1. Fumihide Aoki 3-D Character Animation
  2. Mitsuru Fukumoto 3-D Character Animation
  3. Masayuki Hashimoto 3-D Character Animation
  4. Kaori Matsunaga 3-D Character Animation
  5. Hiroto Nakashima 3-D Character Animation
  6. Junichi Ochiai 3-D Character Animation
  7. Shinichiro Sugimoto 3-D Character Animation
  8. Yoshiyuki Tagawa 3-D Character Animation
  9. Natsuko Takeuchi 3-D Character Animation
  10. Keiichiro Yoshitake 3-D Character Animation
  11. Yoshiyuki Tagawa 3-D Character Graphics
  12. Masayuki Hashimoto 3-D Map Graphics
  13. Kanako Horiguchi 3-D Map Graphics
  14. Ryo Inoguchi 3-D Map Graphics
  15. Mitsumasa Muraishi 3-D Map Graphics
  16. Natsuko Takeuchi 3-D Map Graphics
  17. Akiko Sato Assistant Director
  18. Yusuke Sugimoto Assistant Director
  19. Toru Takamatsu Assistant Director
  20. Keisuke Kadota CG Illustrators
  21. Yoshitomo Kitamura CG Illustrators
  22. Yusuke Nakano CG Illustrators
  23. Fumihide Aoki Character Design
  24. Hiroji Kiyotake Character Design
  25. Shigeru Miyamoto Character Design
  26. Shin Yamanouchi Character Design
  27. Toshiharu Izuno Coordination
  28. Kenichi Nishida Coordination
  29. Atsushi Okada Coordination
  30. Masaaki Uno Coordination
  31. Haruki Kodera Director
  32. Satoru Iwata Executive Producer
  33. Masato Kawamura Game Designer
  34. Shigeo Matsuzawa Game Designer
  35. Norisumi Osawa Game Designer
  36. Kentaro Sakou Game Designer
  37. Shuji Shimizu Game Designer
  38. Ayumu Shindo Game Designer
  39. Yusuke Sugimoto Game Designer
  40. Fumihide Aoki Graphic Director
  41. Yoichi Kotabe Graphic Support
  42. Masanori Sato Graphic Support
  43. Haruki Kodera Lead Programmer
  44. Kazunori Mimori Lead Programmer
  45. Toru Takamatsu Lead Programmer
  46. Hiroyuki Takahashi Main Game Designer
  47. Endo Takashi Opening Movie
  48. Kazuhiko Tsukada Opening Movie
  49. Atsushi Fujimoto Opening Movie Director
  50. Kazuhiko Tsukada Opening Movie Director
  51. Atsushi Fujimoto Opening Movie Plan
  52. Ryo Inoguchi Opening Movie Plan
  53. Nate Bihldorff Opening Movie Script
  54. Leslie Swan Opening Movie Script
  55. Bill Trinen Opening Movie Script
  56. Shinji Hatano Producer
  57. Shugo Takahashi Producer
  58. Hiroyuki Ichikawa Programmer
  59. Hiroyuki Watanabe Programmer
  60. Yutaka Yamamoto Programmer
  61. Masaaki Uno Sound Director
  62. Takeshi Arai Sound Effects
  63. Jareth Hein Sound Effects
  64. Mitsuhiro Hikino Sound Effects
  65. Yoji Inagaki Sound Effects
  66. Toru Minegishi Sound Effects
  67. Hikaru Ogawa Sound Effects
  68. Hideaki Shimizu Sound Effects
  69. Masaaki Uno Sound Effects
  70. Jareth Hein Sound Programmer
  71. Koji Kondo Sound Support
  72. Shigeru Miyamoto Supervisor
  73. Takashi Tezuka Supervisor
  74. Scott Burns Voice
  75. Dex Manley Voice
  76. Trevor Smith Voice
  77. Jen Taylor Voice
  78. Ryo Inoguchi Windows & Lettering
  79. Akihito Kimura Windows & Lettering
  80. Junko Nakamura Windows & Lettering
  81. Ayumu Shindo Windows & Lettering

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