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FAQ/Walkthrough by Perfect Light

Updated: 10/16/03

An FAQ/Walkthrough for...

  ######      ####### ###### ######  #######       #######  #       #
  #                #  #    # #     # #     #      #           #   #
  ####   ####    #    ###### ######  #     #      #    ####     #
  #            #      #      #    #  #     #      #       #   #   #
  #           ####### ###### #     # #######       ######## #       #

Copyright 2003, Perfect Light
All rights reserved
Version 0.1
Today's Topic: F-Zero GX
             Only For   /|\                      
                      /  |  \
                    /   / \   \
                  /    /   \    \
                /    /       \    \
              /    /           \    \
            /    /      / \      \____\
           | \ /      /     \      ____ 
           |  |     /         \   /    |
           |  |    /            \/     |
           |  |   |\           /   /|  |
           |  |   |  \       /    / |  |
           |  |   |    \   /     |  |  |   N I N T E N D O
           |  |   |      |       |  |  |     GAME CUBE
           |  |   |      |       |  |  |
           |  |    \     |      /   |  |
           |  |      \   |    /     |  |
           |   \       \ |  /      /   |
            \    \      \|/      /    /
              \    \           /    /
                \    \       /    /
                  \    \   /    /
                    \   \ /   /
                      \  |  /


   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

I)    Introduction
II)   Newsroom
III)  Controls
IV)   Pilots and Machines
V)    Plates and Terrain
VI)   The Game Screen
VII)  Grand Prix Walkthrough
VIII) Story Mode Walkthrough
IX)   Acknowledgments
X)    Disclaimer
XI)   A Fond Farewell!

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  I) I N T R O D U C T I O N

As a huge fan of F-Zero X for the Nintendo 64, I was not surprised when 
I instantly pounced for this game when it came out. Renting it was not 
enough, I just had to have it, so this game is going to be mine! I 
intend to fill the following pages with information on winning the races 
jammed into the super-fast racer known as F-Zero GX, the GameCube 
version of the game. Also, you can take your memory card to the arcade 
and play that version, F-Zero AX. Anyhow, enough of my gab, and let's 
get into the guide itself! Yeah, baby!

                                              -Perfect Light

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  II) N E W S R O O M

First Version - Version 0.1
Completed: 9/1/03
This version is very basic. It has all the necessary requirements, all 
pilot listings and their machines, along with stats, and I've done two 
Cups of the Grand Prix. I have not yet started Story Mode, so that 
section has yet to be completed, and I will add section for best times 
to be sent to me in upcoming versions. Also, I am thinking of adding a 
custom vehicles section once I unlock a sufficient amount of parts. Just 
hang in there, guys! In the meantime, GO GO GO!

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  III) C O N T R O L S

Here is my controller for your viweing pleasure!

L Shoulder---;;L;;                           ;;R;;---R Shoulder Button
 Button     /     \                         / -Z- \------Z Trigger
            \ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; /
            ; ,;;;;;;;     NINTENDO     ;;;;;;, ;
            /  _____ ;     GAMECUBE    ;    -X- -\---------X Button
           /  / ;;;; \ ;              ;   /-----\|\
Control---/--/-; oo ; \ ;            ;    \  A  /Y-\-------Y Button
  Stick   ;   \ ;;;; /   ;          ;   __ \_|_/ | ;
  Start---;----\____/---;-----O      ; /B \  |-----;-------A Button
         |\            ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;\__/--------/|------B Button
         | `.;;----;    ;;;;      ;;;;    ;----;;.' |
         |          ;       \   /  ___   ;          |
 D-Pad---|----------/--_|_   \ /  / C \-\-----------|------C Stick
         |        ; \   |    / \  \___/ / ;         |
         |       |   \______/   \______/   |        |
         |       |                         |        |
          \      |                         |       /
           \_____/                          \_____/

This section contains an in-depth look at all aspects of your machine's 
controls, whether it be necessary or not. If you know all about the 
controls, skip down, but if you want some tips and pointers, read on!

Control Stick: Steer
The Control Stick is used when your machine is moving. When you move it 
left and right, you can steer your craft to the left and right, 
respectively. The more you tilt the stick, the harder the machine will 
turn. Also, when moving at insanely fast speeds, you can use the Control 
Stick to manipulate the nose tilt of your machine in your favor. When 
you drive, tilt the Stick back to point the nose up. This can be useful 
for slowing down to avoid falling off the track. If you point the Stick 
up, your nose will point down. USe this when moving incredibly fast to 
keep your machine from flying off the track.

In the air, use the Control Stick to manipulate how fast you go and how 
far you fly. By pointing the Stick down, your machine will point up 
(make sure this change is only slight), thereby increasing lift and 
flying time, and allowing you to glide for long periods of time. If you 
push the Stick forward, you can angle the nose slightly downwards, and 
increase your speed, while decreasing your flying time. I'd say angling 
down is the best way to go when flying through the air, and then 
straighten out just before you hit the track to avoid bouncing off it 
while being tilted forwards.

A Button: Accelerate
This button should need no explanation, but if you want the machine to 
move, you'll have to keep this button pressed the whole time. Use this 
in conjunction with the Control Stick to drive your machine.

B Button: Air Brake
If you find yourself moving too fast, release the accelerator and jam on 
the air brakes. You can slow down by simply letting go of A, but by 
hitting B, you will come to an almost immediate stop.

Y Button: Boost
Only used during the second and third laps, the boost is used to give 
your machine a temporary and incredible burst of speed. It is most 
useful on those long straightaways where a boost is effecient enough to 
send you ahead of the competition and not right into a wall. This extra 
speed comes at a cost, however. Every time you use a boost, part of your 
Energy is drained. Once that bar is gone, the next hit will take you 

X Button/Z Trigger: Spin
When you are competing against rival cars, sometimes you'd like to take 
one out of the race. Press X or Z to start your machine into a spin. 
However, because of the amount of speed you lose, only so this if you 
are sure you'll make a directi hit. Use this to knock fellow machines 
off the track. Start spinning and then swerve into your target as hard 
as you can to hopefully force them to retire.

R Shoulder Button/L Shoulder Button: Veer
Use these buttons to veer to the right or left, respectively. You can 
use them to make sharp turns or ram fellow racers off the track or into 
a wall to drain both your and your target's Energy bars, hopefully 
finishing them off before you finish yourself off. However, veering is 
most commonly used to make tight turns without slowing down as much as 
you would be forced to normally.

Control Pad Up/Down: Change Camera
Use the +Control Pad to change the angle of the camera.

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  IV) P I L O T S  A N D  M A C H I N E S

These guys are all listed in alphabetical order (according to first 
names or only names) for easy referece. :D Although this section may 
have been boring and monotonous for me, it is certainly not intended to 
be for you. I made this section as a quick and easy reference for all 
those loyal F-Zero GX fans out there that want to choose the best 

01 - Antonio Guster    02 - Baba               03 - Beastman
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sex: Male
Age: 36                Age: 19                 Age: 30
Machine: Green Panther Machine: Iron Tiger     Machine: Hyper Speeder
Body: A                Body: B                 Body: C
Boost: B               Boost: D                Boost: C
Grip: D                Grip: A                 Grip: A
Weight: 4541 lbs       Weight: 3924 lbs        Weight: 3218

04 - Billy             05 - Bio Rex            06 - Black Shadow
Sex: Male              Sex: Unknown            Sex: Male
Age: 7                 Age: 9                  Age: Unknown
Machine: Mad Wolf      Machine: Big Fang       Machine: Black Bull
Body: B                Body: B                 Body: A
Boost: B               Boost: D                Boost: E
Grip: C                Grip: A                 Grip: A
Weight: 3285 lbs       Weight: 3350 lbs        Weight: 5158 lbs

07 - Blood Falcon      08 - Captain Falcon     09 - Draq
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sex: Male
Age: 37                Age: 37                 Age: 137
Machine: Blood Hawk    Machine: Blue Falcon    Machine: Mighty Typhoon
Body: B                Body: B                 Body: C
Boost: A               Boost: C                Boost: A
Grip: E                Grip: B                 Grip: D
Weight: 2579           Weight: 2777 lbs        Weight: 2094 lbs

10 - Dr. Clash         11 - Dr. Stewart        12 - Gomar and Shioh
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sexes: Male
Age: 55                Age: 42                 Ages: Unknown
Machine: Crazy Bear    Machine: Golden Fox     Machine: Twin Noritta
Body: A                Body: D                 Body: E
Boost: B               Boost: A                Boost: A
Grip: E                Grip: D                 Grip: C
Weight: 4894 lbs       Weight: 3130 lbs        Weight: 1719 lbs

13 - Jack Levin        14 - James McCloud      15 - Jody Summer
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sex: Female
Age: 19                Age: 32                 Age: 25
Machine: Astro Robin   Machine: Little Wyvern  Machine: White Cat
Body: B                Body: E                 Body: C
Boost: D               Boost: B                Boost: C
Grip: A                Grip: B                 Grip: A
Weight: 2314 lbs       Weight: 3064 lbs        Weight: 2535 lbs

16 - John Tanaka       17 - Kate Alen          18 - Leon
Sex: Male              Sex: Female             Sex: Male
Age: 31                Age: 30                 Age: 16
Machine: Wonder Wasp   Machine: Super Pirahana Machine: Space Angler
Body: D                Body: B                 Body: C
Boost: A               Boost: C                Boost: C
Grip: D                Grip: B                 Grip: A
Weight: 1984 lbs       Weight: 2226 lbs        Weight: 2006 lbs

19 - Michael Chain     20 - Mighty Gazelle     21 - Mr. EAD
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sex: Unknown
Age: 39                Age: 37                 Age: Unknown
Machine: Wild Boar     Machine: Red Gazelle    Machine: Great Star
Body: A                Body: E                 Body: E
Boost: C               Boost: A                Boost: A
Grip: C                Grip: C                 Grip: D
Weight: 4652 lbs       Weight: 2932 lbs        Weight: 4122 lbs

22 - Mrs. Arrow        23 - Octoman            24 - Pico
Sex: Female            Sex: Male               Sex: Male
Age: 27                Age: Unknown            Age: 124
Machine: Queen Meteor  Machine: Deep Claw      Machine: Wild Goose
Body: E                Body: B                 Body: A
Boost: B               Boost: B                Boost: B
Grip: B                Grip: C                 Grip: C
Weight: 2513 lbs       Weight: 2182 lbs        Weight: 3571 lbs

25 - Roger Buster      26 - Samurai Goroh      27 - Silver Neelsen
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sex: Male
Age: 41                Age: 45                 Age: 98
Machine: Mighty        Machine: Fire Stingray  Machine: Night Thunder
          Hurricane    Body: A                 Body: B
Body: E                Boost: D                Boost: A
Boost: B               Grip: B                 Grip: E
Grip: B                Weight: 4320 lbs        Weight: 3373 lbs
Weight: 3924 lbs

28 - Super Arrow       29 - The Skull          30 - Zoda
Sex: Male              Sex: Male               Sex: Male
Age: 35                Age: 241                Age: Unknown
Machine: King Meteor   Machine: Sonic Phantom  Machine: Death Anchor
Body: E                Body: C                 Body: E
Boost: B               Boost: A                Boost: A
Grip: B                Grip: D                 Grip: C
Weight: 1896 lbs       Weight: 2226 lbs        Weight: 3571 lbs

Wasn't that fun? ;) Now you've got your quick and easy-to-use driver 

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  V) P L A T E S  A N D  T E R R A I N

Scattered around each and every track and different types of plates and 
terrain. This section is dedicated to listing them all!

Zipper: The most commonly used plate, this acts as a boost, much like 
the one your machine is equipped with, and it gives you a temporary but 
useful burst of speed without draining Energy. These are mostly seen in 
straightaways and on large hills. They are yellow, by the way.

Pit Area: When your Energy meter needs filling, drive over the pink Pit 
Area to replenish your Energy. They are usually long and narrow so stay 
in the glow when you need Energy!

Jump Plate: Glowing, green plates with arrows on them will pop you 
straight up into the air. If you use it wrong, you could fly off the 
track to your doom, but if you use them right, you can shave off 
precious seconds from that time.

Slip Zone: Blocks of ice will send you sliding out of control if you 
don't know how to control yourself on them. The trick is to never 
oversteer on these patches, or you'll go completely out of control. 
You'll probably want to avoid these when you're a novice and maybe even 
an intermediate driver.

Dirt Zone: Pebbles that litter the track bump you around and 
consequently slow you down when you drive over them. Make sure to avoid 
these as well.

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  VI) T H E  G A M E  S C R E E N

Just like in my Godzilla:DAMM guide, I shall not disappoint my loving 
fans of their wonderful game screen, coming from my ultimate ASCII 
powers! ;) Here is the game screen for F-Zero GX...

| [       ]                                        _________________  |
| |       |                [ Placement ]      1/3 |_________________| |
| | Rank  |                [  Number   ]      Lap             Energy  |
| |       |                [  Shown    ]                        Time  |
| |       |                [   Here    ]        [   Total Time      ] |
| |       |                         /30         [       Here        ] |
| | Pics  |                                                  Lap Time |
| |       |                                         [ Lap Time Here ] |
| |       |                                                           |
| |       |                                                           |
| |       |                                                           |
| | Shown |                                                           | 
| |       |                                                           |
| |       |                                                           |
| |       |                                         [               ] |
| | Over  |                                         [    Track      ] |
| |       |                                         [               ] |
| |       |                                         [     Map       ] |
| |       |                                         [               ] |
| | Here  |                                         [               ] |
| |       |                                         [     Here      ] |
| [       ]                                         [               ] |
|                                                                     |
| [ Kills ]                                         [ Speed  ] km/h   |

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  VII) G R A N D  P R I X  W A L K T H R O U G H

Before we jump into the Cups, I have to go over some of the rules of the 
races. First of all, for each place you get in a race, you get a number 
of points. At the end of the five courses, whoever has the most points 
wins the Cup. Here is a chart showing the number of points for each 
| Place  | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |
| Points |100|93 |87 |81 |76 |71 |66 |62 |58 | 54 | 50 | 47 | 44 | 41 |
| Place  | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26  |
| Points | 38 | 35 | 33 | 31 | 29 | 27 | 25 | 23 | 22 | 21 | 20 | 19  |
| Place  | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 |                                        |
| Points | 18 | 17 | 16 | 15 |                                        |

Also, there is no boosting in the first lap. Why? Because the cars are 
so freaking packed together that it wouldn't help much anyway. But once 
the second lap begins, you can start using your booster! While using 
boosts, make sure you drive over Pit Areas to replenish your Energy.

You have a limited number of times you can replay a race before you lose 
the Cup completely. This is measured by the number of spare machines 
you've got. Once you run out, the Cup is lost to you.

Oh, you can use the D-Pad for more precise Balance settings, instead of 
using the Control Stick. Here are my common Balance settings:
Center: Just leave it.
Halfway to Max Speed: Put the arrow halfway from fully on Max Speed.
Max Speed full: Go all the way to Max Speed!

  /\_ _ _ _ _ _ _
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |
=| |===========================
=| |===========================

                                              / MUTE CITY: TWIST ROAD |
Difficulty: 1/5
Zippers: 4
Balance: Center
Strategy: From the very start of the race, you'll have to make a sharp 
right, so head that way. Continue on, get ahead of the comepition in any 
way you can (ramming works) and then veer right, hit the Zipper in the 
middle of the track, and zoom right again. You'll come to a 
straightaway, so hit the Zipper in the middle and go through the Pit 
Area on the left or right if you need it. When you take the large curve 
left, follow it, then you go right again. Now, you'll start to drive 
upside-down, but no worries. Hit the Zipper that lies just after the 
track flips, and then hit the Zipper when you flip back up. Now, on the 
second lap, zoom around the corner, head right again, hit the Zipper, 
and then turn onto the straightaway. Boost into the Zipper and then jump 
into the Pit. Boost straight through it, zip around to the left, then 
right, and you'll do the flip thing again. Zip all through this 
straightaway until you reach the third lap, and finish this in the same 
fashion. Take out other machines along the way at your leisure.

                                          / CASINO PALACE: SPLIT OVAL |
Difficulty: 1/5
Zippers: 15
Balance: Max Speed full
Strategy: This place is for speed demons, so I suggest putting the 
balance all the way up at Max Speed, since acceleration won't be a 
problem with all these Zippers around. Anyway, when you start, follow 
the track around and you'll run into about nine Zippers, so just make 
sure you hit each one on Lap 1. After that, the track splits in two 
directions. Take the right path on your first go-round, and hit the four 
Zippers on that side. When you come out of here, hit the Zipper and 
you'll fly through a corkscrew. Swerve left and you're in for an 
extremely long straightaway to the start line. On the second lap, hit 
all nine Zippers like the first, but when you reach the conjunction, go 
left this time and boost like mad through the Pit Area. Through the 
corkscrew, hit both Zippers past the conjunction, and then through the 
straightaway. Complete Lap 3 in the same fashion as Lap 2.

                                          / SAND OCEAN: SURFACE SLIDE |
Difficulty: 2/5
Zippers: 2
Balance: Center
Strategy: This is getting a bit tougher, but not by much. From the 
start, hit the Zipper and shoot around the corner using L and the 
Control Stick. You'll hit another Zipper and rocket off a ledge. Make 
sure you land ON THE TRACK or you'll use up a machine plus lose the 
race! Head down the narrow stretch, through the Pit Area if you need to, 
and then around the corner. Move across the stretch and you'll come to 
an S-bend, so move up that, down the straight path, around the circle-
turn, and another long curve. The last part is a straightaway, so once 
you get to Lap 2, boost more often than the first time, but try not to 
fall off.

                                              / LIGHTNING: LOOP CROSS |
Difficulty: 2/5
Zippers: 4
Balance: Max Speed full
Strategy: Just after the very beginning, you'll run into a loop-de-loop, 
and then a corkscrew up, and then a banking turn onto upside-down 
driving. Make sure to hit either the Zippers or Pit Areas in this area 
(whichever you feel necessary) and then you'll move onto a straightaway. 
You'll then take a left turn, and move straight for a long time. Then, a 
half-loop comes up, you right yourself, and you move straight for a long 
time, turn right, and then hit the starting line. On the second and 
third laps, just boost through the straightaways for an easy win.

                                               / AEROPOLIS: MULTIPLEX |
Difficulty: 2/4
Zippers: 14
Jump Plates: 1
Balance: Halfway to Max Speed
Strategy: This track now had Jump Plates! You can use this to cut off a 
large chunk of the track. Anyway, from the start, hit the Zipper and 
continue on the straight path. You soon run into a Jump Plate (green 
arrows pointing up) but you can't use it till the second lap. So, 
continue on, around the bends, and then veer left. Go around the 90 
degree angle turns and hit ever Zipper. You'll soon come to a drop-off 
so make sure to land on the track. If you miss, try to land on the track 
underneath it to save yourself. Anyway, go through the Pit Area if you 
need to, otherwise hit the Zipper and rocket around the curves. Head 
right around the bend and then through the 90 degree angle turns. Hit 
the Zipper and cruise around the corner to a straightaway. Hit the 
Zipper, rocket upside-down, and then you'll move back right-side up. 
Now, go around the tight turn, hit the Zipper and the Pit Area, then 
you'll run into the start line. On the second and third laps, boost 
before you hit the Jump Plate (just after the starting line) to bounce 
up to the track above and shave off lots of time.

  /\_ _ _ _ _ _ _
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |
=| |===========================
=| |===========================

                                            / BIG BLUE: DRIFT HIGHWAY |
Difficulty: 2/5
Zippers: 5
Balance: Center
Strategy: From the very start, you'll have to veer right, and then left 
again. Hit the Zipper as you go onto the straightaway, then around 
another turn. Hit the Zipper and shoot off the ledge and land on the 
lower level. Make sure you odn't run into the metal beams as you fly 
towards the ground or you'll be sriously damaged. When you land, veer 
right, then left, then right again, and then you'll hit a left turn. Go 
through the three Zippers or the Pit Area (whichever you need more) and 
then you'll run into the starting line. Complete the second and third 
laps in the same fashion, but use boots when you feel necessary (like in 
mid-air after the drop-off) for some extra speed, or in the long 
straightaway with the starting line on it.

                                               / PORT TOWN: AERO DIVE |
Difficulty: 3/5
Zippers: 11
Balance: Halfway to Max Speed
Strategy: Just after the first Zipper you'll run into a set of stairs. 
Bounce down them and try to stay in the very middle to avoid flying off 
the track. Zip around the track to the right, down another stair, hit 
the Zipper, and veer to the right. Hit the third Zipper so far, around 
the corners, and another stair. Now, you'll run into three Zippers and 
then a drop-off. In the air, make sure you angle down, and then pull 
back at the last second. Bump down the stairs and stay in the middle. 
Zip around the corner using the R shoulder button, and then go down 
three large stairs. Hit two more Zippers, and then either go through the 
Pit Area or the two Zippers or a combination of the two until you come 
to the start line. Complete the second and third laps in the same 
fashion but integrate boots into it wherever you see fit.

                                           / GREEN PLANT: MOBIUS RING |
Difficulty: 1/5
Zippers: 2
Balance: Max Speed full
Strategy: This track doesn't even deserve a 1 in difficulty. It's 
basically just an oval track with a few twists and turns. From the 
beginning, hit the Zipper and zoom around the veering turns. Hit the 
second Zipper, go through the corkscrew, and then around the corner. 
You'll soon hit another turn and then run into a sunken Pit Area. To 
reach it, you'll have to drop down into the sunken area. After this is 
an area full of mines. If you want to take out some racers, ram them 
into the mines to kill them instantly. If you run into one, you'll take 
massive damage. On the second and third laps, just boost on the 

                                               / PORT TOWN: LONG PIPE |
Difficulty: 4/5
Zippers: 15
Balance: Max Speed full
Strategy: This is one of my fav courses, even though it is so hard. The 
course itself takes out lots of cars along the way, as it takes place 
inside a pipe riddled with traps. In the first section, it's mostly 
weaves and Zippers (seven to be exact). After that, you'll run into 
three fans with spinning blades, so move past them without hitting the 
blades or you'll come to a stop and bounce backwards. The third part has 
bumpy areas, and the last part has poles sticking from the pipe that you 
must weave through. In some places of the track, you can move up the 
wall and even on the ceiling! Anyway, near the end, the tube opens, 
you'll arrive in the Pit Area, and pass the starting line. In the second 
and third laps, just boost when you think you'll live through it.

                                             / MUTE CITY: SERIAL GAPS |
Difficulty: 3/5
Zippers: 5
Jump Plates: 2
Balance: Center
Strategy: This track is very windy (it curves a lot) so you'll need some 
great grip to live through it. From the start, veer to the left, hit the 
Ziper, and then go around the right turn. If you've lost some Energy to 
other machines, go through the Pit Area for Health, or hit the Zipper if 
you think you're okay. Now you'll come into a tunnel, and when you get 
near the end of it, you'll encounter a minefield. Avoid them or ram 
other machines into them and then swerve right. Jump down the gap and 
then turn left, then jump down another gap. There are two Jump Plates 
ahead you can use to bypas some track by jumping to the right. After 
going down another gap, swerve with R around the 90 degree turn and then 
you'll come to a long drop. Now, if you hit the Zipper on the ledge, you 
can rocket to a higher route that will allow you to bypass the slower 
route below. On the higher route, hit the Zipper at the end to bypass 
more track, and on the lower, hit the Zipper and zoom around the curves. 
There's a short Pit Area ahead, followed by a long straightaway to the 
end. The second and third lap should be completed similarly, but use 
boosts just before the end of the laps.

  /\_ _ _ _ _ _ _
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |
=| |===========================
=| |===========================

Coming soon...

  /\_ _ _ _ _ _ _
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
 | |
=| |===========================
=| |===========================

Coming soon...

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  VIII) S T O R Y  M O D E  W A L K T H R O U G H

Coming soon...

   _____  _  _
==|  _  |\ \/ /========================================================
  |___  | >  <  IX) A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S

* Thanx to Amusement Visions for making this great game.
* Thanx to Nintendo and, of course, Sega, for publishing the game.
* Thanx to my GameCube, for without it, I could not have played F-Zero 
* Thanx for Blockbuster, for helping me get my hands on a rental copy 
and inspiring me to write a guide on this fantastic game.
* Thanx to my dog, Madison, and my new puppy, Max. I don't know why, but 
they sure are cute!
* Thanx to me, for writing this guide!

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Also, certain e-mails I won't accept. If you scream and shout at me, 
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A RESPONSE FROM NOW ON! I'm sick of reading: "I need help but I'm not 
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Wow, what a game! It seemed to me like we blew through this guide just 
as fast as the game flows. But, it must come to an end, people. And I 
want to say I have had so much fun guiding you through the whole of F-
Zero GX and making sure you come out on top! From the bottom of my 
heart, I give you the deepest thanks for reading and enjoying the guide 
I have written. Thanks for joining me!

I give you the Kirby salute: (>-.-)>

This is Perfect Light, signing off!

This document was written by and is a property of, Perfect Light ;)

Thanx for reading my F-Zero GX Guide, from:

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"If it were any faster, you'd miss it when you blinked." ~Nintendo Power

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