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Multiplayer Guide by Warwolf22

Version: 0.61 | Updated: 05/09/03


                   Star Wars: The Clone Wars Multi-Player Guide
                                 By: Warwolf
                          E-Mail: FX4@operamail.com
                          System: Nintendo Gamecube

1. Version
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Multi-Player
5. Academy
6. Duel
7. Conquest
8. Control Zone
9. Secrets
11.Legal Stuff


   05/01/03 0.60 - I've completed mostly everything except Control Zone, 1 duel 
map, and points for a couple enemies when you destroy them. (In Academies)

   05/09/03 0.61 - I completed the scores for killing enemies in MP Academies

   Hey everyone, welcome to my Star Wars: The Clone Wars Multi-Payer Guide for
the GCN. (Nintendo Gamecube) I'm a huge Star Wars Fan, I've played almost every 
Star Wars Game out there, and have/seen all of the movies so far. This is my 
first guide/FAQ so if things aren't in a normal place it's ok..for now. And I'm 
Not good at making Notepad Logos so I didn't include one. Please note that this 
is for Multi-Player Only.

If you have questions that involve this game e-mail me at: FX4@operamail.com
Please put the subject in the message as the Games name then question or 
something. Just as long as you have the name of the game in the subject line.
You can also give me some feedback on this too. =)


    Here's a list of the basic controls for each vehicle/Jedi you can use.

  TX-130 S Fighter Tank (Republic Landmaster Tank) and Ground Armored 
Tank (Trade Federation Tank) 
   L = Strafe Left
   R = Strafe Right
   Z = Zoom
   A = Fire Lasers
   B = Fire Missiles
   Y = Boost
   X = Change View (3rd Person to 1st Person)
   C-Stick = Free Look 
   Analog Stick = Move

  AT-XT Assault Walker
   L = Turn Cockpit to the Left
   R = Turn Cockpit to the Right
   Z = Zoom
   A = Fire Lasers
   B = Fire Mortar Shells 
   Y = Put Up Temporary Shield
   X = Change View
   C-Stick = Free Look
   Analog Stick = Move
  Hailfire Droid (Vehicle with two wheels)

   L = Nothing
   R = Nothing
   Z = Zoom
   A = Fire Lasers 
   B = Fire Missiles
   Y = Boost
   X = Change View
   C-Stick = Free Look
   Analog Stick = Move

  Armored Assault Tank (Mortar Tank)
   L = Strafe Left
   R = Strafe Right
   Z = Zoom
   A = Fire Lasers
   B = Fire Mortar Gun (Must be held in 'till it charges up)
   Y = Nothing
   X = Change View
   C-Stick = Free Look
   Analog Stick = Move

  Jedi/Infantry (In Geonosis Academy)

   L = Nothing
   R = Nothing
   Z = Nothing
   A = Slash/Shoot
   B = Throw Saber (For Jedi)
   Y = Force Push (For Jedi)
   X = Nothing
   C-Stick = Zoom In/Zoom Out
   Analog Stick = Move


  Multi-Player is one of the best things made in games, in this game there are
four different scenerios to choose from which are: Academy, Duel, Conquest, 
and Control Zone. Though there aren't any bots to fight it's still pretty fun.
(Especially with skilled pilots fighting you if you're skilled that is) I 
divided each of the multi-player scenerios into sections and the maps you can
choose from in them. Oh and of course scoring.


  The Academy Scenerio is for players to fight together against various enemies
from Single-Player. There are two maps to choose from in it, Thule and Geonosis.
Geonosis must be unlocked by completing 20 Bonus Objectives. 

 Thule - This is a small map for vehicles but there is but one place to hide 
from big, and strong enemies like Dark Acolytes. It also contains Super 
Blasters. To get there go to the rock in the middle and look at the wall 
between two of the four enemy hangars. You should see a hole in it boost up in
it to find the Super Blasters. Health and Ammo appear throughout your progress.
 The sad part is you can only pilot the Republic Vehicles. 
There are little circular things that are seen floating around the map, here's 
the points for them.

   Yellow = 25 Points
   Orange = 40 Points
   Purple = 60 Points
   Blue = 100 Points

The enemies also give you points (of course) and when they appear. 
Here's their list.
STAP: 10 points - First appear in Wave 1
Ground Armored Tank: 25 points - First appear in Wave 1
Mortar Tanks: 40 points - First appear in Wave 5
HailFire: 30 points - First appear in Wave 7
CAD: 50 points - First appear in Wave 7
Homing Spider Droid: 60 points - First appear in Wave 10
Heavy Mortar Tanks: 45 points - First appear in Wave 13
Dark Acolyte: 100 points - First appear in Wave 16
Protodeka: 175 points - First appear in Wave 19
Dreadnought: 250 points - First appear in Wave 20 (Final Wave)

 Geonosis - The map for this is almost exactly like the Geonosis Arena in the 
movie Attack of the Clones.  Most codes for the game are for this very arena.
When Playing by yourself you get up to three buddies depending on who you are.
In the Character Selection Screen there's a lot of people to choose from, which
are Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Unnamed Jedi, Yoda, (after comleting 45 bonus
objectives) Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Wookie, Padme, Clone Trooper, 
and Most likely Jango Fett, Count Dooku. Enemies also give points in this too.

Geonosians: 5 points - They first appear in Wave 1
Battle Droids: 10 points - First appear in Wave 4
Super Battle Droids: 15 points - First appear in Wave 8
Dwarf Spider Droids: 20 points - First appear in Wave 15

Now if fighting by yourself and you want to complete it always choose the
Unnamed Jedi. This way you'll start off with Mace, Anakin, and Obi-Wan with 
you at the start, and Padme will come for round three then leave in round four  
or five. (Usually four) In round 6 three Clone Troopers also come to your aid.
Same as on Thule, throughout the match you get health, but in this they're 
harder to find and are only 1/4 health items too.


     Duel is for 2-4 People, and is head to head combat with your friends.
You can choose from 5 different vehicles: Republic Landmaster Tank, Trade
Federation Tank, AT-XT, Mortar Tank, and Hailfire Droid. But where's my 
Dark Acolyte at?! Now why wouldn't they include this? Or did they?
My guess is no, but lets not go into that and stay in the category. You'll
find Health, Ammo, Super Blasters, and Distinegration Field, in every 
map, but the invincibility and Cloaking are in all but one. Out of all the 
Scenerios  there are I (for some odd reason) play this the most.  

  Kashyyyk - This area is a fairly open place with trees everywhere.
There are hills to snipe from, back passages to hide in and wait for your 
enemies, but there is no cloaking in this map..but there's invincibility and
the distinegration field here. Which doesn't make much sense but ok.

  Rhen Var - This is another small area with a lot of buildings to boost up on.
This map has two main parts and a path leading to each one. In one part 
there's buildings everywhere, and in the other is what looks like destroyed
bridges. The part with the bridges makes nice sniping places since there's a 
lot of hills. In the path leading to each part there are two places you can get 
up to. One on each side. Boost up either of them to reach two more sniping 
spots. There is everything but Invincibility in this map.

  Thule - This map is a somewhat maze. The lower level is a valley that can 
either go up to higher levels, or stay down but get on a pathway just
above the main valley. There's also a ramp that leads up to the center pillar.
It contains Ammo, Health, and Super Blasters. If your facing the center pillar
and turn left you will go up a ramp to health. Go up another Ramp to come to 
two paths, one on the left, one on the right. The on on the left leads to 
Invincibility, the one on the right leads further up the mountain. I'll Finish 
the rest of the map soon.

  Geonosis - This is a long curved valley, at one end there's health and a
distinegratin field, in the next area there's some ammo and a bunch of pointy
pillars. The next area is just an open path leading to the other side of the
map. All through the curved area are little openings on the side of the walls
with health in them. When you reach the other side you'll find a ramp leading
to ammo, the upper levels, and a strange rock with two items on it. The upper 
levels go all through the curved valley using rock bridges. When you get to 
the upper levels the way I explained you'll see a rock bridge and a pathway.
If you take the pathway you'll find ammo in a hole in the side. (Careful,
AT-XT's tend to get stuck in there.) keep going and you'll see more 
bridges and you'll reach the pointy spike area. You'll see a rock with
two spikes sticking up. Go near the wall behind it and you'll see a 
ramp go on it and boost over the hole. keep going to reach an Invincibility
and you'll see a small ramp boost over it just enough and you should be
right on top of the rock. (Yes I was the one who solved this mystery and 
another too) Now if you take the bridge this time and keep going you should 
come to a point where you will start going back the way you came. (On the 
other side of the valley though) Instead of going around and around do a 180 
and you'll see yet another ramp. Go up to find Super Blasters and Ammo.
(My Favorite Sniping Spot) This map has every item.

  Raxus - This is personally on of my favorite maps in all Multi-Player.
If you know all the secrets (which I will tell you)  It has at least 35
items. First secret (which really isn't) is the forcefield. You see a huge 
area beyond it, and a couple items and you don't think you can get there
right? Wrong. Simply blast the forcefield until it explodes. (It helps 
to hit the things that are half on it, half on the wall. Go through
and straight to find a dead end valley. To the left of the valley is
a distinegration field, Go to the right and keep turning 'till you
see a valley with scrap everywhere, you'll see a ramp down it.
Boost (or strafe with the Mortar Tank) over it to find Health, Ammo,
and 3 cloakings. There's a ramp that leads back out so take it. 
Go back through the forcefield and down through the hallway of
buildings (which contain cloaking, super blasters, ammo, and health)
You'll come to a crashed techno union ship? to find ammo in it cloaking to
the side, health around where the back/bottom of the ship is, and a ramp
to boost up onto a bridge to snipe people from. Now if your heading back
into the city turn left before entering. You should (of couse) come to a 
wall. Shoot it untill it blows to find health, and 2 superblasters.
(My second solved mystery to help people) Now by the forcefield instead
of going out turn either left or right. Left will take you to cloaking
right to health.

   Conquest is a scenerio that acts like a mini war. (In my opinion) It's best
played with four people, but two is fine as well. You will have to choose from 
two teams to be on, Red, or Blue. On the Red team you can pilot the Trade 
Federation Tank, and the Mortar Tank. On Blue the AT-XT, and Republic 
Landmaster Tank. In each map there are two HQs. One for red, one for blue. 
There are also 6-9 Outposts throughout the map. (This is where having four 
players makes it better) There are two outposts by each HQ and four scattered
through the map. To obtain an outpost you must go inside the white circle and
stay there untill four turrets are completed. (You can have an outpost with 
just one turret but all four allows bots to be made) Once the fourth turret is
constructed you can leave. This allows bots to be made while your not in it. 
The object of the game is to destroy the other player(s) HQ. It really 
doesn't matter if you destroy all their outposts the main target is the HQ.
The outposts just make the game more exciting. With 4 players the game
seems to last a bit shorter then with two, but it still can break ten minutes
easily but that's only with 4 skilled pilots of course. If there's just one 
skilled pilot then he'll just wipe out the HQ without touching an outpost
while the other 3 players go make outposts, he'll be blasting their base.
Here's the maps.

   Geonosis - This is a somewhat small map with health, ammo, cloaking and 
invincibility. There are only six outposts in this map. Each HQ is at the
opposite end of the map. (Ya think) There are only three main sections, two
bridges on the higher levels, two pathways on the higher levels, and a place
with nothing in it, but can still be used to snipe the red base. If on the 
blue team you'll find two ouposts by your HQ, and two in the middle section 
of the map, and the two at red base. In the middle section if you go to the 
corner of an outpost and face slightly toward blue you'll see a ramp which 
either leads to cloaking or invincibility. If cloaking you should come to
red base. (a perfect spot for cloaking to be) You can also boost across the
rock bridge to find the sniping spot I mentioned before. The middle section 
also has pointed pillars to hide behind and ambush an enemy. 

   Kashyyyk - This map is huge, it has two ravines, four bridges, 8 outposts,
health, and ammo. Each base has two outposts, and a boulder to hide behind 
while defending the base. There are two side paths from each base that lead 
to two outposts, one on each path. Before each ravine there's one outpost.
There's also paths in the first ravine for blue, second for red which lead up
to the two outposts.

   Thule Moon - This map is complexed. It has many pathways leading to 
different places. It contains ammo, and health. There's 8 outposts.
 At each base there's two outposts, and a cliff right behind the HQ. 
There's an outpost just outside the teams base area. Here's where it 
gets complexed, the areas aren't mirrored in this map, only the first
three outposts. If on the blue team after the third outpost you can 
either go to the left, right, or two ammo boxes. To get to the ammo 
boxes go right but do not cross the bridge. Instead go left of the bridge. 
You should see the the rock goes up a little. (Like a ramp) Go on it and 
you'll see a pathway. Go onto the pathway and keep going to reach the 
ammo boxes. If you go right after the third oupost you'll find a bridge. 
Take it to another outpost, then keep going to find a second outpost and 
a bridge. Take the bridge to an area with two boulders. Keep going to find 
an outpost right outside of red base. If you took the left after the third 
outpost you should find two bridges with a 1/4 health on one. Take one of 
them to red's third outpost. I think you guys can figure out red 
until I get a walkthrough for it. I don't think it's needed but I'll make 
one anyway.

   Rhen Var - Another big map. The ice planet has cloaking, invincibility,
ammo, and health. There's also ice walls leading to each base. Either going
straight, or taking one of the side roads. There's a huge nine outposts in 
this map. Four at each HQ, and one through the main road leading to the 
other base. If on blue there are three ways to go. (Same with red) Either
up the middle or to the sides, each one leads to the other base. However,
there are more ice walls to blow up in the side passages then in the main
passage. If on blue go to the walls right before the ice wall, you should
find a ramp on both sides, boost up either of them to find ammo. Go to the 
first ice wall on the main passage. Blow it up to find an outpost, and 
another ice wall. To the left of where you came you'll see to openings.
The one closest to you leads to the side passage. the other the same, but 
has invincibility. If you go right of the outpost you'll see a hole, and a 
small valley like the one on the left. Boost up in the hole to find cloaking
and the valley leads to the side passage on the right. The next ice wall 
leads to red base. Again I don't think you'll need a red team walkthrough,
but I'll make one.

****************************8.CONTROL ZONE*************************************

  Control Zone is the King of the Hill scenerio in this game. The maps are 
small, the items are close together, and the hill is big. This is my least 
played scenerio in the game, but there are some who play it quite often. 
Basically you have to stay in "The Hill" until you reach the amount of points 
needed to win, or the time limit runs up. If two or more players are in the
the hill, the hill boundry circle turns white. If one player is in the hill
the hill boundry circle turns to their team color. Very simple to learn.

    Raxus - The zone is on a hill in the center of the map. There are four
1/4 health packs that are hidden in alcoves where you could get trapped in.
There's A bridge in the zone that leads to Super Blasters. (If you boost up 
it) There's also Super Blasters and ammo in the far corner. There's two
bunker-like things as well. One contains invincibility, the other with the
distinegration field.


I'm real sorry for not completing this yet, but I will soon.


There are many secrets found in the game. Most probably haven't even been 
thought of yet, but anyway here's the secrets I know of. Please Note that
these are only multi-player cheats.

First I've seen a lot of people who don't know how to get in two places in MP,
one in Raxus Duel, the other in Geonosis Duel. So I've took a bit to figure 
these out.

First For the Geonosis one -
To get on top of the rock with the Disintegration Field and Cloaking Device, 
go to the place where there are pointy spikes everywhere. Turn left onto the 
upper levels (turn left if facing the rock, right if not) then search around 
that little area (without leaving the pillars' area). You will see a ramp. 
Go up it then keep going until you see a hole. Boost over the hole and hold L 
slightly. You should be on the other side. Keep going to get to an 
invincibility item. You will see a ramp in front of the invincibility item, 
Boost long enough over it and you should end up on the rock. 

Now for Raxus Prime -
When playing in this level you may have noticed that there's Super Blasters
behind a wall (there's also health but you can see only the Super Blasters)
Go to the place where there's a crashed Techno Union Ship. It's on the
opposite side of the forcefield. So say the Forcefield's North, where the
Techno Union ship is is South. Start heading through the town towards the
forcefield, then before enter the city turn left to see a wall. Blow the wall
up to reach the area.

Raxus Prime Forcefield -
It's easy to figure this out, blast the forcefield's sides to destroy it.

Now for the Codes. (I trust you can find the screen to type them in)

Multi-Player Level Select - FRAGFIESTA

Invincibility - 1WITHFORCE (Also works in Single Player)

Unlimited Seconary Ammunition - CHOSEN1 (Also works in Single Player)

These codes are for Geonosis Academy.

Padme Unlocked - CORDE

Battle Droid Unlocked - ROGERROGER

Super Battldroid Unlocked - WAT TAMBOR

Wookie Unlocked - FUZZBALL

Clone Trooper Unlocked - FAKE FETT


www.vgstrategies.about.com, and www.cheatcc.com for the codes.

Lucasarts, and Pandemic for creating this game. 

******************************11.LEGAL STUFF***********************************

This FAQ was intended for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and was made only by me, 
Warwolf in my spare time. You may not take any information as your own, nor 
post this FAQ anywhere without my permission. You may not change anything in 
this FAQ either. Only Gamefaqs.com, and vgstrategies.about.com may have this 
FAQ. You may however post a link to this FAQ.


Tips for piloting coming soon. 



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