3D ArtistStig Asmussen
3D ArtistRhizaldi Bugawan
3D ArtistPaul Haskins
3D ArtistChris Sutton
Art DirectorSteve Caterson
Assistant ProducerNico Bihary
Assistant ProducerMatthew Vella
Associate ProducerSean Wilson
Audio ProgrammerSean Gugler
Character AnimationTakeshi Hasegawa
Character AnimationGustavo Rasche
Executive ProducerDan Van Elderen
Game DesignMike Hally
Game DesignKJ Holm
Lead 3D ArtistDon Livingston
Lead ProgrammerSteven Bennetts
Music & Sound DesignJoe Lyford
ProducerMike Hally
ProducerKevin Potter
ProgrammerLennard Fedderson
ProgrammerJohnathan Hudgins
ProgrammerNathan Pooley
ProgrammerTyler Voltier
Voice ActorPatrice Crawford
Voice ActorWally Fields
Voice ActorTox Gunn
Voice ActorDoug Lawrence
Voice ActorLani Minella


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