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Reviewed: 08/15/02 | Updated: 08/15/02

Best Baseball game made, nearly perfect

This game is the best sports game i've ever played.

Graphics -8- has good-very good graphics. pretty much everything is in 3-D except for the fans. Faces and batting stances are realistic, and look like the pros.

Gameplay -8.5- Everything in this is great except the way players can vacuum everything in sight. Pitching has every pitch that i can think of. Batting is easy in easy mode, but hard in all-star mode. It is fun any way you do it. As i previously said, the batting stances are realistic, too. Next is the fielding. Everything else is great besides what i said in the beginning of the paragraph. The players dive, jump, rob homers and everything, but these great plays happen too often, especially over the shoulder catches. my favorite one is the second basemen diving and throwing from his knees.

Trading- 8.75- Can't rip other teams off too badly. Only bad thing is no 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 deals or something like that

Stats -10- all the stats are correct, especially cool on the awards like e.r.a. in the cy youngs and all other stats for about 7 other awards. Only thing missing isn't that important but like how a player does against a particular team or pitcher or whatever, but it still has OBP, SLG, and even caught stealing % for catchers

Memory -3.5- Franchise mode takes up most of it to save on opening day, and u need a bigger memory card to save in the middle of a season.

Modes -10- It has franchise and expansion where u can raise and control a team for 20 years. Season u can save in the middle of the season and is fun. Home run derby and batting practice are good, especially if u are a beginner. If somehow, someway u get bored of everything else, u can test your baseball knowledge on the trivia or a world series. I probably left some other stuff out too.

Replay -10- There are a lot of modes and it is fun to do everything over and over again.

Other -9.5- Mascots dancing on the dugouts, Fans at Wrigley throwing the opponent's home run ball back on the field, what more can you want???

Last but not least-sound -9.25- has really good sound, especially funny when the crowd yells at the umps and the guys selling nachos and stuff

Overall it would be a 9.8 but no fractions are allowed so i round it to a 10 it deserves

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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