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Cameo FAQ by Tei Sama

Version: ker-FINAL! | Updated: 12/16/04

By Anthony Summo
Version ker-FINAL


12/16/2004 - Changed the Contact Info and decided that enough was enough. Right
		or wrong, this FAQ is done.

08/08/2004 - Updated the "EMAIL" section. Guess what! I took away the cranky
		angsty-pooh "Don't email me >:E" message! I'm feeling a lot 
		more sociable now. ;) Also added "Mr. Zero" to possible cameos. 
		Many w00ts are had! Also added Jodi Summer to "Possible Racer 
		Cameos" thanks to JMcSquiggle.

06/01/2004 - Nothing really new...added a new site to the list of sites that
		can post this FAQ.

05/22/2004 - Yeah...holy poop, I haven't updated this in a while. My computer
	     crashed in February, and since then I just haven't had the juice
 	     to work on this. Anyway, we've got a trio of new updates coming
	     in to make up for the wait! Sections [2.6] Don Genie, [3.08] Digi-
	     Boy 2, and [3.12] Draq have been added. Also, [2.5] Billy has been
	     updated and clarified, as it's on my own fault for not being 
	     specific enough about what his cameo actually IS. Finally, did
	     a little generic nipping and tucking for the heck of things.

01/23/2004 - Added [4.5] RESTART! and [4.6] Crystal Egg to the Other Cameos 
	     section. Added [3.10] Mecha Mr EAD to Possible Racer Cameos. 
	     Updated [6.0] Legal Mumbo-Jumbo accordingly. Finally updated
	     [7.0] Contact Info with a current F-Mode URL.

01/05/2004 - Moved Legal Mumbo-Jumbo and Contact Info down to [6.0] and [7.0]
	     respectively. Added [5.0] Disproven Cameos and [5.1] Casino
 	     Palace to the list.

12/06/2003 - Added [2.5] Billy, and [3.9] Pink Spider. Updated [2.4] PJ / #38
	     Groovy Taxi, and [5.0] Legal Mumbo-Jumbo. Touched up some 
	     mispellings and grammar shit.


[1.0] Intro/Basic info
[2.0] Definite Racer Cameos
	[2.1] Mr. EAD
	[2.2] James McCloud
	[2.3] #10 Little Wyvern
	[2.4] PJ / #38 Groovy Taxi
	[2.5] Billy
	[2.6] Don Genie
[3.0] Possible Racer Cameos
	[3.01] Octoman
	[3.02] Billy
	[3.03] Leon
	[3.04] Zoda
	[3.05] John Tanaka's Theme
	[3.06] Digi-boy
	[3.07] Digi-boy 2
	[3.08] #32 Cosmic Dolphin
	[3.09] Spade
	[3.10] #33 Pink Spider
	[3.11] Mecha Mr EAD
	[3.12] Draq
	[3.13] Jodi Summer
[4.0] Other Cameos
	[4.1] In-series cameos
		[4.1.1] Mute City: Twist Road
		[4.1.2] The Sounds of BIG BLUE
		[4.1.3] Red Canyon Theme
		[4.1.4] Challenge of the Bloody Chain
	[4.2] Emblems
	[4.3] ROB the Robot
	[4.4] "Famicom"
	[4.5] RESTART!
	[4.6] Crystal Egg
[5.0] Disproven Cameos
	[5.1] Casino Palace
[6.0] Legal Mumbo-jumbo
[7.0] COntact Info


[1.0] Intro/Basic info

Blah blah blah. I don't like writing introductions. Pretty much, this FAQ 
covers cameos in Nintendo and Sega's F-Zero GX. There won't be many story 
spoilers, but there will be stuff dealing with things you have to unlock, 
including secret characters and whatnot. If you don't want to know about any of
that, then this FAQ is not the place for you. Anyway, let's get on with this


[2.0] Definite Racer Cameos

These are the cameos from other games that have enough conclusive proof to be 
solid cameos. This stuff is only about the racers and their machines, and any 
other solid, non-racer cameos will be listed later on in the FAQ.

	[2.1] Mr. EAD

	CAMEO OF: None other than Super Mario, of course!

	PROOF: In F-Zero X, Mr. EAD's face looked roughly like Mario's, 
	especially with the curly mustachio. While the mustachio's changed a 
	bit for GX, it's still safe to say that Mr. EAD is a Mario cameo--the
	proof resides on the Starman belt-buckle Mr. EAD is sporting. And, 
	while this may be reaching a bit, beating Master mode on any cup with
	Mr. EAD will give you a short FMV about him eating cake--which could be
	a throwback to Super Mario 64, where Peach invites Mario to her castle
	because she's baked him a cake.

	[2.2] James McCloud

	CAMEO OF: James McCloud, the father of Fox McCloud from the StarFox

	PROOF: It's fairly easy to tell that James McCloud's design is based on
	what you see from StarFox 64; bearing the SF James' trademark shades
	as well as the Team StarFox uniform and a similar hairstyle to that of
	Fox from StarFox Adventures, the connection isn't hard to make and has
	definite solidity. Furthermore, F-Zero GX's pilot profiles point out
	that James McCloud is part of the space team Galaxy Dog--a clever play
	of words on "Star Fox."

	[2.3] #10 Little Wyvern

	CAMEO OF: The StarFox series' ARWING ships

	PROOF: The Little Wyvern has the same silver-gray with light-blue 
	undertones possessed by the ARWINGs from StarFox, and also bare a 
	similar, although not wholly identical design. Furthermore, James 
	McCloud pilots the machine; James' profile explains that the Little
	Wyvern used to be his air craft on Galaxy Dog (see above description if
	you don't get it).

	[2.4] PJ / #38 Groovy Taxi

	CAMEO OF: Sega's hard-rocking arcade smash-hit, Crazy Taxi!

	PROOF: First of all, Sega made the game, and as they've added eleven
	all-new characters, there's a very high probability that SOME of them
	are cameos of popular Sega guys. It's also been confirmed that a few
	Sega patches are available in garage mode (see section [4.2] for more
	details) and AiAi appears on Billy's belt Buckle (section [2.5] for 
	those curious). As only one other character in any F-Zero game had a 
	theme with their machine, the fact that PJ is in the game with a Taxi-
	based theme is rather stand-outish. Based on that evidence alone, PJ 
	and the "Groovy Taxi" machine he drives can be called definite 
	throwbacks to Crazy Taxi. But further evidence cited on the F-Mode 
	website (see section [6.0] for hyperlink) makes mention of this quote 
	from the Official F-Zero GX/AX Player's Guide: "However,wreckless 
	driving isn't tolerated in the taxi industry, and so the naturally the 
	Groovy Taxi lacks superior boost capability." The reference to 
	"wreckless driving," which is a trademark in Crazy Taxi, is very 
	deliberately placed.

	[2.5] Billy

	CAMEO OF: AiAi, from Super Monkey Ball

	PROOF: http://f-zero.jp/download/wallpaper/f-zero_wp_m11_billy_800.jpg
	Look at his belt. :) Fryguy64 and myself both received emails about
	this particular cameo and for this I cry your pardons; I wasn't as
	specific as I could have been in the past.


	[2.6] Don Genie

	CAMEO OF: A mafioso character in a comic in the back of the SNES F-Zero

	Proof: Brought to you by The Infamous Trev-MUN:

	"I strongly suspect that Don Genie is a cameo from the F-Zero SNES 
	comic that is at the end of the game's manual. In the comic, Captain 
	Falcon gets the bounty on a rather large bald businessman wearing ... 
	interesting business attire: 

	Bald Dude: Come WITH you? You F-Zero drivers are crazy! You must LIKE 
	pain! (to his guards) Throw him out! And... eliminate him! 

	(Captain Falcon easily defeats the guards) 

	Bald Dude: Who ARE you?! You're no ordinary F-Zero racer! 

	Captain Falcon: (drawing a gun and procuring a wanted poster of the 
	man) Right. I'm the best. At racing AND bringing in scum like you. 
	Looks like you're out of luck, old man. 


	Don Genie's profile in F-Zero GX mentions he is the owner of a large 
	trading company, and that he has been arrested several times for 
	conducting black market trade. His body is built very much like the 
	bald dude in the F-Zero SNES manual, as well. Though he has s (wierd) 
	hairstyle in GX, I don't believe that rules out the possibility of a 
	cameo; after all, in the transition from F-Zero SNES to X (and then to 
	GX), the four main racers have undergone fairly significant changes in 
	costume (Pico being the most dramatic), and their F-Zero machines have 
	also changed from being tubby bumper cars to something more stream-

	That and Nintendo has cameoed something from the F-Zero SNES comic 
	before - Captain Falcon's starship, the Falcon Flyer, appears in SSB:M 
	as both a trophy and part of the Big Blue stage. I don't see why 
	they'd bring something or someone else back!"

	This email has been sitting in my inbox for the better part of three
	months. Even now, reading back on it for the first time in a while, I
	have to agree--that proof is pretty solid to me. I'm sticking with it.


[3.0] Possible Racer Cameos

This section covers all the POSSIBLE or PROBABLE racer-based cameos, meaning 
that there is some evidence to support the claims of cameo-dom, but none of 
the information is really solid and is largely based on assumptions. This is 
where Sega manages to screw with your minds, as those eleven new racers 
previously mentioned in this FAQ may or may not be throw-backs to Sega 

	[3.01] Octoman

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: The old-school Legend of Zelda Octoroks--not the new
	ones found in Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker, we're talking the first 
	game here!

	PROOF: Like all possible cameos, what proof we have is minimal at best;
	for this, we can only base the assumption on how Octoman looks. If you
	were to say "Octoman is an Octorok cameo!" and someone were to ask 
	"Why do you say that?" you'd be left with nothing to explain yourself
	with except "Um...because he's red."

	[3.02] Billy

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: DK! Donkey Kong, huh! DK! Donkey Kong is here!

	PROOF: There's not much. Billy's a monkey. Ook Ook. Most of the proof
	comes from his Master Cup FMV video--throughout most of it, Billy is 
	followed by a smaller monkey whom can be assumed to be Diddy Kong. 
	There is also a point where Billy climbs a tree for a large bunch of
	bananas that look surprisingly more vivid than any normal bananas 
	should; either this is Sega playing on the stereotype of monkeys and
	bananas, or implying that Billy is a Donkey Kong cameo through the 
	relation, as every DK game since Donkey Kong Country has been about
	collecting bananas. If only they'd given Billy a necktie...

	[3.03] Leon

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: StarFox series' Wolf O'Donnell using the name of 
	another StarFox character. Both of whom are on the same team in the
	series: StarWolf.

	PROOF: This cameo is the one I'm least sure about, as Leon appears to
	be more feline than lupine or canine. All there is to really go by is
	the vague similarities between Wolf and Leon, and that Leon is the 
	name of another member of StarWolf--all the same, there's that slight
	possibility of coincidence. I wouldn't really stake anything on this

	[3.04] Zoda
	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: Zoda, the villain in Startropics

	PROOF: Aside from the name...not much. "Zoda" is an odd name in itself,
	even for a fictional one, but there's nothing more you could base this

	[3.05] John Tanaka's Theme
	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: An old Nintendo song

	PROOF: None, really...I'm just going on instinct here, as Tanaka's 
	theme song sounds really old-school gamey, which is very standalone
	compared to the rest of the themes in the game. I might be wrong as I
	never got the chance to play a lot of older games, but if you think
	you have something let me know (see section [6.0]).

	NOTE FROM FRYGUY64: "The name could be a reference to Hirokazu "Hip" 
	Tanaka, a sound and music composer at Nintendo... The 'classic' sound 
	effects in his theme are possibly from his early Nintendo arcade 
	titles, Space Firebird or Radar Scope."

	[3.06] Digi-boy

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: Beat, the leader of the GGs in the Jet Grind Radio

	PROOF: Again, the main proof comes in how the character looks--I feel
	that there's ALMOST a sufficient amount of evidence enough to make him
	a definite cameo, but there are two things holding me back: the 
	character's name (Digi-boy, or Terry Getter--neither of which have any
	relevance to the Jet Grind Radio series), and that Jet Grind Radio was
	not a really popular game in either the US or Japan. Either way you 
	want to look at it, Digi-boy looks incredibly like Beat--Digi-boy's
	enormous glasses and ear pieces resemble Beat's goggles and headphones,
	and both characters have a similar smile; furthermore, Digi-boy's boots
	(which look LOADS like Megaman boots, but since Capcom didn't make this
	game, you can't look too far into that) have wheels on them, like 
	roller-skates; those few who have played the JGR series know that it's 
	a game about roller-blading. And, while this may be a bit TOO 
	analytical of me, Digi-Boy's yellow shirt is the same tone and color of
	Beat's, and his shorts loosely match Beat's pants.

	[3.07] Digi-boy 2

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: Harry Potter...of all things.

	PROOF: Again, from The Infamous Trev-MUN:

	"The other thing I wanted to note, even though I'm not sure of it at 
	all... Is it just me, or is Digi-Boy like an F-Zero GX tribute to 
	Harry Potter? The kid's about Harry's age, he's a wiz at computers, 
	and his real name is Terry Getter (and that has the same number of 
	letters and... er... phonetic style? of Harry's name). He also wears 
	glasses. Pretty supicious if you ask me..."

	Highly unlikely, but curious nonetheless...so I stuck it in. :)


	[3.08] #32 Cosmic Dolphin

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: Project Dolphin! You know, the GameCube's pre-
	release name. Remember that?

	PROOF: Any time something resembling the word "Dolphin" in GameCube
	games pop up, it's pretty deliberate and easy to pick up. That alone
	makes for some good cameoage, but what stops me from putting it with
	the "definite" cameos is that it belongs to Digi-boy. And again, Digi-
	boy may be a Sega cameo, so with that knowlege in mind you can't really
	proove the Cosmic Dolphin.

	[3.09] Spade

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: A mish-mashing of various NiGHTS into Dreams 
	villains, most notably Reala.

	PROOF: Once again, not very much; this is just another flight on 
	instinct and looks. Spade does, undeniably, look like he could fit into
	the NiGHTS universe, and as NiGHTS is Sonic Team's second-most-known
	project (after Sonic the Hedgehog himself), it wouldn't be a surprise
	if this were the truth. But again, the evidence is very flimsy, so 
	there's no way of telling.

	[3.10] #33 Pink Spider

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: A famous song by Japanese Rock Artist "Hide" of X

	PROOF: Ding Shi writes:

	"DaiSanGen's Pink Spider is a reference to famous (and dead) Japanese 
	rocker hide from X Japan. His anthem and one of his most popular songs 
	was called Pink Spider. Not a coincidence."

	Sorry, Ding Shi--I stuck it in possible cameos because I really have 
	no proof connecting it to F-Zero, Nintendo, or Sega, and most F-Zero
	machines are named after some kind of animal, combined with a random
	word in front of it.


	[3.11] Mecha Mr EAD

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: The Sonic the Hedgehog series' mainstay villain,
	Dr Eggman!

	PROOF: If you beat any Master Cup with Zoda, you'll unlock the movie
	"Arise, ZODA II! Zoda's Road to World Domination?" which involves Zoda
	bringing life to a disturbingly Zoda-esque version of Mr EAD--or, if 
	you look at him in a different light, Dr Eggman. But as the staple is 
	for everything in the Possible Racer Cameos section, there's no solid


	[3.12] Draq

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: Legend of Zelda's old-school Moblins

	PROOF: Draq does actually look a little bit like an old-school Moblin,
	when you think about it--the same dumpy, puggish appearance, and the
	option for pink or blue skin (old Moblins had red and blue skin, which
	is close enough). Still, no definite answer here...


	[3.13] Jodi Summer

	POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: The Metroid Series' Samus Aran

	PROOF: Her pose is similar to Samus' statue in SSBM; her hair is the
	same style, and when you toggle the color options, becomes the same
	kind of dirty-blonde of Samus'; and her suit is very vaguely reminisc-
	ant of Samus' Power Suit. The only reason why this is here is because
	it's not obvious enough to consider it.


[4.0] Other Cameos

Basically, if it's nothing to do with a racer, it'll go here; and there
are plenty of other cameos to find outside your racer and machine selection.
Some of these cameos require no proof, as they're just there and rather self-

	[4.1] In-Series Cameos

		[4.1.1]	Mute City: Twist Road

		CAMEO OF: Mute City: Figure Eight, from F-Zero X and Super 
		Smash Brothers: Melee

		PROOF: Well, just look at it--aside from the giant loop near
		the end of the X track, Twist Road and Figure Eight are identi-

		[4.1.2] The Sounds of BIG BLUE

		CAMEO OF: The Big Blue theme 

		[4.1.3] Red Canyon Theme

		CAMEO OF: The Red Canyon theme from the original F-Zero.

		PROOF: In the opening and closing FMV for Chapter Two: Goroh: 
		The Vengeful Samurai in the story mode, if you listen to the
		music, you'll hear that it's the old Red Canyon theme.

		[4.1.4] Challenge of the Bloody Chain

		POSSIBLE CAMEO OF: Death Race mode, from F-Zero X

		PROOF: In F-Zero X, the Death Race mode had one goal: Kill all
		29 other racers before they kill you. While there are obvious
		differences, Chapter Four: Challenge of the Bloody Chain is 
		based on a similar premise where you have to defeat 28 members
		of the Bloody Chain, and their leader, Michael Chain, before
		crossing the finish line. Although the similarities are duly
		noted, there's still no official proof if Sega intended it that
		way, which is why it's only a possible cameo.

	[4.2] Emblems

	CAMEO OF: Several characters and items

	PROOF: In Garage mode, you can edit a custom vehicle--or even one 
	already in the game--by adding emblems to it. Aside from every F-Zero
	racer in the game, you can also get emblems of the Super Mushroom, One-
	Up Mushroom, Mario, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, Peppy 
	Hare, Tingle (from Legend of Zelda), Kirby, an NES/Famicom controller, 
	Sonic the Hedgehog and AiAi (from Super Monkey Ball). Many of these
	emblems need to be unlocked somehow; the F-Zero racers are unlocked as
	you buy the machines, and you start with the Super and One-Up Mushrooms
	by default. I don't know how you can get the others--if anyone has any
	information on such, please contact me. Information greatly contributed
	by Fryguy64 and the Nintendo Database.

	[4.3] ROB the Robot

	CAMEO OF: ROB the Robot, of course!

	PROOF: Go into any Port Town course and there's a heavy chance you'll
	spot ROB somewhere in the background--possibly more than once per 
	course! ROB was a peripheral for the NES, made in 1985--not to be 
	confused with the toy robots that were popular in the mid-nineties.

	[4.4] "Famicom"

	CAMEO OF: The Famicom, and nothing else! Unless you call it the NES,
	Nintendo Entertainment System, or like I do, just plain "Nintendo."

	PROOF: In Story Mode, Chapter Three: High Stakes at Mute City, Silver
	Neelsen has Captain Falcon register under a false name and identity
	so that he may win the bet money the race is bringing in. On the score-
	board before the race begins, a new racer is added to the list--that is
	one "Famicom." And as the rest of the names on the list are well-known
	(Dr. Clash, The Skull, etc) and Neelsen wants Falcon to race disguised,
	it's clear that "Famicom" is an alternate alias for Falcon so nobdoy
	will think to bet on him.

	[4.5] RESTART!

	CAMEO OF: Chao--those little jelly-like critters that've had a semi-
	relevant role in all new Sonic games since Sonic Adventure 1 on the

	PROOF: In certain race modes, like Multiplayer and Practice, you have
	the option of restarting--where a UFO-shaped object will restore your 
	machine if you fall off the edge or run out of energy and explode. The
	UFO's cockpit is occupied by three Chao.


	[4.6] Crystal Egg

	CAMEO OF: A level in Sonic & Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the 

	PROOF: The Crystal Egg is a Custom Machine part that becomes available
	in the F-Zero Shop after you beat Chapter 8 on Hard Mode. Its name is
	rather conspicuous (most other Machine bodies are named after some
	kind of animal), so we can chalk it up as a solid cameo.



[5.0] Disproven Cameos

This section is for cameos that have been proven incorrect, or for possible
cameos that have been disproven due to proper evidence. Fun!

	[5.1] Casino Palace


	MetalMario (from Italy, my genetic homeland!) writes:

	"I write to you about your nice F-Zero GX Cameo FAQ at F-Mode: I think 
	that Casino Palace's name can't be seen as a Sonic's Casinopolis cameo,
	'cause the original Japanese name of these tracks is Vegas Palace."

	Thank you, MetalMario! Pa-zoing!


[6.0] Legal Mumbo-jumbo

F-Zero is the soul copyright of Nintendo. F-Zero GX was produced by Sega and
Amusement Vision. 

Information regarding #38 Groovy Taxi was provided by the F-MODE website and 
Ryan Painter, who got it from the Official F-Zero GX/AX Players' Guide. (C) to
himself and Nintendo respectively.

Information regarding emblems, "Hip" Tanaka, and ROB the Robot from the 
Nintendo Database and Fryguy64, which is (c) to him as well.

Special thanks and mad kudos to: Sonic Phoenix, Ding Shi, MetalMario, SHADOW 
JACKY, Bart Dane, Martin McLaughlin, Matt Cousin, The Infamous Trev-MUN, 
JMcSquiggle and last but certainly not least, Fryguy64.

FAQ made by and copyright Anthony Summo, 2003. Do not repost anywhere without 
my permission. The FAQ may be used by the following sites:


This FAQ must be posted in its entirety, or not at all.


[7.0] COntact Info

My email address (written in the nifty Sluggy Freelance SPAMbot blocker code!)
is tei(dot)sama(at)gmail(dot)com. If you have questions, comments, flames,
et cetera, give me a hollar. 

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