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Story Mode FAQ by ACPCybernetico

Version: 0.81 | Updated: 08/30/03

F-Zero GX Story Mode FAQ
By (and copyrighted by) Andrew Peterson
Email: ACPCybernetico@email.com
AIM: ACPCybernetico and/or FIashFanatic


1. Intro
2. General Info
3. Missions;

0: Prolouge: Black Shadow's Disgrace
A: Captian Falcon Trains
B: Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai
C: High Stakes in Mute City
D: Challenge of the Bloody Chain
E: Save Jody!
F: Black Shadow's Trap
G: The F-Zero Grand Prix
H: Secrets of the Champion Belt
I: Finale: Enter the Creators

4. Misc
5. Credits

This FAQ may only be put up on GameFAQS and Gamespot with credit. Feel free to
use and distribute, though not putting up on any sites without permission.
Email me for rights at  ACPCybernetico@email.com.

1. Intro

This FAQ is made for F-Zero GX for the Nintendo Gamecube. It centers on the
game's "Story Mode" which is new to the F-Zero series. I made this because I
find it's done it's job; adding depth  to the game and the F-Zero universe.
Hopefully you will find it helpful if you are new or even  going for best times
on the harder difficulties.

Version: Tentative

Please note that as of this version, I have not personally completed all the
difficulties for  some of the harder missions. But I do know how to and have
yet to master each aspect. I also  don't know what is unlocked for each mission
as of yet. I also can't remember the exact cost of  the earlier missions (I
counted up/down from the ones I remembered; they should be right), so if  you
could fill me in on those over AIM or email I'd be happy. But most of that is
not needed and  will be added soon!


Sorry if you don't find it really long with lots of boring garbage in it like
the other FAQ's,  and don't expect any ASCII art or whatever. I just want this
straight to the point, simple, an  easy to use. That means no extensive
biographies on my life as I made updates and version  changes, text art titles
that you can't read, or any of that other stuff that no one will read.


PS: Sorry about any wierd jumble I might not have noticed, the file
just got messed upfor no reason. But it's mainly fixed, maybe a few errors
here and there.

2. General Info

The story mode for F-Zero GX is centered around the main Character for the
game; Captian Falcon.  It goes from his training for the Grand Prix, to the
aftermath of the Grand Prix. You only use  Captian Falcon's machine, the Blue

Blue Falcon Pilot: Captian Falcon Weight: 1260 kg Body: B Boost: C Grip: B
Description: It's an all around machine, meant for beginners. It might not be
your favorite, but  it's the best for missions etc. because it has no
perfections nor flaws. The only troublesome  area is people can boost past you

The story spans 9 missions, excluding the Prolouge. They go from easy to hard,
though some are  very easy later later in the game, and some are very hard

3. Missions

The bulk of this FAQ. This is what story mode consists of, 9 missions and 1
short movie. You must  complete a mission, buy the next, and repeat. Each
mission will reward you with "tickets", which  can be put torwards buying the
next mission or anything else (I'll let another FAQ cover all  that).

Hints that apply to all missions:

~Unless you are going for serious time, let the boost FINISH before starting
~If it's a race mission, use all your boost at the very end. I'll get
more in depth with that in the missions where it applies
~Never use ALL your boost mid race, even if there is health coming up. Only if
you are certian it is required. At zero health, having a fly splat on your
windshield will bring you down. I've had  several times where I was heading
for the end in 1st on the harder missions, and scraped some lava (and blew
up, duh)

Now onto the in-depth look at each mission.

0: Prolouge: Black Shadow's Disgrace

Difficulty: You might have trouble washing your ears out with paint thinner
after the song at the  end, but thats about it.
Modes: None
Requirements: None
Cost: You start with it

Overview: Standard movie you'll see throughout the game

Mode changes: None

Strategy: Make sure the TV is on. Don't be wearing blindfolds.

Hints: That soundtrack shows Sega hasn't changed since Sonic Adventure. And no,
thats not a good  thing. Luckily the music is better later on; the main Captian
Falcon theme is kinda catchy.

A. Captian Falcon Trains

Difficulty: Shouldn't take more than a couple of tries if this is the first
mode you choose to  play. But anyone who says hard/very hard is easy, kick them
for me. Please.
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very Hard
Requirements: Watch the prolouge
Cost: Watch the prolouge

Overview: You have to collect all the capsules in the stage in 3 laps and under
the time limit.

Mode changes:
Normal- 80 seconds
Hard- 60 seconds
Very hard- 60 seconds and more capsules

Strategy: Don't choke up or get bored and stop trying. Small slip-up can be
very bad. If you miss something on the last lap on normal, don't sweat it;
turn around and go get it. As long as you're hastey on the rest of the way, it
will be no problem. The capsules don't have as large of a hit area as you
would think, so aim for the center every time. On the harder difficulties, this
will take many tries to get down. Your exact route and collection order is up
to you, you can do each  side of the track for each lap, or get whatever
whenever. Also make sure you don't pull away from a capsule if it is out of
your normal path until AFTER you collect it; many times I have just tried to
scrape one and pull away to make sure I was on track for the next, and I missed
it completely. Just boost like mad and try to be accurate.

Hints: Practice much and get your plan down in your head. But most of all;

B. Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai

Difficulty: As long as you take my pointers, it should be very simple.
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very Hard
Requirements: Beat "Captian Falcon Trains"
Cost: About 20 tickets

Overview: You have to race Goroh through his turf while boulders are falling
from the mountians above. The turns are easy and the only thing you should pay
attention to is Goroh and the falling boulders.

Mode changes:
Normal- Race him and avoid boulders
Hard- He is faster
Very hard- He's even faster than before

Strategy- Goroh does what the computers in hard missions will do the rest of
the game; boost when you're in front of him. I never tested it, but I do think
they have unlimited boost just out of spite. So here's the deal; don't pass
him 'till the end. Boost a few times at the start to catch up to him, and just
tail him until he hits something near the end or when you are nearing the
finish line. Be sure to use L/R and right/left attacks to avoid boulders. Also
look out for the one that rolls back and try to get under the opening on the
left (I believe this actually appears twice on harder difficulties). It might
take a few tries, but it's worth it; I've wanted to see  that man die since the
days of SNES.

Hints: As I covered earlier (all with short or no attention span; listen up).
Just stay behind him and boost at the end. Keep this tactic in mind, it's
helpful later as well *cough*mission 8*cough*.

C. High Stakes in Mute City

Difficulty: Very hard until you fully understand it.
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very hard
Requirments: Beat "Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai"
Cost: About 30 tickets

Overview: You have to win the first standard race of story mode.

Mode changes:
Normal- Get in 1st
Hard- They are faster and smarter
Very hard- They are even faster and smarter than before

Strategy: This is very tough at first, but don't get discouraged. If you've
played hard computers by now, it should be a norm for you. But it's still very
tough and unpredictable at times. I would have to suggest going through the
course normally without trying to win just to find out  where the jumps are,
for they are key to winning and the one advantage you have over the utterly
unfair computer racers. Try to take jumps at an angle so you don't have to turn
in mid-air, and I personally don't hold up or down so I can go a nice distance
with no speed reduction. Use boosts sparingly and only for jumps and long
stretches. Try to learn how the final part of the course works so you can
corner through it while boosting because the same tactic of boosting works here
as well. For the harder difficulties, I STRONGLY suggest knocking out whoever
is always in first  because he seems to be the only one who can boost faster
than you. I usually start the final boosting spree when the tricky corners are
coming up, do it so that you still have some left by the time you reach the
repair stretch.

Hints: Boost sparingly, and aside from the final boosting spree, make sure the
boost is DONE before you do it again, and you won't waste health. Also, hit
the last two jumps on the course and hop over the blank spots, even though the
computer doesn't, as thats a good way to pass them  near the end. Thats also
just about where you should begin your big boosting spree on the last  lap. Oh
yeah, and don't give up!

D. Challenge of the Bloody Chain

Difficulty: Fairly simple
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very hard
Requirements: Beat "High Stakes in Mute City"
Cost: About 35 tickets

Overview: You have to destroy all the vehicles using the spin/side attack and
still get in first (much easier than it sounds)

Mode Changes:
Normal- Beat everyone up and get in first
Hard- People have more health, they will occasionally fight back
Very hard- People have more health, they often fight back

Strategy: You should start out by boosting twice, or however many times is
needed to catch up to the first three. If you haven't learned how to attack
yet, it's Z while accelererating and holding and direction to spin attack in
that direction, and X with the same method to do a simple and fast attack. I
strongly suggest only using Z unless you can find one who is not in a group
and does not need boosting to catch up to. Also note you get energy back for
kills (wonderful message this game sends, eh?). Anyway, try not to let your
boost drop too low and don't hit the walls, it's a simple course that needs
little concentration as the majority of it is straight. Also take note you
don't need to worry about health too much as you get it back in the middle.
Later on you finally face the final guy, and he isn't too hard. He usually
tries to slow down and  have you collide with him, but you should just pass him
and use your CHECK icon on the bottom of the screen to line up with him and
spin attack so he runs into you. Finish him and tread safely  to the finish

Hints: Set your settings to MAX SPEED as this map needs no acceleration. And
watch out for the computer using the spin attack on the harder difficulties.

E. Save Jody!

Difficulty: Annoyingly tough, needs some memorization
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very
Requirements: Beat "Challenge of the Bloody Chain"
Cost: About 50 tickets

Overview: You have to escape the exploding building/tunnel before time runs

Mode Changes: Normal- 50 seconds Hard- 45 seconds Very hard- 40 seconds

Strategy: You have to keep boosting and avoid all the obstacles, which consists
of closing doors and lines of cylinder/pillars. You also can collect capsules
to regain health. The exact order of obstacles and what you should do is as

*All references to obstacles (example: verticle/horizontal/bottom) are based on
the starting and  capsule side to be the bottom and default lane of the track*

~(Action) Start boosting, and don't stop unless you are running low, in which
you should boost  more sparringly or when the last boost is actually done
~(Obstacle) Slow verticle closing door (just keep going)
~(Obstacle) Slow verticle closing door (just keep going)
~(Obstacle) Moderate verticle closing door (just keep going)
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Fast verticle closing door (nudge over to the left by pressing L)
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Fast horizontal closing door (after getting the capsule, turn and
hold R/L in whichever direction you want until you are right/left on the tunnel side,
then pass through.
~(Item) Capsule (you might not want to collect unless you arevery good, since this next
obstacle is tougher than before and you are already in line with it)
~(Obstacle) Fast horizontal closing door (same as before unless you follow the
capsule strategy)
~(Obstacle) Single verticle pillar
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Double verticle pillar set
~(Obstacle) Fast verticle closing door
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Horizontal pillar
~(Obstacle) Fast diagonal / closing door (/ means the direction it is in if you
are on the starting side that the capsules are on)
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Fast diagonal \ closing door (\ means the direction it is in if you are
on the starting side that the capsules are on)
~(Obstacle) Triple verticle pillar set
~(Obstacle) Fast double verticle closing doors (Two lined up along eachother, no
big deal, just  keep straight and press L/R when needed)
~(Obstacle) Fast X-opening closing door (X-opening means the style the door is
done, there is an opening on each diagonal side of the tunnel; it is very easy to
see and should prove to be no  problem)
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Fast double horizontal closing doors (same deal as with the verticle
ones, just not verticle)
~(Obstacle) Fast trouble verticle closing doors (Three lined up along
eachother, no big deal,  just keep straight and press L/R when needed)
~(Item) Capsule
~(Obstacle) Fast triple horizontal closing doors (Two lined up along
eachother, no big deal, just  keep straight and press L/R when needed)
~(Action) Pray to god (optional)
~(Misc.) 4 straight boosters all in a line [on bottom] (use L/R if you came in
from an angle to  make sure you hit each of them, as they are critical to time)
~(Misc.) Ramp [on bottom]
~(Misc.) Blast doors (they start closing when a certian amount of seconds left; sadly,
this can actually cause you to hit them as you make the jump, even if there is time

Hints: Make sure your vehicle is set to MAX SPEED, and don't hit your boosters
on the blast door  on the way out!

F. Black Shadow's Trap

Difficulty: Easy with some memorization
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very hard
Requirements: Beat "Save Jody!"
Cost: About 55 tickets

Overview: You have a bomb on your car; if your speed goes under a set amount,
you will explode. With that being said, lets all take a moment to admire
SEGA's astounding ability to create original plots.

Mode Changes:
Normal- 700kmph
Hard- 750kmph
Very hard- 800kmph

Strategy: Well, not much to say here. It's basically common sense and what
you've learned so far. As long as you know how to take turns with the Blue
Falcon effectively, you're set. Other than that your only worry is the cars
that don't move for you, but they are easy to avoid. There is also a part
where there are stretches of dirt and mud, these cannot be crossed without your
speed  going below the mimimum. This can be avoided by doing the following:

~When you see the first stretch coming up, boost so that your boost will end a
short period after  it is done
~There will be another stretch soon after, if you boosted too late on the first,
then the boost will run out on this and you will not be able to boost for a
short time, causing the dirt to slow  you near the minimum for normal,
but on the harder difficulties it will put you under and you will explode.
~If you survived, there will be another, but far after the second. No worries
~After that there will be a few stretches that only take up a part of the
road and you can simply  swerve around them. If worse comes to worse, there
will be traffic and you will have to boost  through one or two of the
stretches. But there should be no worries
~If you have little health left from boosting and hitting walls, just
be careful and don't boost anymore, since you no longer have to
~The last few turns are tricky, so use L/R and be ready for a big
turn after the up-hill part

Hints: There is no definitive "correct" setting to put the Blue Falcon at.
Here's some pros and  cons of each:

~You will be going fast, so you can crash easy if you are careless,
but since you are going fast  it should only lower a little for the scrapes
~You will be cruising at well over the minimum, so you can hit cars without as
much loss

~You will be going slow, but since your max is so close to the
minimum; it's easy to lose it down  to the speed that will set off the bomb
just by slightly hitting stuff
~You get right back up to speed if you scrapestuff and aren't as vunerable
after accidents you survive

G. The F-Zero Grand Prix

Difficulty: Planning to beat this in one sitting? Clear your schedule.
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very hard
Requirements: Beat "Black Shadow's Trap"
Cost: About 60 tickets

Overview: The grand prix has started. You must get in 1st because there is only
1 race in the whole thing.

Mode Changes:
Normal- Normal race
Hard- Better opponents
Very hard- Even better opponents

Strategy: This is straight out hard, so don't try until you are THE BEST. The
AI is very tough, and it took me almost 2 hours and extreme luck to win. Just
to inform you, if you're looking for pointers, I was lucky enough to be able
to kill the top 6 contenders (Black Shadow excluded) and it was down to me and
Black Shadow; and I was able to outboost him at the end. Here are tips for  the
tricky parts:

~In the beginning, use X to quick attack and kill anyone who is very close to
~If you are on one side of an open area, try to knock people off because
there are no railings
~Don't attack people unless you are good at it or it's safe. But sometimes
it can win you the race
~Try to keep the CHECK marker at the bottom in mind and block people since
Captian Falcon has bad boost
~Memorize the hazards
~Boost like mad at the 2nd lava part of the course in the
final lap
~Boost right before the jump near the beginning of the track to gain a
nice position

The rest is all common sense and racing skills. This is somewhat hard to
explain, so it must be found out normally.

Hints: Just don't stop trying.

H. Secrets of the Champion Belt

Difficulty: Laughably simple
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very hard
Requirements: Beat "The F-Zero Grand Prix"
Cost: About 65 tickets

Overview: 1 on 1 race with the worst racer ever

Mode Changes:
Normal- I laugh in this racer's general direction
Hard- Hey look, he learned to boost!
Very hard- Wow, I didn't beat it first try

Strategy: Same as with Samurai Goroh. Get used to the track the first time around,
be sure to boost through the lava and remember where the sharp turns are at.
Just don't pass him until near the end.

Hints: Feel free to fall asleep and win the next morning. But seriously,
just avoid the mines and don't stay in lava.

I. Finale: Enter the Creators

Difficulty: Annoying at first, easy when mastered
Modes: Normal/Hard/Very hard
Requirements: Beat "Secrets of the Champion Belt"
Cost: 70 tickets

Overview: For those who don't get it, the creators are the Sega team, and you
are racing thier ghosts (very hard is the ACTUAL developers ghost, but this is
unconfirmed; simply a prediction). You have to race them through a crazy
imaginary track that best viewed while on acid (rainbow road would be proud).

Mode Changes:
Normal- Race him and beat him
Hard- He is tougher
Very hard- He is at best

Strategy: To win, combine caution with good speed and cornering. There is
never, I mean NEVER, a railing or side on the track. This is easily overcome
since the tracks are all normal ground and are quite wide. The only problem is
the turns when you don't know the track, which are easily taken if you know when
they are coming. There is a big upward spiral part that comes up to a quick
right turn, so be ready  for that. And the sharp turn at the beginning
can be slowed at (it helps to do a right X attack while taking it sometimes).

Hints: Keep in mind this is NOT A RACER. It is a ghost, so it will not react to
what you do.  Don't worry about the tactic of tailing it so it won't boost
since you aren't in front, that does not apply. It is a set track it goes
around and does not change. Also, try to go through the track very slow at
first, just going through fast enough to make those tiny drops; that should
get you used to the course.

Then you have beaten the game's story mode!

4. Misc

I have nothing to put here as of yet, maybe if I find/get emailed about
something noteworthy  I'll put it here

5. Credits

Created by Andrew Peterson F-Zero copyright Nintendo

Special thanks to;

GameFAQS and CJayC Gamespot

Copyright Andrew Peterson

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