1. Erin Cornelius Additional Design
  2. Matthew Crump Additional Design
  3. Marshal Gause Additional Design
  4. Matt Green Additional Design
  5. Peter Ong Additional Design
  6. Paul Robinson Additional Design
  7. Jools Watsham Additional Design
  8. James Dobson Additional Programming
  9. Jason Hughes Additional Programming
  10. Scott M. Johnson Additional Programming
  11. Charles Normann Additional Programming
  12. Scott Osborn Additional Programming
  13. Peyton Duncan Art Director
  14. Ben Bonner Artist
  15. Brian Hagan Artist
  16. David Harris Artist
  17. Marc Mackin Artist
  18. Erik McKenney Artist
  19. Ray Pena Artist
  20. Curtis Ratica Artist
  21. Joy Reis Artist
  22. David Salaiz Artist
  23. Tom Green Assistant Art Director
  24. Scott Brocker Assistant Art Lead
  25. Rex Dickson Assistant Lead Design
  26. Jason Gawronek Assistant Lead Programmer
  27. Randy Buck Audio Director
  28. David Dienstbier Creative Director
  29. Stephen Dupree Designer
  30. Tom Gerber Designer
  31. Mike Huey Designer
  32. Jim Strong Designer
  33. David Crummack Director of PD
  34. Richard Cowie Engine and Tools Programming
  35. Tim Flier Engine and Tools Programming
  36. Jonathan Garrett Engine and Tools Programming
  37. Dan Higdon Engine and Tools Programming
  38. Neil Hill Engine and Tools Programming
  39. Paul Masters Engine and Tools Programming
  40. Jon Mayfield Engine and Tools Programming
  41. Kris Pelley Engine and Tools Programming
  42. Mark Randell Engine and Tools Programming
  43. Darrin Stewart Engine and Tools Programming
  44. Frank Lafuente Engine Programmer
  45. David Levy Lead Artist
  46. Neill Glancy Lead Designer
  47. David Smith Lead Programmer
  48. Andrew Brock Lead Sound Design
  49. Jeffrey Gibson Motion Capture Stunt Director
  50. Steve Pope Motion Capture Stuntman
  51. Berenger Fish Multiplayer Lead Design
  52. Jeffrey Bloom Programming
  53. James Cowlishaw Programming
  54. Brandon Gamblin Programming
  55. Matthew Kyle Programming
  56. Jeff Posey Programming
  57. AJ Fuller Project Schedule
  58. Jennifer Furguson Sound Design
  59. Nigel Cook Studio GM
  60. Carl Wade Technical Director
  61. Neil Hill Tools Lead Programmer


Data and credits for this game contributed by adultnature, Blueberry Buttface, bobby190, LordAndrew, LTPofficial, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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