So hammer it's eye as fast as possible and it's health will drain. Soon it will
    retreat back into it's shell so shoot the orbs and continue. Rinse. Lather.
    Now, for it's attacks.
    Constantly it will be hurling blobs of goop at you. In addition to that, when
    it's head is out it can breath acid on you that will hirt you. Just fly around
    to dodge that by being wherever the acid is not.
    It cvan also lounge it's head out at you causing massive damage and that alone
    can do you in at less than half health, minimum. You will know it is going to
    do this when it tucks it's neck up and gets in front of you. Continue to hammer
    it and you will beat it! It's dead right?
    WRONG! It has a third form!
    This form is basically a giant fly head. Just shoot it to damage it, It will
    shoot forcefield tunnels that will act as a transparent tube. Just fly through
    it and resistthe urge to try and swerve to shoot her, as you will just hit the
    wall of the forcefield. When she has low health she will start to use a deadly
    beam of death at you. Dodge it and shoot here more to kill her and make her let
    loose a ghostly scream before dying, causing the planet you are inside to
    explode. Enjoy the remix of the Starfox 64 ending music!
    Congratulations! You just beat Starfox Assault! Now go for all the medals and
    S-Flags! There's a crapload of stuff to unlock!
                                 8: Weapons/Items list
    == Weapons list ==
    Blaster Pistol: A generic blaster. Can be charged up for a more powerful blast.
    This weapons is the weapon you will use the most, for two reasons. One, it has
    infinite ammo, and two, you always starts with it, save in special weapons mode
    or vehicle only tracks. This blaster can fire normal blaster shots repeatedly
    at a rate of about three shots per second, but can also be charged up, if you
    hold down the "A" button. The charge shot has three tiers of charge. Blue, then
    green, then red. Red is the most powerful and can even to signifigant damage to
    a tank. In the single player foot missions, a red charged shot pretty much
    means instant death to any enemy.
    Initial ammo: Infinite
    Max Ammo: N/A
    Damage rating: 2/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 2/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 3/10
    Machine gun: Rapid fires lasers at a target. Great vs. Infantry.
    This snazy gun is a step above the blaster, even though it cannot charge up
    shots. It has an incredibly high rate of fire, matched only by the gattling
    gun, and has a much higher damage/time ratio than the generic blaster. It
    will be your staple special weapon, and is one of the most common found. This
    weapon can be found in a yello aura.
    Initial ammo: 200
    Max Ammo: 999
    Damage rating: 5/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 3/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 6/10
    Gattling Gun: Fires many powerful shells at an extremely fast rate of fire.
    This gun ROCKS! It is insanely powerful in terms of the damage/time ratio and
    is fully capable of shooting down an Arwing in seconds, or bringing a tank to
    it's knees. This is one of the best supprise attack weapons, as the enemy won't
    have time to return fire much of the time. It's shots take a full 8th off of
    the targets health, depending on the target's stats, and fires roughly 10
    rounds per second.
    Initial ammo: 100
    Max Ammo: 999
    Damage rating: 8/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 8/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 8/10
    Rocket Launcher: Fires a powerful rocket that homes in on it's target.
    This is one of your more useful guns, as it is a pretty multi-purpose weapon.
    This will lock onto targets and home in on them, but it is by no means "Fire &
    forget" and most characters can dodge the shot, even on foot, if they are quick
    enough. It is a good anti-vehicle weapon, as it carries the power to hurt the
    vehicles, and is an average anti-personell weapon also, as it deals very heavy
    damage to unshielded characters. This damage is offset by a very low rate of
    fire; About one shell per second, which is plenty of time for a foe with a
    gattling cannon or machine gun to mow you down.
    Initial ammo: 10
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 5/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 6/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 4/10
    Missile Launcher: Fires a user-guided rocket used to target distant foes.
    Now, before you ask, yes, the missile launcher and the Rocket launcher are very
    different weapons. The missile launcher is a sweet weapon that launches a very
    powerful, user-guided, missile that is capable of extreme damage to air or land
    units. It doesn't have terribly high ammo, and the proximity of your target, as
    well as your accuracy with the weapon determines this weapon's rate of fire.
    The user is totally defenseless while guiding the rocket, so if you come under
    attack, press fire again to self-destruct the rocket and go back to normal mode
    and, hopefully, defend yourself.
    Initial ammo: 3
    Max Ammo: 9
    Damage rating: 8/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 7/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 9/10
    Sniper Rifle: Allows it's user to snipe distant targets with a powerful shot.
    This is an obcenely overpowered sniper rifle, like in just about every other
    game, that is capable of one shot kills to all enemies that are not in a
    vehicle. The odds that a character will survive one shot is low, but vehicles
    can take a couple shots, esspecially the Landmaster. The advantages are it's
    very high range, the ability to zoom and target an enemy from far away. It's
    biggest disadvantages are that you must be zoomed in to fire it, which renders
    it useless in close quarters, and it has a low rate of fire; Aboute one shot
    every 1.5 - 2 seconds. That means if you miss your target the first time, and
    there is cover nearby, they will likely get behind the cover and just wait
    there. Or worse, they can manuver near you, and slay you with other weapons.
    Initial ammo: 10
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 7/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 3/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 7/10
    Grenade: Can be thrown at close or far targets or bounced off surfaces.
    These grenades are obcenely powerful. If an enemy is cought in the blast, he or
    she will receive massive damage, even if in a vehicle. The downside? It's
    impossibly difficult to hit anything with it. They only time they are of any
    use is in tiny cramps areas, or when the target is hiding in a tunnel or hole
    at which point you throw a grenade in and then whip out your gattling gun and
    hammer away at the exit. the only other really consistant uses for the grenade
    are for camping Landmasters, or suicide bombing. Thats right, if you hold down
    the "A" button and don't let it up to throw, it will glow and glow some more
    and eventually glow white, at which point it is about to explode. Then if you
    charge into a group of enemies, or even one, you can go out with a big bang
    that is guarenteed to kill anybody near you.
    Initial ammo: 5
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 6/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 6/10
    Plasma Cannon: Rapidly fires very powerful plasma shots, with unlimited ammo.
    This weapon is only found while riding on an ally's wing. It has an obcenely
    high rate of fire and decent damage, making it one of the best all around
    weapons. too bad you can't wield it normally.
    Initial ammo: Infinite
    Max Ammo: N/A
    Damage rating: 9/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 10/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 10/10
    Ghost launcher: This is a "balance" weapon.
    This means that if you are playing a three stock match with your three friends
    and they immediatly slay you twice, you start out with this weapon. This is an
    obcenely powerful weapon that instantly kills any enemy it hits unless they are
    in a vehicle, in which case it destroys the vehicle and and lowers them down to
    1 HP. It also homes in, making it one of the most deadly weapons in the game!
    Initial ammo: 3
    Max Ammo: 9
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 10/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 10/10
    Fireburst pod: This is basically a gigantic bomb.
    If your character starts running around carring a huge barrel, you have a
    fireburst pod. Basically, you press your fire key to set it, then you run like
    the dickens away before the entire area is nuked. It's good for shaking off
    enemies who are chasing you around the corner. The second you lay the bomb,
    they scramble in the opposite direction!
    Initial ammo: 1
    Max Ammo: 1
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 8/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 8/10
    Demon sniper rifle: This is the sniper rifle....zilla.
    Okay, this is basically the sniper rifle. It has the same pros and cons, only
    it's much more powerful and has alower rate of fire. It can easily take down
    an Arwing or Landmaster if they don't know where you are.
    Initial ammo: 5
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 9/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 10/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 8/10
    Proximity mines: These are very powerful bombs with a wide blast area.
    These mines can be hard do spot when layed properly, and have the same power
    as the grenades. These are terrific against the Landmaster, and even better
    against people! Lay these in flashy corridors, or in a regular line pattern
    on a wall and your foes won't know what hit them!
    Initial ammo: 5
    Max Ammo: 99
    Damage rating: 10/10
    Anti-vehicle rating: 6/10
    Anti-Personel rating: 9/10
    ==  Items list  ==
    Cloaking device: This little capsule grants you invisibility! Sniper's heaven!
    Get this little item and you will be granted invisibility for a full 60 seconds
    in the game! That is more than enough time to cause havoc with a sniper rifle
    or such. Be warned though, if you charge up shots, or activate a barrier, you
    will still be invisible, but the enemies will see the charge energy or the
    barrier shield.
    Barrier: Deploys a shield around the user protecting him from all damage.
    When this is deployed, the user becomes immune from all damage, period, for a
    period of 15 seconds. The shields *can* get damaged enough to break, but it
    would require three other players with demon launchers, or the game to be in
    one hit kill mode.
    Laser Upgrade: Upgrades the Arwings Lasers.
    Driving through this item will grant you more powerful lasers in the Arwing or
    Landmaster. Your laser color will change from green to blue, and will become
    very much more potent. These are somewhat rare.
    Silver ring: Heals 25% of a vehicles health bar.
    Driving through thiss will restore 25% of your vehicles health gauge. These are
    fairly common and can be picked up by infantry, though it does nothing unless
    picked up by a vehicle.
    Gold ring: Heals half of a vehicles health bar.
    Driving through thiss will restore 50% of your vehicles health gauge. These are
    not very common and can be picked up by infantry, though it does nothing unless
    picked up by a vehicle.
    Platinum Ring: Heals 100% of a vehicles health bar.
    Driving through thiss will restore 100% of your vehicle health gauge. These are
    quite rare and can be picked up by infantry, though it does nothing unless
    picked up by a vehicle.
    Normal Health Pack: Heals 25% of a characters health bar.
    This nifty green box will instantly restore a quarter of infanty's health when
    grabbed. These are quite common and the fastest way to restore ones health.
    Large Health Pack: Heals 50% of a characters health bar.
    This nifty white box will instantly restore half of infanty's health when it is
    grabbed. These are uncommon and a good way to restore ones health.
    Restoration Kit:
    This nifty yellow box will instantly restore all of an infantyman's health when
    grabbed. These are quite rare and the best way to restore ones health.
    Nova Bomb: Adds one nova bomb to the bomb count of an Arwing.
    Only the Arwings can use Nova bombs, and they are very powerful. There is only
    one in existance at any point in time on a multiplayer map, and have a HUGE
    blast area. They are killer versus infantry and can take out a vehicle
    instantly if a direct hit is scored!
                                  9: Cheats/Secrets
    I will tell you any cheats there are or glitches here.
    OKAY PEOPLE! I get the hint! You're too lazy to look on the internet for AR
    codes of your own! Fine, I get the hint already! Stop e-mailing me about it!
    I'll put them at the bottom of this section. *Mutters* Bloody whiny cheaters...
    Inner Sargasso Hideout stage in Multiplayer: Beat the Sargasso Mission in
                                                 Single Player
    Fichina stage in Multiplayer: Defeat the Fichina Mission in Single Player.
    Planet Sauria stage in Multiplayer: Beat the Planet Sauria Mission in Single
    Aparoid City stage in Multiplayer: Beat the Aparoid City Mission in Single
    Space Station stage in Multiplayer: Beat the Space Gate Mission in Single
    Corneria City stage in Multiplayer: Beat the Corneria City Mission in Single
    Unlock Xevious game: Get all medals on Silver Difficulty.
                                                     |                            |
    Secret                                           | Method to unlock           |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Missile Launcher in MP mode.              | Play five versus matches   |
                                                     |                            |
    Inlock Special Items toggle option.              | Play five versus matches   |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Missile Suancher Mode                     | Play ten Versus matches    |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Peppy Hare in Multiplayer mode.           | Play fifteen Versus matches|
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock gattling gun in Multiplayer Mode.         | Play twenty Versus matches |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock crown capture mode in Multiplayer.        | Play thirty Versus matches |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Titania stage in Multiplayer.             | Play Fourty Versus Matches |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Sure-Shot Scuffle Multiplayer Mode        | Play Fifty Versus Matches  |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Simple Map Four in Multiplayer Mode       | Play Sixty Versus Matches  |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock fireburst pode in Multiplayer Mode        | Play 75 Versus Matches     |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Booster Packs in Multiplayer Mode         | Play Ninty Versus Matches  |
                                                     |                            |
    Inlock Booster Brawl Multiplayer Mode            | Play 110 Versus Matches    |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Zoness Sea Base level in Multiplayer Mode | Play 130 Versus Matches    |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock the Wolfen Fighter in Multiplayer Mode    | Play 150 Versus Matches    | 
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Preadator Rockets in Multiplayer Mode     | Play 170 Versus Matches    |
                                                     |                            |
    Unlock Cluster Bombs in Multiplayer Mode         | Play 200 Versus Matches    |
                                                     | Find all 50 S-Flags in     |
    Unlock Demon Sniper in Multiplayer Mode          | Single Player mode.        |
    Action Replay Codes
    Thanks goes to Codejunkies.come for these codes. Now will you people shut up
    about it? I swear, this game is easy enough as it is. Frankly I don't see why
    you'd even need this walkthrough except for the S-Flags and some tougher parts
    of some levels if you aren't good at this sort of game...but I swear, I've
    never heard that many people whine about me not including something in my guide
    Infinite Health
    Invincible (On Foot)
    Infinite Lives
    Infinite Boost
    Max Laser Upgrade: Arwing
    Inifnite Bombs(On Pick-Up)
    Infinite Ammo
    Super Jump
    All Missions Unlocked
    All Missions Perfectly Completed
    Unlock Xevious
    Unlock Wolf
    Unlock Peppy
    Unlock All Maps
                          10: Sub-Game Walkthroughs
                                    X1: Units
    Here I will list the enemy units in the game, their name, a description of them
    to help you recognize them, whether they are vulnerable to Air attack (Lasers)
    or ground attack (bombs), their threat level, and the amount of points you get
    for killing the unit.
                  |                                 |                   | Unit    |
      Unit Name   | Unit description, Threat level. |  Unit Elevation   |  Points |
                  |  This is the generic, flying    |                   |  30     |
        Diskin    |  saucer type enemy. TH lvl: Low |  Elevation: Air   |  Points |
                  |  This is the generic, flying    |                   |  50     |
        Diskin II |  saucer type enemy. TH lvl: Low |  Elevation: Air   |  Points |
                  |  This is the generic, flying    |                   |  50     |
        Diskin III|  saucer type enemy. TH lvl: Med |  Elevation: Air   |  Points |
                  |  This is the first, enemy ship  |                   |  50     |
        Ro-bit    |  type enemy.        TH lvl: Low |  Elevation: Air   |  Points |
                  |  This is the square, weaponless |                   |  100    |
        Tent      |  building enemy.    TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the round, armed       |                   |  200    |
        Bunker    |  building enemy.    TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the square, weaponless |                   |  400    |
        Generator |  lit building enemy.TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the square, moving     |                   |  800    |
      Robo-Bunker |  building enemy.    TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the square, moving     |                   |  800    |
    Robo-Bunker II|  building enemy.    TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the big, square, armed |                   |  1500   |
     Large Bunker |  building enemy.    TH lvl: Med | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the square, moving     |                   |  ---    |
        Plate     |  tile enemy.        TH lvl: Med | Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the square, very large |                   |  300    |
        Huge Tent |  tent enemy.        TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the Massive, square    |                   |  500    |
        Main Base |  fort building.     TH lvl: High| Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, black, dot  |                   |  20     |
        Blackin   |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: High| Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, black, dot  |                   |  70     |
      Blackin II  |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: High| Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the Large, Mini-Main   |                   |  500    |
        Turret    |  Base building.     TH lvl: High| Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, boat like,  |                   |  100    |
        Ferry     |  unarmed unit.      TH lvl: Low | Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the Large, Mini-Main   |                   |  2000   |
     Mega-Turret  |  Base building.     TH lvl: High| Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, fighter,    |                   |  100    |
      Interceptor |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: High| Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, bomber      |                   |  150    |
        Bomber    |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: High| Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, Bunker-type |                   |  100    |
      Mini-turret |  turret enemy.      TH lvl: High| Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, multi-color |                   |  10     |
        Rez-bit   |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: Med | Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the round, slow, saw   |                   |  30     |
        Sawblade  |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: Med | Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                  |  This is the Massive, square    |                   |  600    |
     Main Base II |  fort building.     TH lvl: Uber| Elevation: Ground |  Points |
                  |  This is the small, silver      |                   |  10     |
        Missile   |  flying enemy.      TH lvl: High| Elevation: Air    |  Points |
                                 X2:  Playing the game
    The object of the game is to kill as much stuff as you can before you lose all
    your lives. It starts out easy, but it gets VERY VERY VEEEERY hard! The control
    scheme is simple and easy to remember.
    D-Pad Up..........Move Up
    D-Pad Down........Move Down
    D-Pad Left........Move Left
    D-Pad Right.......Move Right
    "A" Button........Fire Bomb
    "B" Button:.......Fire Lasers
    Select Button:....Nothing
    Start Button:.....Pause the Game
    If you get hit by anything in this game, you die. No shields, no armor, no HP.
    One hit = You die. The same goes for the enemies but there are thousands of
    them and only one of you. So get what you can while the getting is good because
    only the best players will last more than five minutes on the higher levels.
                                   X3:  Walkthrough
    Here you will find the walkthrough for the Single Player mode of the game.
            Level 1:
    Level one difficulty: Low
    Level one enemies: Diskin
    This level is fairly simple, and none of the enemies pose a real threat to you.
    Bombs will take out the Tents, the Bunkers, and the Generators. The Diskin and
    Ro-bits will fall to your twin lasers. The Diskin do not actively attack you,
    but instead enter the screen, travel a ways, and veer to one side. Make sure
    they don't veer into you! You will be nearing the end of the level when you see
    the three generators in a row in the middle of the screen. Take them out with
    bombs for a nice 1200 points and move on.
            Level 2
    Level two difficulty: Low
    Level two enemies: Diskin
    This level is much like Level 1, only there are a lot more Bunker and ground
    type enemies, less Diskins, and you will find Robo-Bunkers and large Bunkers
    in the level. Keep your Lasers firing non-stop, watch out for crossfire from
    bunkers on opposing sides, and watch the groups of Robo-bunkers. They can be
    very deadly, if you get careless. You will note the very end of the level if
    you find the large Bunker. After you kill that and pass on, it's Level 3!
             Level 3:
    Level three difficulty: Med
    Level three enemies: Plate.
    Beware the Plates here. They are invincible and deadly. Not even your bombs can
    dent them, so don't even try. This level basically throws you against a mess of
    plates that you have to dodge. Just do so until the large tent. Blow the tent
    with a bomb and move on.
             Level 4
    Level four difficulty: Med
    Level four enemies: Diskin
                         Diskin II
                         Main Enemy Base
    The Diskin 2s here are the same as the Diskin, but they are a teeny bit faster
    and give a few more points. All Diskin enemies can be a Diskin (Common) or a
    Diskin II. (Rare) It doesn't really matter. Shoot them all the same.
    Here, you will face off against all the enemies that you have before, only in
    greater numbers. At the end you will find the Main Enemy Base! This base shoots
    many many lasers at you and is surrounded by many blackins that constantly
    respawn. Hit the base with a couple bombs in the center to take it out. Much
    easier said than done.
           Level 5
    Level five difficulty: Med
    Level five enemies:  Diskin
                         Diskin II
    Okay, the level will open with a one time rush of Plates (If you die, they
    won't be there anymore) and after that a surge of Diskins. After the diskin you
    will find a Turret which is very dangerous. Take it out with a bomb as it
    enters the screen.  Continue on and you will come to an Ocean with boats, and
    Turrets, along with all the other enemies you have faced. When you come to the
    Air Base with the Robo-Bunkers, you will have reached the end of the level.
            Level 6
    Level Six difficulty: Hard
    Level Six enemies:   Diskin
                         Diskin II
    This is a fairly short, but difficult level, ending just after a mega-turret.
    It is basically a turret, times five. Five times the firepower, and only one
    of you. Fortunately, you only have to hit the center once to kill it.
            Level 7
    Level Seven difficulty: UBERTASITCAL HARD
    Level Seven enemies:   Diskin
                           Diskin II
                           Large Bunker
                           Main Base II
    This level is a doozy. It has all your generic enemies, and lots more. And
    believe me, there are no shortages of enemies here. First, you will be charged
    by Rez-bits at an uber high speed, then you will be assaulted by about three
    dozen sawblades. As they are attacking you actively, a Turret will be firing at
    you. Make sure you blow up all the Sawblades before you get near the turret if
    possible. Don't take the turret out, avoid it. Avoid the bombers that attack
    you after and kill them if possible. After this a targeting rectical will come
    and lock onto you. shortly after a huge bomb that spews lasers everywhere will
    come. All you can do is pray that it explodes on the other side of the screen
    and doesn't hit you. After that you will be assaulted by HUNDREDS of Blackins,
    all firing, and a Main Base 2. After you take out the base and bass by, you
    will be in the next level. You will likely give up the game here, or not ever
    make it past without losing all your lives many times.
             Level 8
    Level Eight difficulty: Super Hard
    Level Eight enemies:   Diskin
                           Diskin II
                           Diskin III
                           Large Bunker
                           Main Base II
    First, you will be assaulted by a random type of enemy. It could be Rez-Bits or
    it could be Interceptors. Hope for a good one. After that you will find your
    shop over a desert filled with a square of Robo-Bunkers that are expanding and
    contracting rhythmically. Either try to avoid them, or bomb them when they are
    close together. After them you will be assaulted with three bombs in a row. IF,
    and I do stress "if," you survive, you will be greeted by a long empty stretch
    of desert and then an airfield type place with some bunkers and tents followed
    by some huge tents. After those you will find four, count 'em, four mini
      --> This is a deadly combination as you have nowhere to go. <--  Your best
    bet is to blow up two of them and slip through the gaps in the fire that that
    creates. After that you will be assaulted by Bombers and another enemy that is
    randomly selected. Soon you will come across a Mega-Turret. Zoom forwards
    before it opens fire and launch a bomb at it's center to take it out. Kill the
    few enemies and continue. After that you will have a stretch of being attacked
    by random enemies of three different types. After that you will come across a
    Turret and a Robo-Bunker. Ignore the Robo-Bunker and take out the deadly turret
    before it takes you out. You will soon come across another 4 Mini-turrets. This
    time, try to take out one, and circle around to the right as slowly as possible
    so their lasers go behind you but barely. You should sneak around them. After,
    bomb the tents. At the end here you will come across four more Mini-turrets, in
    a "stairs" type of formation. Take them out one at a time while strafing to the
    right. Directly after that will be a turret. Bomb it out. Now you will come to
    a pair of turrets. Take out the one on the left while circling left and back
    around right, dodging the fire to bomb the one on the right.
            Level 9
    Level Nine difficulty: Hard
    Level Nine enemies:    Diskin
                           Diskin II
                           Diskin III
                           Large Bunker
    Okay, from the start you will be attacked by many Sawblades, then you will fall
    under attack by some Diskin IIIs. After that you will come up on a dock where
    there will be five Bunkers and some Diskin IIIs. As the Diskin IIIs are blown
    up or leave, Sawblade IIs will come in. Sawblade IIs can exit the side of the
    screen and enter at any other point, so stay way from the edges or YOU WILL
    DIE! After those are down you will fight your way through a mini-turret and a
    hoard of Interceptors, Disken IIIs, and other assorted Enemies. After that
    happens you will be met by one second of break, immediately followed by 15
    seconds of death. You will be swarmed by hundreds of missiles and Rez-Bits
    at high speed while 4 Robo-Bunker IIs fire on you. After you get past that you
    will be met by some Diskin IIIs and then some Blackin IIs. These are like your
    average everyday blacken except they behave like a mini-bomb, blowing shards
    everywhere. If you get past them, by some miracle or another, you will find
    the Main Base III. This bad boy is...well...not so bad. It doesn't fire much.
    Bomb it once you get past the Blacken IIs. After that you will be met with a
    few more Sawblade IIs and some normal Blackens. After that you will be met by
    a Turret, four Mini-turrets, A bazillion Missiles, and a lot of death. If you
    manage to squeak by, you will face a few Diskin IIs and continue on.
            Level 10
    Level Nine difficulty: It don't get no harder.
    Level Nine enemies:   All of them.
    Okay, here you will immediately be assaulted by countless enemies of all shapes
    and sizes. Every type Turrets, Mini-turrets, bunkers, Robo-Bunkers, and hundred
    of them also. It is not possible to stay alive without killing at least some to
    clear a path in the literal wall of lasers you will be facing. I can't give
    you any advice save that you should dodge all you can and don't give up. Take
    out key enemies such as turrets, because they throw out a lot more flak than
    anything else. You will face many many MANY mini-turrets and at the end there
    will be some Mega-Turrets, right after a swarm of about 100 Rez-Bits and
    Missiles. After you breach all of that, if you can, the game loops you back to
    level seven, with the harder units and slightly more buildings, but the same
    level Build. Keep it up until you die of frustration or lose all your lives!
    Congratulations! You just got a high score and "beat" the game, as much as you
    can "beat" it.
    My high score?
    415,320. No, I do not have a life, I go to college, work, home, and nothing
    else much. Yes, that did take me many many hours and days to get.
    Other two coming soon!
    *                                                                             *
    *           E N D   M I N I - G A M E   W A L K T H R O U G H S !             *
    *                                                                             *
                                    11:  Credits
    Credits go here in the event that I deem anybody worthy 
    of credit.
    Jeff Veasey AKA CJayC For the wonderful site to put it on. 
    My best friends Josh and Emily for being the most awesome people on the planet.
    I love you guys!
                               12: Contact information
    Before I give you my E-mail Address:
    *             FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY ON THIS GOOD EARTH             *
            R E A D   T H E   F R E A K I N G   W A L K T H R O U G H ! ! !
    That is what it's here for! I have get several dozen E-mails a week that are
    promptly deleted because the answer was in the FAQ. I'm Not your private
    gaming nerd! Read!
    Please don't abuse the E-mail and make sure I haven't answered your question in
    the guide. With that said:
    If for some reason or other you wish to E-mail me, My E-mail is:
    Kirbyroks @ gmail . com
    Also, be sure to put "Walkthrough Question" in the title or it will get deleted
    by my spam filter, and be sure to mention which guide it is. I have many
    guides out and asking me questions about how to do something in "Game X" aren't
    going to be answered.
    And that wraps up this literary masterpiece. Thanks for reading!
    Josh and Emily, you own! I love you guys so much!
                 \^^^/                                                \^^^/
              \m/(-_-)\m/  Those who have seen my rose shall die!  \m/(-_-)\m/
                 ( . )          [Hugs]----<(^_^)>----[Hugs]           ( . )
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