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Board FAQ by ScrawlKnight

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 04/04/03

                                                                     /  _  |
    _   _    ___   ___    __   ____    ____  __   ____ ____ _    __ /  / | | 
   / \_/ \  /   \ | _ |  |  | /    \  | __ |/  \ |  _ |_  _| \  / //  /  | |
  /       \/  ^  \|   |  |  ||  /\  | |   _| ^  \|    | | | \ \/ //  /___| |_
 /  /\_/\  \  _   | |\ \ |  ||  \/  | |  |/  _  || |\ \ | |  | | |______   __|
/__/     \__\/ \__|_| \_||__| \____/  |__|__| |_||_| \_\|_|  |_|        | |
							MARIO PARTY 4
						  	  BOARD FAQ

   |		       First Written: April 1st, 2003		           |
   |		Last Updated: August 30th, 2011 (Version 2.00)             |
   |		   Written and Compiled by Andrew Barker 		   |
   |		Contact the Author: barkera0[at]gmail[dot]com              |

If you have any suggestions, think I missed something, or see any errors in
this file, please contact me using the email above.

This guide is not to be used without the author's permission under any 
circumstances. See the bottom of the document for more details.

+---- TABLE OF CONTENTS [0.00] -----------------------------------------------+
| Hit Ctrl + F then enter the corresponding number in the table of contents   |
| to jump to the section you want.                                            |

[1.00] -- General Board Information
	[1.01] -- Spaces
	[1.02] -- Items
	[1.03] -- Locations
[2.00] -- In-Depth Board Guide
	[2.01] -- Toad's Midway Madness
	[2.02] -- Goomba's Greedy Gala
	[2.03] -- Shy Guy's Jungle Jam
	[2.04] -- Boo's Haunted Bash
	[2.05] -- Koopa's Seasie Soiree
	[2.06] -- Bowser's Gnarly Party
[2.00] -- Credits
[3.00] -- Legal Information

+---- GENERAL BOARD INFORMATION [1.00] ---------------------------------------+

This section details objects and items that appear on most boards. If you're
looking on information on what a space does then this is the place to get it.

+---- SPACES [1.01] ----------------------------------------------------------+

Most spaces appear on all boards of the game. Though in the board walkthroughs
I will tell you what happens on each hapening space depending on what board you
are on. Here you can find general information for each space.

-- Blue Space --
You gain 3 coins. These spaces are blue.

-- Red Space --
You lose 3 coins. These spaces are red.

-- Happening Space --

A different event will happen depending on which board you are on. These spaces
are green with a question mark on them.

-- Mushroom Spaces --
You get two boxes and can open only one. One has a mini mushroom and one has a
mega mushroom. One box will be larger than the other but this does not effect 
what item you get. These spaces are green with a mushroom on it.

-- Bomb-omb Battle Space --
A battle mini game starts. You will have to give 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 coins (or
however many you have left). If you win the game you get your coins back plus
more depending on how many coins everyone paid. This space is also green with a
picture of a bomb-omb on it.

-- Bowser Space --
When you land here, you will receive a visitation from either a Mini Bower or
Bowser himself. Mini Bowsers will always take coins; sometimes from just you,
or sometimes from everyone.

Bowser may activate a Bowser Game (see below), divide all the coins equally
between the players (the Bowser Revolution), or he may (but this is rare) give
you a Bowser Suit. This space is red with a bowser head on it.

-- Fortune Space --
These are really annoying if you're in the lead. Using pinball tables you
choose two players and then who gives what and receives what. In this game it
will nearly always be trading coins as well. This one drives you insane if you
have a lot of coins and then have to trade them.

Of course, if your game is set to save every turn and it happens you could
always cheat and restart your game. This space is green with a star on it.

-- Springy Space --
You will spring to another player's space. Choose who you will go to with the
spinner. This space is green with a picture of a spring on it.

+---- ITEMS [1.02] -----------------------------------------------------------+

The number next to the item is how much it will cost in a shop. You also roll
the dice after you have used any item. You can only hold up to three items at
a time.

-- Mega Mushroom (5 coins) --
You can by this from a shop, get it on a mushroom space or win it in a board
mini-game. It is a large green mushroom. If you use it it will turn you huge
and you will get to roll 2 dice. If you roll a double you get 10 coins and if
you roll a double 7 you get 30 coins. If you pass someone on the board while
mega you will take ten of their coins but while mega you bypass all events on
the board including the star!

-- Mini Mushroom (5 coins) --
This is a small pink mushroom. You can find it in the same places as a mega
mushroom. When you use this item it will make you shrink and you will roll a
dice from 1-5. Once mini you are able to play board mini-games ang go through
pipes on the board.

-- Super Mega Mushroom (15 coins) --
Same as the Mega Mushroom except that you throw THREE dice. You get 30 coins
for getting three numbers the same. If you roll three 7's you get 50 Coins.

-- Super Mini Mushroom (15 coins) --
Same as a Mini Mushroom, except you throw two dice. You can move up to 10

-- Warp Pipe (10 coins) --
Swap places with an opponent (using a spinner). So be careful because you may
not end up where you plan to go.

-- MiniMega Hammer (15 coins) --
Choose another player to make them mega or mini on their next go. You cannot
use it on yourself.

-- Swap Card (20 coins) --
You use a spinner to see who you will swap items with. If you land on someone
with no items you get nothing.

-- Boo's Crystal Ball (25 coins) --
Call Boo to steal coins from another player (5 coins), or a star (50 coins).
This is the same effect if you go to Boo's House.

-- Gaddlight (15 coins) --
Use this to chase Boo away if it tries to steal from you. It's name is a
reference to the professor in Luigi's Mansion.

-- Magic Lamp (30 coins) --
Makes the Genie of the Lamp appear, and transport you to the star. Don't use
it if you have less than 20 coins (unless the last five turns event was free
stars). If use it without 20 coins you get nothing.

-- Item Bag (30 coins) --
Up to three random items are inside (you will get less if you already have
items). Only worth it if you have no items.

-- Bowser Suit (N/A) --
This is very rare. Bowser gives it to you. If you pass another player while
using it you take 30 coins from them.

+---- LOCATIONS [1.03] -------------------------------------------------------+

This will be pretty brief as these are mentioned on the board walkthroughs.

-- Mushroom Shop --
There are about 2 of these per board. This is where you can buy your items. For
information on the prices read the items section.

-- Lottery Shop --
Here you pay 5 coins to play a lottery game. You either play the egg game or
rub a scratchie. You will also get a ticket for the drawring in the last 5
turns of the game. You will only get the ticket any time before that and only
on your first visit.

-- Boo's House --
He He He. Here you can steal coins (5 coins) or a star (50 coins) from another
player. If the other player is protected from a gaddlight this will have no
effect. Also if the player presses A enough times they will escape.

-- Board Mini-games --
These are different depending on the board. You must be mini to enter these and
if you win you will either get coins or an item.  

-- Star --
This will be given to you by the guide when you get to the space the guide is
on. It will cost you 20 coins. You can also use a magic lamp to get there.

-- Hidden Block --
This block can be found on any space on the board. Inside is either a star! Or
20 coins. Not bad eh!

+---- IN-DEPTH BOARD GUIDE [2.00] --------------------------------------------+

Here is a lot of information for each of the boards. You must be mini to play
all board mini-games.

+---- TOAD'S MIDWAY MADNESS [2.01] -------------------------------------------+

-- STATS --
Difficulty: **

Blue Spaces: 42
Red Spaces: 6
Bowser Spaces: 2
Battle Spaces: 3
Happening Spaces: 9
Mushroom Spaces: 18
Springy Spaces: 4
Fortune Spaces: 3

In 2 areas of the board, there are 3 spinning cups you will encounter, with an
arrow sign in the middle. The arrow sign points in the direction you will
progress when you reach these cups. Each time you go through, the arrow
switches to the other direction.

The shop here is down past the first tea cups at the start. The 2nd shop is in
the middle up the top. The lottery shop is to the middle left of the board.
Boo's house is in the top left corner near the exit to the roller coaster.

There are 2 mini-games on this board. The first one is a Rocket mini-game up
the top left corner of the board. In this mini-game you choose a rocket and it
will land on a certain amount of coins. You get those coins. 

The Other mini-game is the merri-go-round mini game. Located on the right side
of the board a little bit above the start. You will ride on a merri-go-round 
and wherever you stop you get that item. 

When you land on Happening Spaces located on portions of the roller coaster
track, the roller coaster will zoom through and chase you. You will end up at 
either end of the track when it's through. Also, next to both ends of the track
are platforms that Toad will sometimes be standing on. If you pay him, you can
ride the roller coaster and collect Coins by hitting other players on the
track. Also if you land on a happening space near the cups it will change their

+---- SHY GUY'S JUNGLE JAM [2.02] --------------------------------------------+

-- STATS --
Difficulty: *

Blue Spaces: 58
Red Spaces: 8
Bowser Spaces: 4
Battle Spaces:4
Happening Spaces: 6
Mushroom Spaces: 17
Springy Spaces: 4
Fortune Spaces: 1

In the northwest and east areas of the map, there is a giant bird that sits on
a perch. If you pay it 5 Coins, it'll fly you in the air to the other perch.
You can collect several Coins along the way, too. Occasionally the volcano also
errupts with coins.

The first shop is on the row of space above the row on which you start near a
junction. The 2nd shop is up the top left near the vulture's platform. The
lottery shop is up the top left near the Shy Guy spinning game. Boo's House is
on the left side of the board after going through a mini pipe. 

There are two mini-games here. There is one located on the far left side of the
board where you jump for swinging items and which ever one you jump at that is
the item you get. The other one is up the top just before the lottery shop. You
must press A as fast as you can and if you press it quite fast the Shy Guy will
fly to the top and you will get 20 coins.

If you land on any of the Happening Spaces on the board, a Shy Guy statue will
ask if you want to make a fun wish or a sad wish. Pick either, and the giant
Shy Guy head in the north area of the map will cry, creating a huge river
dividing the board. The river will be drained after 1-3 turns, but until 
then, access to either side is cut off.

+---- BOO'S HAUNTED BASH [2.03] ----------------------------------------------+

-- STATS --
Difficulty: ***

Blue Spaces: 43
Red Spaces: 4
Bowser Spaces: 3
Battle Spaces: 4
Happening Spaces: 2
Mushroom Spaces: 13
Springy Spaces: 4
Fortune Spaces: 3

In the north end of the map, you may notice a bridge that seems to disappear
from time to time. If you pass a Boo before the bridge, it may offer a ride on
the graveyard train, depending on if the Red Boos are around or not. If they're
not around, you can ride. When on the ghostly train, you can go over the pit if
the bridge isn't there.

The shop is to the left of the start. The 2nd shop is on the left side of the 
board. The Lottery Shop is the top middle of the board. Boo's house is directly
above the start.

A little bit above the start is a trumpet mini-game. Three items will go in the
trumpet and whichever key you jump on an item will pop out and you will get 
that item. This is a bove the trumpet game. Press the button Boo shows before
the CPU makes you move automatically to get more coins.

In the upper-right area of the board there are only 2 Happening Spaces. If you
land on one, the Red Boos may appear or disappear.

+---- GOOMBA'S GREEDY GALA [2.04] --------------------------------------------+

-- STATS --
Difficulty: ***

Blue Spaces: 47
Red Spaces: 7
Bowser Spaces: 3
Battle Spaces: 3
Happening Spaces: 5
Mushroom Spaces: 16
Springy Spaces: 4
Fortune Spaces: 2

In the middle of this area, there is a roulette table with colored arrows
signifying the 4 paths to be taken. The Goomba that runs it accepts bribes of
5, 10, or even 20 Coins; supposedly the more you pay, the better the chances
of being sent to the path with a Star on it. If the ball doesn't hit an arrow,
you get 20 Coins and the choice of any path you want. In every quadrant is a
die, and when you pass it, Goomba comes out. He rolls a number on the dice, and
you must roll higher than his number. If you win, you get 10 Coins; if you
lose, you go back to start.

The shop is just near the start to the left. The second shop it near the top
left corner of the board. The lottery shop is in the red area to the bottom 
left. Boo's house is to the left above the start.

Follow the Goomba with the item you want and select it for that item. This is
up in the top left hand area of the board. The other one is the slot machine
and you win something no matter what but you get a better prize for three in a

In the north end of the board, there are 5 Happening Spaces you can land on.
If you get to one, you'll jump onto the board in the background and ride a 
chip across the board, collecting Coins on the way.

+---- KOOPA'S SEASIE SOIREE [2.05] -------------------------------------------+

-- STATS --
Difficulty: ***

Blue Spaces: 43
Red Spaces: 3
Bowser Spaces: 4
Battle Spaces: 4
Happening Spaces: 13
Mushroom Spaces: 13
Springy Spaces: 2
Fortune Spaces: 4

In the middle area, there are a couple of Koopa spaces you pass by. When you do
so, the Koopa will ask for 5 Coins towards building the Koopa Kabana. The more
money that's put into the Kabana, the bigger/better the building he makes. On
the left and right sides of the board, there are intersections guarded by
monkeys in trees. When you come to this, the monkey will throw out a banana and
you'll be forced to move on it, randomly slipping onto either path.

The 1st shop is directly to the left of the start. The 2nd shop is up near the
left Ukiki's banana peal junction. The lottery shop is up the top left of the
board. Boo's house is Up the top to the left of the lottery shop.

Dowm the bottom left hand corner is a game where you must try to guess the
biggest fish. You get coins if you win. Three items hide in watermelons. Koopa
will blind you and spin you round and round. When he finishes select a
watermelon and hit it to get an item. Despite you're dizzy it's not that hard.
In fact, it's the easiest item game.

In the middle area, there are Happening Spaces around the Koopa Kabana. If you
land on one, you'll have to pay the Koopa however much was invested in the
Kabana. When you do so, a wave will knock it down and the investments will be
reset to 0. There are also several Happening Spaces situated next to docks 
around the board. If you land on one, you can ride a dolphin across the water
to the other end of the board. You'll be able to jump over a portion of the
board, collecting a few Coins on the way.

+---- BOWSER'S GNARLY PARTY [2.06] -------------------------------------------+

-- STATS --
Difficulty: ****

Blue Spaces: 57
Red Spaces: 4
Bowser Spaces: 4
Battle Spaces: 4
Happening Spaces: 6
Mushroom Spaces: 16
Springy Spaces: 2
Fortune Spaces: 2

In the middle of the stage, you will notice an intersection with a stone bridge
above the lava. Each time a player walks across it, it crumbles a bit. When its
been walked over 3 times, it crumbles and a new bridge appears going in the
other direction. Also, at a random spot on the map, you'll find Bowser sitting
there. If you pass by him while in Mega form, you will play a mini-game against
Bowser. Every so often, at the beginning of a turn, Bowser may even turn all
players Mini or Mega, so be prepared!

1st Shop is to the left of the start and up 3 spaces. 2nd Shop is directly
above the first one but a bit of a way up. Lottery Shop is To the top left of
the board. Boo's House is just under the top right corner.

Press A repeatedly to stop Bullet Bill and the quicker you do it, the more
coins you win. Koopa Kid hides three items in boxes, then switches them 
around so you can't get the one you want. Even if you keep track sometimes that
item is still not there.

There are two areas on the board where there are Happening Spaces; in the
upper-right area and the lower-left area. If you land on one, the giant statue
will spit out fire and burn apart one of your items!

+---- CREDITS [3.00] ---------------------------------------------------------+

Thanks to all of you for reading this guide! I only wrote this in the hopes it
would help some of you, so thanks for supporting me! And hopefully it really
did help you!

A special thanks to...

  DMorgan -- For specifying how many blue and red spaces are on each board.
GavLuvsGA -- For help with some of the board mini-games.
Linkkirby -- For help with some of the board mini-games.

+---- LEGAL INFORMATION [4.00] -----------------------------------------------+

This file is Copyright(c) 2003-2011 Andrew Barker. This file was entirely
written by me, unless otherwise noted in a specific section. It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Only the
following sites have permission to use and display this guide:

-- GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
-- Neoseeker [http://www.neoseeker.com]

If you wish to use this guide on your site, you MUST ask me before copying or
using any part of it. You must have advanced written permission from me, the
author, to use it. To contact me, use the email address at the top.

+---- THE END [x.xx] ---------------------------------------------------------+
	  Written by Andrew Barker[barkera] April 1st, 2003 - August 30th, 2011

First Written: April 1st, 2003
	Guide first written. Completed on the 3rd of April, 2004.
Version 1.10: April 5th, 2003
	Added more detail to the board guides.
Version 2.00: August 30th, 2011
	Visual overhaul of the guide. Looks nicer, reads more cleanly.

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