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FAQ by Master Gamer

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/04/03

NBA 2K3 Master's FAQ Version 0.1 Controls intended for GCN, rest of FAQ may be
used with PS2 and XBox.

By: Courtney "Master Gamer" Johnson.
(mastergamer@email.pokemonparadise.com) 1/06/03

N            N  BBBBBBBBBB     222222     K  K
NN           N  B         B   2    2      K K
N N          N  B         B  2    2       KK K
N  N         N  B         B      2        K   K
N   N        N  B         B     2         K    K
N    N       N  B         B     22222222  K     K
N     N      N  BBBBBBBBBB         A        3333333
N      N     N  B         B       A A      3       3
N       N    N  B         B      A   A             3
N        N   N  B         B     A     A      3333333
N         N  N  B         B    AAAAAAAAA           3
N          N N  B         B   A         A   3      3
N           NN  B        B   A           A   3333333
N            N  BBBBBBBBB   A             A
Table of Contents /0000

* Partially Done
\ Not yet started

1. Introduction (1000)
 a. Purpose of FAQ (1001)
 b. Update history (1002)
 c. Copyright information (1003)
 d. How to locate any section of this FAQ (1004)

2. About the Author (2000)

3. Game Basics (3000)
 a. Modes (3001)
 b. Controls (3002)
 c. Basic offense (3003)
 d. Basic Defense (3004)

4. Strategy with Ravenous SuperThug and MVP (4000)
a. The positions and their jobs (4001)
b. Breakdown of Key players (4002)
c. Breakdown of Key Teams (4003)
d. The Strategy (4004)
e. The Art of Fast Breaks (by MVP) (4005)

5. Street Ball time! (5000)
a. The stratigical difference. (5001)

6. The Teams*(6000)
a. Team info.* (6001)
b. Transactions\ (6002)

7. Create-o-ramma!* (7000)
a. My created players* (7001)
b. My created teams* (7002)

8. Other stuff* (8000)
b. Description of rules (8002)
c. Codes (8003)
d. Questions* (8004)

9. Contact information + FAQ Wishlist(9000)

10. Credits (0001)

1. The Introduction /1000
This is where you learn why I took my time to write this FAQ, the updates and
copyright info.

1a. The Purpose of this FAQ /1001

The main reason for this FAQ is to help gamers; both new and old to the 2K
series get better at the game.

1b. Update history /1002

1c. Copyright Information /1003

This FAQ is copyright (©) 2003 Courtney "Master Gamer" Johnson. This FAQ may
not be sold or Profited off of in any way electronically, or manually. It may
be printed for personal use ONLY. This FAQ may be used on another site only if
my permission is given first. If my FAQ is used, even with my permission, it
MAY NOT be altered in any form.

List of permitted sites:

Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)

The Gamemasterz Realm (http://www.quia.com/pages/gaming.html)

Cheat Codes.com (http://www.cheatcodes.com)

Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)

1d. How to locate any section of this FAQ /1004
If you're wondering about the 4-digit number codes at the contents and headers,
this is where they come into place. To locate any section of this FAQ (or teams
in the roster listing), follow these steps:

1. Begin by pressing Control and F (the key) at the same time.

2. Check "match whole word only" and type in a forward-slash and then the
4-digit code listed by the section name on the table of contents (It's in
parenthesis, DO NOT include the parenthesis in the code).

3. Ta-da! You're at the section with minimal scrolling!!! You should memorize
the codes.

4. If you're still here, type in code (0000) to return to the table of

2. About the Author /2000

I'm a teenage girl living in Indiana. I have been playing games for most my
life. I like almost all game genres (except puzzle and real-time strategy), but
my favorite series is Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm not very athletic so I virtually
get my taste of sports.

3. Basics /3000
This covers what the modes, controls and basics are, after all, you can't play
without knowing what buttons to push.

3a. Modes /3001

Exhibition- set up any two teams. You make the rules, time and any other
options, or don't play it! Just set up and watch.

Quick start- can't decide on what to play for exhibition? Let the comp decide
for you!

Practice- Pick a team and practice on your own or with a friend. You can also
practice free throws, or different drills in scrimmage.

Season- Play along with the actual 02-03 season, or if 82 games is too
grueling, you've always got the option to play 56 28 or 14 games. You may even
make the playoffs.

Playoffs- ARE YOU TOO LAZY TO PLAY 14 GAMES!? If so, just start from the
playoffs, and work your way to the finals.

Tourney- Who's da dawg? Find out set up 4, 8, or 16 teams and have a tourney,
more fun with friends.

Franchise- You're the General Manager now! You make the trades and guide the
teams to the playoffs and back for many years.

3b. Controls /3002

A= Pass This is your basic pass, bounce or chest, to your closest teammate.
Joystick + A= "Touch" Passing

Hold the "Stick" in the direction of the player you want to pass to. Then press
(or press and hold to throw a harder pass if max passing is on) A while the
"Stick" is pointed in the direction of the player you wanna pass to, in order
to pass to that player.
Y + A, B, X, Y R or L= "Icon" Passing.

Any time on offense (or defense) with the ball, press the "Y" button, then
press either the "A", "B", "X", "Y" or "R trigger" buttons, depending on the
player's position, to pass to that player. To switch to the player closest to
the hoop on defense, press Y and then L Trigger. The
positions and buttons are as follows, memorize them and do yourself a favor.

A= Point Guard

X= Shooting Guard

B= Small Forward

Y= Power Forward

R Trigger= Center
A timed = Alley-Oop Pass
If a player has a clear path to the hoop, and is waving his hand, pass to
himand he may perform an Alley-Oop.

X= Crossover Dribble.

The crossover is much easier this year. When close to your
"opponent" or the one guarding you, press X to attempt to fake him out and get
past him. Depending on your timing, this may work, and this may not.
B= Shoot

Press AND hold the B button to shoot (obviously the ball). Hold the button
until the top of your jump, then release. (Note that release time is much
shorter this year) Practice your shots in "practice" mode. Without the ball, B
jumps up and rebounds.
L trigger= Post Up

Press and hold the L trigger to "Back Down" or post up against the defender. It
is recommended you hold the "Turbo" button to have more power. More useful if
you are the bigger player in the post-up "war". Make sure to turn to face the
basket every five seconds or be whistled for the "Back to Basket" violation.
L trigger + Left or Right on Joystick= Drop Step

When posting up, press left or right on the stick to turn and run toward the
basket. If the D anticipates this you can either Also use the "D-S" to get a
chance to shoot from a post up move.
R Trigger= Turbo Button

Hold this to activate a turbo boost and move faster. Watch your turbo bar and
use it wisely!

D pad down + "A", "B", "X", or "Y"= Playcalling.

Call a play (from your playbooks) by pressing the D pad down and then pressing
"A", "B", "X" or "Y"
Up on the D-Pad = "Screen"

Press the D Pad Up to have a teammate come up in front of an opponent guarding
you, use this to take
advantage and drive, or get open for a shot.
3B2. Defensive Controls:

"A"= Switch Player Control

Press "A" to change to your teammate closest to the ball.
X = Steal Attempt

Press X to attempt to steal the ball. Be careful though not to get a piece of
the guys arm, and be called for Reaching-in.
B = Block/Jump/Pass Stealing.

Press and hold B to jump up, release to attempt to block a shot.
Press to jump up and get the ball, also useful to give the shooter less
accuracy. Run towards a pass and press B to attempt to steal it. (Note that you
must anticipate the receiver of the pass). I'm not the world's greatest
blocker, but I find it useful to Line your arm up with the ball, and time your
release of the B button with the ball's release. Be careful when you go up, not
to touch anything but the ball, or you'll got called for a shooting foul 'less
you're in street.
Y + L Trigger = Switch to the last defender.

Press Y plus L Trigger to switch to your teammate closest to your opponent's
basket, very useful.
L Trigger= "Face Up"

Press and hold the L Trigger to Face your opponent and spread your arms and
Legs, making yourself harder to get around, this will make you slower, so it
would be very helpful to use the turbo.
Down on the D-Pad + "A", "B", "X", or "Y"= Playcalling

Same as offense, Pressing the D pad down, then "A", "B", "X", or "Y" will call
a defensive play.
Z = Call for Double-Team.

Press the Z Button to call for one of your teammates to
help double-team. Remember, the Illegal D rule from 2K1 is gone so feel free to
Double-team anyone, watch out Shaq!
Z + A  = Intentional Foul

If you need to stop the clock or need to sub players, just hit the D pad, then
the Right
Trigger to call for all of your players to chase the ball handler and push him.
Be careful not
to have a high fouler (that even a word?), or in other words, a guy with 4 or 5
fouls foul the
player (real obvious). Also, after two intentionals (first if there had been
other fouls
that quarter) a free throw is awarded.
Free Throws

OK, kind of tough to explain, but hang with me.

1. See those two green arrows? There off to the sides, so they won't fall like
that, ever. They should look like this:

                   g    bbbbbb     g              G= Green Arrows
                 g g g  bbbbbb  g g g             B= Basket
                     g           g
                      g         g
                       g       g

2. Squeeze the Left and Right Triggers so that the two arrows will align. Even
though the Manual
says you can't move one and then the other, this is the way I do it (as long as
you at least SLIGHTLY press down the other trigger) and I am able to make FT's
in a moving semi (My dad's a trucker). Either way will work.

3. Once the arrows look like this (They are overlapping): Quickly press the B
button to shoot.
You must press it quickly (It could be a split second for some players such as
Shaq on All-star
difficulty) so the arrows DO NOT continue over.
              g g g

3c. Basic Offense /3003
I said BASIC. OK, obviously, try to move the ball as close to the basket as
possible. (DUH!) Don't think that the players are going to let you through. The
players will start to block your path to the basket, but don't worry, there are
plenty of ways to get to the
basket, as I will list.

1. Crossover Dribble:

This move is much easier than last year. You may do an arm fake and then go the
other way, or something behind the back, or a spin. Keep pressing X to keep
trying to get past those defenders!

2. Post and Drop
POSTmark it, and drop it in the mail! (Really corny, I know) Anyways, with a
good post-player, post up and then while posting, press left or right on the
analog joystick to perform a drop-step.  You’ll either

A. Shake the defender. Or
B. Not go anywhere because of the defender's hand.
if this happens, you can either take a shot or pass it off.
Also, be careful when posting because another defender may come up and try to
steal from you.

3. (The most obvious) pass the ball inside!!!

Passing is likely the easiest way to get the ball to the hoop. Just find the
player, pass, and viola! You’re that much closer to two points! But WAIT! Watch
out because the other team will
try to steal your pass. (and they're better about that this year too)
For this reason, DO NOT pass to a receiver you can't see, it's like
asking for a turnover. Also, don't pass too far unless it's an absolute must.
(ie: two seconds left to win) There is a greater
chance of the ball being intercepted or flying outta bounds if you pass from
far away.
3d. Basic Defense /3004
Your Basic idea for D is to stop the ball from going into the basket. There's a
few ways to do that:

1. Steal the ball
This is probably the hardest way to get the ball back, next to blocking (For me
anyway). Don't steal unless:

A. The defender is facing you or you are on the side of the opponent that has
the ball.

B. The player is posting to another player and you're in front of him.

C. Other times I forgot to mention that you have a clean shot at the ball. Be
sure you only touch the ball, or you'll be called for the reach.

2. Steal a pass
This can be hard, but can be done. I try to intercept as often as possible,
yes, it may go out of Bounds, but the opponent doesn't earn Free Throws, nor
does it earn a star player a foul against them.

3. Blocking

This is probably the toughest part of defense. First remember the math: Arm +
ball = Block. In other words, Your arm must be lined up with the ball for a
block. Once you're lined up (and your arm is in the air) Press B to smack that
ball into outer space. Fortunately, blocking is MUCH easier.

4. Rebounding

If the player gets his shot off, switch players to the one nearest basket (Y
and R for your Center and Y and Y again for your Power Forward) If the shot
doesn't fall, be ready to jump up and grab the ball.

4. Strategy with Ravenous SuperThug and MVP /4000

This section includes those little things from plays, to players. Ravenous
Superthug provides the information in the first two sections, then MVP takes
over in 4d. on the art of fast breaks.
I only write the intros (the section's first line) , the two before-mentioned
people write the rest of the section.

4a. The positions and their jobs  /4001

Before you can use strategy, it's important to know why there are positions.
PG (Point Guard)- This guy is usually the smallest guy on the floor for your
team (unless your point guard is Magic Johnson or Larry Hughes). The PG runs
the whole offense, he gets the ball where it needs to be in order for the plays
to run. He controls how the team performs when you are on offense. Like if you
need a quick basket, you can run down the court on a breakaway, maybe crossover
or spin on somebody, then take it to the hole, or he can just give it to the
big man (the center), and let him deal with it, or if you are down by three
points or so, the PG can penetrate in the lane (the colored part in the middle
of where everyone stands when the person is taking a foul shot.....a.k.a. the
key), and when he penetrates, he draws more defenders making a shooting guard,
small forward, or possibly a power forward open to shoot a three pointer. But
be careful what you do with what point guard you have.
If you have a point guard like Jason Kidd, you will not want to shoot all the
time because he is mainly an "assist man". If you have a PG like Derek Fisher,
he can shoot the three. If you have a PG like Gary Payton, you are in luck
there because he has great defense with a very nice three pointer and a nice
jump shot.

SG (Shooting Guard)- My favorite position. The shooting guard is mainly the key
to the offense. He is usually the best player. Take for instance, Tracy
McGrady, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse,
Reggie Miller, Allan Houston, and Kobe Bryant can throw a toss-up with
Shaquille O'neal for who is the best player. But the SG should be able to do
everything (unless its AI a.k.a. Allen Iverson, who is a mere 6'1 who cannot
possibly rebound). the SG should be used to penetrate and score using a variety
of ways to score. Like dunking, posting, three pointers, and my personal
favorite- the fade-a-way. the fade-a-way is basically unstoppable because you
are going away from your defender.

SF (Small Forward)- The small forward is not that important to the offense
because there are no really good small forwards out there (except Michael
Jordan, who is only the best basketball player ever, Larry Bird, only the best
three point shooter ever, and Dirk Nowitzski who has a dangerous shot for man
of his size). The small forward is usually a bigger, slower, version of the SG
who cannot penetrate as easily but does have a better outside shot. The SF can
rebound pretty good depending on who you have.

PF (Power Forward)- This to me is the absolute worst position. The greatest
power forwards in the league are Rasheed Wallace, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan,
Chris Webber, and Antoine Walker. BUT ALL OF THESE GUYS DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY
ARE!! Some try to be like shooting guards, but they are too big and get the
ball stripped (stolen). Some try to be like centers by having a post-up game
but they are almost every time outsized. For me, any team I play with, that
teams PF only gets about 6-12 points a game. Unless there is a big miss-match
like Tim Duncan getting defended by Christian Laettner.

C (Center)- The center controls the boards (rebounds), and is the most dominant
player on the court because of his size. IF YOU WANT TO WIN, MAKE SURE YOUR
TEAM HAS A GREAT CENTER. Like a Shaquille O'neal. The C can dominate like no
one else. He controls who gets the important rebounds, he controls who to pass
to when he gets double teamed in the paint (another name for the lane, or key).

4b. Breakdown of Key players /4002

Every team has it's center player (I'm not talking about positions) in which
it's strategy is based upon, these are some of those players.
Breakdown of Key Players-

Allen Iverson- He just plain out sucks. He is so overrated. He is so short and
cannot play great defense although it says his defense is 100. His defense only
consists of great stealing. His offense is OK. But the 76ers need more scorers.
The weight is too much for Iverson to bare.

Derek Anderson- This guy is sooooo underrated. His ratings might not be the
best but every time I play with him I shoot like 50-70% from the field and like
60% from the three point line.

Rafer Alston- Any one that knows anything about basketball knows that Rafer
Alston is the best basketball player. You might be saying "What??, This guy is
crazy!". Butin New York City, on the Rucker Park court, (as you have seen in
the game), there are leagues there and any one that knows anything about
basketball would have heard about "Skip to My Lou". One of the greatest Rucker
Park players of all time. That is Rafer Alston. He does not do good in the NBA
only because of the playground moves you cannot perform in the NBA. He does not
have the nicest shot, but he is quick and creative.

Antoine Walker- Plain out sucks. Yeah he will score 20-25pts a game but only
like 35% from the field.

Shaquille O'neal- THE most dominant player in the game. Have him on your team
and you cannot lose if you use him effectively.

Tracy McGrady (T-Mac)- I think he is the best SG in the real NBA right now but
in the game he shoots pretty good. He will miss his first 2-4 three pointers
but then will make his next 6 or so.

Dirk Nowitzski- This big man can do basically anything. I believe he is one of
or the best overall player in the NBA today.

Vince Carter- Without his dunk, he is a bum. He is very inconsistent.

Gary Payton- This guy can defend great, and his offense is very, very sharp.

Michael Jordan (Note this refers to the Jordan of the Wizards, NOT the bulls)-
I swear this guy has a hidden rating or something because his
offense says that he is not that great but I always shoot 70-80% with him. His
three pointer is bad though. Me and my friend were playing 2-on-2 and I had
Jordan and Jahidi White and he had Larry Bird and Moses Malone. We said that we
would not score with the centers at all and that we would just shoot with
Jordan and Bird. And you could not dunk or lay-up. I had 87pts with Jordan and
he had 76pts with Bird. And Bird has a 50 rating for three pointers. Jordan is
THE best in the game.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson- Best overall player ever. A 6'9 PG who in real life has
played center in a game and I believed grabbed 14rebounds in the NBA. And he
can pass with the best of them and still do a variety of many other things.

Michael Ray Richardson- In real life he was a great slasher who played for the
New Jersey Nets. He could just get the ball into the lane no matter who was
guarding him. Use him to penetrate a lot.

4c. The Strategy /4003

Now we get to the real strategy :)

Crossover- Use this move when you need to penetrate, pick one side of the
defender and when you get close hit the button.

Spin- same way as crossover

MY FAVORITE MOVE-----FADE-A-WAY.....the fade-a-way is UNSTOPPABLE. You can use
the fade-a-way in many situations. You can penetrate towards the baseline using
a crossover, and pull a fade-a-way which is what I mainly do, or you can do
this move that I pulled from the real life Jordan. You can post up, TAP the
shoot button for a fake, then pull a fade-a-way right when the defender comes
back to the ground from jumping up. This post-fade even works on the pro or
all-star level.

Game strategy- during the in game options....I put tempo up and crash boards
all the way up for both. Then I go and I match up the players with the players
on the other team to see if there is a mismatch. I put the defense on tight and
always double team. that really helps. I just penetrate, fade-a-way. Penetrate,
dunk. Penetrate, pass outside for a three pointer. then ill give it to the
center, back down, spin around the opponent (by holding the back down button
then pressing left or right) and dunk. On defense after I score, I take a PG or
SG and I hold down the L button and I try to stop the inbound by stealing the
ball by picking it off in the air like a beautiful interception by Charles

Picking off passes is an important part in this game. You should NOT play your
opponent tight if he does not have the ball. You should have "court vision"
like I like to call it. Where I can see one part of the court while paying
attention to the other part. You have to anticipate where your opponent will
pass the ball. If you play on pro or all-star, you have to get a hand in your
opponents face when he shoots. Or else the computer will make everything.
4d. The Art of Fast Breaks (by MVP) 4004
Follow these steps to fast break more often.

First, you need a fast PG, SG, and SF ideally in 90's preferably high 90's.
Next, setup a Man to Man Defense. Now hopefully you can get the opponent to
miss and you can grab the rebound. When this happens, look for one of your fast
players to be heading down court. You then press Y and the players
corresponding button (L may work too) This sends the ball to that guy. You may
have to experiment with how long you wait taking into account the defense
getting back and your players
running down court.

After you pass you should hopefully have one or no guys in front of you. Then,
just put it in. You can also experiment with the fast break setting found in
the coach screen.

I have found that setting the fastbreak to full hurts my team more. They run
out of energy quicker and usually run too far for me to pass without being
stolen. I like to have my setting around half or just above half way for the
fastbreaks. To solve your stopping to catch, I also experience that. One
possible solution is to wait for them to run a little farther down court before
you pass to them. Another is solution involves the play you are running. For
example, if you run a Iso Lo Post with your SG, he will setup up closer to the
hoop and will run there to start the play. As opposed to a BURN CLOCK play
where he is setup at the perimeter. I recommend finding a play where at least a
SF or SG is near the hoop at the start of the play, then when you run a
fastbreak, wait and dish it to them when they are near or just inside the 3
Point Line.

5. Street ball Time!!! /5000
Here you will find out how to play one of the games coolest modes, street ball.
Although some have an attitude that  "Street players have no skill", this
section may prove them wrong because it shoes that you need to learn how to
adjust to having little or no rules.

5a. The stratigical Difference /5001
Most Players play with the cheapest fouls on, such as Shot Clock, Goaltending
and Pushing (Probably the cheapest of all) (See section 8B for descriptions of
these rules.). These Strategies were designed with these rules on. These
strategies were also designed with either 2on2 or 3on3 players.

1. Dunking is cool, unless you're blocked...
Keep in mine that it's easier to block dunk's due to the fact that there are no
shooting, blocking, or charging fouls. But if your Shaq Or J'O, you can just
plow over AI, 'less he tries to block (that doesn't mean it's going to work

2. The crossover, is a bit easier.
The crossover is a bit easier now due to the fact that there are less players.
In 3 on 3, if you got two guys blocking you, it's better to pass. Knowing when,
and when not to crossover can be a big success factor.

3. Don't be afraid to steal!!!

You cannot be called for the reach, so try to steal whenever you think you have
a good shot.

4. Stats tell all!!!

Check the stats of your last street ball game.

Fast Breaks: FB's are a CRUCIAL part of winning street games, especially on

Blocks: To score you need the ball, blocks are easiER so go for them more

Dunks: Dunk as much as you can and don't take many three pointers, unless it's
part of your main strategy and you're comfortable taking them. Cross, spin do
whatever you have
In exhibition
there were players to block you even if you got past the guy you pulled it on.
In 2on2, unless
the guy's REALLY stupid, he's gonna be guarding the lone player, so generally,
you'll need to
worry about getting past one guy. OR if the guy tries to block you, one player
should be open,
pass to him (unless he's like really far back and is not good at threes, orto
do to get to the hoop.

6. The Teams /6000
 This is where team listings will be. There will be no complete rosters, but I
will post key players and possible street mode setups here.

6a. Team info /6001

Philadelphia 76er's

Coach: Larry Brown

Arena: First Union Center


Home: White with a sixer logo on the front

Away: Same as home but black

Secondary Away: Same as Home and Away, but blue.

Portland Trailblazers


Arena: Rose Garden


Home: White, with two diagonal stripes in the lower section, red and then

Away: Black, with two diagonal stripes in the lower section, red and then

Secondary Away: Red with two diagona lstripes in the lower section, white and
then black.

Milwaukee Bucks

Coach: George Karl

Arena: Bradley Center


Home: White, with purple trim and sides.

Away: Purple, with green trim and black sides.

Chicago Bulls

Coach: Bill Cartwright

Arena: United Center


Home: White with black trim

Away: Red with Black letters that say "Bulls"

Secondary Away: Black with Red trim

Cleveland Cavaliers


Arena: Gund Arena


Home: White, with cyan letters that say "Cavs"

Away: Black with Bluish-Grey letters that say "Cleveland"

Boston Celtics

Coach: Jim O'Brien

Arena: FleetCenter (Called "Boston Arena" in the Game)


Home: White with Green Trim and letters that say "Celtics"

Away: Green with White letters that say "Celtics"

Los Angeles Clippers

Coach: Alvin Gentry

Arena: Staples Center (Clippers)


Home: White with Red, cursive letters that say "Clippers"

Away: Red with white, cursive letters that say "Clippers"

Secondary Away: Blue with red, cursive letters that say "Los Angeles"

Memphis Grizzlies

Coach: Hubie Brown

Arena: The Pyramid


Home: White with green sides and black letters on front that say "Memphis"

Away: Black with green sides and white letters on front that say "Memphis"

Atlanta Hawks


Arena: Phillaps Arena


Home: White with red sides and red letters on front that say "Hawks"

Away: Red with White sides and letters on front that say "Hawks"

Miami Heat

Coach: Pat Riley

Arena: American Airlines Arena

Home: White with red sides and red letters on front that say "Heat"

Away: Black with red sides and white letters on front that say "Heat"

Secondary Away: Red with White letters that say "Miami"

New Orleans Hornets


Arena: ??? Hornet's Arena

Home: White with teal green letters that say "New Orleans"

Away: Teal Green with white letters that say "New Orleans"

Utah Jazz


Arena: Delta Center

Home: White with a mountain and Green and Purple letters that say Jazz.

Away:Purple with a white mountain and green and purple letters that say "Jazz"

Secondary Away: Black with White letters that say "Jazz"

Sacramento Kings

Coach: Rick Adelman

Arena: Arco Arena

Home: White with purple letters that say "Kings"

Away: Purple with white letters that say "Sacramento"

Secondary Away: There is none! I believe this is an error in the game.

New York Knicks


Arena: Madison Square Garden

Home: White with Orange letters that say New York

Away: Blue with orange letters that say New York

Los Angeles Lakers

Coach: Phil Jackson

Arena: Staples Center (Lakers)


Home: Gold with purple sides. On the front the word "Lakers" is in Purple and
the number is in white.

Secondary Home: White with gold sides and the word "Lakers" In purple.

Away: Purple with gold sides and the word "Lakers" in gold and the number in

Orlando Magic

Coach: Glenn "Doc" Rivers

Arena: TD Waterhouse Centre


Home: Dark Sky Blue with the magic logo and white player number.

Away: White with the magic logo and blue player number.

Dallas Mavericks

Coach: Don Nelson

Arena: American Airlines Center


Home: White with dark blue trim. Dark blue letters that say "Dallas" and Light
blue player number.

Away: Dark Blue with Light blue trim. The word "Dallas" in white.

New Jersey Nets

Coach: Byron Scott

Arena: Continental Airlines Arena


Home: White with the word "Nets" in dark blue

Away: Dark blue with "New Jersey" in white outlined in Pink.

Secondary Away: Grey with "New Jersey" in White outlined with Pink

Denver Nuggets


Arena: Pepsi Center

Home: White with "Nuggets" in dark blue.

Away: Dark Blue with "Nuggets" in Gold

Indiana Pacers

Coach: Isiaah Thomas

Arena: Conseco Fieldhouse

Home: White with stripes and "Indiana" in Dark Blue. Gold sides.

Away: Dark Blue striped. "Indiana" in Gold

Secondary Away: Striped gold with "Indana" in Dark Blue.

Detroit Pistons

Coach: Rick Carlisle

Arena: Palace of Auburn Hills

Home: White with "Pistons" in red.

Away: Blue with "Detroit" in Red

Toronto Raptors


Arena: Air Canada Centre

Home: White with "raptors" in red and a nice l'il "Toronto" on the butt.

Away: Black on the back, purple on the front "Toronto" in red on the front.

Houston Rockets

Coach: Rudy Tomjonavic

Arena: Compaq Center

Home: Striped white with rockets logo in center and number in top-left hand

Away: Striped Dark Blue with rockets logo in center and number in top-left hand

Seattle (Super)Sonics


Arena: Key Arena

Home: White with green arched in the middle. Word "Sonics" White atop green and
number in green atop white.

Away: Green with white arched in the middle. Word "Seattle" Green atop of
white. Number in white atop of green.

San Antonio Spurs

Coach: Gregg Poppavich (sp?)

Arena: SBC Center

Home: White with black spurs logo.

Away: Black with White Spurs logo.

Phoenix Suns


Arena: America West Arena

Home: White with purple sides and "Suns" in purple.

Away: Purple with grey sides and "Phoenix" in white.

Minnesota Timberwolves


Arena: Target Center

Home: White with green trim. "Timberwolves" is in black outlined in light blue.

Away: Medium Blue with Green Trim and "Timberwolves" in White.

Secondary Away: Black with Green Trim and "Timberwolves" in grey

Golden State (Oakland) Warriors


Arena: ??? (I think it might be Network Associates but not sure)

Home: White with "Warriors" In black with gold outline.

Away: Dark Blue with "Warriors" in gold.

Washington Wizards

Coach: Doug Collins

Arena: MCI Center

Home: White with "Wizards" in Medium Blue.

Away: Medium Blue with "Wizards" in White.

50's/60's Legends


Arena: Legends Arena
Uniforms Vary By player

Bob Cousy:

Home: Boston Celtics: White with "Boston" in green.

Away: Boston Celtics (year???): Green with "Boston" in white.

Oscar Robertson:

Home: White with "Royals" in white vertically between two red stripes.

Away: (??? Where are they from? and what year?) Royals: Medium Blue with
"Royals" in white vertically between two  (oviously vertical) red stripes.

Elgin Baylor:

Home: White with "Lakers" in grey and the number in red.

Away: Minneapolis Lakers (What year???) Medium blue with "Lakers" in Red.

Nate Thurmond:

Away: Medium blue with "The City" in gold and the number and golden gate bridge
inside a circle.

Home: San Francisco (I think cause of GG Bridge) (Year???) Gold with "The City"
in black and the number and golden gate bridge inside a circle.

Bill Russell:

Home: Boston Celtics: White with "Boston" in green.

Away: Boston Celtics (year???) Green with "Boston" in white.

Bob Petit:

Home: White with "Hawks" in Red.

Away: (Hawks in atlanta at time?) Hawks: Red with "Hawks" in white.

Jerry Lucas:

Home: White with "Royals" in white vertically between two red stripes.

Away: Medium blue with "Royals" in white vertically between two red stripes.

Dolph Schayes:

Home: White with "Nats" in medium blue.

Away: (What year and where are "Nats" from? IS that even their name?) Red with
"Nats" in White and the number in dark blue.

Bill Sharman:

Home: Boston Celtics: White with "Boston" in green.

Away: Boston Celtic: Green with "Boston" in white.

George Mikan:

Home: White with "Lakers" in grey and the number in red.

Away: Minneapolis lakers: Medium Blue with "Lakers" in red.

Harold Greer:

Home: White with "Phila" at bottom in red.

Away: Philadelphia (76ers? What year): Black with Phila at bottom in red.

Jeff Havlicek

Home: Boston Celtics: White with "Boston" in green.

Away: Boston Celtics: Green with "boston" in white.

6b. Trades /6002

7. Create-o-ramma! /7000
Created players and teams, feel free to send in your own, you'll get full

7a. Created players /7001
Note that these players are not based on any real life person, place, or thing.
Although Master
Gamer is modeled somewhat after me. If you want to use my characters, please
E-mail me first
asking permission.

First Name: Master (nickname)
Last Name: Gamer (nickname)
Position: Shooting Guard (SG) (I'm a Reggie Miller fan)
Jersey Number: #64 (My fav number)
Height: 6'3"
College: Ball State (where I live)
Best Hand: Left (after me)

Skin Color: 5 (skin got tanned after living in vegas for 6 months)
Face: Face 8
Hair Style: 2
Hair Color: Black
No Facial Hair
No facial tweaks, except for maxing out ear size.
Muscle Tone: Ripped
No body size changes.
Headband: Black
Shades: 1
Left Tattoo: 11
Left and Right Elbows: Blue Sleeve
Left and Right armbands: Gold wristbands
Left and Right finger Tape: White
Left and Right Knees: Blue Sleeve
Shorts Length: Medium
Socks Length: Short
Socks color: Black


Shooting (Close)      88
Shooting (Medium)     89
Shooting (3pt)        91
Free Throws           99
Layups                91
Dunking               99
Ballhandling          98
Passing               90
Low Post Offense      80
Low Post Defense      65
Blocking              87
Stealing              60
Offensive Rebounding  79
Defensive Rebounding  92
Speed                 94
Stamina               90
Durability            90
Offensive Awareness   95
Defensive Awareness   97
7b. Created teams /7002

Ravenous Superthug's 2002 All Star Team (not the real life 2002
all-star team)


PG-Gary Payton
SG-Tracy McGrady
SF-Dirk Nowitzski
PF-Tim Duncan
C-Shaquille O'neal

Kevin Garnett
Rasheed Wallace
Chris Webber
Vince Carter
Allen Iverson
Michael Jordan
Derek Anderson

Master Gamer's Dream Team

PG: Allen Iverson
SG: Reggie Miller
SF: Tracy McGrady
PF: Jermaine O'Neal
C:  Alonzo Mourning
Bench PG:        Jason Kidd
Bench SG:        Michael Jordan
Bench SF:        Vince Carter
Bench PF:        Chris Webber
Bench C:         Brad Miller
3rd String PG:   Jay Williams
3rd String SG:   Ray Allen
3rd String SF:   Ron Artest
3rd String PF:   Kevin Garnett
3rd String  C:   Dikembe Mutombo

This team is designed to not have the greatest players, which is the reason for
Shaq, Nowitzki, Kobe, Duncan, and other major stars.
8. Other stuff /8000
Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else as good as here.

8b. Description of Rules /8002

1. Shot Clock- You will get called for this foul if you don't shoot for
twenty-four seconds, the ball must be released from the players hands AND touch
the rim in order not to get a shot clock violation.

Penalty: Other team gets the ball

2. Out of Bounds- The Ball goes out of one of the outermost lines on the court.
(If you're the ballhandler, it's if your foot goes out of this boundary

Penalty: Other Team gets the ball

3. Backcourt Violation- Once you enter your half of the court, you can't pass
or, run back to the other half. If you do, you will be called for this

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

4. 8 second half-court clock- Once you inbound the ball in the backcourt, you
have 8 seconds to get the ball into your half, otherwise you'll be called for
this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

5. 5 second inbound clock- you have 5 seconds to inbound the ball. If you don't
inbound the ball in this time, you will be called for this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

6. 3 Seconds in the key- If you stay in the "key" (The usually colored part)
for more than three seconds without shooting, the ref will blow his whistle.

Penalty: Other team gets ball

7. Defensive 3 second violation- On defense, you can't stay in the "key" more
than 3 seconds without actively guarding them, or else you'll be called for
this violation.

Penalty: Other Team gets automatic free throw (1) and ball afterward.

8. 5 seconds back to Basket- On offense, if you have your back to the basket
(usually in a post-up situation) for more than 5 seconds, you'll be called for

Penalty: Other Team gets ball

9. Foul Out- If any single player accumulates a certain number of fouls
(Default or "on" is 6, can be set to any lower number).

Penalty: The player that is fouled out cannot play the rest of the game.

10. Charging/Blocking- Charging: Charging is if you knock over another player
during a dunk, lay-up, etc. You must be standing totally still for a charge.

Correction by Ravenous Superthug: a player may go for a dunk, lay-up, lean-in
shot, etc. as you said but there is a big difference between a charge and a
block. A charge is where your player has to be standing completely still in a
set position (holding L) OUTSIDE of the half circle that is in the key, a
players foot may not be on that line if you want a charge.

Blocking: A blocking foul is the same as above, except that the player who was
knocked over was moving.

Penalties: Penalties are decided by type. A CHARGING FOUL IS AGAINST THE
OFFENSE, while a BLOCKING FOUL IS AGAINST THE DEFENSE. A foul is called against
the player who committed the foul. In a charging situation, the ball is turned
over, in a blocking call, the opposing team gets two free throws (one if the
shot went in)

11. Pushing- Pushing is a different name for "Intentional foul". If on an
Intentional Foul will be called. If off, no call will be made and the ball will
come out of the ballhandelers
hands. (Cheap to
the infinite power)

Penalties: A. Foul will be called against a player. B. Other team gets ball. C.
2 Free Throws if over foul limit.

12. Reaching In Foul- When a player is attempting to steal the ball he can only
touch the ball. If the player touches any other part of the opponent, then,
you'll be called for reaching in.

Penalty: Player who committed the foul receives a foul against them. Other team
gets ball.

13. Shooting Foul- If a player who's attempting a block touches anything but
the ball, he is called for this foul.

Penalties: Foul against the person who committed it. Other Team automatically
gets two Free Throws. (Exception: One free throw if original shot goes in)

14. Goaltending- After a shot is released you can't touch it before it touches
the rim. If you do you will be called for this foul.

Correction by Ravenous Superthug:

A player can touch the ball before it hits the rim after the shot BUT he can
not touch it when the ball is on a downward motion towards the rim. You can
still block a high-arching shot that way or a high-arching lay-up Also, if a
person shoots the ball and the shot is NOWHERE near the hoop, then you can
snatch it out of the air. Example, if Shaq takes a 3 pointer to try to make a
buzzer beater or something else, then most likely it will not get close to the
rim, enabling you to snatch that ball out of the air.

Penalty: The shot counts.

15. Traveling- If you attempt a shot, you have to release it (or pass it)
before you land, otherwise you'll be called for traveling.

Penalty: Other Team gets ball.

8c. Codes /8003
None of the codes from 2K2 have been confirmed to work in 2K3 so far.

To access the code menu, from the main menu, enter the options menu. From
there, enter the gameplay menu. One there, hold left on the control pad, right
on the analog stick, and press start. Exit game play and go down to the new
codes menu to enter codes. (Note that codes are case-sensitive)

MEGASTARS- Unlock the SEGA Sports, NBA 2K3 and Visual Concepts teams.

SPRINGER- Unlock street trash blowing on the ground.
8d. Questions /8004
None as of yet.

9. Contact information /9000
If you have questions, corrections, suggestions, or contributions, my
E-mail is mastergamer@email.pokemonparadise.com put "FAQ Submission" in the
subject line. Please give a name, real or fake, so I can credit you.

FAQ Wishlist: (This is what I'd like people to submit)

All Question marks filled in for team info.

Full Franchise Section

10. Credits /0001

Ravenous SuperThug (Ravenousuperthug@aol.com)- He has done incredible work for
this FAQ, submitting strategy, answer corrections, trades, and created teams.

MVP (DKneisler@new.rr.com)- He submitted the fast break section.

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