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FAQ/Walkthrough by Daric Soldar

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 04/28/03

    ______________   ___     _____    ___    __    __   ___     _____    _____
   (    ____    __| / . \   |     \   \  \  /  \  /  / / . \   |     \  (   __|
    \  \    |  |   / /_\ \  |  |)  |   \  \/    \/  / / /_\ \  |  |)  |  \  \
 ____\  \   |  |  /  ___  \ |     /___  \    /\    / /  ___  \ |     /____\  \
|________)  |__| /__/   \__\|__|\_____|  \__/  \__/ /__/   \__\|__|\__________)

   ____  _      ____    __    _  _____  ___            ___       ____    _____
  / __ || |    / __ \  |  \  | ||  ___/ \  \    /\    /  //\    |    \  (   __| 
 / /  \|| |   / /  \ \ |   \ | || |      \  \  /  \  /  //  \   | |)  )  \ (
( (     | |  ( (    ) )| |\ \| ||  >      \  \/ /\ \/  // /\ \  |    /    \ \
 \ \__/|| |___\ \__/ / | | \   || |___     \   /  \   // ____ \ | |\ \  ___) \
  \____||____/ \____/  |_|  \__||_____/     \_/    \_//_/    \_\|_| \_\|______)

By Daric Soldar
Platform/Console: Xbox
Version: .25
Last Updated: 4/26/03


1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Controls
4) Basic Tactics
5) Advanced Tactics
6) Character Biographies
       I. Galactic Republic       
          1. Anakin Skywalker
          2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
          3. Mace Windu
          4. Yoda
      II. Confederacy of Independent Systems
          1. Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus
          2. Cydon Prax
     III. Other      
          1. Bera Kazan
          2. Ulic Qel-Droma
7) Vehicle Database
       I. Galactic Republic
          1. Speeder Bike
          2. Fighter Tank
          3. AT-XT Assault Walker
          4. Maru
          5. Gunship
          6. Mobile Assault Cannon
          7. AT-TE Assault Walker
          8. Jedi
      II. Confederacy of Independent Systems
          1. Single-Trooper Aerial Platform
          2. Armored Assault Tank
          3. Hailfire Droid
          4. Ground Armored Tank
8) Weapons/Special Abilities
       I. Weapons       
          1. Laser Cannons
          2. Concussion Missiles
          3. Proton Mortar
          4. Composite-Beam Laser Turrets
          5. Twin Bowcasters
          6. Seismic Emitter
          7. Thermal Detonator
          8. Mortar
          9. Lightsabre
      II. Special Abilities
          1. Plasma Shields
          2. Repulsor Boost
9) Single-Player Campaign Walkthrough
       I. Geonosis
          1. The Rescue Begins
          2. Infiltration of the Arena
          3. The Battle of Geonosis
      II. Rhen Var
          1. The Evacuation of Rhen Var
     III. Raxus Prime
          1. Scrap Yard Pursuit
          2. Ambush Among the Wreckage
          3. The Conquest of Raxus Prime
      IV. Kashyyk Moon
          1. Anakin's Escape
          2. New Alliance
          3. The Liberation of Kashyyk
       V. Rhen Var
          1. Eye of the Storm
          2. Lost Legacy
      VI. Thule Moon
          1. Desperate Gambit
     VII. Thule
          1. Assault on Thule
          2. Dark Side Rising
          3. Fate of the Republic
10) Multi-Player
       I. Scenarios
          1. Duel
          2. Control Zone
          3. Academy
          4. Conquest (Splitscreen)
          5. Conquest (Xbox LIVE)
11) Bonus Materials, Codes
12) Credits/Acknowledgements
13) Contacting the Author
14) Disclaimer


Hello, this is my first FAQ/Walkthrough so if some things look a bit strange or
it sounds like I've been up all night writing this blasted contraption don't
think anything of it.  And yes, this thing will give me nightmares, and I might
even dream about Jocasta Nu in a golden-slave bikini...umm...let's forget I 
said that shall we?

(If you're wondering who in the heck is Jocasta Nu, it's that old librarian in
the Jedi Temple that talks to Obi-Wan in Episode 2...ah just watch the movie)

First off I would like to say that yes the divider bars on this FAQ currently
suck, so if you have an idea for a better divider (and it isn't copied off of
someone elses, you naughty Warries) I would greatly appreciate it.

I don't think I can say my real name (I've never seen a FAQ where they have so
I figure, eh, why mess with tradition) but you can call me Daric Soldar (no
this is not my real name, it's my Jedi name, and PLEASE no e-mails calling me
a nerd).

On to the serious stuff, I'll try to write this guide as spoiler-free as
possible (mainly because it'd take twice as long to write down what happens
throughout the story and I have school, sheesh give me a break here!).  Guides
with spoilers have always angered me, when I search ahead so I don't find a 20
foot vampire behind the next corner I learn that Bambi's mom dies! How dare

I also might add some amusing commentary here and there, because as my English
teacher has told me a thousand times it's to add voice to your work (I think
she was clinically insane though).  Plus when you're reading through this I
know you want something to amuse you, not just something that tells you the
facts.  But I'll try to keep the commentary to a low so that I don't muck the
whole thing up with gibberish.

Now, into the garbage chute fly boy! Erm, I mean, on with the FAQ! 

-Daric Soldar


For each update I'll list what has changed since the last version.

(sorry for the little mixup, I forgot to label the FAQ as a 
different version before uploading it so it was shown as Version 1.00 when my
walkthrough was far from completion) 

Version 0.1 - 4/26/03

FAQ hosted on Gamefaqs.com! Thanks for letting me fill up your webspace with my
walkthrough :D
-1st level finished (it's harder than it looks)
-Character Biographies
-Basic and Advance Game Tactics
-Vehicle Descriptions

Version .25 - 4/27/03
-Walkthrough up to Mission 4
-Changed layout
-Added new dividers
-Multiplayer, Bonus Materials, Codes, Weapon Descriptions


First, take an Xbox controller out of a LEGALLY purchased package.  Then stick
the little plug into the hole in front of the Xbox console. Place controller 
into your hand. If you can't get to that point just ring your little bell and
I'll send Tommy in the back to hit you on the head with a tackhammer because 
you are a re...
nevermind (you'll also find I have a knack for remembering movie lines).

Oh, and if you don't know what pressure sensitive means then...may God have
mercy on your soul.

LEFT THUMBSTICK:            Thrust/Steer (Moves you around), Pressure Sensitive

RIGHT THUMBSTICK:           Rotate camera around player

DIRECTIONAL PAD:            Squad Commands (issue orders to squadmates:
                            UP:     Attack selected target
                            DOWN:   Regroup at your position
                            RIGHT:  Hold current position
                            LEFT:   Break formation and attack targets at will

A BUTTON (if you can't read it's the green one):    Fire Primary Weapon

B BUTTON (da red one):      Activate vehicle's special abilities (stated later)

X BUTTON (le bleu button):  Fire Secondary Weapon

Y BUTTON (jeune/yellow):    Zoom-in View

WHITE BUTTON (if you can't read well then what are you doing at this URL):
                            Toggle between 1st and 3rd person views

BLACK BUTTON:               Ummm...meiven?

LEFT TRIGGER:               For Walker: Turn turret left
                            For Gunship: Slow down gunship's speed
                            Everything Else: Strafe left

RIGHT TRIGGER:              For Walker: Turn turret right
                            For Gunship: Increase gunship's speed
                            Everything Else: Strafe right

START BUTTONS:              Serve no purpose, pick them off with a switchblade
                            if it tickles your fancy.  Oh it lets you go 
                            through the menus but so does the A button :P

XBOX LOGO:                 Increases saratonin levels and gaming performance.
                            Ok you got me, it's made to look perty!

                                  BASIC TACTICS

NOTE: If you've played games similar to Clone Wars (such as Demolition, X-Wing,
any first-person shooter or tank sim) then you can pretty much skip this

Now, if you're expecting me to tell you how to shoot your guns or how to go 
into the start menu then you don't deserve to own a console because it's more
idiot-proof than an I-Mac...oops, did I say that out loud?

Here are some basic tactics that are going to save your hiney when the shiz
goes down.

1) Targeting

To target at an enemy, simply point your vehicle in the direction of the enemy
and they will be automatically targeted in your reticle.

2) Conserve Your Secondary/Special Ammo

Don't be wasteful, such as firing off one concussion missile after having a
full stock and then getting a powerup to refill it...don't even think about
doing that.  Also, when you're fighting a boss or a tough group of thugs save
the health powerups until you have 50-25 percent life left or else it's just
wasteful (now the numbers aren't exact but dont get a life powerup after 1
laser blast, get on the wagon people, or is it off the wagon?)
Save your specials for when you need them.  Don't use the walker's shield
special when theres 1 STAP flying around because it takes a long time to
Basically, use common sense (if you don't have any and would like to buy some,
please visit our website at www.meneedbrain.com, and No that's not a real
If you aren't sure which powerups are which, the White Boxes and White Spheres
provide additional health for you vehicle, blue boxes increase your secondary 
ammunition, the powerup that resembles an upside-down triangle increases the 
firepower of your lasers for a short amount of time, the powerup that looks
like a circle makes an energy field around your vessel that will instantly
destroy enemy that touches you, and the 3-pointed powerup makes your vehicle

3) Choose who you're going to shoot and stick with him

Some people prefer to pick off the bigest hombres, some prefer to get rid of
the gnats first.  Personally, I prefer to take down the weaker units first.
But whatever you decide to do, pick an enemy and keep him in your sights til
he's bantha poodoo.  For instance, don't fire on 20 AAT's in order, pick them
off one at a time.  You'll be surprised how much this actually helps you out.

4) Keep moving!

I can't stress this enough!  I don't even think I need to explain this.
Remember back in elementary when you played dodgeball, there were the skinny
fast kids and then the larger not-so-fast kids.  Who was easier to hit, the kid
bouncing everywhere or the plump kid that's half asleep in the corner?

5) Don't take on large confrontations head-on

If there's a large amount of tanks or turrets, don't run straight into the
fight because you'll die very quickly.  Pick off your targets one at a time and
if the ranks are smaller then you can head into battle.  Or you know, you can
just run in with your guns blazing and get shot in the arse.

6) When surrounded by foes, keep your finger on the trigger

If you've got enemies surrounding you, you can either A) Run off to a more
secluded spot to restrategize or B) Just keep tapping the fire button and pray
to God.  Or you can do both, that's always fun.

7) Strafe often

Use those Left and Right trigger buttons, they come in very handy in a

8) Have fun

Remember, this is a game! If you're stuck on one mission, take a break, eat a
sandwich, take a nap, read a book, watch a movie (watch Scrooged, an excellent

I've found when you're frustrated and just keep playing the level over and over
again you don't care about doing it as perfect as you did the first time
because this level is REALLY pissing you off and you just wanna get through it.

So when you come back from your coffee break you'll be calm and will perform
better than when you were choking your sister's teddy bear to death.

If I forgot anything you think I should add e-mail me.

                             ADVANCED GAME TACTICS

1) Circle-Strafe

This is one of the most common tactics used in first-person shooters and
tank/mech sims alike.  To perform a circle-strafe, press the strafe key and
move the left joystick in the opposite direction so that your ship is always 
centered onto your target. Practice this in a map where everyone's dead, and 
circle around a rock or tree.

Once you've got it down on a stationary target, try it out on an enemy.  You'll
notice they have a much harder time hitting you, and since you're always
centered on your target you're free to shoot them as much or little as you
please with no fear of retaliation.

If you have any other tactics you'd like me to add I'd be happy to add it.
Since this game is mostly keep moving and shooting I don't know if there's even
anything else you could do to save your hide.

                            CHARACTER BIOGRAPHIES


1. Anakin Skywalker

A young Jedi under the tutelage of Master Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker was born on
the desert planet of Tatooine.  After a strange twist of fate he changed from
a slave to a Jedi padawan (after much discussion among the Jedi Council
members).  Very strong with the force, he breezed through most of the Jedi
exercises.  This inherent gift has made him arrogant (which is ironically
everything the Jedi are against) and he often times anger's his master for his
reckless actions.  He is quite adept with a lightsaber, rivaling even his own
master in skill.  He wears a black glove on his right hand to cover his
synthetic arm after it was dismembered in a duel with Count Dooku.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Early in his career as a Jedi Padawan to Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi
was as foolish and impatient as any teenager his age would be.  He joined a
group of boys his age to fulfill their foolhardy ideals and resigned from the
Jedi Order.  Realizing this action was against the Order's teachings, he asked
his master for his forgiveness, and Qui-Gon once again accepted Obi-Wan as his
student.  After this incident Obi-Wan was much more conscious of his actions
and became known as one of the most serious and strict Jedi in the order
(although he's been known to crack some dry jokes to his close friends).

On an early assignment (once again reunited with his teacher) to Naboo, as 
ordered by Supreme Chancellor Valorum,  to settle a trade dispute with the 
powerful Trade Federation.  Obviously a trap, he escaped to Naboo to protect 
the Queen.  In his task to protect Amidala he met a young boy on Tatooine, 
whom Qui-Gon believed was the 'Chosen One', who would drastically change 
Obi-Wan's life forever.

After Qui-Gon Jinn was struck down by Sith Lord Darth Maul, he took it upon
himself to fulfill his master's dying wish...to train Anakin Skywalker as a
Ten years after the Battle of Naboo, Obi-Wan is a well-known and respected Jedi
Knight.  He is sometimes considered harsh on his apprentice, Anakin, because
he is trying to keep Anakin from making the same mistakes he did as a padawan.
A clever, headstrong Jedi, Obi-Wan is quite skilled with a lightsaber and is
one of the most highly regarded Jedi in the order.

3. Mace Windu

A Jedi Master who was on the Jedi Council from the time of the Naboo conflict,
Mace Windu has always been a cunning man who provides sound advice to those who
require it.  He shares the title of Senior Member of the Jedi Council (along
with Master Yoda).  Mace's fighting style is very unique in that it is very
straight-forward and he doesn't like to 'show off', yet his style is still
very powerful.  With his signature violet lightsaber, he is the perfect
leader to lead the Jedi in the Clone Wars.

4. Yoda

Senior Member of the Jedi Council, Jedi Master Yoda is considered the wisest
man in the galaxy.  Being a Jedi for over 800 years and teaching for about the
same period of time has given him the opportunity to see the many aspects of
the force and the effect the dark side has on its user.  He has taught many
Jedi and has seen those same students fall in battle to protect his brethren.
Although seen as grouchy, to his close friends and colleagues he has quite a
developed sense of humor, often playing practical jokes.  Students of the Jedi
Academy wouldn't believe it even if they did see Yoda laugh or even smile.
Being approximately 900 years old, he is very acquainted with what has been
called the 'unifying force'.  He can often times see the future very easily.
But as he teaches his students, the future is always in motion and you can't
always believe your visions will come true.
Bearing a green lightsaber, he is one of the greatest swordsman who ever lived.


1. Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus

Once a powerful and well thought of Jedi Master in the Order, he resigned his
commission shortly after the Battle of Naboo.  Becoming Darth Sidious' new
Sith apprentice, he took upon him the name of Darth Tyranus (a tradition the
Sith have had for almost 1,000 years).
Dooku formed the Confederacy of Independant Systems afterwards.  Thousands of 
star systems suceeded from the Republic to join his secretive guild.  This was
a plan concocted by none other than Darth Sidious himself to trick them into a
false sense of security, owing their allegiance to him to use their influence
at his will.
When he was in the Jedi Order, Dooku was a cunning man.  In the beginning of
his life as a Jedi he learned under the teachings of Master Yoda.  When he
became a Jedi Knight he took Qui-Gon Jinn as his padawan learner.
Using this fact to try to convince Obi-Wan Kenobi on Geonosis to join him, he
attempted to trick Obi-Wan into believing he was on the Republic's side.
One of the most skilled swordsman in the galaxy, he fought 3 Jedi at the
beginning of the Clone Wars (including Master Yoda) and performed quite well.
With high-tech droids and weapons, Dooku and the Seperatists are a force to be
reckoned with.

2. Cydon Prax

After the death of Jango Fett at the Battle of Geonosis, Cydon Prax became
Dooku's right hand man.  A ruthless killer, he pilots a specially modified
fighter tank with the latest in technology and weaponry.  He wears armor
similar to that of the Mandalorian armor Jango Fett donned before his demise.


1. Bera Kazan

Bera is a notorious smuggler who has ties to some of the most heinous gangsters
in the galaxy.  She accepted a job from Dooku to deliver some strange 
artifacts.  She was captured and became Dooku's prisoner shortly after her
delivery.  Her ship bears the marks of many battles and close escapes.

2. Ulic Qel-Droma

The tale of Ulic-Qel Droma would break any warrior's heart.  The tale of a
fallen Jedi is always a bitter tale.  Once one of the most powerful Jedi in the
Order, he took on a mission to defeat the dark side within.  He was tempted by
the dark-side, and became a Sith Apprentice to Sith Lord Exar Kun.
The galaxy fell into a terrible war known as the Sith War.  Exar Kun and his
legion of followers attacked and slayed the Jedi.
He aided Exar Kun and the Sith in constructing a device called the Dark Reaper,
capable of extracting the Force out of a large area, which was capable of
giving its wielder the power to absorb this energy.
Qel-Droma, after realizing the mistake he had made, tried to make it up to the
Republic and the Jedi Order by revealing Kun's secret base.
The Sith War over, the Jedi Order stripped Qel-Droma's ability to wield the
force and was banished into exile.
A young girl, Vima Sunrider (13 year old daughter of the legendary Nomi
Sunrider) sought out Ulic Qel-Droma to teach her the ways of the Force.
In Vema's instruction Qel-Droma found redemption.
He died a Jedi Master, absorbed into the Force itself.  A
freighter pilot shot him in the back with a pistol in an attempt to give
himself a reputation.
It is rumored Ulic Qel-Droma's grave contains the location of the Dark Reaper,
a weapon capable of mass destruction.

                               VEHICLE DATABASE


1. Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike
A fast one man craft that allows troopers to quickly go from one end of the
battlefield to the other.  This vehicle is equipped with a light laser turret
and little if no armor to protect the rider.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Underbody-mounted light laser turret
SPECIAL: Repulsor Boost

2. TX-130 Republic Fighter Tank
A repulsor craft specifically used to harness the extremely keen senses of a 
Jedi.  Able to maneuver quickly, it packs a wallop with dual medium cannons and
a concussion missile launcher.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Dual medium laser cannons
SECONDARY WEAPON: Concussion missiles
SPECIAL: Repulsor boost

3. AT-XT Assault Walker
A two-legged craft designed for firepower, it is not very fast or maneuverable.
It's ability to activate impenitrable shields definitely increases the hull

PRIMARY WEAPON: Heavy laser cannons
SPECIAL: Plasma shields

4. Maru
A creature native to Kashyyk, the Maru is an animal domesticated by the native
Wookies.  The Wookies use the Maru for transportation, hunting, and sport.
Fast and agile, it also has an attached bowcaster and a seismic pulse emitter.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Mounted twin bowcasters
SECONDARY WEAPON: Thermal detonator
SPECIAL: Seismic Pulse Emitter

5. Republic Low-Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i) Gunship
The workhorse of the clone army.  Transports troops and provides air support
for ground forces.  It's laser turrets require a lot of energy but can destroy
almost anything (be it from enemies to barriers) very quickly.  When piloted
by a Jedi this ship can perform the unimaginable.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Multiple laser cannons
SECONDARY WEAPON: Concussion missiles
SPECIAL: Composite-beam pinpoint laser turrets

6. Mobile Assault Cannon (MAC) (NOTE: You cannot pilot this vessel but it will 
aid you in your missions)
These slow-moving cannons fire the heaviest turbolasers in the Republic army
and are used to great effect in the invasion of Geonosis.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Heavy turbolaser

7. AT-TE Assault Walker (NOTE: You cannot pilot this vessel but it will aid you
in your missions) 
Can perform a wide array of missions from troop transport to assault missions.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Long-range heavy laser cannon
SECONDARY WEAPON: Six laser turrets

8. Jedi
Protectors of good and righteousness, Jedi have been defending the Republic for
over 25,000 years.  With the Force as their ally, they can prove to be worthy
opponents.  Their unique laser swords, called lightsabres, can block incoming
laser blasts and deflect them back at the enemy.  The Force gives them enhanced
senses and reflexive capabilities.  On foot, they are deadly; in a Republic
tank they're even deadlier.

SECONDARY WEAPON: Lightsabre throw


1. Single-Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP)
Used by the Seperatist's droids, the STAP is a high speed craft with no armor
or protection whatsoever and carries a light laser cannon

PRIMARY WEAPON: Light laser turret
SPECIAL: Repulsor boost

2. AAT (Armored Assault Tank)/Mortar Tank
The main heavy tank used by the Seperatists, this vessel is capable of firing
long-range mortars and heavy laser cannons.  With it's heavily reinforced armor
it's the mainstay of the Seperatist army.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Heavy laser cannons
SECONDARY WEAPON: Long-range Mortar

3. Hailfire Droid
This droid is unusual in that it's one of the few vessels used by the
Seperatists that travels by tank treads rather than repulsors.  It can carry a
large load of concussion missiles, capable of inflicting large amounts of
damage on enemy units.  It's maneuverability and high speed enable it to stay
alive on the battlefield.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Medium laser cannons
SECONDARY WEAPON: Concussion Missiles

4. Ground Armored Tank (GAT)
The Seperatists produced a tank to provide a vessel capable of moving at high
speeds and with increased maneuverability to fill the gap between the heavy
AAT's and the Seperatist droids.  Armed with medium laser cannons and
concussion missiles.

PRIMARY WEAPON: Medium laser cannons
SECONDARY WEAPON: Concussion missiles

                         WEAPONS AND SPECIAL ABILITIES


1. Laser Cannons
This is the primary weapon on most vehicles.  It comes in three strengths,
light, medium, and heavy.  Vehicles like the STAP and the speeder bike have the
light version; vehicles such as the Republic tank and the Seperatist tank are
equipped with the medium version; and finally craft such as the AT-XT and AAT
are equipped with heavy laser cannons.  The laser bolts can be either blue- or

2. Concussion Missiles
The most common secondary weapon. When fired at an enemy it tracks their
movements (rather than traveling in a straight line), it inflicts significant
damage on enemies.  Use this on more powerful enemies and bosses.

3. Proton Mortar
Equipped on the AT-XT, this is used for long-range siege attacks against bases
and enemies. Inflicts more damage than concussion missiles.

4. Composite-Beam Laser Turrets
These weapons are only available on the Republic Gunships, it's high
damage-yielding lasers lock onto the same target and can destroy almost any
foe within seconds.

5. Mounted Twin Bowcasters
These are similar to regular laser cannons, albeit weaker.  For use on the Maru

6. Seismic Pulse Emitter
Exerts a high-energy wave of energy at surrounding enemies. Takes a significant
time to recharge.

7. Thermal Detonator
A weapon used while riding a Maru.  Fire once to throw the detonator and fire
again to detonate it.

8. Mortar
Used on the AAT Mortar Tanks, these have a very long range and prove to be good
sniping weapons against bases or slow targets.

9. Lightsabre
A Jedi's weapon, this can hack through almost any material with ease.  Can be
thrown at enemies from afar.


1. Plasma Shields
Available exclusively to the AT-XT Assault Walker, this provides an
impenetrable shield for a few seconds.  This is best used in high risk
situations as it takes a longer time to recharge.

2. Repulsorlift Boost
When activated, this significantly increases your tank's speed for a limited
time.  Use when you're in a tight jam or are trying to beat the level quickly
to earn the Bonus Point.


NOTE: As stated earlier, I will keep this as spoiler-free as possible.  I will
also assume you know the basics (targeting, how to strafe, how to fire primary
and secondary weapons, how to use your Special Ability)

                                I. GEONOSIS

Mission One: The Rescue Begins


1) Destroy the First Anti-Orbital Cannon
2) Destroy the Second Anti-Orbital Cannon
3) Follow Luminara to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon
4) Destroy the Power Supply of the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon

Bonus Objectives:

1) Complete mission in less than 9 minutes
2) Recover 3 Missing R5 Units
3) Destroy At Least 100 Enemies

You start off in a Republic tank as Mace Windu with your squadmate Luminara
Unduli.  When the mission starts, follow Luminara through the canyon while 
shooting the two stationary guns on either side with your laser cannons (they
should be easy to destroy).

At the clearing, you'll see a large laser with 6 large canisters surrounding
it, 3 on both sides.  Destroy these with your lasers (if you want that bonus
objective you might as well use your concussion missiles).  There will be
several Seperatist tanks that attack you, dispatch them quickly.

Follow Luminara to the second waypoint (follow the green arrow at the top of
the screen).  Along the way you'll find a shield and secondary weapon recharge.
Take them if you need them, otherwise continue on to the objective. Destroy
the tanks up ahead.

Turning left on the bend there are 3 more Seperatist tanks. Afterwards,
Luminara will warn you of the Hailfire droids (yes it's Hailfire, I thought for
a while that it was Hellfire which would have been cooler). Strafe while
attacking them to avoid their deadly missile volleys (you'll find they're very
easy to destroy).

Before crossing through the next canyon and under the bridge, follow the dirt
ramp up to your right (just before the canyon begins) to collect a secondary
weapon recharge and to recover the first R5 droid. Destroy the oncoming tanks
and proceed through the canyon, destroying the stationary laser turrets and
enemy tanks.  On the left is a shield/weapon recharge.  Proceed up the ramp to
make your way to the second objective.

Follow the ramp to the top and destroy the turret at the top.  Turn left,
destroying the tank on the bridge.  Cross the bridge and destroy the two
cannons.  Take the ramp to the next level, take out the 2 tanks and the turret.
Take the next ramp up, turn left and destroy the enemy targets.

Taking the next ramp up on your left, destroy the two tanks coming across the
bridge.  Cross the bridge and take out the two cannons. Turn left.  As you
begin to cross the next bridge it explodes.  Back up a ways to make sure you
have enough room, begin going full speed at the bridge and activate your
special (repulsorlift boost). Destroy the two tanks and then the two tanks that
follow them.  Follow Luminara through the canyon and destroy the tanks and
Hailfire droid.  After destroying them, go to the far left wall where you'll
see a green blip on your radar.  Climb the plateau with your boost and you'll
recover the second droid.

Destroy the task force consisting of several Hailfire and Seperatist tanks up
ahead.  Luminara will comment that all the enemies are destroyed.  Follow her
until you see a short cutscene where Luminara comments that you can't get to
the last generators in your tanks.

You are now in control of Mace on foot.  Press the A button to attack with your
lightsaber, B to use Force Push, and X to throw your lightsaber at the enemy
with the Force.  Destroy the droids and Geonosians ahead and turn left, and
left again.  Use your Force Push ability to destroy a large group of droids or
Geonosians at once (remember, it takes a while for the ability to recharge).

Turn right and in a short cutscene Luminara will warn you that the spider bot
has a self-destruct mechanism.  To destroy it, throw your saber at it by
pressing the X button.  You will notice as it explodes it destroys many of the
enemies surrounding it.  Mop up the droids/Geo's and continue following the
path, destroying the spider bots by tossing your saber at them from a distance.

In the next area are 3 spider bots and many Geonosians.  Destroy them with your
saber.  At the right of the room is the last missing R5 unit.  After recovering
the droid, move towards the objective and throw your saber at the yellow
generators, disabling the orbital cannon.

Mission Complete!

Achieving the Bonus Objectives:

1) Complete Mission in Less than 9 Minutes

Don't worry if you can't get this bonus objective on your first try.  Beat the 
missions a few times so you know where the enemies are and where the missing R5
droids are. After playing it a few times you should be able to beat it in under
9 minutes easily.

2) Recover 3 Missing R5 Units

If you followed my guide it should be no problem.  The first droid is after
you destroy the Hailfire droids and before you enter the canyon.  There is a
ramp just before the canyon starts to your right.  Climb it and you'll find the
first droid.  The Second droid is after you destroy the second orbital cannon
and after the small canyon widens, go to the far left wall and use your boost
to climb a plateau where you'll find the droid.  The third droid is near the
right wall right before the last orbital cannon's power generators (it sticks
out like a sore thumb).

3) Destroy at Least 100 Enemies

This should be no problem.  Near the end of the level there are literally
dozens of droids and Geonosians for you to destroy.  Just make sure before you
finish the level that you've earned the Bonus Point.

Mission 2: Infiltration of the Arena

1) Destroy All Opposition at the Enemy Landing Pad
2) Defend the Landing Pad
3) Escort the Convoy to the Arena
4) Clear the Seperatist Outpost

Bonus Objectives:
1) All Convoy Vehicles Must Survive
2) Destroy All Enemy Turrets
3) Find the Hidden Weapons Cache

At the beginning Luminara tells you she will destroy the turrets and you should
take care of everything else, but alas, as all AI aren't that bright, neither
is she (so destroy the turrets anyways).  Follow the path destroying tanks and
STAPs.  Once you arrive at the Enemy Landing Pad, destroy all the tanks, STAPs,
and turrets.  Be sure to use concussion missiles to deal with them quickly.

You now must protect the landing pad, this is very easy, just destroy all the
incoming enemies.  Nothing new or difficult, just make sure the ship on the
platform stays alive.  There will be GATs and the occasional IBC Hailfire
droid that approach from the left and right.  Sometimes they like to run and
hide behind the transports, so make sure you take care of them quickly.  Refill
on health and missiles if you need to.

Now you must protect the transports on their way to the arena.  Be sure to not
go too far ahead as enemies come from both the front and the rear.  Use your
missiles on the tougher foes.  Don't forget to destroy the turrets on the
canyon walls, they can end your mission very fast.

Ahead are the spider bots.  These droids are significantly more sturdy than
any foe you've fought before.  Just remember to circle-strafe (I hope you've
learned it by now) and fire missiles.  Continue down the canyon, destroying
turrets and enemy tanks.  Be quick on your feet, they can easily overwhelm you.

Right after the objective to clear the Seperatist Outpost, before crossing
under the bridge, there is a path to the right.  Take it to find the secret
weapons cache and your Bonus Objective.  You no longer have to protect the
convoy, head to the outpost and destroy all opposition (same old, same old).

Mission Complete!

Achieving the Bonus Objectives:

1) All Convoy Vehicles Must Survive
This is quite easy, just be sure to check the front and rear for enemies and
destroy all the turrets in the canyon.

2) Destroy All Enemy Turrets
Since there is no time limit to this level, look around for hidden turrets.  In
the first area, look to your left for a big rock.  Behind it is a turret.  All
the others are pretty easy to find.

3) Find the Hidden Weapons Cache
Just before crossing under the bridge to go to the Seperatist Outpost there is
a path to the right.  Follow it and bingo.

Mission 3: The Battle of Geonosis

1) Fight Your Way to the Gunship
2) Destroy All Techno Union Ships
3) Defend the Mobile Assault Cannons
4) Defeat the Dark Acolytes

Bonus Objectives:
1) Destroy All Canyon Wall Turrets
2) All Mobile Assault Cannons Survive
3) Complete the Mission in Under 10 Minutes

You start out as Mace Windu on foot.  Fight through the ranks of droids using
your lightsabre until you reach the gunship.  Remember to use your Force Push
to destroy large clusters of droids.  Throw your lightsaber at the spider bot
from afar to prevent being damaged in its blast radius.

Once you get to the gunship it is in your control.  Destroy the Techno Union
ships (the ones with the green outline on them).  If you remember on Episode 2
these were the ships Anakin ordered to fire above the fuel cells.  Make sure
to destroy any turrets you see (they will be shooting green streams of 
plasma-like energy) as that is one of your Bonus Objectives.

After destroying the Techno Union ships, follow the waypoint arrow to your next
objective.  While traversing through the canyon, destroy the turrets on the
canyon walls.  Usually they will be perched in an outcropping on the sides.  It
is best to use your heavy-lasers to destroy them so that you can keep on moving
in order to beat this level under 10 minutes.

When you make it to the next clearing, quickly destroy the Techno Union ships.
Also destroy the turrets on the ground.  After destroying all Techno Union 
ships and turrets, make your way to the next waypoint.  Traveling through the 
canyon, once again shoot all the turrets on the sides of the canyon (just make 
sure there are no more red blips left on your radar).

Destroy the techno union ships at the next waypoint.  At this point you don't
need to destroy any more turrets.  If you have destroyed all the turrets
necessary you will get the Bonus Objective, if not, then you might want to
start over. You must act quickly to destroy the evacuating Techno Union ships 
because as soon as you arrive they take off (if any of them escape you fail the
mission and must restart).

When you are in control of a Republic Fighter Tank you must protect the Mobile
Assault Cannons (MAC's) as they attack the fleeing Seperatist ships.  Make sure to
take care of the AAT's quickly (their mortar attacks are deadly).  Just be sure
to keep an eye out on the MAC's and destroy all the enemies.  After the core
ship is destroyed, head to the waypoint.

Although you don't need to destroy any more turrets it's probably a good idea
to do so.  Do the basic kill-frenzy routine you've probably gotten good at.
There are health and ammo recharges in the forward-left corner (near a
Geonosian turret) if you need them.

Boost to the new waypoint, rinse, lather, repeat.  There are plenty of powerups
scattered everywhere so you have no excuse to die accidentally.

Congratulations! No you haven't beat the level yet, but you have your first
Boss Fight!  I qualified this as a boss fight because you don't have to fight
these guys after this level, and they're tough hombres.

There are 3 acolytes and 1 you.  I know, the odds aren't even, but do you ever
play a video game hoping for even odds?  If you do, well...

Circle-strafe around the acolytes, firing your lasers and concussion missiles
constantly.  There are refills on health and missiles so don't worry about
running out.  Make sure to take them out one at a time (this will make your
task much easier).  Sooner or later they'll go down.  Make sure you get the
powerup for the Super Blasters early on, this will make it MUCH easier.

Mission Complete!

Achieving the Bonus Objectives:
1) Destroy All Canyon Wall Turrets
When you're making your way from waypoint to waypoint through the canyons, make
sure to destroy all the turrets with your composite-beams (heavy lasers).  To
be sure you got them all look at your map.  If there are any red blips (dots)
along the canyon you still need to destroy them.  This is fairly easy to

2) All Mobile Assault Cannons Survive
This is very easy, destroy the AAT's first and then everyone else and this
should be no problem.

3) Complete in Under 10 Minutes
Play this level several times to get the feel on what you should do at certain
times, use your repulsor lift boost, and use those concussion missiles like
crazy.  If you can't get this on your first time you should be able to get this
on your second time playing.

                                 II. RHEN VAR

Mission 4: The Evacuation of Rhen Var

1) Get to Republic Outpost
2) Destroy All Ground Based Enemies Near the Outpost
3) Drop Off the Republic Troops
4) Defend the Republic Convoy
5) Get to the Jedi Sanctuary
6) Destroy All Enemies Near the Jedi Sanctuary
7) Drop Off the Jedi
8) Defend the 3 Transports Until the Evacuation

Bonus Objectives:
1) Rescue the Troops in under 90 Seconds
2) All Convoy Transports Survive
3) Destroy at Least 10 Enemy Vehicle Transports

In order to earn the first Bonus Objective you must act quickly.  After taking
off, head to the outpost at full speed.  Once you arrive, destroy all the
ground units with your composite-beams and your torpedoes.  Use them all,
because you will receive more once you drop off the clone troopers anyways.
After destroying all the ground forces, fly near the landing point and a short
cutscene will play.  Hurry back to the Republic base and drop the clone
troopers off to receive your first Bonus Point.

Hurry to the convoy.  Destroy all tanks, droids, what-have-you's near the
convoy.  Also make sure to destroy the VAC's (big dropships).  A few missiles
should take care of them.  Be sure to use your missiles and pinpoint lasers
often.  Constantly check the map for red blips near the convoy.  There are
powerups near what looks like a ruined city.

After the convoy makes it safely to the city, you must pickup some stranded
Jedi. Once you get there you must destroy all the ground forces.  Again, use
missiles/pinpoint beams/lasers.  Very easy.  Bring back the Jedi to the landing
pad.  Destroy the Vehicle Transports (the big dropships) that are flying around 
so you can complete your bonus objective.  Believe me, there are plenty of
these suckers so make sure you kill at least 10.

When defending the transports, there are so many enemies just shoot anyone in
sight.  Your primary targets should be the Vehicle Transports which will save
you a lot of trouble.  The next targets should be the mortar tanks, after that
just launch your missiles at anything that moves.  Tada, you win.

Mission Complete!

Achieving the Bonus Objectives:

1) Rescue the Troops in Under 90 Seconds
This is very easy if you know what you're doing.  Hurry to the first waypoint,
destroy all the ground forces with missiles/pinpoint beams, land and pick them
up, then return them to the Republic outpost.  Easy as cake.

2) All Convoy Transports Survive
This can be a bit difficult.  Keep on your toes, and destroy the enemy's
nearest the convoy first.  Also, take out the vehicle transports before they
land as this will make your job easier.  Just keep an eye out and you'll earn
this Bonus Point.

3) Destroy at Least 10 Enemy Vehicle Transports
This is very easy because at the end there are at least a dozen vehicle
transports that try to land.  There are a handful that land when you're
escorting the convoy.  All in all, a very easy Bonus Objective.

Rest Coming soon!


Since the Instruction Manual can explain this a whole lot better than I can,
I'll use its information (for those of you whose dogs ate it, or used it for


1. Duel

Up to eight players can battle it out for supremacy on Xbox LIVE.  Players can
choose different vehicles after each time they are killed.  Victory is
achieved by scoring a set number of kills or getting the most kills within a
set time limit.  A player can choose to restart the match by pressing the
Start button.  NOTE: Xbox LIVE contains different maps (some must be earned by 
completing enough Bonus Objectives in the Single-Player Campaign).

2. Control Zone

In each level there is on "control zone" which is denoted by a ring on the
ground.  A player takes control of the control zone by being the only living
player in the zone.  He must be destroyed or leave the zone to lose control.
You earn points for staying in control of the zone or by killing other players.
NOTE: Xbox LIVE contains different maps (some must be earned by completing
enough Bonus Objectives in the Single-Player Campaign).

3. Academy

There are two different versions of this game, one is played with vehicles, the
other with Jedi, but the rules remain the same.  Both players are on the same
team and cannot harm one another, except during special gladiator rounds.  The
players begin in the center of an arena and opposing forces come in waves to
destroy the players.  If a player dies, he/she will not respawn (except in an
elimination round where players battle each other for points and all destroyed
players respawn before the next wave of enemies).  The game finishes when the
last player alive has fallen to enemy units.  Players score points depending
on what they destroy.  The last player alive may not necessarily have the
highest final score.
NOTE: Jedi Mode in Academy is currently unavailable in Xbox LIVE.

4. Conquest (Splitscreen)

Conquest is played between two teams, the Republic and the Seperatists.  The
Republic team pilots TX-130 fighter tanks and the Seperatists pilot GATs.  Each
team has a home base, which it must defend.  The objective is to destroy the
other team's base.  In the center of the playing field are a series of outposts
which are captured by a player moving into the outpost.  As long as a player is
within an outpost, the outpost will then produce one AI unit.  If the AI unit
is destroyed, the outpost will produce another one.  AI units can be given
orders using the directional buttons.  If any one turret on an outpost is
destroyed, the outpost will not produce an AI unit until all turrets have been
rebuilt.  Control of an outpost changes sides if all defensive turrets are
destroyed and an opposing team member moves into the outpost.  The game is won
when one team destroys the other's home base.

5. Conquest (Xbox LIVE)

Conquest on Xbox LIVE is a two-team game where one team tries to destroy the
other team's HQ.  In between each team's HQ are a series of neutrally aligned
outposts that can be taken over by either team to gain a better tactical
position on the field.  NOTE: To access the Strategic Overview Map, perss down
on the right thumbstick.

Every outpost has a zone around it.  Once you enter a neutrally controlled
outpost, you will gain control of the outpost as soon as you enter its zone. By
remaining in the zone, the outpost will begin to produce a series of defense
turrets.  As soon as a turret is produced, it will become activated and
provide that outpost protection against the opposing team.  After four
defensive turrets have been built, the docking bay lights up and becomes
usable.  Once all four defensive turrets are destroyed, the outpost will return
to its neutrally aligned state, allowing either team to take control of it.

After all of an outpost's defensive turrets have been built, the outpost will
produce units to be used by the team to defend their HQ, to attack opposing
factories and headquarters, or to hold key strategic field positions.  The
Seperatist units will be the AAT, while the Republic units will be the AT-XT.
If any of the outpost's defensive turrets are destroyed, the outpost will no
longer produce units.  Players can enter the outpost's zone to rebuild the
turrets--the more players in the zone, the faster the turrets will be rebuilt.
When all four turrets are completed, the outpost will begin producing more

Simple AI commands can be issued to defensive units by using the directional
pad (just like in the single-player game) after you enter an outpost's zone.
All future vehicles created by that outpost will follow that command until a
new order is given.  Additionally, after docking into an HQ, you can select
any outpost on the map and issue them a command using the directional pad.  The
four commands are:
Attack Enemy HQ: Orders the vehicles to attack the enemy headquarters.
Defend HQ: Orders the vehicles to defend their own headquarters.
Defend Outpost: Orders the vehicles to defend the outpost they were spawned
from (or will be spawned from if giving an outpost order).
Break and Attack: Orders the vehicles to seek out and destroy the closest

Each HQ will have a shield generator nearby that produces a deflector shield
around the entire HQ.  The HQ deflector shield is impenetrable by all normal
weapons.  The shield's generator must first be destroyed to make the HQ
vulnerable.  If a team's shield generator is destroyed, players of that team
may attempt to rebuild it by entering the generator's zone (these zones are
just like the ones around the outposts).  When a player or players are in the
zone, the shield generator will begin repairing.  When the generator is fully
repaired, the HQ deflector shield will come back online.  Remember, the more
team players that are in the shield generator repair zone, the quicker it will
repair itself.  The shield generator must be completely repaired before the HQ
deflector shield comes back online.  NOTE: The Disruptor Cannon, which can be
mounted atop an outpost, is the one weapon in the game that can penetrate an HQ
deflector shield without having to destroy the shield generator first.

You can dock into an outpost or your HQ to gain access to abilities linked to
that structure.  To dock into either structure, position your vehicle over the
round docking pad and press down on the left thumbstick or Black button.  While
you're docked, you can freely use the abilities of that structure, but you will
be vulnerable to attack.  The effects of docking to each structure are
described below.

Outpost: To dock into an outpost for the first time it must have four turrets.
After docking, you will be able to choose a special weapon.  That weapon will
always be in place until the docking bay is forced to retract, which is caused
by enemy damage to the outpost.  Once the weapon is chosen, it cannot be
changed (unless the outpost is destroyed, rebuilt, and the weapon is 

While you're docked and using the outpost's special weapon, you will be inside
the outpost zone.  If the defensive turrets are destroyed, you will still be in
position to rebuild or generate new ones.  If you lose your defensive turrets
while docked, you will still be in control of the outpost's special weapon.
However, as soon as you undock from the outpost, if all four turrets are not
active, the docking bay will close up and you will not be allowed to re-dock
to the outpost until the factory regains full defensive production.

HQ: Each team has an overhead floating sentinel droid that can convey key
information to the team.  While docked in an HQ, you can access this droid's
surveillance camera and get a top-down view of the entire battlefield, referred
to as the Sentinel Link mode, at an elevation of approximately 100 meters above
the terrain.  You cannot zoom or angle the camera as it remains straight down
at all times.  You can, however, move the camera around on a horizontal plane
to view any part of the map.

While in Sentinel Link mode, press the A button to toggle and target a specific
outpost, and then press the directional pad to select the desired AI command.
The advantage is that while in Sentinel Link mod, you can quickly find, select,
and issue orders to all controlled outposts remotely instead of moving to each
individual outpost.  Furthermore, you can issue global commands to all friendly
AI drones.

                              BONUS MATERIALS/CODES

All bonus materials are earned by completing the required amount of Bonus
Objectives for each level to attain that feature.  There are 48 Bonus
Objectives in the game, but only 45 are required to have access to all of the
bonus materials.
All the multi-player levels attained through earning bonus points (save for the
Jedi Academy level) must be earned in able to play those maps on Xbox LIVE.

Raxus Duel Multi-Player level - 5 Bonus Points
Thule Moon Control Multi-Player level - 10 Bonus Points
Rhen Var Multi-Player Level - 15 Bonus Points
Jedi Academy Multi-Player Level (local Xbox games only) - 20 Bonus Points
Unit Viewer - 25 Bonus Points
CD Player (my favorite) - 35 Bonus Points
Sketchbook - 40 Bonus Points
Yoda unlocked in Academy: Geonosis - 45 Points

CODES: (entered in the Codes screen under Bonuses)

IGIVEUP - Unlock all Bonus Materials

If you have any more codes please e-mail them to me (my address is at the
bottom of the FAQ)


I'd like to thank:

Clone Wars Instruction Manual for some of the things I forgot about

Star Wars: New Essential Guide to Characters (for helping me remember Ulic
Qel-Droma's background)

My grandparents for giving me the Christmas gift money to buy this game, hooah!

That's it for now.

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Thank you.


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