Review by RyGuy588

Reviewed: 04/13/04

A failed attempt at a good idea

Your average motorcross game that you would expect to have seen on the N64. The makers of Supercross World seemed to have the idea that a super realistic motorcycle game would go through the roofs. Unfortunately they didn't take the time to fix the bugs. The courses all have the same feel to them and the racing leaves something to be desired.

Gameplay is very limited. You have three options, Career, Single Event, and Head to Head. Career is confusing mode where you must compete in a series of three races. There is no saving between races so I hope that you have time to race through three in one sitting. As you get gold medals you unlock cheats that can spice up gameplay; such as moon gravity and unlimited nitro. As you progress you unlock more bikes which have better stats. There are also unlockable tracks as well. The tricks are few but you must master them in order to obtain nitro to help you win the race. The dynamic scenery is frustrating. There are also minor defects. For example you can be on flat land going straight about to win the race when your bike crashes for no reason. It will leave you throwing your controller at your TV.

The graphics in Supercross World reminded me a lot of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for the N64. The colors are bland and the screen has a gray smoky effect to it. The riders all look the same and their stats don't seem to effect the way that they ride. The tumbleweeds in the desert are flat and they rotate as you rotate around them. I can relate it to a cardboard cut-out placed on a spindle and spun around to always face you. Not very impressive.

Sound is mediocre. There are about fifteen musical tracks but they are all hardcore rock songs. Some of the songs are good but others get very repetitive. Luckily you can disable the songs that you don't like. The bikes engines sound all right.

Replay Value:
I don't think that you will want to finish this game once let only a second or third time.

Even the most involved gamer will not be motivated enough to finish this game. The tracks are bland and the graphics leave something to be desired. I recommend to stay away from this game. I don't even think that it is worth a rental.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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