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Reviewed: 07/01/03 | Updated: 07/01/03

The best X-men game ever

Wolverines revenge is based on a comic book series and actually has no plot ties or background to either of the movies. The main plot is to find a serum for a deadly virus
in your system. It is supposed to kill you in two days or less. You have to use your mutant powers to find a cure for your infirmity. The game leans toward big fans of the comic book series. If your an old fan you will really enjoy this game. For all you people who have no idea about the comics and just saw the movie, you won't really understand what's happening at the very begginning about five minutes into the game. Either way you will love this game and enjoy it for a long time.

The game play is truly unique it combines stealth and pure brawling action. You can either go all out and take on as many enemy's as you want or sneak up on them and pick them off one by one. Use your mutant abilities you can see things you could never see as a human. Like mines,sent trails,foot prints, and mines. You can pull outrageous combos and an assortment of stealth maneuvers. Activision and Marvel did an outstanding job of making this game.

The the voice overs in this game are spectacular and they aren't misaligned like some games. The character's mouth doesn't move a minute after the dialogue. The sound effects are in their peak performance. You can hear almost every
thing from the snow your treading on to the wind in an alley.
The music is where they went a bit over board. They went to military with it. All the music sounds like something you would here if you were passing an air force base or something. The graphics aren't that great either they could have done better on the texturing and shading. The surrounding environment is kind of bland, but the game play makes up for it.

This game has many great aspects like challenge, cerebro,
karaoke which allows you to listen to the music in the game, and even different costumes you can wear. Plus many other things which I will not give away just so you can be surprised when you buy it. You can even look up other mutant's backgrounds and how and when they appeared. All in
all it is the best X-men game to hit shelves yet.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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