1. Jay Benedict Actor
  2. John Chancer Actor
  3. Eric Meyers Actor
  4. John Boundy Animation
  5. Kelly Scott Animation
  6. Phillip Nixon Arenas and 2-D Art
  7. Ken Potter Bass
  8. Johnny Nelson Boxing Moves
  9. Duncan Hall Character Model
  10. Douglas Kalberg Character Model
  11. Alex Kewin Character Model
  12. Joe Money Character Model
  13. Roger Tweedie Character Model
  14. Ian McLaughlin Character Moves
  15. Gordon Hall Composer/ Sound Designer
  16. Sally Wood Flute and Recorder
  17. Catherine McBurney FMV Artist
  18. Linda Smith FMV Artist
  19. Mark Sample Game Designer/Assistant Producer
  20. Mick Hedley Game Engine
  21. Alan Fender Guitar
  22. Will Turnbull Guitar
  23. Paul Yeats Guitar
  24. Gordon Hall Keyboards & Guitar
  25. Kevin Franklin Lead Programmer
  26. Peter Johnson Producer
  27. Edwin Bell Programmer
  28. Ben Merrick Programmer
  29. Linda Cunningham Steel Monkeys
  30. Tom Dalziel Steel Monkeys
  31. William Docherty Steel Monkeys
  32. Tim Dvoskin Steel Monkeys
  33. Lynne Edgar Steel Monkeys
  34. Christian Erksine Steel Monkeys
  35. Graeme Harkness Steel Monkeys
  36. Nick Hesketh Steel Monkeys
  37. Stuart Hunt Steel Monkeys
  38. Mark Ireland Steel Monkeys
  39. Jonathan Jones Steel Monkeys
  40. Peter Kerr Steel Monkeys
  41. Doug Little Steel Monkeys
  42. Stephen Lochran Steel Monkeys
  43. Stuart MacDonald Steel Monkeys
  44. Chris Marshall Steel Monkeys
  45. Alan McDermott Steel Monkeys
  46. Dawn McGill Steel Monkeys
  47. Colin McGuire Steel Monkeys
  48. Andrew McLennan Steel Monkeys
  49. Derek McLennan Steel Monkeys
  50. Bryan McPhail Steel Monkeys
  51. Paul Middleton Steel Monkeys
  52. David Miller Steel Monkeys
  53. Linda Molloy Steel Monkeys
  54. Paul Reeves Steel Monkeys
  55. Neil Stewart Steel Monkeys
  56. Patrick Tougas Steel Monkeys
  57. Stuart Trevor Steel Monkeys
  58. Steve Walker Steel Monkeys
  59. Scott Wilson Steel Monkeys
  60. Jonathan Stobbs Techinical Support
  61. Graham Hardy Trumpet
  62. Gordon Marshall Trumpet
  63. Howard Hedger Violin
  64. Steve Parker Vocals
  65. Dan Symington Vocals


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, discoinferno84, LordAndrew, misschu, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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