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The biggest challenge the Nintendo GameCube has to offer. 05/26/09 Jerom88
Soft-core Gamers Need Not Apply 08/28/03 Bizzarclown13
Fast, furious, fun and insanely challenging to boot 10/26/10 Blue Blob
Best racing game I have ever played 10/21/09 CamusTheDark
F-Zero is so intense, it's like if someone wailed a guitar so loud that it exploded the Sears Tower, and then slammed it over my grandmother. 08/28/03 Captain Karma
F-Zero GX blazes into the GC with style, but a bunch of faults keeps it from the checkered flag. 08/30/05 CrazyDitto
The best F-Zero yet! 10/29/04 day2
The blue bird flies away... 11/09/05 discoinferno84
If I was Sega, I'd lock Amusement Vision in their lab and put a sign on the door that says Do Not Disturb until their next masterpiece is finished. 09/02/03 Dorkmaster Flek
Not for the new-generation of gamers. 08/28/03 Earthshaker
Driving is for Chumps. Boating is For Monkies. And Captain Falcon is For All of Your Racing Needs 12/23/09 EJRICH
We're going in full throttle. 01/05/05 Genjuro Kibagami
Hot time, summer in Mute City... 09/16/03 JPeeples
WARNING: This game has been known to produce Terets Syndrome in some gamers 03/22/04 LastStand
Blink and you'll miss it 03/14/06 Mariner
Best Racer on the Gamecube 09/01/03 Mech Master
Which Way Was Up Again? 08/30/03 noj11jon
High speed racing comes home to GameCube. 11/08/03 nzgamefaqs
Nintendo & Sega; a match made in the golden clouds of heaven 08/14/03 QuasERA IX
A great addition to the GCN library, and the best racing I've played for years 09/02/03 Raditz724
Where it's at!! I got two speed boosters and a microphone ... 10/29/03 SCCAN85
Isn't the retro look of the game just great? 03/16/06 Sparklet
Forget drugs, F-Zero GX is the new mind-altering substance 10/15/09 Superloserboy

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Classic Game Room - F-ZERO GX review for Nintendo GameCube from Lord Karnage

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