Review by Turbo Kirby

Reviewed: 10/31/03

Meh, this game was actually okay.

Introduction - This game reminds me a lot of Excitebike for the N64. It is your typical racing game. All of the characters are based on real life motorcycle racers. You race your opponents in different courses: Indoor, Outdoor, Baja, even Freestyle. In each course you can face from zero to six opponents of your favorite motorcyclists!

Gameplay - 8/10

I have to give it credit here, because this game is very fun to play. It offers a variety of courses for you to race on. (My personal favorite is Baja, because you can just explore the course.) But performing stunts, crashing off large hills, and actually racing your opponents contributes to some great gameplay. I myself have spent many hours enjoying racing, against the computer, friends, or no one at all.

Graphics/Sound - 4/10

Sorry, but seriously, the graphics are really not that good. Personally I find the courses very repetitive and dull. Also, the racers all look the same, except they are in different colors. The graphics part received a 1/10. The sound however was pretty good, and I give it a 7/10. You get to choose music to play while your racing, and each tune is very catchy (at least in my opinion.) Also, all the sounds of the motorcycles, crashes, and anything else, are not that bad.

Play Time/Replayability - 7/10

This part isn't so bad. There is no way to really ''beat'' the game, so the game practically thrives on its replayability. Of course, you can race opponents again and again, and to me this did not get tiring. However, it still just doesn't have that great of a replayability, since to many, the same stuff would just get boring after a while.

Multiplayer - 6/10

This isn't the kind of game that you would play all the time with your friends, but it is still pretty good. You might race your friend once or twice before you get tired of it and play a different game, but it still has a so-so multiplayer.

Buy or Rent - I would say rent it. It just doesn't have enough quality for your money. Definitely rent it though, because if you buy it, you will just get bored of it and won't play it. If you rent it, you'll enjoy it while it lasts though. If you are the type who really likes racing games though, you should buy it. If you aren't, then rent it, invite over some friends, and have a day of racing!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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