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Guide and Walkthrough by Prof_Rev

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 08/29/2003

*Turok Evolution(GCN) WalkThru/FAQ (5.0)        *
* by Professer Revolution                       *
*This document is copyright(c)2002 by the author*
*The game is (c)2002 by Acclaim                 *


 This document is intended for private and personal use only, and is
made soley for www.gamefaqs.com and it's readers. I used to let other
sites use my FAQs, but they don't keep them updated or show ads around
them or something else. It's too big of a hassle, so:

1. This document may ONLY be shown on GameFAQs, if it's on any other
   site it is unauthorized. Sorry guys, there's some nice webmasters
   out there, but a majority of you are backstabbing, greasy slimeball
   idiots who don't keep up with the latest version, or change the
   text to promote your own site, show the FAQs with ads around them,
   and so on. So from now on, this and any future guides I write are
   GameFAQs ONLY.

2. You can not reprint this document with intent to sell it or use it
   as incentive to sell a product...Sadly, it's been done before. So
   this little warning has to be here, people are scum.

3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can this document be printed in a gaming
   magazine, e-zine, whatever, or ANY for-profit publication without the
   author's consent. Consent only given upon receipt of large amounts of
   money and prizes.

Version History
5.0--Decided this FAQ wasn't "FINAL" :)
    -Added another tip for RESCUE...Chapter

FIN--Chapters 13-15 added to WalkThru
    -Added tips for ARENA, Chapter 8
    -Added tip for DEATH..., Chapter 5
    -Added CODES minisection at the end of the WalkThru

3.0--Chapters 9-12 added to WalkThru
    -Added "Missing Weapons" Tip
    -Fixed some spacing and grammar
    -Next Revision updated

2.0--Chapters 6-8 added to WalkThru
    -Some submission info added to Chapter 5
    -A few names added to Thank You section
    -Next Revision updated

1.5--Chapters 4 and 5 added to WalkThru
    -misc. grammar and spelling corrections
    -Next Revision updated

1.0--Introduction, Controls, Basic Gameplay Tips in
    -Chapters 1-3 done in WalkThru



1.                           INTRODUCTION

  Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthru for Turok Evolution. THis is
for the Gamecube version, though I'd guess you could use it for the
other ones as well. As far as I know there aren't any console-specific
bonuses or changes in any of the games. 

  Anyway, Turok is a decent game. If you liked the other ones, you'll
like this one as it's more of the same, good graphics, fun weapons, and
enemies that die funny, bloody deaths. If you haven't liked Turok before,
this isn't the game that will get you on the bandwagon. In the post-Halo
era, alot more is expected of a console FPS, and Turok doesn't really
deliver. I'm not trying to start an arguement here, this isn't a review,
I'm just stating my thoughts on the game. And I can do that since it's
my FAQ and all, so nyah! And I obviously liked the game enough to write
this up for it, so even when I'm harsh on it in some areas, I still like
it overall. Except for the flying stages...I hate those, just a bad and
poorly implemented idea if you ask me. But hey, it's in the game, and
this guide will help you get through it...

 Also, I don't have a section on Multiplayer,I'm just concentrating on 
the single player game.


2.                             CONTROLS

Analog Stick: Move forward/back, strafe left/right
C-Stick:      Look up/down, turn left/right
A Button:     Jump
B Button:     Previous Weapon
Y Button:     Next Weapon
X Button:     Weapon Mode Change
Z Button:     Zoom
L Trigger:    Duck
R Trigger:    Fire

Analog Stick: Climb/dive, turn left/right
A Button:     Slow down
B Button:     Bank Left
Y button:     Speed up
X Button:     Bank Right
Z Button:     Camera
L Trigger:    Rocket
R Trigger:    Machine Gun

3.                        BASIC GAMEPLAY TIPS

Learn the Controls

  As in every other FPS game, the controls have to become second nature
to you. Use the first couple levels to get used to them, the turning
speed, strafing, shooting while moving, etc. Get to know the controls
and physics of the game and every situation will be that much easier for
you to handle.

Use Cover

  Another general FPS tip. When you're facing a couple enemies, don't
just go running at them firing wildly(well, sometimes you can, it's too
fun NOT too!), instead use a nearby rock, tree, whatever for cover and
strafe out to blast them when you can. Basic FPS skill

Don't waste ammo

  I'm not suggesting you save every last bullet and arrow, but save some
of the heavier hitting stuff for when you really need it. Don't shoot off
all your Rockets as soon as you get the Launcher, there's probably a BIG
reason it was put there in the first place.

Kill closer enemies first...usually

  Another shooting game general tip, usually the enemies that are closer 
to you pose more of a threat to your health, so deal with them first, then
the ones further back taking potshots at you. THe exception to this is when
you're facing Snipers. You basically ALWAYS want to take out snipers first,
and they'll usually be far away from you.

Keep crosshair ready

  As you're running through the jungle and bases and such, keep your crosshair
lined up in the middle of the hallway, or on doors where enemies may come from,
windows, etc. If you're dashing for a large tree, you don't have to keep your
crosshair on the tree, strafe over to it while checking out the area. You'll 
be much harder to catch off guard.

Have fun!

  Hey, it's a game. If you want to deviate from this document and do 
things you're own way, that's cool. If you just want to blow off some
steam and unload some rockets on small dinos and regular Slegs, go right
ahead! I hope that you use this document to get you through spots you 
have trouble with, rather than following it from beginning to end. You
might know an easier way to get through a certain section(I'm sure you'll
send it in, right?), BUT if there's one level that you just can't get
past, check out this guide and get some help to get through it.

Missing Weapons

  In some levels, weapons that you had before will become unavailable.
This isn't a bug, the developers just thought some areas of the game 
would be too easy with certain weapons, I think. Whatever the reason,
it's supposed to happen so no, you don't have a bad disc. This happens
on all the platforms too.

4.                             WALKTHRU

  There are no spoilers in this Walkthru pertaining to the story, however
for boss fights and area descriptions there are some very slight 
spoilers I suppose. I try to keep them to a minimum though and just let
you know how to get where you need to go and do what ya gotta do. No
cutscene desciptions or anything, just the FAQs(HAH! Little FAQ author 
humor there...okay I'll stop). 


Into the Jungle

  Follow the path to the pile of rocks where it turns to the right, kill
the small dino and continue up the path on the hill where two more small
dinos are waiting in the brush beside the path. Club'em and continue on.

  The path will curve around to the left and you'll see a Sleg soldier
standing between two rocky cliffs. Take him out with an arrow from afar
then continue on the path , through the cliffs. 

  The road will curve to the right and you'll come upon a lake with a 
couple Stegosaurus by it. Run to the tallest rock for cover, up on a
column across the water is another Sleg. Using the rock for cover, load
up an arrow, then strafe out and shoot him, if you miss strafe back to
the rock and try again. Using cover will be a key tactic in this game,
so might as well learn it now. The soldier will drop the TARKEEN KEY
when he dies, now to get it.

  Move across the lake and go right, near the Stegosaurus. The Tricerotops
on the other side will try to run you down(It's pretty cool to see it
knock over some trees though, so you might want to go that way just to
see that, you end up in the same place). Circle around the large rock
formation until you see the low ledge with a Medkit on it. Jump up to
the ledge, then turn left and jump up to the higher ledge. Follow the
path, jumping gaps as needed, around the formation until you get to 
where you can jump over to the column with the KEY on it. Be sure to
grab the pistol at the very top of the formation, you'll definitely
want it(just keep following the path to the top). 

  Grabbing the key will open up a cave that's back across the other
side of the lake, along the original path you were on. So, jump into
the lake and swim back over, and head right. There's a tree with some
arrows and bullets by it on the lefthand side of the road. 2 Sleg 
soldiers are waiting further down the path, blast them with your shiny
new pistol and enter the cave to complete this section.

Jungle Hunter

  Club the tiny dino to your left then move to the cave exit, but stay
inside. There's a couple Raptors on the hills on each side of the path
right ahead, and a baby raptor on the path itself. Use your pistol or
bow to take out one of the raptors(aim for the head), regardless of if
you kill one or not, one shot will send them running away for now, so
take out the baby raptor and move out of the cave.

  Jump up the small incline on the left side(where one of the Raptors
just was), and grab the bullets. Switch to the pistol and follow the
path as it turns right, just as you get to a low hanging vine the 
Raptor(s) will come out at you. Take'em down with the pistol and continue,
another raptor will rush at you, kill it then keep moving until you come
to a large lake surrounded by rocky cliffs and a big fallen tree "bridge."
Move up to the edge of the lake and a raptor will come out from the
right, shoot it then back up and jump up onto the grassy area on the
left side. Jump onto the rock ledge, then onto the bridge and turn
right. Move up to the mossy plateau on the left side of the bridge
and jump over to it.

  Move across the plateau to where you can jump across to another path,
before you do jump though, take out the two Slegs with the pistol or
bow. Once they're dead, jump across and brab some bullets on the left,
then duck into the hollow log to finish this section.

Hunter's Peril

  Grab the pistol and walk along where you can, the path is wider and
it curves to the left and then the right. You'll hear fighting above you,
but there's nothing you can do right now. Shoot the crocs that hang 
around the small patch of trees, then grab the large Medkit
underneath the waterfall if you need. Continue through the water, you'll
have to, and pick up the Tekbow behind the large rock. Use the rock as
cover as you use the Tekbow to take out the Sleg soldiers firing at you
from the patch of land. When they're dead, go over to where they were
and get some bullets and arrows and medkits, then jump back into the
water by the huge dinosaurs.

  Switch to the club and take out the three or four crocs in the 
water with you. You'll see a closed cave under the water to the very
right side of the lake, forget it for now and head over to where the
big dinos are. You'll see a vine covered wall with small medkits lined
up on it. Climb up this wall and the next one, move along the path
towards the circle of columns with a KEY on top of the middle one.

  Keep your club out and try to jump onto the shortest column, they'll
lower into the ground and a group of angry monkeys will come running
out at you. Back away as you swing your club wildly until they're all
dead, then the columns will rise back up. There are a couple medkits
on the edges of this small area if you need. Jump up the columns(OH
BOY JUMPING PUZZLES SURE ARE FUN! Actually, this one's quite easy) and
grab the key, which opens up the cave in the lake. Head back towards
the lake, taking out the Sleg on the path, and jump in. Swim over to
the cave, staying above water, then go under and swim through.

  Surface and turn left and you'll see a couple soldiers on the sandy
area, there's a third that you can't see in a different area, but first
deal with these two using the TekBow or Pistol. Once they're down, get
close to the low wall on the right side of the lake, where it's curves
to the right there's a small area with a raise grassy platform, the 3rd
Sleg is here. Face the grassy platform and strafe left until you see 
him, take him out, then turn back towards the sandy area and head to

  Climb up the vine walls and follow the narrow pathway until there's a
large green wall in front of you, and a tall vine wall to your left.
Before climbing up the wall, take care of the Sleg soldier hiding in
a little nook to the right, then climb up. Follow the path to the dead
end with the tree and another vine wall on the left, climb this wall
then move forward to where the arrows and bullets are on the left. Grab
them and climb up the vine wall next to them, and get ready for some

  When you reach the top of the wall, you'll immediately be under fire
from three Sleg soldiers to the right. One is close by, on your side
of the cliff, a second is on the other side and lobs grenades at you,
and a third tries to cross from the far side to the near side of the
cliff via the vine "monkeybars." Take cover behind the large tree on
the left side of the pathway, then strafe out to quickly take down
the closest Sleg, now rush and fire at the furthest Sleg, and finally
take care of the last one while he's still on the vines. Now, use the 
monkeybar vines to cross the cliff(just jump while you're under them and
you should grab on), then continue on to the left, up on to the wooden
ledge. Jump the gap and move on and grab the Explosive Arrows then jump
down off of the wooden ledge to the flat rock surface.

  Quickly run around to the right and take out the Sleg by the waterfall,
this will attract the attention of a group of soldiers up by the bridge
to the left. Go back to the platform that leads to the bridge and 
quickly run across it, getting your TekBow and Explosive Arrows ready
as you do. Jump across the gap to the large tree, strafe out and fire the
Explosive Arrow at the far end of the bridge, where the 3 soldiers 
should still be grouped. If you only get 1 or 2 with the arrow, switch
to the pistol and finish them off. Sometimes they just fall off of the
bridge too, lucky you.

  Cross the bridge and take out one more Sleg, then turn right and go
over to the Allied Pilot to finish Chapter 1!



  Ah, the flying levels. In stating how I feel about them I don't think
ABSOLUTELY HATE would be too strong of a description. For whatever
reason, they just don't appeal to me. Take Starfox and make it have 
clunky controls and weaker weapons, then add tons of green and brown 
and you have a Turok Evolution flying level. Since they're mainly 
reflex based I can't really give you anything more than tips, save
for the section where you have to take out certain buildings/ships.


  Get used to the controls in the first section, after flying over a
couple herds of dinos on the ground you'll take fire from some enemy
"ships." Fly through the jungled area, once you get past the fortress-
type wall, bank right, into the cave to finish the section.


  Just make it through the cave, then avoid the trees and enemy fire.
The floating first aid things hold Rocket Ammo and Health below them.


  A bit longer, first fly up the mountain to where the rocks fall, enter
the cave just under where they fell from and you'll come out into an
open area where you can actually turn around. First thing you have to 
do is take out the transport jet. It starts right below and in front of
you, just fly after it blasting it with missles and gun fire until it

  Now you have to take out the two AA guns on either side of the large
dam doors. You CAN get both in one run, but if you want to play it safe
take out one(two missles will do), then circle back around for the 
other. WHen they're both gone, the doors will open and you'll dive down
a big waterfall. Avoid the ledges and get to the bottom.


  First, make it through the tight cave, then you'll come to a large
enemy camp. There's 4 Command Tents you have to take out, and a whole
lot of other stuff to blow up. There's two command tents on each side of
the river, they're big and kinda look like green igloos. There's also
a few first aid ballons here with health and rockets and Overdrive.
The tents take about 4 or 5 missles to blow up, you can kill all the 
other stuff but it's not necessary. Blow them all up and then enter the
large pipe.


  Another "just fly through all the crap" part. Shoot down or just avoid
the mines, and don't fly in a straight line or you'll get nailed by the
enemy flyers. Fly past the "junkyard" wall, and you'll see a big airship
take off.


  A big open area. Health is in each of the 4 smaller temples, rockets(
which you probably need by now, and will need ALOT of here) are at the
top of the big temple, and also in the smaller one behind it. Overdrive
is in the lower area of the temple.

  You start off just flying around, take this time to take out some of
the AA guns on the large temple. Keep your health up, then after a 
minute or so the big airship will come into play. Now you have to take
it down...yay...

  I've found the easiest way to do this is in a couple stages. First,
you need to clear out the 3 AA guns along it's bottom bridge. Fly
around so you're approaching the airship from behind and take out one
or two, even three if you can. When you're Health gets down to 30 you
need to dive outta there and pick up some health. You'll be chased by
alot of enemy flyers but if you bob up and down and weave left and right
as you fly you shouldn't get hit too much. If they're causing you too
much trouble, fly to the lower area of the temple to get them off your
back. Load up on health and rockets and approach the airship from
behind again, take out the remaining AA guns on the lower area, then
get the ones on top of each engine(or you can just take out one and
stick to that side as you barrage the main part of the ship). Keep
an eye on your health and dive away when needed. Repeat this as many
times as you need to take out the AA guns. Once they're gone, fill up
for one more run, grab the Overdrive as well. Then fly up behind the
ship again, right by one of it's engine and right up to the "ceiling" 
of the area(the highest the game will let you go). Stay in this position
as you follow the airship around and just unload on it, you'll take
suprisingly little damage as your missles will go for other flyers as 
well as the main ship. You can tell you're doing damage as more of the
ship catches on fire. Keep doing this until the ship goes down. Again,
dive away for supplies when you need. Once the big ship is gone this
hellish flying stage is over. REJOICE!



  You begin in a valley area. Move along the right side of the area to
grab a Sniper Scope for the pistol. Move down into the area with the
bodies to get some bullets and arrows. There's Poison Arrows on the
left ridge, just beyond the valley. Grab them then move to the edge of
the raised platform, there's another one across from you with two 
soldiers on it. Snipe them, then jump down and go left to work your way
around to that platform they were on. 

  Move ahead and jump across the gap and hit the white switch in the 
narrow walkway. Keep heading in the same direction and jump down from
the raised platform, walk ahead until you see the big stone gorilla
head. To the left is the second switch you need to hit, hit it and the
mouth will open to let you through.

  Go inside and there's a pistol and a scope in case you passed the 
first one. Equip them then move to the left with the path. Before you
get to the first stone sculpture(looks like a tall shell kinda) on the 
right, zoom in on the ledge ahead of you. Two Sleg soldiers run out 
onto the ledge, take them down using the sculpture as cover. Move ahead,
in the bushy area to the right are Explosive Arrows, a Medkit, and bullets
to nab. Move to where the path curves to the right and take cover behind
a sculpture and snipe the Sleg ahead. Keep following the path as you hear
shots from up ahead.

  Once the Stegosaurus goes down(awww...), face the right wall and strafe
left, aim at the ledge up above and take out the Sleg up there quickly,
then kill the one below and to the right. Move to the right and grab the
Grenades and Medkit by the sculpture, then take care of the advancing 

  Follow the path as it curves around to the left, stop at the tall
sculpture and turn to the left, there's a couple Slegs up on the ledge
across the chasm. Strafe out and snipe/arrow the first one, then advance
to the next tall sculpture and take the next one when he comes into 
your view. A third soldier will come running down the path to the left,
kill him and continue up the path a bit and another Sleg will come at
you. Move up and you'll be on the ledge overlooking the dead Steg. The
path takes a U-turn to the right, up ahead is a normal Sleg and a Big
Sleg with a shotgun. This is a good chance to try out your Grenades. 
Make the turn to get the attention of the Slegs and throw the grenade
in their path. Usually this will take out both of them, if not use an
Explosive Arrow on the Big Sleg and your pistol or regular arrows on 
the regular Sleg to finish them off. Keep advancing up the path and
you'll see an airship take off, get your grenades ready and slowly 
advance until another duo of Sleg/Big Sleg come out onto the slightly
raised portion of land ahead of you. Toss the nade up there and you 
should get both of them before they can spot you, if not, Explosive or
Poison arrows should do the trick.

  Down to the right are some Poison Arrows and a Medkit, grab'em and 
head back to the raised platform the enemies came from. The path U-turns
again, and there's another grassy nook by the curve with with some arrows
and bullets. Continue up the path and another Sleg will show up, kill him
then move up to the next U-turn where two more soldiers are waiting.
Nade or shoot them.

  Move up to the rock on the right of the path, just before the large
dino carcas. On the ridge to the right a Sleg will show up, you should
be able to snipe him without him seeing you from behind the rock. Move
up the path, past the carcas to the little grassy area with a Medkit 
and arrows. Two Slegs will be bearing down on you from the hilly path
so get ready to blast them, then follow the path up and grab the 
Grenades behind the two sculptures on the left, then kill the Sleg 
that's on the path as it curves left.

  Now it gets tricky. There's two Shotgun Slegs and three regular Slegs
just up ahead. I know there's gotta be a Shotgun around here somewhere,
since the Big Slegs drop ammo, but so far I haven't found it. Anyway,
move up to where the path narrows, just where it opens up to a wide open
area, turn right and toss a few grenades and you should take out a few
of them. They'll start charging you now, either toss a couple grenades
lightly as you back down the path, or wait for them with the Tekbow
with Explosive Arrows. It's not hard, but it's definitely your biggest
test so far in the game. Once they're gone, move out into the open area
and go right, the path will again make a U-turn.

  Move into the area with a bunch of sculptures scattered around. 
Another duo of Sleg/Big Sleg will advance on you. Poison/Explosive
arrows are in order here. Once they're dead, advance slowly until 
another Big Sleg shows up on a slightly raised ledge, take cover behind
a sculpture and take him down with an Explosive Arrow. There's a narrow
walkway to the left of the platform, take it and you're done with this


  T-Rex alert! Move to the left and you'll see a T-Rex eating another
dinosaur. Take a potshot at it with your pistol, then switch to grenades
(save your Explosive Arrows for later) and chuck a couple at it as it
runs towards you. It'll take a couple to bring him down, so keep backing
away as you toss them. Once he's down, move over to the left wall(with
the dino carcas on your right) and face it. Use the scope and strafe
right, out into the open area until you see the Sniper Sleg on the 
ridge in the distance. Take him out and another will come from the
right. Shoot him as well, then move down the path and grab the
Medkit on the left.

  Two Slegs appear by the lake ahead and use the rocks as their cover,
you can take them out pretty quickly by just rushing down there with
some arrows ready to go. When they're dead, grab the Medkit/Ammo under
the left waterfall, then go back towards the small dam in the water.
When it blows up, two Slegs come through the water at you, snipe or
arrow them then continue through the water. Duck to grab the ammo in
the little nook on the right, then you'll come to a space with a big
rock on the right and a cave with some arrows on the left. Aim at the
cave with the arrows with the scope and strafe right until the Sleg
comes into view. Don't move close to the big roxk on the right/behind
you though, or you'll trigger the sniper standing there. Once the Sleg
in the cave is down, turn around and go around the right side of the
big rock. About halfway around, face it and back away, you should be able
to see the Sniper Sleg's head over the rock, which is good enough for
a headshot. Kill him, finish going around the rock to grab the ammo,then
head for the cave with the Arrows. 

  You'll see Poison Arrows on the right, near the big opening, use them
aim at them and look up with the Scope, and inch left until you see the
Sniper Sleg on the far off ridge. Take him down, then face the big
opening and look at the bridge above you, strafe left until you see the
stationary Sniper Sleg. Get him first, then try to pick off any of the
running Slegs that you can to make things easier later. Now, here's 
where things get a little tricky. In this next part there's a lot of
enemies, and they're not always in the same place. I've played this
level 6 or 7 times and each time they spawned differently, BUT there
are some general guidlines I can give you.

  Look down at the pool of water, if you see a troop of enemies walking
from the right to the left, take out as many as you can. IF more soldiers
start shooting at you from the closer ridge on the right, then forget
about it. Either way, move back to the left where the Large Medkit is,
then jump through the small opening into the grassy hill. Move down to
the left, there may or may not be a couple Slegs here but usually there
isn't. Go through the narrow passage on the left, and get your Explosive
Arrows ready. Face back to the right and strafe left out into the open.
An airship will fly in and start shooting at you. Take it down with 4
or 5 Explosive Arrows, strafing back to the wall for cover. Then move 
forward near the edge of the platform so you can see the small bridge
below and ahead of you. There will definitely be a few Slegs and Sniper
Slegs here. Use your Explosive Arrows(all of them if you need) to take
them all out, some may even advance up from the left pathway. Once 
they're gone, or most of them are anyway, rush down the thin path on 
the right, behind the waterfall is a Large Medkit, switch to the pistol
or regular arrows and watch for more Slegs coming from the right.

  Come out from behind the waterfall and follow the path left, taking
out Slegs as you see them, then move into the cave on the right, grab 
the health/ammo, and move to the edge of the cave. To the left is a 
platform with the Shotgun and some ammo on it. Jump over and grab it,
then jump back to the cave, go back the other way. At the entrance/exit
turn right and continue to take out Slegs as they come with the weapon
of your choice(I use arrows). Move across the small bridge and look 
down to the left. Usually there's a a couple more Slegs/Sniper Slegs
by the wall where the path curves to the left. I usually just rush at
them with arrows, but you can hang back and use the bridge for cover
as you snipe them as well. EIther way, move down the path and grab
all the health/ammo on the turn. Again, depending on the situation
there may or may not be another couple Slegs down in the water at the 
bottom of the path. If so take them down, then move down into the water
and grab all the goodies on the right, including the Explosive Arrows
under the waterfall(save'em). Then follow the water to the left and 
you'll come to a tall rock formation, if you need grenades and more
ammo and health, jump up to it from the smaller rock in front. Then
jump up the jutting platforms around the left of the formation, then
jump over to the little opening in it on the right where some health
and bullets are. Follow the path from the opening to grab a Large Medkit 
at the very top of the formation. Go back down and continue through the
water to the land area with the dead dino. Switch to the War CLub and 
jump over the carcas, then club the three baby Raptors there. Grab the
bullets along the right side of the water if you need, then go climb 
the stick ladder by the dino carcas.

  At the top, turn around and zoom in on the little area that looks like
a small, elevated cave. Snipe the Sniper Sleg in there, then get the
Sleg below him, he's below and to the right of the big tree on the left.
Once they're both gone, move ahead on the path to where there's a small
gap to jump over. Beware that when you jump over, you'll be assaulted
by a bunch of Slegs, Sniper Slegs, and Shotgun Slegs. I use the Shotgun
for this part. Jump over and move to the little rock wall indent on the
right side, aim at the path opening on the left and take out the two
Sleg soldiers that come from it. Now, quickly look back to the rock
wall you're against and look up, you'll see the rest of the Slegs coming
down, you can shoot at them from here and they won't shoot back. Just
keep blasting away with the shotgun until they're dead, if one or two
does make it past, just blast them when they get to the path opening.
 Once everyone's dead, cautiously start up the snaking path. At the
first turn a Big Sleg pushes some rocks down at you. Jump over them and
blast him with the shotgun, everything should be clear but keep ready
as you ascend up the path just in case. Once you get to the small cave
at the top, take a breather. One last(big) shoot out and you'll be
home free.

  Follow the path to the left, it will curve right with a wall on your
right side and nothing but air on the left. Up ahead, Slegs will come
out from an opening in the wall. Use regular arrows to take them down,
then wait as you see two airships fly in from the left. WAIT BY THE
WALL. Wait right the opening in the wall, taking out Slegs if they
try to come get you, wait for one of the ships to fly overhead and back
out over the cliff. That means they're both gone. Now you can start 
your assault. Use Explosive arrows and strafe out into the opening. On
either side of the big bridge is a Sleg manning a huge Laser Gun. 
Take them out first, then any other stragglers. Now make a dash for the
bridge and use the Explosive Arrows to take out all the Slegs that come 
running. You'll make wuick work of them. Once you get to the other side,
follow the path left(grab the ammo/health on the right first if needed).
Up ahead on the right are a couple more Slegs with Laser Guns. Explode
them and move up to where the guns are, follow the path around to the
left and you'll see a cave. Head towards it and this section is OVAH!


  Grab the Shotgun and ammo and use it to take out the two Big Cats on
the right. Face where they were and move up. To the very right is a nook
with some bones lying in it, and some health/ammo. In the middle are
two paths that circle around to the same spot, and on the very left is
another nook with a Big Cat in it. Go to the left nook and shoot the 
Cat, then take the left-middle path. Another Big Cat will come running
at you, shoot it, and you'll be in an open space with another split
pathway. Cats come from the left, then one from the right, then a couple
from the left again. Blast them all, then head left towards the bones.
Get the health/ammo, then head back and take the immediate left from the
nook's "doorway," and then the first left in that tunnel, kill the
waiting Cat. Advance as the path curves right, then comes to a T split.
First, go right and grab the Rocket Launcher, save it for now. Then
turn back around and head towards the cave exit.

  Stay inside the cave a bit and look for the Sniper up on the ledge to
the right. Arrow/snipe him then move out along the path where a Sleg is
waiting. Kill it then grab the scattered Medkits, continue along the 
path as it goes right.

  Use the rocks for cover and take out the three Sleg soldiers with
arrows/sniping. The Sniper Sleg also tosses grenades. Once they're gone
continue out to the downward sloping grassy area. Kill the Sleg to the
right, then go left and start descending dowm the pathway.

  Around the first turn there's three Slegs that comes out one at a time
(usually). Pick them off as they come and continue down the path and go
around the bend. At the next turn, use the rocks for cover again and
use your Explosive Arrows to take out the onslaught of Big Slegs, about
6 in total. Then start down across the grassy area and three more will
come from the same spot, Explosiveate them, then move down to the tall
rock. A couple regular Slegs come from the left, arrow/shoot them. Move
down to where they were and a group of 2 Slegs and a Big Sleg come across
the grassy area. Pistol them to conserve your E. Arrows, then move across
that grassy space to the large rock. Three more Slegs come from the path
on the right. Shoot them and advance up the path on the right and more
Big Slegs will show up, Use the E. Arrows to kill them. DON'T USE THE
LASER GUN. It's tempting, but you're a sitting duck and everyone will
just surround you at odd angles where you can't get to them fast 
enough. For this last section I just dash up the hill, firing E. Arrows
at everyone until you get to the left-curving path. You'll take some
damage but you should still be in good shape. Switch to the Rocket
Launcher and fire away at the huge missle toting dino that clogs up the
path. FIre a rocket, then back away to avoid it's missles, repeat a 
couple times and it'll be dead. Move ahead to the doors and this chapter
is done.


 An okay chapter, the "stealth" factor isn't really such a big deal,
as you'll see in my write up. Most of the time you can get into a "safe"
spot and set the alarm off and just take out all the Slegs in an area
and not worry about it, other times you WILL get mowed down. Overall 
it's pretty fun, and definitely better than a flying stage(but what


  From the start, go around the outside of the base to the left to the
big tree. Climb up so you can look over the base wall, then take out 
the Sleg in the watch tower right in front of the tree with arrows.
Turn back to inside the base and shoot at one of the patrolling guards
to set off the alarm. You're basically safe on the tree so pick off all
the enemies with the sniper scope or Tekbow, keep setting off the alarm
until no more enemies come while it's going off. Then jump over the wall
and follow the main path inside the base to the big gate. Flip the switch
to the left of the gate to open it.

  Grab the Poison/Explosive Arrows by the boxes to the right then head
left. Hug the left wall until you get to the open area with alot of 
boxes. If you set off the alarm, wait here and poison arrow any enemies.
When the coast is clear run to the first door on the left and hit the
switch, move in and grab the Large Medikit and this section is done.


  I just go through this area the short and easy way. I'm sure there's
some weapons or something I miss in this area, but we're just trying to
get through the game right? :) Anyway:

  Come up out of the tunnel and go straight ahead to the left of the
small building in front of you. Go around the building then turn left
and run up the ramp to the main gate. If you get spotted, just stay up
by the gate and poison/explosive arrow enemies as they come. Use an 
Explosive Arrow on the laser gun up in the tower on the left. When the
alarm is done, hit the switch. Get your Explosive Arrows ready and go

  Just past the gate, move left and load up an arrow. Regardless of
what you do, a tower Sleg will spot you and the alarm will sound. After
the cutscene a Big Sleg will be right by you, so Explosive Arrow him 
then hug the left wall and follow it until you get to where you can see
the main, lighted path with the bones around it. Head for the path and
Explode/Poison Arrow every enemy around, then wait by a column near the
exit to the left for the alarm to stop. Once it does, hit the switch 
go through the exit to end this section.


  Grab the Flechette Gun on the right, then arrow snipe the two guards
patrolling the main walkway. When they're dead, move up alongside the 
right wall, so that the main path is on your left with a row of tress
and bushes in front of it, and the lighter colored wall is to your right.
 When you get close to the blocked gate there's a Big Sleg with it's
back to you in the trees. Headshot it with an arrow then cross the main
walkway keeping the blockade on your right. On the other side, head left
up the ascending rock pathway and break the different colored boxes
for some health and ammo. Pass up the cave next to the boxes for now and
keep going up, to the short building. Go around to the right of it to 
where you can jump from the ground onto the roof, grab the ammo and then
jump back down and head back for the cave near the boxes.

  Entering the cave, the path goes two ways, start with the left route.
Inch in to the turn and zoom in with the Tekbow until you can see a Sleg
standing in the "hall" of the cave. Kill him then move up to the box,
another Sleg will come walkind down. Take him out however then continue
up the path as it curves left. At the next lighted turn a Sleg is standing
there, facing away from you. Kill him and move up to the next box and wait
for the walking Sleg to come, kill him. Move up to where you can see the 
Sniper Sleg standing on the perch. Headshot him with an arrow then grab
the Quad Shot for the Shotgun and break the boxes for health and ammo.
If you have a little patience, you can snipe a Sleg that walks on the
lower part of the big bridge to the left of the perch now. One less
enemy to kill later, right? WIth all that done, head back to the cave

  Now for the right path. Head up and Tekbow Zoom in on the left side
of the fork in the path. You'll see a Sleg behind a bench, arrow him
then keep inching forward until you can see the second Sleg to the left
of the first one. Arrow him then move into the small area they were in
and grab the Flame Thrower.

  Exit the small area and go left to continue going up. After a short
right turn the path again branches off. Straight ahead leads outside
and left goes up some more. Go left, then climb the ladder on the right
wall. Snipe the Sniper Sleg on the perch then move out there and grab
the Dark Matter Cube. Walk into the rocks to push them over the edge,
usually they'll take out one or both of the Slegs roaming the pathway
below. Snipe the survivor(s) of the rocks then go back down the cave
to the exit outside. At the exit, go right to the building with the
windows. Kill the Big Sleg through the window then jump in for some 
health and ammo. Then follow the path up the mountain as it curves around
to the big bridge.

 Move up close to the bridge, but don't go on it yet. Soom in with the 
Tekbow and you'll see a Rocket Dino with a couple Slegs walking around
by it. The trick is to take out the Slegs without having the Rocket Dino
start coming at you. Arrow snipe one of the Slegs and the others should 
come running at you, but usually(hopefully) not the Rocket Dino. Take
the others down as they run at you with arrows (WITHOUT moving closer to
the bridge) Once the three/four Slegs are dead, zoom in on the Rocket
Dino's head and shoot it with Explosive Arrows. If you run out, use
Poison or regular arrows. If you run out of all arrows, break the boxes
on the left for more, this usually starts the Rocket Dino coming at you
though. Finish it off and head to the left of the bridge where there's
a box with a Large Medikit in it. Grab it then head UNDER the main 
bridge to the smaller one below it.

  Three Big Slegs come out as you advace across, some good Quad Shotgun
action will take them down. Once they're dead, you have to go inside
the towers on either end of the bridge, climb up and kill the Sniper
Sleg inside, and hit the switch. I suggest starting with the one on the
right, then the one on the left since you can reach the top bridge from
the left tower. Once both switches are flipper, go to the first part of
the left tower and there's an opening that leads to the top bridge. Go
through and go left on the bridge to the exit. Done with this section.


  Grab the Medikit and Poison Arrows on the right, then move behind the
tower with the searchlight and face the main path. Poison Arrow the
patrolling guard and, using the tanks for cover, move along the right
side wall and stop at the corner. Turn right and poison the walking
guard. If you set the alarm off, run to the end of this area to where
all the boxes are and wait it out. Then/Otherwise move up to the opening
in the wall, there's two guards inside this square "room." A well placed
Explosive Arrow will get both of them, and set off the alarm(it would go
off anyway, so no big deal) Stay inside the small room and Explosive
Arrow any enemies that come at you until the alarm stops. Then make
your way back to the tanks. There's nothing but enemies in the big
building to the left, so skip it. The smaller building in the middle
has a Spider Mine which will be useful coming up(but there's another 
one up ahead as well, which is easier to grab usually). The gate you
need to get through is on the right at the end of the wall. Quickly
run to the gate between the patrolling Slegs and E.Arrow any one who 
comes at you. If the alarm goes off, wait by the gate until it stops,
then hit the switch and go in.

  Wait for the first gate to close and the second will open, then move
quickly to the small nook on the right with the two boxes. Break them
for some health/ammo then Poison Arrow snipe the two patrolling guards
near the watch towers. Move along the right wall, turn right, and go
to the door on the right by the barricade. If you need a Spider Mine,
and you should get one for the next part, go to the water beyone the
watch towers, jump in and go under on the right side. There's a small
hole that leades to the inside of the building by the right watch tower,
on a table in there is a Spider Mine. Go through the doors and back to
the door on the right side of the barricade.

  Go through the door, into the room with a crate and some chairs,
get the health/ammo inside the crate then move to the other door in the
room and go through. You'll be in the room with the hostages in cages
along the left wall. Go to the opposite end of the room and hit the
switch by the opening to free them. Go outside the opening for some
Poison Arrows on the left, and a Medikit on the right. Go back in to the
hostage room, and the door you came in on is the one on the left, and
the one you want to go through now is on the right.

  Exit the door and run across to the bushes near the opposite wall's
corner. Move quickly to the next set of bushes and turn back towards the
way you came. Poison Arrow the walking guard by the wall, then turn and
face the lightpost in front of you. Poison the walking Sleg there as well.
Now, look over at the far wall, across the base, there's another Sleg
walking there so zoom in and poison it. Run across the field towards the
door with torches on either side. Enter the doorway and you'll see a 
doorway into a room full of sleeping Slegs. Go past it and follow the 
U turn of the building to the area with some boxes. Use a Spider Mine
from here to go into the room and use the speaker(1st mode) to wake 
them up, then use the gas(second one down) or Explosion(3rd one down)
to kill most of them, then run in and kill the rest with the shotgun or
Flechettes. Get your Explosive Arrows ready and move through the door
on the left. There's a Huge Sleg in there, so strafe left into the room
and fire an E. Arrow as soon as you see him. Keep using them until he
doesn't try to get back up. WHen he's dead, break the crate in the other
corner to get the Minigun Barrels for the Flechette gun. Grab the Minigun
ammo the Huge Sleg dropped and go out the door(the one you didn't come
in from). Usually there's a guy standing right by the door, so he sounds
the alarm. Blast him(save the Minigun for now) and run to the right,
keeping the big barricade wall to your left, go across the path to the 
next building on your right. Go in the door on the right and use the 
Shotgun to take out the three Slegs on the ground floor inside. Switch
to the Minigun and move to the stairs, go up and blast the Huge Sleg 
with the Minigun to take him down quickly. Move up the stairs and go
right, then right again and get the Large Medikit in the crate.
Climb up the ladder to the tower and jump up on the crates to reach the
rope. Use the rope to move across the whole area, to another tower
behind the big barricade. Jump down from the tower and avoid the lone
Sleg walking in front of the ramp. Jump up from the side of the ramp 
and go right, into the entrance, to end this chapter.


 Where Chapter 4 was more of a stealthy(or supposed to be anyway) type
of level, Chapter 5 is more of a guantlet of shootouts. Generally, 
you'll be in a large area where enemies pour into from different sides
in waves, and you have to endure. You'll meet some nasty new enemies 
in this level as well.


  The Control Point is in the center, and there's 4 "rooms" around it
like so:


S=Where you start and C=The Control Point

 THe numbers indicate where the swarm of enemies will come from, first
from the right, then the middle, then from the left.

  At the start, run around and smash all the crates for different kinds
of ammo, then head for the Control Point. The enemies will come from
the rooms in order, then a Spawner will drop into the right room. Use a
Rocket to take it out quickly, then move up to the Control Point when
the doors of the glass wall blocking it open up. From the Control Point,
jump over the wall in the left room(3) and move into the open door to
end this section. Basically, just use whatever weapons you want to get
through the swarms of enemies, save some Explosive Arrows for the next
section though.


  Move up to the opening on the left and use a Rocket while the Slegs
are stillg grouped together on the floor, rush in and use E.Arrows to
to take out the remaining Slegs and the guy up on the ledge. There are
Medikits scattered around by the steps if you need, and some Minigun 
ammo. Head up the far steps(the ones with the Minigun Ammo by them) and
use the Shotgun or Minigun to take out the 3 or so Slegs that are up on
this upper railing. Work your way around the railing to the two swithes,
then jump down to the first floor into the raised platform for more
Minkgun ammo. Go through either newly opened door and go down, take out
the Sleg at the bottom near the switch. Hit it and go through the now
open middle gate. Keep your minigun out and just run past all the cages
and Slegs and start shooting at the Huge Sleg at the end of this room.
Keep shooting him and he won't have a chance to fire a rocket at you.
Once he's down, run through the opening behind him and this section is 


  Use arrows to take out the Sleg guards, then stay in the tunnel and
switch to the Shotgun to take out the onslaught of Magicians that
come at you, two at a time. Once they're all dead, two gates on either
side of the room open up, but they lead to the same place. Take either
one and you'll see a glowing key in the middle of this area, don't grab
it yet. Instead, take out all the Slegs on each side first, then grab
the key. It's actually a fake key, and sets off a group of Magicians.
Again, use the shotgun while backing away to take them out. During the
swarm you'll fight two Super Magicians(yeah, my names suck, sorry) who
can fire magic missles or something at you. Just blast them with the
shottie per normal and once they stop coming, the real key will appear
where the fake one was. Grab the ammo and health in the little altar 
things on all the walls, then grab the key and a gate will open up on
the right side. There's a normal Sleg, a Big Sleg, and a Hug Sleg with
Rockets inside. Switch to Rockets or the Minigun(ammo is scattered around
here anyway) and take them down. THe Sleg and Big Sleg come running to
you, but the Huge Sleg stays by the gate, so you can Minigun the Slegs
and switch to rockets for the Huge Sleg, or just use the Minigun or

  Go through the gate, into the room with the pool in it and another
wave of Magicians will come at you. Use the Shotugn to take them out
and the statue in the middle of the pool with sink into the water. Swim
through the hole where it was, through the underwater tunnel, and you'll
come out in a room just like the last one. And again, you'll be attacked
by some Magicians, shotgun them then press the big stone button thing to
open a gate back in the first room. Sooo, swim back there and use the
Minigun to take out the Huge Sleg, then go through the gate to end this


  Wait for the first trap to shoot fire, then smash together, and run
through before the first shoots again. After you make it past this first
trap, 2 or 3(seems like a 50/50 chance between 2 and 3) Minigun Slegs
will appear down at the bottom doorway, they only show up one at a time
though. Move to the left of the next trap, then zoom in with the Tekbow
and step out to snipe the Minigun Sleg, two arrows to the head will kill
it quickly, otherwise just step out, shoot, then move back in while it's
shooting, step back out, shoot, and on and on until it dies. Then wait
for the next on to show up, do the same thing. After the second one, go
through the 2nd Trap, If a third shows up, just move to the side of the
doorway and lob grenades in there until it's dead, then go through the

  Grab all the health and ammo along the edges and move to the left,
keeping your Grenades ready. A swarm of Slegs will come at you from down
the hall. Toss a few grenades as they get a little closer, then switch
to the Shotgun and finish them off. Move to the room at the end of the
hallway(don't grab the Flechette Gun on the right yet or you'll trigger
another swarm). In this room, there's some Explosive Arrows by the right
wall, and a barrel by a cracked wall. Shoot the barrel and the crack
will get big enough for you to see two Huge Slegs with Rockets behind it.
Move to the left of the opening, then duck and strafe with the Tekbow
zoomed in and E. Arrow both of them until they go down for good. It's
much easier to take care of them here than later on. Their rockets will
usually hit the wall in front of you instead of making it to you, but
be ready to move just in case. Once they're dead go back to the Flechette
Gun out in the hall to the (now) left. Pick up the Flechette Gun to spawn
a couple Flame Thrower Slegs near you, plus some more regular Slegs further
down the hall.  Use the E.Arrows to take out the Flame Thrower Slegs(don't
get too close, the explosion of their tanks cna hurt you pretty bad), then
switch to the Minigun to take out the Slegs further down(if you run out
of E. Arrows for the Flame Thrower guys, just use the Minigun as well)
Grab the Minigun ammo on either side of the hall and move down it. Two
more Big Slegs will come at you as you continue along the hallway, Mini-
gun them and keep moving. You'll go past a couple blocked passageways on
the left, we're about to go open them up.

  WHen you get to the end of the hall, go in the room to the right and
Minigun the Huge Sleg inside. Use the middle post as cover as you do so
and he won't even hit you. Hit the two stone button switches in this room,
then turn back and head out into the hallway again. Zoom in at the center
of the hallway with the Tekbow and slowly move back down the hall. 
Another swarm of Slegs will come at you. Arrow them as they come at you,
shoot the Explosive Barrels when they're near them to take out a few at
a time. If any get too close to you, just switch to the Shotgun and blast
them. When this swarm is taken care of, take the first passageway on the
right, a couple more Slegs will be waiting for you. Shotgun them then 
turn right and Minigun the three enemies down by the boxes. Go where they
were and jump up the boxes and hit the stone button on the ceiling, this
closes the passageways back up, less enemies can come at you now, which
is good. Then move to the now closed passageways and go into the second
one on the left and grab the rockets. This causes the room to close and
a couple Magicians to appear and come at you, kill them and the room
opens up again.

  Move left, then turn right and you'll be in the area where the two
Huge Slegs were, hopefully you kill them earlier, if not just use the
Rockets or any Minigun ammo you have left to finish them off. Move into
the room with the elevator and get your Rockets ready, on the other side
is a Gigantic Sleg(yes, my names are very creative) with a Minigun.
Three Rockets will take it down, if you run out just chuck grenades at
it and use the posts for cover. Once it's dead, hit the switch by the 
cage and the elevator will come up. Get in to end this section.


  In this part, you have to destory six computer Terminals to shut down
the reactor. You begin in a large room with two closed gates on the 
right, one closed gate on the left, the back of the area is fenced off,
and the reactor is in the middle(There's a third Terminal up on the 
second floor of the reactor, that you can arrow snipe to break, but it
doesn't matter if you get it now or last):

More amazing ASCII art:
          |              |
     |E___G     (2)      G___D|
          |    (CORE)    |
      ____|     (1)      |
     |S___G              |
          |              |
          |  <elevator>  |

  There's also Small Medikits on top of all the little generators in this
room, jump up to grab them when needed, but don't get hit by the steam.

  The (1) and (2) are the first two terminals you want to take out, but
before you do, kill all the Slegs in this big room first. Taking out the
Terminals now will just add to the number you need to kill. Use the 
Shotgun or Flechettes or Arrows, then take out the (1)Terminal, this 
opens the (E)xit (which we won't see for a looong time yet) in the second 
(G)ate on the left. Then take out the (2) Terminal, behind the core, near 
the fenced area, this opens the first (G)ate on the left and activates
the enemy (S)pawner inside. Move to the opening of the Gate and shoot 
the emerging enemies with FLechettes or the Shotgun as they appear. Once
they stop spawning, move in and grab the Shotgun and Minigun ammo at the
corners, and hit the switch on the back wall near the Spawner. This opens
up the (D)oor in the (G)ate on the right side, and enemies will start 
coming out of it as well. Use the Minigun to take the first couple out,
then stay by the door and wait for a few more to eventually make their
way to the door and mow them down. 

  Go through the door and turn left into the long, ascending hallway.
Mow down a couple more Slegs in here and keepin going up until you get
near the closed gate in front of you. A couple more Big Slegs come out
at you here, Minigun them then go right into the room with the large
boxes in it. Immediately turn right in this room and take out the Sleg
in the corner, then move around the outside and take out the other 2
or so Slegs in here. When they're dead, use the small boxes near the 
room entrance to jump up onto the larger ones and grab the Large 
Medikit and ammo, then jump across to the other set of boxes and grab
the Flame Thrower and Fuel. Then jump down and hit the switch in the 
corner to open up the gate back out in the hallway.

  A couple Slegs will come into the room from the gate. Use the Shotgun
to kill them, then jump back up onto the large boxes near the room's
entrance, a couple more Slegs will come through the gate and into the
room. Back away form the entrance when you see them, then switch to the
club and jump down and whack'em. This is a good way to save ammo and get
some health if you need. Once they stop coming through the door, switch
to the Flame Thrower and use it's second firing mode(the flameball one,
not the regular flame thrower fire). Move right, into the hallway and
spam the lower turn with the flameballs as you approach it, a few shots
will do. A couple Big Slegs will come around the corner but they should
fall victim to the fire, if not just shoot them again. Turn the corner
and you'll see another big room with some big generators up ahead, and 
also a couple Slegs. Wait by the corner and as they appraoch, roast them
with the flameballs. Then switch to the Grenades and move up to the room,
toss one down the immediate right turn to get a couple Slegs waiting there,
use the Shotgun to finish them off. Then move along the outer wall to the
center of the room where there's some Health and ammo, then quickly move
to the far end and climb up the ladder and destory the terminal. There's
some ammo and health around the column up here as well. Wait up here
because another wave of enemies comes from the hallway you were just in.
Just wait for them to start climbing in the ladder, and club'em when they
get near the top. This saves ammo and will get you some health to boot.
When they stop coming(there's about 4 waves of 2 Slegs each or so), fall
down over to the top of the big generator, then jump up on the pipe that
you can reach. From this pipe, jump on the lighter colored end piece of 
the higher pipe, and move to where you can jump up to the girder above
you. Jump up and go left on the girder to the little nook with the boxes
and grab the Gravity Displacer Gun and ammo for it. This will come in 
handy for the rest of this section. Now go back down the girder and
pipes to the floor, and move to the newly opened gate to the right.

  Charge up the G.D gun and move through the gate, a couple Slegs will
come at you, just release the fire button and they'll get wiped out.
Charge it up again and climb up the ladder on the right side, there's 
Slegs on this platform, but for now just keep the gun charged and 
climb up the next ladder right in front of you. This leads to a small
hallway with about 5 Slegs in it and a Terminal at the end, move left
into the hallway and unload the Gravity gun to take out most of the 
Slegs, use a Shotgun or Flechettes to take out the survivors, then
move up to the Terminal and blow it up. Jump up the boxes to grab the
Large Medikit and move back down the short hallway. At the turn, switch
to the Tekbow and arrow snip the three or so Slegs on the platform, then
inch towards the ladder and look to the right, towards the reactor core
and there's 3 Sniper Slegs on it. You can only see two from this angle,
so carefully Arrow Snipe them using whatever arrows you have left, 
ducking back and using the wall as cover between shots. When the two
visible Sniper Slegs are dead, drop down to the platform and go right
to the Core, grab the Grenades by the boxes, then go around the circle
platform to where the 3rd Sniper Sleg is standing. Take him out however,
then go back to the platform and climb up the other ladder(on your right
now) and there's another short hallway with 5 or so enemies in it. Just
chuck a few grenades down the hall and they should take care of most 
of them, then move in with Flechettes and take out the rest. Go down to
the Terminal and break it, get the Large Medikit on the boxes, and go
back to the core. If you already broke the Terminal near the core, the
exit will be open with some enemies coming through it. If not, go to
the core and hit the last Terminal there to open it. The only enemy you
have to worry about is the Huge Sleg with the Rockets near the exit. 
From the core, jump down towards the Gate with the Exit and Huge Sleg
by it, use the Minigun as you run by it to the exit. You don't have to
kill it, just keep it from firing at you until you get to the exit. You
could also use an Explosive Arrow to take him off his feet if you have
any left. Move to the now open exit tunnel and this section is OVAH!


  This is a pretty annoying level, but it's not too bad. In the first
part, the trick is to just keep moving no matter what, and don't go
into any of the rooms you don't need to.

  You start out in a closed room, go left to the boxes and jump up them
to get to the vent shaft up above. Get your shotgun ready and follow the
vent around to the room with the Sleg and Big Sleg in it. Blast them 
enough to get to the exit on the left, then go left in the hallway and 
keep running as everything blows up around you, shoot any enemies in 
front of you, but don't stick around to finish them off. The doors at the 
end of the hall will blow up, go through them and get the Large Medikit, 
then go right and shoot the Big Sleg in the hall. Keep running down this 
hall and take the last door on the left.

  You'll be in a room with two enemy spawners in the middle, and two 
little nooks on the sides with Large Medikits and various ammo in them. 
The spawners will activate and troops will start coming out. Stay inside 
one of the nooks and use the Chaingun, then Flechette Gun, then Shotgun 
to take out the waves of Slegs. Once they stop coming out of the spawners, 
the two doors at the end of the room will open and a couple more Slegs will 
come in from this way. You can't leave this room until you blow up the 
spawners, so use Explosive Arrows and shoot at the inside top of them to 
take them down fast. Once they're gone move into the next large room with 
the antenna looking things inside. Head across and take out any straggling 
Slegs, go through the opening on the far right side. You'll be going up 
some winding steps, switch to the shotgun and take out the Slegs as they 
come down the steps and soon you'll be at the top. Switch to your Minigun 
and take out the Slegs at the top of the stairs. Go right and enter the 
opening to the tall chamber, there's a couple more enemies in here,so kill 
them then go by the computer in the center to get the War Plans. Once you 
have them, move to the down ramp and Minigun the last couple Slegs at the 
bottom, then go left to the exit. 


  Use Explosive Arrows to take out the 8 or 9 Slegs that come at you in 
the first big room, don't forget to kill the guy up on the right side of 
the  antenna. Grab the health and ammo around the edges of the room and 
move through the door to the next smaller room. A Minigun Sleg is in the 
center of the room and two Shotgun Slegs are on either side, take out the 
Shotgun Slegs first, using the center area as cover from the Minigunner, 
then switch to the Minigun and give the Huge Sleg some of his own medicine. 
When they're all dead, move into the hall and Minigun the Huge Sleg to the 
left of the doorway. Grab the Large Medikit, then turn around and run down 
the hall, Minigunning/E. Arrowing the Big Slegs that are in the little 
trenches. Grab the health and ammo at the end of the hall then move into
the next room. Grab the Minigun ammo and three Huge Slegs will spawn.
Just start with one on the sides, say the left, and walk in a circle as
you minigun them down. So get the left one first by walking to it while
shooting, then turn to the middle one by the door and walk to it while
shooting, and finally get the one on the right the same way. Once 
they're all dead the door opens. Grab the Large Medikit in the center of
this room and move through the door.

  More traps here. Jump as the blade is moving down, then inch towards
the next trap and wait for the huge log to slam into the wall, quickly
go around it to the right and grab some ammo, then jump over the second
fire/blade trap and you'll be at a turn. Listen to the coversation if
you want then head down this next hallway doing the same thing, blade/
log/blade. After the last trap a Flame Thrower Sleg comes out from the
right. Kill him with Flechettes or whatever you want, then go in the 
hole in the wall on the right to end this section.


  Kill the two slegs in the first room however, then duck to go through
the last barred "window" on the right. Go through the tunnel, grab the
Large Medikit on the right if you need by the window before the end of
the room, then go under the grated floor with the Gigantic Sleg over-
head(yeah, you'll see him later, no you can't hurt him now, bummer)*, 
then back into a lighted tunnel. You'll end up underneath all the prison
cells. Go right, past the puking guy, and a cutscene will start when
you see the Wise Father. This shows the general layout of the area.

* From Brian Jordan:
You can kill him ahead of time using the rocket launcher.
You have to fire it at just the right times or you'll run out of rockets.
It's probably a waste but it can be done.

  Continue under the cells to the right, and there's an opening in the
right wall, go through, and under another grated floor and back into
another tunnel. The next room is just like the first one in this level,
there's a couple Slegs walking around and a Rocket Launcher at the very
last window. Go to the next-to-last window and arrow snipe one of the
walking guards, then go to the last window and grab the RL, the other
guy is usually on the right side when you come out, so Explosive or
Poison Arrow him, then grab all the ammo in the room from the crates.

  Hit the switch to open the door on the right side, then go into the 
short hallway that leads to the wide open, round prison area. Arrow
the walking guard on the left, this will cause a Big Sleg to come
running from the left and two normal Slegs to come from the right.
To take them out easily(and since you have more Rockets in this room
anyway), back into the room and wait for them to get to the short
hallway, then just fire a Rocket or two at them. Grab the rocket ammo
then quickly move into the large prison area.

 Now, things get fun(and hard). This area is basically a big circle
with the prison cells in the middle, and closed gates along the 
outside wall. Enemies come in waves, and they come from one of the
gates that opens when the buzzer sounds. From the door you came in
all the gates open to the right, counter-clockwise I gues you could
say. There's 7 waves total, with the Jailor being the 8th and Final
Wave. Here's the breakdown:

WAVE 1: (5) 3 Slegs, 2 Big Slegs
WAVE 2: (5) 4 Big Slegs, 1 Huge Shotgun Sleg
WAVE 3: (5) Big/Normal Slegs
WAVE 4: (6) All Big Slegs
WAVE 5: (1) Gigantic Sleg(you saw earlier)
WAVE 6: (5) Big Slegs
WAVE 7: (3) Gigantic Sleg, 2 Huge Minigun Slegs
FINAL:  (1) Jailor

  It's best to get near the door of the next wave so you can get the
srop on them. The Minigun will be your best friend here. After each 
Wave, or even better, when there's only 1 guy left, go into the newly
opened doors and smash the crates for health and ammo. Use already
opened door for cover if you need. You usually can't make it to the
first wave's door before it opens, but heads towards it and whip out
the minigun, fire as you approach and try to get the Big Slegs first, 
but just shoot any nearby enemy. Try to leave 1 normal Sleg so you
have time to break all the crates in the newly opened room. Do this for
the first few Waves, then for the 4th of all Big Slegs, use a Rocket to
take out most of them, then Shotgun the survivors. Then switch back to
the Rocket Launcher for the Gigantic Sleg that comes next. Don't kill
him right away, instead just run away and break all the crates you need
for health and ammo, then 3 or so Rockets will kill him.

  For Waves 6 and 7, try to save some Minigun ammo(50+ rounds) for the
last guy, but use what you can to take out the Big Slegs, then use 
Rockets and Explosive Arrows for the 7th Wave. The Jailor comes out of
the center area. If you have Minigun ammo left, aim for one of the two
doors to the center area, and start shooting when he comes out, his 
Laser Gun messes you up, but if you have enough Minigun ammo left you
can kill him before he gets out the door. If you run out, use the Quad
Shotgun Barrel and circle around crates avoiding him until you get it
all loaded up, then rush towards him to get him to do a Melee attack,
and blast him, then keep getting near him to make him swipe at you and
just Shotgunning him normally until he's dead.

From LLiving203:

Hey this is one big puppy but he drops with one poison arrow. 


From Eric Arnold:

After you hit the switch to open the door to the prison cell area do NOT
walk past the door (allowing it to slam behind you). You can start the 
monster wave attacks you describe if you shoot an explosive arrow or 
two from inside the room at some of the crates in the prison area. Most 
of the waves are easy to pick off from inside the room (and you have an 
extra rocket pack in the room). If you get pressed hard, and before the 
mondo-ugly boss-types come for you, you can duck back into the tunnels 
and bulk up on left-behind supplies. They will not follow you into the 
tunnels and when you come back you can safely shoot the ones that stupidly 
stand right in front of tunnel exits. They can't seem to shoot you. The 
biggest boss was so tall he couldn't fit under the switched-open door and 
he was also a sitting-duck.


From Don M:

I found a 'trick' during the "rescue the Wise Father" stage. Once you 
get to the room just outside of the round prison area, take out the 
first few waves (until the first big Purrlin is released at you) from 
the hall between the room you're in and the round jail area SAVE YOUR 
EXPLOSIVES!!!!. Once you've done that go back into the tunnels until 
you're under the one that held the Purrlin. 

There you are completely safe NOTHING can touch or shoot you. Wait 
around as all the slegs come into the room, the Turrlin will kill a 
few of them as well as the second Turrlin and a few of the other big 
ones. Use your grenades (with the spikes out), explosive arrows and 
rockets (from a distance) and kill anything left inthe room. The jailer 
will finally come in and you can kill him with a few grenades. Once he's 
gone, you can leisurely stroll around the jail area and restock all your 
weapons and health before freeing the Wise Father and moving to the next 


  Once he's down, go in the center area and up the elevator, Club the
computer Terminals then go back down and open the prison doors with 
the switches next to them until you get to the Wise Father's cell,
he'll come out and run to the door you need to exit through. Take some
time and break any crates for health and ammo, then go to him and go
through the door, keeping him behind you.

  In the next room there's a Huge Sleg, use Explosive Arrows on him then
use them to take out the Slegs rushing in from the hallway at the other
end of the room. Switch to the Shotgun and move to the hallway, turn
right and blast the Sleg there, keep going straight at the first inter-
section, then go right, and the hall turns left to where a Huge Sleg is
waiting right in front of a door. Kill it with Rockets or E. Arrows,
then go through the door to the room with the elevator in it. The Wise 
Father will flip the switch and this Chapter is done, except for the 


  Watch the cutscene, or don't, then get ready for Chapter 6!



(Thanks to Eric Grousse' for info in this section)

  From the start, go left around the small stone structures. If you go
between them there's a trap that will kill you. Then stay close to, and
jump over the roots of the big tree to avoid the falling boulder trap.
Go to where ther Stegosaurus is, watch for another falling boulder trap,
and jump up the stone steps on the wall. It looks like you can't make it
to the top one, but jump over to it and you'll climb up to the top of it.

  Load up your Quad shotgun and wait for the Raptors to come from the
middle path. One usually sets off a trap and gets killed, but the other
one usually makes it to you. One Quad SHot will bring it down. Now,
there's three ways you can go from here, three paths(even though it
just looks like a big, open, bushy area. We'll call this spot you're in
the "start" just to keep it simple(even though it's not the start of the
area, you never go back to the real beginning). So if I say, "then go
back to the start" then that means come back to this area with all three
paths in front of you. 

  First, go left along the edge of the cliff, to a narrow walkway with
the first key on it. If you need health, keep going past the key and
get the Medkit, then turn around and go back to the start. This time,
take the right path and have your Club ready. Go between the broken 
walls and you'll see the second key floating above the stump on the
right. A few tiny dinos come running out, club them, then move to the
stump. You can't climb up it, but there's a way to get the key. Go near
the cliff to the right of the stump, and look for the tops of some
plants jutting out from the side. Inch out until you can see the platform
below, then drop onto it. Go in the cave and climb the ladder up to the
top of the stump. When you get near the top, get ready to jump up to
the key. Once you have it, go baack to the start with your Shotgun
ready to go.

  Now we'll take the middle path. This way is full of Raptors, but 
there's nifty trick you can use to take a few out. One the turn to
the right there's a "grabbing" trap that kills you or the enemies
instantly. You want to lure them into setting this trap off and then
Shotgun the survivors. The Raptors come in 3 groups of 2(there's 
more later, but we'll get to them). Move forward slowly until you
hear and see the Raptors rustling, then back up so you're NEAR the
corner trap, but not close enough to set it off. Stand at an angle
to the Raptors that makes them run through the trap to get to you.
It usually kills one, and you have to get the other. Do this for the
first pair, then move around the curve until you see the next pair
(watch out for the boulder traps near the trees as well), then run 
back to the corner trap and wait for them again. Kill the survivor
then continue one more time even further around the curve. One last
pair that you can use this trick on will come at you, so back up to
the trap again and shotgun the survivor. 

  With them dead, go all the way around the curve to the open area
with the bone gate on the right. A couple more Raptors are waiting
for you near the gate, and there's a few more traps here. A couple
boulder traps and a grabbing trap on the stone pillars in the middle
of this area. You don't even need to get near them, though. Kill the
Raptors then move to the bone gate. Now, with the bone gate on your
right and you facing the stone wall to the left of the gate, strafe
left until you see the cave opening a small distance away from the

  At the other end of this cave is a room with the last key and some
tiny dinos inside. Wait by the exit and shotgun/club the tiny dinos,
then go in and get the 3rd key to open the bone gate completely. Go
back out of the cave and through the bone gate with your Shotgun 
ready. Kill the tigers by the base, and a wave of magicians will 
come at you. Kill them all with the shotgun, get the ammo at the
edges of the area if you need it. Then head into the city.


  Immediately go left outside the starting building with your Shotgun 
out, move to the guy in the corner and a cutscene will start. Once it's
over, turn around and blast the Raptors(with his help) that come from
behind and from the right. Once they're dead he opens up a passage for
you. Go through and jump over to where the baboon is sitting, club it
and move along the platform, around the turn, to the narrow passageway,
clubbing a couple more baboons on the way. Get your Explosive Arrows
out and wait for the swarm of monkies to fill this passageway, E. Arrow
them until they're all dead, then go through the narrow passage and 
left, into the open space. Club a few more baboons, then climb up the
ladder on the wall right by the entrance. From here, jump over to the
ledge with the 1st Key on it. Go inside the tower to get some health
and ammo, then go all the way back to the beginning where the guy was

  Now go left and you'll see the 2nd Key in front of you. Grab it then 
go left and the final key is in the building on the left. When you
grab it, a wave of Magicians comes at you, but if you back up a little
off the ramp, they'll get stuck in it and you can pick them off easy.

  If you want some ammo and feel the need to kill another Raptor, go
around to the back of this building and kill the Raptor and grab the
Shotgun shells. Then, go to the burned out building across from the 
one with the key and go left, find the hole in the wall that you can
duck through, then look at the door to the right and get your shotgun
or E. Arrows ready. A groupd of Raptors runs by, and one runs in the 
door at you. Kill it, then go out of the door and head to the right
first, and grab the ammo at the dead end. Turn around and head back the
other way.

  There's a Raptor just past the big tree on the right, kill it then
turn left and move forward and kill the other two with E. Arrows as well.
Now you'll be up against some odd looking dino-bird things, I'll just
call'em Dodos for no reason in particular. THere's 3 total, two come
from the left and one on the right. If you inch forward you'll be able
to E. Arrow snipe the one on the right before it sees you. THen move
forward to trigger the other two on the left, E. Arrow them while they're
still far away, then move to wall with the ramp going up on the left
and go over it. The opened bone gate is on the right, go through and
this section is over.

  Right away a thin dino comes running in from the right side, followed
by a bunch of tiny Raptors that spill in from behind you. Club the 
first one, then turn around and kill the tiny dinos. Then head to the
right where the 1st one came from. Keep clubbing the tiny Raptors as
they come at you from everywhere. After the tiny hill there's another
bigger dino to the right, club it as well and then take the passage on
the left.

  Go underneath the stone archway and a bigger dino will come at you
from the right, and more tiny ones from behind as well. When they're
dead jump up onto the left edge, then up again and go up the steep path
to nab a Large Medkit, then go back down. Go under the next archway
and you'll be in an open area with some walls and three cirles of 

  First, go right, between the row statues, then turn left and you'll
see the 1st Key in the circle there. Once you grab it the statues come
to life. Use the shotugn to take them out as you work your way back to
the entrance. From here, the next key is in the left circle that's 
closest to the entrance. Run and grab it and more statues come to life,
and the last key shows up. Go back towards the entrance, and this time
take the middle path, then on the right is the last key. Grab it and
keep going straight, then turn left and go through the, now open, bone

  This next part I just run right through, you can play it slow and try
to take everyone out, but it's easier and quicker and safer to just 
run like hell. Just run straight ahead, shotgun the Raptors if they 
get close, and go to the felled log. Jump up on the right side of it
and run acorss it and jumpo over to the cliff. Two sniper and a Shotgun
SLeg will be shooting at you the whole time, but if you keep moving
you'll be fine.

  Go into the temple and a big wave of Magicians attacks you. Just back
away and shotgun them as usual, then hit the two stone switches to 
bring up the elevator. Go down and walk into the hall and this section
is over.

From Micheal DiPierro:

  As soon as you enter the water, dive down to the bottom, there's a
cave with the Plasma Disrupter in it.


  Go out onto the platform and shoot the sniper on the perch to the
right with the key on it, then jump in the water and swim over to it.
Climb up the ladder and get the key. You have to watch out for the big
dinos in the water, they thrash about above ground and can smack you,
but in the water they're pretty harmless as long as you're not near 
their mouth.

  From this perch, turn and snipe the Sleg on the island in the middle 
of the water, then jump in and swim to the island. There's another Sleg
on the other side, so shoot him, then swim to the next ledge with a key
on it on the right. 

  Now, jump back in the water and head back towards the 1st perch, but
go under and swim to the left, into the underwater cave. Swim to the
other side and swim over to the island and take cover between the sets
of stone pillars. Snipe the Sleg on the platform in front of a cave on
the right side, then look down and shoot the Sleg right in front of you.
Turn around and take out any other Slegs you can see from here, there's
a couple on the island right by the one you're on, and maybe another to
the right. Then jump in the water and swim over to the platform in 
front of the cave. Climb up and go into the cave.

  When the cave forks, a couple Magicians will come at you. Take them
down the usual way, then take the right path first to get some health
and ammo, then go back and take the other path. It leads up to a Sleg
looking out of a steep opening. Kill it, then take it's spot and look
for a couple more Slegs to snipe from here. THere's one to your 
immediate right, and another on an island further to the right. When
they're dead, jump down towards the island on the left of the boat. 

  Climb up on the island, then turn back towards the boat and scan the
cliffside up ahead for a couple more Slegs to kill. Once they're dead,
use the bridge to get to the boat, and get the key inside, then swim
across the ledge with the key opposite the boat. From this ledge take 
another look over to the cliffside and small island near the columns.
Jump back in the water and swim to the further island, that the bridge
from the 1st leads to. From this island swim over to the double wooden
platforms on the right wall. Climb up to the first one, then jump and
climb up to the key on the second. Then jump back in the water and
swim to the small island with the last key on it, near the cliff.

  Once you have all the keys, swim over to the wooden platform in front
of them, and jump down to the first one. You can also just get on the
first stone pillar from the water. Then carefully jump across the 
pillars to the wooden bridge. Look down slightly and jump just before
you reach the edge of the pillar. Once you're on the wooden bridge,
jump up to the left onto the land and drop into the hole in the cave.


  Follow the path as it curves to the right and use Explosive Arrows to
take out a couple Raptors, then zoom in and snipe the two Dodo things.
Move along the path until the cutscene, then move up and grab the Plasma
Cannon and Seeker Lens. Then go around to the other side of the big rock
and dispose of all the enemies using the Plasma+Seeker, there's about
5 or 6.

  Go under the archway and two more Slegs will come at you, shoot them
then continue down the path and even more enemies will come out. 3 
Big Slegs and a couple regular Slegs. Flechette/Plasma/E. Arrow them
and continue along the path to the right and you'll end up in an open
area with a lot of dinosaur bones.

  Wait at the first big bone near the entrance and use the Tekbow to
zoom in and snipe as many Dodos as you can see, there's about 4 total.
Go around the perimeter of the area, starting to the right, and grab any
ammo from the edges, then go under the bone arches to the left of the

  Club the tiny dinos and move to the end of this path with the wall
with a switch on it. Hit the switch then stand near the right stone
and club the tiny dinos that come out. Then go in and this section is


  Grab the Large Medikit on the left, and the Plasma Cannon in the 
other passage, then drop down into the open space. You were on a big
stone head, and the mouth shuts when you hit the ground. Now you just
wait a little for a wave of Raptors to come in. Once they do, use 
your Shotgun or Plasma to take them out and the mouth will open. 

  The first time you hit the button, you get a cutscene showing you
where to go. There's a door on the right that opens when you hit the
button and slolwy closes. TO get there, jump in the mouth and face
towards the wall the door is on, so you have a straight shot at it.
Hit the button then run over to the door. You should have time to spare.
Once those doors close, back into the switch on the wall at the end of
this little room. Then run forward, staying in the middle of the 
area. Once you're out the doors, jump over any fallen pillars in your
way and run to the bone gate before it closes.

  Climb up the ladder on the left and club the two monkies. Then jump
over the gap to the right, and follow the winding path to the next gap
to jump, jump over it to a cliff. Get the Rocket Launcher on the left
and then climb the ladder on the right.

  Explosive Arrow snipe the enemies on the bridge, 3 or 4, then walk
onto the bridge, avoid the falling pieces, and a cutscene will start.
That's the end of Chapter 6.


 Ugh, another flying stage, and this one is even more annoying than the
first. Just like Chapter 2, there's only so much I can tell you. You're
basically just flying on rails and trying to avoid obstacles and enemy


Pretty straight-forward, just shoot the stuff on the ground, watch out
for the balloon guys, and just survive.


  Grab the Rockets+Overdrive at the start, shoot some infantry, then 
shoot the rocks above the tanks to take at least one out. After the
second arch, veer left and fly over the falling columns, then just make
it to the end...I hate these levels...


  This is the most annoying level so far. After a brief flight you 
come to a big area where you have to take out 5 Shield generators
and then the main tower all the while TONS of enemies are shooting at

  Usually I dive right away and take out the big boat things that cause
you alot of damage, then work my way up to the perimeter stuff. You 
don't have to blow up everything, but it's good to have some breathing
room. There's health up near the "ceiling" in a couple spots, and some
ROckets and Overdrive near the center tower. To get the big tower gens,
I just fly in a circle up high, always near the perimeter, then shoot
and rocket one as I fly by, fly back up, grab health, dive and shoot at
the next one, etc until they're all dead. 

 Once all 5 are down you can start making runs at the maion tower. You
need to hit the energy core thing inside. I usually fly in a figure
8 pattern, swooping up and getting health at one end, flying and firing
into the tower, veering left/right out of it and flying to the other
side, swooping around, and repeating. 

 I really dislike this level, these are the best tips I can give. 
You want to take out SOME of the enemy artillery, but not all. Just
enough to make flying a bit less hazardous. Once you've taken down the
main tower the Chapter it over, thank goodness.


  Chapter 8 is pretty cool, it's basically just some straight run-n-gun
action in a series of small, but intense levels. There's alot of enemies
to kill, and you'll find yourself using most of your arsenal since ammo
is pretty scarce in most areas. It all culminates with a huge firefight
and a gigantic boss, fun stuff. This is one of my favorite Chapters of
the game.


  Move ahead and slightly left, grab the Large Medkit, and use your
Explosive Arrows to take out the 3 Big Slegs by the arch. Move through
and a regular and Huge Sleg will come from the right. Explosive Arrow
them, or kill the regular Sleg and use the Swarm Bore rocket to take
out the Huge Sleg in a very fun way.

  Go up the ladder on the left wall, then go left and take the next
ladder. At the top, go right and get the Rocket Launcher ready, when
you get close to the big security orb thing it'll start shooting. Just
strafe from side to side and fire 2 or 3 rockets at it to take it down.
Once it's down, the doors will open. A Sleg comes running out, so 
quickly change to your E.Arrows and let him have it, then move into the
door and take out the other 3 Big Slegs in there the same way. Get the
ammo and stuff from the boxes on the room to the left, and there's 
more on the right side past the two openings.

  On the other side of those openings is a Huge Sleg with a minigun,
it's standing on a platform in the middle of the area. If you have a
couple allies with you, they might take it down for you, otherwise just
Rocket the thing then jump over to where it was. Make your way jumping
from platform to platform and taking out the few Slegs that parachute
into the area. Get to the ledge on the left and go near the corner,
there's another wall, this time with TWO security orbs. If you fell
at all while jumping, you'll have to take them out from the ground,
which is a little harder, otherwise use the corner as cover and strafe
out, fire a rocket at the right orb(usually the left one isn't firing
at you yet, and you can't hurt it until it does). Do this a couple times
until it's down, then inch towards the left orb along the ledge until
it activates and starts shooting at you, then back up to the corner and
do the same thing until it's down. Once they're both gone the wall 
shutters SHOULD close, but if they don't that means you have to take out
a couple Rocket Slegs in the upper part of the wall. Just zoom in with
the Tekbow and E.Arrow them(there's 3) until the wall shuts and the 
door on the bottom opens. 

  Once the door is open, jump into the water below(or across it if you
fell before and are already down there), then jump across to the door
and go in to end this section.


  Go left, down the hallway, then take the elevator on the right. Shoot
the 3 Slegs inside the control room when the elevator gets there, then
walk up to the control panel on the left and you'll activate it. This
opens the doors on the bottom to the big bridge. If you want to take
some potshots at a couple Slegs on the bridge, or at a couple blimps
overhead, use the Machine Gun  by the control panel. Once you've had
your kicks, go back down to the now open doors, take out the Big Slegs
on the way with your Quad Shot or any E.Arrows you have left. Go left
out the bridge, then go to the right bridge leg and climb the ladder up 
to the higher part. Walk along the side beam and blast the Big Sleg and
regular Sleg up ahead on the middle of the bridge, then jump over to 
the middle part and get your Rocket Launcher ready.

  WHen you get to the other end, you'll see another wall, this time with
THREE security orbs in front of it. Use the big middle beam as cover and
strafe out and fire rockets at them. Concentrate on taking them down
one at a time. Run around the edges of the bridge to get more Rocket 
Ammo when you need it. Keep shooting until all 3 are blown up, then
go down the side beam to the ground floor and go through the opened
door to end this section.


  In this part, you'll start with some friendly troops, and if you're
like me, you'll be pretty low on ammo in everything. 

  Run up and grab the grenades on the side of the hall, and stay there
until you select them, then jump behind your troops who are shooting
at the Big Slegs down the hall and lob a couple grenades at the Slegs.
Once they're down, move up and toss a couple more at the next pair. Once
they're down, the door on the other end of the hall will open and another
wave of Slegs will come rushing in. Stay inside the hall and use the rest
of the grenades to take out some of the new Slegs. If you blow up the
Tank outside the door you'll get a few easily. Once you're out of 'nades
use your Shotgun and move out the door, there's ammo on either side on
the outside, so grab it, then switch over to the Plasma Cannon and use
the Seeker Lens. Move forward past the tank and just keep shooting as
targets appear. DON'T move past the dirt pile on the right(by the corner)
though. Eventually you'll kill everyone but the Huge Sleg off on the
other side of the street. Keep shooting Plasma until he goes down or
you run out(use Shotgun to finish it off as he gets closer). Once you
get past this part the rest is a bit easier, kinda.

  Now, grab more ammo by the door, then use the shotgun and move up to
the corner, and look right, but don't go past the rubble or you'll get
mowed down by the Machine Gun. Blast the two Slegs that come up on the
pile, then get out your Rocket Launcher and move close to the rubble
pile. Then inch to the left until you can see, and get a clear shot at
the Machine Gun between the two blown up vehicles. If it starts shooting
then move back to the rubble and wait for it to stop. You CAN find a
spot where you can Rocket the thing and it won't shoot at you. You don't
actually destory the gun, but you take out all the Slegs near it that
could man it before you can run over there. Fire the rocket and as soon
as it hits start running towards the gun. Go around the blown up tanks
and Shotgun the remaining few Slegs there. Grab all the ammo you can
get in this area, then get ready for an onslaught. Luckily, you have
the Machine Gun now, and it's time to use it. Walk up to it and you'll
get control. Now, hold down the fire button and just mow down all the
Slegs that come from both sides of the street. Give the gun a rest for
a couple seconds when you can to keep it from overheating, and just keep
shooting all the different Slegs until they stop coming.

  Get the Minigun ammo and move back towards the street, when you get 
just past the Machine Gun a Rocket Dino will come clomping out of the
door opposite the Machine Gun. Back up to the Machine Gun, but don't
use it or you'll get rocketed. Instead, stand just behind it and 
Minigun the thing until it goes down. It shouldn't even get a shot off
at you.

  Run over to the door where the Rocket Dino came from quickly, there's
troops coming from the right side, and get the health and ammo inside,
behind the tanks. Then move to the door and minigun or shotgun the 
troops coming from the (now) left. Move to the left where they came
from, and enter the narrow hall where they came from, minigun any Slegs
remaining in the hall. When you reach the dead end, look left and duck
to go in the hole and you'll be done with this section.


  I think the game gives you some ammo between sections here, because
I was out of Explosive Arrows everytime I played this Chapter and I
always got some at the start of this section. Oh well, no complaints

  Use those new E.Arrows on the Big Sleg on the top of the ramp to the
left. Then go up the ramp walking backwards, and when you get about
halfway up, jump and fire one at the Big Sleg on the other side of
the short wall. Then go up into the room and fire a couple at the Laser
Sleg inside. Grab the ammo at the corners and move up to the window.
Blast the Huge Sleg below with E. Arrows until he's dead, then take out
the Sleg next to him. Now, jump up onto the ledge, but don't go out of
the window yet. Look to the right and zoom in on the Huge Sleg down by
the buildings on the left side of the street. E. Arrow him until he's 
dead, and if you have any left, use them on the other Slegs behind the
barricades or the ones getting close to the window. Once you're out
switch to the Shotgun and drop down into the street.

  Take out any Slegs right by you, then move up to the pile of rubble
the covers most of the street, stay on the very left of the street and
Shotgun the two Slegs that come out from the left. Once they're dead, 
switch to the Minigun and look over to the right, two Rocket Dinos will
come out of a door there, BUT if you stay close to the left side of the
street only one of the doors will open and they won't be able to come
out all the way. Just Minigun the first, and then the second as they
get stuck in the doorway. Now, jump up onto the rubble pile and go left
into the narrow hallway , grab the ammo at the end and shoot the lid,
go down into the sewer and grab the Small Medkits by the ladder and 
Plasma and Minigun ammo along the tunnel. Go up the ladder on the other
side with your Minigun ready, shoot the lid above, then climb up and
go back towards the street.

  Minigun the Huge Sleg, grab all the ammo you can in this area, and 
then go back to the narrow hallway with the sewer and wait for the
onslaught of enemies. 3 Spawners drop down and Slegs come out of them,
usually just regular and Big Slegs, just mow them down as they come to
the narrow hall. When you get low on health, just retreat back into the
sewer for the other batch of Smallmedkits by the other ladder. When 
you're making your way back up to the surface, use the Gravity Displacer
gun to clear out any enemies waiting right at the top of the ladder.

  After a short while a cutscene will play with some allies coming out
of a door. Leave the narrow hallway and it's right across the street
from you. Go inside the door, grab the health and ammo behind the ramp,
then go up the ramp. Go in the door right at the top of the ramp and
get your E. Arrows ready. A couple slegs come in from the door on the
other side of this short hall, so kill them, then go into the next room
and kill the other couple still inside. Go across the bridge to the 
room with a fountain and more Slegs come from the opposite door up the
little ramp. WHen you run out of E. Arrows switch to the Minigun or
Plasma Cannon, or SHotgun if you run out of EVERYTHING. 

  Go through the next door and you'll be in a large room with some 
plants and doors on each side. Enemies come in from the door opposite
where you came in, and from the right. First, move up to the opposite
door and mow down the enemies as they come out. Stay a bit to the side
so your allies' fire doesn't hurt you. Then move to the door on the
right and do the same. At this point, enemies will trickle in from both
door and Laser Slegs will parachute in as well. The Plasma Cannon works
great for this part, but you can use the Minigun or Shotgun as well.
Keep moving around the room and blast everybody, try to kill the Laser
Slegs before they land to make it a bit easier. Once you've killed 
them all, the door on the left opens up.

 Go to the door and kill the Big Sleg that comes out the one on the 
other end of the bridge. Wait for the room on the other side to "explode"
and then go in. It's the same kind of room, but apparently a plane 
crashed into it. The same thing will happen in here as well. This time
enemies come from the opposite and left doors. By now you're probably
low on ammo for everything, but just use what you can, starting with 
the Plasma Cannon and Minigun, then switch to Shotgun then just use
whatever you can. Take out the waves from the opposite and then left
doors, then the parachuting Laser Slegs again. Once they're all dead
go in the right door and the section is over.


  Go out to where you allies are and then go right. Kill the Slegs in
this room with the Shotgun, then go around to the next door. Go left
and kill the two Slegs in the hallway, then go in the door on the left
and kill two more Big Slegs. Go near the door here, and E. Arrow the
Sniper(1) above the bridge, then go across and kill the 3 Slegs in the
next room.

  Go out in the hallway will a bunch of ramps, kill the 1 Sleg on the 
up ramp, then go down and take care of all the Slegs, about 6, near
the bottom of the building. Then go all the way back up to the top floor.
Lob a grenade or two inside the door of the top floor room, then run in
and finish any survivors with your Shotgun. Go to the other door in the
room and toss another grenade to take out the Big Sleg in the hall on
the other side. Move through the short hall, and toss the last of the
grenades into the big room with a few more Slegs. Finish them off
with the Shotgun/Minigun, then move up to the doors that look like 
they're broken, a sniper(2) is on the other side. SHoot him, then go
all the way back to the hallway of the building with the ramps.

  Grab the health/ammo near the ladder, then go up the ladder and 
minigun all the Slegs up here, about 5 including a Sniper(3) on the
edge of the building). Go down the narrow hallway on the left, mingun
any Sleg that pops his head out from the other end. About halfway down
there's a ladder on the right, climb up it and shoot the sniper(4) up
there, then go back down and continue down the narrow hall. Minigun or
Plasma the 3 or 4 Slegs in this more open area. Go up the ladder on the
right and find the sniper(5) up on the ledge, to the right. Walk around
up here to get what ammo you can, then go back to the open area.

  Go into the small shed thing, get the Large Medkit if you need, then
drop down the two holes and use the Gravity gun to kill the two Slegs
in this room, then the next two in the adjacent room. Go to the door in
this next room and another sniper(6) is above the bridge, E.Arrow it
then go across and kill the two Slegs in the next room.

  Now go out into the hallway with all the ramps, and this time go up
and E.Arrow all the Slegs in the room on the top floor, there's about
6 or so. Strafe across the hole in the wall to get them easily, then
go through the other door on the left in this room, Flechette the Big
Sleg in the hall and the 3 other Slegs in the next room, then open the
door in this room and kill the sniper(7) on the perch. Grab any ammo
he has and go back to the hallway. 

  Get the ammo near the ladder again, then climb up and minigun all the
Slegs up here on the roof, including another sniper(8). Again, go down
the narrow passageway on the left, mow down all the Slegs on the other
side, including a sniper(9), then climb the ladder next to the hall
entrance, and kill the last sniper(10) on the right. 

  At this point a gate will open at the end of the street and allies
will come out, along with some enemies. Go BACK through the narrow
hall, back down the ladder, then go all the way down to the ground 
floor of the building, lob a couple grenades when you get to the last
ramp, then finish any survivors off with whatever weapon you have ammo
left for, probably flechettes or minigun. Go out the door on the left
and go right, just dash to the gate where your allies are and this
section is over. 


  Very fun, but also very tough. You'll be in a large, open arena and
waves of enemies will come at you, leading up to the freakin' insanely
large boss. 

  Grab all the ammo you can in this small room, including the two Black
Matter cubes(uh oh!) and move into the arena. Your allies come from the
door on the right, and the enemies come from the left. AS you walk out,
head left and the 1st wave will come pouring in, take out the biggest
one a bit away from you first, then concentrate on the smaller ones
scattered about. The boxes near every entrance have Large Medkits and
ammo in them, but try to conserve them for later if you can. Once the
first wave is dealt with the second waves parachutes in as well as a
few coming from the left door. Get close to a pack of paratroopers as
they're dropping and get a Dark Matter Cube ready, use the secondary
mode and toss it into the thick of them when they all land. Then mow
down any remaining ones. Do the same thing for the next group of 
paratroopers, mow down the stragglers, then get ready for the boss
to come rampaging through the door opposite the one you came in.

  Switch to rockets and just wail away on it, but keep moving because
it can shoot rockets at you, as well as a big laser gun, plus it will
keep charging you, and if it hits it's big damage. Use all your rockets,
then run and break a couple boxes for more ammo and health if you need,
again try to conserve the health. When you get down to 40-50%, that's
a good time to grab some. Keep moving and firing rockets at the boss,
and switch to something else to take out the few Slegs that keep coming 
in. If you absolutely run out of rockets, you CAN switch to your shotgun
or minigun, get close to the boss' head and keep back-circling it while
shooting it. It will just keep trying to get you with it's head so it'll
keep turning around in a circle. It's hard to keep this up without 
taking some damage though. The boss falls down about 3 times before it
really dies. Just keep grabbing the health and ammo from the boxes and
using rockets whenever you have them. 

  Once it finally goes down for good, the forcefield around the big
tower and all the doors lifts. Climb up the tall tower and grab the
nuke attachment for the Rocket Launcher, don't use it just yet though.
From the top of the tower, drop a couple grenades down at the new Slegs
who come from the same door they've been. Then quickly climb down and
run to the door the boss came out of to end this Chapter. Phew!


Here's a tip from Eric Arnold that makes the ARENA section a bit 

You can stand inside the starting room and use normal arrows to kill a 
bunch of the starting enemies without any risk to yourself. Don't cross 
the line and let the door close behind you. You can also blow up the tanks 
and pop open three of the supply crates hanging in the sky (not the one 
directly across the arena). Crate contents don't all fall to the ground 
until you exit the room but it is just one more thing to get out of the 
way before the insanity starts. There's a few left over hidden enemies 
that swarm bores can lock onto from inside the room if you are persistent.

At this point when you exit the room you might have one or two starting 
enemies to deal with and the flying ship then you get a big breather so 
you can blow open supply crates on the ground. It also keeps your 
comrades healthier for a longer time. If you keep your buddies alive 
they will at least distract the dino boss for all of the ten seconds it 
takes for them to get wiped.


And another way to handle this situation courtesy Gary Ronhovde:

I figured there had to be an easy way to take this level out, and it was 
actually pretty obvious. There is a little nook just to the right of the 
starting point where you can 'hide' for most of the level. Your back-up 
crew will take out most of the enemies. A few Slegs and snipers will 
find you, but you can shotgun them easy. Plus, there's 3 large health's 
nearby just in case (including the one you can shoot down in the crate 
suspended to the balloon). When the big boss comes out, you can easily 
mini-gun him as he charges towards you (He got 'stuck' just outside his 
lair, I had to come out and lure him over, then run back to my hiding 
spot). Don't use the rockets, since you'll take damage in the cramped 
quarters. A semi-full mini-gun is all you need.



  A pretty short, easy, and action packed Chapter. Again, this one is
a bit of an ammo drainer, but you do get some refills between sections
so that helps.


  Arrow snipe(I started with 1 regular/1 Poison) the Sniper Sleg on the
ledge directly across from you and up above, then use the Poison Arrow
(or more if you have them) on the Slegs a bit further away from the
pipe. When they start shooting at you, switch to the Minigun and drop
down behind the boxes in the middle. Now, mow down the Slegs on both
sides, I usually go for the ones on the left first, then the right. Don't
miss the Big Sleg behind the center boxes as well. Take out all the 
enemies in this room, then run across the thin bridges to get all the
health and ammo, also get the stuff on top of the boxes. When you get
past the second thin bridge, the doors to the next room will open. Stay
on the right side of the first room and use the boxes for cover, then
use the Plasma+Seeker to take out the Slegs that rush into the room on
each side.

  Once they're dead, move into the next room through the right door
and use the Seeker to take out about 3 or 4 Slegs on the other side
of the room(it'll make things much easier later). Once they're dead,
cross over to the left ledge and take out the Sniper Sleg across the
room, then turn the corner and  use more (non-seeker) Plasma on the
onslaught of 4 Slegs that comes out the door(sometimes they come out
sooner, when you're still behind the boxes right when you enter, just
take them out then, or better yet, let them run into the first room and
the doors will close on'em and you won't have to worry about them at all
hah!) Once they're dead, approach the doors.

  There's a sniper up on a ledge in the middle of the room, and 2 Slegs
on each side that carry melee weapons. Toss a grenade up at the sniper
then back up and switch to the Shotgun to take out the Melee Slegs.
Once the grenade goes off, rush into the room and take out the rest of
the enemies in there, then hit each control panel to open the doors to
the left of this room. More enemies will come from that side, so go near
the left door and Shotgun or Grenade them as they turn the corner. Then
go out and go left into the next room and use the charged Gravity 
Displacer gun to take out all the enemies in here, then hit the control
panels and you'll open up the next room on the left. Same deal here,
more enemies come from that side, so Shotgun/Grenade them then charge
up the G.D. gun and get ready to run through this next part.

  Go out the door and go left into the next room. Release the G.D. in
front of the Huge Sleg to knock it into the pit(or just fire a quick
shot off to knock him back). Then just keep charging and releasing it
while running through this room. Stay on the left side and run to the
door on the other side while grabbing any health you need from on top
of the crates. When you get to the door, one more charge of the G.D.
gun will take care of the 3 Slegs inside, then go in and this section
is over.


  Go through the door and Shotgun the two Slegs on the right while 
moving to the boxes on left side. Keep shooting until they go down, and
then take out the Sleg that SHOULD come running around the boxes on your
side. If he doesn't show, or after you kill him, cross over to the right
side and quickly run down the ramp to get some relief from the constant
fire. Grab the Large Medkit if you need, and the Grenades by the large
pipe, then use them to take out a few of the Slegs up above. You CAN
toss them up there, you just need to look almost all the way up, start
walking towards where you want to throw and then throw. Use the 
Flechette gun to take out the Sniper on the ledge above and any Slegs
you can see, sometimes they fall down where you are or even down to
the abyss(hahaha). Start backing your way up the ramp and use the 
Flechettes to take out any remaining Slegs behind the boxes, then jump 
over to the small ladder and climb up onto the beam, cross to the left

   Go on the next thin bridge, then climb up the ladder on the left
and get the ammo around the pipe. Then go into the pipe and go to the
left, wait for the door to open then go left again, then take the first
right and grab the health and ammo before you get blown back to the
bottom of the first room. Then go back up to the top floor and go 
through the door on the left, into the next room.

  Stay in the doorway and Flechette the Sleg on the middle pipe, then
look down to the left and take out as many of the 6 Snipers that you
can see(usually about 4). Then jump over onto the pipe on the right,
clibm up the small ladder and go around the vertical pipe on the left
side to nab some Plasma ammo, switch to the Plasma Cannon and grab the
health/ammo on the middle pipe and continue. Go around the next vertical
pipe on the right side and take out the Sleg standing there, then inch
forward and aim down at the windows where the snipers are and you should
be able to take out the last two. Move to the next vertical pipe and 
this time go around on the left side again and get more Plasma ammo. See
if the last sniper is down on the left as well, if he is just take him

  Go up on the right side and move towards the door with your Plasma+
Seeker ready. When you get close, the door will open and a couple Big
Slegs will come at you. Plasma them, then move through the door and get
the two on the far side of the room. Then climb up the ladder on the
left and grab the Rocket Launcher and Swarm Bore(you can go back into 
the pipe at this point but if you're like me you just want to finish 
this section), then go back down and into the pipe on the right(the 
side you came in on).

  Go in and go left, get the health and ammo, then go left into the 
room again. Jump onto the boxes to open the doors then back up behind
them for cover. Switch to your E.Arrows(I guess you get them between
levels, I didn't pick any up that I noticed) and take out the Big Slegs
that come through. Then move into the room and use the E. Arrows to 
take out the Big Slegs and two Snipers on the ledges. Grab the ammo
and Chain Lens in the middle of the room, then go out the right door.
Jump the gap when the sludge is done flowing and get the ammo on the
other side of the beam, then go back and jump across to the next 
platform and go into the pipe on the right to end this section.


  Move to the opening in the tunnel, then look down and use the Chain
Plasma to take out a couple Slegs on the left, then a couple more on
the right, then use arrows to snipe any survivors you can see. Drop
down into the room and grab all the ammo and health, then head towards
the ramp on the right.

  Take out the 3 Slegs(1 with a Flame Thrower) that come from behind 
the ramp with the Minigun, then go up the ramp for ammo, then go back
down and around the corner to the left behind the ramp. Go through the
door on the right and Minigun the Big Sleg and 2 Slegs in the circular
room. Go up the ramp and kill the last Sleg in here, then hit the 
control panel and the door all the way at the other end of the hall(
near where you dropped in) will open. You have to make it there before
it closes, so quickly turn around and go through the door on this top
floor and you'll be on top of the ramp in the first room. 3 More slegs
come at you as well, you can shoot them or just run by. If you want,
just use cover and kill them, get some health and ammo, then go back
and hit the switch again and make an easy run at it. 

  Get on the elevator and ride it down. Get the health, then lob a 
grenade up onto the left ledge to take out a Big Sleg up there. Climb
up the ladder and toss a couple more down into the lower area on the
right, past the first set of small pipes, to take out a couple more.
Now switch to regular arrows and move up next to the pipes in front of
you and zoom in on the next set to the right, you'll be able to make 
out a couple Slegs standing there between the pipes, inch left and right
so you get a good shot,then kill them. Drop down to the right and use
the boxes as cover and take out another Sleg by arrow sniping it between
the pipes, then toss another grenade up onto the next part of the left
ledge to kill a Sleg by a box up there. Then, again, climb up a ladder
on the left to the left ledge, get the health/ammo on the box and then
move up to the next set of pipes, arrow or Shotgun any Sleg still 
standing down below, then jump AROUND(jump and turn, kinda) the pipes
and get the ammo on the other side. 

  Drop down and go around the corner. There's a door with some Explosive
Arrows next to it. Run up and grab them with the Tekbow out and quickly
switch to them, the door will open and some Big Slegs will come at you.
Use the E. Arrows to take out the initial rush of 3 or so, then zoom in
above the door on the other side of this large room, and you'll see a
Huge Sleg up there. Use your remaining E.Arrows to kill it, then go into
this big room with generators(or whatever). Move around the curvey path
quickly, as there's a Huge Sleg right above the door you come in from,
but we won't mess with it yet, instead, just rund around to the left
side of the room on the path and get your Minigun out. Go around the
next curve and towards the door, if the first Huge Sleg is still alive
finish it off with the Minigun, then go in the door and down the short
hall, and into the room with the elevator.

  Go up and you'll be on the upper ledge of the generator room, mow
down the two Slegs on the ledge, then walk out onto this higher curvey
path, duck when you go between the generator tops and use the Minigun
to take out the couple Slegs along the path. WHen you get around the
first curve, minigun the Huge Sleg across the room, then continue around
the second curve and kill a couple more Slegs and move onto the ledge.

  Go through the next door and go up the elevator. Minigun the two Slegs
up here and jump onto the top of the first spinning generator, when you
rotate around to the next one, jump over(you can just walk but I prefer
jumping), and then jump to the next one as well. Jump to the ledge and
switch to the Plasma+Seeker and go through the door. Plasma the Big
Sleg on the left, then go up the ramp and Plasma the 4 or so Slegs on
the enclosed bridge.

  Move across the bridge and go through the next door, Minigun or Plasma
the Huge Sleg in before it can shoot at you, then move to the doorway
and look right, strafe left into the room and Minigun the next Huge Sleg
in the corner. Now, go circle this room going right along the perimeter
and take out the rest of the Huge Slegs and the Flame Thrower Sleg.
Take them one at a time and inch around each turn so you can get a good
shot on them before they see you. Aim for the Flame Thrower Sleg's pack
to kill him quickly. WHen all 4 Huge Slegs and the Flame Sleg are dead,
climb up one of the ladders on the middle structure and go into the
opening up here. Then drop down into the center area and walk around to
the opening of the elevator to end this section.


  Get all the health and ammo in the room, then hit the switch and go
outside onto the street. Go right and E.Arrow the Slegs by the Machine
Gun, then move towards the MG and get the Sleg up on the ledge to the
right. Now move towards the wounded allies by the building to the left 
and listen. After the guy is done talking, a door on the left will open
and a bunch of Big Slegs will come through. Before they get a chance
to make it through, go near the door and Explosive Arrow them while 
they're coming. Now go through the door yourself and E. Arrow the four
Slegs in the ditch right in front of you. You'll have some allies with
you for this part, so go left and clean out the rest of the Slegs using
the rest of your E. Arrows and Shotgun. There's a Huge Minigun Sleg at
the end of the street, take it down with E.Arrows or your own Minigun
and some supplies drop at the other end of the street. Go all the way
back, grabbing all the health/ammo on the way, pick up the big supply
of ammo, then turn back around and the next wave will parachute in.
Shoot their ballons or them with your shotgun before they land and
eventually you'll get the "LIBRARY DOORS OPEN" message. Go back towards
where the Huge Sleg was, and there's an open door on the left.

  Switch to the Gravity Displacer gun, then go in and grab the G.D
ammo in the middle of the room and use it on the two Big Slegs that come
from the left hallway. Once they're down, go into that left hallway, and
go right a couple time and you'll come to a descending ramp that leads 
into the Library. 

  There's a couple ways you can do this. I usually clean this room out
of most of the enemies, but you could just run for the ladder that goes
up to the higher levels and only take out the ones that get in your way.
Regardless, go down and go right and use the G.D. gun to take out the
Slegs in the shelves of books. The ladder leading up is on the inside
to the left after circling around to the right a little. Climb up it,
then walk all the way to the next set of ladders on the other end of
the room, shoot the Slegs that follow you up with Flechettes or Shotgun
and climb up either of the next small ladders, then go all the way back
around to the other side of the room again and climb up the last ladder,
walk ALL THE WAY BACK AROUND AGAIN(now THAT'S level design!) and go
through the broken window to end this section.


  Circle around the dome and get your Minigun ready. Drop down into the
street and go right and help your allies mow down the Big Slegs along
the road. When you get close to the end, a tank comes out of the door,
use the Minigun to take it out then quickly grab any ammo you can. 
Look back to the other end of the street and a Gigantic Sleg gets dropped
onto the street. Minigun it from afar, it will take almost all of your
Minigun ammo, so switch to Rockets and wait. Two Spawners will drop into
the street, start rocketing the one closer to you and take out one of
the spawners, then use the Shotgun to take out the Slegs that have 
spawned from the other, then Rocket or Grenade the other spawner to 
blow it up.

  Once they're both gone, the door that the tank came through will open
again, and a Huge Sleg will be waiting. Use a Swarm Bore to take it
down easily, then switch to the Plasma+Seeker and go through the door
and head left, take out the two Slegs on this side then get the one
on the right. Then head into the opening on the left side to start
going up the Monument. 

  Go in and turn right and use the G.D. charge to take out the Slegs
in this short hallway, then walk back out into the open area and again
use the G.D. gun to take out the next pack of Slegs that come from the
left, plus the Huge Sleg that backs them up. Then grab the G.D. ammo
and jump across the two stone pillars to the Monument hand and turn and
jump climb up while charging the G.D. gun again. Grab the Shotgun ammo
then go inside the opening and use the G.D. charge on the few Slegs
around the corner. Now, switch to grenades and throw a few down into the
room on the right to take out a few more Slegs, more will come running
from the ramp on the other side, so switch to Flechettes or Minigun
and take care of them. Go down into the room and grab the ammo along
the right side wall, and go up the other ramp. Switch to the Swarm Bore
and go around the corner and use it to kill the Huge Sleg standing there.

  Go outside again, and jump onto the Monument and jump climb up to the
next level. Use the G.D. gun to take out the Sleg on the right, then
the two on the left, and then arrow snipe the two Laser Slegs across the
gap. To get across that gap, turn left and there's a thin bridge with a 
Large Medkit in the middle. Go across it and arrow any remaining Slegs
as you drop down to the other side. Once again, charge up your G.D. gun
and go to the elevator on the left. Go up and turn right, a wave of
enemies comes from the left, just get close and release the G.D. charge
and repeat until everyone but the Huge Sleg is dead. Then just run up
and club or shotgun it while it's still getting up from the last G.D.
charge. Then go into the door on the left and this Chapter is OVAH!



  Get your Minigun ready and go through the door, Minigun the Huge Sleg
and Big SLeg on the ramp, then move up the ramp and mow down the next 2
Slegs up here. Hit the control panel and the door across the room will

  Go through the door and jump down to where your allies are, make your
way forward staying in the middle section(but not the exact middle) with
your Flechettes/Minigun out. The side doors(not the ones all the way at
the back of the room) have some ammo in them. WHen you get close to the
raised area, some BIg Slegs will come out at you. Dispose of them and 
two Huge Minigun Slegs come from the doors at the far end of the room,
Flechette them using the small "wall" in the lowered section as cover.
Once they're down, grab the ammo next to the ramps, then go up the right
ramp and through the door.

  Plasma the three Big Slegs that come through the next door, then go 
through and Flechette or Shotgun the Big Sleg down to the left on the
ramp, go down the ramp and chain Plasma the three Slegs and Huge Sleg
that come around the left side of the elevator, finish the Huge Sleg
off with Flechettes or Shotgun if needed.

  Before getting on the elevator circle around the left side of the 
bottom floor (when you're facing the elevator) and Shotgun 2 more Big
Slegs then grab all the health/ammo down here. Now go back to the 
elevator and go up, Shotgun the Sleg on the ramp then grab the Gravity
Disruptor ammo and hit the control panel. Go back to the corner and you'll
see a couple Big Slegs coming up the ramp, use the control panel as cover 
and Flechette them as they round the bend. Get out the G.D. Gun and use the
quick shots to knock the Big Slegs off the corner of the ramp the floor
below, then squash the remaining Big Sleg on the right with it.

  Get close to the elevator and lob a couple grenades down at the Big Slegs
to take care of them, then go down the elevator and hit the control panel
in the room on the left to open the door on the right. Look over to the
newly opened room from the one you're in and Poison Arrow snipe the Sleg
in there, get your Minigun/Flechettes out and go across and hit the control
panel in the room on the right. Kill the 3 Big Slegs that come out of the
center door, then go in the center door and Minigun two more.

  Get the Medkit in the door in front of you then switch to the Rocket
Launcher and go in the right door. Go down the ramp and grab the Rocket
ammo, fire them at the Slegs in the center and Shotgun and stragglers. Now
you have to destroy the generators that come down and activate the turrets,
just keep circling around the room behind the pillars and firing rockets up
at the black and white boxes until they're all blown up. There's rockets
and health behind the pillars. Once all the generators are gone a couple
Slegs and a Huge Minigun Slegs come out of the other door in the room,
just rocket them and go in the door to end this section.


  Rocket the Huge Rocket Sleg and Big Slegs and you'll get a cutscene.

  Grab the health around the perimeter of the room, then go up the left
elevator(left from the entrance) and follow the guards into the next 
room. Slegs will drop in from the ceiling in waves, use the E.Arrows 
you pick up then Shotgun to kill them all, when the door opens go through.

  Stand by the broken window and wait for the Slegs to start coming 
across the girders to the right. Knock them off with the G.D. Gun then 
go across the girders yourself and kill a couple more as they come out.
Go in the other broken window and go right, ready your Grenades and go
to the opening on the left. 4 Big Slegs will come up the ramp at you, so
back away and toss a few grenades at the opening then switch to the Plasma
Gun and go down the ramp. Grab all the ammo on the platform and kill a few
Slegs as they come up the ramp on the right. Go down that ramp with your
Plasma gun still out and run n' gun your way to the opening in the hangar
on the left, use Shotgun when you run out. Go in the hangar and Shotgun/
nade your way to the door inside, there's a Huge Minigun Sleg and a Flame
Sleg in here. Go in the first door on the left and hit the control panel.
This opens a door, aaallll the way back by the first broken window.

 So, exit the hangar and Shotgun/Poison Arrow the Slegs as you gun your
way back up to the platform, then up the ramp, across the girders, and
back through the window. Go right, throught the now-open door.

  Go up the ramp on the right and get out your Gravity gun, blow the 
single Sleg away, then go in the door and use charge shots to kill
everyone inside, including a Huge Sleg. Then go up the elevator at
the back of the room, hit the switch, and go back out and down the
ramp and go left. G.D. Charge the two Slegs on the other side of the 
door, then Poison Arrow the Huge and Big Slegs on the other side of 
the partition.

  Drop down to the left and grab the Explosive Arrows by the dividing
wall then use them on the Flamethrower Sleg and normal Sleg, then go 
left under the floor and E.Arrow the Huge Sleg around the corner. 
There's a Big Sleg down here and a couple Slegs up on the ledges, clear 
the room then hit all the switches(5) in the room, they're easy enough
to find. When you've hit them all, go up the furthest ladder and E.Arrow
the Huge Sleg by the door to the left. Go through the door and use up
your remaining E.Arrows on the Huge Rocket Sleg, then go up the elevator
to end this section.


  Grab the ammo then go through the door and E.Arrow the Big Sleg, go 
around the curve and through the next door. Just rush down the ledge
using E.Arrows on everybody until you reach the gap. Hit the control
panels on each side to unlock the doors and use the rest of the 
E.Arrows on the Big Slegs that come out of the doors. Go in the door
and toss Grenades up at the Huge Rocket Sleg, then hit the control
panel and go back down and out. Now go in the left door and use 
Flechettes to take out the Huge Minigun and Big Sleg in the room, 
then hit the switch and get some health and go back to the main bridge
and go right, to where the gap used to be.

  Use Minigun or Plasma on the next swarm of Slegs then cross the full
bridge to the branching pathway with a door on the other side of another
gap. Go left, Minigun the 3 Slegs behind the door, hit the control panel
and get some ammo, then go back out towards the gap and mow down the 3
Big Slegs making their way up to you. Now go to the door on the other end
of the pathway, go inside and mow down the 3 Slegs, hit the control panel
and get ammo, then go back out and kill the next small swarm of Slegs
coming up the path at you. Now go to the door in the center and go through.

Plasma the 3 Slegs in here then go outside the left door and onto the 
descending ramp. Plasma the Big Sleg around the corner, then switch to
Rockets to take out the ship that shows up. 4 should do it, then continue
down the ramp and minigun/plasma the 3 Slegs down here.

  Go to the center and collect all the ammo and a Gigantic Sleg will come
up on an elevator. Circle him while firing your E.Arrows, then Minigun
until he goes down. Sometimes if you stand near the railing he'll just
stand there and not do anything(programming!). Once it's dead, hop onto
the elevator and take it down, go out the door and then right, onto the

  On here you'll be attacked by 3 ships. Rocket the first two, then 
Minigun the third, or if you have plenty of minigun ammo use that on
them all. When you reach the other side Minigun/Plasma the Slegs and
Huge Slegs when the gate opens, then go right, towards the Great Hall.
Just G.D charge the two Big and Huge Rocket Slegs and run in to end 
this section.


  Grab the Medikit and Poison/Explosive Arrows and the door will rise,
Poison the Big Sleg in the middle, then back into the room because two
more Big SLegs are coming from either side. Let them get in front of
the door then E.Arrow them and move onto the main platform. 

 Get the ammo that's on the left and right, and hit the switch on the 
very left side. This activates a ramp to come up to the opening that's 
in front of the door you came out of. Go and face the door and look down 
into the opening and the ramp will be there, go down it to the small 
platform below and hit the switch here, this lifts a ramp that connects 
to a lower platform, this one has a terminal on it. Go down and hit the 
terminal and grab the ammo at the corners. When you hit the terminal a 
wave of Slegs comes out back up on the main platform. Use Minigun or 
E.Arrows and move back up to the main platform. Use the shields as cover
and take out the two Big Slegs and Huge Minigun Sleg in the center.

  Now go to the center and go right, Shotgun or Minigun the two Big Slegs
that come at you. Again, you'll do the same pattern as before. Hit the
switch on the left side, then go down the ramp and hit the next one,
go down and hit the terminal and get the ammo. Use Minigun again and
make your way back up. As you come up the ramp to the main platform take
out the Slegs that come from the right side, then quickly move towards 
the center but not too far in. There's a ship flying around than can 
really do some damage. Take out the rest of the Slegs from the cover of
the shields, then Minigun the ship and continue to the center and go 
right again.

  Use the shields as cover and mow down the 4 Slegs that come at you, 
then grab the ammo and hit the switch on the left, go down the ramps,
hit the terminal and grab the ammo. Again, have your Minigun ready
as you come up the second ramp. Take out the Huge Sleg right at the
top of the ramp, then get the 4 other Slegs that come from the center,
1 comes from behind you as well. Again, move towards the center and 
go right, kill the two Big Slegs that come at you and the Huge Sleg
that's waiting around the turn. If you run out of Minigun ammo, finish
it off with Plasma shots. Once the Huge Sleg is down a couple more Big
Slegs come from the door across the platform, Poison or Shotgun them
then if you need some ammo, go left and grab it then go up the ladder
for more. Otherwise, or after, go right and hit the switch, watch for
a Big Sleg that comes out of the door as the ramp pops up. Once more,
go down the ramps and hit the terminal, get the ammo, and make your 
way back up. Minigun the two Big and one Huge Sleg then step into the
now open center of the platform and take the lift to end this section.


  Quickly switch weapons and use Gravity Disruptor bursts to keep the
Fire and Minigun Sleg off their feet. Kill them and a cutscene with the
senator starts. Once it's done go to the elevator that's lowered. If
you want to let off a little steam, you can wail away on the senator
and he won't die. Grenades, shotgun, whatever. Tons of blood but he
still sits there, hah. Anyway...

  Switch to Rockets on your way up, then step through the door rocket
the Huge Shotgun Sleg here, 3 Big Slegs drop out of the ship as well,
so welcome them with some rocket power. Once they're all dead, grab 
all the ammo lying around in the corners and step onto the transport.

Start it up by hitting the switch at the rear, then change to your
(hopefully fully loaded) Minigun. As you cross the big gap three Sleg
ships will come at you. The first two come at the same time and hover
on either side of you, it take about 50-55 rounds of the Minigun to 
take out each ship. Take down eithee one first, then get the other.
The third ship comes from below and flys up in front of you and
slightly to the left. Use the front left corner as cover and use up
the rest of your minigun ammo if need be to take out this ship. If
you run out, use Rockets. Once the third ship is down, just wait for
the transport to reach the dock and open up.

Switch to Rockets and face the metal door, step off the transport and
shoot a rocket as soon as that door opens, a Huge and Big Sleg are
inside.  Kill them then get the ammo lying around, switch to a smaller
weapon(doesn't matter) and go into the door. The large lift will rise.

  In this next part you're stuck on a small platform with two stationary
machine guns. What you have to do is alternate between the two to take
out the many waves of Slegs that come out. I call the one closest to where
you come out of the lift the left one, and the further one the right. Grab 
health if you need it, then go to the right gun and take out the Huge 
Slegs than come out of the door, when they're dead switch off(hit A to 
let go) to the left gun and take out the Slegs that come out of the other
door. You keep switching back and forth like this a few times, then after
a few waves ships and paratroopers start showing up. Take out ships as 
soon as they appear, they'll kill you fast, but only go after the 
paratroopers when you have a second to spare. You can always just mow them
down on the ground. After 7 or 8 waves a bridge will rise up and connect
your platform to the rest of the area. Take out one last ship with the
right gun, then cross over and go in the doorway to the small room. Hit
the first switch, then exit and go right to the next door. Hit the
2nd switch in here and a small cutscene will play. 

  You now need to ascend up to where all those Slegs are pouring out, to 
the top of the spiraling walkways. Switch to Minigun and go out of the 
room, take out a couple paratroopers, but keep moving. Go to the small 
elevator next to the first doorway. Go up it, then onto a second one.
At the top of this elevator, go right and mow down the Big Sleg on the 
walkway, then the one in the doorway. Go in the door and onto the lift,
switch to E.Arrows and take out the Sleg by the door, go out and to the
left. THe walkway curves around then go right and E.Arrow the Huge Sleg
on the connecting walkway, move to the outer path and go left again,
just keep running and flinging E.Arrows into the packs of Slegs but don;t
stop moving. A small room is at the top of the walkway, with a Large 
Medkit in the door. Go in and onto the elevator, when it starts going 
up this Chapter is done. 


Just when things were going so well, we get TWO, yes, TWO flying stages
in a row, and they're the most annoying ones of the game, too. Ugh. If
you didn't mind the flying before, these next two levels will probably
make you hate them, hopefully as much as me.


  Just a standard "on rails" section. Follow the path, dodge the falling
buildings, take some sharp turns. Bah. Annoying but not too hard.


  Here's where things get a little tricky. You need to take out 6
reactor cores, 3 are on the bottom and three are up top. You have to
destroy the bottom ones first, then the top ones open up. 

  THe best way to go about this is to first of all, dive down to the
very bottom and take out all the tanks on the ground. Doing this will
make this bottom area pretty safe, there's 3 balloons with Health,
Missles, and Overdrive here as well. Once the bottom section is cleared,
load up and take a run at the cores. Just fly straight at one(I just go
from bottom on up) and fire Missles and lasers, you should take it out 
by time you get close(about 2 Missles plus some laser shots will do),
then fly through and swoop back down to the bottom and refill. Do this
for all 3, then take out the rest of the turrets to make the whole bottom
half of the level "safe." 

 Once the bottom three cores are gone, you'll need to fly up to the middle
section and do some more clearing. Take out all the tanks and turrets,
diving back down to the bottom to refill when needed. When you've done 
this you'll have 3 more Balloons to refill with. Don't waste ammo on the
ships flying around, more will just spawn if you take them down. Once the
middle section is clear, it's time to go to the top.

  Besides the ships, the only defense up here are turrets on the outer wall,
target them with missles and take them all out to make life much easier.
Again, swoop down to the lower levels to refill when needed. To get to the 
last 3 cores, you need to shoot into the rotating opening in the tower.
Just fly around the tower until you see the opening, then turn away from
it to get some distance, then turn back towards it and unload as you fly 
towards the opening. It'll take a few passes, but you'll get all 3 cores
inside eventually. With the defense basically gone it's just a matter of

When all 6 cores are blown a door opens in the outer wall at the top to
let you out. Go through to end this section.


Another straightforward section, just avoid the falling buildings and
such. The path is a bit narrower in this part, but the turns aren't
too sharp. Stay near the middle most of the time, there's only a couple
times you'll have to make it through a small side section, if there's a
couple turrets on either side of a building then that's a dead giveaway.


  At first this seems like it's gonna be another drawn out fight like
the shuttle bay part, but this is much shorter...the way I do it anyway.
You have to shoot out the 5 valve pipes here. The easiest way is to fly
below and just outside of the big center pipe in a circle and give each
valve some shots as you go by. After a few passes they'll blow, when 
they're all open, go into the center pipe and down into the opening.


  Unless you want to die again and again, switch to the close view(Z)
for this part. It's a fast section, you have to avoid the pipes and
stuff while fire blasts you from behind. 

 When you get to the open area stay kinda low but avoid the exploding
valve things. Grab the two healths at the cave entrance, then just
follow it to the end of the chapter. 1 down, 1 to go...


After the cutscene it's time for another flying level, OH BOY! Luckily
this is only 1 stage and we can get back to running around and shooting.

First, avoid the overhangs in the small cave, then you'll come to a 
narrow ravine filled with tanks, just weave up and down to avoid their
shots until you come to a very narrow opening, turn on your side to make
it through and you'll be in a wide open area with steam shooting up. 
Avoid the steam by sticking just right of center, then grab the health
at the other end of the open area. In the next section, fly over the
right columns and fly on the outside of them to make getting into the
small opening in the building easier. Inside there's more tight spots
and obstacle dodging, then a little open flying as you approach the 
HUGE dino. 

There, that wasn't so bad...kinda.

 This chapter is composed of one very long level. It can definitely be 
a pain, there's a TON of Huge Slegs that come at you. The good thing
about that is there's always some Big Medkits around for you to use.
Keep your health up and get past this chapter and the next two are a 



  Grab the Big Medkit if needed, then get your Minigun ready and go 
through the door. Mow down the Huge Sleg before he can trip the alarm,
then go to the end of this room and hit the computer. This opens the
door you just went past. Turn around and toss a couple grenades inside
the door before it closes again, there's a Flame Sleg and Big Sleg in
there. Hit the computer again and go in the door, kill the Big Sleg 
that comes through the other door in this small room, then go through
that door. Grab the Plasma gun and ammo, then go back out. Look up
and shoot the grate on the ceiling to make it open, use it as a ladder
and jump up and climb into the vents. If the alarm is going off, you
can hit the switch under the vent to turn it off(it's annoying).

  Fall into the lower vent and go left, past a couple side grates,
turn right and go past another, then go left. There's another right
turn  but don't take it, there's Seeker Lens for the Plasma gun down
there, but there's a fan above it that you can't get past just yet.
Remember this location though, you'll be back. Otherwise, move to the 
right turn and you should stand up, turn around and look up and you'll 
see a darker, slitted wall. Jump up onto it and climb up. Turn right 
and there's another wall like that directly on your right. If you need
 grenades, go all the way down this vent and get them and come back. 
Climb up this wall and move ahead to where there's a grate in the floor 
with some grenades and ammo by it. Stay off the grate but whack it with 
your Tomahawk to open it. Use a Spider Mine or some grenades to kill the 
enemies below, then drop down and take out the rest, about 7 in all 
including 2 Huge Slegs, with your Minigun. These two rooms both lead to 
the same single one, but the room on the left has some health and ammo in 

  Use Grenades to take out the Flame and Big Slegs in the next single
room, toss them in from either door. Then move in with your Minigun, hit
the alarm switch if you need to turn it off, then go through the door next
to it. Go across the grated floor to the opening and go down the ramps to
the ground floor, killing a Big Sleg on the way. Stay near the ramps, then
Minigun the Huge Sleg who appears from the left door, then move back against
the back wall and wait for the two Slegs to come out of the room on the 
right. There's a Big Medkit under the ramp as well. Now go in that room on
the right side, kill the Flame Sleg inside and grab the health/ammo, go out
and move down this main hallway getting the ammo on and near the crates.
You'll come to a smaller, circular path on the right side. There's 4 Huge
Slegs walking around in here. Go in on the right side and Minigun the first
one, there's a door on the right you can't open yet, and continue around the
hall, at the back end there's a smaller room with some boxes. Go in there
and kill the Huge Sleg behind the boxes and grab the key. The other two
Huge Slegs will usually come to get you here, so kill them. If they don't
then forget about them for now. Go back around the circular hallway, now your
left, to the door you passed before. They key will open it, go inside and
hit the computer to open a door in a room back in the main hallway. Get the
ammo in here and prepare to fight your way back to that main hallway.

  The alarm has probably gone off by now, so be ready to Minigun/Flechette
the wave of enemies that approach. Go back out to the circle hall, go left
and go left again into the main hall. The door you want to go in is on the
right side. Go in and grab the health inside, then go through the open 
doorway, follow the smaller hall to the closed door.


  When the door opens, stay inside the hall and switch to your Tekbow.
Arrow snipe the Sleg that's on the ledge across from you and a bit to 
the right, then Zoom out and kill the one that's walking on your side
of the room, right by the door. Then go into the room and go right,
kill the Sleg in the control room area and go out on the ledge where
you killed the first Sleg. You can see three of the 4 generators you have 
to shoot below you. One is right by the ledge, and the other two are
on the other side of the cannon, they have the glowing tubes on the
sides. Shoot the one on your side, then the one across from you that
you can see. To get the other one across from you, back up to the 
door of the control room and look across, you'll see it under the
ledge. To get the fourth, go back to the other side of the room,
the side with the door you came in at and look below the ledge you
were standing on. Once they're all destoryed, you'll get the message
that the cannon shield is down. If you shot all four and aren't getting
the message, make sure they're all completely destroyed, they have an
"almost destroyed" look to them after just shooting them a little that
can be deceiving. 

  The part of the cannon you want to blow up is where it loads, it's
a lighter shade than the rest of the cannon. Go past the door you
came in, and go down onto the lower ledge that cross over the cannon,
get the Gravity Disruptor and ammo then go back to that little 
raised section that crosses over the cannon. Look down to the loading
section, and toss a grenade when it's open. Run back to the entrance
door before it goes off, then run through it once it does and the
door opens again. You'll get a message saying the Port Cannon was
destroyed as you run through the short hall back to the room. Keep
moving or the explosions will hurt you.

  Take out the 3 Slegs in this room and you'll get a cutscene
showing the fan above where you got the Seeker Lens stop, and more
enemies coming across the grated floor on the second level. Now you
have to get back to where that fan was with a bunch of new Slegs
waiting for you, joy. Scrounge up the health and ammo that's left in
this room and go out into the main hall. Go right, to the ramps, and
go up them. Slegs will be on the third one up and all across the grated
floor, so get your Minigun ready and mow them down as you make your
way back to the single room that connects the other two. Inside that 
room are two Laser Slegs, so toss a couple grenades in, then finish
them off with the Minigun. A Flame Sleg will come through the door
on the right, kill him then go through that right door. Kill the
Sleg at the bottom of the ramp and go into the open grate on the 
right wall.

  Go left, past the climable wall, and drop down where the next one
is, use it to climb down so you don't take any damage and then go
left(or right if you just fell down and didn't use the wall) to where
the Seeker Lens is(or was if you already got it before). Climb up the
wall here and duck to get into the room. Hit the computer to open the
door to the Starboard Cannon, and grab all the health and ammo. Guess
where the room to the Starboard cannon is? That's right, back in the
main hall, at the very end of it to be exact.

  So now we have to make our way back to the main hall. Jump and duck
to get back into the vents, drop down and go back to the climbing wall
on the left side. Climb up it, and then you can either go back out the
grate in the wall on this level, or climb up again to where you can be
above the enemies again. If you have a Spider Mine left, now's a good 
time to use it. Send it out of either grate and attract as many enemies 
to it as you can, then blow them up. Use your minigun and go out which-
ever grate you choose(I usually just go for the one in the wall, no
falling damage) and go back to that connecting room again. Kill a couple
more Big Slegs in here, then exit, go across the grated floor, and back
down the ramps. Once you're on the ground level, kill the Slegs as they
come at you with the Minigun, and grab any health/ammo that's left, and
make your way to the very end of the main hall, the door you want to go
in is on the left side. Go in and grab the health, watch for Slegs 
following you in, then go through the open door to the Starboard Cannon


  No cutscene this time, but you have to do the same thing. When the door
opens, go in the room and go left, use E.Arrows or Minigun the 5 Slegs/
Big Slegs in the control room. Go out onto the opposite ledge and kill
the lone Big Sleg patroling the path across the cannon. Now you're free 
to shoot the 4 generators, two on each side like last time. Once you get
the "sheild down" message go to the smaller raised section of the walkway
and look down at the loading area of the cannon. Toss a grenade when it's
open and run to the door you came in at. Once the grenade goes off the
door will open, run through the small hall and take out the 2 Big Slegs
that come into the room. You'll get a cutscene showing 2 Huge Slegs,
Minigun and Rocket, coming out of an angled door in the main hallway.
The Minigun Sleg will be right outside the door of the room you're in,
so go out and Minigun him, then go right and minigun the Rocket Sleg,
get their health/ammo then go in the angled door that's on the right
side(or if you get mixed up fighting, it's on the same side as the rooms
to the Port/Starboard cannons). 

  At the top of the ramp in this room is another Missle Sleg, Minigun it
and go into the room where 2 more Minigun Slegs are waiting. You only 
need to take out the one that's in your way, and you're going left. So 
go into the room and go left and kill the Minigun Sleg, then go up the
ramp to get a cutscene with Tyranus. After the cutscene, go back down 
the ramp onto the same elevator he did to end this chapter. Whew!

Oh boy, one more flying level, and it's got one of the most annoying
stages in it of the whole game. As usual, I can't really give a step
by step instruction of what to do for the "rails" parts, it's just 
flying and avoiding stuff. 


  This first part initially looks tougher than it actually is. You're
flying outside the big Juggernaut you just killed, and now you have to
take out the control tower. But before you can do that, you have to 
take out the sheild that's around it. 

  The three shield generators are inside a narrow passage on the right
side of the stage if you're by the creatures tail(where you start out).
I think it's a bit easier to come at the passage from the other end of
the creature, by the head. Or you can make a run from both ends. Ignore
almost everything else except the turrets right by the passageway, and
just concentrate on the generators. Use Missles and your gun to shoot 
the outermost generator, then fly low through the passage, and come out
the other end, then turn around and do it from the other side. Don't 
try to shoot them when you're in the passage, you're going too fast. 
There's missles on each end of the stage, so my usual path would be to 
fly in low into the passage, shooting the outer generator, go through 
the passage, come out and fly to the missles, turn around and go through 
the other side of the passage. Once you get one of the outer generators 
to go you can concentrate on the middle one as you fly through. After 
4 or 5 passes, of wailing away on them the generators should be gone 
and the tower will be exposed.

  You can basically use the same strategy with the tower, it's right by
the generators but on the outside of the creature. There are a ton of 
turrets above it so don't fly at it too high, otherwise just keep on
flying the same long, straight runs, grabbing the missles at each end.
There's health right by the creatures head when you need it as well. 
Keep shooting the tower and it's go down pretty quickly, and this stage 
is done.


  An annoying level with tights turns and alot of enemies. In the middle
of the stage there's 3 or 4 fortresses, but other than that it's all 
tight curves. In the tight cave at the very end try not to get going too
fast as there's a part right at the finish were you have to pull up 
quickly. If you're going fast, pull up early and you'll hit the ceiling, 
but it's only 10 damage or so, much better than dying right at the end.


  This is maybe the worst flying level of the game. You start out in a 
large cave area and have to avoid the big crystals. From there the caves 
splits into a couple tinier ones, go high or low, but choose early. 
After a couple tight turns in the small caves you'll be in an area with 
some water below you and rock overhangs above you. The Zoomed in view 
works well here. Avoid the ships that come in the water, or blast them 
with missles, but be ready for the sharp turns. At the very end you have 
to fly into the cave face thing's mouth where all the bats are coming out 
of. A couple more seconds of cramped flying and you'll never have to be 
on rails in this game again. However, there's one more flying stage left.


  Okay, last flying level ever, and it's actually not that bad. The 
first thing you have to do is take out the three huge Brachiosaurs. They 
can take about 6 or 7 missles each. Don't mind any of the other stuff in 
the area, just worry about killing the Brachs. There's missles right by 
the city walls, but they're too risky to get consistently, there's an 
easier Missle crate to get under the rock arch on the dirt road. Take out 
the two Brachs in front first, hammering them with missles and your gun 
as you approach, and they'll go down after a few passes. Before you kill 
the last one, load up on your missles so you'll have more than 10 AFTER 
you kill the Brach, then take it down.

  Once all the Brachs are done a convoy of three trucks will come out of 
the tunnel that's near where that last Brachiosaur was. It takes a couple 
seconds after the announcement for them to appear, so fly over to the 
missle ammo on the dirt road, then fly towards the tunnel and blast away 
once your missle lock-on appears. Each truck can take about 3 missles or 
so. If you don't get every on on the first pass, just fly back around 
and do it again, they move slow.

  Now you have to fly around to the other side of the city. Go around 
the right side, where the white bars are placed between the city and
mountains, there's some health there as well.

  Once you're on the other side, you have to take out the three bunkers
that are on the beach, they only take a couple missles each. The missle
ammo is right where you come out at, and there's some more on the other
side as well.  Make a couple passes at the bunkers and missle+gun them
down, and then you'll have to take out the three ships in the water, 
they're pretty easy and can only take a few missles as well. Once 
they're gone, this chapter is over and so is all this flying. Hooray.

Alright, the finale. This chapter is just one big shootout with a
bunch of enemies, and then the final boss. It's actually pretty easy.


 Move up to where the troops are and they'll tell you about the
cliffs or something, after the cutscene grab all the ammo you can
before going near them again. Once you have it all, go by them and
there's a short cutscene. After that three enemy pods fall from the
sky and Slegs will start pouring out. Grenades and E.Arrows work 
really well here. Just blast away until they're all gone, it doesn't
take much, and blow up the enemy pods if any still remain. Once they're
gone, a huge pod will drop with a Gigantic Sleg in it. Just Grenade
and Minigun him to death and the final boss will appear.

  For as big and scary as it looks, this boss is actually pretty easy.
He's got a double flame thrower, machine gunes, and missles, but if 
you keep a good distance you'll see them coming. You do have to get 
at some point though, because the way to kill this guy is to knock 
trees over onto it. I use the Flechette gun for this.

  Right when he comes out, back up into an area with a bunch of 
trees in it and wait for him to come. When he approaches, shoot the
tree as he gets close to make it fall on him then run away to
another patch with trees in it, there's three in the map. If you
still have any allies he usually gets distracted by them, so you can
run up and knock a tree over on him while he's shooting them as well.
It only takes 4 or 5 trees to take the boss out.

And that's it, you've won. Yay.


Now that you've beaten the game, why not mess around with some codes 
and stuff? I usually don't put these in my guides but I figured I'd
make an exception this time since I got alot of E-Mails asking 
about them.

Thanks to HaMannParts02 and ptco96viper for these:

----        ------
EMERPUS     God Mode
TEXAS       All Weapons
MADMAN      Infinite Ammo
HEID        Big Heads
SLLEWGH     Invisibility
SELLOUT     Unlock all levels in a saved game
ZOO         Killing spree
HUNTER      Shooting minigame

5.                            THANK YOU'S

Brian Jordan
 How to kill the gigantic Sleg in Chapter 5 from below using rockets in

Eric Arnold
  Easy way to beat the waves in RESCUE THE WISE FATHER, Chap 5
  Easier way to begin ARENA, Chap 8

  Beating The Jailor with one poison arrow

Gary Ronhovde
  Easier way to beat ARENA, Chap 8

Micheal DiPierro
  Plasma Disruptor location in DEATH FROM THE DEEP, Chap 6

  Cheat codes

  Cheat codes

Don M
  Easier way to beat RESCUE THE WISE FATHER, Chap 5

6.                           NEXT VERSION

  So, after a looooong while since starting this thing it's finally 
done. Thanks for hanging in there, hopefully you enjoyed this guide and
the game. Thanks to everyone who sent tips and words of encouragement

See ya!

7.                         ABOUT THE AUTHOR

This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
(usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 

  If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in 
mind a few things:

1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I 
can send it to you, or if I can help you with a part not covered in the
FAQ yet.  I don't really have a set schedule for these things, and you 
can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs. 

2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. 
Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip 
ones that are covered in the FAQ. 

3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
track of cheat codes or anything.

  Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but 
sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as 
new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I won't
be getting back to you, sorry.

My E-Mail address: ProfRev@cox.net


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