Review by BluePenMan

Reviewed: 04/04/04

He's back, and he still forgot his limbs!

He’s back, and still he forgot his limbs!

Rayman has always been a good, well loved platform series. So with this one, you shouldn’t be surprised by how good it is. Who cares if he’s armless? It’s still a good game! So go on, don’t be afraid to read this review, you’ll only hear positive things.

Graphics – When you first play the game you’ll say, “Wow! This is incredible!” because the first thing you’ll notice are the superb graphics. They’re positively amazing! Everything looks the way it should be, and you can tell what everything is. These graphics deserve nothing less than a good, solid 10.

Music/sound – The superb music fits into the game perfectly, like the right piece of a puzzle. And the sound is good too. It sounds almost real! From the start of the game till the end, it will sound perfect! With that, it deserves a perfect 10!

Story – The story is a key part of this game. It’s good, and at times funny. It’ll make sense, and at the same time make you laugh. You’ll love the little jokes, and the seriousness in it. Anyone who is anyone will be interested in the story. So I gave it a 10.

Gameplay – The controls are very quick, and easy to learn. They respond almost instantaneously, making them this game very easy to play. You could play with your hands tied behind your back, and blindfolded, they’re so easy! The game ranges from easy to hard throughout the game, making it good for a gamer of any level, low challenge seekers, to hardcore challenge seekers. This deserves a perfect 10.

Replayability – This game is huge! It’s got tons of items to unlock, and the levels are extremely fun, so you’ll want to play them way more than one time. It’ll be a big surprise if you get everything on your first time through. I mean a BIG surprise! You’ll be playing this one for many weeks, if not months, if not years! This definitely gets a solid 10!

Final Recommendation – You have to get this game. And once you do, you will not be upset about having to look for it, it’s worth looking half the world for. Don’t rent it, because then you’ll have to return it, you’ll want this one for good. You’ll be happy no matter what way you get it. Just get it! Right now!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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