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Guide and Walkthrough by RMurray

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/28/2004

RTX: Red Rock Walkthrough
Written as played by: Ron A. Murray
Version 1.00

Ron A. Murray copyrights this walkthrough February 2004.

This is version 1.00

This walkthrough may be not be reproduced for anything except personal and
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed in public without checking with me first. Using this walkthrough
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The following information from 1.Controls to 14. Confidential (military use
only) is taken from the in game manual for quick reference purposes only.  All
information from 1-14 is credited duly to the authors.

Left Analog: Movement
Right Analog: Camera view
X button: Jump
Square button: Ready/fire
Circle button: Holster/put away
Triangle button: Activate
Start: Pause
Directional buttons: Inventory
Select button: Show inventory
L1: Crouch
L2: Headcam
R1: Strafe/lock target
R2: Quick switch
L2+R2: Quick switch eye modes
L1+R1: Roll1
L1+X: Roll2

2.HUD Meter (Heads Up Display) These are very important throughout the
game so get accustomed to each icon and their perspective meanings.

3.IRIS- Independent Removable Information System.
Description: Portable computer module with human interface. Designed to operate
in standard sockets on robots and data terminals for command and control

History: By the turn of the 22nd century, technology has at last achieved the
goal of incorporating human intelligence into digital machinery and IRIS modules
are as common as mobile phones.  Everyone uses them to organize their lives and
many regard them as friends. Advanced versions are programmable. Wheeler has
given his sidekick a strong female personality.

Be warned there are tactical problems that can only be solved by IRIS. In these
instances, be prepared to enter her electronic world. Locate a signal bit and
carry it through maze-like electrical circuits to the proper output terminal. No
training can simulate this experience-stay alert. Use the left analog stick to
avoid electrical hazards along the way. Toggle switches to change directions as
needed to reach final goal by pressing the triangle button.
Advisory: The signal bit will be trapped by empty logic gates. To recover a
dropped bit, continue along the same circuit until it returns to the same gate.

4.Standard RADTAC equipment:
4mm handgun-Standard military side arm issued to RTX operatives. Fires explosive
bullets. Unlimited ammo supply.
Pressure suit- Enables action outside on the Martian surface. Contains a limited
air supply which can be replenished by purchasing or locating oxygen bottles.
4mm machine gun- Assault weapon intended to suppress mutiny. Reported effective
against LED's. Ammo limited: 200 shots / clip.  Replenish in off-limits command
Tranquilizer gas- Anesthetic gas grenade intended for crowd control. Reported to
stun LED's.
Stun grenade- Concussion weapon intended for crowd control. Reported to damage
LED's within blast radius.

5.Accessible alien weapons:
Stage1 destructor-Basic one-handed weapon carried by LED warriors. More
effective than 4mm handgun. Ammo limited: 50 shots/one cell pack. Scavenge to

Stage2 destructor-High power one handed laser. Ammo limited: 25 shots/one cell
pack.  Scavenge to replenish

Stage3 reaper-Rapid fire, 2-handed assault laser. Ammo limited: 100 shots/2 cell
pack.  Scavenge to replenish.

Stage4 eradicator-Slow fire laser rifle with telescopic sight. Accurate for long
distance sniping in first person view. No auto target functionality. Ammo: 20-
shots/two-cell pack. Scavenge to replenish.

Stage5 annihilator-Continuous fire particle beam super weapon. Causes enemies to
explode on contact. Damage can extend to nearby enemy units. Ammo: 10-shots/two-
cell pack. Scavenge to replenish.

Plasma turrets-Available throughout the game but limited in use.  Beware enemies
behind these shielded death traps.

Ammo energy packs-These come in two standard sizes: single cell units for one-
handed weapons and double cell units for two handed weapons.

6.Playable characters:
Name: Wheeler, Eugene Zeno
DOB: 21.March.2170/St. Louis, MO USA
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 85k
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Rank: Army Major
Unit: Radtac

Specialty training: Ranger, astronaut, and radical tactics expert.
Date entered service: 2088
Education: US military academy '92
Current status: Action reconnaissance on Mars.
Background: Shuttle pilot on seven missions. Application to join Mars colony
rejected by local inhabitants in '95. Admitted to Radtac School, '97. Received
Radical Tactics Expert badge, '98. Distinguished achievement in Tactical
improvisation, vehicle proficiency and marksmanship. Note: Subjects grandfather,
General Augustus Wheeler, commanded the first Mars mission, MMM in '27.

Service record:
Army ranger operation wildebeest '97-Team secured 9classified0 African capital,
thwarted military coup.
RTX operation grey stone '98-Resolved lunar observatory hostage situation by
RTX operation black snake '99-Penetrated java cobra faction, negotiated truce.
RTX operation yellow desert '01-Entered 9classified0 Middle Eastern city,
retrieved (classified) viral agent.
RTX operation white fire '02-Identified and removed LED garrison from Equatorial
launch facility. Boarded orbiting gamma station under LED attack, rescued crew.
Wounded in battle during re-entry. Awarded Purple Heart and Silver Star for

Medical History:
Sustained loss of left eye and right hand during RTX operation White Fire.
Synthetic replacements provide enhanced sensory and mechanical abilities. Check
Wheeler's file for details on his bio-enhancements.

EZ Wheeler has a synthetic eye and enhanced arm from damage he
sustained during a rescue he performed on another space station.  His eye
has 4 different modes of view in addition to regular vision that are readily
available throughout the game.
Thermoscan-Reveal enemy units or locate survivors using this vision.
Naviscan-Display maps and mission objectives
Electroscan-Identify electrical items, malfunctions and control systems.
Bioscan-Detect forensic residues and foreign life forms.

The arm:
Prosthetic device capable of supporting upgrades for enhanced physical
Torque wrench- Use to open specially marked panels and machinery.

Grappling hook- Use to reach great heights.

Taser- Use to stun LED's and zap power panels.

Plasma cutter- Use to slice open specially marked panels.

Catapult- Use to launch butane tanks with explosive force.

Name: Cimmeria Rijan
Rank: Chief colony officer (CCO)
Background: Native of Mars who spent nine years on earth studying biology before
returning to her home planet to become the CCO of Red Rock. She's young,
beautiful and smart. Her knowledge of colony operations may prove useful. She
doesn't have much experience with weapons however. If she survived the LED
invasion, she's probably hiding and might be hard to find.

Small and large butane tanks- Both contain potentially explosive gas. The small
tank can be used to eliminate multiple targets within a small area and can be
detonated by gun or laser fire. The large canisters are too big to throw and
need to be dropped instead, again can be detonated by gun or laser fire.

First aid kit- restores health by 1/3.
Health kit- restores health completely.
Oxygen bottle- Completely refills air tank in your pressure suit.

9.Additional pick-ups:
Human digitizer- Small device used by LED's to contain prisoners of war. Capture
form LED technician and use it to store and protect colony survivors found
hiding throughout Red Rock.

Fire extinguisher- Primary purpose is to fight fires, always a danger in an
airtight colony. Known to stun LED's.

Food unit- Foil wrapped, tofu based snacks found in vending machines throughout
Red Rock. Throw like a grenade to distract LED vermin.

Officer access card- Credit card shaped device used by Wheeler to operate
shuttle bay on Phobos and by Cimmeria to open special doors within the colony.

Pieces of junk- Small fragments of metal and wire scattered around Red Rock. Use
to destroy LED transporters.

Cash card- Martian money found in chests and cabinets. Use in vending machines
to buy consumable items.

Jet pack- Pressure suit upgrade, enabling leaps to a maximum height of 5 meters
and a maximum distance of 12 meters. Press the X button to jump and then press
the X button again while airborne to leap high, cross wide gaps and cushion

Rover- Tracked vehicle for long-range travel. Large enough to live in. Capable
of ascending slopes that can't be climbed on foot. Press triangle button to

Spider- A small four legged vehicle for scrabbling over steep terrain. Designed
to leap tall obstacles in the weak Martian gravity. Press triangle to mount.

LED scout ship- LED reconnaissance craft. Well armed and highly maneuverable.
Press triangle button to enter.

11.Field assets:
Chicken bot- A small two-wheeled servobot designed to perform colony

Cargo handler- Robotic arm used to shift cargo.

Laser drill- A large maglev unit used to drill mining tunnels. Can be

Repairbot- Treaded service vehicle impervious to radioactivity.

Hoverbot- A small flying servobot primarily used for aerial inspection.

Showgirl- Entertainment servobot willing to entertain enemy units.

Loaderbot- Flatbed cargo delivery vehicle.

Tractorbot- Treaded service vehicle at home on planet surface.

12. LED's / Enemies
Basic warrior - While aggressive will not hesitate to turn and flee. Be advised
that they will sometimes leave their weapons behind.

Advanced warrior - Extremely aggressive, rarely retreats and can be cornered.
Often distracted by close proximity servobots.

Heavy warrior - Very deadly and hard to kill. No known tactical weaknesses.

Technician - Harmless until provoked. Turns invisible to stalk prey with
probalyzer. Once concealed they can only be seen through thermoscan / thermal

Officers - Large, heavily armed and dangerously aggressive. Look for them
guarding important tactical positions.

13. Chapters
1.	Phobos station, Red Rocks orbiting spaceport.
2.	Thermal research station, Hot spring study center.
3.	Kuznetsov diamond mine, Sources of wealth for Red Rock.
4.	Chryse canal pump complex, Red Rocks water comes from melting permafrost.
5.	Red Rock township, 200 colonists used to live and work here.
6.	Xanthe terra power and light, Fusion reactor is Red Rocks power source.
7.	Back in main colony, there's an enemy ship docked in the hangar.
8.	Rescue operation, Cimmeria comes to town.
9.	Aromatum gas field, Source of greenhouse gas for Martian terraforming
10.Crater MC-55o, site of deep mystery.

14. Confidential (Military use only)
Hostile threat
Earth faces a worldwide security from manifestly hostile alien species. Their
technology is superior. Their intentions are mysterious. Our chances against
them are uncertain. See additional supplements for information regarding
threat types and known weapons.

Name: real name unknown. Informally called light emitting demons (LED's) by
reporters who first noticed that they talk to each other using special light
producing organs, like fireflies.

Origin: All attempts to locate LED home planet have failed.

Physical characteristics: Little is known. Like spiders, LED's heads blend
with their bodies. Like sharks, they have cartilage skeletons. When not
protected by armor, LED's are fragile and easy to defeat. Standard issue 4mm
handgun is adequate. Unfortunately, unknown chemical reaction causes LED's to
carbonize when their skin has been damaged, consuming their weapons along
with their bodies.

Armament: Variety of laser guided plasma weapons to range fire upon humans,
teleporters to send squads into combat, invisible electromagnetic armor to
absorb battle damage.

Tactical doctrine: Be wary. LED's are aggressive when unchallenged, quick to
retreat under fire and suicidal when trapped. They seldom travel alone and
will spawn reinforcements through their teleporters. Victory depends on
acquisition of LED firepower. Stun them from close range by any means
available (fire extinguishers are known to work) and commandeer their
weapons. Search for metallic junk to sabotage their teleporters.

Word of warning on this game, I can get you through this
as far as completing the game itself but not 100%.  The 100% completion
comes from also locating survivors/colonists hidden throughout different
levels in the game.  There are a total of 100 individuals and I have only
located close to 70.  I list these individuals in my walk-through but I also
say that there is no harm in exploring further.  I will at another time,
look for the missing colonists and revise this walk through but until then,
keep in mind this warning.

Chapter1: Phobos Station
Intro: Movie
After a movie, (gotta love IRIS, eh?) you are on board Phobos in your first
Once again, no particular order, sometimes it's good to backtrack
areas that you may return to later.
On Phobos Space station you will
receive a small tutorial on how to interact with some environments.
Continue forward through the first hatch, then the second into a main area
with different routes.
Ahead of you is a terminal in need of a battery,
start off going through the hatch on the right.
You'll end up in a small
room with a box on your left that needs to be opened, remember the markings
on this box throughout the game.
After retrieving the energy cell, return
to main area and use the battery.  Down the ladder and have your first
communication with IRIS, you'd be completely lost without IRIS, head back up
the ladder and to your left to the 'command center'.
Talk to IRIS and take
an incoming call from earth and somebody else that is another main character
in the game, Cimmeria Rajan.
As IRIS will tell you throughout the game,
'check your maps', in green vision, this is your 'map mode'; you can view
present and completed objectives.
Always check for current objective, as
this one is 'find access card'.
Return to main room then onward to the room
that had the energy cell and through the now open door.
Head down the
ladder for another conversation with IRIS and obtain the access card from
the box.
Check the box to the left of the ladder on the way back up, all
these type kudos will be 20 credits of funny money for mini-mart purchases,
rack up all the loot you can as there will be times where you use up all
your resources and re-upping can be hard at times.
Up the ladder, station
is now under attack, go to main room and through the open hatch in the
center to escape station and enjoy cool movie!!

Chapter2: Thermal Research Outpost
All right people, crash course in jumping skills, something that needs to be
mastered in this game.  Continue pretty much straight ahead and you will
come to a small wall with a weird looking contraption above, this is an
oxygen station, you can obtain a small bottle of oxygen from these stations
that will fill up your meter from zero, it's a good idea to refill when you
hear the heartbeat, this either means low life or air.  Jump up the wall,
grab the oxygen and jump across to the rocky landing.  Turn to your left and
notice the remaining platforms, the first two in front of you and the third
on the right, then to your next oxygen bottle.  Use L2 to view from heights
such as this so you can find your safest drop zone throughout the game.
Drop down and locate the next oxygen bottle, past this first rock is a
slight drop-off, run between the next two rocks and jump to the following
landing.  It's good to do these right the first time to avoid mass oxygen
consumption in backtracking and redoing.  From this new landing go up to
next landing and retrieve oxygen.  Follow cliff wall on left and jump across
to next area next to large rock.  You will see another oxygen bottle as you
trek forward; notice the step-ups on your left as you near.
Climb on up!!  Jump across to oxygen and continue forward jumping again to next
landing, trying to avoid fire from enemy ship.  Drop down, continue to left and
climb up on your left in front of a rockslide, walk to rockslide until you get a
'clear path' message.  Go around and when you look across canyon, you should
be between the two bottles across from you.  Long jump!!  Turn around and
get oxygen, come back and get your first small first aid kit.  You may
battle the aliens between you and the spaceport or run past them possibly
taking shots along the way, it's your choice, good practice though!!  Oh,
reminder, square button to quickly bring out your present weapon or stop
game and do it through select.
Ok, after entering door (green icon: unlocked / red icon: locked), go to
empty spacesuit area and triangulate your next move. Use triangle to get out
of suit, sheesh!!  Do a scan before you enter this door and prepare yourself
as you see fit.  After clearing area, talk to IRIS and learn how to view
maps.  Ok, must go down, forward through door next to mini-mart machine and
down a hatch-ladder dealing with a few enemies along the way.  Follow your
map and look to your right on the ground, occasionally you will come across
'pieces of junk' that come in extremely handy, LED's pop up from these glowy
blue transport spots that you can place a piece of junk and mess up their
world, well, at least save some ammo as usually four LED's can pop up from a
single transporter.  Forward and a movie, then you obtain a valuable toy in
rescuing colony survivors throughout the game, the 'human digitizer'.
Continue in this room and check the boxes, the solid red boxes contain tools
and imperative items for completing tasks.  Turning around from this box,
notice the dome shaped metallic box on the floor, your first laser to play
with.  Other similar boxes will contain ammo or a proximity bomb, easily
avoidable, just get used to the sounds.  Ok, now that you have hull patch,
it's time to go talk to IRIS again and get new objectives, always listen
close to her, as she doesn't like to repeat herself.  Ok, 'servobot' is next
objective, must go down, but before venturing off let's take alittle detour
to the 'crews quarters', look at the neon signs in front of doors, it's the
first door to the left of entering this room from outside.  There are
goodies and survivors in this area.  After this take door straight across
from yellow door in main room and down ladder to lower floor.  Behind ladder
are two paths, take left path and door on left into large room, take care of
enemies and check map, follow arrow.  Entering this next room you will shoot
off a vent cover that you need to enter.  Follow your map into a room where
you will rescue another colonist.  Next to her is another vent to enter and
continue following your map to a servobot center, fun little toys that you
can access with your IRIS module.  Get behind little 'bot, insert IRIS and
take door to left, notice lock mechanism in front of door.  IRIS 'bots are
the blue marking on the map, oval shaped.  Follow your map to a room with a
large window on the left as you come in,  take door on left, ignore enemies
and continue to the left to a servobot canal.  Take first left in canal and
override circuit, back out and continue into another room.  Check out the
red box on the table for EZ to get, continue out into the room with the
large window, scooping out all your enemies along the way, 'bots are cool
aren't they?  Leave and go back to EZ or stay and have EZ come your way,
either way, when you meet up, remember to remove IRIS module from 'bot.  In
this room, rescue survivor, check for boxes and continue into next room to
obtain the door ratchet.  As you leave this room and head back out to main
room, make a u-turn and locate vent shaft, explore this are and rescue
colonists as you find them. You may end up coming down a ladder that will
put you back where you started in finding colonists after you're finished
rescuing.   Take door straight across from you and turn left to find door
that needs to be opened with ratchet.  Use tool in white socket and enter
pressure room to take a stroll outside.  Notice the stun LED's message as
you enter, yes, fire extinguishers now can be added to your arsenal.
Go around to your left, forward and up ladder.  Cut to your left and go just
past the radar dish, climb up and notice the sleeping LED and the oxygen
station.  Pass the oxygen and follow the trail of LED's to a hole in the
wall, which you're going to fix with that patch.  Go back the way you came,
picking up alien ammo along the way, don't always count on me to tell you
about ammo as its spread out through out the game and areas are too numerous
to list, just keep your eyes out and don't be scared to explore.  Work your
way back up a ladder to the next floor and locate the Comm. Center, use the
computer and IRIS to kill the alarm and repressurize room.  Enter room, drop
ladder and go up into next room, a few enemies and go up again.  Talk to
IRIS, on to the next chapter.

Chapter3: Kuznetsov Diamond Mine
Advance forward and check out the area.  After a few enemies, take the first
door, Habitat#1.  Our next objective is to talk to IRIS so, plug in and talk
to her.  After receiving your information, flip around and plug into the
crane behind you, after dropping the second box, remove IRIS and climb up as
Wheeler.  On your way through this crouched corridor, pick up the piece of
junk on your way to the end.  In this room, take care of vermin, check for
boxes and halt ore carrier.  Remember the other door outside, time to take a
little walk.  You may go back the way you came via the vent or through new
exit to your left.  Stop by the mini-mart if necessary.
Plug in, talk to IRIS and unlock the door, enter and work your way down in a
back and forth movement jumping from one scoop to the other.  Once you reach
bottom, go through the door and up the ladder.  Rescue the survivor and
either head through the door back down or backtrack down the ladder to the
bottom again and enter passage across from you into a dirt tunnel.  After
clearing out this area, follow the path to a door and an open area with a
broken bridge, yes, jump across.  Once across, through the door, take care
of enemies and choose your path down, they both lead to the same door you
must venture through.  Joy, another broken bridge, time to do the nasty
again!!  Once through the door, follow it around taking care of enemies and
notice the break in the fence, as you will come across this throughout the
game.  Basically means you will need to jump across or go through in some
manner.  Anyhoo, onward!!  There are a couple ways to go, I take the hole in
wall to the right once you're across and work your way down avoiding vermin.
After going through door, check your right and you have found laser drill.
Go talk to IRIS by the machine and find out that you need to take care of a
power problem.  Back through yellow airlock door and continue into next
room.  Visit mini-mart if necessary and up the ladder into new room.  Ok,
this is a good save point as you are about to enter IRIS world, something
that gets progressively harder throughout the game and there is really no
way to record direction in these puzzles.  It's basically trial and error,
remember that left analog stick rotates you around beams to avoid spikes and
triangle will change your path as you approach it, don't wildly press
triangle as this will put you in a world of hurt as far as not knowing what
direction you will head.  Take your time. The first few times and get used
to the layout of the maze and then explore different directions.  Basically
to start, you are looking to pick up a bit of information, there will be a
tunnel with a red glow within that you need to go through to pick it up.
Once you have it, avoid hitting spikes in your path and tunnels as you will
drop your bit of information and have to make your way back around and pick
it up again.  You are destined for a golden tunnel, it stands out more than
the others, once you reach this tunnel with the bit of information, and the
puzzle is complete.  One thing to remember is on your way to the golden
tunnel, by dropping off the bit of information at a tunnel and making your
way back around to pick it up, once you have it you will have a clear path
to your next point.  Anyhoo, this one is easy and a training puzzle, should
be no prob!!
After completing puzzle, save if you wish and go to the laser drill and talk
to IRIS, time to kick some alien butt!!  Notice the floor panel on your way
out, you'll be using these a lot throughout the game, follow your path down
a lift and rescue a couple survivors and make your way back up.  Get into
suit and go to drill.  You will come across a door that IRIS will tell you
is blocked by Colonists and you need to find another entrance, continue to
yellow airlock door and through to drill.  Insert IRIS and go to room you
haven't been in yet, forward and to the right, sheesh!!  You can only pivot
and fire but you will clear out a majority of LEDs for Wheeler as he needs
to follow and take care of the remaining LEDs in this room.  Place piece of
junk on teleporter at ground level and go up ladder to platform.  From
platform, jump to broken ladder in front of you, climb up and clear path
into new door.  Remove suit and continue, clearing another path.  Take the
only accessible door, collect your kudos and rescue a survivor.  Up into the
vent and follow to a booby-trapped room.  I guess I'll tell you to avoid
getting your life sucked away from one helluva fire.  Equip your 4mm handgun
and position yourself at the exit, look for an icon at the floor and shoot,
triggering the explosion, when all is clear, continue onward.  Another
booby-trapped room, take it slow and work your way through the obstacles.
Find switch to activate hydraulic lift, visit mini-mart if necessary and go
out the green-lit door.  Beware of the wires; use your vision enhancer to
make your way through if you wish.  You're now face to face with Cimmeria
and she's sporting a new weapon or new type of kink, who knows?  Anyways as
she walks away, Wheeler admires her back end and 'onward through the fog' (
an old hippy saying).  Unlock the door, check the boxes and take the
elevator down.  Ok, kill off the little vermin unless you like alien
attachments!!  Back to the laser drill, stand on platform behind it 'switch
to servobot as IRIS is still plugged in.  At top, clear rocks with laser
drill, get Wheeler out of the way first and as Wheeler, go through door and
rescue a couple Colonists and back to new opening made by drill.  Retrieve
IRIS module from drill and use computer to obtain map and objective.
Attempt to open door behind you and then have IRIS unlock it for you.
I'm not going to tell you how, but you're making your way up to the top of
the heap.  First off, go through vent and rescue a couple survivors and make
your way back.  Walk the vent to the door and continue.  Check your air
pressure, heart beating yet?  Anyhoo, make your way down, use your vision to
check for vermin and nasties.  Go into habitat#3 and find a new tool to add
to your arm, a nifty torque wrench!!  Over-ride gate lock, go back outside
and through the gate.  You get a new gun in this area, a stage2 destructor,
now talk to IRIS and check things out with another vision filter, another
new toy to become familiar with.  After the movie, turn and notice the pile
of rocks, time to check out what this 'new old-soul' is good for.  Ok,
that's cool, onward ho'.  This is a good save point in case you don't make
it through this one; he's not easy to deal with.  You should be at 20% of
the game with 16/100 survivors.
Oh joy, first real boss battle, the LED Field Commander.  Did you pay
attention to the fence breaking?  What's below but our friend the laser
drill, just remember, you have to install IRIS and get Wheeler out of the
way.  After plugging in, get Wheeler to the cave area with the computer
module so he is out of the way, make sure your stocked up on health as the
alien pulls a shitty in this battle.  Ok, use the R1 and R2 buttons to raise
and lower laser drill, following the alien and pour on the steam, let him
have it, blow him out of the water!!  Upon defeating him, you get a movie
and the end of Chapter3.

Chapter4: Chryse Canal Pump Complex
Okie dokie, we be in a rover, these are not the easiest things to maneuver,
practice a bit before trekking onward as you will need to perform some
serious driving later in the game.  Ok, the rover can't do any real jumps
so, locate the dirt ramp behind you and follow the path, using ramps to jump
as necessary.  After a lot of winding and running over LED's, you'll end up
at the complex.  Ok, our first objective is to talk to IRIS.  I know there
are a lot of ladders leading into the water but don't feel you have to get
wet because they're there.  Basically, if you fall in, they're a way out but
there will be times where you have to venture in the wetness.  Ignore the
locked doors and proceed to the large door.  Suit up and head outside, 'the
bridge is gonna blow captain', sorry, had to say that, jump up on center
beam and make your way across.  Suit down and proceed through the mighty
door.  Ok, don't spend forever trying to get up the elevator...you can't.
Ignore the locked door and get wet, move forward toward the hole slowly and
go through.  You should land in the water safely but I have died hitting
bottom by not going through correctly.  Go all the way across and notice the
familiar pile of rocks, summon old soul and get informed.  Time for a little
exploring, locate the survivor behind the stack of crates.  Make your way up
the stairs and jump across to the door, talk to IRIS via computer terminal
and receive maps and objectives.  You may go crazy so I'll tell you now,
talk to IRIS again and fix the crate problem.  Take the door to the left
into a control room and once again talk to IRIS.  Puzzle time!!  Remember
first puzzle? Watch how they progress in difficulty, it's easy to allow them
to drive you batty but there is simplicity in the solving of them, stay
calm, cool and collected and you'll get through 'em.  Once the puzzle is
complete go back to previous room and locate plate next to door, yup! yup!
torque wrench spot.  Over-ride door and enter room.  Another nifty tool for
the multi-purpose arm, a grapple hook and you get to use it as soon as you
leave the room.
Ok, follow your path into a kind of hallway with a force field preventing
you from going further.  Alright, humans may not be able to proceed but
servobots can.  Use the bot to open the door and turn off the force field (
not that hard to figure out), then Wheeler can get to that elevator from
earlier in the level after obtaining the stage3 reaper from the casing.  I
like the stage3 the best, it is powerful and quick fire, just have to keep
up on ammo.  Crack the door, rescue the survivor and go down the opposite
path using your new toy to get across.  A new kind of vermin, exploding,
they tend not to show up in bio-scan and don't target too well, manual aim
from a distance is your best bet.
Continue to next-door, rescue colonist and through the next door.  Find
button to raise sluice gate and proceed down this new path.  On this upper
level, you will find a door with a survivor and a vent, take the vent and
end up on the side of the crates where the aliens were at the airlock door.
Suit up, exit and enter an open room, notice the survivor down to your left.
Climb back up onto the main pipe and after killing the two LEDs on catwalk,
jump to left platform and proceed to door.  Go to garage lower level and do
what's necessary to raise rover lift so you can get through that airlock
door above.  After a therapeutic session with IRIS, the airlock door
unlocks.  Suit up and go to the rover, I hope you've been checking for boxes
because I'm not going to tell you about every box, hell, I might as well be
holding the controller, sheesh!!  Scout out the terrain from above and go
for it!!  You can exit the rover and kill LED's as Wheeler or run the
masses over, I prefer running them over.  You will reach the end of your
path when you run into an oxygen tank, exit, grab a bottle and head uphill.
Hear the voices? Refer to your bio-scan and locate an entrance.  After a
movie in awakening another old-soul, you receive a new weapon, try it in
your venture out of this room.  Any LED's in it path will be blinded and
your task will be made simpler.  Once the small army has been removed,
proceed through the door.  Advance to another waterway and rescue another
colonist, you can drive yourself batty trying to figure out how to get into
that air vent on the other side of the door or you can get wet again.
You may now enter the opening that was blocked earlier and end of Chapter!!

Chapter5: Red Rock Township
Ok, no longhaired kids with bloody knives are going to pop out (Stephen
King-Children of the Corn joke) but there are LED's so keep an eye out (to
coin a phrase).  There is a colonist behind the waterfall as you make your
way down.  Visit the mini-mart if you have to and take the lift to the above
walkway.  Check the layout of the lights and figure out what you're gonna
have to do to get to the big yellow water tank.  Now from here, use the same
method to make your way to the shaft mid-level next to the waterfall.  Take
the lift and talk to IRIS at the door to retrieve map and objectives.
The mall is an area you will need to be familiar with so pay attention to
where everything is.  Go through the door on your left and continue until
you meet yet another character of the game, Boris Desurov.  A slightly
eccentric individual with a taste for the bizarre, read the game manual to
understand his mentality.  I know, he runs funny, but you must follow him.
Don't worry about passing things up, you'll be back this way again..I
promise!!  He will stop and wait for you then flake off again, at bottom of
ladder will be large yellow containers emitting steam, take the path with
the least steam and go forward, yeah, yeah I see you waving up there ya
fruitcake!!  Couldn't hold the lift could ya?  Follow him to the main
computer room and get ready for adventure.  After a movie you may backtrack
and search for colonists, boxes and now registers in stores for those 20unit
kudos, not advisable though, I never found anything of interest.  When
you're ready, make your way back to the computer room.
First off, remove the panel to your left as you enter the door.  Get
familiar with all the holes that need something stuck in them and go talk to
IRIS.  3 maps and objectives are now in place, so let's get cracking.  Up
the ramp and the door on the left, in the room access the vent and go into
another room where you will get yet another gadget, a tazer.  Use this on
that panel you removed when you first came in.  Your next objective is a
power supply, so check your map and follow the arrow.  You will come to an
intersection that is blocked off and a servobot is parked nearby.  Fire up
the bot and locate a partially open door that the bot has to crouch to
enter.  Look at the layout and follow your path upward.  You passed by this
room earlier and couldn't get in, now you can.  Run across as Wheeler, take
IRIS, rescue colonist and pick up goodies in shop.  Go back out and locate
floor panel and have alittle fun with the butane bottles, one or two will
suffice.  After all is clear, climb up, mount the plasma gun and pop off a
few rounds to get used to it.  Under the warrior who is hiding behind the
plasma gun in this room is a pile of oddly stacked crates, make your way to
the colonist and a kudos box.  Find the grapple point up above a high
platform leading into a door.  You'll find yourself in a room where you can
rescue a couple colonists and turn on cargo handler power.  Back down to
ground level and activate handler via the IRIS module.  Ok, you've now
obtained the power supply, it's time to head back to main computer.  Take
care of the welcoming committee as you leave.  Install the power supply,
talk to IRIS and head through the now open door.  Definitely can't go to the
left so head into vent duct.  Head out the door and take over the plasma
gun, have a little fun shooting the scared little rabbits.  A swarm of LED's
come out of a store, after the shooting match, go into store and locate vent
shaft to find a survivor and head back the way you came.  Back out into the
mall, not much left up here so head downward and look for a cave like
opening which is an entrance to Red Rock Park.
Check around the water areas as there are colonists hiding away that you
need to find.  Look for some waterfalls in the direction of your point of
interest on your map.  An island opposite of the falls will have a mound
that you can climb on and jump across to other mounds going upward.  Follow
the yellow brick road, oh my!!  When you get to the top, flip around and
jump across the falls and head to the left.  Climb up and make your way
across a concrete walkway to the other side.  Can't go through the force
field so you must find another way, drop down to the grass and head to the
right and find a yellow catwalk with an HVAC sign above it.  Pass up the
locked door and enter the next to obtain the memory module.
Looky the ladder fall down!! Yes, go up the ladder and then an elevator into
the casino.  You are now venturing to find a personality module so check
your map and get a fix on which way you're heading.  See all the freaks
guarding the door at the bottom, well, what are you waiting for?  Where were
we going? Oh yeah, the medical center...enter, do the torque wrench thingy,
and then the tazer and obtain your prize.  Now, onto the main computer via
vent located in back room of med. center.  Give Athena the rest of her
goodies and talk to IRIS.  It's time to once again slip into IRIS world and
brave yet another freaky puzzle!!  I did it with a 1:02 left and no spikes
hit.  Enter newly opened door and once again talk to IORIS to learn a little
more about Grandpa Wheeler.  IN next room you will find a vent to take and
rescue another colonist and either continue to an area that you can surface
into an LED infested area or backtrack and take the door available to you,
either way you end up in the same spot.
After killing much aliens and collecting kudos, trek into the hanger bay
door, suit up and prepare yourself for another boss battle.  Don't mess with
the shuttle thingy until the end of the battle when the LED ship has
sustained maximum damage then pivot it at the end of the track until the
shuttle blows up.  My main concern is destroying this damn regenerating
freaky flyer!!  It doesn't take much to take it down the first time, don't
get happy, it turns into an LED assault vehicle.  Once you hurt this craft,
it obtains a piece of the whole and becomes another monster for you to play
with.  Look mommy, I'm still not dead!! Keep plugging at it and working the
fields, as you've noticed throughout the game the force fields turn from
blue to red and then death.  When the grounded ship is almost bare, left
with three talons and the flying craft is firing pink and green blasts, then
it's time to let IRIS take over the computer up top and start pivoting the
craft.  Another chapter complete!!

Chapter6: Xanthe Terra Power & Light
Kind of a rude landing but oh well, whatever works eh?  Onward through the
fog, um the door then the lift down and through another door.  A bit of
advice if you haven't figured already, the chewing vermin, if they get a
hold of you and you're close to an airlock, get into your suit and they fall
off allowing you to shoot them, then continue on your merry way.  Damn it's
amazing that she can say all that in one breath isn't it?  Anyhoo, after
talking with IRIS you have your newfound objectives and map. Go into the
maintenance area located on the bottom floor and rescue another colonist and
obtain a new toy that will help in the next area behind the large orange
door, which houses a small army by the way, so prepare yourself for battle.
Now  find the control center to rescue a colonist.  Look for a broken ladder
on the ground also and a grapple area up above, you know what to do.  Rescue
the survivor and go check out the new bot.  As the bot, go to the room
that's behind the large orange door and beyond the wall you have to use the
plasma cutter to access.  Inside this room, first shut the door behind you
and then find the switch to purge the gas floating around.  Now Wheeler can
enter safely without his lungs pustulating and oozing in a backwards mass.
As Wheeler, obtain the IRIS module from stumpy and take the lift up.  Take
control of crane, pick up box, pivot left and leave crane in this position
and as Wheeler, remove IRIS once again.  Climb on top of the lift and
grapple above the box to bring yourself upwards.  Jump to larger platform
and across one more time to an inoperable lift.  Turn and make your way up
to an access panel and then down, rescuing a colonist along the way.  You
will end up in a room that you can now shut off the electrical current that
was blocking the path earlier.  Backtracking to the first larger room, you
will find a stage 4 eradicator in one of the metallic canisters on the
ground, basically a badass sniper rifle, excuse my French.
At new orange door, use torque wrench then short it out with tazer to access
new area.  There is a door below which will remain locked until all LED's
are disabled, uhhhh, I mean killed!!  Enter airlock, suit up and head out.
Straight ahead, make your way into this building ( not hard to figure this
one out ) and obtain another new toy, jet pack...big fun now!!  Ok, you're
going to make it across to the top of the airlock door from the roof you're at
now, go for it!!  Make your way up and locate a colonist to the left and
then work your way through the maze to find a way up further to another
area.  Rotating dishes, emitting instant death!!  Watch the pattern and time
yourself.  Jump across and wait for the dish to rotate, as it rotates the
electricity stops and your chance to move.  Go past the next to a larger
platform and prepare for the next trick, yeah right, a rabbit out of that?
Looking forward, there are four dishes rotating and between them a landing
area.  Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to land on this area and
when the electricity stops, push forward and down.  Out to another roof like
area and toward rock formations leading upwards.  Yes, climb them to the top
and proceed to the roof across.  Now, getting down a wee bit twicky, find
the open fence area and look forward and down, locate platform and go for
it.  Now find another platform to your left and do the same.  You can now
land on the roof sustaining minor damage, head for raised platform and jump
across to next roof.  Go off the roof to the right, make it to ground level
and follow the wall of the building to find a colonist and make your way
back up to do it again.  Make your way across the steel structure and then
the rock formations along the face of the mountain to the right and watch
the short cut scene of the bridge being destroyed.  After small battle, make
your way uphill to digitize another human.  In your rover, jump across the
newly modified bridge and follow the narrow path to the right and continue
around, eventually jumping the canyon.  You will end up in between where you
first picked up the jet pack, so head on up the hill and to the right.  Mow
down a group of LED's and do alittle bowling around the next corner.  Keep
to the right along this path, then up a steep ramp into a new area.
Search to the right between the structure and the mountain to locate another
survivor.  As you come around the back, you can hear those voices whispering
sweet little nothings.  Sport your bio-vision and have a look around.  See
the door up there in the crevice?  You can use the pipes from the bottom of
the ramp and work your way to an area on top of this structure to jump to
this cave or just jump into the rover and drive to the wall, park it, get
out, double x to the top of the rover and single jump to the ledge and
'voila, short movie, obtain another useful stone and we're of to see the
wizard. uh hum, scuze me!!  Ok, once done, make your way down and to the
right past the LED hiding behind the plasma gun, then another one, sheesh!!
Make your way to the lift and..oh joy, some more jumping and climbing!!
Make your way across the LED made bridge and then the rock formations to the
top.  Enter into this area and talk to IRIS about your next objective.  Got
to find an RF Feed unit from another dish, now were getting into some heavy
duty jumping.  Head to next airlock, suit up and head out as usual.
First things first, head up the lift to the top and check your map for
direction.  I will refer to each tower by their corresponding number in this
section.  Jump to 1, then to 2 and get on top platform, to top platform of
3, bottom platform of 4, to 5 and remove rf feed unit from tower, from this
platform go to 6, from 6 to 7, from 7 to 8, from 8 to 9, and when you get to
first tower with lift, install rf feed into socket.  Now must converse with
IRIS and land yourself in the middle of another mind-bending puzzle.
1:03sec left and 0 damage.  Now a message comes through and you have to
obtain an item from dish #8.  Start from the lift tower and work your way to
#9, get to top, turn around and double jump to dish and activate item to
score a cut scene..end of chapter.

Chapter7: Back In Main Colony
To start off after getting out of suit, enter door and take care of plate to
your left using torque wrench and tazer.  Continue around to right and
through another door.  Next room has some exterminating to do and you may
try the door ahead but it won't open.  The ladder in the center is now
you're only option, look above before climbing and take necessary
precautions.  There are a few options but I start with the accessible green-
lit door that leads into an LED occupied room.  After they are dead, locate
ladder and descend into another room, locating a vent shaft to go through.
You end up in the room you couldn't access earlier.  Go back the way you
came and look for units to climb to reach the top and go back into main
room.  Talk to IRIS and have alittle chat about protocol.  Now you're
through the door and come across another locked door, talk to IRIS and yes,
you have to find another way in.  Y'know those large bottles of butane you
picked up?  Drop one right by the fan, step back a few, take aim and pop one
off into the canister.  That failing fan has now died!!  Go through hole,
over some junk and up a ladder and out a door.
Outside again, mmmm, smell that fresh, uh, oxygen.anyhoo.  Work your way
down and over to the aliens that are taking pot shots at you and probably
hitting you.  Do the deed and continue around following the platformed
landscape, picking up health and oxygen as you go.  Look for a station piece
at the top with a black block, jump to this and as you climb up you should
see large domes in front of you, you're on the right track.  Now's a good
time to play with your sniper rifle after getting rid of those annoying
ships.  Locate some black blocks and work your way to the top until you
reach a door blocked by massive rock.  See the little rock formation, do the
do!!  Once inside, proceed the only way you can and you will end up in a
large room with many LED's.    Your objective is to beat LED officer which
you will meet as soon as you open up the only other door in the area.
Rescue dude over in the corner and talk to IRIS after looking in the box
first and getting a new toy.  Ok, got to find another way of raising cover,
hmmmmm.  Try your new toy out from a fixed position.  Follow your path to
the park and look for a raised island that you can jump to.  You will come
across a series of fallen tree that you can walk across.  At one point, you
will pick up a stage5 annihilator.  Work your way up and locate a small
tunnel and then a gray walkway.  At the end of the walkway, use your grapple
to reach your next point.  Follow the path to the lift where you will battle
an officer, try out the annihilator on him.  Once in the mall go up the blue
lift, rescue the colonist, and go back down and through the only available door.
Up the next lift, visit the mini-mart if necessary and thru the orange door
with the crater casino sign above it.  Ok, this guy's a little scary don't
you think?  Turn around and talk to IRIS at the console around the corner.
Whew! Got some work to do to take care of this guy, can't I just launch a
few canisters at him? No? Ok, let's get cracking then!!  Enter the casino,
go to the right and find an area on the wall to use your plasma cutter.
Rescue the colonist and utilize the floor panel.  Follow your path and you
will come across an LED behind a plasma turret, take care of him in your own
manner.  Follow your map to the servobot workshop, ok this Boris guy is just
a little too weird!!  Down the floor panel, follow your path and up another
floor panel.  Rescue a colonist and notice the legs on the table, you can
take them with you.  Back into the floor panel and reverse your path, follow
your map to the room where you ran into Boris and locate a ladder, go on up.
Rescue colonist, proceed up another floor panel, go to table and do alittle
tooling around.  Turn and check out another neat little toy, you get to fly
this baby.  Plug IRIS in and go for it when you're ready, check your map for
direction.  Out into the park and to the left, look for a maintenance door
at about the same level, reverse course when task is completed.
Once chick is all put together, plug IRIS into her and you will get a
message, try the station on the end.  Yup, it's once again puzzle time.  You
must be getting pretty good at these by now eh?  I did it on my 2nd try, not
bad huh?  Anyhoo, IRIS is now a walking, talking, flirting servobot out to
turn on a mech-warrior.  Your task is to distract the mech and lead him up
the ramp, then flirt with him until he fries his gourd.  This may take
awhile as he is kind of narrow-minded but the objective will be
accomplished.  When done, advance Wheeler through the now unprotected door
and don't forget IRIS.
Off to the right, rescue a colonist and venture toward the large orange door
with a mass of LED's spazzing out trying to get to your side.  Well, go let
them in, what'cha waiting for?  After the fight, your following objective is
to proceed to the hangar so go through the remaining door with a hangar sign
above it.  Now I'm convinced, Boris is totally whacked!!

Chapter8: Rescue Operation
Okee dokee, you are now Cimmeria, tracking down EZ and trying to stay out of
the way of LED's but sometimes you have to fight it out so get ready!!  You
have no map or objectives so let's just play it by ear.  But you do have a
friend, Mel, check out the first computer port.  Go out the door, sneak past
the technician to the room on the right and obtain some goodies.  After
leaving, take out the technician and check the box in this area, you've got
a stage1 disruptor.  After a firefight continue and look at a large broken
window, notice the colonist in the setting acting like a dummy, go save him
and continue the other way.  You'll run into a door with an ADOPCOM sign
above it, take it and then take a right to find a vent passage.  When you
come to the room with a tractor type servobot, plug Mel in and guide him to
the ADOPCOM area where you entered.  As you leave, take the orange door to
your right and head for the strange yellow crate ahead.  Load it onto your
back and continue through the hole to your destination.  Pull Mel from
servobot and plug him into the computer terminal to get a hint on what's
next.  To your right a now open door, go on through.  After following your
path you end up at another terminal talking to Mel and hey, remember the
IRIS puzzles? Well, Mel's got puzzles too!!  I got it on my first try!!
Ok, now that box that the bot dragged in, Cimmeria must ride in the box and
the bot will load it and tow it through the danger zone.  Take the most
stable route and you'll be fine.  After going through the door, locate an
offload area and then move away from box or Cimmeria may have problems
exiting.  Pull the Mel module and continue to the next terminal and have Mel
open the door.  Go up into the surveillance center and acquire some new toys
to play with.  Leave and head down the ladder.  To eventually make it
outside to the park.  Find and lower a ladder and when you get below, look
in the area of water that has a lot of debris floating around.  Your task is
to jump the debris and make it to an area where you can climb to the top and
shut off/secure power cable.  Now you can climb down ladder, follow walkway
then jump gap and go up new ladder.  Now that the current is off, jump back
into the water swim across to a ladder, get on shore and locate a stump.
Climb up and find a fallen tree, go across and up a ladder, run walkway and
jump to a far off ladder, make your way up and through the following door.
Make your way forward and wouldn't you know it, Boris again, he wants a
beer.  You must make your way to the Casino and the Overlook bar and grill
thingy up above to complete this objective.  Best way I've found to deal
with this problem is to get below the LED until he sops shooting and toss a
grenade up to him and blow him away.  You will see Boris hobbling in to
claim his prize.  Go down the ramp and locate the only accessible door.
Find another door, rescue a couple survivors then leave and venture up the
ladder outside.  Up through the floor panel and over to the hangar door.  Go
to computer and have Mel unlock gate.  Short movie and onward ho!!

Chapter9: Aromatum Gas Field/Chaos.
Follow the path toward the right and find an area of cracked rock, sometime
during the fight between you and other ships, this rock breaks enough for
you to rise over and continue.  Look for a #29 satellite tower and look just
to the right of it at another area of rocks.  It's hard to tell how to
exactly trigger this movie but you will see a ship you've shot smoking and
head into the wall of rock and break it down so you can continue.  When you
get to the station, safely land on the platform and enter.  Find the ladder,
proceed upwards and check the terminal.  Go up red ladder and find a
survivor then head back.  Head down to main floor and check room with
another survivor, digitize him and head out then down the ladder.  Climb
behind the crates and digitize the next survivor.  Ok, check out the window
and the spider-bot, hit the switch.  Ok, trick here is to get that bot
outside into the garage, then run EZ around to the door, have the bot open
the door, then Wheeler can crouch and enter.  Get the IRIS module back and
load it into the terminal and take care of the door problem.  Before flaking
off on the spider, you can go check out the other building which as far as I
know houses LED's, alien ammo, first aid kit and an oxygen, it's your
choice.  When you're ready hop on the spider and head out the door and to
the right.  See the rock platforms going upward? Take them.  It's good to be
in motion on the spider as it handles better but you can get a decent jump
from a standstill also.  At the top turn and find your next area to jump to
then basically work your way up to the top.  Hear the voices and see the
little formation? Do your thingy and take in the information that the old
soul has just given you.  As you approach this new area, another movie kicks
in of the LED Commander Ship and this ship seems just about indestructible
due to its shield.  I can only guess at its weak points, as I have never
actually seen the damage from my firing.  In the movie at the very front of
the ship and the underside of the ship, there are exposed areas that you
need to focus on.  You have very low armor so don't be too brave.  I have
stayed basically where I start out and piss him off from a distance and he
begins circling rapidly around the stone pillar beyond.  Then he raises and from
a stand still begins firing missiles directly at you, from this point I
believe this is where you do the damage as you may sneak shots in his front
end along with missile defense.  You will eventually get a movie of the LED
ships destruction and your ship spinning out and stopping at your
destination.  Enter, unsuit and head through the airlock door.  Down the
ladder are some kudos, a survivor and a plasma cutter spot for you to check
out.  Back up top find a way up the shaft where the ladder once led upwards,
not hard to figure out and rescue the colonist up there.  There's a room to
check out and then another where you can talk to IRIS, get map, objective
and an open door.
Suit up, out the door and to the left; make a hefty jump to the platform
ahead of you in the direction that you're being fired at from an LED.  Climb
up this platform and make your way across the pipes to the other side.  Once
up, start climbing to the top, ignore the computer, as IRIS will only tell
you to 'check your maps' and go for the pipes to get across once more.  Your
objective is to bust into the frozen cave.  Blocked up entrance, I'm hearing
voices, my bio-vision is making pretty pictures, and this must be the cave.
All the butane you picked up on the way over here should give you an idea on
how to open the cave entrance.  Once in, you get a movie and another piece
of stone to stick in your infinite pocket.  Now, back to the station,
there's a bunch of gas leaking that can make you owie, so to avoid it start
descending and make your way to a pipe that only has a couple leaks to avoid
using first aid kits.
Once in, plug in, talk to the blonde bombshell IRIS and enter her world to
find out some necessary information.  Yes, another puzzle and this one is
intense but really no more difficult than the others, it's basically just
the layout of the damn thing.  Good luck!!

Chapter10: Crater MC550
Go forward and follow your path staying high and eventually coming to a
large jump area, thank the makers for the jet pack on this one.  There's no
way to make this next jump but there is a way up.  A short ways ahead is a
small wall you can double jump on to reach the top and a space station lies
just ahead.  OK, your next objective is to talk to IRIS so you may start by
searching for a terminal.  I generally go where enemies come from so let's
head to the right.  Use your usual tools on the panel to access the door and
enter.  Survivor to your right, kudos throughout, a terminal straight ahead
and a bloodsucker to electrify if you wish.  Once you talk to IRIS, you
find you have yet another of her freaky puzzles to solve.  We just got
through doing one and I'm up for a small break so let's venture a little and
come back.  Out the room, to the right and through the door.  Kudos and a
mini-mart available here then a ladder to climb down as soon as you're
ready.  Some more kudos, some junk, vermin to fry and a wall that needs to
be cut in the next room.  Digitize the nice lady and head back up for some
fun with IRIS.  The size and layout of this grid is not bad but the spikes
are going to give you hell, good luck!!  Now that you've got the spider
accessible, IRIS turns you on to an archive that Grandpa left behind and
uploads the usual map for your following venture.
Go to the left and exit through a different airlock than the one you came
in.  Go round the corner and climb on the spider, man these things are cool
and I want one!!  Exit straight ahead, follow the array of plateaus to climb
with the spider and if you feel you're getting off track, get off and check
your map.  You'll know when you get to the end of your trail, you will see a
hole in the wall that tempts you to want to jump through and can't, then
there's the small pile of whispering stones and the crevice just big enough
for you to walk through.  Path is pretty simple for a while, just watch for
jump and climb areas.  You will come to an area where you will see a large
pit and what looks like jumping areas ahead.  Avoid this and look to your
left, notice the jump area and the jump area after it.  Take this route and
follow its path along the face of the mountain.  Continue to a huge canyon
area, this is actually the crater.  You need to reach bottom to be brief.
How you get there is up to you as there are many ways but I have chosen a
straightforward path to the left.  Drop down where necessary, ride the sides
of walls, jump and double jump, plateau and platform hopping, then
eventually you will reach bottom.  Almost in the center of the crater, there
will be a yellow astronaut suit lying in the red sand, go investigate and a
cut scene will happen.
You're now in the old souls chamber and it's time to let them out to play.
Observe the symbols on the door and notice the blue lights surrounding the
bow shaped symbol.  Well, there is another set of lights, which happen to be
red and both lights are controlled by the blue and red units in-between the
doors.  One set corresponding to two different doors.  Your task, if you
choose to accept it, is to use the lighted units to surround each symbol,
one at a time, in blue and red lights to release the old souls.  Once the
color coordinating is complete on each door, you must enter each chamber and
poke each old soul in the eye to awaken him...just kidding!!  As you leave
the fourth chamber, a cut scene happens and something really interesting
happens.  You have got some major mojo!!  Climb back up and practice your
newfound gift on these three poor saps.  You're on a quest to kick some
alien butt so, head on up the lift and play with your new toys.
Ok, when you reach the top head out and I'm going to say search every room
possible.  All the colonists that you've been digitizing, well, there are
human rubix cubes scattered around and you need to pick them up.  Feel free
to fry any aliens that get in your path.  First off, left or right doesn't
matter; this is a circular path with one exit so go either way and exit.  Go
to the left first and get the two cubes in this room.  Exit and enter the
next room to the left, collect the two cubes and continue to the next door.
Take the lift up a floor and get off.  Take the corridor and follow it to
another door, there are three choices, left, right and forward.  Go to the
left, enter the room and collect the two squares in here.  Exit, pass up the
door on the left and continue to the next door, enter, grab the three cubes
and exit.  Now head for the door in the center and enter your final battle
zone.  Remember the shadow caster, the alien in that nifty, flying,
retractable metal bubble?  You and he are going to have an argument on who's
got the bigger gun and it's going to be a close fight.  Those powers the old
souls gave you are, well, all going to be used in this battle.  The super
jump is self-explanatory and you can actually see from here the areas above
you'll be jumping to, from the above walk of course.  Mr. Big-shot has a few
attack maneuvers you need to get down and it wont be hard to do.  So, he
hasn't shown up yet but there are a few wanna-bes in here that you need to
clear out, so do so and jump to a landing coming out from the wall.  Next,
make your way up to the walkway that leads to a center point in this room
and when the remaining aliens are no longer, in comes the supreme commander
in his wind up go toy.  When the commander is attacking from below, use the
old soul salute weapon to change his tune.  He will come up and rest in the
center spreading his wings and now you can approach him and use the old soul
shrug while standing right in front of him.  He will eventually go to a
higher level and this is where you use the old soul scowl to bring him down
and use the shrug again.  He will get to the point where he will start
hiding from you and this is when you utilize the vista points up above.
Alien boy dies in a cool way and Cimmeria catches up with you and informs
you that well, the movie will explain.
When you get control back, you are in the chamber room and things are a
little messed up.  You need to locate glowing, colored stones and revive the
souls so you can return the foundation stone to its proper place before you
disappear.  Once this is done, sit back and enjoy a way cool ending and the
fact that you have completed one badass game!!
I hope there's a second one on the way!!

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