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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/25/02

     __________  __     _____      _    _    _  __     _____   ______  
    /  ___   __|/  \   |     \    \ \  / \  / //  \   |     \ /  ____| 
    \  \  | |  / /\ \  | |>  /     \ \/ _ \/ // /\ \  | |>  / \  \     
  ___\  \ | | /  ¯   \ |    \___    \  / \  //  ¯   \ |    \___\  \    
 |_____/  |_|/_/¯¯¯¯\_\|_|\_____|    \/   \//_/¯¯¯¯\_\|_|\________/    
                        ______  _    _  ______                         
                       |__  __|| |  | ||  ____|
                          ||   | |__| || |____
                          ||   |  __  ||  ____|
                          ||   | |  | || |
                          ||   | |  | || |____
                          ||   |_|  |_||______|      
                ______  _       ______  _    _  ______                 
               /  __  \| |     /  __  \| |  | ||  ____|                 
               | |  |_|| |     | /  \ ||  \ | || |____                  
               | |     | |     | |  | ||   \| ||  ____|                 
               | |   _ | |     | |  | || |\   || |                      
               | |__| || |____ | \__/ || | \  || |____                  
               \______/|______|\______/|_|  |_||______|                 
                    _ __ _   ____   ______  ______           
                   | |  | | /    \ |  __  \|  ____|      
                   | |  | |/  __  \| |  | || |____            
                   | |  | || |  | ||  ¯¯ _/|____  |           
                   | |  | ||  ¯¯  ||  \ \       | |     
                   \      /|  ||  ||  |\ \  ____| |      
                    \____/ |__||__||__| \_\|______|      
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.1
E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Displays/Menus
   3C. Hints/Tips
4. Craft
   4A. Republic Pilotable Craft
   4B. Republic Support Craft
   4C. Separatist Pilotable Craft
   4D. Separatist Opposition
5. Powerups
6. Mission Walkthroughs
   6A. Geonosis - The Rescue Begins
   6B. Geonosis - Infiltration of the Arena
   6C. Geonosis - The Battle of Geonosis
   6D. Rhen Var - The Evacuation of Rhen Var
   6E. Raxus Prime - Scrap Yard Pursuit
   6F. Raxus Prime - Ambush Among the Wreckage
   6G. Raxus Prime - The Conquest of Raxus Prime
   6H. Kashyyyk Moon - Anakin's Escape
   6I. Kashyyyk Moon - New Alliances
   6J. Kashyyyk Moon - The Liberation of Kashyyyk
   6K. Rhen Var - Eye of the Storm
   6L. Rhen Var - Lost Legacy
   6M. Thule Moon - Desperate Gambit
   6N. Thule - Assault on Thule
   6O. Thule - Dark Side Rising
   6P. Thule - Fate of the Republic
7. Multiplayer
   7A. Duel
   7B. Control Zone
   7C. Conquest
   7D. Academy: Thule Moon
   7E. Academy: Geonosis
8. Secrets
   8A. Bonus Awards
   8B. Codes
9. Standard Guide Stuff
   9A. Legal
   9B. E-mail Guidelines
   9C. Credits
   9D. Version Updates
   9E. The Final Word


Hello, and welcome to my guide for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, for the 
Nintendo GameCube!  As a Star Wars nut, I feel it's my duty, nay, my 
privilege to write FAQs for Star Wars games!

In this latest delivery from Lucasarts, we go beyond Episode II: Attack 
of the Clones to a major battle that occured between the Galactic 
Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.  After liberating 
Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Senator Padmé Amidala from 
Geonosis, the Galactic Republic is thrust to the forefront once again, 
this time to prevent the use of an ancient Sith weapon.

2. FAQ

Q: What is The Clone Wars?

A: This is the latest vehicle combat game from Lucasarts, developed by 
Pandemic Studios.

Q: Is this game more like Rogue Leader or Battle for Naboo?

A: Closer to Battle for Naboo, but with a lot less flying and a lot more 
ground combat, much like Star Wars: Demolition.  Certain elements from 
Rogue Leader include the massive battles, changing craft, and the 
command cross.

Q: What can I pilot in this game?

A: Both Campaign and Multiplayer have times where you can run around on 
foot, drive a Republic Fighter Tank, drive an AAT, or pilot an AT-XT 
Assault Walker.  The Campaign also has times where you pilot a Speeder 
Bike, a Republic Gunship, a STAP, and even a creature called a Maru.  
In the Multiplayer, you can also drive around a Separatist GAT, or a 
Hailfire Droid.

Q: What Jedi can I play in the game?  

A: The story dictates you play as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and 
Mace Windu at points in the game.  There is little difference between 
the three with the exception of their flashy lightsaber combos.

Q: Can I change or leave my vehicle at any time?

A: In a word, no.  Circumstances in the story will occur that will 
change your craft at certain times, but not at will.  In Multiplayer, 
however, you may change to a new craft after you've been destroyed.

Q: What does the Multiplayer consist of?

A: There are four types of Multiplayer games.  "Duel" is a straight-up 
slugfest with either free-for-all or teams.  "Control Zone" is a king-
of-the-hill type game where a player or team scores by holding a spot 
on the map as well as destroying the opposition.  "Conquest" is a war-
type game where the objective is to employ turrets and CPU-controlled 
vehicles to destroy your rivals' base.  "Academy" is a training 
endurance mission (which may be played alone) which pits the players 
against wave after wave of enemies.

Q: Do I have to get all bonuses in a mission at once for them to count?

A: Nope.  You just have to get them at some point, and then finish the 
mission, and you'll forever have those "bonus points".  You can devote 
entire runs of the mission to just completing one bonus, such as an 
enemy count, or a time limit.

Q: What's the difference between the difficulty levels?

A: Higher difficulty levels have slightly more enemies, but the biggest 
problem is that they take and cause a lot more damage.  To the best of 
my knowledge, you get nothing for completing a mission or getting 
bonuses on higher difficulty levels than you get for Padawan, so I'm 
just going to concentrate on walkthroughs generally geared towards that 


Most of this stuff is available from your manual, but we all know how 
much some people hang onto those, much less read them, these days...

3A. Controls =

Most craft follow the same basic controls:

Control Stick: Moves your craft.  Up and Down are forwards and 
 backwards, respectively.  Left and Right turn your craft.
A Button: Fires your Primary Weapon, which is usually lasers.
B Button: Fires your Secondary Weapon, which is often some kind of 
Y Button: Employs your Special Ability, which varies from craft to craft.
X Button: Toggles between first and third person view.
L/R Buttons: In the AT-XT Walker, these buttons rotate the cabin.
 In the Gunship, R is acceleration, and L is braking.
 In all other craft, these buttons cause you to strafe left and right, 
Z Button: Zoom view.  Use this to get a bit of a closer look at what's 
 out there.  It could help if you want to snipe from afar without 
 endangering yourself.
C Stick: Moves the camera around your craft.
Control Pad: In later levels, you can use this to issue orders to your 
 fellow pilots.  Pushing Up will have them attack your current target, 
 Left will have them Break and engage at will, Right will have them 
 Defend mission critical craft, and Down will have them regroup on you.  
 The commands are a bit different for multiplayer Conquest.  I'll get 
 to those in that section.
START: Pauses the game.

3B. Displays/Menus =

Main Menu

Select Campaign to play the single player missions.  You'll go to a 
galactic map, where you can select any mission you've played.

Select Options to go to the Options Menu.

Select Multiplayer to go to the Multiplayer setup.


Options Menu

Game Options:
 Viewpoint: Change between 1st and 3rd person view.
 Rumble: Turn the rumble feature off or on.
 Crosshair: Turns the crosshair off or on.  You'll still be able to lock 
  onto enemies, but you won't see how much damage you're causing.
 Display: Changes the display between full and widescreen.
 Reset Options: Set to defaults.

Audio Options:
 Music Volume  \
 SFX Volume     }- Change the three volumes.
 Speech Volume /
 Mode: Switch between Mono, Stereo, Surround, and Pro Logic II.
 Sound Test: Plays background sound to test volume.
 Reset Options: Set to defaults.

 Movies: Allows you to view any cutscenes you've already seen, as well 
  as trailers for Bounty Hunter and Jedi Outcast.
 Bonus Materials: Allows you to view the unlockable features from 
  earning bonuses.
 Codes: Allows you to input passcodes.

Credits: Rolls the credits.


Pause Menu (Mission End Menu)

This appears when you press START or when a mission is over, either 
from succeeding or failing.  At the top, you'll see your mission time.  
Below that are the primary objectives.  Below and to the left are the 
bonus objectives.  Completed objectives are green, incomplete are white, 
and failed are red.  At the lower right corner of the screen is the 

Continue resumes the game if you've paused, goes to the next mission if 
it's completed, or restarts the mission from your last stopping point if 
you failed.

Options brings up another menu.  Game Options will allow you to access 
the same Game Options from the Main Menu, and is the same for the Audio 
Options.  Statistics shows how many shots you've fired, how many units 
you've killed, and how many buildings you destroyed.

Controls shows how to control the vehicle you're currently in.

Restart starts the mission over from the beginning.

Quit returns you to the Main Menu.


In-Game Display

In the middle of the screen is your Heads-Up Display.  If you get it 
close to an enemy, it'll lock on, and a small health bar for the enemy 
will appear.

Sometimes above the HUD will be a green arrow.  It will point towards 
your objective.  You are encouraged to follow it.  Arrows will also 
appear on the left and right sides of the screen, green for objectives, 
and red for enemies.

The top left corner has your command cross.  Each of the directions is 
labelled with a command.  Make good use of it.

In the lower right corner of the screen is your radar.  You're the green 
triangle in the middle.  Green dots around you are fellow Republic 
forces.  Red dots are Separatist forces.

In the lower left corner of the screen is your ship status.  The blue 
aura around your ship outline is your shields, and the green ship itself 
is the hull indicator.  Shields replenish on their own if you're shot 
up.  Hull, however, cannot be restored unless you find health powerups.  
Below the damage indicator, you'll find the number of Secondary Weapons 
you have remaining.  To the left is the meter of your Special Ability, 
which depletes as you use it, then refills over time, depending on the 

3C. Hints/Tips =

Goes without saying, but keep an eye open for powerups.  They're all 
surrounded by a halo of some color, so stay on the lookout.

The crosshair is your friend.  When it gets close to an enemy, you'll 
automatically lock on and even get a little life meter for the bad 
guy so you know how much you need to pound him into oblivion.

Use all extents of your movement, because your greatest defense is your 
ability to dodge incoming fire.  If you can strafe, circle-strafe around 
your target.  If you have a Repulsor Boost, use it to swoop around the 

By all means, USE THOSE MISSILES!!!  This isn't RS, RL, or BFN.  There 
are ammunition powerups scattered all over the place, so let loose with 
your Secondary Weapons.  Hammer the bad guys into oblivion!

Listen to your astromech unit.  It'll give you a beep when your shields 
have dropped (meaning you'll start taking hull damage), and it will 
screech (WOOOOOW) if your hull is critical.

While I don't use the Zoom Function all that often, you may find it's a 
decent tool for sniping enemies from long range.  Don't get too 
distracted that you forget about the guys around you, though.


Most of the game is vehicle combat, and you'll be facing TONS of bad 
guys in your massive push for galactic peace and order.  You'll have 
plenty behind the wheel to dish out some pain, though...

4A. Republic Pilotable Craft =

With the commission of the Clone Army from Kamino, the Grand Army of 
the Republic has some serious muscle to take against the Separatists.  
When their snazzy vehicles are in control of Jedi, they become some 
serious instruments of hurt.



For over a thousand generations, the Jedi have existed in the galactic 
public eye.  With the Force as their ally, they have abilities that far 
surpass those of other beings.  Although Jedi have the power to rule 
over those not attuned to the Force, they are the guardians of peace 
and justice, acting as moderators and diplomats first.  When diplomacy 
fails, however, they are the fiercest warriors the galaxy could ever 
see.  Their signature weapon, the lightsaber, is an elegant weapon, and 
they're deadly with these focused beams of energy.

When out of a vehicle, you're considerably more vulnerable (you have 
no shields, but you can block incoming shots).  You'll be facing only 
small ground enemies, but you don't have the killing power of your 
vehicles.  The Push and Throw are slow, too, so take care and pace 
yourself when running around alone.  When using the Throw, hold the 
button down to throw it further, and use the Stick to control its 
flight.  Use the Push when staring down a bunch of enemies in an arc in 
front of you.  Oh, and there's no real difference between the Jedi you 
play as.  Only their lightsaber combos are different.

Primary Weapon: Lightsaber Swing
Secondary Weapon: Lightsaber Throw
Special Ability: Force Push


TX-130 S Fighter Tank

"Republic Fighter Tank"

The Fighter Tank is small, fast, and versatile.  It was built to be 
used chiefly by Jedi, whose skills could enhance the craft's already 
impressive maneuverability.  You'll use this craft many times throughout 
the game.

Although the craft is fast, it packs the weakest punch out of all the 
"standard" Republic assault craft.  The lasers are somewhat weak, but 
the concussion missiles are a welcome punch.  The Repulsor Boost is a 
burst of speed.

Primary Weapon: Dual-linked Medium Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles (20 in Campaign, 15 in MP)
Special Ability: Repulsor Boost


Rothana Heavy Engineering AT-XT Assault Walker


This is the predecessor of the famous Imperial AT-ST, developed by 
Rothana Heavy Engineering and produced at Kuat Drive Yards.  It's 
largely used as support for the AT-TE.  This is craft is used a few 
times in the game.

The walker is quite a bit slower than the the Fighter Tank, but it 
makes up for it with some serious firepower.  The lasers are quite 
powerful, and the Proton Mortar is a good weapon when the enemy's just 
over that next ridge and you wanna surprise him.  The Mortar's payload 
may seem small with just the three shots, but there is an excessively 
large amount housed in the walker, they just have to be loaded into 
the mortar chamber, so the shots regenerate, basically.  Also, the 
Plasma Shields are definitely a good extra defense when surrounded by 
numerous bad guys.  Be careful, though, as once you put them up, they 
stay up until drained, and you can't use them again until you're 

The down side is the speed, of course, and the awkwardness, since you 
can't strafe with the Walker, although you can turn the cabin housing, 
so you can sort of "psuedo-strafe" by marching forward and turning your 
cabin in a direction.

Primary Weapon: Heavy Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Proton Mortar (3)
Special Ability: Plasma Shields


Rothana Heavy Engineering Low-Altitude Assault Transport/infantry Gunship

"Republic Gunship"

The only airborne craft you can commandeer in this game.  While the 
Gunship's often used as a troop transport, it's definitely no slouch 
in the weapons department.  Used several times in the game.

Probably one of the favorites of the game.  The Gunship provides flight, 
speed, and massive firepower.  In addition to the standard laser 
cannons, the Gunship can fire Missile volleys, and has Pinpoint Lasers.  
Although the Missile volleys pack the most punch (at a cluster of four 
Missiles firing per shot), the Pinpoint Lasers automatically seek out 
enemy targets, pouring mad energy into them until they're vaporized, 
allowing you to clean up the battlefield pretty quickly.

Primary Weapon: Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles (25 volleys of four Missiles))
Special Ability: Composite-Beam Pinpoint Laser Turrets


Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder

"Speeder Bike"

Not a standard Republic craft, the Speeder Bike is a one-man high-
speed craft used primarily for scouting.  You use this only in one 
mission, on Raxus Prime.

This craft is very light.  All you have at your disposal are blasters 
and a Repulsor Boost.  Fortunately, you don't need much, as you're using 
the bike for chasing, not fighting.

Primary Weapon: Light Laser Turret
Secondary Weapon: None
Special Ability: Repulsor Boost



This creature is native to Kashyyyk.  Wookie settlers used these beasts 
for burden and transport.  Some are modified to carry weaponry.

Being a simple beast, you'll have no shields on this thing.  The Twin 
Bowcasters are weaker even than the standard laser, so you'll have to 
use your other weapons wisely.  To use Thermal Detonators, tap B once to 
throw, and B again to detonate.  It hits real hard, so be sure you get 
it close to an enemy or two before detonating to get the full effect.  
The Seismic Pulse Emitter takes out enemies in an arc in front of you, 
and can take out a good amount of enemies at once.

Primary Weapon: Twin Bowcasters
Secondary Weapon: Thermal Detonator (6)
Special Ability: Seismic Pulse Emitter

4B. Republic Support Craft =

While you can't drive around any of these (to my knowledge), they're 
still there to back you up, or be there for you to protect...


Clone Troooper

Modeled off Jango Fett, these guys are only around for aesthetics while 
you're in a vehicle.  If on foot, though, you'll sometimes have some 
backup in the form of a few troopers.



Much the same as a Clone Trooper as far as overall usefulness goes.  
You'll only play alongside these guys on the Kashyyyk Moon.


Republic Troop Transport


With only a couple of laser cannons for defense, these vehicles attract 
more fire than they give.  You'll mostly end up protecting them 
throughout the game.


All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer Assault Walker


This walker is a squat predecessor to the Imperial AT-AT.  The heavy 
laser cannon provides some darn good firepower, while the mounted laser 
turrets help it defend itself.  You'll still need to protect these bad 
boys as they trundle towards their destination.


Self-Propelled Heavy Artiller-Turbolaser Walker

"SPHA-T" or "MAC" or "Bug Gun"

I'll be calling these "MAC"s in the game, for "Mobile Assault Cannon".  
These walkers are used for one thing only, firing a huge turbolaser at 
the enemy.  It has no defense other than that, and it can't move very 
fast either.  Another thing to protect.


Jedi Starfighter

You use these in a different game.  In this game, they just fly around 
providing air superiority, and they move your Jedi around in cutscenes.


Rothana Heavy Engineering Low-Altitude Assault Transport/cargo Gunship

"Cargo Gunship"

These ships are largely found trucking in vehicles or supplies.  You 
don't really need to protect them at any point.  Just keep an eye out 
for them if they drop off some help.


Republic Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

Boy, wouldn't it be nice if you could command one of these?  Predecessor 
to the Victory-class, and later Imperator-class Star Destroyers, these 
are the main space fighting force in the Republic.  You don't see them 
too much personally, but they're always there.

4C. Separatist Pilotable Craft =

There are a few Separatist craft that you can pilot in the game, either 
by stealing one in the Campaigns, or selecting in Multiplayer.


Single-Trooper Aerial Platform


A common sight in any battle against the Trade Federation, the STAP is 
meant chiefly to be a patrol and recon vehicle.  When fighting against 
them, you'll find they're easy to take out (much easier than in BFN, 
thank the Maker), despite their small size and quick speed.

You can ride one in the Campaign, in the first mission on the Kashyyyk 
Moon.  You'll mostly be doing running as opposed to fighting, which is 
good, because the STAP wasn't really made for heavy combat.  The lasers 
can discourage enemies, while the Repulsor Boost can get you out of 
tight situations...

Primary Weapon: Light Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: None
Special Ability: Repulsor Boost


Ground Armored Tank


Also called a Fighter Tank, this small, speedy craft is like the 
Republic Fighter Tank in most every way, only it works for the 
Separatists.  Taking one out shouldn't be too hard regardless of the 
craft you're in.

You can only use the GAT in Multiplayer, and as previously stated, it's 
almost exactly like the Republic's TX-130S.

Primary Weapon: Dual-linked Medium Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles (15)
Special Ability: Repulsor Boost


Armored Assault Tank


Another staple of the Trade Federation, the AAT is a more heavy hover 
tank than the GAT.  Although slower, you'll find that it takes far more 
hits to destroy, so lay into it with warheads.

You can pilot this craft in Campaign on the Kashyyyk Moon, and in 
Multiplayer.  The lasers are all right, and the real power comes from 
the cannon, which has no ammo, per se.  Instead, you charge up by 
holding down the B button will cause the Special Meter to charge up.  
The longer you hold the button down, the more powerful the cannon shot.

Primary Weapon: Medium Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Special Ability: None


Intergalactic Banking Clan Hailfire Droid

"Hailfire Droid"

Added to the Separatist ranks by the IBC, these droids consist of a 
small central body, two huge treaded wheels, and a heckuva lot of 
missiles.  They take a bit more damage than a GAT, but less than an 
AAT.  Their main asset, besides their missiles, is their impressive 
flat-out speed.

When piloting, you'll find that their Repulsor Boosts don't have the 
same prolonged kick as the Tanks, but they can cover quite a lot of 
ground.  If you can hit someone well with a full volley of missiles, 
you'll bust them up real good.  You can only control this droid in 

Primary Weapon: Repeating Laser Cannon
Secondary Weapon: Concussion Missiles (5 volleys of 6 Missiles each)
Special Ability: Repulsor Boost

4D. Separatist Opposition =

In addition to what's above, there are a load of other bad guys for you 
to blow up in this game.



You'll only run into them while on foot in Geonosis.  They buzz towards 
you and attack only at close range.  They're pretty easy fodder.


Battle Droid

The old-fashioned Trade Federation Battle Droid.  You only go up 
against them while on foot.  They have blaster rifles, and that's 
about it.  Push or saber them.  Oh, and they're only there for 
aesthetics while you're in a vehicle.


Super Battle Droid

An upgrade to the standard Battle Droid developed by the Trade 
Federation after the Naboo debacle.  They have several upgrades putting 
them ahead of the old models.  They're pretty much the same as far as 
Jedi are concerned.


Dwarf Spider Droid

You'll face these droids only on foot.  They have a light laser cannon, 
but their real danger is from their self-destruct ability.  To properly 
take them out, throw your saber at them or Push them.  Aim for them 
first if a cluster of enemies is nearby to take the other enemies out 
as well.


Geonosian Turret
Raxus Turret
Kashyyyk Turret
Rhen Var Turret
Thule Turret
Thule Plasma Turret

All locales have their own specific Turrets.  They're all basically the 
same as far as the fact that they just sit there and shoot at you.  Some 
cause more damage than others.  The Thule ones, with their purple plasma 
spitting, cause the most damage.  The Geonosian ones are pretty weak.


Homing Spider Droid

Probably one of the more resilient foes you'll face, the big Spider 
Droids have a light laser turret for close defense, and a long-range 
pinpoint laser for distant combat, which can hurt plenty.  Their armor 
goes past even the AATs, so you'll have to use a few warheads to take 
one down.


Droid Starfighter

While not a particular threat to the game, Starfighters can be a 
nuisance when you're flying around in the Gunship.  Since they're more 
manueverable, they tend to buzz around your slower ship, hammering you 
with lasers.  Pinpoint lasers should take them out quickly.


Vehicle Armored Carrier


This carrier will mostly be seen when you're flying around in a Gunship.  
It flies into the fracas and deposits units that will bust up your 
mission critical craft or installations.  Take them out while they're 
still in the air and you won't have to worry about more evil ground 


Techno Union Ship

These big ships are used mainly as command and officer transports.  They 
don't fire back, but often need to be taken down to stymie the enemy's 


Trade Federation Landing Ship

Although not a defeatable enemy, these big H-shaped craft exist to drop 
off bad guys.  There's really nothing you can do about it, though.


Trade Federation Core Ship

Much like a Battle Droid Control Ship, only planetside.  You personally 
control no craft that could take these out, but MACs can, and you'll 
often have to protect the MACs so that they can destroy the Core Ships, 
which can house an entire Battle Droid army.


Heavy Artillery Gun


A modification on the AAT that's also referred to as a Mortar Tank.  
About as tough as an AAT as far as armor is concerned, and the cannon 
has seriously been upgraded in lethality.  They are used for long-range 
attacks, and will often try to hammer mission critical craft.


Corporate Alliance Droid


The CAD isn't seen often in the Campaigns, but you'll face many in 
Academy Multiplayer levels.  It moves very fast on its single tread, 
and the laser cannons on its side fire quite rapidly.  They also take 
a fair amount of hits before going down.


Multi Utility Transport


An unarmed vehicle, the MUT is used for transport, naturally.  They can 
take a fair amount of hits, and you'll have to take out a few to 
prevent supplies from reaching the enemy.



Native to the Kashyyyk Moon, these insects aren't very resilient, but 
they attack in great swarms, and spit a wad of goo as accurate as any 


Spectral Guardian

Sort of a psuedo-boss character.  These apparitions guard important 
tombs with incredible ferocity.  They cannot be harmed directly, but 
their tombs are their source of power, and can be destroyed.


There are a few other boss enemies in the game, but we'll save those 
for later... ^_^


Unlike many other Star Wars vehicle combat games, there are many 
powerups scattered throughout missions that can keep you going when 
the bad guys start piling up.  The powerups have colored halos around 
them so you can see them in the thick of things.


One-Fourth Health Pack
Appears as a white globe with a white halo.  Grab it to restore 25% of 
your hull or health.

Full Health Pack
Appears as a white box with a white halo.  Snag it to completely fix 
your hull or replenish your health.

Appears as a box with warheads in it with a blue halo.  Gank it to 
fully replenish your Secondary Weapon supply.

A three-pointed symbol with a purple halo.  Procure it to be impervious 
to all damage for 20 seconds.

Super Blasters
A triangle with a green halo.  Acquire it to add triple power to your 
blasters, making enemy mop up a total breeze for 20 seconds.

Disintegration Field
A spoked circle with a red halo.  Only available in mulitplayer.  Pick 
it up and you can cause damage to any enemies for 20 seconds just by 
running into them.

An egg-shape with a yellow halo.  Only available in multiplayer.  Scoop 
it up to become invisible on others' screens for 20 seconds.  They can 
still see your shots, however.


Each mission is described as follows:

Overview: Who you are and why you're here...
Objectives: Your primary and secondary objectives as the game 
 describes them.
Craft: The craft/creatures/people you use in this mission.
Enemies: The different enemies you'll go toe-to-toe with.
Walkthrough: A detailed walkthrough on the mission.
Bonuses: Each of the secondary objectives and how to accomplish them.

NOTE: In all the walkthroughs, I describe how to beat the mission on a 
Padawan difficulty.  On the Jedi Knight and Jedi Master difficulties, 
enemies are a bit more numerous, tougher to destroy, and hit harder.  
Powerups don't change, though.

6A. Geonosis - The Rescue Begins =


Mace Windu and a large contingent of Jedi are descending on the planet 
Geonosis to rescue Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Senator Padmé 
Amidala from the clutches of Count Dooku and the Geonosians.  Mace and 
Luminara Unduli make their landing ahead of the invasion force in order 
to destroy the planetary defenses near the Arena.



Destroy the First Anti-Orbital Cannon
Destroy the Second Anti-Orbital Cannon
Follow Luminara to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon
Destroy the Power Supply of the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon

Complete Mission in Less Than 9 Minutes
Recover 3 Missing R5 Units
Destroy At Least 100 Enemies


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank -> Jedi


Geonosis Turret
Hailfire Droid
Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid
Dwarf Spider Droid



Destroy the First Anti-Orbital Cannon:
You'll begin the mission following Luminara to the first Orbital 
Cannon.  Shoot out the Turrets on the way and you'll soon be at the 
Cannon.  To destroy it, shoot up the six generators that flank it.  Use 
Missiles, since lasers take a while.  While you're firing, GATs and 
STAPs will pop up.  You can largely ignore them.  Once the Cannon is 
blown, mop up the remaining enemies.

Destroy the Second Anti-Orbital Cannon:
Now, follow Luminara some more.  A couple more Turrets line the walls 
and Luminara will point out some a Full Health and Ammo.  Grab if you 
need, and take out several more GATs at the end of the canyon.  As you 
enter the next canyon, Luminara will point out some Hailfires 
approaching.  Deal with them and any GATs and STAPs that pop up.  
Continue along the canyon, destroying enemies and Turrets.  

Eventually, you'll reach a set of platforms.  Luminara will tell you to 
climb them while she finds another way.  Climb the ramps and take out 
the Turrets and GATs up here.  About a third of the way, you'll see a 
green halo nearby.  Those are Super Blasters.  Grab them, and you'll be 
able to make quick work of the bad guys for 20 seconds.  Continue 
climbing platforms.  Don't be discouraged when one of the bridges blow 
up, just use your Boost to sail over the gap.  You're now at the second 
Cannon.  Blow up the four Generators to move on.

Follow Luminara to the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon:
Proceed along the wasteland.  Eventually, Luminara will tell you about 
multiple incoming enemies.  Start firing Missiles at them and you'll 
make a nice mess.  Once they're all taken out, you'll head to the last 
Cannon, which is inside an outpost.  Looks like you'll have to get out 
and bust through on foot.

Destroy the Power Supply of the Third Anti-Orbital Cannon:
Mace will hop into the outpost.  The alarm will sound, and you'll soon 
be set upon by Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and Geonosians.  
Push your way through (literally and figuratively).  Soon, you'll come 
upon a Dwarf Spider Droid, and Luminara will tell you about their self-
destruct mechanism.  Toss your saber at them or Push them from a safe 
distance.  Aim for the Spiders in a fight so that you can take out any 
enemies around them.  Keep moving and you'll reach the Generators.  
There are three Dwarf Spider Droids and an infinite number of 
Geonosians dropping down.  Fight or run past and start taking out the 
Generators any way you wish (saber, throw, Push).  Once they're all 
history, you'll complete the mission and move on.



Complete Mission in Less Than 9 Minutes: This shouldn't be too hard 
after your first run through.  Use Missiles on the Cannon Generators, 
and on as many GATs and Hailfires as possible.  Don't spare them, 
because you have plenty to go around.  Use the Super Blasters on the 
platforms to clean them up quickly.  Use all your Missiles after the 
second Orbital Cannon to clean up the bad guys quickly.  When on foot, 
use Push as much as possible to clean out large amounts of bad guys 
at once.  Once you reach the end, blow the Spider Droids and rush to 
the end, using Push on the Generators.

Recover 3 Missing R5 Units: The R5 units are green dots on the radar, 
but that doesn't mean they're easy to find.  One unit is before you 
reach the platform climbing area.  Climb up a slope on the right side of 
the canyon before the platforms come into view.  You'll find an Ammo 
powerup up here, as well as one of the droids.  The next can be found in 
a section after the second orbital cannon where Luminara talks about a 
lot of enemies.  Near the left end of that section is part with a climb 
up to a rock wall.  There are some somewhat loose rocks at the top.  
Drive around them and you'll find the droid.  The last R5 unit is at the 
very end of the mission, after you get on foot.  Once you reach the open 
area with the cannon's generators, you'll see the R5 in a far corner.

Destroy At Least 100 Enemies: Shouldn't be a problem at all.  Even if 
you don't get many on the way, the very last area has infinite 
Geonosians dropping in near the Generators.  Keep killing them.

6B. Geonosis - Infiltration of the Arena =

Overview: The way is clear for Transports to land, but Anakin and 
Obi-Wan will be immediately executed if you just go in blasting.  You 
and Luminara will arrange to sneak the Jedi into the Arena undetected.  
You'll have some protecting to do on the way.  You'll also face some 
new bad guys.



Destroy All Opposition at the Enemy Landing Pad
Defend the Landing Pad
Escort the Convoy to the Arena
Clear the Separatist Outpost

All Convoy Vehicles Must Survive
Destroy All Enemy Turrets
Find the Hidden Weapons Cache


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank


Geonosis Turret
Hailfire Droid
Homing Spider Droid



Destroy All Opposition at the Enemy Landing Pad:
You'll have a little marker pointing out the pad, but it's pretty far 
off.  Luminara says she'll take care of the Turrets, but she actually 
kinda stinks at it, so help her out.  Make your way along the wasteland, 
blasting Turrets and STAPs.  When you reach the pad, take out the 
Turrets and GATs sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Defned the Landing Pad:
Once the Cargo Gunships start landing, you'll get the note of enemies 
moving in.  Several GATs and a few Hailfires will approach from all 
directions.  Use Missiles on groups of GATs or the Hailfires to clean 
up quickly.  While you're doing this, the Cargo Gunships will be 
dropping RTTs.  When three are dropped, you'll start moving.

Escort the Convoy to the Arena:
The convoy will start moving, so go ahead down into the canyon ahead 
of them and clean out the Turrets and GATs in the first area.  Stay 
with the convoy as it moves.  There will be Hailfires, GATs and some 
Turrets in the front, and a couple of GATs will come from behind, so 
stay awake.  Soon, you'll reach a small rock and you'll notice Homing 
Spider Droids ahead.  Further ahead to the right is a Super Blasters 
powerup.  Use it if you wish, or just unload with Missiles (or both).  
There are five Spider Droids to remove, so get to it.  Once they're all 
down, use your remaining Super Blasters on the Turrets.  As your convoy 
rounds the corner, they'll be attacked by a bunch of GATs from behind.  
Fire missiles from a distance, but stay ahead of the convoy, as the 
real problem will come from the front, in the form of Hailfires and 
a Spider Droid.  Blast everything and you'll soon be at an outpost.

Clear the Separatist Outpost:
There are several Turrets, a Spider Droid, and a bunch of GATs coming 
out of tunnels.  Destroy the Turrets and Spider, then turn your 
attention to the tunnels.  Start blasting them to block them, then 
clean up the remaining GATs.  Your RTTs will drop off the Jedi and 
you'll head inside to tell Dooku the party's over.



All Convoy Vehicles Must Survive:
Shouldn't be too tough.  Stay with the convoy at all times.  Check both 
in front and behind them.  Use Missiles on the more hardy enemies.

Destroy All Enemy Turrets:
Seems like an easy objective, so you know they're going to try to 
stick you with it somewhere.  In the first valley, make sure you take 
out all the Turrets you see.  After that, look in the direction of the 
Landing Pad, then look left to see a big rock nearby.  Behind that 
big rock is a rather elusive Turret that nobody ever pays attention to.  
After that, just get all the ones in the canyon pass and at the outpost, 
and you're all set.

Find the Hidden Weapons Cache:
Just before you head to the Separatist Outpost, look at your radar.  
You'll notice a little side canyon off to your right.  Head into it 
and a short way in, you'll find Full Health, Ammo, and Invincibilty.

6C. Geonosis - The Battle of Geonosis =

Overview: Anakin and Obi-Wan have been freed.  Mace Windu has taken out 
Jango Fett, and Master Yoda has arrived with the Republic's Clone Army.  
The Separatists are going to fight back, but the main objective is to 
find Count Dooku.  Mace is going to attempt to slow down the retreat 
by taking out Techno Union Ships.



Fight Your Way to the Gunship
Destroy All the Techno Union Ships
Defend the Mobile Assault Cannons

Destroy All Canyon Wall Turrets
All Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive
Complete the Mission in Under 10 Minutes


Craft: Jedi -> Republic Gunship -> Republic Fighter Tank


Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid
Dwarf Spider Droid
Geonosis Turret
Homing Spider Droid
Droid Starfighter
Techno Union Ship
Trade Federation Core Ship



Fight Your Way to the Gunship:
You'll start out on foot.  The Gunship is straight ahead of you.  Fight 
your way past the droids and hop into the ship.

Destroy All the Techno Union Ships:
Once in the air, you'll need to take out all the pillar-like Techno 
Union Ships.  Missiles and Pinpoint Lasers are great for this kind of 
work, so hammer the ships before they can take off.  There are five in 
the first valley.  After they go down, you'll get the call to move on.  
Head to the next canyon and take out four more Techno Union Ships.  
After that, you'll have to head to a third valley and take out three 
more.  All the while, you'll be dodging fire from Starfighters and 
ground-based enemies.  After all ships are destroyed, you'll land and 
be told about the Core Ships, which are being attacked by MACs.

Defend the Mobile Assault Cannons:
You'll hop into a Republic Fighter Tank and will have to clear out 
ground forces.  These consist of Turrets, GATs, Hailfires, and AATs.  
Clear out all the red dots and watch the MACs take out the first Core 
Ship.  Follow the arrow to the next canyon, where you'll find another 
Core Ship, along with more enemies, including some Spider Droids.  Once 
that Core Ship is down, head to the last canyon.  Take out all the 
enemies in this area (note the Super Blasters powerup) and the final 
Core Ship will drop like a rock real quick.  You'll head towards Count 
Dooku's hangar, but will stopped on the way by three nasty looking 

The big thing about these buggies is their armor, which they have 
plenty of.  Their lasers don't hit hard alone, but they quite accurate, 
and there are three of them, so the damage will add up fast.  Behind 
the Acolytes are Super Blasters and Ammo.  First, use all your Missiles 
against them, then grab the powerups and finish the job.  Once all the 
Acolytes are gone, you'll have taken the planet.  Mission accomplished.



Destroy All Canyon Wall Turrets:
These are basically the Turrets you see lining the walls in between 
the big valleys where you find Techno Union Ships.  Use your Pinpoint 
Lasers to mop them up quickly.  There aren't any hidden ones, so you 
shouldn't have a problem if you keep your eyes open.

All Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive:
A pretty easy task.  Save your Missiles for Hailfires and Spiders, and 
use Lasers for GATs and Turrets.

Complete the Mission in Under 10 Minutes:
You may want to do this on a separate run.  Basically the idea is not 
to hang around too long in any one location.  Blow the Techno Union 
Ships and keep moving.  Of course, waiting around for the Core Ships to 
blow is inevitable.  To quickly mop up the Dark Acolytes, go right for 
the Super Blasters and just pour Missiles into them.

6D. Rhen Var - The Evacuation of Rhen Var =

Overview: While patrolling the Tion Cluster, Anakin and Obi-Wan discover 
a massive Separatist fleet heading in the direction of a small Republic 
outpost on the planet Rhen Var.  Your mission is to secure the 
evacuation of the base.




Rescue the Troops in under 90 Seconds
All Convoy Transports Survive
Destroy At Least 10 Enemy Vehicle Transports


Craft: Republic Gunship



Droid Starfighter
Homing Spider Droid
Hailfire Droid
Trade Federation Landing Ship



Get to Republic Outpost:
Your first objective is to pick up some stranded Republic troops.  
The position is highlighted off in the distance, so head straight for 
it.  You can ignore the enemies on the ground if you wish.

Destroy All Ground-Based Enemies Near the Outpost:
Turn on the Pinpoint Lasers and start liquifying the tanks that are 
running around the outpost.  When you're out of Pinpoint, you can 
switch to lasers, or Missiles, if you're daring.  Once they're all gone, 
head to the landing pad.

Drop Off the Republic Troops:
Beeline back to the base and head for the landing pad.  There are some 
GATs at the base which you can shoot up if you want.

Defend the Republic Convoy:
After dropping off, you'll get a refill on Health and Ammo.  Head for 
the convoy that your display is pointing out and you'll find it 
surrounded by bad guys.  Get your freak on with the Pinpoints and the 
Missiles.  Two Missile Volleys can drop a VAC from the sky before it 
can touch down, and Pinpoints can quickly take care of anything else 
running around, including Droid Starfighters.  Just watch your radar for 
the red dots (and especially red triangles, since those are VACs).  
Once you get to the base, take out anything else in the way, and mop 
up around the base.  You'll soon reload and resupply at the landing pad.

Get to the Jedi Sanctuary:
Obi-Wan will mention Jedi cut off from the base.  Get your butt over 
there quick.

Destroy All Enemies Near the Jedi Sanctuary:
It's just some tanks.  Pinpoint and Missile them quickly.

Drop Off the Jedi:
Now drop the hammer and speed directly for the base.  You'll notice 
that it's under heavy attack.  Fire off some Missile volleys at nearby 
enemies, but largely, you'll want to land to drop off your buddies.  
If you don't, the attacking forces will just get more numerous as you 
wait through the next objective.

Defend the 3 Transports Until the Evacuation:
This is mostly a losing battle, but you need to hold off the bad guys 
as they encroach on the base.  The main objective is to take out the 
bad guys physically firing on the base, and those come out of the VACs.  
Move around the perimeter of the base in a counter-clockwise direction.  
That's the order the VACs drop.  Pinpoint or Missile them to the 
ground, then use Pinpoints on anything they might have dropped 
previously.  Keep firing and take out as many of the bigger tanks as 
you can.  Eventually, the Transports will be away and you'll finish the 



Rescue the Troops in under 90 Seconds:
This is the basic situation of "put your foot down and don't stop for 
nothin'".  Head directly for the outline of the outpost on the horizon 
and Pinpoint Laser all the bad guys there.  When you run out, turn to 
the Missiles.  Grab your guys and head like a rocket back to the base.

All Convoy Transports Survive:
If you concentrate, this part isn't that hard.  Destroy as many VACs 
as you can before they can land.  Look for all the red dots on the map.  
Red triangles are VACs, by the way, so you know when to head for them.  
Remember to use Pinpoints whenever you can and fire Missiles with 

Destroy At Least 10 Enemy Vehicle Transports:
This should happen anyway if you're doing the mission right.  Keep 
moving around the perimeter of the base and watch for the VACs.  If you 
can help it, try to shoot them down before they land.  A couple of 
seconds of Pinpoint Laser or that and a few Missiles should do the 
trick (on Padawan difficulty).


6E. Raxus Prime - Scrap Yard Pursuit =

Overview: Masters Yoda and Windu send a task force led by Obi-Wan and 
Anakin to Raxus Prime to investigate Separatist activity.  Upon landing, 
they scouted the area from the ground in Speeder Bikes.  A patrol of 
STAPs spotted them, and is heading back to base.  You must take control 
of Obi-Wan and hunt down the STAPs before they get away.



Prevent STAPs From Returning to Headquarters

Take Both Shortcuts
Destroy All STAPs in less than 2 Minutes 20 Seconds
Complete Misssion with 100 Percent Hull Strength


Craft: Speeder Bike


Raxus Turret



Prevent STAPs From Returning to Headquarters:
A rather short mission.  Don't forget the Y button for your Repulsor 
Boost, because you'll need it while chasing these guys.  There are 
five STAPs to destroy.  You'll get constant distance warnings about how 
far the STAPs have to go to get to the base.  To get clean shots at the 
STAPs, it helps to boost off a slope of wreckage and get airborne.  
Once you reach a tunnel with metal walls, you'll come under fire from 
Raxus Turrets.  After that, you'll find some ramps launching over 
waste.  On one of these ramps is an Invincibility powerup.  That's 
pretty much all there is to the level.  Try to avoid crashing and shoot 
straight.  Once they're all gone, you'll meet back up with Anakin so 
you can further investigate what's going on here.



Take Both Shortcuts:
This is easy when you know where they are, of course.  Both shortcuts 
are marked by Health Packs.  The first one is in a tunnel that cuts 
through a large wreck.  You should see the Health Pack in a small 
cutoff to your left.  That's #1.  The second one is quite a bit later 
in the mission.  After you pass through a metal hulk which has Turrets 
that fire on you, you'll eventually come upon a large ramp leading up 
to an Invincibility powerup.  You don't need to grab it, but beyond that 
is a bunch of brown structures.  There's a Health Pack at the far end 
of these structures that you should be able to see.  Behind that Health 
Pack is a ramp and your second shortcut.

Destroy All STAPs in less than 2 Minutes 20 Seconds:
It may take more than one try, but this is the easiest bonus to earn.  
Just be sure to lay into the Repulsor Boost and get a clean lock before 
you fire.

Complete Misssion with 100 Percent Hull Strength:
With a little practice, this should only take a few tries.  Note that 
the bonus didn't say not to take any damage.  If you find a Health Pack, 
you can use it to restore your hull.  Just watch where you're going.  
Your craft can take light hits without damage, but not big crashes.

6F. Raxus Prime - Ambush Among the Wreckage =

Overview: While waiting for reinforcements to arrive, Anakin and 
Obi-Wan spot three supply convoys heading for the excavation site.  
They'll need to destroy them to stymie the enemy's efforts.



Get to the Ambush Point
Ambush the Enemy Convoy
Destroy the Two Remaining Convoys

Find and Destroy 3 Enemy Communication Outposts
Destroy All Convoys Within 6 Minutes
All Squadmates Must Survive


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank


Raxus Turret
Hailfire Droid



Get to the Ambush Point:
While you're making your way to the point, Anakin will mention the 
unit commands, which you can use with the Control Pad.  Be sure to 
make as much use of these functions as possible.  Whenever an enemy 
crosses your path, hit Up on the Control Pad and it'll be down that 
much quicker.  Anyway, proceed along the set path, firing at Raxus 
Turrets, and the occassional GAT or Hailfire.  You'll eventually see 
your fabulous ambush spot.  Hide inside and this will trigger the 
convoys to start rolling.  You have a long window to reach the spot 
(about six minutes) so don't feel rushed.  Oh, and there's one more 
thing to mention.  There are large floating trash compactors at certain 
points in the mission.  If you get sucked up into their little repulsor 
thingy.  You'll be destroyed, so try to avoid them.  If you get caught, 
you can boost out.

Ambush the Enemy Convoy:
Nothin' says lovin' like a bad guy who don't know you're comin'.  The 
convoy consists of 8 AATs, 2 STAPs and 3 MUTs.  The MUTs (big brown 
things) are your targets.  How you wish to take them out is up to you.  
You have the option of blowing up the attendant AATs, leaving the MUTs 
defenseless, or you can just drop the MUTs immediately and hightail it 
out of there.

Destroy the Two Remaining Convoys:
After that lovely display of pyrotechnics, the other two convoys will 
split up.  Grab the Ammo in the area (and there's Invincibility just 
outside, if you wish) and chase the convoys.  Watch for Turrets all 
over the place, as well as some stray vehicles.  You've got plenty of 
time, as the convoys move at a snail's pace, and there are several 
Health and Ammo powerups lying around.  Once the convoys are stains on 
the ground, the reinforcements will arrive and you'll be set to attack 
the excavation site.



Find and Destroy 3 Enemy Communication Outposts:
These are small dishes with red lights on them.  The first one is right 
behind you when you start.  The second is on your way to the ambush 
point.  You'll pass under a large grilled structure with a Super Blaster 
on top (which you can get to by means of a ramp), and the dish will be 
off to your left as you go past it.  The last one is tougher to find.  
Head towards the ambush point, but don't go inside.  Instead, head in 
the direction that the convoy would be travelling (ie. not the way they 
come from) down the large "road".  There are plenty of Turrets along 
this way (and a Super Blaster to help you out).  There will also be 
trash compactors above you.  Once you pass under your second trash 
compactor, take a hard left.  The dish is in this general area.  If 
you find a huge tube-like structure, you've gone too far.  Hope this is 
enough info.

Destroy All Convoys Within 6 Minutes:
Not a very pressing time constraint, but you should make sure that you 
focus your squadmates fire on the MUTs and then bug out of there as soon 
as they're all gone, regardless of whether or not you got all the AATs.

All Squadmates Must Survive:
Smart squadmate commands will help here.  Don't tell them to Break, 
because that increases the possibility that they'll go off and get 
themselves killed.  As soon as you feel you've finished with a convoy 
and want to move on, call them up to Regroup so you don't take any 
extraneous fire.

6G. Raxus Prime - The Conquest of Raxus Prime =

Overview: The Republic begins their attack on the excavation site.  The 
plan is that the main force, backed up by Anakin and Obi-Wan, will 
attack from the front, while the reinforcments sneak around the back 



Escort AT-TEs to the Separatist Base
Clear the Separatist Base of All Enemy Units
Destroy the Excavator Crane's 2 Fuel Bays
Destroy the Generator and Bring in Reinforcements
Destroy the PROTODEKA

All Republic Units Reach Separatist Base
Destroy Crane Before Shield Generator
Complete Mission in Less Than 12 Minutes


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank


Raxus Turret
Homing Spider Droid
Hailfire Droid



Escort AT-TEs to the Separatist Base:
As soon as you jump in the AT-TEs will be under fire from GATs in the 
valley.  Destroy them all and assist the AT-TEs will clearing the hulks 
in your path.  They'll reveal a bunch of Turrets.  Bust them up (check 
your radar to find them quickly).  As you pass the Turrets, more GATs 
will show up.  There will be Spider Droids and AATs up ahead.  Don't 
mind them for now.  Just concentrate on the GATs in the area and let 
your heavy guns bust them up.  After that, a whole bunch more GATs will 
show up from both sides.  After THAT, you'll have to deal with a couple 
of HAGs (Mortar Tanks), one from each side.  After a few more GATs, 
you'll be charged with the specific task of taking out some GATs up 
ahead.  Then, three Hailfires will show up from behind, then three 
more from the left, then three more from the right, three more from 
the left, three more from the right, and three from behind (phew!)  
Clean up any remaining bad guys and your convoy will start breaching 
the wall.  Speed in (and collect that Invincibility), once the wall's 

Clear the Separatist Base of All Enemy Units:
In the base are a whole load of GATs, several Spiders, and a couple of 
AATs at the end.  Make your way through and clean house.  Blow up any 
red dots on the radar.  Once they're all history, you'll make it to the 

Destroy the Excavator Crane's 2 Fuel Bays:
Destroy the Generator and Bring in Reinforcements:
You'll get these two objectives simultaneously.  Your buddies are 
trapped outside behind a force field.  The generator is at the back of 
the compound.  Blow that and you can get some help in taking out the 
two fuel bays for the crane.  Trying to stop you will be several GATs, 
Spiders, AATs, and Hailfires.  Fortunately, there are plenty of powerups 
lying around.  I suggest you save those, however.  Once the crane and 
generator are down, Anakin will see Dooku and take off after him.  
Obi-Wan will sense a trap, and sure enough, a huge floating tank of 
destruction pops through a wall and liquifies your strike force, leaving 
you to take it out.

Destroy the PROTODEKA:
That's a big thing, eh?  It has multiple laser cannons, and lots of 
homing missiles that it will fire at you.  To avoid both, you can hide 
behind the crane structure.  Peek out and launch all your Missiles at 
it, then speed around the arena to get more Ammo and Health and repeat.  
Brute force is pretty much the order of the day, here.



All Republic Units Reach Separatist Base:
If you stick to the AT-TEs and don't stray too far off chasing bad guys, 
there shouldn't be too many problems here.  Also, that means your 
squadmates have to survive, too, so use them wisely.

Destroy Crane Before Shield Generator:
Pretty simple, although you may get tossed around a bit more than if 
you went for the generator first.  Just destroy the crane's fuel bays 
first.  Stick with lasers if you want to survive the fight against the 

Complete Mission in Less Than 12 Minutes:
This is a long mission, and you should probably do this one and the 
crane one in separate runs.  Take out everything as fast as possible 
when you get to the base and hammer the Protodeka quickly.

6H. Kashyyyk Moon - Anakin's Escape =

Overview: Anakin's following of Dooku proved costly.  A fight with him 
ended with him being stunned by Dooku's new lap dog, Cydon Prax.  Waking 
up in a prison ship, Anakin meets a smuggler named Bera Kazan, who tells 
him that they're headed to a moon of Kashyyyk to be fed to the Force 
Harvester, which sucks the Force energy out of living things and stores 
it.  Once they're placed in a prison, Dooku offers parting taunts and 
orders Prax to fire up the Force Harvester.



Escape From Your Cell
Get Your Lightsaber from the Command Droid
Get to an Empty STAP
Escape Into the Forest With Bera

Free the Prisoners
Trigger the Wookiee Alarm
Escape the Harvester in Under 2:35


Craft: Jedi -> STAP


Battle Droid
Dwarf Spider Droid
Kashyyyk Turret



Escape From Your Cell:
Force...Push...  Boom...

Get Your Lightsaber from the Command Droid:
He's the droid with the circle around him and the words "Command 
Droid" above him.  As soon as your Push recharges, knock him over and 
grab the saber.

Get to an Empty STAP:
You have the option of busting down some other doors to free prisoners, 
or you could just follow Bera to the STAPs.  Just get moving.

Escape Into the Forest With Bera:
This part isn't easy.  Stay on Bera's tail and use the Repulsor Boost 
to keep up.  As you'll see on the radar, the Force Harvester's wave of 
destruction consists of two red lines.  If the second red line passes 
you, you're gone.  Bera will take several twists and turns through the 
forest.  Don't use the boost while among trees, as you'll risk ramming 
into them.  While you're riding, you'll come under fire from Turrets.  
Don't bother shooting back.  Just ride hard.  After passing along a 
river, Bera will mention a ravine up ahead.  Make sure you cross the 
bridge.  After another ravine, you'll pass through a little Wookiee 
village.  Step on the gas and you'll soon be out of range of the 



Free the Prisoners:
There are three cells in the area besides your own.  Use your Force Push 
on them before you head to the STAPs to free the prisoners.

Trigger the Wookiee Alarm:
After crossing the second ravine, you'll see a highlighted tree labelled 
"Wookiee Alarm".  Shoot it.

Escape the Harvester in Under 2:35:
Definitely not easy.  Don't waste time with the prisoners in the camp.  
Run straight for your lightsaber, then the STAPs.  Avoid collisions and 
boost wisely and you should make it out with time to spare.

6I. Kashyyyk Moon - New Alliances =

Overview: Anakin is given a Maru and Bera tells him about a nearby 
comm center that he could send a distress signal to the Republic with.



Follow Bera to the Communications Outpost
Destroy All Enemy Units at Secondary Outpost
Use the AAT to Enter the Comm Outpost
Get to the Communications Center
Get Back to the AAT
Escape From the Outpost
Destroy the Power Generators
Escape Into the Forest

Recover 3 Missing R5 Units
Destroy All Enemy Units at the Comm Center
Complete Mission Under 8:30


Craft: Maru -> AAT -> Jedi -> AAT


Super Battle Droid
Battle Droid
Dwarf Spider Droid



Follow Bera to the Communications Outpost:
Tail Bera through the woods and you'll come upon several Gnasp hives.  
After cleaning out three of them, you'll come across a patrol of STAPs, 
which you need to take out so that they don't tell the comm center 
that you're out here.  Continue on and you'll come across another STAP 
patrol and a lot more Gnasps (there's a Super Blaster in a canyon that 
could help you out).  Once you leave the canyon, you'll find a 
secondary outpost.

Destroy All Enemy Units at Secondary Outpost:
An AAT and several STAPs and Super Battle Droids are here.  Clean them 
up and you'll grab the AAT.

Use the AAT to Enter the Comm Outpost:
Simply trundle along in the AAT and enter the Comm Outpost by the 
front gate.  No one will even check your papers.

Get to the Communications Center:
Ride through the comm center.  Try not to draw attention to yourself or 
anything.  As you approach the center, you'll get out and proceed on 
foot.  Take out the opposition that gets in your way.  Head to the far 
end of the complex.  You'll relay your message and set off the alarm.  

Get Back to the AAT:
Fight your way through the hordes of droids and hop back into the 

Escape the Outpost:
Head back the way you came, blasting all the enemy vehicles that just 
got off their coffee break.  Head towards the gates.

Destroy the Power Generators:
As you get to the gate, you'll notice that you'll have to bust your 
way out.  Shoot down the generators to the left of the gate.

Escape Into the Forest:
Take out the STAPs, Dwarf Spiders, and AATs in your way and head back 
to the Marus to complete this mission.



Recover 3 Missing R5 Units:
The first R5 unit is at the secondary outpost (where you pick up the 
AAT), right behind the hangar.  The second is inside the comm outpost, 
right as you enter behind a building ahead of you.  The final droid is 
found once you get on foot.  After you take out most of the bad guys, 
look for a Turret (big white triangle on your radar).  The last droid's 
behind it.

Destroy All Enemy Units at the Comm Center:
And that means everyone.  Every droid.  Every vehicle.  Shouldn't be too 
difficult if you're thorough.

Complete Mission Under 8:30:
If you're searching for either of the first two, you may want to save 
this for the next run.  It can still be done, but you'll have a much 
more relaxed time of it if you're not looking for droids or enemies.

6J. Kashyyyk Moon - The Liberation of Kashyyyk =

Overview: The Separtist Army is on the way, but reinforcements won't 
arrive for some time.  Anakin and Bera need to spring traps at two of 
the three entrances to the village, and hold off the Separatists at 
the remaining entrance until the Republic shows up.



Trigger the First Trap

All Squadmates Must Survive
All Wookiee Huts Must Remain Intact
Complete Mission in Under 10 Minutes


Craft: Maru -> Republic Fighter Tank


Super Battle Droid
Homing Spider Droid



Trigger the First Trap:
Follow the arrow and proceed along the ravine.  Along the way, you'll 
meet Super Battle Droids, Spider Droids, and STAPs.  Use the Seismic 
Emitter on the first group to clean them up quickly, then Thermal 
Detonators.  You should at all times be running towards the other end 
of the ravine.  Shoot the trap (the green square) to block off the 
Separatist advance.

Destroy Remaining Enemy Units Near First Trap:
Pretty basic.  It's just clean-up time...

Trigger Second Trap:
Follow the arrow to leave this area.  You'll pass by Gnasp hives, and 
they'll start attacking.  Just ignore them and keep moving.  In the next 
ravine, you'll pass more Super Battle Droids, more Spiders, and more 
STAPs.  Shoot down the second trap the same way.

Destroy Remaining Enemy Units Near Second Trap:
Mop up the rest.

Defend the Wookiee Village:
You have two Health Packs, two Ammo Packs, and one Super Blaster to 
help you out here, so use those wisely.  You'll see two VACs set down 
right in front of you.  They'll each set an AAT and lift off.  Use 
concentrated fire to get rid of them.  Next, several STAPs and GATs will 
pour over the ridge and attack.  Soon, you'll get a call about Mortar 
Tanks.  Head out and use a Seismic Blast to take care of two of them, 
then use Thermals on the third.  Shoot up some more GATs and STAPs.  
A VAC will drop a bunch of Spiders, and AATs will start showing up, 
along with the GATs and STAPs.  Soon, the Republic ship will drop in 
and you'll get some help from some Republic Fighter Tanks.  You'll get 
a call about more HAGs.  After you take them out, the enemies should 
start thinning out.  Destroy the remainder (including three more HAGs) 
and you'll have held them off.  It's hectic, but keep up the fire and 
use your Thermals, and you should live.  After you finish, you'll find 
Obi-Wan, and you'll hop in some Tanks to find out where the bad guys 
are coming from.

Fight the Separatists Back to Their Source:
You don't have to fight anyone, really.  Just make it to the back of 
the ravine.  If you wish to fight, you'll face GATs, AATs, and Spiders.  
Anyway, head to the staging area and you'll find the big problem 
behind this invasion force.

Destroy the HARBINGER:
The Harbinger is a big attack carrier.  It has eight turbolaser cannons 
on its front face, two launching bays from which it will spit out GATs, 
and a main cannon that traces around a composite beam, and then 
detonates at several locations.  There is Health and Ammo here to 
recharge you, and it reappears several seconds after being picked up.  
Taking out the smaller guns will give you room to breathe, but your 
main objective is the big gun, which houses the reactor as well.  You'll 
know you can fire on it when it starts to open up and you can target it 
with your crosshair.  Unload your full magazine of Missiles and keep 
shooting.  You should have this thing destroyed with little problem.



All Squadmates Must Survive:
All Wookiee Huts Must Remain Intact:
These two bonuses sort of go hand in hand.  It shouldn't be a problem 
keeping your other two guys alive if you keep them busy and don't leave 
them behind.  Saving all the Wookiee Huts is a simple matter of taking 
out all the heavy stuff first, then the smaller units closest to the 

Complete Mission in Under 10 Minutes:
This is a rather tough one.  For the first two parts of the mission, 
you should definitely take out all opposition, because you'll have to 
anyway after you spring the traps.  You won't move on to the village 
defense part until all the enemies in the area are gone.  The village 
defense thing is a simple matter of taking out enemies as quickly as 
possible.  Use the Seismic Emitter for large groups of HAGs, AATs, or 
Spiders.  Use Thermal Detonators for ones that are alone or for clusters 
of enemies.  Blast everything else.  Once you get into the Republic 
Tank, jet immediately to the Harbinger.  Stop for nothing.  Once you 
get there, don't use Missiles on anything but the central gun when it 
opens up.  Once that gun is down, the mission's over.  It should only 
take two cycles of the gun opening to take it down.

6K. Rhen Var - Eye of the Storm =

Overview: Anakin shows Obi-Wan, Master Windu, and Master Yoda the 
devastation caused by the Force Harvester.  Master Windu informs them 
of an ancient weapon, the Dark Reaper, that could be powered by the 
Force Harvester.  This weapon, constructed by the Sith during the 
Great Sith War, four thousand years ago, was stopped by Ulic Qel-Droma, 
a fallen Jedi who redeemed himself.  He's the only one who will know 
how to defeat the Dark Reaper before Dooku can use it to overthrow the 
Republic.  Anakin and Obi-Wan must travel back to Rhen Var to find any 
info about how to stop the Reaper.



Get to the Downed Republic Assault Ship
Defend the Downed Republic Assault Ship
Proceed to the Separtist Fuel Depot
Destroy the Separatist Fuel Depot and All Enemies in its Vicinity

Reach the Assault Ship in Under 90 Seconds
Don't Let Any Allies Die
Destroy the Four Radar Dishes


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank -> AT-XT Assault Walker


Hailfire Droid
Battle Droid
Rhen Var Turret



Get to the Downed Republic Assault Ship:
Your first task down here is to take out a Fuel Depot to slow the 
Separatists down.  The Assault Ship carrying Walkers that were to 
go after the depot was shot down, so you'll have to get there before the 
Separatists do.  Simply follow the arrow and you'll reach the ship.  
You'll start by passing over an ice field, with some STAPs, Turrets, a 
Spider, and a big wall at the end that you'll have to bust down.  You'll 
pass "Marker 1" after that wall.  Proceed along the snow field and pick 
off some more bad guys and you'll soon pass "Marker 2".  Now, in the 
coming area, there are slopes leading up the side of the canyon.  If 
you take either of these slopes (you'll probably need to boost to get 
up there) you can avoid a Spider and another wall by going above it.  
Take advantage of that.  Keep pushing ahead past the next marker, and 
plow through the HAGs.  You'll eventually reach the ship.

Defend the Downed Republic Assault Ship:
Once you get here, there are lots of bad guys coming in from two 
directions (and being dropped from VACs) that will try to ruin your 
day.  GATs, AATs, STAPs, and Hailfires abound.  On a ledge between 
the two entry points is Health, Ammo, and a Super Blaster powerup.  Use 
them.  After all enemies are destroyed, you'll continue on.

Proceed to the Separtist Fuel Depot:
You'll hop into an AT-XT and head off for the Fuel Depot.  STAPs, Battle 
Droids, and Turrets will try to get in your way.  Later, you'll find a 
line of AATs.  You'll reach a wall with a hangar on either side.  
Destroy the hangars to stop the enemies from flowing out.  Destroy the 
wall to move on.  Next, after a Health pack, you'll come upon enemies 
shooting at your from a bridge.  Use a Proton Mortar to destroy the 
bridge and that's one less problem.  Mop up enemies and Turrets in the 
area and you'll reach the Fuel Depot.

Destroy the Separatist Fuel Depot and All Enemies in its Vicinity:
Sounds simple enough.  You've just got a whole load of STAPs and a ton 
of AATs guarding the place, along with a few Turrets.  Climb up on the 
left or right ridge for some cover.  Use your Proton Mortars and Shields 
whenever you can.  Once you take out the enemies in the surrounding 
area, just pound the Fuel Depot and when it explodes, it'll take out 
the enemies nearby.  With the enemy's efforts hindered, you can move 
on to the Jedi Monument.



Reach the Assault Ship in Under 90 Seconds:
Basically another "put your foot down" bonus.  You have to motor to get 
to the Assault Ship.  Don't shoot at much anything else besides the 
walls blocking your path.

Don't Let Any Allies Die:
Pretty easy.  I've left them alone and still got this bonus.  Just 
kill everything and everyone should survive.

Destroy the Four Radar Dishes:
Okay, another case of "hunt down elusive targets".  The first one is 
right at the downed Assault Ship on a little ledge with some powerups 
on it.  The second dish is soon after you enter the AT-XT.  At the first 
metal wall on your right you'll find it.  The third and fourth are both 
at the Fuel Depot, one on the far right side, the other on the far left.  
Use the Zoom Mode to pick these off quickly.

6L. Rhen Var - Lost Legacy =

Overview: Your forces are ready to take over the Jedi Monument.  It's 
time to find out what ghosts Qel-Droma keeps in his tomb.



Destroy All Enemy Units at Separatist Outpost
Follow the Markers
Destroy All Turrets at Command Center
Proceed to the Next Marker
Destroy Enemy Convoy Before it Reaches the Temple
Proceed to the Jedi Temple
Protect Republic Ground Forces
Defeat the Spectral Guardians

Destroy 6 Enemy Vehicle Carriers
Complete Mission in Less Than 12 Minutes
Both Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive


Craft: Republic Gunship -> Republic Fighter Tank


Hailfire Droid
Rhen Var Turret
Techno Union Ship
Trade Federation Core Ship
Spectral Guardian



Destroy All Enemy Units at the Separatist Outpost:
You'll be dumped right at the outpost.  Fire away at all enemies in 
the area.  Pinpoints are quick kills against the Turrets, and all the 
ground stuff can be taken out with Missile volleys easily enough.  Once 
your radar is clean, you'll move on.

Follow the Markers:
Proceed along the canyon, following the arrow, blowing up any enemies 
in your path (which is so much fun in the Gunship).  You'll soon reach 
the enemy Command Center.

Destory All Turrets at Command Center:
That's a lot of Turrets, but you've got some mad power on your side.  
One Missile volley can take out any Turret, and even normal lasers will 
drop them relatively quickly.  Make your way around the area, picking 
them all off as you see them.

Proceed to the Next Marker:
You'll move along the canyon now.  Bust up an ice wall to proceed.  
Drop to the ground to pick up some Ammo and Health.  You'll soon get 
another call from Obi-Wan about a convoy on the move to the Temple, 
which you'll have to destroy.

Destroy Enemy Convoy Before it Reaches the Temple:
Consisting of about seven MUTs and at least ten AATs.  Wipe them out.  
All of them.  Missiles, Pinpoints, do whatever you have to do.

Proceed to the Jedi Temple:
When the convoy is just a memory, hit the gas and blast through some 
more ice walls.  You'll reach the temple and Obi-Wan will deploy two 
platoons of ground forces with which to secure the area.

Protect Republic Ground Forces:
The Core Ship in the middle of the area will be constantly spewing out 
AATs and Hailfires.  Demolish them with extreme prejudice as they come 
out.  You'll also get calls of VACs dropping off units as well.  Take 
out the VACs before they can make the drop.  There are three Ammo packs 
and two Health Packs in the area, some on top of Techno Union Ships.  
Keep destroying AATs and Hailfires after the Turbolasers start firing 
and you'll eventually blow the Core Ship.  Time to head inside.

Defeat the Spectral Guardians:
Once you enter, you'll be set upon by some ghosties.  Shoot the three 
tombs in the middle.  They take a lot of hits, so use the Missiles 
before they knock you down to nothing flat.  Once the three tombs are 
destroyed, Anakin will enter the tomb proper.



Destroy 6 Enemy Vehicle Carriers:
Keep an eye out for the VACs and drop the quickly with your Pinpoint 
Lasers.  Obi-Wan will point out the first two for you.  There are 
four more at the very end at the Jedi Temple.

Complete Mission in Less Than 12 Minutes:
Not too hard, especially considering much of the time spent is from the 
MACs, which you really can't help anyway.

Both Mobile Assault Cannons Must Survive:
Easy enough if you keep on top of all the enemies spilling out of the 
Core Ship, which isn't hard while you've got a bird's eye view from the 

6M. Thule Moon - Desperate Gambit =

Overview: Anakin encounters a Holocron image of Ulic Qel-Droma, who 
promises to teach Anakin how to resist the power of the Dark Reaper.  
Anakin also learns that the Dark Reaper is hidden on the planet Thule.  
The Jedi plan their attack.  Anakin will begin by taking out the 
planetary shield generator on Thule's moon.



Defend the Republic Assault Ship From All Attackers
Escort Convoy to Shield Generator Complex
Destroy 4 Shield Generator Charger Couplings

Landing Ship Shields Above 50 Percent
Destroy All Reactors
At Least 2 Convoy Units Reach the Shield Generator


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank -> AT-XT Assault Walker


Hailfire Droid
Thule Turret
Homing Spider Droid



Defend the Republic Assault Ship From All Attackers:
Your landing has been detected and a large assault force is moving on 
your position.  The enemy force consists of a bunch of GATs, AAT, 
Hailfires, about five HAGs, and two Spiders.  Four of the HAGs come from 
the valley entrance.  The other one is up on a ridge, near the two 
Spiders.  If you run low on Health/Ammo, head up the ramp of the Assault 
Ship to collect powerups.  Once all enemies are destroyed, a convoy of 
engineers will move to the shield generator complex so they can let 
you in.

Escort Convoy to Shield Generator Complex:
Your convoy will get underway.  Take out STAPs, GATs, and Spiders as 
you move along.  Soon, you'll get a call that one of the convoy craft 
is down from Mortar Tanks.  Move around the ridge and zoom out to find 
the HAGs that are shelling you.  Blast them.  Continue on, taking out 
GATs, Turrets, AATs, HAGs, Spiders, anything that shoots back.  You'll 
reach the doors and the engineers will start pounding them down.  
Defend them while they're pounding.  They'll soon blow the door and you 
can head inside.

Destory 4 Shield Generator Charger Couplings:
Open up on the enemies inside.  Pound the Turrets, AATs, GATs, Spiders, 
and even a couple of CADs.  Make your way around the outside, blowing 
walls, then head down the far ramp and shoot up the four large blue 
tubes to deactivate the shield generator and open the planet for attack.



Landing Ship Shields Above 50 Percent:
Easiest on Padawan difficulty.  Just keep the heavy attackers (ie. HAGs) 
off the Assault Ship.  

Destroy All Reactors:
The Reactors are blue-lighted structures in the middle of suspended 
platforms.  You can't miss them.  There are either four or five.  Not 
sure of the count, myself, but there are no hidden ones.  Each one has a 
Spider Droid in front of it anyway, so taking them out is a simple 
matter of shooting the thing behind the Spider Droid.

At Least 2 Convoy Units Reach the Shield Generator:
You always lose one from the first bunch of Mortar Tanks.  Protecting 
the other two is easier.  There are no enemies coming from behind, so 
that's one less thing to worry about.

6N. Thule - Assault on Thule =

Overview: With the planetary shield down, Obi-Wan takes his forces to 
the enemy and attempts to destroy their command center to disrupt their 



Destroy All Opposition at the Landing Zone
Destroy First Energy Farm
Destroy Second Energy Farm
Destroy the Command Installation

Destroy All 8 Techno Union Ships
Complete the Mission in Under 9 Minutes
All Engineers Must Survive


Craft: Republic Gunship


Hailfire Droid
Thule Plasma Turret
Droid Starfighter
Homing Spider Droid
Techno Union Ship



Destroy All Opposition at the Landing Zone:
Make a beeline for the landing zone and open up all your weapons on 
the AATs, Spiders, Hailfires, and Turrets there.  Pinpoints and 
Missiles.  You'll get a free refill after you finish, so use it all 
up.  Mace Windu's strike force will land and you'll be tasked with 
taking out the Command Center.

Destroy First Energy Farm:
The farms have internal shielding, so pick up some engineers at the 
landing zone and head towards the first farm.  Clear out all opposition 
down there, and drop them off.  While they disable the shielding, 
you'll have to hold off GATs approaching from two fronts.  Once you 
get the call that the engineers are done, blow up the energy farm with 
multiple Missile volleys and Pinpoints.

Destroy Second Energy Farm:
More of the same.  Pick up engineers, clear out the landing area, 
drop them off, defend them from GATs (and a couple of AATs this time) 
coming from two directions.  Wait for the engineers.  Blow up the 

Destroy the Command Installation:
Now for some good old-fashioned pyrotechnics.  Head towards the Command 
Installation (it's highlighted in your view).  Your objective is to 
waste all the conduits that are powering the installation.  There are 
conduits all around the installation and you'll be under plenty of fire.  
Just stay calm and shoot straight and you should be able to take them 
all out in one pass.



Destroy All 8 Techno Union Ships:
After you pick up your first group of engineers, you'll pass a clearing 
with three TU Ships, and there'll be a fourth just past that near the 
energy farm.  The next four are after you pick up the second group of 
engineers.  You'll see one right on your way, another beyond that, and 
the last two up on a cliff beyond that.

Complete the Mission in Under 9 Minutes:
This is a pretty steep time limit.  Clear out the Landing Zone as 
quickly as you possibly can (empty your Missile battery).  The same 
goes for the Command Center.  Everything else is timed to protect, so 
just keep them alive.

All Engineers Must Survive:
Not necessarily easy, but simple in the sense that you just have to 
keep all the bad guys away from the energy farms.  If you hear a 
scream, you blew it.

6O. Thule - Dark Side Rising =

Overview: With the communications down, and the main military base 
neutralized, Mace Windu leads the ground assault on Thule's captial 



Destroy the Two Starfighter Hangars
Defend the AT-TEs as They Destroy the Factories
Proceed to the Sith City
Destroy the PROTODEKAS
Enter the Service Ducts and Destroy the Gate Mechanism

All Walker Squadmates Must Survive
All Fighter Tank Squadmates Must Survive
At Least 4 AT-TEs must Survive


Craft: AT-XT Assault Walker -> Republic Fighter Tank


Homing Spider Droid
Thule Turret
Hailfire Droid
Battle Droid
Dwarf Spider Droid



Destroy the Two Starfighter Hangars:
The first part of your assault is as such.  Make your advance, taking 
out those that get in your way.  When you reach the first bridge, make 
sure you aim right to take out the AAT lobbing cannon fire at you.  
Cross the bridge and blow up the walls of the nearby building, and 
proceed on through it, watching out for AATs hiding in corners.  The 
first hangar is on your right as you leave.  Take out the Turrets and 
AATs guarding it and use concentrated fire to blow it up.  Proceed 
along the trenches towards the next hangar.  Shoot anything evil that 
moves.  There's an Invincibility powerup along this route, but you'll 
face about three guys while grabbing it, so it's not super-useful.  
As you reach the second hangar, VACs will drop off Spiders in addition 
to the AATs and Turrets that are already there.  Use your Shields and 
Mortars wisely.  Use concentrated fire on the second hangar and you'll 
have neutralized the enemy's air presence.

Defend the AT-TEs as They Destroy the Factories:
This part is in a Republic Fighter Tank.  Your task is to keep the 
AT-TEs alive while they blow up the factories.  This part's wild and 
wooly.  There are six AT-TEs, and it's a big field.  GATs, AATs, 
Hailfires, and Spiders all swarm across the field.  Most of your trouble 
will be GATs and AATs that come from the factories.  In addition, some 
HAGs are produced.  They hang back and fire from long range.  Have 
your squadmates take care of them when they show up.  Keep up the 
attack, wiping any red dots.  Eventually, the AT-TEs will destroy the 

Proceed to the Sith City:
Make your way across the plains and you'll eventually run into a really 
bad dream come true.

Destroy the PROTODEKAS:
Bad news is you're staring down two of these monster tanks.  Good news 
is that you have squadmates who can lend a hand.  Assign them to attack 
a particular one while you dodge around avoiding Missiles, all the while 
returning your own fire.  Take out one completely before going after 
the other.  Keep your eyes open for the supplies, because you'll need 
them.  Of particular desire to you should be the Super Blaster.  After 
the tanks are down, push on ahead, and an Assault Ship will drop in.  
You'll switch to a cutscene where your tank is destroyed by Cydon Prax 
in his Dreadnought.  You're on foot for now.  

Enter the Service Ducts and Destroy the Gate Mechanism:
Run your little butt and follow the arrow to the service ducts as 
indicated, knocking down all in your path.  The service ducts aren't 
too complicated.  Just keep moving towards the far end.  Eventually, 
you'll see two Spiders ahead.  Destroy them and the mechanism behind 
them and the gates are open for Anakin to charge in.



All Walker Squadmates Must Survive:
All Fighter Tank Squadmates Must Survive:
At Least 4 AT-TEs must Survive:
These all go hand-in-hand.  It's basically a matter of shooting 
straight, killing enemies quickly, and watching each others' backs.  
Given the mess that this mission is, the defending shouldn't be too 
hard unless you're on high difficulties.

6P. Thule - Fate of the Republic =

Overview: The enemy is in disarray.  Relatively unnoticed, Anakin's 
strike team lands at the rear of Thule's capital city, and begins the 
assault that will hopefully destroy the Dark Reaper.



Fight Your Way to the Sith Temple
Defeat Dooku's Henchman, Cydon Prax
Defeat the DARK REAPER

Make it Through the City in under 5:30
All Squadmates Must Survive Through the City
Destroy 45 Enemy Units


Craft: Republic Fighter Tank


Homing Spider Droid
Thule Turret
Dwarf Spider Droid
Hailfire Droid



Fight Your Way to the Sith Temple:
Lay into the bad guys with all you got.  The path splits soon after you 
start.  Either path has you facing the same bad guys.  Use your 
squadmates wisely and keep moving forward.  When you reach a plaza, 
some VACs will drop off Spiders.  Use all your remaining Missiles as 
you'll get a supply drop-off.  Blast through the roadblock and move on 
ahead.  You'll enter a plaza with Dwarfs and Homing Spider Droids.  
You also have Ammo, Health, and Super Blasters here.  Take them out 
and proceed across the bridge.  On the bridge are several Hailfires with 
a couple of Turrets for support.  In the next plaza are several GATs, 
AATs, Spiders, and Turrets.  You'll also get an Ammo refill.  Go 
straight across the plaza if you want Health, otherwise turn right 
to another path split.  The right path has an ammo refill, so go that 
way to leave yourself some leeway as far as Missiles go.  After that 
mess, proceed down the street to another Health and Ammo dump.  Finally, 
you'll reach the Sith Temple.

Defeat Dooku's Henchman, Cydon Prax:
Cydon Prax will challenge you in his custom DREADNOUGHT.  He has 
forward facing blasters and a seismic pulse that can really mess you 
up.  Fortuantely, he doesn't use it too often.  Have your squadmates 
attack him as well and Prax will be a spot on the floor in no time.

Defeat the DARK REAPER:
You'll now attack the Reaper yourself, since you're the only one immune 
to its effects.  Your squadmates will perish shortly, leaving you 
alone.  There are several Health and Ammo powerups around.  At all times 
during this battle, the Reaper can shoot a nasty beam that will drain 
your shields and hull.  Are you ready?  Qel-Droma will coach you 
throughout this.  You'll start with the six conduits on the outer side.  
Blow them all up with lasers and Missiles.  Next will be the four laser 
cannons on the underside.  After that are the two Harvester bays, which 
are decidedly weaker.  Finally, you need to destroy the Force Harvester.  
Loose all your remaining missiles at the Harvester and Dooku will be 
denied yet another victory in the galactic struggle. 



Make it Through the City in under 5:30:
Try to keep your foot down.  It's not a serious time limit, but you have 
to reach Cydon Prax before the time limit is up.

All Squadmates Must Survive Through the City:
They only have to get as far as Cydon Prax.  The Dark Reaper will 
liquify them quickly, so don't worry about that.

Destroy 45 Enemy Units:
Pretty simple.  Wipe them out.  All of them.  Try not to miss a single 
enemy, as the count of enemies is just enough.


The multiplayer in this game is good fun.  There are no real bots to 
play against, but a group of friends can enjoy a lot of time blowing 
each other up.

When you open the Multiplayer Menu, you'll start by selecting an area 
to fight in, which is separated into the four main games, then the 
worlds available for each.  

Once you pick your world, if you're playing Duel or Control Zone, 
you'll select:
Time limit: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, or infinite
Score Limit: 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or infinite for Duel
             10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, or infinite for Control Zone
Teams: If on, there must be at least one player on either Red or Blue 
 Team.  Team members cannot damage each other.

After that, you'll select your player name (you can either use 
"Player #" or a name from the profiles).  You'll then select your team 
if playing with them, and then your craft (or Jedi) and enter the game.
Alternatively, you can just press START to be dumped straight into the 

In all games, you'll start with a countdown where you cannot move or 
attack, just get your bearings.  If you die and respawn, you'll have a 
few seconds where you're invincible.

So, how do the craft stack up to each other?

Republic Fighter Tank and GAT: Almost identical.  The weakest on the 
battlefield for firepower, but that's not saying much, because a few 
well-placed Missiles can take care of someone nice and quick.  They are 
the fastest, though, so they get the highest marks for speed and 
manueverability, especially with their Repulsor Boosts.  This can also 
help them climb walls and hills in battlefields.

AT-XT and AAT: Whereas the Tanks are for speed, these guys are for 
power.  They're both slow, and their lasers are deadly.  Their Secondary 
weapons are devastating but slow.  The AAT is  faster and more 
manueverable than the AT-XT, as well as having an infinite Secondary, 
but it's an even tradeoff with the Shields that the AT-XT has.

Hailfire Droid: Sort of a wild card.  The Hailfire has very good flat 
out speed, but its turning is a lot worse than the Tanks.  Its Secondary 
is very powerful, if all Missiles hit, and the lasers are nothing 
special.  Pick this if you want to make things a bit more hectic in 
the arena, what with multiple warhead explosions.

7A. Duel =

A classic deathmatch-style.  Your vehicles will be placed in the battle 
area.  Your objective is to destroy all other vehicles (or those on 
the other team if you're playing with teams).  Powerups are scattered 
around the arena and will respawn after being taken.  You score one 
point for every enemy killed.  Highest score at the end of the time 
limit, or whoever reaches the score limit, wins.

For craft, you can use the Republic Fighter Tank, the AT-XT Walker, 
the GAT, the AAT, or the Hailfire Droid.  After you're destroyed, you 
can select a different craft to use.

Here are the arenas for Duel:

Kashyyyk: This area is open for the most part.  It's a large circle 
field.  The inner part is clustered with wroshyr trees, while the outer 
part has small foothills, both of which can make for good cover.  The 
foothills have Ammo and Health on them.  And at opposite ends of the 
field are Invincibility and Disintegration.  The center cluster of 
trees is hiding a Super Blaster.

Rhen Var: The Lost City of Barazon consists of two basic areas.  The 
larger open area has very little cover, besides a few ruined structures 
and foothills.  Out there, there's a few Ammo and Health powerups.  
Heading through a gate will lead you to the smaller area, but one with 
more structures and better cover.  You'll find Health, Ammo, Super 
Blasters, and Disintegration in that area.  Also, if you're daring, 
and your craft has Repulsor Boost, you can boost yourself up some of 
the curved walls on the structures, if you feel like sniping.

Geonosis: This enclosed valley is basically one long curved canyon on 
two levels.  Health and Ammo are scattered throughout.  The upper 
levels have bridges from which one could ambush others.  One end of the 
canyon has a Disintegration powerup.  The other end has a balanced rock 
with Cloaking and Disintegration (for the life of me, I can't figure 
out a way up there).  Near the first Disintegration, there's a Super 
Blaster and Ammo stowed high up.  There are paths that can get you 
there.  If you have Repulsor Boost, you can just boost yourself up 

Thule: This one's a total mess, to say the least.  The lowest part 
consists of a low and open valley, and there are two very thin canyons 
where you can leave the valley.  There are also many out of the way 
smaller valleys with cool powerups in them.  You can find Disintegration, 
Super Blasters, Invincibilty, and Cloaking each in a little valley, as 
well as plenty of Health and Ammo.  Not all paths in this arena lead 
somewhere.  Some just jump off into space to land in the canyons or 
valleys below.  Neat as a surprise attack.

Raxus: You can play this area after earning 5 Bonus Points.  This is 
long and somewhat thin.  This is the enemy base from the Raxus Prime 
mission.  The far end outside the base are open, but have few powerups.  
Most of them are in the base itself, or around the outside walls.  
In addition to the usual Health and Ammo, you can also find two Super 
Blasters and two Cloakings.  I've also seen a Super Blaster (along with 
a Health) behind one of the walls in the base, but I can't get to it.

7B. Control Zone =

In Control Zone, there is a special circle in the area.  When a craft 
enters that area, it changes to their color.  For every second the craft 
sits in that area, a point is scored.  If two or more opposing crafts 
sit in the circle, it remains white and no points can be scored from 
it.  A point is also scored for a kill.

For craft, you can use the Republic Fighter Tank, the AT-XT Walker, 
the GAT, the AAT, or the Hailfire Droid.  After you're destroyed, you 
can select a different craft to use.

As a personal note, I feel this is most fun when playing a 2 on 2 
team game.

Here are the arenas for Control Zone:

Thule: The Lost Valley of the Sith is just that, a simple valley.  The 
Zone is spot on in the middle, and there are a couple of 1/4 Health 
Packs there.  Scattered about are the usual Health/Ammos.  There are two 
tall pillars near the Zone.  One has Disintegration on it, the other 
has Invincibility.  To get to the tops of these pillars, you need a 
craft that has Repulsor Boost.  On the hills around the pillars, there 
is a stretch of land that angles up.  Boost off that stretch and collect 
the powerups.  There is also Cloaking hiding near the Invincibility 
pillar, and Super Blasters hiding in a high point at the walls of the 
valley, behind the Disintegration.

Raxus: This adaptation of the Raxus base has the Zone on a hill.  In 
the Zone itself, there are four 1/4 Health Packs, but they're hidden 
in corners and alcoves where it'd be easy to get trapped in.  Around 
the perimeter are Ammo and Health.  Near the Zone is a ramp sticking 
up that you can use to boost up to a Super Blaster.  There's also a 
Super Blaster in a far corner (along with three Ammo boxes).  There are 
two bunkers near the edge, one with Disintegration, the other with 

Thule Moon: You can access this after earning 10 Bonus Points.  All 
respawn points are on a square catwalk system above the Zone.  The 
catwalks all have Ammo on them.  On the high ledges outside of the 
catwalks are two Super Blasters.  Down in the lower area are 
Disentegration, Invincibility, and two Cloakings.  The Zone is actually 
quite small, and has no powerups on it.  Good luck holding it.

7C. Conquest =

An assault-style game.  There are two teams in the game.  There is no 
time or score limit.  Team #1 is the Galactic Republic, and Team #2 is 
the Confederacy of Independent Systems.  For craft, the Republic can 
pick the Republic Fighter Tank and the AT-XT, while the Confederacy 
(Separatists) can pick the GAT or the AAT.

Your objective is to destroy the other team's home base, a structure 
that takes a lot of hits, but can't return fire.  In the upper right 
corner of the screen is the health bar for your base.

To help you in your task, there are structures called Outposts on the 
battlefield.  To take control of one, enter the circle around it.  
While inside the circle, Turrets will be built.  Once you have a Turret 
up, the Outpost is officially yours.  If you stay in the circle, more 
Turrets will be built.  You can build a maximum of four Turrets at any 
one Outpost.  To return an Outpost to neutral status, all Turrets at it 
must be destroyed.

Once four Turrets have been constructed, the Outpost can being producing 
units.  The Republic produces AT-XTs and the Separatists produce AATs.  
You do not need to be in the Outpost for this.  The Outpost will 
produce two units (you can keep track of how many outposts and units you 
have on the upper right corner).  If those units are destroyed, the 
Outpost will continue producing units as long as the four Turrets 
remain.  If one is destroyed, production stops.

Now, the units you create from the Outpost can be assigned orders just 
like in the Campaign with the Command Cross.  Up is Attack Enemy HQ.  
Left is Hold Position.  Right is Defend Allied HQ.  Down is Defend 

Oh, and most of the powerups you'll find are just Ammo and 1/4 Health 
Packs.  There are a couple of maps that have better ones if you look 
hard enough.

So, as you can tell, this game can get hectic and messy in a very 
spectacular manner. ^_^

Here are the Conquest battlefields:

Geonosis: A simple design.  Each home base has two Outposts nearby, and 
there are two Outposts in the mid-field.  There are plenty of rock 
pillars to offer cover.

Kashyyyk: Two Outposts are next to your base.  Crossing to the other 
base is a matter of three ravines.  If you fall into a ravine, you blow 
up.  Between the ravines are a singular outpost, and in the very middle 
of the field you'll find plateaus with one Outpost on the left and right 
sides.  Also, there are sneaky paths to get around the outside of the 

Thule Moon: Two Outposts are next to your base, like always.  Further 
from the base is another Outpost, then a ravine with a double bridge to 
connect the sides.  Off to the left of the Red Base (or to the right of 
the Blue Base) are bridges connecting to another area with two Outposts, 
and a small tunnel that leads to a rare Full Health.  To the right side 
of the Red Base is a climbable path.  It's long, but once you reach the 
end, you'll find three Ammo packs and a lovely vantage point for 
sniping.  There's a similar point from the Blue Base, to the left of 
the bridge leading to the two Outposts off to the side.  There are only 
two Ammo packs here, but it's quicker to get to.

Rhen Var: Unlock this by earning 15 Bonus Points.  Each Base has four 
Outposts around it, and there's one in the middle of the field.  There 
are plenty of side passages around the outside of the field.  What 
(literally) separates this area from others is ice walls.  A few shots 
will take care of them, but they do exist as barriers.  Also, this is 
the only Conquest map with some good powerups.  To the left and right 
of the middle base, near the walls, you'll find Cloaking and 

7D. Academy: Thule Moon =

The two Academy levels are so complex that they each needed a 
separate section.

The principle behind Academy is simple.  You and whoever you're playing 
with are dropped into the battlefield and you basically have to survive 
wave after wave of enemies.  The longer you survive, the higher your 

If you are playing with two or more people, then after every third 
round (assuming they're still alive), you'll be able to duke it out with 
them to earn bonus points.

On the Thule Moon mission, you can choose between a Republic Fighter 
Tank and an AT-XT, and you'll go after waves of Separatist enemies.  
You're in the center of the field, and there are four gates for them to 
come through.  And come they will.  There's a small path in one of the 
corners that leads to Super Blasters, so use it if you feel you need 

The points for enemies are as follows:

STAP: 10 Points
GAT: 25 Points
Hailfires: 30 Points
AAT: 40 Points
HAG: 45 Points
CAD: 50 Points
Homing Spider Droid: 60 Points
Dark Acolyte: 100 Points

I'll soon have the workings of what the waves consist of.

In this mission, if you're playing alone, then after every three waves 
you'll have a bonus wave where Jedi Credits will float around.  Collect 
them for points:

Yellow: 25
Red: 40
Purple: 60
Blue: 100

The Academy session is over when all players die from the opposition 
(not duels).

7E. Academy: Geonosis =

This Academy session is unlocked with 20 Bonus Points.  This is much 
like the Thule one: fight until you die.  The difference here is that 
you're in the Geonosis execution arena, and you're facing swarms of 
bad guys while on foot with a lightsaber.  Controls for your Jedi are 
the same as normal.  Before you start, you can pick your Jedi: Anakin, 
Obi-Wan, Mace, or an unnamed Jedi (who we'll call "Bob").

If you're playing alone, then you'll have support from the beginning in 
the form of Anakin, Mace, and Obi-Wan, whichever ones you're not 
playing as (this means that you'll get all three if playing as Bob).  If 
playing with others, you get no help from other Jedi.

Once you get through some waves, Padmé will show up to lend you some 
support.  Later still, Clone Troopers will be dropped in to help with 
the increasing tide of bad guys.

Geonosian: 5 Points
Battle Droid: 10 Points
Super Battle Droid: 15 Points
Dwarf Spider Droid: 20 Points


There's plenty of cool stuff to keep you going in the game once you've 
completed the Campaign.

8A. Bonus Awards =

Completing Bonus Objectives in the game will earn you Bonus Points.  
These points will be used towards new stuff.

5 Points - Multiplayer Level: Duel - Raxus Prime

10 Points - Multiplayer Level: Control Zone - Thule Moon

15 Points - Multiplayer Level: Conquest - Rhen Var

20 Points - Multiplayer Level: Jedi Academy - Geonosis Arena

25 Points - Unit Viewer: Models of the major characters and craft in 
 the game.  Use Left or Right to cycle through them.  C-Stick rotates 
 them.  R and L zoom out and in, respectively.  A has them perform 

30 Points - "Making Of" Video - A short featurette on the making of the 

35 Points - CD Player - Play music tracks from the game.

40 Points - Sketchbook - Look at production sketches for the game.

45 Points - Jedi Master - Yoda is available for use in the Geonosis 
 Arena Jedi Academy Multiplayer Level.  He's really no faster, hardier, 
 or more powerful than anyone else you can use, but it's worth it just 
 to see those fancy spins.

8B. Codes =

Already a few codes for this game have been released.  Unless otherwise 
notified, all passcodes remain in the system as long as you save after 
entering them:

CHOSEN1 - Your craft has unlimited Secondary Weapon ammo and can 
 perform its Special Ability for as long/often as you want.  Does not 
 save after being entered.

1WITHFORCE - Invincibility

GASMASK - Unlock all Campaign Missions.

FRAGFIESTA - Unlocks all multiplayer maps.

CINEMA - Unlocks all movies.

SAYCHEESE - Allows you to view team photos in Sketchbook.

YUB YUB - Gives you three free Bonus Objectives for the mission you 
 last played (the one that shows up on your Profile, and the first one 
 that pops up when you select the Campaign).  You can use it as often 
 as you want to get all bonuses, but you still have to beat the 

ROGERROGER - Allows you to use the Battle Droid in Academy: Geonosis.  
 Alone, the Battle Droid is pretty lousy.  His single shot rifle is 
 best used for long range support covering fellow Jedi.

FUZZBALL - Allows you to use the Wookiee in Academy: Geonosis.  Much the 
 same as the Battle Droid, except he's got a really sweet autoaim 
 capability that lets him survive a lot longer.  He takes hits real well, too, 
 so having him on a team will extend your survival quite a bit.


9A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2001-2002 Scott 
"CyricZ" Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and 
claim it as your own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask 
me first, and that includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t 
post this on your site unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put 
a lot of time into this.  Give me some credit...

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this 
FAQ.  They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the ED guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed 
sites that I trust.

9B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the 
- Make sure it has something to do with Clone Wars.  I don't want spam, 
chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you 
want, though...
- Make sure you say Clone Wars at one point in your e-mail.  I have more 
than one FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I kill the 
last boss?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...

9C. Credits =

EGM, olivicmic, and PodRacerX, for finding codes.

Lucasarts and Pandemic Studios, for creating a sweet Star Wars game.

The game's manual, for providing a little extra info on some of the 

CJayC and Al Amaloo for having this guide on their sites.

9D. Version Updates =

Version 0.5 - 10/31/02 - Completed the first sections and the Geonosis 
missions.  More coming shortly.

Version 0.6 - 11/1/02 - Added the Multiplayer section, so that's out of 
the way.  More in the Codes section.

Version 0.7 - 11/5/02 - A few more missions, codes, etc.  Schoolwork's 
been tying me up lately...

Version 1.0 - 11/7/02 - That'll do it.  I'll update more as codes start 
coming in, and once I get the gumption to put together the waves for 
Academy levels.

Version 1.1 - 11/25/02 - Codes. w00t.

9E. The Final Word =

Well, that's about all.  Have fun collecting the bonuses, and blowing 
up your friends in multiplayer!  The Force be with you!

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