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Reviewed: 11/25/02 | Updated: 11/25/02

Could Have Been Better

Being a huge Godzilla Fan since I was a boy, I saw the commercial for this game and decided it was time to buy a GameCube. Well, a few hundred dollars later I ran home and plugged in the GameCube, unwrapped the package, and prepared for some monsterous mayhem. Well, I was more then a little disappointed. While the game is still fun, it pales to what it could have been. Laziness and a lack of true interest in satisfying the fans kicked this game to the curb.

Graphics 7/10

The monsters look pretty good, even though a few seem to have had a lot more time spent on them then others. The cities are one of the better things you'll see. I particularly liked the way London looked. One thing that will annoy is the fact that you can loose site of your monster at any time behind huge structures, meanwhile being pummeled by an opponent that you cannot even see. Another low is that the graphics are not as precise as you would expect. You'll think that your standing in the perfect spot to grab a building, only to have your arms go mysteriously through it- leaving you open for an attack that your opponent will inevitably score on.

Sound 7/10

Okay, one thing that is excellent in this game is the cries of the monsters. They are taken right out of the films, and will have you thinking that you are watching the movies themselves. I liked the music to the menu screen too. The soundtrack was a tad boring. I couldn't tell the difference from one song to the next.

Controller 6/10

Nothing is more frustrating then fishing around for button combos in this game. You midaswell not even bother with trying to perfect the special moves, because your fingers will slip all over the game controller. You'll go to charge your laser only to jump instead. You'll go to grab your opponent only to punch. The game is hurt by the overdone controller of the gamecube.

Story 3/10

Was there one at all? Yeah- it follows the critique of your genuine cheesy Godzilla film, but you'll forget it's there at all by the time you reach Mecha-Godzilla. They should have worked harder to make Godzilla the star.

GamePlay 6/10

Good Luck mastering this game. They cpu will do anything in its' power to make you put it deep into a junk drawer. First of all, the second an item pops up on the screen the enemy is already on its' way to claim it- and the items always seem to conveniently pop up right next to them. You'll yank your hair right out of your head the tenth time you are ready to score the fatal blow on a opponent, only to find yourself suddenly frozen solid or blasted by tanks, UFO's, and other complete crap. As if this game isn't hard enough (try fighting MechaGodzilla, your jaw will drop at the malarkey)! This game is just hard to get the hang of. The monsters never seem to get up when you want them to, and the opponents seem to catch every break that you would die to have. As mentioned by another poster, you'll eat your opponents apart by the time you have enough monsters available for an interesting melee. The idea to have to unlock most of the monsters in order to use them was a bad one.

Having said all that, it was probably the best Godzilla game ever to come out- and it was nice to see the big guy get some serious Video Game press (anyone who played the previous Godzilla titles will agree). The moves and mannerism's of the monsters will have you swearing that you are watching them in the films, and you'll find yourself running to the store to pick up some Godzilla flicks (avoid Godzilla vs. Megalon at all costs). Any Godzilla fan will find this title worth owning if only for the chance to play a game wear you get to see most of your favorite movie monsters come to life at your fingertips

The last thing I am going to mention is the laziness at display here. I wasn't as peeved by the elimination of the cpu 4 on 4 as some others (though it would have helped the game a lot if it was there)- I am talking about the shortness of the roster. Such favorites like Space Godzilla, Titanasaurus, Baragon, King Seeseer (okay, maybe not him), Biollante, 70's MechaGodzilla (who is far cooler looking then the newer version of the mechanical monster), Gorosaurus, Varan, and a playable Hedorah (though the absence of Jet Jaguar and Minya is a plus)would have expanded the variety and added to the replay value especially. Oh well- maybe next time, though we won't count on it.

Rating: 7

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