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FAQ/Walkthrough by Grenade Guzzler

Version: 0.55 | Updated: 06/23/03

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
Written by: Grenade Guzzler
(GameCube version)

NOTE: This FAQ is available for use on any website, just as
long as you get my permission. You may print/use this FAQ
without my permission. Don't even give me credit if you
don't want to!


(May 9, 2003) 0.4: Sections 1 through 6 complete,
walkthrough for the Fairy Council.

(May 25, 2003) 0.45: Walkthrough for Clearleaf Forest added
and a few bits of missing information added into previous
parts of the FAQ/Walkthrough.

(June 14, 2003) 0.5: Walkthrough for the Bog of Murk. I
also added the real names to the Hoodlums and a couple of
other enemies and bosses, but I will still use the names I
made up for the walkthrough itself.

(June 23, 2003) 0.55: Walkthrough for the Land of the Livid
Dead. I also added some statistics for each world
(difficulty level, quality of music, etc.)


1.	Story
2.	Cast of Characters
3.	Controls
4.	Items
5.	Enemies
6.	Quick FAQ
7.	Walkthrough
8.	Bonus Game FAQ
9.	Extras
10.	 Funny/stupid mail
11.	 Legal Stuff

+ 1. Story                                                +

All is well in Rayman's world. After beating Mr. Dark and
Admiral Razorbeard in his past adventures, he decided to
relax with his buddy, Globox. The red Lums are all happy,
the Teensies are doing their normal buisiness, and
everything is normal.

Well, almost everything. A strange black Lum, who goes by
the name Andre, comes out of nowhere and begins
transforming the red Lums into black ones. The black Lum
gang apparently calls themselves "Hoodlums" Andre knows
that if he can reach the Heart of the World, he can create
a Hoodlum army great enough to conquer the world.

While Andre and his Hoodlums make their way to the Fairy
Council for a way in, they wake up the sleeping Globox.
Spooked, the blue guy tries to wake Rayman up by pulling on
his hands. Rayman, being the limbless hero, has limited
control over his body parts, and the hands snap right off.
Globox decided to run away with Rayman's hands.

This is when Murfy, who's turned somewhat sour after Rayman
2, wakes Rayman up. And so it begins...

+ 2. Cast of Characters                                   +

RAYMAN: The hero of the game has a strange body structure.
His head, torso, and arms are all floating in midair
because he strangely enough doesn't have limbs. This
doesn't stop him from punching the sense out of his enemies
with his amazing flying fists of death (or something like
that). He can also make a helicopter out of his hair,
something that not everyone can do...

GLOBOX: Rayman's best friend, this strange blue creature is
easily spooked. When he even senses the first sign of
danger, he simply heads for the hills. Even so, it was
Globox who brought the Silver Lum to Rayman back in Rayman
2, so he isn't all useless. He does have a strange reaction
to plum juice though...

MURFY: This frog with wings acts as a sidekick to Rayman,
giving him advice and showing the player around the
controls if you're a beginner. However, he was promised a
nice part in a love story after Rayman 2 was finished.
Appalled with the thought of simply being the sidekick
again, he turned completely sarcastic and sour. Boo.

ANDRE: The head of the Hoodlum clan, Andre plans to suck
all the energy from the Heart of the World and create an
immense army that could easily conquer the world. He also
tends to be a bit claustrophobic at times, and he hates
being eaten. The only way to suppress his fits is with plum

RED LUMS: These flying red anomalies are nothing but
peaceful creatures. Andre targeted them at times to become
Hoodlum soldiers. The red Lums can also restore health to
any limbless hero as well.

HOODLUMS: These black Lums are Andre's soldiers and they
come in several forms. Whenever they get punched around
beyond the point of toleration, they will simply relinquish
their disguise and make a run for it.

THE TEENSIES: These big nosed creatures tend to be quite
goofy in their acts. There always seems to be a king
Teensie in every small group you can find. While they might
seem to be nothing but a nuisance, they can unlock many
secrets of the planet, creating vortexes to other
locations. They can also hold valuable treasures or
powerups as well.

THE KNAARENS: The Knaarens (pronounced Ka-nair-ens) are
basically bloodthirsty monsters who live in a sweltering
desert on some remote part of the planet. They are
invincible to all known attacks. Also, they simply love
announcing every single one of their thoughts to the rest
of the population. A tad annoying.

THE LEPTYS: These mysterious beings are known as the
fathers to the Knaaren people and the bringers of night.
They possess incredible powers and are a bit touchy in
giving other beings a sample to keep.

OTTO: This particular Teensie is one of the medical
specialties of the world. He tends to stand upright, his
head always facing up. He also talks a bit like Sigmund
Freud did back when he was alive. Who knows how he's been
able to dodge neck problems.

ROMEO: Another Teensie doctor of the world, Romeo tends to
specialize in spiritual animation. He thinks the sixties
still exist, so he'll talk in a hippie sort of voice. He
has purple hair and a hairband with a flower on it.

THE OTHER DOCTOR: I haven't been able to catch this
Teensie's name, but he's the third doctor. He has the
powers of meditation and is specialized in hollow cavities.
He has a rather Japanese sort of accent, calling everyone
"San". He never leaves home without his trusty needle.

REFLUX: He's the strongest Knaaren in the desert. He will
corner and challenge anyone to a match in the arena. So
far, his streak remains undefeated, but should he ever
lose, his life could end up destroyed.

GUMSI: King of the Knaarens, he seems to be a midget
compared to the other Knaaren people with his small height
and high toned voice. He holds the scepter that is capable
of taking power from the Leptys (with their permission of
course). Reflux also his eye on this bringer of power, but
he has never gotten himself to steal it.

BEGONIAX: This odd witch always tends to herself. She has
never found a true love, but she has hey eyes set on

RAZOFF: This skinny guy thinks he's the best hunter in the
world. Almost anything that moves is a potential target for
him to shoot. He also likes to hold some strange birds
captive in his house.

+ 3. Controls                                             +

CONTROL STICK: Move Rayman around
               Move the Shock Rocket around

          While airborne, hold to helicopter
          Drop certain carried items

B BUTTON: Attack
          Throw carried items

X BUTTON: Check your health status
          Use the Lepty's power (when you get it)

Y BUTTON: Look around in first person view

R BUTTON: Lock the camera behind Rayman
          Fire lateral shots (when moving left or right)
          Lock onto enemies

L BUTTON: Roll (when combined with the control stick)

Z BUTTON: Orders a large pepperoni pizza

C-STICK: Move the camera around

START BUTTON: Pause/Confirm

+ 4. Items                                                +

GOLD GEM: These are the most common items in the game.
Collect a gold gem to earn 10 points.

RED GEM: The red gems are worth 30 points apiece. They are
less common than the golden ones.

GREEN GEM: A rarity. These things are worth a mighty 1500
points, so collect them if you can.

RED LUM: Walk through a glowing red sphere to recover some
of your health.

PIGPOTS: These piggy bank things hold gems or Red Lums. Use
a powered up fist (hold B for a second and release) to
crack them open.

CROWN: The Crowns only appear in one world, but you need to
collect them all in order to progress. They are worth 10
points apiece.

LASER WASHING DETERGENT: These cans are the main powerup in
the game, giving Rayman different abilities. They can be
used an infinite amount of times. While a Laser powerup is
in effect, your score doubles when you pick up gems or
defeat enemies. Use this to score big! The powerups are
described below:

-VORTEX: A green can holds the Vortex powerup. This allows
Rayman to fire some sort of tornado from his fist. You can
bring tall mushrooms to your level (they have a stem shaped
like a screw). If used on an enemy, they will shrink and
you can simply walk over them for the kill. The Vortex
powerup is also the only way to defeat the Stilt Hoodlum.

-HEAVY METAL FIST: These are found in red cans. The attack
power of your fist doubles. You can also break Pigpots open
without charging your fist as well. You will need a charged
fist to break down the numerous wooden gates in the game.

-LOCKJAW: Found in blue cans, the Lockjaw is used to grip
onto flying hinges. Rayman can then swing around and reach
previously inaccessible areas. When used in an attack, the
Lockjaw can grip onto enemies. Press B as fast as you can
to deliver electric shocks to the victim until he dies.

-SHOCK ROCKET: An orange can holds the Shock Rocket. When
used, you will go into a view behind the rocket itself.
Launch it with B and steer it with the control stick. If it
gets close to an enemy or another destroyable object, it
will automatically home in. Its fuel is limited though so
don't fly around too long. The blast caused by the rocket
is enough to defeat most enemies in a single hit.

-THROTTLE COPTER: The final form of detergent is found in
yellow cans. The Throttle Copter will allow Rayman to fly
upwards for a brief amount of time. Just hold the A button
after jumping and fly off into the sky. Your attack power
is not affected by this powerup.

PLUM: Knock a Plum down from a tree and you can use it as a
step to reach inaccessible areas. Throw it on a stake to do

PLUM JUICE: While Rayman has no use for this "powerup",
Globox sure does. When he has Andre stuck in his body, he
will need to drink Plum Juice to calm the black Lum down.
He has some strange reactions to the stuff though...

SWITCH: Hit them with your fist to activate some sort of
mechanism. For the switches that are out of reach, try to
find a nearby Shock Rocket powerup to reach it.

CAGES: The Hoodlums have captured numerous Teensies and are
holding them captive in 60 cages around the adventure. When
you bust a cage open, the freed Teensies will usually give
you gems, a powerup or advice.

TRIBELLE: These strange guys have a red glow and are very
shy. If they hear you coming, they will flee. Walk slowly
towards it (put only a little pressure on the control
stick). When you reach it, you'll earn 250 points for the

MATAVU: A lizard which sticks to walls or celings, it will
emit a chirp if you get near. Switch to first person view
and look directly at it. A red circle will appear around
it. If you look at it long enough, you'll earn 250 points
and the Matavu will disappear.

FUNKYBOARD: You'll use this in three stages in the game.
This board is used when travelling in between areas, and
you'll use it in a very cool warp tunnel. Disco-riffic!

+ 5. Enemies                                              +

Before you read this section, here's a bit of information
on how much damage your attacks really do:

Kick: 1 point of damage
Landing on an enemy's head: 1 point of damage
Regular Fist: 1 point
Charged Fist: 3 points
Regular Heavy Metal Fist: 2 points
Charged Heavy Metal Fist: 6 points
Regular Vortex: 1 point + shrinks the enemy
Charged Vortex: 3 points + shrinks the enemy
Regular Lockjaw: 1 point
Charged Lockjaw: 3 points
Electric currents through the Lockjaw: 1 point each shock
Shock Rocket: 99 points (basically, it instantly kills or
has no effect, with the exception of the Squash Hoodlum)

Every enemy has a certain amount of health. When you hit
them enough, their health will go down to 0. For example, a
regular fist will cause 1 health point of damage.


(Note that I have given a name to each enemy. They are not
the real names, but they are quick to notice. The enemies'
real names are inside brackets next to their fictitious
name, so if you ever see their names on a message board,
you'll know what you're talking about. I don't know all the
enemies' real names though)

HOODLUM [Hoodblaster] (3 health): These are the normal
enemy in the game. When they see you coming, they will fire
a large gun at you. While the shots themselves don't cause
much damage, they can be annoying. Take them out with
whatever you want.

HOODLUM JR. [Slapdash] (1 health): Hoodlum Jr. is a weak
enemy. His attacks aren't powerful and he can be taken down
in one hit with anything. He does give off a strange noise
when he gets beaten though.

ARROW HOODLUM [Hoodmonger] (3 health) Like the normal
Hoodlum, but he fires arrows which can cause more damage.
Beat him in the same fashion as you would the regular

SPREAD HOODLUM [Hoodmonger Officer] (6 health): This enemy
is a pain. He fires three shots from his gun and has double
the health of a normal Hoodlum. Use caution when engaging
him and beat as quickly as possible.

GRENADE HOODLUM [Hoodboom](6 health): He'll fire grenades
at you that explode on contact. He doesn't move though and
is cannon fodder if you get close.

STILT HOODLUM [Stumbleboom](6 health): He's really just a
Grenade Hoodlum on stilts. This variety can move around
though. Use the Vortex powerup to knock him down, then beat
in the same fashion as a normal Grenade Hoodlum.

FLYING HOODLUM [Hoodstormer] (5 health): These strange guys
fly around, shooting. They can dodge attacks pretty well
though. Use lateral shots to surprise them.

SORCERER HOODLUM [Hoodoo] (4 health): There's nothing more
annoying than a Sorcerer Hoodlum. He'll protect another
Hoodlum with a magic shield. The sorcerer himself is
vulnerable though. Once you hit him, he disappears. He will
reappear if you try to attack the unit he's trying to

BLOCK HOODLUM [Spinneroo] (1 health): This guy obstructs
your path like a gorilla and will spin like a top if you
get too close. Punch him from a distance and knock him into
a nearby hazard, such as some fire or a pit. He is
completely invulnerable to any of your attacks (except for
a charged Heavy Metal Fist, but the opportunity rarely
arises) though and if you don't keep hitting him, he'll
simply stroll back to his starting point. They're almost
always in the way, so get ready to be a pushover.

BALLOON HOODLUM [Hoodblaster, but a special one] (3
health): This enemy hangs out on balloons and jumps from
one onto another. You can punch it dead or you can pop its
balloon, causing it to fall to its doom. Either way, this
enemy is worth zero points, so kill it simply to get it out
of the way.

SHIELD HOODLUM [Grim Keeper] (3 health): This form of
Hoodlum has a shield that can block your shots. He doesn't
have a gun, but his attack is letting some crab like
creature come out from under his outfit (yuck!). Pulverize
the crabs and defeat the Shield Hoodlum with lateral shots.
He will block them at first, so try to confuse him by
aiming in one direction, then suddenly switching to the
other. He'll get hit.

ARMORED HOODLUM [Heckler] (17 health): They don't appear
very often, but they are pretty tough. Power up a Heavy
Metal Fist and release it at him. His armor will fly off
for a few seconds. Punch him when he's vulnerable. Repeat
as many times as it takes to kill him. Beware of his rapid
fire cannon at all times.

MEGA FLYING HOODLUM [Lavomatrix] (12 health): Like a Flying
Hoodlum, but he's tougher and more dangerous. He'll fire
some sort of napalm at you. Move in circles to avoid the
attack and send lateral shots at him. He also has a tractor
beam of some sort. Punch him when he grabs you or you'll be
slammed to the ground. They always come in pairs, but only
one will attack at a time.


ATTACK SHIP (1 health): These small ships are found only in
one stage, but they are a menace. Blast them with
cannonballs before they destroy the ship you're trying to
protect. One cannonball will do the trick.

FLYING ATTACK SHIP (2 health): The Flying Attack Ships are
also found in one stage, but they fly in large groups and
will attempt to shoot you down. Two shots from the laser
cannon you are manning when fighting them will be enough to
destroy them.

WORM [Muddibog] (1 health): Not your ordinary earthworm,
the Worm will pop out of a hole and try to swipe you. One
hit with anything will do it in. They usually come in
swarms and can re-burrow quickly after attacking.

SHELLCRAB (3 health): Not much of a threat, but they throw
boomerang-like starfish which are somewhat accurate. If you
defeat them with a charged fist, you'll get a point bonus.

SPIKEY (1 health): This has nothing to do with the Spikey
from the Mario series, so don't get confused. These ones
simply sit around and block a path. Hit them and score some

PIRANHA (1 health): Naturally speaking, Piranhas are fish
with big jaws. They can leap out of the water, snap, and
plop back in. Hit them to kill if you want, but they'll
respawn soon after. It's best to just learn their attack
pattern and avoid them.

GHOST BIRD [Zombie Chicken] (1 health): These nasty guys
will come out of walls and attack. Just hit them and they
will shatter. There is a constant stream of them coming
though, so destroying one group will only protect you for a
short time.

KNAAREN (infinite health): The locals in the desert are
truly invincible. No attack will even stun them, and they
will mash you with a magical wall if you get too close. It
is possible to distract them temporarily by aiming a Shock
Rocket at a gong if one is nearby, allowing you to walk
past safely.


SQUASH HOODLUM [Masterkaag]: The Squash Hoodlum appears
only once, and he hangs from the middle of two gigantic
piston type legs. Fortunately, you'll have the Shock Rocket
to help you when fighting this guy. He's invulnerable to
all but the Shock Rocket, so get the powerup and blast him
to kingdom come. Just make sure he doesn't get the chance
to step on you.

BEGONIAX: The witch will challenge you to a battle around
her cauldron. The potion that lies in the pot can turn you
into a frog, so watch out. Punch the elixir in her
direction to transform her into a frog. Pound her when
she's in this form.

RAZOFF: Razoff will come into rooms randomly and shoot
arrows at you. Use two powered up fists to send him
running. You can also hit him once in the hallway. Keep
meeting up with him until you run his health to zero.

RAZOFF'S WRECKING BALL: Once you beat Razoff's first form,
he'll get on a wrecking ball and attack. Lock on and punch
him until his chain snaps. Occasionally, a Heavy Metal Fist
powerup will appear. Grab it and sock Razoff with it do
deal even more damage.

WALKING SUBMARINE: This strange boss is fought underwater.
There will be torpedoes flying around when the battle is in
progress. Use them to your advantage and let them fly under
you (press the A or B button to do a quick dodge) and hit
the center of the sub. When the boss fires blasts at you,
dodge them and keep sending his own torpedoes into his
face. Dodge the occasional laser cannon he uses as well.

REFLUX: The champion of the Knaarens proves to be a hard
battle. The arena has a net surrounding it, which you can
climb on to collect Red Lums and a Heavy Metal Fist
powerup. He'll fight you with a number of attacks, which
are listed here:

1)	He'll spin around the arena and run after you
2)	He'll make four painful lines appear on the arena floor.
As his health dwindles, a fifth will appear.
3)	He'll cause expanding circles to appear from the middle
of the arena. Once they pass, a few energy waves will
appear as well. Jump and Helicopter as necessary.
4)	He'll put his scepter down and cause flames to appear.
*This is the only time Reflux is vulnerable to attack!*
Dodge the flames and hit him with all you got.
5)	He'll cause fireballs to fall from the ceiling and
ignite on the arena floor. You'll now have to dodge
Reflux as well as the embers on the ground.
6)	He doesn't really do this attack, but if you strafe
around the sides of the arena, some flames will appear
from the left. Dodge them.

Use the Heavy Metal Fist found on the side of the arena to
hit him. Eventually, he'll fall and you'll win.

THE HORRIBLE MACHINE: The heart of the Hoodlum
Headquarters, this machine will fire bullets at you with a
constant pace. Keep hitting a bulls-eye target with a
constant pace as well, charging a meter as you go. Be
careful because if you stop hitting it, the meter drops
down to zero. Once the meter reaches the top, the machine
will get damaged and release some baddies after you. Defeat
them and repeat the process five more times until the
machine shuts down.

REFLUX (2nd battle): Now that Andre and Reflux have joined
forces, the second battle will prove much harder than the
first. The battle takes place in five stages. They are
listed below:

1)	Overload Reflux's shield with the electrocution powers
of the Lockjaw then Heavy Metal Fist him when the shield
is down. Beware his lightning strikes.
2)	Grab the Lockjaw bonus and swing to a Heavy Metal Fist
powerup. When Reflux's arm gets stuck in the ground,
climb up and hit the weak spot on his back. Repeat as
necessary and watch out for the swipes he makes at you.
3)	Use the Throttle Copter to get higher in a stage of
floating platforms. When you reach the Shock Rocket,
fire and it will home in on the weak spot. Watch out for
Reflux's wave breath.
4)	You're now on your gunship, with Globox at the wheel.
Reflux will now be able to fly as well. Overload
Reflux's shield with blasts from the gun turret and hit
the weak point. Shoot the red energy orbs he summons to
destroy them. After you hit him a second time, you will
go to the fifth stage.
5)	Reflux will stand frozen in the arena and a massive
amount of Hoodlums will emerge. Bomb the Hoodlums. The
more you destroy, the less Reflux will be able to
recover. When all the Hoodlums are no longer on the
field, you will repeat the fourth stage. Keep
alternating in between stages 4 and 5 and Reflux will
eventually die.

Oh and by the way, this is the final boss in the game. If
you beat him, you'll get the credits. Joy.

+ 6. Quick FAQ                                            +

I highly recommend reading this section if you are a
beginner at the game or if you are unsure about some of the
techniques or details about scoring.


Q: What are points useful for?
A: They are used for unlocking bonus minigames and extra
videos that are just for fun.

Q: How do I score points?
A: Collecting gems, defeating enemies and knocking down
certain objects will give you points.

Q: What is "Combo Mode"?
A: Combo Mode is a mode that appears when you score points.
When you score, a little indicator appears under your
score. If you score more points while the indicator is
still active, the Combo Mode will be active and the
indicator will start counting. When you stop scoring, Combo
Mode stops and the number that is shown is added on to your
total score. It plays a key role in unlocking bonus levels.

Q: Do the powerups affect my scoring?
A: Yes. When a powerup is in effect, all scoring is
doubled. This means that a gold gem, which is normally
worth 10 points, will now be worth 20!

Q: While a powerup is in effect, will Combo Mode double as
A: Yes. All values for Combo Mode will double as well.

Q: What determines how many points I will receive for
beating an enemy?
A: It depends on how much stamina the enemy has. The
tougher the enemy, the higher you will score. For example,
the Arrow Hoodlum is worth 100 points, but Hoodlum Jr. is
worth only 30.

Q: Can I get bonus points for beating certain enemies?
A: Yes. If you beat Hoodlum, Arrow Hoodlum, Balloon Hoodlum
or Shellcrab with a powered up fist, you will receive a 30
point bonus. Also, pummeling enemies posting higher health
with a charged Heavy Metal Fist can net you a 30 point
bonus as well.

Q: Do I get points for beating bosses?
A: Yes. All bosses are worth 1500 points.

Q: When I collect a gem, Combo Mode only lasts for a few
seconds! Can I make it longer?
A: Sadly, it will only last a few seconds after picking up
a gem. If you beat an enemy to start or while Combo Mode is
active, it will stay for about 8 seconds afterwards.
Therefore, defeating enemies is often the key to scoring
huge combos.

Q: Can you give me some tips on how to score large combos?
A: Try to collect long strings of gems or enemies with a
powerup in hand, and try to collect the most valuable
treasure last. This means that if a green gem is sitting
next to two gold ones, collect it last in order to achieve
the biggest combo possible.

Q: How can I approach a Tribelle without scaring it away?
I'm not that good with putting only a little pressure on
the control stick!
A: Another useful way to get Tribelles quickly and easily
is to hold down R and strafe around. You'll go slow enough
to collect Tribelles and other stuff around them as well to
score combos without the fear of scaring it away.


Q: What are lateral shots?
A: They are when you shoot your fist in an arc towards the
left or right.

Q: How can I perform a lateral shot?
A: This is explained in the 3rd level of the game, but
basically, you hold R while moving left or right before
pressing shooting.

Q: Which enemies can be beaten easily with lateral shots?
A: They are: Hoodlum, Arrow Hoodlum, Spread Hoodlum, Flying
Hoodlum, Shield Hoodlum, Mega Flying Hoodlum and Razoff's
Wrecking Ball. Lateral shots will often score hits that the
normal shots will not.

Q: Are there any more special notes about lateral shots?
A: Yes. They can home in on enemies whereas normal shots

Q: Do I have other means of attack besides the fist?
A: Yes. If you get up close to an enemy, hold B to release
a barrage of kicks. You can also jump on an enemy's head to
damage it.

Q: How can I use the helicopter technique?
A: Hold A while in the air. It doesn't need to be after a

Q: What are those flying grapple hooks?
A: They are points where you can use the Lockjaw powerup to
grapple and swing. Press B when the hook is highlighted
orange, and press B while swinging to attach to another
hook. Press A to jump off.

Q: What are those spiral platforms?
A: They are targets for the Vortex powerup. Fire a tornado
at it and you will lower the platform so you can jump onto

Q: Argh! I was fighting a Hoodlum and it blocked my shot!
How can I kill it?
A: The Hoodlum, Arrow Hoodlum and Spread Hoodlum can block
your shots by twirling their guns. Use lateral shots to hit
them from the side, or power up your fist and fire to
penetrate their "shields".


Q: What is that $ symbol hanging over the heads of certain
A: It means that enemy is holding an item. Usually, it is a
Laser Detergent powerup, but it can occasionally be other
things, such as a grapple hook or a gem.

Q: My health bar is tiny! How can I make it bigger?
A: When you break six cages, you'll get a larger maximum

Q: On the world select screen, I saw a stamp of Murfy's
head. He was frowning. How can I make him smile?
A: Bribe him.

Q: Seriously, man! How do I make him smile?
A: Okay okay, calm down. Once you score a certain amount of
points on the world, Murfy will smile.

Q: Can I revisit past worlds?
A: Yes. Press Start in mid game and use the L and R buttons
to select a world. If you select it, you will abandon the
current game and warp to another world. Note that you can
only warp to the beginning, and not in the middle of a
certain level.

Q: What is the "Lums Race" on the pause menu?
A: Once you complete the game, you can get a code there and
use it to participate to post your score on

Q: What is the "Bonus" on the main menu?
A: You can access minigames, cinematic scenes and funny
"instructional videos" from this.

Q: Okay, I checked, and nothing was there!
A: You have to score points in the game to unlock minigames
and instructional videos. Cinmeatics are added when you see
them in the actual game.

+ 7. Walkthrough                                          +

w00tay! Walkthrough time! Enjoy.

By the way, this walkthrough focuses not on getting a
ludicrously high score, but rather helping the player get
through the game while maintaining a reasonable score.

+ WORLD ONE: THE FAIRY COUNCIL                            +

MY SCORE: 31056

Ah, the Fairy Council. This is where the adventure begins.
You'll learn how to use the lateral shots as well as other
necessary techniques here (that is, if you skipped the
Quick FAQ section).

Difficulty: 1/10
Types of Enemies: Hoodlum, Hoodlum Jr, Shellcrab, Spikey
Boss: None
Quality of Music: 7/10
New Powers: Vortex


= Stage 1: Frog Flying                                    =


Okay, you just saw the cinema scene where Andre plans to
take over the world. You also saw Globox running off with
your hands. Whoops!

So, to get around, Murfy grabs you and flies around. Push
the control stick left or right to steer towards the Red
Lums. Once you grab enough, you'll break out of the circle
you're flying in and the level will end. Simple.

= Stage 2: Gimmie my hands!                               =


Now the real action begins. After Murfy explains the point
system and Combo Mode, walk around and collect gold gems.
Your only attack is a kick since you have no hands. You can
smash garden gnomes with this attack though. Try to smash
gnomes and collect gems in unison in order to get Combo
Mode going.

Once you're satisfied with the gnome smashing, follow Murfy
through a hollow log. When you emerge out the other side,
drop down into the lake and collect the gems down there.
There are three red gems on some mushrooms as well, so get
those and get a good combo. There is also a Matavu hanging
from a branch overhead. To collect Matavus, go into first
person view with Y and stare at it (a red circle should
appear for a few seconds) to earn 250 points. Incidentally,
when a Matavu is near, you'll hear a little chirp. Once all
the treasure is picked up, follow Murfy with the helicopter

Once you get past, get up onto the rock formation,
collecting gems as you do. Keep following Murfy into
another hollow stump. When you get out the other side,
you'll notice a barrel of Plum Juice. Unfortunately,
there's no foamy plum goodness in there. Globox seems to be
taking refuge in there. Collect all gems in sight then run
to the barrel. He'll jump away and attempt to escape. Jump
on the glowing blue switch and a wall will rise.

Globox will try to keep running away, but the wall will
obstruct him. Kick the barrel three times to free Globox.
After a brief reunion, you'll get your hands and your
punching ability back.

Get to the other side (near the Fairy Council's main door)
and go to the right. Collect the gems around the Stonehenge
formation and use a powered up fist on the nearby Shellcrab
for extra points. When you're ready, punch the switch and
watch Andre come and break into the Fairy Council. Go
through the broken door to end the level.

= Stage 3: Bad Boy Andre                                  =


You're now inside the Fairy Council. Not bad, eh? Collect
the gems that circle the platform with the switch. There's
a Matavu right behind the switch as well. Earn yourself 250
free points before using the switch.

Punch the switch repeatedly to make the platform rise. When
you're on top, look at another Matavu to score more. You
can also walk around the "rim" going around the room to get
some red and gold gems if you fancy.

In the next room, break all the Pigpots with a charged
fist. It doesn't have to be fully charged. You can only
hold B for a second then release to break open a Pigpot.
Once they're all busted, another door will open.

Go through the door and you'll find out how to do lateral
shots. Follow the game's instruction (or just read the
Quick FAQ section) in order to hit the switch and make the
platform rise. But, before you do that, drop down and
collect the gold gems and the red one under the platform
(ignoring Murfy's occasional taunting).

Once your pockets are filled, use the lateral shots to get
higher up. Once you're at the top, Andre will make his
startling appearance right in front of you. However, he
will make a bridge rise right in front of him. This will
allow him to be shielded from normal attacks, so how the
heck do you get him?!?! With lateral shots of course! After
throwing a few curveballs (or one powered up), Andre will
leave his costume, but not before telling Rayman off. It
becomes obvious that you'll have to somehow stop Andre from
reaching the Heart of the World.

Once Andre leaves, you'll be rewarded with a sweet prize:
Laser Washing Detergent. Grab it to earn the Vortex
powerup. Cross the bridge and collect the gems around the
sprial mushrooms, then fire a tornado at the mushroom
itself to knock it down. Beat the Hoodlum Jr. who's
standing on one of them. It's possible to score a 700+
Combo Mode here (I've gotten a 2200 combo with the help of
killing Hoodlum Jr. last and earning the Matavu on the left
wall while Combo mode is still going), but you have to be
quick in collecting gems, knocking the mushroom down and
pummeling Hoodlum Jr. Cross the mushrooms and go through
the corridor to end the level. If you want, before leaving
the level, there is another Matavu in the room where you
learned the lateral shots. It's hanging out on a side wall.
Get 250 points (500 if the Vortex powerup is in effect)
before you leave.

= Stage  4: The Arteries of the World                     =


You're not quite in the Heart of the World yet. In fact,
you're just entering the diffusion point past the alveoli
that leads the oxygenated red blood cells to the heart
(well, what's your explanation?)

You'll start out inside a room with two spiral mushrooms to
the right. If you head down the path to the left, you'll
come across a Hoodlum who is hiding behind a wooden
painting of Globox. Waste him with lateral shots and lather
up with the Vortex detergent. Before you do anything else,
look at a Matavu that's hanging high on a wall to the right
of the Vortex powerup for a quick 250 points (you'll earn
500 if the powerup is in effect). Get back up the ramp and
knock down the mushrooms. Climb up and get to a luminescent
mushroom. If you jump on it, you'll bounce into the air.
Bounce up onto the floating vines and swing across to the
other side. You can now proceed straight into a waiting
Tribelle. If you want to score even more, head left instead
of straight. You'll pick a few gold and a red gems there.

Once you're done there, head towards the Tribelle. To
collect it, walk towards it (DON'T run) and touch it.
You'll earn 250 points for the effort. Climb up the narrow
crack here by pressing A repeatedly. Once you're up, jump
and helicopter across the mushrooms and get the gems on the
other side (a 100 point combo is possible if you get the
red gem last).

Go into the next big room and you'll view a scene of Andre
bullying a fairy around (Zelda needs you!) and hiding in a
hole in the wall. Punch Hoodlum Jr. who's in front of you
to get another Vortex powerup. Dress up and collect the
gold gem to the right of you and bounce on the mushrooms.
Once you get in front of a bump in the wall, you'll earn 30
points for a wrong hole and 300 points for finding the one
Andre hides in (he's always in the fourth hole you look
into). Try to use the Vortex powerup in order to increase
your score. Kill the Spikeys that are on the platforms as

Keep searching for bumps and coordinate in between bouncing
mushrooms and vines. Eventually, you'll find Andre's hole
and the Black Lum will shove himself past a gate leading to
the Heart of the World. The fairy will open the gate for
you so you can follow him. Go through the gate and you'll
fall into an open room with two Shellcrabs (one will get
squashed by a falling rock a second after he comes up).
Beat him and collect the Vortex. Grab some of the gold and
red gems in the immediate area. Once you're done, climb up
the crack (there's a Tribelle behind the platform, if you
want to get it). Climb up and swing across the vines.

Once you get to the other side, a very important event
happens. Globox will come out of nowhere, and Andre will
also shoot out from nowhere. The two are moving in the same
direction, and Globox, who opens his mouth wide to

...swallows Andre. Well, it seems that the immediate threat
to the Heart of the World is over. Follow Murfy and go
through the corridor to end the level.

= Stage 5: The Heart of the World                         =


Follow Murfy to the Heart of the World. Good music, huh?
After you see the Teensies throwing Globox around in
celebration of Andre's defeat, you'll notice that Andre is
indeed alive in Globox's stomach, and he's not happy. Looks
like you'll need to see the witch doctor, Otto, to get him
out. Go through the green teleporter to end the...

WAIT! You're not quite finished here. If you look at the
pillars around the room, you'll notice one has a little
platform sticking out of it. Climb up onto it and jump onto
the "rim" surrounding the Heart. Go to the left and you'll
step onto a switch. Walk through the open door and you'll
be treated to a bunch of gold and red gems, your first
GREEN GEM and a fun little slide ride. Once you're done
there, head through the green teleporter to end the level.

= Stage 6: Funkyboardin'!                                 =

Here's the coolest part of Rayman 3. The Funkyboard stages.
I can't really describe them in detail, so here's some
basic pointers.

Keep an eye out for gems lying on the track. You can earn
lots of points on the Funkyboard courses.

You'll automatically jump when you reach the end of a
track. Use left and right on the control stick to maneuver

If you want to jump before you reach the end (to reach a
gem filled platform that's accessible only from the middle
of your current one, for example), press A and move left or

Try not to fall off too much. Every time you plunge, you
lose one point.

You will need sharp reflexes and good eyes to navigate the
course. Still, you gotta love that disco...

+ WORLD TWO: CLEARLEAF FOREST                             +

MY SCORE: 90762

Clearleaf Forest is where the real action begins. The
Hoodlum battles are much more intense than in the Fairy
Council and you can break your first cages here.

Difficulty: 3/10
Types of Enemies: Hoodlum, Hoodlum Jr, Arrow Hoodlum,
Grenade Hoodlum
Boss: Squash Hoodlum
Quality of Music: 5/10


= Stage 7: The Mysterious Waterfall                       =


After emerging from the Funkyboard course, you'll learn
that Andre is indeed unhappy in Globox's belly and keeps
complaining about being thirsty. You'll have to go through
Clearleaf Forest.

Two Hoodlums from the get-go will assault you. Beat them
and break the Pigpots in the vicinity. When you're all
done, go through the opening to the right of the staircase
and punch a switch to open a gate and get some platforms
moving. The floor's electrified, so jump onto the platform
and take to the ceiling by swinging around on some vines.
Punch another switch and after swinging to the other side,
you'll come across CAGE 1. Simply punch the cages to break

Once you free the captive Teensies, you'll get a can of
Vortex powerup. Grab it. To exit this part, jump back onto
higher ground and stand in front of another gate. It will
open automatically. Collect the gems in the hallway and
climb the staircase once you get back outside. Knock down
the mushroom to progress. There's also a Matavu near the
mushroom if you please. Once you get to the top, head to
the left and collect the gems on the bridge. But it looks
like a gate is blocking your way. Don't worry about it yet
because a Hoodlum will approach and signal to his partner.
Flatten him and beat his partner who's hanging out to the
left. Once they're both gone, collect a new variety of
Laser Detergent, the Heavy Metal Fist.

The Heavy Metal Fist (HMF for short) can break down those
creepy looking gates. Before you bust down the one that was
immediately blocking you, jump over Globox and you'll come
across another gate. Charge the HMF up a bit and release to
knock it down. You'll be rewarded with some Pigpots filled
with gold gems.

Head back out towards the gate, but don't go onto the
bridge. Instead, keep going straight and break CAGE 2. This
Teensie will reward you with a 200 point combo worth of
gold gems (400 if a powerup is active). Collect it then
bust down the gate that was blocking you. Jump down on the
mushrooms and fall down the long black shaft.

Once you get to the bottom, break the nearby Pigpot and
collect some more stuff on the left wall after you drop
down. Cross the bridge. Four Hoodlums will attack you. It's
possible to score a reasonable combo here if you wipe out
the Hoodlums quickly with powered up lateral shots. Once
they're all defeated, pick up some stray gems and Pigpots
in the area and jump onto a bunch of crates. When you scale
them, you'll find a barrel of Plum Juice. Andre will force
Globox (or he'll tear his heart out) to drink the stuff.
After he chugs down the stuff, he will grab Rayman and jump
into the waterfall. You'll be able to swim UP the

This next part defies all known laws of physics and
gravity, but this is just a video game. Rapidly tap A or B
to scale the waterfall and move left or right to dodge
piranhas, who can also defy gravity. Once you get to the
top, the stage will end.

= Stage 8: The Blue Can of Happiness                      =


This is the first long stage you'll encounter. Start out by
collecting the gold gems on the mushrooms and around the
crates and the Pigpot just after you pass the first cliff.

Run onto a wooden platform and you'll be face-to-face
(well, face-to-back actually) with a dormant Hoodlum.
Charge up a fist and let him have it. Once he expires, his
pals will suddenly wake up and attack. Start out by wasting
the Hoodlum to the left, then go off to the right and
defeat another Hoodlum. The fourth one will be jumping off
the spiral mushroom behind where the first Hoodlum was.
Shoot him and he'll relinquish the Vortex powerup. Grab it
and knock down the mushroom.

Once you get up there, you'll be able to hear the cries of
another Teensie in captivity. He's behind a gate, so you
can't get him... for now. Anyway, keep walking on the
wooden walkway and you'll encounter two other Hoodlums.
They will jump and run away, so hit the trampoline in the
shape of a spider web and defeat both of them. You'll get
the Heavy Metal Fist.

There are now three gates you can bust down now, and only
one is necessary to continue. Start out by going to the
right and breaking all the Pigpots (you don't have to
charge the HMF).  Re-fill your powerup (walk into the red
can again) and run across the walkway. Helicopter onto the
spider web and you should be able to bust the gate down in
the nick of time. Break CAGE 3 and you'll get a GREEN GEM
for the effort. Pick it up for 1500 points. If you want to
get even more, get the Vortex powerup down below then touch
the gem for 3000 points!

Another gate you can bust is located just below the red
can. You can also crack open a few Pigpots around it too.
There's nothing behind the gates but some Pigpots with gold
and red gems. Collect them for more points.

There are also some more Pigpots and a Matavu located near
where the sleeping Hoodlum was. If you get them with the
Vortex in effect, you'll score double.

When this is all taken care of, knock down the third gate.
Globox, who will not be afraid anymore, will sprint down
and glub down a barrel of Plum Juice. This time, he has
quite the reaction to it. He'll bump around in one spot for
a while, then suddenly inflate and fly! Well, he'll be able
to go on his own for a while. For now, go through the
busted gate and collect the gold gems in the passageway.

When you get to the waterfall, get the two gold gems in the
white water and helicopter to a hanging rock formation. You
can collect some gold gems going down the ladder and at the
bottom of the falls. There's also a Tribelle lying in the
bottom of the falls in the white water. Collect if you
want. Once you're ready, climb back up the ladder. Jump and
helicopter towards CAGE 4 and a Pigpot. Free the Teensies
and you'll get your first taste of metal madness, the
Lockjaw. Break the Pigpot (you'll have to charge it up a
bit) and get ready to grapple.

Look towards the Hoodlum balloon and fire the Lockjaw at a
flying metal hook. You'll grab onto it and swing. Press A
to let go and helicopter to the next platform. The Hoodlum
will run away. Collect the gems and break the Pigpot here,
and hit the spider trampoline and kill the Hoodlum. If you
hit him with a regular fist, you might have noticed it
stuck to him. When the Lockjaw grapples onto enemies,
rapidly press B to deliver electric shocks to the enemy.
Once he's down, look at a Matavu on the bottom of a hanging
wooden platform high up. If you're fast, you can collect it
in Combo Mode after beating the Hoodlum for a 500 point
combo. Once this is all taken care of, fire the Lockjaw at
another grapple hook.

Instead of releasing your grip here, press B when you're
swinging towards the second hook and you'll grip it
automatically. Jump off here. If you want, there's a cave
in the left wall of the cliff side. Go in there for a few
golden gems and a Tribelle. Grapple back onto the hook when
you're done. Get to the other side of the valley. Note that
if you should ever fall down, you can collect a Pigpot at
the end of the valley and beat a Hoodlum Jr. on your way
back to the platform with the first blue can.

Once you're here, Globox will land and deflate, although
he'll still act drunk. Collect the gold and the red gems
here and go through the passage. A Hoodlum will become
alert and he'll run back to his camp. Defeat him and his
partner. Once you do that, go to the right of the fire and
knock a Hoodlum through a hole in the gate. Once he gets
hit, the gate will open. Waste all Hoodlums here and crack
open CAGE 5 for a Heavy Metal Fist. Collect it then head
back out. Pound the remaining three Hoodlums and mash the
gate. You can also collect some items near the gate if you

Head through the fallen gate and you'll see your very first
Plum. Whoopee! Punch it down and pick it up (stand in front
it motionless). Walk towards the stake and throw it with B.
If you had the right angle, it will splatch on and you'll
be able to climb up. Collect the Pigpots and gems here as
well. Once you climb up onto the Plum, go through the
passageway and the level will end.

= Stage 9: Houston, the Shock Rocket has Landed           =


You'll meet your very first Arrow Hoodlum at the start of
the level. He's exactly like the normal Hoodlum, but his
shots are stronger. One hit from a charged fist will do him

You'll now collect your very first orange can, which
contains the Shock Rocket. You can aim the rocket in any
direction and launch it with B. Your main targets here are
three openings in the wall. Once you fire the rocket in,
you'll have to avoid a few obstacles and hit the target at
the end. Once you hit all three, the gates will open.
There's also a fourth hole higher up, but it's going
through a thin vent. If you do get to the other side,
you'll hit a switch and a hole in the floor will open. Earn
yourself a 320 point combo with this.

Once the gates open, another Arrow Hoodlum will come. You
can hit him with normal shots or you can send a Shock
Rocket towards him. Once you get past him, defeat a Hoodlum
and get his Heavy Metal Fist. Use the HMF to crack open a
ton of Pigpots lying in this area, then continue through
the passage to the right.

Once you're back in the fresh air, you'll catch a glimpse
of the first Grenade Hoodlum. For now, he'll run away and
lock a gate behind him. Defeat the two Hoodlums here, and
pound a third who comes later on for a Vortex powerup. Spin
down the mushroom and get the Lockjaw above. If you want,
there's a Tribelle and a few gold gems in a cave directly
behind the mushroom.

Anyway, grapple onto the hook with the Lockjaw and swing
onto the gate. Climb up a ladder and hit the switch. The
gate will open. Head down into the clearing behind the gate
and two Hoodlums will attack. Once they're gone, the
Grenade Hoodlum will find a vintage point and will start
tossing explosives. Your next target is a Hoodlum Jr. under
the platform with the switch. Beat him and collect another
Shock Rocket. Use it to defeat the Grenade Hoodlum.

Globox will now charge through the gate and drink another
barrel of Plum Juice. He'll start squiggling around the
ground and then will float, releasing a bubble as he does.
You can use the bubble to advance. Start out by grabbing
the Shock Rocket and aiming to the top-right section of the
wooden wall in front of you. You'll get CAGE 6 and a GREEN
GEM. Collect it. There are also some gold gems, a couple of
Pigpots and a Matavu down in the clearing for the taking.

Jump up on the purple bubble and you'll bounce up. Crack
open the Pigpots here and continue forward. If you want to
score some more, jump and helicopter to the left instead.
You'll earn several gold gems and a Tribelle.

Go through the hallway and you'll emerge in a room with a
large stack of crates. There are three Hoodlums in the
immediate area, which you can defeat. There are also some
gold and red gems hanging on the sides of the room. Jump up
onto the crates and ascend until you reach the top. Climb
up the ladder and swing across the rope net at the top.
Drop down onto a wooden platform and hit the switch to open
a floor panel. Defeat two Hoodlums down on the ground.
There's also a Matavu and  some Pigpots under where you
entered the room.

Drop down the hatch opened by the switch and crack open
CAGE 7. Get the Heavy Metal Fist he drops. Exit his little
chamber and you'll be in the room with the crate stack
again. Jump up on the crates and bust down the gate with
the HMF for CAGE 8. He'll also drop a red can, so replenish
your supply. Go up the ladder and down into the room with
the switch. Break another gate and get CAGE 9. He will, not
surprisingly, drop another Heavy Metal Fist. Grab it and go
up a small crate stack and destroy the gate. Go through
this hall to end the level.

= Stage 10: Hoodlums With Long Legs                       =


You can start off by charging a fist and defeating a nearby
Hoodlum right in front of the starting point. Once he's
gone, break CAGE 10 and get the gold gems he drops. Drop
down any one of the three holes in the ground. There's a
few Red Lums here if you need some recovery. Go through the
tunnel and when you get to the other side, prepare for a


The Squash Hoodlum will be hanging from two gigantic legs.
If he should ever get close enough, you'll be squished and
flattened. Rapidly tap A to unflatten yourself and run

He's invincible... for now. Your main targets here are the
glowing blue switches on the ground. Once you step on one,
another will activate. There are a total of three switches
to step on. Once you hit the third, a Shock Rocket will
appear in the middle of the arena.

Here's the important part. Make sure you reach the can
before the Squash Hoodlum does! If he gets there first,
he'll pound the can and destroy it. You'll have to hit
three other switches and restart the process. If you get
there first, he'll run away. Quickly launch the rocket and
fly towards him. If he's hit, one third of his health will

Repeat the process once more to bring another chunk of life
off. The third time you have to hit him, there will be
three Hoodlum Jr. who come out under the glowing switches.
Smack them and get the Squash Hoodlum for the third time.
He'll now expire.


Rayman will now grab the giant legs and you'll be able to
control them now! An armada of Hoodlums will now emerge and
attack. Strangely enough, they can never aim their guns
high enough to hit you. Move around with the giant legs and
step on the Hoodlums to defeat them. If you're very close,
press A or B to do a quick smash.

Once all the Hoodlums are gone, follow Globox through
another passageway. Jump up and go through the opening that
leads to that big, oddly shaped building to end the level.

= Stage 11: Otto Freud                                    =


You're now in the lobby leading to Otto, the Teensie doctor
who can treat Globox. Beat the three Hoodlums here and
Globox will jump through. Follow him to end the level.

But, as always, scoring is important. If you look directly
behind your starting point, you'll see a hole in the wall.
Jump in and helicopter down the long passageway. You'll
land in a room with a very strange background with two
gold, two red and one GREEM GEM. Go through the green
teleporter to get back to your starting point.

You'll now view a cutscene of Otto and Globox. The doctor
will start plucking Globox's arm and looking for what's
wrong. When he identifies that Globox has swallowed a Black
Lum, he'll take to "drastic measures" and play Globox's arm
like an electric guitar. Andre, who seems to hate body
music, will move from Globox's stomach to a chamber near a
kidney. Otto concludes that the situation is worse than he
thought. You'll now have to see another doctor in the Land
of the Livid Dead. Good luck.

= Stage 12: The Funkyboard Strikes Back                   =

You'll now experience your second Funkyboard experience.
This one is longer and more difficult than the one in the
Fairy Council. You can develop some strategies to use here
in order to collect the numerous gems on the tracks and
advancing through.

At the end of the course, you'll make wrong turn and fall
way down to another teleporter. Looks like you're going to
be sidetracked for a while...

+ WORLD THREE: THE BOG OF MURK                            +

MY SCORE: 59041

With three (!) boss battles and some new types of Hoodlums,
the Bog of Murk raises the challenge bar substantially from
Clearleaf Forest. Just stay out of the piranha infested

Difficulty: 5/10
Types of Enemies: Hoodlum, Hoodlum Jr, Stilt Hoodlum, Block
Hoodlum, Worm, Piranha
Boss: Begoniax, Razoff, Razoff's Wrecking Ball
Quality of Music: 5/10


= Stage 13: Begoniax's Battle                             =


After viewing a slightly disturbing scene of Rayman
dropping into Begoniax's outhouse while it's occupied, it's
time to get down to business. Jump onto one of the large
yellow mushrooms in the water and follow the mushroom
trail. Break open CAGE 11 at the end to get your first
Throttle Copter powerup. Woohoo!

To use the Throttle Copter, jump and hold A to soar.
Collect a few gold gems above the immediate mushrooms, then
fly towards another patch of fungi that have gold gems
lying on them. Collect them all and jump onto the wooden
deck that's lying in the middle of nowhere. Get onto some
more mushrooms. Incedentally, if you fall in the water, get
out right away or you'll take serious damage. Don't say I
didn't warn you.

Keep following the mushrooms until you're face-to-face with
a huge rock formation. You can either go left or right. Go
right for CAGE 12 and some gold and red gems. There's also
a Matavu high up on a wooden platform above the area where
the cage is.

Go left and drop down the wooden shaft to meet up with
Begoniax again. This time, she's not very happy...


Power up a fist and send one flying at her (yes, you have
to hit women in this game) for a free hit. Follow her to
her cauldron for the real fight.

Jump up and punch the elixir in the cauldron in Begoniax's
direction to transform her into a frog. Chase her around
the cauldron and send powered up fists into her froggy
form. When she switches back to her old self, she's bound
to charge at you a few times. You can avoid her strikes
with well-timed jumps. When she calms down again, punch the
elixir again, transform her, punch her and avoid her
charges. Repeat as much as necessary.

Incidentally, if Begoniax succeeds in transforming you into
a frog by punching her own elixir, run away from her. Press
A with a constant pace to go faster until you transform
back. When her health goes down to 0, she'll retreat.


Follow Begoniax until you reach a room with a large mirror.
Collect a few stray gems here and jump into the mirror to
end the level.

= Stage 14: Hoodlums Enjoy Slacking Off                   =


Start out by jumping on each rocky circle, avoiding the
Piranhas who jump out of the water. Collect the gold gems
and make your way to the mainland dock. Your first Stilt
Hoodlum probably assault you here. You can't hurt him yet,
so for now, charge up a fist and defeat one of the Hoodlums
who appear to be playing a game of cards instead of
defending their ground.

Once one of the Hoodlums is gone, the other will get up and
attack. Once you defeat him, you'll get a Vortex powerup.
Collect it and fire it at the Stilt Hoodlum's stilts. They
will whirl around and collapse, and the Grenade Hoodlum who
uses them will be fish food. Anyway, break the Pigpot here,
collect the green gems and get the Matavu who's hanging on
a tree branch. Spin down the two mushrooms with the Vortex
and cream the two Hoodlum Jr. on the other side.

Release CAGE 13 for the Lockjaw powerup. Jump back on the
mushrooms and back onto the wooden deck. Head right until
you're within targeting range of the first Block Hoodlum.
Fire the Lockjaw at him and electrocute him until he falls
into the water. Grapple onto the hook and swing up onto the
ledge. There are several gold gems and CAGE 14 inside a
hollow stump here. Use the Throttle Copter the Teensie
drops to escape and head down the shaft to end the level.

= Stage 15: They Also Enjoy Boating                       =


Before the stage starts, you'll see a Hoodlum who is taking
a shootout at a few Worms. Unfortunately, he's in a bad
spot to do so and he'll get wiped out pretty quickly.

Jump onto the yellow mushrooms and get to the rock where
the foolish Hoodlum originally stood. Wipe out any Worms
that survived (they go down with just one punch) and
collect a Matavu who's hanging out on a tree branch on a
tree that's standing right in the water.

Get the Lockjaw the Worm dropped and make your way to a
second small island. You can beat three more Worms here
(the $ symbol above the third Worm is really just a red
gem). Jump onto the elevated yellow mushrooms and grapple
with the Lockjaw to get on top of the ledge. There is a
sleeping Hoodlum here. Power up your Lockjaw and kill him
in one shot, then break open CAGE 15 for a red gem.

Punch the two tentacle-like creatures and continue down the
path. Kill the two Worms you encounter here. Once you're
back outside, keep going forward and kill two more Worms.
Then, walk across a bridge in the form of a tree stump
(avoiding the Piranhas that jump up) and beat the Hoodlum
on the other side. There are lots of Red Lums here (some
are in a couple of nearby Pigpots), so use this as a small
recovery point. Cross another bridge that's to the right of
the beached boat and kill another Hoodlum. Collect the gems
here and acquire the Vortex powerup.

Quickly make it back to the point where the two side-by-
side Worms were and knock down the three mushrooms here.
Charge up a fist and destroy the sleeping Hoodlum. Get the
Vortex he drops and beat another Hoodlum on the small
peninsula. Collapse the Stilt Hoodlum and give the piranhas
something to eat. After this, you can only wait for the
next wave of Hoodlums.

When they do come by boat, beat the Hoodlum who jumps after
you, then go for the one who's still in the boat. Get the
Lockjaw he drops and grapple up onto the ledge. Kill
another Hoodlum here. Drop down the hollow stump that has a
yellow and a red gem above it to end the level.

But, if you did that, you'd be missing out on a secret
area! Did you ever notice a third boat that was just
visible when you were fighting the Hoodlums? Grab the
Lockjaw powerup, grapple onto the hook, release and
helicopter towards the stray boat. It will move
automatically to an island with several gold, two red and a
GREEN GEM. Use the boat to get back to the mainland.

= Stage 16: That's One Big House                          =


Start off by laying waste to two Hoodlums in the immediate
area. There's also a Matavu hanging on the bottom of the
first large flower you encounter. Once you're all done,
jump onto the wooden ledge to the right and helitoper to
another pile of wood. Break the Pigpot and chase the
Hoodlum who seems to be fleeing.

Charge up a fist and beat the Hoodlum and collect some gold
gems in the vacinity. You should also notice a mushroom
that requires the Vortex powerup to level. Over the first
yellow mushroom is CAGE 16. This Teensie will drop a GREEN
GEM. Charge up a fist and release at the Block Hoodlum here
to sink him, then beat the Hoodlum on the back mushroom.
Collect the Vortex he drops, jump across the yellow
mushrooms and knock down the mushroom that I mentioned

Climb up the mushroom and the ledge and you'll emerge back
outside. Beat the Hoodlum who's shooting stray Piranhas and
the other Hoodlum who is taking cover behind a movable
shield. Break open CAGE 17 for a Lockjaw powerup. Make your
way back to the yellow mushroom where the Block Hoodlum was
and grapple onto the hook when it comes within range.

Swing and jump onto the ledge. A couple of Hoodlum Jr. will
assault you at the end of the tunnel. Pulverize them and
walk outside. Go onto the island that's to the left and
beat several Worms here. Get the Vortex powerup here and
dunk the two Stilt Hoodlums in the piranha water. Jump onto
a bunch of wooden stairs and beat the final two Hoodlums
who seem to want in to a very large manor. And I mean
LARGE. That place is huge! When you beat the Hoodlums,
approach the door and it will open. Enter the manor to end
the level.

= Stage 17: An Evening With Razoff is Murder              =


Once you enter the large manor, Razoff the Hunter will
notice you and move in to intercept you. I really can't
give you a detailed walkthrough for his battle, but here
are some basic tips.


Watch out for his shots. Also, if you get too close to him,
he'll swipe you with his gun.

Razoff will meet up with you in random rooms, shutting the
exit points. Every time you hit him with a powered up fist
here, you'll get a 30 point bonus.

Razoff will sometimes attack you in a corridor. Again, use
a powered up fist to score a bonus, but if you get too
close to him here, he'll run away.

If you somehow manage to hit Razoff straight in the back
when he's fleeing, you'll get 100 points, even with a
regular fist.

Sometimes when you enter a room, the doors will shut and
you'll be visible in Razoff's cross hairs. Hide behind
objects in the room (the trophies and chairs in the middle
of the rooms will be destroyed when Razoff shoots them)
until he runs out of ammo, then leave the room.

In a large room with a clock, CAGE 18 is behind the clock
itself. Release the Teensie for a GREEN GEM.

There are gold gems scattered around the manor. There's
also a Matavu in a room somewhere in the mansion (it's
hanging on the ceiling in a room with a fireplace). Also,
if you break the chains of some strange looking birds,
you'll get a couple of Red Lums for recovery.

Once Razoff's health runs down to 0, he'll retreat to the
lobby and enter the basement.


Follow him to end the stage.

= Stage 18: Razoff's One Man Wrecking Crew                =


Now you'll have to fight Razoff's second form inside the
manor basement. He's now on his wrecking ball and he's not
very happy.


First of all, start out by freeing CAGE 19 on the right of
the arena. A couple of Red Lums will appear on the floor.
Use them for some recovery. Anyway, to damage Razoff in
this form, punch him directly while he's on his ball. If
you're having trouble hitting him, use lateral shots while
you're locked on. They will home in (if he's not too far

When you lower his health enough, a Heavy Metal Fist will
appear. Grab it and hit Razoff to score 200 points and
damage him substantially. However, Razoff will now collapse
the part of the basement where the can rests. You can
prevent this if you keep hitting him while he approaches
the can.

If he does succeed in dropping the can and the platform,
keep punching Razoff until another one appears. Once you
lower his health down to 0, the chain will snap, Razoff and
the wrecking ball will tumble down a hole and the battle
will end. Incidentally, if you should ever fall down holes
in the floor, you won't get hurt. You'll reappear a few
seconds later.


You'll now view a cutscene of Razoff discovering Globox in
his basement (so that's where he was!) and aiming at him
with his gun. Suddenly, those strange birds appear to
defend Globox, and Razoff runs away. He doesn't watch where
he's going, and he bumps into Begoniax, who's finally found
her true love. Razoff tries to escape, but his efforts are
futile. Globox and Rayman then spot a mirror portal that
leads to the Land of the Livid Dead.


MY SCORE: 105547*

The Land of the Livid Dead is a nice change from the eerie
scenery in the Bog of Murk. Still, many new Hoodlums and
longer levels will make the going tough. Be sure to find
all the secret areas for huge points!

Difficulty: 5/10
Types of Enemies: Hoodlum, Hoodlum Jr, Arrow Hoodlum,
Spread Hoodlum, Grenade Hoodlum, Flying Hoodlum, Sorcerer
Hoodlum, Armored Hoodlum, Spikey
Boss: Walking Submarine
Quality of Music: 8/10

*Okay, this score might need some explanation. I was able
to collect massive amounts of points with the secret areas
in the levels themselves and the Funkyboard course. But,
there is a stupid glitch when you pass 100000 points that
you won't be able to score anymore. Any gem you pick up
won't count. Sigh.


= Stage 19: Flying Teensies and Hoodlums                  =


Nice scenery, eh? Enjoy the music and jump on top of a
sitting rock, then get onto another rock (it has the shape
of two stonehenge patterns stacked onto each other) and
free CAGE 20. Note this type of Teensie has a very strange
accent and seems to be able to fly. It's good for a laugh.
Anyway, collect the Vortex he drops and then go crazy with
the gold and red gems in this area when they're worth
double. There's also a Matavu clinging to a wall here.

Once everything's collected, recharge your Vortex and head
into the cave (the one where Globox seems to be admiring
some birds). Pulverize the Spikeys who block the path and
knock down the mushroom when you're back outside. Collect
the gems around the mushroom as well as some Pigpots near
the left wall. Climb up the fallen mushroom and get the
Shock Rocket.

Aim the rocket at the waterfall and steer it into CAGE 21.
You can use the Throttle Copter he drops to continue your
way to a Plum. There's also CAGE 22 to hit with the Shock
Rocket, but he's located past a hole in the rocky terrain.
It's somewhat camouflaged, so find the hole first, then
shoot the rocket in there. This Teensie will drop a Heavy
Metal Fist on top of the ledge. You can't get it yet, but
you will soon...

Anyway, use the Throttle Copter and knock the Plum down.
Kick it down the falls and towards the stake. Beat the two
Hoodlum Jr. who guard the stake before you throw the Plum
onto it. When you're able to get up to the ledge, grab the
HMF you got from cage 22 and charge it up. You'll be
ambushed ahead by a few Hoodlums and Hoodlum Jr, but with
the Heavy Metal Fist to help you, you can make short work
off them.

Once they're gone. Head down the cave and let Globox drink
some Plum Juice. Use the bubble he emits to advance.
Incidentally, there's a secret room here. Turn the camera
so that you can see the cave exit, then use the bubble to
bounce up to a ledge on the left wall. Keep going and
you'll go into a room with a cache of gold gems and a GREEN

Once you've mopped everything up, follow Globox and beat
the two Arrow Hoodlums. Once they're done, you'll meet
(unfortunately) your first Flying Hoodlum. To beat this
irritating enemy, lock onto him and send him lateral shots
because he'll almost always easily dodge straight ones.
Once he's gone, get the Vortex he drops and level the
mushroom. Jump on the mushroom, then the ledge. Charge up a
fist and beat the two Hoodlums up ahead. Release CAGE 23 as

Follow the Teensie and grab the prize he drops. Well, it's
not really a prize. You'll now experience your first SHOE
CART, a freaky battle in between Rayman's right and left
shoes. You'll shrink and fall into a shoe, while the other
one rockets away. You can steer the shoe with the control
stick and activate the turbo with A or B. Turbo into the
other shoe three times to knock it out. If you lose sight
of it, turn around and it'll pop up eventually. Be careful
of where you turbo though since if you slam into a wall
when you're going fast, you lose a point.

Once you beat the other shoe and end the battle, you'll get
a Heavy Metal Fist. Grab it then knock down the gate behind
where the two Hoodlums were. Head down this passage to end
the level.

= Stage 20: Ambush!                                       =


Just as you start the level, a patrolling Hoodlum spots you
and sounds the alarm, alerting the reinforcements. Leave
Globox to shiver in his little corner and fight! Start out
by defeating the Hoodlum, then get the Arrow Hoodlum on the
high platform. Once they're gone, get the Flying Hoodlum
who appears and collect some stray gems here. Eventually,
another Flying Hoodlum an two Arrow Hoodlums will make
their way to you. Once they're gone, you'll get a well-
deserved Lockjaw. Grapple onto the hook and... meet yet
another Flying Hoodlum. They just keep coming, don't they?
Give him a taste of electric power with the Lockjaw. Now
that he's gone, grapple onto the hook and jump onto a
nearby balloon.

You can use the balloons for a nice bounce. Follow the
trail of balloons and collect the gold gems on them. Once
you're on the second high platform, there are a few grapple
hooks and gold gems to the right. Straight ahead are some
Red Lums and CAGE 24. Take the Vortex he leaves you and
jump into the water. To swim, just hold the control stick
in any direction. Spin the mushroom and climb onto it, then
the ledge. Keep going and beat the two Hoodlums at the end
of the trail.

Drop down the shaft here and you'll land in a little room
full of bonuses. There's a Matavu, Tribelle and a hoard of
gold gems to collect (some which require bouncing on
balloons to reach). Once everything's picked up, drop down
another shaft and you'll land right in front of a Shield
Hoodlum. To beat him, punch the things he releases and send
lateral shots flying at him. He'll block them at first, but
switch to the other direction suddenly and he'll get hit.
Three hits will do him in.

Globox will chug some more Plum Juice, so use the bubbles
he releases to advance. Get CAGE 25 at the top for a Heavy
Metal Fist. Use it to break down a gate after climbing a
ladder. There's also a secret room in this area. Do you
notice a lone gold gem to the right? It leads to a
passageway filled with gold gems and a GREEN GEM with some
Throttle Copter powerups. Try to get a 3000 combo with the
green gem by collecting a gold gem on the way up with the
Throttle Copter, then getting the green one with the
powerup still enabled.

Anyway, go through the fallen gate with the HMF and you'll
be treated with your very first Sorcerer Hoodlum. To beat
him, make him appear by aiming for one of the Hoodlums
here, then punch him when he's vulnerable. Four hits and
he'll go down. Defeat the two Hoodlums. Now, a Grenade
Hoodlum will come attacking via a Hoodlum ship, and a few
Arrow Hoodlums will come. Once you beat the Arrow Hoodlums,
get the Shock Rocket and blast the Grenade Hoodlum.

Go towards the Pigpots and beat another Hoodlum here. Break
them and use the Throttle Copter to get some stray gems. Go
through the passageway to end the level.

= Stage 21: The Glass Tower                               =


Go towards the locked gate and beat the Hoodlum here to get
a Heavy Metal Fist. Some Grenade Hoodlums will attack now,
but they're completely out of range, so ignore them. Your
target now is a destroyable gate on the wall. Bash it, beat
a Hoodlum on the other side, and continue down the tunnel.

Once you get out, you'll be able to see a nice looking
tower that seems to be made out of glass. Break the Pigpots
and beat the Flying Hoodlum. Collect the gems and the
Pigpots here if you want, but I'd wait until I have a
powerup in hand. Enter the tower and hit the switch to
activate some steps.

Climb up on the first step and jump onto the next. They
start to sink when you get on them, so don't take too long.
When you make it to the glass stairs, break CAGE 26 for a
Lockjaw. Get the gems on the staircase then grapple and
swing onto the next case. Keep repeating in between the
grappling hooks and the glass stairs until you get to the
top. Free CAGE 27 at the top. Now you'll have to fall down,
way to the bottom.

Activate the helicopter before you land (or you'll go
squish). The Teensie will leave you a Vortex. Take it and
get all the gems outside (you'll have to recharge the power
eventually) as well as a Matavu near a bunch of Pigpots.
Drop down and level the two mushrooms. Get the gems on the
other side and beat another Flying Hoodlum. Collect the
Matavu here as well. Once he's gone, Globox will get drunk
again and release several bubbles when you need to leave
the area.

You should have noticed a Plum under the first Matavu.
Knock it down and carry it towards the fallen mushrooms.
Throw it when you see an orange target on the mushroom.
Repeat for the next mushroom. Now, to get it back onto to
mainland, throw the Plum when you're closest to the edge of
the mushroom as possible (if the Plum gets submerged
though, it will dissolve and you'll have to get a new one)
and throw it. Now kick it towards the stake, pick it up and
throw it on. Climb up on the Plum and the ledge to reach
CAGE 28.

This Teensie will fly up and turn the entrance to the glass
tower into a strange portal. Use Globox's bubbles to get
back up and go through the portal. Once you go through'
you'll emerge in another place, with your first Spread
Hoodlum greeting you at the other end. Sigh. Use six
normal, lateral shots to beat him (or two powered up fists)
and watch out for his tri-shot gun. Get the other Hoodlums
here as well. Get the Heavy Metal Fist, climb up the stairs
and knock down the gate.

On the next floor, you'll meet an Arrow Hoodlum. Try to
punch him though and a Sorcerer Hoodlum will protect him.
Punch out the Sorcerer Hoodlum, then the Arrow Hoodlum. Get
the Shock Rocket and fly it through a narrow hole to hit a
switch on the other side. This will open a gate. Go through
the gate and collect the gems.

On the next floor, beat a Hoodlum and get his Throttle
Copter. Go upward into a Lockjaw powerup. Grapple and swing
onto the ledge. You'll now have to go up a spiral ramp that
circles the room, avoiding explosives tossed by a Grenade
Hoodlum. When you get to the top, beat a Sorcerer Hoodlum
who's protecting the Grenade Hoodlum, then kill the
explosive tosser. Get the Heavy Metal Fist, pick up the
gems and knock down the gate.

Three Teensies, who were trapped behind the gate (not in a
cage though), will fly loose and beat the Grenade Hoodlums
and the Hoodlums near the gate around the stage's starting
point. You'll now have to go through a SHOE CART though.

Pilot your shoe down the ramp and through a narrow gate.
Keep going through passageways until you're at the rez-de-
chausse (ground floor) again, then knock out the crazy shoe
to go back to normal. Exit this room through the portal and
make your way to the stage's starting point.

Once you do get to the gate though, you'll have to deal
with an Armored Hoodlum who's chased away the Teensies. To
beat this tank, get the Heavy Metal Fist, power it up a bit
then release at him. His armor will fly off, so hit him
when he's exposed. Repeat until he's toast. Avoid his
cannon though and if you get too close, he'll grab you and
poor Rayman will taste the ground.

Once the Armored Hoodlum is gone, get the Shock Rocket he
drops (it's located on top of a small wooden tower
accessible via a ladder) and hit the switch to open the
gate. Go through, collect the gems and enter the cave to
end the level.

= Stage 22: We All Live in a Walking Submarine...           =


Break all the Pigpots at the level's start for some Red
Lums, then jump into the water. Swim towards a bunch of
gold gems, collect them and keep going. You'll go through
an underwater tunnel. To navigate underwater, use the
Control Stick to move around and press A or B to do a quick
dodge. You'll need it later...

Get the numerous gold gems underwater, and when you reach a
very large room, prepare for some underwater terror.


To defeat the Walking Submarine, you'll need to use the
torpedoes launched by a mechanical fish against him. See
the little guy in the middle of the sub? Make the torpedo
follow you so that it's going towards the middle of the
sub, then dodge with A or B. The torpedo will rocket
forwards and hit the thing in the sub.

After he gets hit, there will be small energy blasts coming
your way. Avoid them and send more torpedoes in his face.
After he gets hit for a 3rd time, the sub will close and he
will use a laser cannon. Dodge the laser and when the sub
opens again, hit him three more times and he will use his
laser cannon again. The weaker he gets, the more blasts he
will shoot. It takes a total of eleven torpedoes to destroy
the Walking Submarine. There are also some gold gems and
Red Lums around the sub.


Exit the Walking Submarine's room through the open
passageway. Once you're back outside, collect the gold gems
on the docks and enter the large building to end the level.

= Stage 23: The Hippie Has a MD                           =


Get the Shock Rocket powerup, fire it trough the hole and
defeat five Hoodlums on the other side. One Hoodlum is on
the far left on the rafters and two Hoodlums on the ground
will go into a sheer panic. Once they're gone, the door
will open and you can proceed through to Romeo, another
Teensie doctor.

But wouldn't you like a secret area? If you look at the
celing of the room, you'll notice two holes. Get the Shock
Rocket and fly in them to hit the switches (it's very hard
to get the rocket in there though, so practice up!). Once
both switches are hit, a secret room will open with a few
red gems and two GREEN GEMS.

Once you end the level, you'll view a cutscene of Romeo,
the hippie doctor, trying to give Globox something that
"will take the pain away". Instead, he plays Globox's
stomach and head like a drum set and plays a little solo.
Andre, who doesn't seem to enjoy this, flies into Globox's
brain. Romeo concludes that he can't find exactly where
Andre is, so he sends Globox to see another doctor in the
Desert of the Knaaren.

= Stage 24: Goodbye, Mr. Funkyboard                       =

This is the last Funkyboard course in the game, so enjoy it
while you can. Nothing much to say about it, except it's
longer and more difficult than the course in Clearleaf
Forest. It's also possible to score massive points on this

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