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Guide and Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

Version: Final | Updated: 09/06/2007
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** **    *    *****  ***** *****               
* * *   * *   *   *    *   *   *      
*   *   * *   *****    *   *   *    
*   *  *****  *   *    *   *   *
*   * *     * *   *    *   *   * 
*   * *     * *    * ***** *****  

***** ***** *    * ***** *****                                
*   * *   * *    * *     *   *               
***** *   * *    * ***** *****                            
*     *   * *    * *     *   *              
*     *   * * ** * *     *   *               
*     ***** **  ** ***** *    *  

***** ***** **     * **     * ***** *****                        
  *   *     * *    * * *    *   *   *          
  *   ***** *  *   * *  *   *   *   *****               
  *   *     *   *  * *   *  *   *       *          
  *   *     *    * * *    * *   *       *   
  *   ***** *     ** *     ** ***** ***** 

This 76 characters. If you can read this, you're fine:
I kindly ask all people using this walkthrough to check the website you 
are viewing this from. If you have arrived here from anywhere other than
GameFAQ's, Gamespot, IGN, or AOL, then please notify me at once. I have 
let a decent amount of other websites allow useage of my walkthrough, but 
I would like to know if anyone out there is stealing it for their own 
good. Thank you.

Hello! You might know me as Deathborn 668 on the message boards and I   
decided to write this FAQ for Mario Power Tennis because I was quite 
bored and in the mood to write and FAQ and this FAQ won't be much of a 
challenge to write. So, I hope you enjoy this FAQ! Note:This information 
is off of the NA Version of Mario Power Tennis!

If you see any information that's wrong, or that I haven't put in here 
yet, please E-Mail me at someguy668 (at) yahoo (dot) com

                          ~Table of Contents~
I.Disclamer                         |
II.Controls                         |
II A.Rules of Tennis                |
III.Characters                      |
III A.Mario                         |
III B.Luigi                         |
III C.Peach                         |
III D.Daisy                         |
III E.Wario                         |
III F.Waluigi                       |
III G.Yoshi                         |
III H.Koopa Troopa                  |
III I.Donkey Kong                   |
III J.Diddy Kong                    |
III K.Boo                           |
III L.Shy Guy                       |
III M.Bowser                        |
III N.Bowser Jr.                    |
III O.Fly Guy                       |
III P.Paratroopa                    |
III Q.Wiggler                       |
III R.Petey Pirhana                 |
IV.Exibition Mode                   |
IV A.Singles                        |
IV B.Doubles                        |
IV C.Peach Dome Hard Court          |
IV D.Peach Dome Clay Court          |
IV E.Peach Dome Grass Court         |
IV F.DK Jungle Court                |
IV G.Delfino Plaza Court            |
IV H.Wario Factory Court            |
IV I.Super Mario Bros. Court        |
IV J.Gooper Blooper Court           |
IV K.Bowser Castle Court            |
IV L.Luigi's Mansion Court          |
V.Tournement Mode                   |
V A.Mushroom Cup Singles            |
V B.Flower Cup Singles              |
V C.Star Cup Singles                |
V D.Mushroom Cup Doubles            |
V E.Flower Cup Doubles              |
V F.Star Cup Doubles                |
V G.Fire Cup Singles                |
V H.Thunder Cup Singles             |
V I.Fire Cup Doubles                |
V J.Thunder Cup Doubles             |
V K.Rainbow Cup Singles             |
V L.Moonlight Cup Singles           |
V M.Planet Cup Singles              |
V N.Rainbow Cup Doubles             |
V O.Moonlight Cup Doubles           |
V P.Planet Cup Doubles              |
VI.Special Games                    |
VI A.Artist On The Court            |
 -Mario                             |
 -Luigi                             |
 -Diddy Kong                        |
 -Bowser & Bowser Jr.               |
 -Yoshis                            |
VI B.Terror Tennis                  |
 -Goofy Ghosts                      |
 -Pesky Poltergiests                |
 -Phrantic Phantoms                 |
 -Terror Tennis Challenge           |
VI C.Gooper Blooper Volley          |
 -Buddy Blooper                     |
 -Rival Blooper                     |
 -Master Blooper                    |
 -Gooper Blooper Challenge          |
VI D.Mecha-Bowser Mayhem            |
 -Aluminium Frame                   |
 -Iron Frame                        |
 -Titainum Frame                    |
VI E.Tic-Tac-Glow                   |
 -Glimmer Shine                     |
 -Sparkle Shine                     |
 -Dazzle Shine                      |
 -Tic-Tac-Glow Challenge            |
VI F.Chain Chomp Challenge          |
 -Peckish Chomp                     |
 -Hungry Chomp                      |
 -Famished Chomp                    |
VI G.Balloon Panic                  |
 -Panic                             |
 -Super Panic                       |
 -Ultra-Hyper Panic                 |
 -Balloon Panic Challenge           |
VI H.Coin Collectors                |
 -Fever                             |
 -Jackpot                           |
 -Gold Rush                         |
 -Coin Collectors Challenge         |
VII.FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)|
VIII.Tennis Tips                    |
IX.Closing Words                    |
X.Credits                           |

This FAQ IS NOT to be used in any way other than for refrence. The only 
sites allowed to host this FAQ is GameFAQ's, Gamespot, IGN, and 
GameInformer. That is it. Feel free to print this out and use it as a 
quick and handy guide for yourself. I don't really care if you do so.
-Print his guide for your own useage           
-Host this guide on another site (If you want to please E-Mail me for    
-Give this guide to other people PROVIDED you don't use it for profit
-Sell this guide on EBay/Any other site for profit
-Take this guide and call it your own
-Plagerize and not give me credit

Thank you for following these guidelines. It's appreciated.

Ah...the controls of the game. Pretty much the most important factor 
when playing a game. Without good controls you can understand, you 
aren't gonna get very far in the game. Luckily, Mario Power Tennis has 
easy to play controls that you will adapt to quickly (or right into if 
you ever played Mario Tennis 64)
Controls while not in Tennis Matches:
A Button-Select/Confirm Choices
B Button-Cancel choices/Go back to previous screen
L Button-On character select screen, push L to make them a Left handed 
R Button-On character select screen, push R to make them a Star player 
(If you have unlocked the Star Version for that particular character)
X Button-No use
Y Button-No use
D-Pad-No use
C Stick-No use
Z Button-No use
Control Stick-Move around to select options
Controls while in Tennis Matches:
A Button-Hit the ball with topspin. Hold button ot have more control on 
where the ball is aimed at
A-->A-Put Topspin on the ball (You'll know if you did it right if there 
is a Red Flame coming from the ball when you hit it)
B Button-Hit the ball with a slice. This makes the ball low and fast. 
Hold the button to have more control on where the ball is aimed at
B-->B-Put Super Slice on the ball for a very low and very fast effect 
(You'll know you did this right if a Blue Flame is trailing from the ball)
A-->B-Do a Lob Shot, which sends the ball flying high in the air towards 
the back of the court.
B-->A-Do a Net Shot, this type of shot places the ball right infront of 
the opponents net, so if they can't reach it in time, you'll easily get 
the point.
X Button-Use a Power Shot
Y Button-Use a Power Shot
R Button-Not used alone
L Button-Not used alone
Z Button-Change Camera 
R+B-Use a Defensive Power Shot
R+A-Use an Offensive Power Shot
L+A/B-Lunge for the ball
                          ~II A.Rules of Tennis~                       
You can't play Tennis unless you clearly understand the rules. Please 
refer to my (not so great) drawing of a tennis court:

|  |                               |  |
|  |                               |  |
|  |                               |  |
| 5|--------------3----------------| 5|
|  |     7        |        6       |  |
|  |              |                |  |
|  |     4        |        4       |  |
|  |     4        |        4       |  |
|  |              |                |  |
|  |              |                |  |
| 5|--------------3----------------| 5|
|  |                               |  |
|  |                               |  |
|  |                               |  |
      6                       7
This is a tennis court. Here's an explaination:
1=The Net. Gotta hit over the net to keep the ball in volley. If you 
don't, the other player gets the point!
2=Service Line. This is the line the player must stand behind when 
serving. On the serve, the ball must travel into the far side of the 
court diagonal from you. After the serve this becomes a boundary line, 
anything hit past it is out.
3=Split Line. This is the line that splits half of your side of the 
court. On the serve, the ball must land in the upper 2 squares.
4=Inner Courts. These courts CANNOT be served into on the serve. If they 
are, it is considered a Fault. After the serve these areas become fair 
5=Out Boundaries. These small boundaries on both sides of the court are
considered Out during a Singles Match, however, these areas are 
considered In during a Doubles Match.
6=If your "6" behind the line, the serve must land in the other area 
marked "6".
7=If your "7" behind the line on the serve, the serve must land in the 
other "7" on the other side of the court.
I hope that clarifies a lot of stuff. I'm sure you understand Tennis 
much better now, don't you? There's always the instruction manual in the 
event there's still something you need to know that isn't clarified well 
for you.

There are a lot of different characters in Mario Power Tennis, to keep 
variety alive. Each character is seperated into a special catagory, which
is their strength. Here are the catogories:
Speed-Fast characters on the courts and can reach the ball in time
Technique-Smart characters who can place balls on the corners of the 
court, generally in areas that are hard for foes to get
Defense-Tall characters who can get close to the net and reach any 
passing ball
Power-Characters that hit the ball with tremendous strength
Tricky-Characters that have a big curve when they hit the ball, which 
can confuse opponents as to where it is going
All-Around-Players who have a bit of strength in all of the above 

Not to mention, everyone has two types of Power Shots. A Defensive Power 
Shot which is used to retrieve the ball when it's out of reach, and an 
Offensive Power Shot to slam the ball in the opponets face and give them 
other effects. But, you can't just use Power Shots whenever you want. As 
you can see, your racket is spinning light around the edge. When this 
light forms a complete circle, your racket is charged up. Now you can 
use a Power Shot. Use them whenever you want to, makes no difference. 
Here's the list of every character, type of character, Power Shots, a 
brief bio, and my personal opinion on them.

Remember--this is my opinion. If you're great with a character I hate, 
all the more power to you. Don't let my ratings and descriptions stop 
you from using a character you are great at.
                      ~III A.Mario-All Around~
Come on people! We all know the famous Mario! Being tired of rescuing   
Princess Peach from Bowser in pretty much every non-spinoff game, Mario 
has been a pretty busy man. His tennis game is top notch, just like it 
should be.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Mario Tornado-Mario spins rapidly towards the ball to send it
back over the net.
Offensive:Super Hammer-Mario pulls out his classic big, black hammer to 
smash the ball to the other player's court. The foe, upon contact, gets 
knocked back pretty far, usually behind the service line.

Rating-Mario isn't lacking in any key catagories and is pretty fast. His
Defensive Power Shot can put him far away form the net, where a nice 
smash can ruin him. Be careful of that!

                       ~III B.Luigi-All Around~
The man in green is back! Luigi is a pretty decent character and is 
suitable for beginners as well. He hasn't really starred in many games 
since Luigi's Mansion, but he still is pretty cool.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Poltergiest Return-Luigi throws his racket and pulls out his 
Poltergiest 3000 to have the ball come in contact with his thrown racket.
Offensive:Squeaky Hammer-Luigi pulls out an odd looking, kiddy squeaky  
hammer to pound the ball with a green glow, and knocking the player far 
back upon contact, generally to the service line.

Rating-Luigi is pretty much the same as Mario. His Offensive Power Shot 
has the exact same effect, and his Defensive is easily smashed against. 
He seems to be a bit better than Mario, but not by much.

                      ~III C.Peach-Technique~
The infamous damsel in distress, Peach is ready to hit the courts once 
again. Dressed up for the occasion in a cute skirt, Peach has mean Power 
Shots, and when the computer uses her in harder Tounements, the cute 
princess acts like an evil player you'll come to hate.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Blown Kiss-Peach blows a lovely kiss that brings the ball back 
to her to hit back to you. Peach doesn't move at all. 
Offensive:Peach Dance-Peach spins around a few times to knock the ball 
hard into your side of the court. Upon contact, you will be momentarily 

Rating-Peach is a really good character. Her Power Shots don't show any
weaknesses, especially her Defensive, which is really good. She is a 
good Technique player, and can be used from beginner to experts.
                     ~III D.Daisy-Technique~
The princess of Sarasaland and was once a damsel in distress serves it 
up, Mario Tennis style. Daisy hasn't been in many games, only the Mario  
Spinoffs and Super Mario Land. That, and the fact she has been known
to have a lack of remembering her own name one time.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Flower Dive-Daisy makes a line of flowers appear in front of 
her, and then dives into them to reach the ball.
Offensive:Power Flower-Daisy's racket turns into a huge flower, which 
has Daisy hit the ball hard having the player get knocked back far upon 
Rating-Daisy is a pretty useful character, but its just that her 
defensive Special plain and simple isn't very good, and it is pretty 
much the only one I have ever seen not get the ball back onto the other 
side of the court.
                       ~III E.Wario-Power~
Wario has been known for his endless greed and wealth. Not to mention 
his enomous bulk. But of course, you can't forget about his huge 
muscles, which he really puts to work.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Extend-O-Grabber-Wario pulls out a strange device and makes a 
funny noise, then pushes the handle and the spring streaches so the 
racket knocks the ball back on the other side of the court.
Offensive:Electric Hammer-Wario straps onto his back an odd device with 
a hammer attached to the end of it, and the hammer knocks Wario on his 
noggin, confusing him. Wario then smashes the ball and the ball is then 
electrified, and the player upon contact of the ball gets electrified, 
and gets frozen in their tracks every few seconds for about 5 seconds.
Rating-Wario isn't a very good character. He is slow, his specials 
aren't very useful, and he isn't as powerful as he is claimed to be. If 
you like Wario, go right ahead and choose him, but I personally don't 
see him as a very good character.
                      ~III F.Waluigi-Defense~
Waluigi, plain and simple, has no backround whatsoever. He just appeared 
in Mario Tennis 64 as a partner for Wario. Perhaps his purpose as a 
character will arise in the near future, but for now were stuck with an 
odd character.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Wet Willy Stroke-Waluigi gives himself a wet willy to cause a 
pool of water to appear on his side of the court. He then swims to the 
ball and hits it back to the other side.
Offensive:Whirluigi-Waluigi strikes a pose with his famous upside down 
"L" and then starts to spin rapidly around, hitting the ball. The player
upon contact of the ball we momentarily spin around in place for a few 

Rating-Waluigi is actually real garbage instead of a player. He has true 
crap for specials (Although they look neat) and he is utter weak. His 
only true good side is that he plays a mean net game, but other than 
that he is as useless as his storyline is.

                         ~III G.Yoshi-Speed~
Yoshi is that cute dinosaur we all know of course! He's a pretty good 
character, and  is fast on the courts, plus the fruit loving dinosaur has
some intresting Power Shots.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Egg Roll-Yoshi balls up into an egg and rolls quickly to the 
ball which he then hits it back over the the other side. NOTE:After 
beating the Flower Cup on Doubles, this Power Shot gets an upgrade. 
Whenever used, Yoshi will change color! The colors are Red, Blue, Light 
Blue, Pink, Orange, Black, Yellow, and White.
Offensive:Flutter Rainbow-Yoshi hops into the air and kicks his feet to 
sustain being in the air. Then he smashes the ball with a rainbow trail. 
The player upon contact of this shot will get knocked back a bit and 
momentarily stunned.

Rating-Yoshi is a really good character. His Power Shots can really harm 
you (Especially if at an angle) and you just can't argue with him 
changing colors. He's good for beginners, and me being an expert, I 
still use him, and I still find his speed very useful.

                     ~III H.Koopa Troopa-Speed~
Koopa's have been around since Mario's earily years. you just can't 
complain that they aren't old school. Koopa Troopa does have some 
intresting Power Shots that are a bit odd, him being a Koopa and 
Power Shots:
Defensive:Water Slide-Koopa retracts into his shell and with some watery
action quickly manuvers his way over to the ball and hits it back over 
the net.
Offensive:Water Ball-Koopa transforms the ball into a glob of water and 
sends it just barely over the net where it gets a very weak bounce, and 
the player upon contact gets stopped for a few seconds and is dripping 

Rating-Koopa Troopa is a damned awesome player. It may not seem like a 
small Troopa can be this godly, but it is true. His offensive is 
possibly, In my opinion, the best there is. Heck, convince your rival to 
play on the clay court, hit a few lobs the follow them with his special 
and BAM, they can't possibly return the ball in time. Koopa is godly for 
beginners and experts, and my 2nd fav. Gotta love that he is really fast,
and has average power.         

                     ~III I.Donkey Kong-Power~
Donkey Kong has been around ever since Mario's first game pretty much, 
and the two of them have shared a rivalry for pretty much 20 years. 
Donkey Kong natually has Power Shots themed to his nature and just plain 
the games he has starred in.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Banana Boomerang-Donkey Kong transforms his racket into a 
banana and sends it flying to the ball to hit it back to the other side 
of the court.
Offensive:Barrel Cannon-Donkey Kong slams the ground to have a giant 
barrel drop down nearby. He jumps in it and is propelled full force 
towards the ball which slams it to the other players court, who upon 
contact, is knocked far back.

Rating-Donkey Kong and his long arms make him quite useful on the court. 
His Power Shots are very useful, and he's overall a good character. What 
he lacks in speed he makes up for in power.

                       ~III J.Diddy Kong-Speed~
Diddy Kong is just part of the Kong family. He's pretty much just a kiddy
version of Donkey Kong, but I still think he is a pretty cool charcter.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Rocket Return-Diddy Kong straps on a rocket pack, and boosts 
around in a circle towards the ball and hits it over to the other side.
Offensive:Banana Curve-Diddy Kong slams the ball into a curve in the 
shape of a banana. When the player comes upon contact of the ball they 
will be momentarily stunned.
Rating-Diddy Kong isn't a very great character, but he isn't a bad one. 
He is quite fast on the court, but his Power Shots aren't anything 
special, and he has a little bit of lag after his defensive Power Shot 
ends as well, not making it very useful in the long run.

                       ~III K.Boo-Tricky~
Boo is the infamous ghost that has sometimes hindered Mario's quest for 
glory, not to mention they have been an annoyance. But we have here a 
nice and supposedly friendly Boo in Mario Tennis, and its cute voice is
really awesome.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Boos 'a Plenty-Boo summons a ton of smaller Boo's, which head 
for the ball and easily return it back to the other side.
Offensive:Big Boo Bash-Boo summons all of the smaller Boo's again to 
combine into one giant Boo, which then is used to smack the ball hard 
with a really big curve. Upon contact of the ball, the player is stunned 
with a few tiny Boo's circling around them.

Rating-Boo, if mastered, can be a dominating character. Of course, he 
takes a ton of practice to get used to, but his Offensive Power Shot is 
just complete ownage if you get the chance to use it, that and the fact 
he adds a really useful curve to his shots, makes him even more useful.

                      ~III L.Shy Guy-Technique~
Shy Guy has been just that--a guy who is afraid to show his face in 
public, literally. He wears his white mask with 2 eyeholes and a small 
mouthhole, and still to this day nobody knows what lies behind his mask.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Tribal Stick-Shy Guy gets his Hawaiian tiki clothes on and 
uses his racket as a long stick to reach the ball.
Offensive:Tribal Spear-Shy Guy gets his tiki clothes on again and does a 
little dance, then using his racket with 4 sharp points, summons a      
thunderbolt to strike the ball. Upon contact, the player is electrified 
momentarily every few seconds for about 5 seconds.

Rating-Shy Guy has very useful Power Shots as well as his type. He can 
really screw other people up with his special, just be careful when 
using it, the ball is a Lob Shot, and you may get screwed yourself if 
you're not prepared.

                          ~III M.Bowser-Power~
Sheesh, how do we NOT know Bowser? He's kiddnapped Peach like 80 times
or something. And every single time his plans are foiled by Mario. By now
you would think he would have gotten another hobby.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Shell Shocked-Bowser retracts into his shell and spins his way
over to the ball and hits it back to the other player.
Offensive:Bowser Flamthrower-Bowser breathes fire all over the ball and 
forcefully sends it back over to the other player, who upon contact gets 
knocked back very far.

Rating-Bowser's true power lies in, well, his power. He's just a natural
strong tennis player and even though he can't run too fast, his Offensive
Power Shot can really harm somebody else.
                    ~III N.Bowser Jr.-Tricky~
Introduced in Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr. is pretty much Bowser's 
8th son, after his other 7 Koopalings. He's got some stupid bandana on 
that makes him look all scary and all that stuff. Yes, most people also 
think he looks stupid with it on.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Junior Twist-Bowser Jr. spins around really fast and hits the 
ball back to the other side of the court.
Offensive:Paintball Panic-Bowser Jr. paints the Tennis Ball, and sends 
out 3 at a time, one of them being the real one. The player once hit 
upon get the effects of being slown down for a few seconds. On a side 
note, the real ball is always the middle ball.
Rating-Bowser Jr., out of all the Tricky players, has the least bit of a 
curve to his ball. What's even worse is his Power Shots. If you use one 
it's pretty much just giving a point to the other person. Both of his 
Power Shots are easily countered against, making him a mediocre character.
                     ~III O.Fly Guy-Tricky~
Honestly, in my time I have NEVER once played a game with a Fly Guy in 
it. I've seen Shy Guys, Pyro Guys, Stilt Guys, even (My favorite) General
Guy, but I've never seen a normal propeller lodged in their head Fly Guy 
(although I think they were in Yoshi's Island?). Still, though, Fly Guy 
is pretty cool and has good curving shots.

Power Shots:
Defensive:Tornado Return-Fly Guy spins around rapidly to cause a tornado 
to form, which goes to fetch the ball and bring it back to Fly Guy, who 
then hits it back into the other players' court.
Offensive:Tornado Twist-Fly Guy turns upsidedown and rotates his 
propeller to create a tornado and hits the ball with the tornado still 
spiraling around  the ball. When the player hits upon it, he is 
entrapped in the tornado for a few seconds and cannot move during that 
Rating-While Fly Guy isn't the best character, he is a pretty cool one. 
His power shots are quite average and nothing special, but his Offensive 
Power Shot can easily be put to good use.

                   ~III P.Paratroopa-Technique~ 
Paratroopa is just a flying Koopa. Wow, that took like 2 seconds to    
come to that conclusion. Paratroopa is a pretty intresting character, 
with, in my opinion, the coolest looking Power Shots.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Sky Dive-Paratroopa flies high into the air, strikes a pose, 
then he quickly dives toward the ball to send it back to the other side 
of the court.
Offensive:Energy Ball-Paratroopa does a little pose then he hits the 
ball, which turns the area to dusk and the ball is a glowing sphere. 
Upon contact, the player will be momentarily stunned.

Rating-Paratroopa is really, really good and then some. His only falter 
is his Power Shots which, both of them, leave appox. .92 seconds of lag 
before Paratroopa can be manually controlled again. This is really bad 
with his defensive shot where he could be ruined by, however. He has the 
#1 BEST dives in the game. He quickly spins towards the ball for his 
lunge. Not to mention, its really fast. He could keep going back and 
forth for a while. It makes up for his mediocre Power Shots. He's a 
great character. Choose him!
                      ~III Q.Wiggler-Defense~
Yep folks, you are reading correctly. The cute caterpiller Wiggler is    
actualy a playable character. He is just like the Wiggler's from Super 
Mario World and Super Mario 64, but don't think he is like the one in 
Super Mario Sunshine (I can't beleive that was considered Wiggler...ugh).
His Power Shots have him doing stuff from previous games he has been in, 
but he is pretty darn slow.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Butterfly Return-Wiggler transforms into a butterfly (Just like
he did in Mario Party 5) and rushes to the ball to hit it back over the 
net. Offensive:Anger Management-Wiggler gets pissed off and turns red (As
if Mario had just stomped on him) and angrily hits the ball to the other 
player. Upon contact, the player will be momentarily stunned.

Rating-Wiggler is quite an intresting character indeed, just not one that
is too good. His Power Shots are really intresting though, but he is 
pretty damn slow like I already said and a lob makes his net game almost 

                     ~III R.Petey Pirhana-Power~
Yep, Petey Pirhana is in Mario Power Tennis. I am quite sure everyone by 
now is sick and tired of seeing him. Petey Pirhana was one of the first 
bosses you faced in Super Mario Sunshine. Nobody thought much of him 
until he appeared in Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour. He was large, huge, and 
way overpowered to the extreme. Then, his big fat head always got in the 
way when he appeared in Mario Kart:Double Dash!! As if it wasn't enough, 
they just have to stick him in Mario Power Tennis.
Power Shots:
Defensive:Pirhana Swingback-Petey Pirhana throws up goop near the tennis 
ball and out comes a pirhana plant with a tennis racket in its mouth, 
which it uses to smack the ball back to the other side.
Offensive:Sludge Racket-Petey Pirhana swallows his racket, he then hits 
himself in the stomach, and pukes it back out with sludge all over it, 
he then uses it to smack the ball to the other player. Upon contact, the 
player will be slown down for a few seconds.

Rating-Petey Pirhana is without a doubt the number 1 worst character in 
the game. He is so slow it is not even funny, that and the fact you just 
plain can't do net games with him. Why? He has such a huge head that the 
ball is practically guaranteed to hit him in the face. He isn't a good 
character, don't choose him period. He does suck.

Well, that concludes the long characters section! Now we can actually get
on with the game itself!

                           ~IV.Exibition Mode~                         
Exibition mode is perfect for anyone who has just begun the game, or are
trying to kick the computers' butt. Whatever the reason, there are many 
ways you can play Exibition Mode. Of course, plain and simple, you either
play Doubles or Singles. Then you choose a court. Then what type of match
it will be (Gimmick if there is one, Normal Court, Ring Shot, and Item 
Battle). Then you choose how long the match will be and then you are off 
to the courts!

Standard Match:
Players face eachother in a normal court with no distractions, stuff on 
the court that can hinder you, etc. It is just a normal, safe, fun, and 
friendly match for everyone.

Gimmick Match:
Players play on the gimmick version of the court (If the court has one). 
The Gimmick courts have a special thing to them, whether it being 
Klaptraps that attach themselves to your legs or goop that can be washed 
away, all and every Gimmick match can be quite frenzic.

Ring Shot:
Players go onto the court and try to shoot the ball through rings to 
earn points. The smaller the ring is, the more points you will get. 
However, these points aren't offically counted until somebody wins the 
volley. Whoever wins the volley gets all of their points. Whoever loses 
the volley gets to keep half of their points, and the other half go to 
the other player in the "Charge" zone, where that's how many points you 
will start with on the next volley. At the beginning you can set how many
points you play to, 100, 250, or 500. First one to cross that barrier 

Item Battle:
Item Battle, in my opinion, is the most fun mode of them all. There are 
four item boxes hanging out on the net. Your job is to hit the ball 
through a box to recieve an item. The item will automatically be used 
the next time you hit the ball. Here is a list of the items:
 -Green Shell, which sends out 3 Green Shells that if the other player 
is hit, they fall down for about 2 seconds.
 -Red Shell, which sends out 1 Red Shell which homes on on the opponent, 
and has the same effect as a Green Shell.
 -Banana, a banana attaches to the ball, when the ball hits the court 
the banana is dropped off there.
 -Mushroom, a Mushroom will double your characters speed for a breif 
 -Lightning, a lightning will shrink all people on the court, including 
your allies. While small, their speed will decrease and they won't be 
able to reach high balls.
 -Star, the Star will natually make you invincible. You are a little 
faster, bananas and shells and Lightinings won't effect you either.
                           ~IV A.Singles~                               
Ah, the refeshing sounds of the ball hitting the court. Uhh, yeah. 
Singles mode is pretty much to its name-you play a round of tennis all 
by yourself. Sheesh, that's logic, don't you think? In case you were 
wondering, the Character Selection Screen looks a little like this:
|                        Character Select                                |
|Mario Peach  Wario  Yoshi   DK    Boo    Bowser     Fly Guy    Wiggler  |
|Luigi Daisy Waluigi Koopa Diddy Shy Guy Bowser Jr. Paratroopa P. Pirhana|
|                                                                        |
|                                                                P2 P3 P4|
|                                                               Join Now!|
|                                                                        |
|                                                                        |
|                           (Player appears                              |
|                            in a spot quite                             |
|                            roughly in this                             |
|                            area)                                       |
|                                                                        |
Yep. That is pretty much what the character selection screen looks like.
Step #1-Choose a character.
Well, as if that wasn't obvious! You can't play the game if you aren't a
character! Players 2, 3, and 4 need to push the A button on their 
controllers for their ability to choose a character on the menu screen.

Step #2-Choose "Singles".
After all players have chosen, you will be given the option to choose 
either Singles or Doubles. Choose Singles of course for this mode!

Step #3-Choose a Court.
Now you must choose a playing field to, well, play tennis on. Go ahead, 
choose whatever court you feel like choosing.

Step #4-Choose what type of match you will play.
After choosing your court, you will be given the option of what kind of 
match you want to play. You can choose Gimmick (If that court has 
gimmick's), plain Standard play, Ring Shot, and Item Battle. Go ahead, 
choose what you feel like.

Step #5-Set up Match options.
Now after that, you must choose a few options for the match. You can 
choose how many games are in a set; either 1, 3, or 6. Then you can 
choose how many sets there are in the match; either 1, 3, or 5. Finally, 
you can choose whether to have Power Shots on or off.

Step #6-Push Start and hit the courts!
After all of the options have been set, simply put the bottom option, 
which is to start the match. Now, go have some fun!

That is pretty much all there is to Singles matches. So, go hit the 
courts, I guess.

                           ~IV B.Doubles~                                  
Doubles match is a tad bit similar to Singles. Unless you count the fact
there are 2 people on each side of the court at once of course...Doubles
is personally one of my favorite modes. I think you will enjoy it too. 
Here's what you gotta do to set up a Doubles Match:

Step #1-Choose a character.
Well, as if that wasn't obvious! You can't play the game if you aren't a
character! Players 2, 3, and 4 need to push the A button on their 
controllers for their ability to choose a character on the menu screen.

Step #2-Choose "Doubles".
After all players have chosen, you will be given the option to choose 
either Singles or Doubles. Choose Doubles, or course for this mode!

Step #3-Choose a Court.
Now you must choose a playing field to, well, play tennis on. Go ahead, 
choose whatever court you feel like choosing.

Step #4-Choose what type of match you will play.
After choosing your court, you will be given the option of what kind of 
match you want to play. You can choose Gimmick (If that court has 
gimmick's), plain Standard play, Ring Shot, and Item Battle. Go ahead, 
choose what you feel like.

Step #5-Set up Match options.
Now after that, you must choose a few options for the match. You can 
choose how many games are in a set; either 1, 3, or 6. Then you can 
choose how many sets there are in the match; either 1, 3, or 5. Finally, 
you can choose whether to have Power Shots on or off.

Step #6-Push Start and hit the courts!
After all of the options have been set, simply put the bottom option, 
which is to start the match. Now, go have some fun!

Yeah. I am quite aware of the fact that it is pretty much the exact same  
setup as a singles match. Oh well. It makes no difference. Now, it is 
time to explain all of the courts!

                     ~IV C.Peach Dome Hard Court~                      
The Peach Dome is home to three courts, all 3 of them having different  
variety. The Hard Court is a plain blue court with these stats:
Ball Speed:Fast

You can expect some heavy lobbing on this court, of course, that just 
gives the other player more time to actually GET the ball. You need to 
set up your shots pretty carefully, and this is commonly a picked court 
in Multiplayer. Why? It's the easiest. The ball height is so high the 
ball in all technicality, is not going to go as fast as one would expect.
So go ahead. Hit some fast shots if you please. I suggest that on this 
court you make the other player rush the net, then lob it over their head
for maximum results.
                     ~IV D.Peach Dome Clay Court~                       
The second of three courts at the Peach Dome, this is the Clay Court! In 
my opinion, this is the hardest court of all, because I do not think many
people enjoyed being lobbed over the head at the net, and staying away 
from the net just ensures the other player will get the point. Just look 
at this court's stats:
Ball Speed:Slow

Yep. Seriously. This is not a nice court. I know that Expert/Ace 
computers can lob it over you easily at the net, so thinking "Play far 
back, that will work!" is just not gonna cut it. If you stay halfway 
between the Service Line and the Net, you will be in a good position to 
hit back most balls without fear of the ball bouncing twice and the 
other player scoring. Also, that is the area most Lob Shots end up, so 
it is a key position to place yourself during intense matches.

                     ~IV E.Peach Dome Grass Court~                       
The last and third court of the Peach Dome happens to be the Grass 
Court. The Grass Court isn't a very bad court at all. Infact it is my 
personal favorite. Here are the Grass Court's stats:
Ball Speed:Normal

And of course, this is your average US Open court. Really, some of those 
are really played on Grass Courts. Although the bounce may appear to be 
low, it is not as low as you may think when you hit the courts. Stay near
the Service Line until you are able to work your way close enough for a 
net game. From there, defeating your opponents shouldn't be too hard at 
all. The court can get just a little bit irritating at times, but if you 
play the court well, you should be fine in the harder cups.

                       ~IV F.DK Jungle Court~                          
Hidden deep in the forests of the Congo Jungle lies a tennis court, 
which is being raided by tons of Klaptraps! The DK Jungle Court is the 
first of many gimmick courts. What are gimmick courts? They are courts 
that have special things on/in them that for the most part, hurt you. 
The stats of the DK Jungle Court are as follows:
Ball Speed:Normal
The DK Jungle Court is just your average, everyday court. Well, it 
would be if it wern't for the fact that there are Klaptraps on the net 
that can harm both of you! When a Klaptrap is hit by the ball on the 
net, it gets knocked off the net and runs toward the player that didn't 
knock it down. There is no avoiding this. When the Klaptrap latches onto 
the players' ankle, it will stay there, and the player is slowed down. If
another Klaptrap is knocked towards that player, it will latch onto the 
tail of the previous Klaptrap, making the player even slower. However, 
if you make the ball touch the Lightning Bolt panel on the other side of 
the court, a lighning bolt will strike all the Klaptraps on YOUR leg (not
the other players') so you'll be free from them. Other than that little 
mishap, this court isn't too hard. Don't worry about ball speed and 
height as it should not be any problem for you.

                     ~IV G.Delfino Plaza Court~                         
Wonderful Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine! The court, of course, 
has a gimmick, Super Mario Sunshine style, however. The Delfino Plaza 
Court has the following stats:
Ball Speed:Fast

What is the gimmick, you may ask? You can clearly see the FLUDD Nozzles 
that are lined up on the sideline, correct? You should also see some 
piles of goop. Also, you should see three large circles on the ground on 
both sides of the court with large Pirhana Plant faces on them. Looks 
all simple and calm doesn't it? Well, it isn't all rainbows and lollipops.
If the ball touches one of these very large circle it is pretty much 
guarenteed that you just may see one of those Pirhana Plant faces 
brighten up in color and start spinning. Then, a Pirhana Plant will 
reach up out of the goop and spit goop at that spot. Running in the goop 
will slow you down while you are in it. This can serioiusly effect the 
match you are in, especially if you are a slow, Power character. Luckily,
there is a way you can get rid of the goop. Do you see the small Blue 
Switches near the Pirhana Plant faces? When you step on one, a FLUDD 
Nozzle will activate and squirt a little water. Do that for a Switch 
near a goop pile to clean up a little of the mess. After the FLUDD 
Nozzle sprays 4 times, the goop will be cleared from that Pirhana 
Plant face. Other than that you shouldn't need to worry much about the 
bounce of the court. The ball speed will have the ball get to you 

                     ~IV H.Wario Factory Court~                      
Ah yes. The glorious Wario Factory gimmick court. Everything inside acts 
just like any ol' factory would. You got the funky and flashing lights, 
the piles of steam, and many conveyer belts, did I mention those 
conveyer belts make up the court? Here are the Wario Factory Court's 
Ball Speed:Medium

And it is true. You are playing on conveyer belts. Lemme bring back my   
ASCII drawing of the tennis court to show you just how the conveyer 
belts move:

|  |                               |  |
|  |           <---->              |  |
|^ |                               |^ |
|- |-------------------------------|- |
|- |      ^       |        ^       |- |
|V |      -       |        -       |V |
|  |      V       |        V       |  |
|  |      ^       |        ^       |  |
|  |      -       |        -       |  |
|^ |      V       |        V       |^ |
|- |-------------------------------|- |
|- |                               |- |
|V |           <---->              |V |
|  |                               |  |

The arrows are the directions that the conveyer belts can move in. I    
know what you are thinking. Random conveyer belt madness isn't a very 
great thing. However, it is not random. On the net are many arrows 
pointing in different directions. Some are Blue, and some are Red. When 
the ball passes through a Red Arrow, all the conveyer belts on the Red 
Side of the court start moving in that direction (Some conveyer belts 
don't move because they just can't move that direction). Soon enough, 
the whole court will be in trifle motion, and there isn't a thing you 
can do about it. You will continue to get pushed around by the conveyer 
belt until the Game/Set ends, which is when the whole court stops, and in
the next game you get to restart all of the motion again. How fun! Other 
than that, watch out for the ball. When the ball hits an arrow there is a
flash of that color near the net, which makes the ball REALLY hard to see
during a net game. Aside from that, the ball can really pick up some 
speed on the belts. Play a careful net game if you dare to!
                      ~IV I.Super Mario Bros. Court~                    
Yep. You are reading correctly. This is the very original Super Mario 
Bros. Court, a reminsent of the days Mario and Luigi had to clean up 
those enemies that never stopped coming out of those pipes. Actually, 
same thing happens here. The stats for Super Mario Bros. Court are as 
Ball Speed:Slow

What really makes this court so intresting is that there is the fact 
that there are 2 pipes on each side of the court. One of the pipes 
enemies come out of, and the other enemies that cross the court go into. 
The enemies walk across the line between the Service Line and the Net. 
If you hit one of them with the ball they will just change direction 
they are currently walking in. The real problem is that if you run into 
an enemy, you will be momentarily stunned! And if that wasn't bad enough,
enemies come out of the pipes very quickly, so that line on each side of 
the court is gonna be like a train over a railroad crossing. You can't 
get by period. However, floating and moving back and forth across the 
net is the world famous POW Block. When it is hit with the ball, enemies 
will be momentarily stunned until the POW Block is hit again. While the 
enemies are stunned, walk into them to kill them, so that they are out of
your way for good. There are a few different enemies. I will list them as
Koopas:Koopas slowly trudge their way across the court. If you touch one 
you will stunned and turned around for a second. 1 hit of the POW Block 
stuns them, so take them out!

Crabs:Crabs slowly make their way across the court much like Koopas. 
Once you hit the POW Block, a stripe will appear on their white "shorts" 
(Or whatever it is) and will walk even faster. If you hit the POW Block 
again, you will stun them, so use that chance to take them out!

Fighter Flies:These annoying purple bugs hop up and down over the court. 
One hit of the POW Block will stun them. Of course, they have to be 
landed on the ground for them to be stunned, otherwise they will keep on 
being a pain.

Freezies:These small icicles aren't out to be a distraction. They are 
there to cause trouble on the court. When they reach the middle of the 
court, Freezies stop and dissapear, but they freeze the entire side of 
the court they were on! One hit of the POW Block will instantly kill 
them, so try to aim the ball to do so.

Other than the constant barrage of enemies, a Net Game is highly advised 
here because of all the enemies, you won't get a chance to get near the 
net after the serve!

                       ~IV J.Gooper Blooper Court~                      
The Gooper Blooper Court is an intresting court indeed. It may not have 
those naughty "X" panels from the Gooper Blooper Volley, but it sure 
does have something similar! Here are the stats for the Gooper Blooper 
Ball Speed:Fastest
Sure, you may be able to avoid the ever present X's, but there still 
is something just like them. The court is made of many panels (8 to be 
exact, on each side of the court). When the ball touches the arrow on 
that panel, the panel moves in that direction one space. As you can see, 
it will either start to cover up the glass over the water, or go inwards 
and show more glass over the water. It may look harmless, and yes, you 
can walk over the glass. However, I don't see much reason to do so. If 
the ball lands in the glass area, a big red X appears in that glass box 
and the ball is considered "Out"! Obvioiusly, you can use this to your 
advantage and let your side of the court become really small with large 
Out areas. It may be hard to do, and it is, so just focus on getting the 
point the old fashioned way. Other than the panels of doom, the court 
isn't too difficult, don't listen to the Bounce, it is fine.

                       ~IV K.Bowser's Castle Court~                    
Lying inside Bowser's Castle is his own personal court. The court is     
suspended with only chains on the four corners of the court, and they 
move up and down depending on the shift of balance. The stats for the 
Bowser's Castle Court are as follows:
Ball Speed:Normal
Figured it out yet? The court shifts on weight. The court can tilt! 
Where it tilts is dtermined by where the characters are standing, and 
their weight. As anyone can bluntly see, Bowser will make the court 
shift easier than Koopa Troopa would. The common tilt of the court won't 
effect the ball in any way, fortunatly. What it does effect is YOU! If 
the court is tilting to the left, if you don't move your character, they 
are gonna start to slide to the left as well! Lighter characters such as 
Koopa, Yoshi, Bowser Jr., are going to be sliding quite easily. Heavy 
characters like Bowser and Petey Pirhana aren't going to slide too much. 
Other than the constant tilt of the court, the court plays similar to 
the Grass Court, so serve up the balls and smash em' down! One more 
thing, don't forget to say "Hi" to Mecha-Bowser behind the court!
                       ~IV L.Luigi's Mansion Court~                   
Last, but certainly not least, is the wonderful Luigi's Mansion court. 
Riddled with ghosts on the sidelines, you character WILL get scared 
during the match. The stats for the Luigi's Mansion court are as 
Ball Speed:Fast
Whenever the ball touches the court, a ghost appears on that side of 
the court the ball landed on. It's a random ghost, either a Purple, 
Blue, Green, or Yellow. The Green ghosts tend to throw banana's at you 
which can make you fall flat on your face. If you get close to a ghost 
your controller will start to rumble and your character won't move very 
fast while your character is shivering near the ghost. There can be a 
maximum of four ghosts on each side of the court. You can do something 
to get rid of the ghosts however. Can you see the Light Bulb panel on 
each side of the court? If you make the ball touch that panel on the 
opponets side of the court, all of the ghosts on your side of the court 
will vanish from the lights that appear! Other than the annoying 
poltergiests, the court is quite basic in terms of bounce and ball speed.
There isn't much to worry about.

                          ~V.Tournement Mode~                             
Welcome to pretty much the main mode of the game! In Tournement Mode 
you choose a character, then you choose a Tournement Catogory, either 
World Open, Gimmick Masters, or Star Tournement (That must be unlocked 
first). Then you choose a Cup under that catogory and you begin the 
Tournement! Each tournement leaderboard looks like this:
        |                                                       |
        |                                                       |     
     -------                                                 -------
     |     |                                                 |     |
   ----   ----                                              ----  ----
   |  |   |  |                                              |  |  |  |
...and that's that. Every "|" stands for a character. If you win the 
match you are up against then you will move up a level and fight the 
next rival. You just keep on fighting until you are the Champion of the 
Cup, and you win the trophy. You rivals in the cup are completly random, 
well, sorta. There are some characters you pretty much will always see 
in a cup. In each cup I will list the common characters that are often 
in the Cup I'm talking about.
As for Doubles, that lineup is nearly the same. Only, there are 5 open 
spots and not 8. It makes no difference, really. 

And also for the tournements I will give you an average difficulty of 
the Cup. This includes computer rivals' difficulty, common rivals in the 
cup, and the court(s) being played on. Here's a list of difficulties I 
Easy-Very, very easy. Even if your new to the game you shouldn't have 
any trouble. If you do, I pity you.
Medium-Not too easy, but it is not hard either. I little experience 
against the computer players and the court(s) in question are neccessary.
Hard-Your gonna have to be really good at the courts in question, and 
also have quite some experience against harder computer players.
Annoying-A Cup with courts that can get on your nerves
Frustrating-Pretty much, harder than Annoying Cups
Extreme-The computer players are REALLY good on this particular Cup
                        ~V A.Mushroom Cup Singles~                       
Common Contenders:Yoshi, Koopa, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Diddy Kong, 
Shy Guy.
Cup Difficulty:Easy
The Mushroom Cup is your first cup you will compete in. It isn't very 
hard, no matter who you are. Heck, even if you just got the game you 
should not have too much trouble with this cup.

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match is 1 Set long. Every Match in every Cup of Mario Power 
Tennis consists of 2 Games. After 2 games you will get a Set Point 
instead of the usual Game Point (Or if there is only 1 Set in the match, 
then it is Match Point). You need to get more sets than the CPU to win 
(Or as many to make it impossible for them to win). The first match is 
quite simple. As always, you start the serve, and like tennis 
regulations, serve from the right side first. Just volley it back and 
forth, each time hitting the ball away from the player you are up against.
It is a matter of time until they miss.

2nd Match:1 Set-2 Games
The 2nd match of the Mushroom Cup is quite similar to the first. 
Actually, it is pretty much the first match all over again. Anyways, 
just use the same technique like you did in the first match. Heck, even 
if you don't volley the ball away from the other player they are still 
likely to screw up. Just remember that Net Games are your friend. Big 

Final Match:3 Sets-2 Games
This is the final match of the Mushroom Cup. The match is 3 Sets long, 
so all you need to do is win 2 Sets and the Match is yours. After you or 
the other player serves just rush the net. The difficulty level of the 
Mushroom Cup computer can not quite handle net games form you. This 
match is a piece of cake like the other matches, just that it takes a 
little bit longer. After you win, your the champion of the Mushroom Cup 
and get to see your winning trophy annimation. Good job for you.

                         ~V B.Flower Cup Singles~                       
Common Contenders:Waluigi, Wario, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, 
Diddy Kong
Cup Difficulty:Easy-Medium

I suppose you have made it to the second cup, the Flower Cup! The Cup 
is played on a Clay Court, which is known for its really slow ball 
speeds and incredibly low bounce. Doesn't that just sound great? The 
common contenders for this Tournement are much like the Mushroom Cup, 
except Wario and Waluigi are often thrown into the leaderboard as well 
now. Remember to stay calm, and as always, play as the character you are 
good with, not just because they look cool/cute.

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match of the Flower Cup! The Clay Court isn't a very friendly 
court to me, and probably to everyone else. If you stay near the back of 
the court it is pretty much like saying "Computer, go ahead and take the 
point!". No, I wasn't acting sarcastic or stupid, you really are asking 
them to take a free point if you stay that far back. Stay between the 
Service Line and the Net for best chances at scoring some points. The 
match isn't very long, so a few smashes can make the 2 Games go by pretty

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The second match is quite similar to the first in difficulty, but, it is 
just longer by the extra Set it gives you. You just need to stay near 
the middle of the court. If the other player decides to come near the 
net, just Lob it over their heads. It is quite guarenteed that they 
won't get the ball back. Like I already said, not a hard match, just a 
longer one compared to the pervious one.

Final Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The final match of the Flower Cup is a little bit harder than the 
previous match, even though the length of the match is still the same. 
If you are too close to the net, the other player may Lob it over your 
head. Stay close to the net, but not too close as to get into some 
trouble. Even still though, I highly doubt that the computer player will 
be smart enough to Lob it more than one time however. After you win 2 
Sets you will be the Champion of the Flower Cup! Congratulations!

                          ~V C.Star Cup Singles~                       
Common Contenders:Bowser, Bowser Jr., Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, 
Shy Guy, Waluigi
Cup Difficulty:Medium-Hard

The final cup of the World Open is the Star Cup, played on the Grass 
Court. As you can see, most of the common contenders are pretty 
powerful, either in how they hit the ball, or their Offensive Power 
Shots. The only exception is Peach. But she has a nasty surprise of her 
own. She hates net games. You get close to the net against her, it is a 
guarenteed lob shot over your head, or most of the time it is. It all 
depends on your strategy. Play the net or rush the net. Your choice. The 
cup isn't too difficult until the final match where the computer does 
start to often lob the ball over net-players' heads. You can play the 
net without fear if you are a Speed-type character, in which case Lob 
Shots are no biggie for them.

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The computer player is now a little smater than it usually is. That is a 
very bad thing, if I do say so myself. If you play directly infront of 
the net during this match you are sure to get many balls lobbed over 
your head. The Grass Court is nothing like the Clay Court. Stay back 
(not too far back of course) if you want to. Just beware that the 
computer player plays kinda rough in this, so a quick and Set earning Net
Game will work best if you do it properly.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The second match of the Star Cup isn't as easy as the first one was. If 
you get too close to Net (And I'm sure we all do at least once per 
match...) then you had better expect some sudden Lob shots from the 
computer player if you are too close to the net. Heck, even if you 
aren't that close you may still get lobbed, of course, since you 
probably won't be too close to the net you should be able to reach the 
Smash Point marker and make their life misery from a quick smash. The 
match can take a while if you let a Game drag on to constant Deucing, so 
wrap up 2 Sets as quickly as you possibly can.

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
This is it baby. The final match of the World Open. It is a whopping 5 
Sets, however, like most big matches in this game are. You, of course, 
need only 3 Sets to win the championship, so keep cool! If you are 
having some trouble and are getting kicked by the computer player, 
follow this nearly-foolproof plan. First, do a Drop Shot (B-->A), then 
as the computer player rushes the net, get pretty close to the net and 
start pushing the "A" button pretty quickly. Now, the computer player 
will return the ball, but you will hit the ball after he hits it so 
quickly, the computer won't have a chance to respond at all! Just 
continue to pummel with this technique until you dominate 3 Sets and you 
have won the Star Cup! Go see the ending ceremony and the Credits. Best 
of all, the Credits contain Bloopers from the Introdution Movie. I'll list
1.In the beginning as Mario is about to hit the ball, he hits the ball, 
but Luigi decides not to move in time, and he gets konked in the face. 
2.Wario and Waluigi are about to walk over to the leaderboard, but both 
trip at the same time.
3.At the leaderboard, Waluigi pulls out the marker, and makes a big 
smudge on the camera, which then falls over.
4.As Wario and Waluigi are getting chased by those Cop things...as one 
of the cops makes a big turn, he loses balance and falls over.
5.As Wario and Waluigi are in the hall and spot the door and open it, it
slams shut before they enter it, and they ram into it.
6.Exact same scene as 5, except the door stays open, but it closes all 
of a sudden on Waluigi's foot which gets stuck. You can hear Wario say 
"Stupid!" and see one of the cops pointing at the scene.
7.In Bowser's training room, Bowser flips the switch for the Tennis Ball 
Machine, but the machine starts to spit out tons of balls at a fast rate. 
Bowser then proceeds to run away at the camera whining, camera falls over, 
and Wario and Waluigi start to laugh their asses off.

                        ~V D.Mushroom Cup Doubles~                       
Ah yes, now I get to cover the World Tour section Cup's, but this time 
it is in Doubles! Doubles matches tend to last a little longer than 
normal Singles matches, especially when you count the fact 2 people can 
use Power Shots on the same team, the volleys can most definatly take 
quite some time. The good news however is that you have a backup. You 
can play the net and hopefully the computer player partner will get any 
shots you miss. Personally, I find Boo to be the best partner. If you 
play as Boo, choose someone like Yoshi, because his Power Shots, and 
power in general, is a good partner use too. Also, because you can 
_SOMETIMES_ play the net without fear, it makes the matches, sometimes, 
quicker and easier. Good luck. Oh, don't leave too much faith in the 
computer partner, you never know when they will screw you up! Also,  
the computer difficulty in the Cup will be the same as your computer   
partners difficulty. (You can't set it). The Star Cup Doubles computer  
players are Medium-Hard, so your computer partner will play like that     
difficulty too. It is not a bad thing really when you think ahead.        
Common Teams:Mario+Luigi, Peach+Daisy, Wario+Waluigi, Yoshi+Koopa,  
Diddy Kong+Donkey Kong
Cup Difficulty:Easy

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
This is your first Doubles Tournement Match. It is exactly like 
Singles, just with another player on each side of the court. If you are 
serving, stay near the back. This is because the computer player will 
stay near the net if the computer starts near it. So if you miss a shot, 
the computer sure won't have your back. The match, nontheless, is with 
stupid computer players, so an easy smash or two will grab you and your 
partner and easy victory.

2nd Match:1 Set-2 Games
The second match is quite similar to the first. Actually, it's exactly 
like it in terms of length, difficulty, and computer stupidity, and        
everything. Just whatever your plan was in the first match use in the 
second match because the computer plays no differently. Net Games 
shouldn't be any bit of a problem here as the computer players aren't 
too smart to smash and lob many shots. At least they won't be doing that 
for now.
Final Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The final match of the Mushroom Cup is just like the Singles final 
match. Same length (it's always the same length)and the computer 
players still aren't doing very good. The easiest way to make this a 
nice and quick match is to sit at the net and wait until you get the 
chance to smash it away from the other players. Just make sure your 
computer partner doesn't do any net play along side of you, they will 
miss, use Defensive Power Shots, and other acts of kind stupidity. Even 
with that, the match, overall, is easy. No biggie and congrats on your 
first Doubles victory!

                         ~V E.Flower Cup Doubles~                     
The second cup in the Doubles World Open is again, the Flower Cup. The  
computer is a wittle bit smarter this time around...but it is nothing 
to compare to as it is in later tournements. You CAN rely on your 
partner to play an effective Net Game while close to the net. Not an 
uberly amazing-smashing-ownage net game, but a simple one as to where 
they just hit the ball and there are chances they won't be able to return
it back.

Common Teams:Mario+Luigi, Peach+Daisy, Wario+Waluigi, Yoshi+Koopa,     
Diddy Kong+Donkey Kong
Cup Difficulty:Easy-Medium

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match of the Flower Cup isn't too bad. You just need to make 
sure that you don't stay too close to the Service Line. After all, this 
is the Clay Court with absolute crap for bounce and ball speed as the 
ball will NEVER reach you. Stay near the net as the computer will not 
lob it over your head. It may get one or two lobs, possibly, but other 
than that stay at the net for a quick 2 Games.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The second match is a little more annoying than the first. The computer, 
if you are playing close to the net, will begin to Lob the ball over 
your head every once in a while. You don't need to worry too much if the 
computer partner is in the back and can clearly get the ball as well. 
Just stay toward the middle of the court, away from your computer 
partner. This way you can easily cover more of the court. This, 
effectively, means less work for you. Not a very hard match, just one 
that may take a little time.

Final Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The final match of the Flower Cup is pretty much exactly like match two. 
Just make sure that your computer partner can cover your back if you are 
gonna decide to do net games, and you should be fine. Make a net shot 
(B-->A) when the other team is serving, and the ball will have such low 
bounce that if the other computer players don't get it, it can be an 
instant point. If you keep using this technique you should be able to 
easily win another trophy for your Doubles match reign.

                          ~V F.Star Cup Doubles~                    
You made it to the final Doubles cup in the World Open, the Star Cup. To 
your surprises, you should find it easier than if you were in Singles. 
Perhaps it is because you ahve a computer partner to take all of your 
lobbed net games, maybe, that just might be the reason why this is easy. 
You shouldn't have any bit of trouble whatsoever on this cup. Like the 
other cups, the computer isn't that bright. You won't be needing much 
luck here.
Common Teams:Mario+Luigi, Peach+Daisy, Bowser+Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong+
Donkey Kong
Cup Difficulty:Moderate
1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match of the Star Cup is the Star Cup's shortest. Try to get 
close to the net if and only if, the computer partner isn't close to the 
net either. You should do this for 1, and only one simple, very simple 
reason. This is because the computer can and will Lob the ball over your 
head. It can be completly random. Actually, it is random as it doesn't 
lob too often. Still, don't play right infront of the net. Stay a little 
behind it for good smashing chances and where you can reach lob shots if 
they occur.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The second match is pretty much an extended version of the first match. 
Stay near the middle of the court or close to the net if your computer 
partner is not already there. If you are near the net then try to smash 
the ball down whenever you get the chance. Otherwise stay back, and let 
your computer for a partner do all the work fo you. (Don't worry, your 
partner actually plays quite well, assuming it isn't a character who can 
easily get hit in the face, then there may be a slight problem).

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
All right! This is the final match of the Star Cup in Doubles match 
play! Yay! While you are serving or reciving the serve, odds are the 
computer partner is going to stay near the net. Ironicly enough, the 
computer doesn't lob over other computer players' heads--just yours. 
Stay near the middle and keep returning volleys. Then, find the right 
time to unleash an Offensive Power Shot. The match can have quite long 
volleys if the other team is constantly volleying the ball with you. Get 
a good net game in if you possibly can. Don't let your guard up, and 
remember, if you think its over, stay prepared incase they pull a 
Defensive Power Shot at you. This isn't a very hard match. Good luck, 
although you probably won't need it.

After winning the championship, you get to see the credits again. Yay 
for you. You also unlock Paratroopa as a character. YAY!
                          ~V G.Fire Cup Singles~                       
Ah, welcome to the Gimmick Matches! What are the Gimmick Matches your 
tiny brain may ask? Well, quite true to their name, they are simply 
Tournements that are played, well, on Gimmick Courts! There are three 
different courts that can be choosen to play on in each cup. It is 
random as to which ones occur in which matches. For my tips in both Fire 
and Thunder Cups, I will give some advice depending on the court you may 
be on.

Courts played on:Luigi's Mansion, DK Jungle Court, Gooper Blooper Court
Common Contenders:Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Bowser 
Jr., Peach, Daisy
Cup Difficulty:Moderate

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
Ah, the first match of the new Gimmick Cups! Hopefully you have gotten 
a chance to practice on these courts, or you may suck at them!

Luigi's Mansion:Obviously, the computer player gets a ghost on their 
side of the court right off the serve, and vise-versa when they are 
serving. Quickly make your way up to the net so that you can play a net 
game (go figure), but not too close or you will risk getting lobbed over 
you. By playing the net you ensure no ghosts appear on your side of the 
court. Not a very hard match.
DK Jungle:This match is the easiest to play because of all 3 Gimmick 
Courts, this one has the least bad gimmick. Try to aim the ball for the 
Klaptraps who will fall off the net and follow to the person oppsoite 
that had hit the Klaptrap. The longer the chain of Klaptraps the slower 
the computer player (Or even you!) will go. Hit the Lightning Bolt panel 
to kill them off when you get the chance (lobs seem to work well for 
that). Play the net too if you can.

Gooper Blooper Court-Those naughty X panels may not be here, but they 
sure are there! The glass over the ocean in Ricco Harbor is an Out zone 
if you hit the ball into it. If the computer player is aiming right for 
the glass, don't go for the ball as you will get the point because of 
their overwhelming stupidity. It is just a matter of actually GETTING it 
that small. The best plan is to not even bother with the panel placement 
and just try to get near the net and keep smashing the ball until the 
computer player screws up in both games.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The 2nd Match of the Fire Cup is much like the first match, just a 
little bit more extended. The tips stay pretty much the same as before, 
nothing new here really.

Luigi's Mansion:As like before, stay close to the net. Starting with 
the second match the computer players start to become a little bit more 
and more aggresive and tend to constantly lob the friggin ball over your 
head. It is best to stay on the line between the Net and the Service 
Line to avoid Lob shots and still have a good net game, where a few 
smashes and a Power Shot can easily get you some points.

DK Jungle:The court never changes. The only thing that ever does is 
the average difficulty of the computer, yet it stays the same as it was 
in the previous match-non willing to rush the net. Get close to the net 
and try for a net game. You could always use this to an even more 
advantageous position for you. Continue to bat Klaptraps onto your rival 
players' side. After a few chains of Klaptraps the rival player will be 
too slow to ever reach the ball, so a few well placed smashes can quickly
wrap up the few games.

Gooper Blooper Court:This court, as always, sucks, plain and simple.  
Try, if you can, to make the computer player's side as wide as possible, 
with as few "glass" showing as possible, and perhaps you can do the 
opposite to your side if you try too. Of course, odds are the computer 
players aren't going to be THAT stupid when it comes to commonly hitting 
the ball into the glass on your side (unfortunately...) so just get on 
the line between the net and the service line and keep hitting smashers.

Final Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The finals at the Fire Cup! Awesome! Net Games, as always, are the key to
victory. Odds are this is the time where the computer rivals start to lob

Luigi's Mansion:This is pretty good to be stuck on fighting as the 
Final Match of the Fire Cup. As always, you will serve first (of course)
so after your serves always try to get within smashing range of the net, 
to make quick and fast and easy points. When your computer rival is 
serving, I have found it sometime easy to hit the ball is far away as 
possible from them on the return-most of the time it works. Especially 
with some Power characters, like Wario for example. Too slow and not 
good reach to get the ball in time for the return. Either way, avoid 
them there ghosts and play a careful Net Game.

DK Jungle:You REALLY lucked out on a final match here, In my opinion, 
DK Jungle Court is the easiest Gimmick Court to play in inside the Fire 
Cup. Those pesky Klaptraps are, as always, a major kick in the face if 
they are gotten on your side. Of course, directing the ball into them to 
slow up your computer rival is just as easy too. Besides for this 
measley gimmick, a Net Game isn't too hard to achieve. Heck it actually 
just improves the odds of you hitting a Klaptrap onto your compuer 
rivals' side (of course, the same might happen to you!). So as always, a 
steady Net Game, and a good position to not get lobbed, is always the 
key to victory.

Gooper Blooper Court:Man, I absolutely hate this court, and I'm sure 
most of you reading this FAQ do too as well. There isn't much that I'm 
able to help you with of course. If you have the chance make the court 
on your computer rivals' side as large as possible to give a better 
chance for you. The computer, stupidly, almost always goes for the ball, 
even if it is heading for the glass (which is the out area in case you 
forgot). That is if, and only if, the ball is able to be hit back 
without touching the ground by your computer rival being close to the 
ball. Other than the fact of this REALLY annoying gimmick, another Net 
Game, another win. I seem to find that you get lobbed here more often 
than the other two courts, making an even more difficult match.

Nice job on beating the Fire Cup, but don't get all excited though. It 
isn't that big of an accomplishment. You still got the Thunder Cup in 
the Gimmick Cup!

                         ~V H.Thunder Cup Singles~                       
The Thunder Cup is much like the Fire Cup. It is played on pretty much 
only Gimmick Courts. Hopefully, you've practiced on them! If you haven't 
you may have just a little bit of trouble on some of these courts. The 
computer can be quite mean, and often times Lobs the ball straight over 
your head. The only way you can counter this is to save your Power Shots 
for a Defensive move, just incase this kind of event happens. Other than 
that, stay close to the net and smash away.

Courts played on:Delfino Plaza Court, Bowser's Castle Court, Wario 
Factory Court
Common contenders:Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong, Donkey 
Kong, Peach, Wario

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match of the Thunder Cup is quite annoying, so hopefully you 
have had some practice at these courts, and you will be needing them.

Delfino Plaza:Delfino Plaza is quite a calm court, with a not so very       
aggrivating gimmick. The only gimmick there is are those pesky Pirhana 
Plants spitting goop on the circles where the ball lands (If it does at 
all for that matter). If your side gets goopinated, stand on the Blue 
FLUDD Switch next to the pile of goop in question so that it gets sprayed
away. Other than this gimmick try to stay near the net, but standing 
right in front of it causes a brain boost in your computer rivals, and 
they WILL lob that ball straight over your head.

Bowser's Castle:The Bowser's Castle Court is exactly like the Bowser's 
Castle Court that was once in Mario Tennis 64. It tilts. What more can I 
say? That IS the gimmick. It tilts. Wow, can't be that much of a gimmick 
if that is the only reasonable thing it does! But, just add the fact that
YOU tilt with the court in the direction it is tilting, now we gots a 
problem. It's all about how heavy your character is. Obviously, a 
character such as Bowser can easily tilt the court in his direction, 
while Koopa won't have much effect on the court at all. Also take notice 
that if you're Fly Guy, Boo, or Paratroopa, you aren't effected by the 
court (For obvious reasons!). Other than the constant back and forth of 
the court, a Net Game needs to be quickly established to end the game 
fast. Do so, but don't stay too close to the Net, as always.

Wario Factory:Enjoy the billboard Wario in his clothes from Wario Ware
Inc., It is the only thing that is pleasent about this court. Probably 
the second most annoying gimmick of all (Super Mario Bros. comes first), 
it will take quite a bit of skill to keep your eye on the ball. In case 
you skipped my description of the Wario Factory court a few sections ago,
the gimmick is simple to understand. Once side of the court is red, the 
other is blue (the lines  are that color at least). There are colored 
arrows on top of the net, and the color of that arrow and its direction 
will determine the movement of the conveyor belts on that side of the 
court (If a belt can move that direction that is). Because you will be 
moving with the flow of conveyor belts, the court, in just a few volleys,
can become a hug mess. Isn't that just dandy? Keep an eye on the ball, 
not the pretty lights, and stay near the middle for an effective net 
game. The computer players enjoy lobs at this stage of the game, the 
middle of the court is your best position.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The second match is longer, but as usual, smashing the ball is always 
the key to victory--that and not getting lob-inated!

Delfino Plaza:Delfino Plaza never changes, the only thing that differs 
this match from the previous one was the fact this is 2 Sets longer. 
Ahem, as always the gimmick isn't too much of a problem. The only factor 
is actually getting enough time to spray away the goop so that you do 
not get slowed down from walking though it (Especially if your a Power 
character!). If you can easily clean off the goop, and not let the ball 
touch the ground too often you will be in perfect condition for this 
match. Otherwise, let's just say you'll have some trouble. A Net Game, 
again, is quite essential for complete ownage in the match. Just stay 
back a little for a chance to recieve lobs, if they ever come your way.

Bowser's Castle:It is Tilt-a-Ball time! As usual, nothing should be 
different if you have played this court before. The extended match can 
easily and quickly make you absolutely sick of this court in no time. 
Just keep a keen eye on the ball, not on the pretty lava in the 
backround. The tilt of the court effects only you (and the computer 
player of course) and has no effect on the ball's path at all. Because 
you are nearing the end of this hard cup, the computer player will 
consistently lob the ball over your head when you are close to the net 
nearly every time. Heck, they can be found commonly making drop shots 
close to the net. That's quite exciting. Try to maintain your balance on 
the court, keep an eye on the ball, and don't get too close to the net, 
and you should be able to make a few smashes to victory.

Wario Factory:Too bad you didn't have this court played in the previous 
round because of the fact you have an extended match this time around. 
Yay. Just don't do what I did a lot:Get distracted by the flashing 
colors of the ball hitting the arrows on the net. Seriously. There are 
so many flashing lights (Well, only red and blue) but if you and the 
computer player get close to the net (without a lob, quite hard to do 
with them) there will be so much flashing around where the ball is it 
easily becomes a button masher, where you just gotta press A or B 
randomly and hope you hit the ball and they don't return it. Also, worry 
about those naughty moving conveyor belts, unless you just so happen to 
be a flying character (Boo/Fly Guy, Paratroopa) in which case those 
stupid belts won't effect you at all. Stay near the net, lob if the 
computer player gets close, and don't get distracted are all the keys to 

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
The final match of the Thunder Cup is quite long and very difficult, 
if played on the Wario Factory court. Otherwise, there isn't that much 
difficult stuffs in this match.

Delfino Plaza:The final match may have you fighting it out on the 
Delfino Plaza court. And if you happen to be playing on this court, 
consider yourself damn lucky! Out of all 3 Gimmick Courts in this Cup, 
this is by far the easiest. As always you have the stupid gimmick of 
those stupid Pirhana Plants puking stupid goop at those stupid Plant 
head circles. Another thing you should remember is that you need to hit 
the Blue FLUDD Switch four times to make all of the goop on a Plant head 
circle go all away. Of course, even if only half of it is gone it isn't 
much of a big deal as that little amount of goop shouldn't be much of a 
problem. Then you got the fact of actually GETTING points to, of course, 
win 3 Sets first. Play between the Net and the Service Line for the most 
effective Net Game. Now it is just a matter of not letting the goop go 
out of hand, and keeping a steady Net Game.

Bowser's Castle:Now were at the final showdown, at not too bad of a 
court, actually. Your main focus is, as usual and of course, to maintain 
not getting your balance shifted away from the ball, whose eye should be
carefully landed on. Of course, if you are a flying character, take it 
easy and keep a steady eye on the ball as the dumb stupid dumb tilt of 
the badness court doesn't effect you. However, you can use the weight of 
your character to your advantage (If you are Bowser, Wario, etc.) by 
shifting the court so the ball tilts AWAY from the ball on the other 
players' side. After you can do this it is simply a matter of staying 
quite close to the net, not too close though. Like on the line between 
the Net and the Service Line, of course, is the best place for smashing. 
Keep at it, and you'll win in no time at all.

Wario Factory:I laugh at you. You really got unlucky getting stuck with 
this court for the final match of the Gimmick Masters Singles. Yay. If 
you have not quite gotten the picture by now, the court is divided into 
red section and a blue section (The lines of the court are at least) and 
everything between those lines are conveyor belts. Arrows on the net, 
their direction, and their color determine which belts go which 
direction. Just like the Bowser's Castle court, if you have a hovering 
character, your in luck as a lot of weight is off your back. Those naughty
conveyor belts won't effect you to the least! And if you STILL haven't 
gotten the picture, stay on the line between the Net and the Service Line
for optimal smashes. Other than this bit of info good luck!

Nice job on beating the Gimmick Masters on Singles! Doubles play anyone?

                          ~V I.Fire Cup Doubles~                          
Fire Cup Doubles isn't as intense as it may sound like. It actually is
pretty easy. Since you're getting into the harder tournements, your
computer partner will be playing better and better, and that takes a lot
of pressure out of the game, which is quite nice. The courts are the same
as in Fire Cup Singles, so nothing new to expect there. Don't rely on your
partner too much--they may not help you when you most expect them to.

Courts Played On:Luigi's Mansion, DK Jungle Court, Gooper Blooper Court
Common Contenders:Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Bowser 
Jr., Peach, Daisy
Cup Difficulty:Moderate

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
A quick and painless first two games. Not too bad. Because the Match Point
will come pretty quickly, especially against mediocre computer players,
none of the courts should really present a problem for you. Gooper Blooper
Court would probably be the hardest, but that can be wiped up pretty
fast either way.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The computer difficulty increases just a little bit in the second match.
It still shouldn't be too much of a problem. Things can get tricky on the
Luigi's Mansion court if a volley is kept for a long time without you
hitting the light bulb panel in the back. If too many ghosts get on your
side, make sure to put all of your focus into hitting that panel to make
the next few volleys easier.

Final Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The final match is only three sets as well, which is quite managable
for courts of this caliber. Gooper Blooper Court, again, is probably
the most difficult to play on due to the occasional length of a volley.
Smash the ball as quickly as possible. Technique players are also pretty
good here because they naturally avoid the "out" areas on the court. Power
players tend not to do that. Beware.

Once you beat Fire Cup Doubles, do a little dance and proceed to 
challenge the Thunder Cup Doubles whenever you are ready to do so.

                         ~V J.Thunder Cup Doubles~                      
Thunder Cup Doubles is the last Cup that features Gimmick Courts, and I'm
sure you are tired and sick of those courts by this time. Just a little
more to go! Of course, stuffing the final Gimmick Doubles tournement with
the most irritating Gimmick Courts isn't an exciting aspect. Your partner
will be helpful, and if not, I suggest some additional practice on these
courts until you're exceptionally good at them.

Courts played on:Delfino Plaza Court, Bowser's Castle Court, Wario 
Factory Court
Common contenders:Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong, Donkey 
Kong, Peach, Wario

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match is pretty short, so the court that you play on probably
won't have too much of an effect on the outcome of the match. The computer
players start off slightly tricky, and they often use drop shots to force
you to come to the net. Let your partner take care of them if they are 
closet to the net than you are. Remember to use the gimmicks to your
advantage if possible.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The match is a bit longer here, but either way on these courts it is
still fairly manageable. The Wario Factory Court may be your only problem.
Once the court gets set into motion, it may be hard to keep playing with
the constant movement of the conveyor belts. There isn't much you can
really do about it. Just go with the flow.

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
The final match is a whopping five sets, so you will need to bring your
best game to the court that gets picked. All of the courts have their
ups and downs on the final match due to the length of it, but the
Bowser's Castle court is probably the easiest one to play on due to the
lack of a major game-troubling gimmick that gets in the way. If you can,
get the Bowser's Castle Court. If not, good luck on the other, harder,

That concludes the Gimmick Cup's. They weren't too bad, huh? If you've
beaten every Cup to this point, you will have unlocked Rainbow Cup Singles
and Doubles. These next three cups are played like the Mushroom, Flower,
and Star Cups, but with insanely hard computer players.

                         ~V K.Rainbow Cup Singles~                      
The Rainbow Cup is played on the Composition Court. Don't be fooled,
however, because the computer players will be harder than any other 
player you have played against thus far. You will need to be a pretty
good player in order to succeed here.

Common Contenders:Yoshi, Koopa, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Diddy Kong, 
Shy Guy.
Cup Difficulty:Annoying

1st Match:3 Sets-2 Games
You'll find that the computer isn't all too bad in the first match. They
are about as hard as the computers in the end match of the Star Cup.
Thusly, there shouldn't be too much problem here. Of course, if you don't
end it by the time that the computer starts spamming their power shots,
then you could end up in trouble.

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
You will probably notice and significant increase in the difficulty of 
the computer in the class. Remember that at this point, net play is 
pretty much useless as you will have the ball lobbed over your head
right away. It is good, however, if rushing the net can fling the ball
far out of your foe's reach, thus scoring the point. Use that tactic
whenever possible now and in future matches.

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
Get used to matches this long--they are all in the following cups to come.
The hardest match thus far, you will need some fine tennis skills to
succeed here. Play it safe for a while, then rush the net, preferribly
just after the computer uses a power shot. It ensures that they won't be
able to save the ball if it's put out of their reach.

That was just the Rainbow Cup. It only gets more and more extreme from
here on out.

                        ~V L.Moonlight Cup Singles~                    
The Moonlight Cup is played on the Clay Court. Known for its short 
bounces and slow ball speed, you will come to hate this court when
against frustrating computer players. You need to play quickly. 
Eventually you will lose the volley if you keep if going far too long.

Common Contenders:Waluigi, Wario, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, 
Diddy Kong
Cup Difficulty:Frustrating

1st Match:3 Sets-2 Games
You will come to remember how annoying this court is. If the ball ever
gets lobbed over your head, you are pretty much ensured to lose the point
as you'll never reach the point in time. Stay near the center of the 
court. You will deeply appreciate yourself if you do.

2nd Match:5 Sets-2 Games
5 Sets in this court will quickly become total hell. The computer will be
shooting fast and deep shots at you, often just out of your reach. How
nice of them. Be sure to use your power shots at just the right moment,
as they can totally turn the match around/

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
The final match of the Moonlight Cup will be a total pain. The computer
will rarely give you chances to score points. Try using lob shots to bring
the computer to the far point of the court, then rush the net and hit
the ball out of their reach. It will work every now and then. Do your

The Moonlight Cup hopefully has been successfully defeated. All that's
left is the Planet Cup Singles, and it's the hardest cup in the game.

                         ~V M.Planet Cup Singles~                        
The Planet Cup incorporates the hardest foes in the entire game, with
top notch difficulty. Save often, usually after winning every game,
because the computer will easily win a bunch of point. It's the final
Singles Cup in the game, however, so keep that in mind. Once you somehow
manage to finish this cup, enjoy the ending and the feeling of

Common Contenders:Bowser, Bowser Jr., Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, 
Shy Guy, Waluigi
Cup Difficulty:Intense

1st Match:3 Sets-2 Games
You will get your first taste of insanely difficult computer players in
this first match. You will likely be volleying the ball back and 
forth constantly. You need to keep up. After a short time, the 
computer will eventually mess up and let you get the point. Good work.

2nd Match:5 Sets-2 Games
Your skills will truly be put to the test here. The computer is not going
to let up at all during this match. Like before, constant volleys will
be necessary. Also, good timing with your power shots may score you
several points. Be sure to use your power shots right after the computer
uses them. You lose your charge if you strike the computer's ball after
an offensive power shot, so you may as well use yours. Best of luck here.

Championship Match:5 Sets-2 Games
This is the final Singles match in the game, and it is the hardest one
to boot! It is insanely difficult to score points, and the computer often
cheaply retrieves most of your shots. You need to keep a constant volley
on the ball. Keep whacking the ball to the left, then the right, then left
again, until eventually an opening for a quick net play finish appears. It
is the best and safest way of earning points against the computer. There
isn't much else that can be discussed. 

If you manage to finish this cup, then you've finished everything in
Singles tournements. You can view the credits, with different bloopers
this time around. 

                         ~V N.Rainbow Cup Doubles~                     
The Rainbow Cup in Doubles Cup isn't as bad as it is in Singles. Your
partner will be pretty helpful. Because of this you shouldn't find this
Cup all too hard.

Common Teams:Mario+Luigi, Peach+Daisy, Wario+Waluigi, Yoshi+Koopa,  
Diddy Kong+Donkey Kong
Cup Difficulty:Hard

1st Match:1 Set-2 Games
The first match isn't too difficult. Let your partner do their job. It's
likely that they will earn you several point, and will help immensely in
this match. 

2nd Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The computer won't get too much harder when you are playing this match.
The court is pretty easy, after all. This match is much like the first,
you just need to win one more game. Thusly, it isn't all too difficult
much like the first match.

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
The final match will see the computer getting a tad smarter than how they
were playing like the previous matches. You will start seeing the
computer lob balls over your head. However, they rarely do it when your
partner is near the net. You can use this advantage if you want. If you
stay near the back, you can sometimes force your partner to stick near
the net, and the ball is rarely smacked over them. Use that wisely if you

This cup shouldn't have proven too difficult. Move on to the Moonlight 

                        ~V O.Moonlight Cup Doubles~                      
The Moonlight Cup pushes you onto the most annoying court in the game,
excluding the Gimmick Courts. You can't really stay near the back, or 
else you won't be providing much to the match. Stick near your partner,
it will help.

Common Teams:Mario+Luigi, Peach+Daisy, Wario+Waluigi, Yoshi+Koopa,     
Diddy Kong+Donkey Kong
Cup Difficulty:Hard

1st Match:3 Sets-2 Games
The first match is the only warm up match that you will be getting for
this cup, so take in in wisely. It isn't difficult, this first match. 
Don't stick near the back of the court. Stay near the middle or the
net for the best try to win.

2nd Match:5 Sets-2 Games
The second match will easily show the computer increasing in difficulty
quite noticibly. The computer will constantly be lobbing the ball, which
on this court will be pretty annoying, especially if you are sticking near
the net.

Final Match:5 Sets-2 Games
The final match will be pretty annoying and difficult. Your computer
partner will be quite useful here, seeing as how the enemy computer
foes like to throw annoying shots, and especially power shots, right
at you. Counterattack with similar shots of your own for the best
chances of success.

The Moonlight Cup may have been annoying for you, but hopefully it wasn't
because the Planet Cup will just further the torture.

                         ~V P.Planet Cup Doubles~                       
The final Doubles Cup will prove to be the hardest yet. Perfect teamwork
with your computer partner will prove to be the key to victory. You need
to use your power shots in tandem to stand the best chance at beating to
computer. You will definately need to do this is you really want victory.

Common Teams:Mario+Luigi, Peach+Daisy, Bowser+Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong+
Donkey Kong
Cup Difficulty:Difficult

1st Match:3 Sets-2 Games
You will find out that the first match is certainly no cakewalk. You
won't be getting yourself an easy victory form this match. You need to
smack the ball aggressively in order to even stand a chance in this

2nd Match:5 Sets-2 Games
Be prepared for a long match. With the need to win three sets, and the
fact the computer rarely let's you grab a point, you may find yourself
taking a long time to win this match. Again, like the previous match,
there isn't much else to comment on this match. Keep using your power
shots right after your partner does.

Championship Match:5 Sets-2 Games
This is the final match in the Doubles tournements. Don't screw up now!
The computer will be insanely hard for this battle, and you need to rely
on your partner in order to succeed in this battle. You will likely need
to survive a long volley until the point where the computer will finally
allow you to score. Use your power shots wisely and work with your
partner to win the championship.

That's it for tournement mode. Enjoy the credits once again. Now for the
remaining modes in the game.

                            ~VI.Special Games~          
Ah yes, my favorite part about Mario Power Tennis. The special themed   
Special Games. There are many special games, some using heavy tennis 
skills and some requiring you to throw your controller into the wall. 
They are a heavy challenge, but I'm going to go into heavy detail to 
help every step of the way.                                              

                         ~VI A.Artist on the Court~                
In Artist on the Court, you are on one half of the Court, and a large 
mural of an unpainted picture lies where the net would normally be. Two 
pipes will shoot Paint Balls at you, and you must hit them into the 
painting. That will color the section it hits. If its the wrong color, a 
normal sound will occur. But if its the right color, it will make a Warp 
Pipe sound, and the color can't be altered (Like you'd want it to be). 
The correct picture is on the ground of the court, like a reflection. 
Refrence material, really. As Paint Balls come out of Warp Pipes on the 
sidelines, their color will be the color of the pipe they come out of. 
Good luck!                                    

~Mario Painting~
This is your first Artist on the Court picture, and its rather simple. 
Around 5 or 6 different colors in all are used in the painting. The 
backround of the painting is black, the "Mario" on the painting is blue, 
Mario's Cap is Red, the area around the "M" is White, his eyes need to 
be colored blue, his tiny mouth (Which is a hard spot) needs to be red, 
his mustache needs to be black, and his face needs to be pale. Not too 
many colors are used while painting this picture hmm? As with every 
picture, you have 5 minutes to complete this, but this takes less than a 
minute, really.                                  

~Luigi Painting~
Ah, yes now. Dear Luigi. He has a few more colors, but nothing too 
difficult. His mouth is red, backround light blue, eyes both need to be 
blue, the "Luigi" needs to be orange, his overalls and hat must be green 
(What other color would you expect?), his racket needs to be blue, and 
the handle of it black. Other than using common sense and lobs, you have 
5 minutes, plenty of time.                                           

~Diddy Kong Painting~
This one really brings up the difficulty. There are many colors to this 
one. Diddy Kong is in his pose for using his Defensive Power Shot. The 
Barrel Rocket needs to be brown, the jet blast behind him red, his mouth 
pink, his Cap red, Diddy Kong himself brown, the backround needs to be 
purple, sorta, his racket brown, the Stars below his racket yellow, and 
a few other minor details you can look at the picture for. 5 minutes, 
hard picture. Get hitting those balls.                                  

~Bowser & Bowser Jr. Painting~
This is a much harder painting. Lots of different colors being used. 
The fireballs in the backround need to be red, green backround and red 
mouths on the Bowser family. Jr.'s bandana needs to be painted white, 
Bowser and Jr.'s hair red, horns white, and green shells. That's all 
there is to this painting, but since you have so many paintballs at a 
time, and so much of each color to put on the painting, 5 minutes really 
goes a long way, or maybe too short?                                    

~Yoshis Painting~
This is the final painting, and 5 minutes may not be close to enough 
time in your first few tries. There are around 8 or so Yoshis. All of 
them are different colors. All of their mouths need to be red, and shoes 
orange (If they are visible, only on some Yoshis). The backround needs 
to be orange. There is a green, red, blue, light blue, pink, black, 
orange, and some other colors I can't think of Yoshis that need painting.
Some are large, and some are pretty small (Like a 3-D painting, they 
seem far away). This is an insanely hard painting to paint, but after 
some practice you can easily do this.                                  

                         ~VI B.Terror Tennis~           
Ah, finally a rehash of an old and fun game. Terror Tennis requires you 
to be on the Luigi's Mansion Court. On the net is a large billboard with 
8 pictures of various ghosts from Luigi's Mansion. When you hit a 
painting, you will score 1 point. If it is shaking when you hit it, you 
get 2 points. If the ghost has popped out of it and you hit him, you get 
3 points. If the ghost is completly out of the picture and you hit him, 
you get 5 points. The object of each challenge is to pass the required 
amount of points in the set time limit. GO!                             

~Goofy Ghosts~

In the Goofy Ghosts challenge, you need to score 50 points in only 1 
minute. There are 2 rows on the billboard-a bottom and a top, each with 
4 ghost portraits on each. In this challenge I reccomend using Lob Shots 
to hit the top row, and normal shots always hit the bottom. Aim for the 
shaking portraits first. If a ghost has popped out, hit him for an easy 
3 points. You could easily just stay infront of 1 specific painting and 
keep getting 1 point, but that may chew up time, and if you lose the ball
you waste more time waiting for a new one. Not very hard at all.         

~Pesky Poltergiests~

In the Pesky Poltergiests challenge, you are required to score 150 
points within the time limit of 2 minutes. That's triple the amount of 
points from the previous challenge just with an added minute. Ouch. As 
before, the billboard of ghosts never changes. It matters not which 
painting you go for. Keep using Topspin shots (A-->A) for high power for 
quick hits and quick returns back to you. Always aim for ghosts that have
their heads out of their paintings. They do this very often so you can 
easily continue to keep racking up 3 points per hit. Or you can hit the 
same painting and only go for ghosts completly out, but that's harder 
and wastes more time. Keep scoring points and you'll hit 150 pretty 

~Phrantic Phantoms~

This is quite an ordeal. In the Phrantic Phantoms challenge, you have to
score 300 points within 3 minutes. That's about 2.4 points per second! 
You're gonna need fast fingers, good timing, and be damn good at 
volleying the ball to get close to this score. Always hit the ball hard. 
Stay near the middle or the back side of your side of the court. Only hit
Lob Shots if you need to because more time is wasted when you use them. 
If you lose the ball (And those odds are very high) don't panic. You can 
lose the ball 3-4 times and still have enough time to get 300. The more 
you lose the ball, the faster you have to earn points because about 5 
seconds is wasted waiting for another ball. Losing it 1-2 times won't 
hurt much. There isn't much more to say, but beating the challenge with 
over 45 seconds left means your perfect (As I have done).               

~Terror Tennis Challenge~

Simply put:How many points can you score before losing the ball once? 
That's it. That's the goal for this. Stay far from the billboard of 
paintings and use only B shots for the lower pictures. Hitting Lobs may 
cause the ball to bounce over your head when it comes back, and that's 
bad. Just use the above stated tips and you should be able to earn a 
pretty high score.              

                         ~VI C.Gooper Blooper Volley~                   
This is personally my favorite Special Game. The object? Rally the ball 
with Gooper Blooper until you clear the set number of volleys in the 
challenge. Just as a little note, both sides of the court are divided 
into 4 equal squares. When the ball lands in a square on Gooper 
Blooper's side, a big red X appears on it, signaling "If you land the 
ball here again, you lose!". When Gooper Blooper hits the ball, one of 
your panels will flash, and that is where Gooper Blooper's volley will 
land, making the job a bit easier. When you hit another square, an X 
will appear there too, but the pervious X will disappear so that square 
is open again, until you reach harder difficulties at least! If you get 
frustrated, that's understandable. However, the Gooper Blooper Volley 
really tunes up your tennis skills, not to mention the Lob Shot and Drop 
Shot are 100% necessary on higher difficulties. Good Luck!              

~Buddy Blooper~
Description:Time to start volleying with Gooper Blooper! Avoid the X 
Panels on Gooper Blooper's side of the court, as well as volley the ball 
20 times!  

This is your first Gooper Blooper Volley Challenge. There isn't 
anything hard about this challenge, simply volley the ball to the left, 
then to the right side, then to the left side and keep repeating that 
until all 20 Volleys are over. It isn't very hard.                

Volley #1:Gooper Blooper sends the ball out of his mouth, and its time 
to start volleying with him!                                    

Volley #11:The backround music in the challenge changes to a more tense 
music signaling there only 10 Volley's left!                        

Volley #15:Gooper Blooper will sometimes aim for the inner two squares 
on your side of the court.                                       

Volley #20:Final Volley for the Buddy Blooper challenge! Don't hit an X 
Panel to win!                                                        

As another side note, the closer you are to the net, the longer the 
previous X Panel stays on the court before disappearing. Its best to 
stay near the back at all times.

~Rival Blooper~
Description:Volleying with Buddy Gooper Blooper was too easy? Pfft. 
Nothing yet! Volley with Gooper Blooper for 50 Volleys, but be prepared 
for a sudden twist!                                                     

Your next Gooper Blooper Challenge is harder than the previous challenge.
An extra 30 Volleys are added to the total. However, once you enter the 
fourties a surprise Volley Challenge twoit is going to happen, so get 
ready for it!                                                       

Volley #1:Start the Rival Blooper Challenge! Don't forget to stay near 
the back of the court!

Volley #25:Nothing much happens until this volley. Gooper Blooper will 
now start to hit the 2 inside squares of your side of the court sometimes,
so get ready for them.

Volley #41:THIS, is the surprise twist! Not only does the "10-Volleys 
Left" music start, but there are 2 X Panels on the Court now! Whoa. 
That's a problem if you aren't prepared. It is here that a Lob Shot 
(A-->B) and a Drop Shot (B-->A) and holding where to aim is so critical 
it isn't funny. Many people think this is very hard, but this is easier 
then you may think. There are still 2 open squares on the Gooper Blooper 
side of the court, so aim for one of them!

Volley #50:The final Volley with Gooper Blooper in this challenge. Don't 
hit an X Panel now!                                                   

So was that hard? Hopefully most of you will answer "Hell no". Why? Its 
about to get a lot much harder.                                      

~Master Blooper~
Description:You thought 50 Volleys and 2 X's were pretty hard? Think 
again. This time around we have 100 Volleys with Gooper Blooper and 
another surprise waiting for you!                                      

Volley #1:Start the Master Blooper Challenge! Don't forget to stay near 
the back of the court!

Volley #25:Nothing much happens until this volley. Gooper Blooper will 
now start to hit the 2 inside squares of your side of the court 
sometimes, so get ready for them.

Volley #41:Likewise before, 2 X Panels will now be in play. Always be on 
the full alert!

Volley #50:Halfway there! Nothing else important has happened yet, or 
for 27 more volleys.

Volley #67:You are 2/3rds the way done, and another twist is thrown 
into play. There is no exact name for it, but I call it the Distraction 
Panel. What this is is one of the 2 panels that aren't X's are flashing 
randomly between the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. It flashes 
fast and randomly. Don't let the pretty colors distract you! That's how 
you lose! Hit the panel and the colors will stop flashing and the X will,
of course, appear. Every few volleys a non-X Panel will be flashing, so 
don't be distracted! They do nothing as far as I can tell.            

Volley #91:Nothing intresting happens until now. Get ready, because as
soon as you strike the 91st volley, a third X will be thrown into the
mix. I'm sure you were expecting such a twist. If you're prepared, you
should figure out what to do pretty quickly. Because there is only
one open spot available at a time, it is quickly obvious to pick up on
the order the panels become available, and they will keep repeating that
pattern quite nice.

Volley #100:Blow it now and you just wasted over 6 minutes of your life.
Great job on beating this if you didn't!

Wasn't that insane? Maybe, but after this you unlock the Gooper Blooper   
Volley Challenge.                                                       

~Gooper Blooper Volley Challenge~
Description:Rally with Gooper Blooper for as long as you can!

Plain and simple. The number of volleys you can go up to is unlimited 
(Though robably to game programming its 999,999). Just follow as usual:

Volley #1:Start the Gooper Blooper Volley Challenge! Don't forget to stay 
near the back of the court!

Volley #25:Nothing much happens until this volley. Gooper Blooper will now
start to hit the 2 inside squares of your side of the court sometimes, so 
get eady for them.

Volley #41:2 X Panels will now be in play. Always be on the full alert!

Volley #67:Like Master Blooper, the "distraction panel" will now appear. 
It will stay here until volley 91. Again, don't let it distract you from 
hitting the ball properly.                                               

Volley #91:Again, the third X will now be added to the game. There isn't 
much left to do. The remaining volleys will always be in the same four-
panel order, so once you figure it out this challenge will likely become 
very boring.

Volley #100:No stopping now! Keep going!

Volley #200:You're probably bored out of insanity from hitting the exact 
same pattern for 110 rallies.

Volley #300:You're asleep now, right?

Volley #400+:Get here and--wait. On average its about 1 volley per 4 
seconds. That is 15 Volleys per minute. The time goes to 1 Volley per 5 
seconds much later in the challenge. Considering all, that's 100 Volleys 
per 11 minutes. You've been playing for over 45 minutes!!?? Crazy and 
insane. Heh, I'm sure even before this point you will have screwed up 
somewhere. You just can't go on that long...

Well, that was Gooper Blooper Volley. Hope you somewhat enjoyed it.

                         ~VI D.Mecha-Bowser Mayhem~                
Wow. I never expected to see Mecha-Bowser ever again. If you haven't 
played Super Mario Sunshine at all/for a while, he's a refresher. In 
Pinna Park, the first stage had you chasing Shadow Mario to a shallow 
pool where a large Bowser robot (AKA Mecha-Bowser), appeared. Mario was 
then strapped to a roller coaster and fired missiles (Its always missile 
vs. robots, ever notice that?) at Mecha-Bowser to destroy him. That's 
all you need to know. In Mecha-Bowser Mayhem, you are on a circular 
platform that occasionally spins around. Mecha-Bowser is sitting in the 
lava right near you, hopping from side to side occasionally. Your 
mission is to deplete his Heath Bar (His health is on the top-right 
corner of the screen) before you lose all of yours (Top-left corner of 
the screen). Do that and you win. Just one little catch. He's occasionally
breathing fire at you, Bob-ombs are being fired from nearby cannons, and 
Bullet Bills (Ala SMS style) are being fired from Mecha-Bowser himself. 
Not to mention, all of that hurts you if touched. Very bad. Your weapon 
of choice? Energy Balls. Just push A once and you shoot an Energy Ball
away. Keep mashing A, aim for Mecha-Bowser, and avoid Bob-ombs and Bullet
Bills and flee from fire until he dies!                               

~Alluminum Frame~
Approx. Health:100 Energy Balls

It takes about 100 Energy Balls to deplete Mecha-Bowser's health in this
scenario. Not too bad, right? Heh, it isn't bad at all. Stay towards the 
left side of the platform. If it spins, quickly move over there again. 
Bullet Bills always circle around Mecha-Bowser twice before being homed 
in on you. When they (Bullet Bills travel in pairs) get near you, run a 
little bit away from them. Bob-ombs are constantly fired onto the field, 
and blow up about 5-8 seconds later. However, you can turn these weapons 
against Mecha-Bowser. Simply hit the enemy with the racket (Push A 
quickly when close to them, like practically touching them close) and 
they will be hit, spinning backwards. They hurt Mecha-Bowser if they 
collide with him. His fire is hard to avoid, but here's a tip. It always 
follows you. So run from it, then wait for it to come close to you then 
keep running from it until Mecha-Bowser stops doing that attack. Keep 
mashing A and focusing everything on him to defeat him easily.         

~Iron Frame~
Approx. Health:450 Energy Balls

Mecha-Bowser now has over 4 times as much health than he had in the 
previous challenge (Although his health bar only looks twice as big). 
Keep your cool and stay to the side. Always avoid the Bullet Bills when 
they approach your position on the field. If the platform spins, no need 
to worry unless you were dragged infront of Mecha-Bowser. That's not 
good. Always attempt to hit Bob-ombs at Mecha-Bowser. If you hit a Bullet
Bill into Mecha-Bowser, a Star may appear. Grab it and nothing can hurt 
you, you stay infront of Mecha-Bowser and fire away! Once you've hit him 
over 200 times his arms will break off and he will start shooting fire 
more often. After 350 or so total hits, his fire will malfunction, and 
it's quite random where he is aiming. Keep your health up and take him 

~Titanium Frame~
Approx. Health:1000 Energy Balls

Lemme just say 1 thing. Your arm is gonna fall off in the middle of 
this challenge unless you've been button-mashing for years. That's 
1000 A presses if you don't like hitting Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs 
into Mecha-Bowser. Very appalling isn't it? You're gonna have to survive 
a very long time without suffering too much damage to stand a chance. 
Get ready! As always, stay towards the left side of the platform, and 
when he breathes fire (Which at this point, isn't very often), make your 
way to the right side of the platform, but not too fast, just fast enough
to avoid the fire. Always hit Bob-ombs as they are easy to hit with your 
racket. Stay away from Bullet Bills unless your good at killing them. 
Once you have depleated Mecha-Bowser of half of his life, he will start 
breathing fire very often. Once his arms fall off you'll suffer around 
7-10 times in a row he will fire flames at you! After that he will 
breathe fire every 10 or so seconds. Always be on the full alert. You 
will know he is about to shoot fire at you if his head is directed right 
towards you. That's a split second before he shoots. So, quickly dodge 
out of the way. Once he is down to about 200 Energy Balls left, his head 
will have a malfunction and his breathing fire patterns will move  
back and forth, covering about half or more of the field. It hurts bad.
If you have plenty of health at that point you should be fine to weather 
him down to death.                                                     

                         ~VI E.Tic-Tac-Glow~             
Oh? Tic-Tac-Glow? Indeed. On the Delfino Plaza Court you shall be    
manning 3 FLUDD launchers. On the other side of the court are 9 small 
piles of goop, in a Tic-Tac-Toe like format. Your objective? Hit the 
glowing switch on your side of the court to make the corrosponding FLUDD 
infront of it launch a water ball at you. You must hit these water balls 
to the backside of the court and clean the goop piles. For each pile of 
goop cleared, you get 1 Shine Sprite added to your total. If you get a 
Tic-Tac-Glow, you will get an additional 3 Shine Spries and all panels 
in the Tic-Tac-Glow will be covered in goop again by Pirhana Plants on 
the sidelines. The goal is to clear the set number of Shines Sprites 
required. Just 1 catch--you have a Time Limit!                          

~Glimmer Shine~

In Glimmer Shine, you have only 2 minutes to rescue 50 Shine Sprites 
from the goop. Doesn't sound too hard, right? It actually isn't. Because 
you're going to be needing to rush around the court constantly, hitting 
switches and water balls, use a Speed character (I prefer Yoshi, but 
Koopa Troopa and Diddy will work too). Simply hit the switches and the 
water balls to your desired location. The water balls move a bit slowly, 
so no big deal. Use Lob Shots (A--->B) to hit the 3 goop piles in the 
back of the court, and a Drop Shot (B--->A) to hit the 3 goop piles in 
the front of the court. Keep repeating the process, making sure to get 
Tic-Tac-Glows at every oppertunity to clear this challenge easily.     

~Sparkle Shine~

As with Glimmer Shine, you still have the kind 2 minute Time Limit. But
Sparkle Shine increases the amount in required rescued Shines to 75 this
time around. Not that bad, right? But you will need to act fast to earn 
those extra added 25 Shine Sprites. I'll give you a little tip. 1 row in 
a Tic-Tac-Glow gives an additional 3 Shines don't ya know? If you have 2 
rows cleared at the same time (As in connected), you will get a bonus 6 
Shines! Use this little tip to your advantage. Here, look at this 
|X   X   O|
|X   O   O|
|O   X   X|

Pretend that's what the other sde of the court looks like. The X's are 
revealed panels already, and the O's are the goop piles. Hit the O in 
the bottom left corner, and 2 rows that are connected will be completed! 
That's an additonal 6 Shines. Keep using that pattern repeatedly until 
your 75 required Shines have been passed.                               

~Dazzle Shine~

As with Sparkle Shine, you still have 75 Shine Sprites to rescue. BUT, 
can you do so in only 90 seconds? Yep, that is your time limit for this
challenge. Once again, we turn to diagrams for assistance:
|X   X   O|
|X   O   X|
|O   X   X|

Another useful tip:Get into the exactly shown situation above. Hit the
remaining O goop puddle in the middle of the court. THREE, yep, THREE 
rows at the exact same time will be cleared! That's an additional 9 
Shine Sprites to your total! That's a lotta Shines wouldn't you say!? It 
doesn't get much simpler than this. Continue to use this pattern, or the 
previous pattern for 6 Shines at a time, whichever one tickles you pickle.
Beat that 75 Shine score with ease!                                      

~Tic-Tac-Glow Challenge~

You have no set Shine Sprite goal, but, how many Shine Sprites can 
you rescue in only 180 seconds? You got 3 minutes to hit as many water 
balls into the goop piles as you can. Another thing to aid you in 
getting an insanely high score is the fact that when you press a switch, 
the water balls is sent out really fast. Quickly hit those balls, and 
always use this:

|X   X   O|
|X   O   X|
|O   X   X|

As you should be able to tell from this diagram, it is still best to go
for the 9 Shine Sprite combo. You will get the most effective use out 
of your shots if you focus on going for them.

                         ~VI F.Chain Chomp Challenge~              
In the Chain Chomp Challenge, you and 3 other players are stuck on 
seperate conveyor belts, with a Chain Chomp infront of you and Monty 
Moles manning red cannons (ala SMS style). They launch Tennis Balls, Bob-
ombs, and Water Balls at you. Your objective is to feed your Chain Chomp 
tennis balls to score Points and use Bob-ombs to make him mad and turn 
red. If he is struck with a Bob-omb while red, he will start to chase 
you and a FLUDD switch will become active at the other end of the belt. 
You must rapidly puch A to hit the switch and shower Chain Chomp with 
water. If he touches you, you lose 3 points. Have the most points after 
2 minutes to win!                        

~Peckish Chomp~

In the Peckish Chomp challenge, simply hit the Tennis Balls into your 
caged up Chain Chomp. Everybody is dead even at 0 points to start, so it 
isn't that hard. Stay pretty close to your Chomp and keep whacking 
Tennis Balls into him for 1 point. Hit 1 Bob-omb into him to make him 
angry. This increases the amount of points you get from hitting a Tennis 
Ball into him to 2. Whack any other Bob-ombs into your opponents Chain 
Chomp's (sabotage!). It's likely one of your rivals will hit your Chomp 
with another Bob-omb while it is already angry, and it will then start 
chasing you. Quickly mash A until its cooled down, then keep whacking 
balls at it until 2 minutes is up. If you're in 1st place with points, 
you win.                                             

~Hungry Chomp~

In the Hungry Chomp challenge, you still have a 2 minute time limit as 
usual, but your rivals start with 10 points, while you remain at nothing.
You're gonna have to pick up the pace to catch back up with them. There 
is always 1 thing to do. Stay pretty close to your Chomp and keep 
whacking Tennis Balls into him for 1 point. Hit 1 Bob-omb into him to 
make him angry. This increases the amount of points you get from hitting 
a Tennis Ball into him to 2. Whack any other Bob-ombs into your opponents
Chain Chomp's. It's likely one of your rivals will hit your Chomp with 
another Bob-omb while it is already angry, and it will then start 
chasing you. Quickly mash A until its cooled down, then keep whacking 
balls at it until 2 minutes is up. Once you have ended the 2 minute spree
of whacking balls, if you scored more than your rivals you win the 
challenge. This may take a try or two to win, but scoring ahead of them 
isn't that tough.                                             

~Famished Chomp~

In Famished Chomp, you as always have a 2 minute time limit. The catch? 
All of your rivals start with 30 point advantages! That's major, dude! 1 
way to win:Stay pretty close to your Chomp and keep whacking Tennis 
Balls into him for 1 point. Hit 1 Bob-omb into him to make him angry. 
This increases the amount of points you get from hitting a Tennis Ball 
into him to 2. Whack any other Bob-ombs into your opponents Chain Chomp's.
It's likely one of your rivals will hit your Chomp with another Bob-omb 
while it is already angry, and it will then start chasing you. Quickly 
mash A until its cooled down, then keep whacking balls at it until 2 
minutes is up. The thing is, you will be wanting to have your Chain Chomp
in "pissed" mode for pretty much the entire competition, that way you 
will continuously score 2 points per fed ball. The scores will reach the 
80's, most likely the 90's, and in some cases, the 100's! Keep scoring, 
and you should be just fine!

                         ~VI G.Balloon Panic~               
In Balloon Panic, you are on 1 half of the court with a billboard on the 
net (Similar to Terror Tennis). However, there are vines on the 
billboard, as is 14 panels with vines in them, and Balloons on the top 
of the billboard. In waves, waves of Klaptraps will be making their way 
up the vines to the top. Your objective is to switch the vines around so 
the electrical current they give off on the vines doesn't lead to the 
Balloons (That's their path). Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Try it 
when there's 4-5 Klaptraps on at a time and you are constantly switching 
panels. 1 more thing, 4 Toads on the sidelines are throwing balls at you.
Don't worry about losing them (You always lose a ball once you hit the 


In Panic, there are 2 Balloons resting atop the billboard. Your 
objective, is of course, to avoid any Klaptraps from popping those 
Balloons. You need 10 Klaptraps to pass over the wall to clear the 
challenge. It's not that hard really. Only 2-3 Klaptraps at a time will 
be munching up to the top of the billboard at a time, so its no biggie. 
Keep flipping panels, especially using the Lob Shot (A-->B) to reach 
higher panels. Toads are constantly giving balls to you so no worry 
there. Keep switching panels to have 10 Klaptraps pass over the wall.  

~Super Panic~

In Super Panic, there are 3 Balloons resting atop the billboard. Your 
objective is of course avoid any Klaptraps from popping those Balloons. 
You need 20 Klaptraps to pass over the wall to clear the challenge. They
really upped the difficulty for this challenge don't you think!? There 
are gonna be about 4-5 Klaptraps at a time quickly making their way up 
the billboard. If a Klaptrap is too close to a balloon and you can't 
stop it, hit the Klaptrap with 3 Tennis Balls. That will kill that 
Klaptrap. Other than that little tidbit you need to be quick at switch 
panels, and focus at all Klaptraps instead of just 1 at a time.         

~Ultra-Hyper Panic~

In Ultra-Hyper Panic, there are 4 Balloons resting atop the billboard. 
Your objective is, of course, avoid any Klaptraps from popping those 
Balloons. You need 30 Klaptraps to pass over the wall to clear the 
challenge. Wow. That's a lotta Klaptraps, and a lotta balloons to 
protect. Don't sweat it. I don't find this easy either. Killing 
Klaptraps often is the key to keeping you balloons alive. I enjoy 
keeping most of the panels close so I can open them easily later and 
clearly see the path a Klaptrap is gonna take. Be careful, and always 
focus on every Klaptrap.

~Balloon Panic Challenge~

In Balloon Panic Challenge, there are 4 Balloons resting atop the 
billboard. Your objective is of course avoid any Klaptraps from popping 
those Balloons. You need to get as many Klaptraps across the billboard 
as you can before a balloon pops. This challenge is of course optional, 
but its just like the previous challenge. Just with an infinite amount 
of Klaptraps. Don't sweat it. I don't find this easy either. Killing 
Klaptraps often is the key to keeping you balloons alive. I enjoy keeping
most of the panels close so I can open them easily later and clearly see 
the path a Klaptrap is gonna take. Be careful, and always focus on every 

                         ~VI H.Coin Collectors~                      
Ah yes, Coin Collectors. Possibly the most frustrating Special Game. 
The object is simple. Barrages of Coins will come out of 3 pipes and you 
need to collect as many as you can for points. Yellow Coins are 10 Points,
Red Coins are 50 Points, and Blue Coins are 100 Points. Collect the set 
amount of points before the Time Limit runs out to clear the challenge! 
Just a few catches. The pipes are on 1 half of the court, and the other 
half is divided into 4 sections, each with a player on them! Everyone 
wants Coins! And, Fireballs sometimes try to kill you, and you won't 
appear for a few seconds, chewing up time.                              


At the start, everyone will be assigned a random row in which that is 
where they will stand to collect Coins. Uh, what kind of an explaination 
am I supposed to actually give? Move around and collect the Coins. Every 
10 or so seconds a ton of Coins flood out. Pick up as many as you can! 
Other than that, it's only 1 minute to get 1000 Points, which is 40 or 
so points per second.                                                  


Now you have 2 minutes to collect 4000 Points worth of Coins. Not easy 
at all. Fireballs will be coming like mad. Blue Coins and Red Coins are 
found a lot in the last minute of the match. If your position sucks, 
whack a Tennis Ball into the POW Block to switch places. 4000 is quite 
insane, but with pracitce can be done.                                 

~Gold Rush~

Quite easily the hardest Special Game challenge period. Not a nice one. 
You have only 3 minutes to earn a whopping 10000 Points from Coins. 
After a minute Red Coins are pretty common and in the last minute, you 
will find Blue Coins in the mix too. The last 10 seconds are insane. 
Thousands of Coins flood out of the pipes with 10 seconds, so collet 
them all to boost your score. Yes, that's a 10/5 rating. This is a very 
insane challenge. Good luck! You will be needing it!                   

~Coin Collectors Challenge~

Just normal Coin Collectors with no Time Limit. The catch? Hit 1 
Fireball and its Game Over. Heh, what fun. Just collect the Coins, but 
keep your eyes peeled to Fireballs. They are more important to avoid so 
just focus on them, and a good score should be yours.                  

                  ~VII.FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)~
There's a decent amount of questions that many people have constantly
been asking. Here I will answer several of the common ones.

Q:Who's the best character?
A:This one's all down to opinion. I find Yoshi the best, some find Boo
the best, some find Koopa the best, it is all down to opinion. Play
whichever character you find is to be the best.

Q:Who's the best partner character?
A:I'm not too sure on this myself, but most people have said that Shy
Guy is the best computer controlled partner that you can have in the
game. I'm not sure why, but I've played with him and he actually is quite
good at playing with. 

Q:Best and most fair court?
A:For play with friends, the best court to play on is probably the Grass
Court. It has decent stats, and is overall quite fair to play on if
you want an even match.

                           ~VIII.Tennis Tips~
There are some additional tips that I can give you in an attempt to
beat the computer. 

1.In harder tournements, hitting the ball back and forth, constantly 
sending the ball to the left and to the right, can eventually make the
computer screw up. You need to wait for the oppertunity to score a point.

2.Use Power Shots when near the net. It will send the ball flying hard
into one section of the court, and since you can control it, you can
effectively send the ball far from your foe.

3.Some characters are better on some courts than other characters. You
should be able to get a feel for this on your own. You may want a Power
character on the Composition Court, but you may want a Speed character
on the Grass Court. The feel is yours to experience.

                         ~IX.Closing Comments~
Well, I'm glad you have enjoyed my walkthrough. If you have any 
comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Please add in
"Mario Power Tennis FAQ" somewhere in the title, or else I will likely
mark it as spam. Thanks.

Me-For creating this FAQ

You-For reading this FAQ

CJayC-For running the greatest gaming site in the world, which hosts 
this FAQ

Nintendo and Camelot-For making a great tennis game

The Gaminator-Corrected a few of my mistakes in some Gimmick Courts

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