Any advice for Beach Volley Folley?

  1. I've gotten to the last match against Bowser and Koopa Kid, but I can't beat it! The most I've gotten against them is 2 points. Am I missing something?

    User Info: EpicTurtle

    EpicTurtle - 4 years ago


  1. I dunno if you've beaten it by now since this is 2 months later, but hope this helps and for those who haven't beaten it.

    I'm still stuck on the last one. I can get it down to 4-4, but then I get wrecked on the match point. What I try to do is keep shooting to the same corner, eventually the opponents will more or less huddle in the corner. That leaves the opposite corner (diagonal to where they are) to shoot a spike. You have to be specific with the cross-hair as the cpu follows it. Delay it for a split second and then go all the way to the opposite corner.

    Hope this I need to go finish my challenge so I can unlock the last trophy in the close XD

    User Info: Isecolt

    Isecolt - 3 years ago 0   0

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