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FAQ by thebomb1345

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/07/2003

                           EA SPORTS
                         NBA LIVE 2003          For The Nintendo Gamecube
            FAQ created by thebomb1345 (a.k.a. Seleeke Flingai)
                    Copyright 2003 Seleeke Flingai

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    All Trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
           By their respective trademark and copyright holders.

   Table of Contents
          Chapter 1: Version History
          Chapter 2: Introduction
          Chapter 3: Controls
          Chapter 4: Main Menu
                   4a - Play Now
                   4b - Game Modes
                   4c - EA SPORTS Freestyle
                   4d - Team Management
                   4e - Options
                   4f - EA SPORTS Extras
          Chapter 5: Team Information
                   5a - Atlanta Hawks
                   5b - Boston Celtics
                   5c - Chicago Bulls
                   5d - Cleveland Cavaliers
                   5e - Dallas Mavericks
                   5f - Denver Nuggets
                   5g - Detroit Pistons
                   5h - Golden State Warriors
                   5i - Houston Rockets
                   5j - Indiana Pacers
                   5k - Los Angeles Clippers
                   5l - Los Angeles Lakers
                   5m - Memphis Grizzlies
                   5n - Miami Heat
                   5o - Milwaukee Bucks
                   5p - Minnesota Timberwolves
                   5q - New Jersey Nets
                   5r - New Orleans Hornets
                   5s - New York Knicks
                   5t - Orlando Magic
                   5u - Philadelphia 76ers
                   5v - Phoenix Suns
                   5w - Portland Trailblazers
                   5x - Sacramento Kings
                   5y - San Antonio Spurs
                   5z - Seattle Supersonics
                   5aa - Toronto Raptors
                   5bb - Utah Jazz
                   5cc - Washington Wizards
          Chapter 6: Game Modes
                   6a - Exhibition Game
                   6b - Season
                   6c - Franchise
                   6d - Playoffs
                   6e - 1 on 1
                   6f - Practice
          Chapter 7: The Perfect Offense
                   7a - "Buckets": Easy Jump Shots
                   7b - "This Is My House!": Inside Scoring
                   7c - "The Next Big Thing": Offensive Rebounds Made Easy
          Chapter 8: The Perfect Defense
                   8a - "Where'd the Ball Go?": Easy Steals
                   8b - "Charge!": Getting the Offensive Foul
                   8c - "Get That Outta Here!": Blocking Shots Made Easy
          Chapter 9: Hints and Tips
          Chapter 10: Conclusion/Contact Information

Chapter 1: Version History

    (January 26, 2003)
    Version 0.25: I finished the table of contents, intro, controls, and
    the Main Menu, but not all the teams. I won't get too much done because of
    the Super Bowl.

    (January 27, 2003)
    Version 0.50: I finished the rosters of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and

    (February 1, 2003)
    Version 0.60: I finished the rosters of Dallas, Denver, Detroit,
    Golden State, Houston, Indiana, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Memphis,
    Miami, and Milwaukee

    (February 2, 2003)
    Version 0.65: I added more content to the table of contents, and finished
    the lineups for Minnesota and New Jersey.

    (February 8, 2003)
    Version 0.70: I finished the rosters for the rest of the teams and did
    some spelling corrections.

    (February 9, 2003)
    Version 0.80: I finished Chapter 6 and 7 today.

    (February 12, 2003)
    Version 0.90: I finished Chapter 8 and took some things off the Table of

    (February 20, 2003)
    Version 1.00: I finally finished the whole FAQ! I finished the last two
    chapters and changed the Table of Contents one tiny bit.

Chapter 2: Introduction

Hello everyone! This is thebomb1345 with an FAQ about the wonderful
game, NBA Live 2003 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Now, this is my first
FAQ ever, so if some things don't seem right, just bear with me. I
will make enough improvements so in the end, this guide will be perfect.

Chapter 3: Controls

This is the game controls part of the FAQ. It will have the menu controls and
the in-game controls.

Main Menu Controls:

A or Start/Pause: Select Menu Item

R: Next Song

Up or Down: Next Menu Item

Z: Help Menu

Y: Back

L: User Profiles (On Team Select Screen)

B: Starting Lineups (On Team Select Screen)

In-Game Controls:

Default: On Offense

Y: Alley oop / fast break

X: Crossover / Spin Move

A: Pass / Give and Go

B: Shoot

L: Back Down

Z: Direct pass

R: Turbo

D-Pad Up, Down, Left, and Right: Quick Plays

         On Defense

Y: Take Charge

X: Steal

A: Switch Players

B: Block / Rebound

L: Face Up / Box Out

Z: Direct Switch

R: Turbo

D-Pad Up, Down, Left, and Right: Quick Plays

Preset 1:  On Offense

Y: Alley oop / Fast Break

X: Crossover / Spin Move

A: Shoot

B: Pass / Give and Go

L: Back Down

Z: Direct Pass

R: Turbo

D-Pad Up, Down, Left, and Right: Quick Plays

           On Defense

Y: Take Charge

X: Steal

A: Block / Rebound

B: Switch Players

L: Face Up / Box Out

Z: Direct Switch

R: Turbo

D-Pad Up, Down, Left, and Right: Quick Plays

Preset 2:  On Offense

Y: Back Down

X: Alley oop

A: Pass / Give and Go

B: Shoot

L: Direct Pass / Fast Break

Z: Crossover / Spin Move

R: Turbo

D-Pad Up, Down, Left, and Right: Quick Plays

           On Defense

Y: Block / Rebound

X: Steal

A: Switch Player

B: Take Charge

L: Direct Switch / Last Man Back

Z: Face Up / Box Out

R: Turbo

D-Pad Up, Down, Left, and Right: Quick Plays

Note: In this year's version of NBA Live, the makers of the game added
      a little control called the EA SPORTS Freestyle control. This allows
      you to do crossovers, defensive stances, spin moves, and all sorts of
      cool stuff by using the C-Stick.

Chapter 4: Main Menu

This is the section of the FAQ where I describe the Main Menu.

Play Now: This is where you play an ordinary exhibition game with 1-4 players

Game Modes: This is where you play either an Exhibition Game, start a Season,
            start a Franchise, start the Playoffs, play against the CPU or
            against a friend in 1 on 1, our build up your skills in Practice

EA SPORTS Freestyle: This is just a basic tutorial on the new EA SPORTS
                     Freestyle controls.

Team Management: This consists of Roster Management and Stat Central. In Stat
                 Central you can look at real-life player stats, team stats, or
                 your very own stats on User Stats (You need a user profile to
                 view this.) In Roster Management, you can reorder rosters,
                 trade players, sign or release players, create-a-player, edit
                 a player, look at a created player list (you have to create
                 players to view this), or reset your rosters.

Options: All you can do here is load or save from a memory card, or change the
         Controller configuration.

EA SPORTS Extras: Look at the game's credits, or look at previews from Madden
                  NFL 2003, FIFA Soccer 2003, and NHL 2003.

Chapter 5: Team Information

In this section, you will see the entire NBA roster. Note: This game does not
have Yao Ming for the Houston Rockets, so he is not on their roster.

Atlanta Hawks - City: Atlanta, GA
                Coach: Lon Kruger
                Court: Philips Arena
                Starting Lineup: PG - #15 Emanual Davis       OVRL:73
                                 SG - #31 Jason Terry         OVRL:86
                                 SF - #13 Glenn Robinson      OVRL:88
                                 PF - #35 Shariff Abdur-Rahim OVRL:91
                                 C  - #42 Theo Ratliff        OVRL:85

                Bench Players:   SG - #1  Dermarr Johnson     OVRL:81
                                 C  - #2  Nzar Mohammed       OVRL:78
                                 SF - #14 Ira Newble          OVRL:73
                                 PF - #44 Alan Henderson      OVRL:76
                                 SF - #4  Chris Crawford      OVRL:75
                                 PG - #12 Dan Dickau          OVRL:76
                                 SG - #5  Dion Glover         OVRL:78

                Injured Reserve: PF - #6  Cal Bowlers         OVRL:75
                                 PF - #30 Mark Strickland     OVRL:74

                Key Players:     PF - #3  Shariff Abdur-Rahim
                                 SF - #13 Glenn Robinson
                                 SG - #31 Jason Terry


Boston Celtics - City: Boston, MA
                 Coach: Jim O'Brian
                 Court: FleetCenter
                 Starting Lineup: PG - #28 Tony Delk          OVRL:81
                                  SG - #34 Paul Pierce        OVRL:95
                                  SF - #5  Roshown Mcleod     OVRL:77
                                  PF - #8  Antoine Walker     OVRL:91
                                  C  - #40 Vin Baker          OVRL:77

                 Bench Players:   C  - #4  Tony Battie        OVRL:78
                                  SF - #55 Eric Williams      OVRL:77
                                  SG - #20 Erick Strickland   OVRL:79
                                  PG - #11 Shammond Williams  OVRL:77
                                  PF - #0  Walter McCarty     OVRL:79
                                  SF - #42 Kedrick Brown      OVRL:78
                                  PG - #2  J.R. Bremer        OVRL:74

                 Injured Reserve: C  - #41 Bruno Sundov       OVRL:66

                 Key Players:     SG - #34 Paul Pierce
                                  PF - #8 Antoine Walker


Chicago Bulls -  City: Chicago, IL
                 Coach: Bill Cartwright
                 Court: United Center
                 Starting Lineup: PG - #22 Jay Williams       OVRL:80
                                  SG - #32 Eddie Robinson     OVRL:79
                                  SF - #5  Jalen Rose         OVRL:88
                                  PF - #42 Donyell Marshall   OVRL:85
                                  C  - #2  Eddy Curry         OVRL:79

                 Bench Players:   SF - #21 Marcus Fizer       OVRL:81
                                  PF - #34 Charles Oakley     OVRL:76
                                  C  - #3  Tyson Chandler     OVRL:80
                                  PG - #5  Travis Best        OVRL:81
                                  SG - #44 Trenton Hassell    OVRL:76
                                  SG - #20 Fred Hoiberg       OVRL:73
                                  PG - #1  Jamal Crawford     OVRL:78

                 Injured Reserve: C  - #11 Dalibor Bagaric    OVRL:69
                                  C  - #43 Corie Blount       OVRL:73
                                  SG - #21 Roger Mason        OVRL:74

                 Key Players:     PG - #22 Jay Williams
                                  SF - #5  Jalen Rose
                                  PF - #42 Donyell Marshall


Cleveland Cavaliers - City: Cleveland, OH
                      Coach: John Lucas
                      Court: Gund Arena
                      Starting Lineup: PG - #2  Dajuan Wagner      OVRL:75
                                       SG - #21 Darius Miles       OVRL:87
                                       SF - #30 Lamond Murray      OVRL:85
                                       PF - #32 Tyrone Hill        OVRL:74
                                       C  - #11 Zydrunas Ilgauskas OVRL:80

                      Bench Players:   SG - #31 Ricky Davis        OVRL:83
                                       C  - #4  Chris Mihm         OVRL:77
                                       SF - #33 Jumaine Jones      OVRL:82
                                       PF - #4  Carlos Boozer      OVRL:74
                                       PF - #40 Harold Jamison     OVRL:68
                                       PG - #12 Bimbo Coles        OVRL:73
                                       C  - #52 Desagana Diop      OVRL:69

                      Injured Reserve: SG - #3  Jeff Trepagnier    OVRL:70
                                       SF - #25 Nick Anderson      OVRL:72

                      Key Players:     SG - #21 Darius Miles
                                       C  - #11 Zydrunas Ilgauskas
                                       SF - #30 Lamond Murray

                      Rank: 26th

Dallas Mavericks - City: Dallas, TX
                   Coach: Don Nelson
                   Court: American Airlines Center
                   Starting Lineup: PG - #13 Steve Nash         OVRL:85
                                    SG - #4  Michael Finley     OVRL:90
                                    SF - #14 Eduardo Najera     OVRL:76
                                    PF - #41 Dirk Nowitzki      OVRL:90
                                    C  - #45 Raef Lafrentz      OVRL:86

                   Bench Players:   PG - #31 Nick Van Exel       OVRL:82
                                    PG - #6  Avery Johnson       OVRL:76
                                    SF - #2  Johnny Newman       OVRL:71
                                    SG - #7  Adrian Griffin      OVRL:76
                                    C  - #44 Shawn Bradley       OVRL:77
                                    C  - #16 Zhizhi Wang         OVRL:78
                                    SG - #9  Tariq Abdul-Wahid   OVRL:77

                   Injured Reserve: C  - #42 Evan Eschmeyer      OVRL:71

                   Key Players:     PG - #13 Steve Nash
                                    SG - #4  Michael Finley
                                    PF - #41 Dirk Nowitzki


Denver Nuggets - City: Denver, CO
                 Coach: Jeff Bzdelik
                 Court: Pepsi Center
                 Starting Lineup: PG - #13 Mark Jackson        OVRL:81
                                  SG - #41 James Posey         OVRL:84
                                  SF - #32 Ryan Bowen          OVRL:72
                                  PF - #7  Juwan Howard        OVRL:83
                                  C  - #23 Marcus Camby        OVRL:85

                 Bench Players:   SF - #21 George Mccloud      OVRL:77
                                  SF - #22 Nikoloz Tskitishvili OVRL:76
                                  SF - #1  Donnell Harvey      OVRL:71
                                  PF - #31 Nene Hilario        OVRL:75
                                  SG - #4  Predrag Savovic     OVRL:71
                                  PG - #11 Kenny Satterfield   OVRL:77
                                  C  - #30 Mark Blount         OVRL:71

                 Injured Reserve: PF - #52 Don Reid            OVRL:75
                                  PF - #15 Chris Anderson      OVRL:75
                                  C  - #27 Mengke Pateer       OVRL:76

                 Key Players:     C  - #23 Marcus Camby
                                  PF  - #7 Juwan Howard
                                  SG - #41 James Posey


Detroit Pistons - City: Detroit,MI
                  Coach: Rick Carlisle
                  Court: The Palace of Auburn Hills
                  Starting Lineup: PG - #1  Chauncy Billups     OVRL:84
                                   SG - #42 Jerry Stackhouse    OVRL:93
                                   SF - #34 Corliss Williamson  OVRL:82
                                   PF - #30 Clifford Robinson   OVRL:85
                                   C  - #3  Ben Wallace         OVRL:85

                  Bench Players:   PG - #7  Chucky Atkins       OVRL:78
                                   SF - #12 Michael Curry       OVRL:75
                                   SG - #20 Jon Barry           OVRL:81
                                   PF - #1  Dana Barros         OVRL:74
                                   C  - #39 Zeljko Rebraca      OVRL:79
                                   PF - #5  Rooney White        OVRL:73
                                   SF - #35 Brian Cardinal      OVRL:70

                  Injured Reserve: PF - #13 Memmet Okur         OVRL:75
                                   C  - #44 Ratko Varda         OVRL:70
                                   C  - #31 Mikki Moore         OVRL:75

                  Key Players:     SG - #42 Jerry Stackhouse
                                   C  - #3  Ben Wallace
                                   PF - #30 Clifford Robinson


Golden State Warriors - City: Oakland, CA
                        Coach: Eric Musselman
                        Court: The Arena at Oakland
                        Starting Lineup: PG - #10 Mookie Blaylock     OVRL:76
                                         SG - #23 Jason Richardson    OVRL:85
                                         SF - #33 Antwann Jamison     OVRL:88
                                         PF - #21 Danny Fortson       OVRL:84
                                         C  - #25 Erick Dampier       OVRL:78

                        Bench Players:   PG - #0  Gilbert Arenas      OVRL:78
                                         SF - #10 Mike Dunleavy       OVRL:79
                                         SG - #3  Bob Sura            OVRL:80
                                         C  - #31 Adonal Foyle        OVRL:72
                                         PF - #1  Troy Murphy         OVRL:79
                                         SF - #34 Chris Mills         OVRL:80
                                         SG - #4  Jiri Welsch         OVRL:72

                        Injured Reserve: C  - #22 Dean Garrett        OVRL:73
                                         SF - #45 Cedric Henderson    OVRL:73
                                         PF - #2  Dean Oliver         OVRL:70

                        Key Players:     SF - #33 Antwann Jamison
                                         SG - #23 Jason Richardson


Houston Rockets - City: Houston, TX
                  Coach: Rudy Tomjanovich
                  Court: Compaq Center
                  Starting Lineup: PG - #3  Steve Francis       OVRL:91
                                   SG - #5  Cuttino Mobley      OVRL:84
                                   SF - #41 Glen Rice           OVRL:72
                                   PF - #2  Maurice Taylor      OVRL:79
                                   C  - #13 Kelvin Cato         OVRL:76

                  Bench Players:   PF - #33 Eddie Griffin       OVRL:83
                                   SF - #42 Walt Williams       OVRL:77
                                   C  - #21 Kenny Thomas        OVRL:81
                                   PG - #12 Moochie Norris      OVRL:79
                                   SG - #18 Oscar Torres        OVRL:75
                                   SF - #9  Bostjan Nachbar     OVRL:76
                                   PF - #44 Terence Morris      OVRL:73

                  Injured Reserve: SF - #14 Dan Langhi          OVRL:63
                                   C  - #52 Jason Collier       OVRL:69

                  Key Players:     PG - #3 Steve Francis
                                   SG - #5 Cuttino Mobley


Indiana Pacers - City: Indianapolis, IN
                 Coach: Isiah Thomas
                 Court: Conseco Fieldhouse
                 Starting Lineup: PG - #11 Jamaal Tinsley      OVRL:81
                                  SG - #31 Reggie Miller       OVRL:84
                                  SF - #5  Ron Mercer          OVRL:79
                                  PF - #7  Jermaine O'Neal     OVRL:87
                                  C  - #52 Brad Miller         OVRL:82

                 Bench Players:   SG - #15 Ron Artest          OVRL:84
                                  SF - #44 Austin Croshere     OVRL:80
                                  SF - #3  Al Harrington       OVRL:79
                                  PF - #24 Jonathan Bender     OVRL:80
                                  PF - #10 Jeff Foster         OVRL:76
                                  PG - #12 Kevin Ollie         OVRL:72
                                  SG - #20 Fred Jones          OVRL:71

                 Injured Reserve: C  - #27 Primoz Brezec       OVRL:64
                                  PG - #2  Jamison Brewer      OVRL:66
                                  PF - #6  Carlos Rogers       OVRL:70

                 Key Players:     SG - #31 Reggie Miller
                                  PF - #7  Jermaine O'Neal


Los Angeles Clippers - City: Los Angeles, CA
                       Coach: Alvin Gentry
                       Court: Staples Center (Shared with the Lakers)
                       Starting Lineup: PG - #24 Andre Miller        OVRL:88
                                        SG - #50 Corie Maggette      OVRL:84
                                        SF - #7  Lamar Odom          OVRL:88
                                        PF - #42 Elton Brand         OVRL:90
                                        C  - #34 Michael Olowakandi  OVRL:82

                       Bench Players:   SF - #3  Quentin Richardson OVRL:84
                                        PF - #54 Chris Wilcox       OVRL:77
                                        C  - #45 Sean Rooks         OVRL:68
                                        SG - #20 Bryant Stith       OVRL:76
                                        SG - #52 Eric Piatkowski    OVRL:77
                                        SG - #0  Marko Jaric        OVRL:68
                                        PG - #1  Keyon Dooling      OVRL:74

                       Injured Reserve:    - #24 Doug Overton        OVRL:69
                                           - #32 Tremaine Fowlkes    OVRL:70

                       Key Players:     PG - #24 Andre Miller
                                        SF - #7  Lamar Odom
                                        PF - #42 Elton Brand


Los Angeles Lakers - City: Los Angeles, CA
                     Coach: Phil Jackson
                     Court: Staples Center
                     Starting Lineup: PG - #2  Derek Fisher        OVRL:82
                                      SG - #8  Kobe Bryant         OVRL:95
                                      SF - #17 Rick Fox            OVRL:81
                                      PF - #52 Samaki Walker       OVRL:78
                                      C  - #34 Shaquille O'Neal    OVRL:96

                     Bench Players:   PF - #5  Robert Horry        OVRL:86
                                      SF - #3  Devean George       OVRL:81
                                      SG - #20 Brian Shaw          OVRL:77
                                      SF - #35 Tracy Murray        OVRL:77
                                      PG - #11 A.J. Guyton         OVRL:73
                                      PF - #35 Mark Madsen         OVRL:71
                                      C  - #45 Soumaila Samake     OVRL:67

                     Injured Reserve: PF - #14 Stanislav Medvedenko OVRL:75
                                      PG - #12 Jannero Pargo        OVRL:72
                                      SG - #21 Kareem Rush          OVRL:77

                     Key Players:     SG - #8  Kobe Bryant
                                      C  - #34 Shaquille O'Neal


Memphis Grizzlies - City: Memphis, TN
                    Coach: Sidney Lowe
                    Court: The Pyramid
                    Starting Lineup: PG - #2  Jason Williams      OVRL:84
                                     SG - #8  Michael Dickerson   OVRL:84
                                     SF - #31 Shane Battier       OVRL:84
                                     PF - #16 Pau Gasol           OVRL:86
                                     C  - #42 Lorenzen Wright     OVRL:81

                    Bench Players:   PF - #0  Drew Gooden         OVRL:79
                                     PG - #22 Brevin Knight       OVRL:77
                                     PF - #4  Stromile Swift      OVRL:83
                                     SG - #1  Wesley Person       OVRL:80
                                     SG - #32 Rodney Buford       OVRL:77
                                     PG - #25 Earl Watson         OVRL:73
                                     PF - #44 Tony Massenburg     OVRL:77

                    Injured Reserve: SG - #13 Gordon Giricek      OVRL:69
                                     PG - #7  Eddie Gill          OVRL:73
                                     C  - #15 Cezary Trybanski    OVRL:74

                    Key Players:     PF - #16 Pau Gasol
                                     PG - #2  Jason Williams


Miami Heat    - City: Miami, FL
                Coach: Pat Riley
                Court: American Airlines Arena
                Starting Lineup: PG - #21 Anthony Carter      OVRL:74
                                 SG - #6  Eddie Jones         OVRL:89
                                 SF - #13 Kendall Gill        OVRL:77
                                 PF - #44 Brian Grant         OVRL:82
                                 C  - #33 Alonzo Mourning     OVRL:87

                Bench Players:   SG - #24 Jimmy Jackson       OVRL:80
                                 SF - #3  Laphonso Ellis      OVRL:77
                                 SF - #4  Caron Butler        OVRL:79
                                 C  - #50 Vladimar Stepania   OVRL:78
                                 PF - #22 Sean Marks          OVRL:69
                                 PG - #7  Mike Jones          OVRL:74
                                 C  - #52 Ernest Brown        OVRL:66

                Injured Reserve: PF - #35 Malik Allen         OVRL:67
                                 SF - #45 Rasual Butler       OVRL:73
                                 SG - #42 Luke Recker         OVRL:72

                Key Players:     C  - #33 Alonzo Mourning
                                 SG - #6  Eddie Jones


Milwaukee Bucks - City: Milwaukee, WI
                  Coach: George Karl
                  Court: Bradley Center
                  Starting Lineup: PG - #10 Sam Cassell         OVRL:86
                                   SG - #34 Ray Allen           OVRL:92
                                   SF - #5  Tim Thomas          OVRL:85
                                   PF - #17 Anthony Mason       OVRL:80
                                   C  - #40 Ervin Johnson       OVRL:73

                  Bench Players:   SF - #7  Toni Kukoc          OVRL:78
                                   SF - #21 Darvin Ham          OVRL:75
                                   PG - #50 Greg Anthony        OVRL:79
                                   PF - #35 Jason Caffey        OVRL:74
                                   C  - #8  Jake Przybilla      OVRL:71
                                   PF - #12 Marcus Haislip      OVRL:77
                                   SG - #15 Ronald Murray       OVRL:71

                  Injured Reserve: PG - #34 Mike Wilks          OVRL:70
                                   C  - #50 Dan Gadzuric        OVRL:69
                                   PG - #11 Rafer Alston        OVRL:77

                  Key Players:     SG - #34 Ray Allen
                                   PG - #10 Sam Cassell
                                   SF - #5  Tim Thomas


Minnesota Timberwolves - City: Minneapolis, MN
                         Coach: Flip Saunders
                         Court: Target Center
                         Starting Lineup: PG - #7  Terrell Brandon     OVRL:83
                                          SG - #10 Wally Szczerbiak    OVRL:83
                                          SF - #21 Kevin Garnett       OVRL:95
                                          PF - #32 Joe Smith           OVRL:83
                                          C  - #8  Rasho Nesterovic    OVRL:79

                         Bench Players:   SG - #44 Anthony Peeler      OVRL:77
                                          PG - #11 Troy Hudson         OVRL:81
                                          C  - #25 Marc Jackson        OVRL:77
                                          SF - #13 Felipe Lopez        OVRL:76
                                          C  - #3  Loren Woods         OVRL:74
                                          SG - #1  Maurice Evans       OVRL:69
                                          PF - #20 Gary Trent          OVRL:78

                         Injured Reserve: PG - #5  Will Avery          OVRL:71
                                          PG - #14 Robert Pack         OVRL:72

                         Key Players:     SF - #21 Kevin Garnett
                                          SG - #10 Wally Szczerbiak
                                          PG - #7  Terrell Brandon


New Jersey Nets - City: East Rutherford, NJ
                  Coach: Byron Scott
                  Court: Continental Airlines Arena
                  Starting Lineup: PG - #5  Jason Kidd          OVRL:93
                                   SG - #30 Kerry Kittles       OVRL:82
                                   SF - #24 Richard Jefferson   OVRL:82
                                   PF - #6  Kenyon Martin       OVRL:87
                                   C  - #55 Dikembe Mutombo     OVRL:83

                  Bench Players:   PF - #54 Rodney Rogers       OVRL:85
                                   SG - #12 Lucious Harris      OVRL:76
                                   SF - #34 Aaron Williams      OVRL:76
                                   PG - #2  Chris Childs        OVRL:77
                                   C  - #35 Jason Collins       OVRL:74
                                   PF - #14 Jamie Feick         OVRL:74
                                   SG - #1  Brandon Armstrong   OVRL:71

                  Injured Reserve:PF  - #21 Brian Scalabrine    OVRL:67
                                  SG  - #8  Tamar Slay          OVRL:74
                                  SF  - #13 Donny Marshall      OVRL:72

                  Key Players:    PG  - #5  Jason Kidd
                                  PF  - #6  Kenyon Martin
                                  C   - #55 Dikembe Mutombo


New Orleans Hornets- City: New Orleans, LA
                     Coach: Paul Silas
                     Court: New Orleans Arena
                     Starting Lineup: PG - #1  Baron Davis         OVRL:91
                                      SG - #4  David Wesley        OVRL:81
                                      SF - #24 Jamal Mashburn      OVRL:85
                                      PF - #42 P.J. Brown          OVRL:83
                                      C  - #5  Elden Campbell      OVRL:85

                     Bench Players:   SF - #9  George Lynch        OVRL:77
                                      C  - #21 Jamaal Magloire     OVRL:80
                                      SF - #2  Stacey Augmon       OVRL:77
                                      SG - #32 Courtney Alexander  OVRL:77
                                      SF - #54 Lee Nailon          OVRL:77
                                      PF - #35 Kirk Haston         OVRL:71
                                      PG - #17 Bryce Drew          OVRL:77

                     Injured Reserve: PF - #50 Matt Bullard        OVRL:70
                                      PF - #6  Jerome Moiso        OVRL:70
                                      PF - #34 Robert Traylor      OVRL:79

                     Key Players:     PG - #1  Baron Davis
                                      SF - #24 Jamal Mashburn


New York Knicks - City: New York, NY
                  Coach: Don Chaney
                  Court: Madison Square Garden
                  Starting Lineup: PG - #4  Howard Eisley         OVRL:77
                                   SG - #20 Allan Houston         OVRL:84
                                   SF - #8  Latrell Sprewell      OVRL:88
                                   PF - #34 Antonio Mcdyess       OVRL:86
                                   C  - #40 Kurt Thomas           OVRL:81

                  Bench Players:   SG - #49 Shandon Anderson      OVRL:78
                                   C  - #50 Felton Spencer        OVRL:64
                                   PG - #21 Charlie Ward          OVRL:83
                                   SF - #35 Clarence Weatherspoon OVRL:78
                                   PF - #32 Othella Harrington    OVRL:78
                                   C  - #51 Michael Doleac        OVRL:73
                                   PG - #30 Frank Williams        OVRL:76

                  Injured Reserve: SG - #25 Larry Robinson        OVRL:71
                                   SF - #7  Lavor Postell         OVRL:71
                                   C  - #44 Travis Knight         OVRL:73

                  Key Players:     SG - #20 Allan Houston
                                   SF - #8  Latrell Sprewell
                                   PF - #34 Antonio Mcdyess


Orlando Magic - City: Orlando, FL
                Coach: Doc Rivers
                Court: TD Waterhouse Centre
                Starting Lineup: PG - #10 Darrell Armstrong   OVRL:87
                                 SG - #1  Tracy Mcgrady       OVRL:95
                                 SF - #33 Grant Hill          OVRL:86
                                 PF - #8  Pat Garrity         OVRL:82
                                 C  - #54 Horace Grant        OVRL:78

                Bench Players:   SF - #50 Mike Miller         OVRL:80
                                 PG - #11 Jacque Vaughn       OVRL:76
                                 C  - #34 Steven Hunter       OVRL:75
                                 PF - #4  Ryan Humphrey       OVRL:72
                                 SG - #5  Jeryl Sasser        OVRL:74
                                 C  - #00 Olumide Oyedeji     OVRL:66
                                 C  - #55 Andrew Declercq     OVRL:75

                Injured Reserve: SG - #2  Jaren Jackson       OVRL:77

                Key Players:     PG - #10 Darrell Armstrong
                                 SG - #1  Tracy Mcgrady
                                 SF - #33 Grant Hill


Philadelphia 76ers - City: Philadelphia, PA
                     Coach: Larry Brown
                     Court: First Union Center
                     Starting Lineup: PG - #20 Eric Snow           OVRL:81
                                      SG - #3  Allen Iverson       OVRL:91
                                      SF - #4  Keith Van Horn      OVRL:84
                                      PF - #44 Derrick Coleman     OVRL:81
                                      C  - #11 Todd Macculloch     OVRL:76

                     Bench Players:   SG - #8  Aaron Mckie         OVRL:82
                                      SF - #21 Greg Buckner        OVRL:74
                                      C  - #1  Samuel Dalembert    OVRL:70
                                      SF - #5  Monty Williams      OVRL:76
                                      PF - #23 Brian Skinner       OVRL:74
                                      C  - #14 Efthimios Rentzias  OVRL:72
                                      SF - #7  John Salmons        OVRL:73

                     Injured Reserve: C  - #0  Alvis Jones         OVRL:65
                                      PF - #25 Damone Brown        OVRL:71
                                      PF - #50 Sam Clancy          OVRL:73

                     Key Players:     SG - #3  Allen Iverson
                                      SF - #4  Keith Van Horn


Phoenix Suns - City: Phoenix, AZ
               Coach: Frank Johnson
               Court: America West Arena
               Starting Lineup: PG - #3  Stephon Marbury     OVRL:87
                                SG - #1  Penny Hardaway      OVRL:84
                                SF - #31 Shawn Marion        OVRL:91
                                PF - #24 Tom Gugliotta       OVRL:79
                                C  - #25 Jake Tsakalidis     OVRL:75

               Bench Players:   PF - #45 Bo Outlaw           OVRL:79
                                C  - #42 Scott Williams      OVRL:72
                                SF - #2  Joe Johnson         OVRL:78
                                PF - #32 Amare Stoudemire    OVRL:74
                                PF - #4  Alton Ford          OVRL:68
                                SG - #23 Casey Jacobson      OVRL:74
                                PG - #0  Randy Brown         OVRL:69

               Injured Reserve: SG - #10 Milt Palacio        OVRL:73
                                PG - #11 Joe Crispin         OVRL:71
                                C  - #43 Jake Voskuhl        OVRL:71

               Key Players:     PG - #3  Stephon Marbury
                                SF - #31 Shawn Marion


Portland Trailblazers - City: Portland, OR
                        Coach: Maurice Cheeks
                        Court: Rose Garden
                        Starting Lineup: PG - #3  Damon Stoudmire     OVRL:84
                                         SG - #6  Bonzi Wells         OVRL:86
                                         SF - #33 Scottie Pippen      OVRL:83
                                         PF - #30 Rasheed Wallace     OVRL:93
                                         C  - #34 Dale Davis          OVRL:82

                        Bench Players:   SG - #1  Derek Anderson      OVRL:81
                                         SG - #10 Antonio Daniels     OVRL:78
                                         SF - #21 Ruben Patterson     OVRL:80
                                         PG - #5  Jeff Mcinnis        OVRL:79
                                         PF - #50 Zach Randolph       OVRL:78
                                         SG - #24 Qyntel Woods        OVRL:76
                                         C  - #44 Ruben Boumtje       OVRL:67

                        Injured Reserve: SG - #7  Charles Smith       OVRL:77
                                         C  - #00 Amal Mccaskill      OVRL:64

                        Key Players:     PF - #30 Rasheed Wallace
                                         SG - #6  Bonzi Wells
                                         PG - #3  Damon Stoudmire


Sacramento Kings - City: Sacramento, CA
                   Coach: Rick Adelman
                   Court: Arco Arena
                   Starting Lineup: PG - #10 Mike Bibby           OVRL:83
                                    SG - #13 Doug Christie        OVRL:86
                                    SF - #16 Peja Stojakovic      OVRL:85
                                    PF - #4  Chris Webber         OVRL:95
                                    C  - #21 Vlade Divac          OVRL:85

                   Bench Players:   C  - #7  Keon Clark           OVRL:84
                                    PG - #24 Bobby Jackson        OVRL:82
                                    SF - #5  Kedo Turkoglu        OVRL:77
                                    C  - #31 Scott Pollard        OVRL:78
                                    PF - #51 Lawrence Funderburke OVRL:76
                                    SG - #8  Mateen Cleaves       OVRL:71
                                    SF - #3  Gerald Wallace       OVRL:78

                   Injured Reserve: PF - #52 Chucky Brown         OVRL:72
                                    PG - #25 Brent Price          OVRL:72
                                    SF - #34 Corsley Edwards      OVRL:70

                   Key Players:     PG - #10 Mike Bibby
                                    PF - #4  Chris Webber
                                    SF - #16 Peja Stojakovic


San Antonio Spurs - City: San Antonio, TX
                    Coach: Gregg Popovich
                    Court: SBC Center
                    Starting Lineup: PG - #9  Tony Parker          OVRL:79
                                     SG - #8  Steve Smith          OVRL:81
                                     SF - #12 Bruce Bowen          OVRL:75
                                     PF - #21 Tim Duncan           OVRL:95
                                     C  - #50 David Robinson       OVRL:86

                    Bench Players:   PG - #10 Speedy Claxton       OVRL:76
                                     SF - #3  Stephen Jackson      OVRL:72
                                     PF - #31 Malik Rose           OVRL:81
                                     C  - #42 Kevin Willis         OVRL:78
                                     SG - #13 Emanuel Ginobili     OVRL:78
                                     PG - #25 Steve Kerr           OVRL:72
                                     SF - #35 Danny Ferry          OVRL:70

                    Injured Reserve: PG - #22 Erick Barkley        OVRL:72
                                     C  - #18 Cherokee Parks       OVRL:73
                                     PG - #1  Jason Hart           OVRL:72

                    Key Players:     PF - #21 Tim Duncan
                                     C  - #50 David Robinson


Seattle Supersonics - City: Seattle, WA
                      Coach: Nate McMillan
                      Court: Key Arena
                      Starting Lineup: PG - #20 Gary Payton         OVRL:92
                                       SG - #24 Desmond Mason       OVRL:83
                                       SF - #7  Rashard Lewis       OVRL:89
                                       PF - #52 Calvin Booth        OVRL:74
                                       C  - #33 Jerome James        OVRL:74

                      Bench Players:   PG - #8  Kenny Anderson      OVRL:81
                                       SF - #31 Brent Barry         OVRL:86
                                       PF - #77 Vladimar Radmanovic OVRL:80
                                       C  - #9  Vitaly Potapenko    OVRL:76
                                       PF - #35 Art Long            OVRL:71
                                       SG - #40 Joe Forte           OVRL:77
                                       PG - #99 Randy Livingston    OVRL:73

                      Injured Reserve: SF - #45 Ansu Sesay          OVRL:74
                                       C  - #14 Peja Drobnjak       OVRL:74

                      Key Players:     PG - #20 Gary Payton
                                       SG - #24 Desmond Mason
                                       SF - #7  Rashard Lewis


Toronto Raptors - City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                  Coach: Lenny Wilkins
                  Court: Air Canada Centre
                  Starting Lineup: PG - #20 Alvin Williams       OVRL:81
                                   SG - #24 Morris Peterson      OVRL:82
                                   SF - #15 Vince Carter         OVRL:94
                                   PF - #33 Antonio Davis        OVRL:86
                                   C  - #34 Hakeem Olajuwon      OVRL:80

                  Bench Players:   SF - #13 Jerome Williams      OVRL:79
                                   PG - #11 Lindsey Hunter       OVRL:76
                                   SG - #30 Dell Curry           OVRL:75
                                   PF - #5  Michael Bradley      OVRL:76
                                   C  - #00 Eric Montross        OVRL:66
                                   SG - #8  Jermaine Jackson     OVRL:70
                                   SG - #44 Derrick Dial         OVRL:75

                  Injured Reserve: C  - #32 Mamadou N'Diaye      OVRL:67
                                   PF - #4  Michael Stewart      OVRL:67
                                   C  - #7  Nate Huffman         OVRL:72

                  Key Players:     SF - #15 Vince Carter
                                   PF - #33 Antonio Davis


Utah Jazz - City: Salt Lake City, UT
            Coach: Jerry Sloan
            Court: Delta Center
            Starting Lineup: PG - #12 John Stockton       OVRL:85
                             SG - #21 Matt Harpring       OVRL:82
                             SF - #47 Andrei Kirilenko    OVRL:84
                             PF - #32 Karl Malone         OVRL:92
                             C  - #13 John Amaechi        OVRL:73

            Bench Players:   SF - #29 Calbert Cheaney     OVRL:73
                             SG - #9  John Starks         OVRL:75
                             C  - #31 Jarron Collins      OVRL:74
                             SG - #2  Deshawn Stevenson   OVRL:75
                             C  - #00 Greg Ostertag       OVRL:71
                             PF - #2  Curtis Borchard     OVRL:74
                             SG - #20 Quincy Lewis        OVRL:73

            Injured Reserve: SF - #34 Scott Padgett       OVRL:81
                             SG - #5  Rusty Larue         OVRL:75

            Key Players:     PF - #32 Karl Malone
                             PG - #12 John Stockton


Washington Wizards - City: Washington D.C., USA
                     Coach: Doug Collins
                     Court: MCI Center
                     Starting Lineup: PG - #20 Larry Hughes        OVRL:85
                                      SG - #32 Rip Hamilton        OVRL:82
                                      SF - #23 Michael Jordan      OVRL:89
                                      PF - #54 Popeye Jones        OVRL:78
                                      C  - #55 Jahidi White        OVRL:75

                     Bench Players:   PG - #12 Chris Whitney       OVRL:81
                                      C  - #00 Brendon Haywood     OVRL:76
                                      PF - #44 Christian Laettner  OVRL:79
                                      PF - #5  Kwame Brown         OVRL:78
                                      PG - #10 Tyronne Lue         OVRL:81
                                      SG - #24 Hubert Davis        OVRL:74
                                      PF - #1  Jared Jeffries      OVRL:78

                     Injured Reserve: SF - #21 Bobby Simmons       OVRL:74
                                      C  - #36 Etan Thomas         OVRL:76
                                      PG - #3  Juan Dixon          OVRL:74

                     Key Players:     SF - #23 Michael Jordan
                                      PG - #20 Larry Hughes
                                      SG - #32 Rip Hamilton


Chapter 6: Game Modes

In this section, I talk about the Game Modes section of the Main Menu.

6a - Exhibition Game:

This mode is exactly like the Play Now mode, so I don't need to explain a whole
lot.  The only difference is that the mode is more organized by how they space
out each option separately.

6b - Season:

In this mode, you just play a regular NBA season with the team of your choice.
In the middle of the season, you play in the All-Star Game, where the best
players of the season are playing against each other.  At the end of the
season, your team, (if they qualified) will play in the playoffs. After the
playoffs, you will see who got the Finals MVP, and you will also see the roster
of the championship team.

6c - Franchise:

In this mode, you play numerous seasons with an NBA team. This is just like
Season mode, but offers a whole lot more to do.  This is because you are part-
player part-GM of the team.  You trade players, sign free agents, and more.
After every season, you will see the league's retiring players, see the order
the year's draft in Draft Lottery, resign players from your team, draft rookies
in the Rookie Draft, sign free agents, trade players, or start a new season. 
you think that's a lot, think about what the real GM's in the NBA are doin'!
You will be doing the same thing after each season you play in Franchise mode.

6d - Playoffs:

This mode is the exact same playoffs you play Season or Franchise mode. The
difference is you pick which teams you want to be in the playoffs.

6e - 1 on 1:

This mode is exactly what the title says it is.  You pick one player out of the
entire league and play against the player of your choice.  You can play against
the CPU or a friend to see who's the big dog (or little puppy) in town.

6f - Practice:

This mode helps you hone your skills by being alone in a gym just shooting
around.  You can try out new crossovers or work on your jump shot without any
distractions with any NBA player for as long as you like.

Chapter 7: The Perfect Offense:

This is my guide to help you take down those teams that seem unstoppable in
Perfect Offense".

7a - "Buckets": Easy Jump shots:

These are my tips to have an unbelievably high percentage from behind the arc
by the free throw line (my inside scoring tips are in the section after this).

Tip 1: Look at the person your controlling!

You know you won't make a three pointer with Shaq! So Pick a good shooter and
exploit the defense with his jump shot. Note: Pick point guards, shooting
guards, or high percentage shooting forward for these kinds of shots.

Tip 2: Pump fake often!

This works with inside and outside scoring as well.  Tapping the B button will
sometimes cause the defense to jump in the air, letting you have extra time to

Tip 3: Time your shot!

You can't just press the B button and expect he shot to go in. You have to time
your shot.  When you're in the air shooting, let go of the B button at the peak
of the players jump. This way you have a less chance of getting blocked
to if your lower to the ground.

7b - "This Is My House!": Inside Scoring:

These are my tips to help you blow past defenders and score easy inside. If you
a big man, this will also help you dunk over your defender.

Tip 1: Use the C Stick!

Use the C Stick to crossover at the top of the key. If you're a big man, use
C Stick to back down defenders.

Tip 2: Post up!

If you're a big man, press the L button when you have the ball to post up on
your defender. But be aware, if your getting double teamed, the defense can
steal the ball easily.  If this happens, just pass the ball back out and try

Tip 3: Pump fake often!

Like I said before, this makes the defender jump in the air, allowing you to
just go past him for the easy two points.

7c - "The Next Big Thing": Offensive Rebounds Made Easy

These are my tips to making you become the "king of the boards".

Tip 1: Box Out!

When a shot goes up, simply press and hold the L button if someone is close to
you. That way, that's one less person able to get a rebound for the other team.

Tip 2: Jump, Jump!

After you box out, the only way your going to get to ball is by jumping!  So,
press the B button after you box out and you should get the rebounds easily.

Chapter 8: The Perfect Defense

This is my guide to help you close out those games and come out victorious.

8a - "Where'd The Ball Go?": Easy Steals

I really only have one tip that can help you steal the ball

Tip 1: Swat at the Ball!

Use the C Stick in push it in the direction the person is dribbling the ball.
This way, your hand will swat directly at the ball and knock it away.  You can
also use the X button to swat in any direction.

8b - "Charge!": Getting the Offensive Foul

These are my tips to get the ref yelling "Charge!"

Tip 1: Stay in Front of your Man!

That might sound funny, but what I mean is use your turbo so you can always be
one step ahead of whomever you're guarding.

Tip 2: Stand Still!

After you get in front of your man, press the Y button and if the player runs
into you, it will most likely be an offensive foul

8c - "Get That Outta Here!": Blocking Shots Made Easy

These are my tips to have the ball being knocked from here to outer space.

Tip 1: Look at who You're Controlling!

You need a moderately tall person to block another moderately tall.  So match
the size on the two teams so you won't be at such a disadvantage.

Tip 2: Jump!

No matter what, jump when the offensive person looks like he is about to shoot.
More than half the time he is going to shot, but if he doesn't, you'll have

Chapter 9: Hints and Tips

In this section, I will display cheats on how to get special players, and toss
in a tip or hint about the game.

Cheats: Special Players

To get this right, go to Create Player in Roster Management. Then, go to the
part and type in the names I give you in the Last Name slot.

Enter CALIFORNIA to unlock Hot Karl

Enter FLIPMODE to unlock Busta Rhymes

Enter GHETTOFAB to unlock Fabolous

Enter GOODBEATS to unlock Just Blaze

Enter MIXTAPES to unlock DJ Clue

Enter DOLLABILLS to unlock B. Rich

Hints: During Gameplay

Hint: Use the D-Pad often during gameplay to use Quick Plays, where you can
change from zone defense to man-to-man, or double team a player. You can also
intentional foul on defense. On offense, you can pick an isolation play, a 3-
point play, a post up play, or a pick and roll play.

Hint: Try to find new maneuvers using the C-Stick.  You can learn new
crossovers, do post up moves, or put your hands up on defense to distract a
shooter's view.

Hint: On defense, try to steal the ball by moving the C-Stick in the direction
of where the ball handler is dribbling the ball (i.e. if the players is
dribbling with his right hand, move the C-Stick to the right to steal the ball;
same with the left hand).

Chapter 10: Conclusion/Contact Information


Thank you for reading my first FAQ! I hope it was thorough in explaining the
game.  I will continue to make updates and improve my document.

I would like to thank EA SPORTS for making such a wonderful and fun game.

Contact Information:

To contact me, e-mail me at this address:


See ya later!

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